Writer Says Parents Are an “Oppressive Class, Like Rich People or White People”

In further evidence that the left is headed down a dead-end path, freelance writer Noah Berlatsky went full-Marxist this week when he determined that parents themselves are part of the problem with American society today. Berlatsky echoed the founders of socialist theory when he went on social media to call out “parents,” as a class, for being an oppressive, destructive force in our modern culture.

“Parents are tyrants,” Berlatsky wrote. “‘Parent’ is an oppressive class, like rich people or white people. There are things you can do to try to minimize the abuse that’s endemic to the parent/child relationship, but it’s always there.”

Berlatsky, who obviously has some daddy issues to work out, went on to say that the “parent class” is a perfect symbol of the patriarchy in that it reinforces a sexist, hierarchal society. When social media users began to question whether mandating household duties like “doing chores” really met the standard definition of “abuse,” as the writer claimed, Berlatsky pushed back.

“Asking people in your home to contribute to upkeep is fine. but sentencing them to solitary confinement if they don’t cater to your whims or preferences is less okay, as if hitting them,” he said. “The fact that capitalism is awful is not an excuse for abusive familial relationships.”

How we got from grounding a child to the evils of capitalism, we’re not sure, but you might want to keep this nonsense in mind if you’re ever tempted to buy a book by Noah Berlatsky. Not that we imagine such a temptation is in your future.

Berlatsky continued: “Do people just not know how kids are treated? Parents routinely prevent children from speaking to friends, leaving the house, identifying as queer. Parents regularly hit kids and emotionally abuse them. The mechanics of the family and of capitalism are not separable.”

Parents preventing their children from talking on the phone to their friends after they violate the rules? Preventing them from leaving the house after getting an F in Algebra? How dare they! What’s going on in this country where parents would deem themselves in any way responsible for the upbringing of their children? Surely we’ve gone astray. Don’t these parents know that it’s the job of the schools and Hollywood to instill the proper values in their kids?

Still, Berlatsky is blunt but he’s not that far off the traditional leftist path. The goal for decades has been to destroy parental authority. How else would one go about turning our society into a Communist wasteland?

Er, sorry, we meant utopia.

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