Would Hillary Tax Gun Sales by 25%?

A group called Americans for Tax Reform went digging through Hillary Clinton’s background and what they came up with is frightening. Not only does Clinton represent a threat to any American who believes in lower taxes and reduced federal spending, she is a fierce enemy of the Second Amendment. When testifying before the Senate Finance Committee in 1993, the then-first lady managed to kill both birds with a single stone.

Asked by Democratic Senator Bill Bradley if she would support his proposal to add a 25% sales tax to every gun purchase, Clinton said, “Speaking personally, I’m all for that.”

Bradley thanked her for that personal endorsement, at which point Clinton doubled back to make sure it was clear that she was speaking only for herself and not her husband.

Of course, in 2015, Clinton speaks for herself and for her vision of the next four years. And while she has remained extremely vague on details, she’s made several comments that demonstrate her continued commitment to stronger gun control. In Hanover, New Hampshire earlier this year, Clinton said, “We have to take on the gun lobby. This is a controversial issue. I am well aware of that. But I think it is the height of irresponsibility not to talk about it.”

And indeed, if Clinton thinks she’s going to roll into Washington with a 25% gun tax in her policy platform, she is going to have her hands full with the gun lobby. And by “gun lobby,” we mean the millions of Americans who believe that a little document called the Bill of Rights means more than one Democrat’s personal crusade. What’s next? Is she going to propose that we add a special sales tax to Bible distribution? Perhaps “hate speech” should be taxed and fined; hate speech, of course, being defined as any speech that doesn’t hew to the predominant liberal thought of the day.

Sales Skyrocketing

What’s amusing is that gun sales are going through the roof. Concerned about the increased level of chatter on strict gun control, Americans are stocking up while the getting’s good. August FBI records show that 1.7 million federal background checks were run last month – the most for an August since the advent of the checks in 1998.

“The concern that anti-gun politicians are seeking to infringe and restrict the right to keep and bear arms is very real and well-founded,” said Larry Keane of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

But the very anti-gun politicians he’s talking about say this is just paranoia talking. Oh hush, you silly conservative. We’re not trying to take your precious guns.

Of course, that gets harder to believe the more you listen. Consider New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who made a speech Tuesday calling for new national gun control legislation. After a lawyer working for Cuomo’s administration was shot Monday morning in what appears to be a random accident, the governor said it was time to take serious action at the federal level.

“This nation has to have the political courage to step up and the elected officials have to have the political courage to step up and say this weekly ongoing tragedy of loss of life of innocent victims, schoolchildren, young girls, young boys must stop,” he said.

Perhaps Cuomo will find that political courage in Virginia Senator Tim Kaine (D), who has introduced the Responsible Transfer of Firearms Act – a piece of legislation that would hold gun dealers liable for selling firearms to criminals. Kaine was unable to provide much in the way of specifics, but he maintained that “it would hold a seller or transferor of firearms criminally liable should they fail to demonstrate they took reasonable steps to prevent a weapon from falling into prohibited hands.”

In other words, it would be open season on lawful gun dealers – if someone commits a crime with a gun you sold, we’re going to throw you in prison. Maybe Democrats just propose this nonsense so their usual tripe sounds more reasonable.

Or maybe they really are that insane.

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