Would Hillary Tax Gun Sales by 25%?

A group called Americans for Tax Reform went digging through Hillary Clinton’s background and what they came up with is frightening. Not only does Clinton represent a threat to any American who believes in lower taxes and reduced federal spending, she is a fierce enemy of the Second Amendment. When testifying before the Senate Finance Committee in 1993, the then-first lady managed to kill both birds with a single stone.

Asked by Democratic Senator Bill Bradley if she would support his proposal to add a 25% sales tax to every gun purchase, Clinton said, “Speaking personally, I’m all for that.”

Bradley thanked her for that personal endorsement, at which point Clinton doubled back to make sure it was clear that she was speaking only for herself and not her husband.

Of course, in 2015, Clinton speaks for herself and for her vision of the next four years. And while she has remained extremely vague on details, she’s made several comments that demonstrate her continued commitment to stronger gun control. In Hanover, New Hampshire earlier this year, Clinton said, “We have to take on the gun lobby. This is a controversial issue. I am well aware of that. But I think it is the height of irresponsibility not to talk about it.”

And indeed, if Clinton thinks she’s going to roll into Washington with a 25% gun tax in her policy platform, she is going to have her hands full with the gun lobby. And by “gun lobby,” we mean the millions of Americans who believe that a little document called the Bill of Rights means more than one Democrat’s personal crusade. What’s next? Is she going to propose that we add a special sales tax to Bible distribution? Perhaps “hate speech” should be taxed and fined; hate speech, of course, being defined as any speech that doesn’t hew to the predominant liberal thought of the day.

Sales Skyrocketing

What’s amusing is that gun sales are going through the roof. Concerned about the increased level of chatter on strict gun control, Americans are stocking up while the getting’s good. August FBI records show that 1.7 million federal background checks were run last month – the most for an August since the advent of the checks in 1998.

“The concern that anti-gun politicians are seeking to infringe and restrict the right to keep and bear arms is very real and well-founded,” said Larry Keane of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

But the very anti-gun politicians he’s talking about say this is just paranoia talking. Oh hush, you silly conservative. We’re not trying to take your precious guns.

Of course, that gets harder to believe the more you listen. Consider New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who made a speech Tuesday calling for new national gun control legislation. After a lawyer working for Cuomo’s administration was shot Monday morning in what appears to be a random accident, the governor said it was time to take serious action at the federal level.

“This nation has to have the political courage to step up and the elected officials have to have the political courage to step up and say this weekly ongoing tragedy of loss of life of innocent victims, schoolchildren, young girls, young boys must stop,” he said.

Perhaps Cuomo will find that political courage in Virginia Senator Tim Kaine (D), who has introduced the Responsible Transfer of Firearms Act – a piece of legislation that would hold gun dealers liable for selling firearms to criminals. Kaine was unable to provide much in the way of specifics, but he maintained that “it would hold a seller or transferor of firearms criminally liable should they fail to demonstrate they took reasonable steps to prevent a weapon from falling into prohibited hands.”

In other words, it would be open season on lawful gun dealers – if someone commits a crime with a gun you sold, we’re going to throw you in prison. Maybe Democrats just propose this nonsense so their usual tripe sounds more reasonable.

Or maybe they really are that insane.

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  1. Couldn’t imagine Hillary gaining to much support with that.
    “We at christianindependence.org are collecting signatures to put INDEPENDENCE on the voting ballots in over 20 states and to pressure another 11 state legislatures to vote to put independence on the ballot!

    So join us now and help collect signatures”

    • It’s very unclear at to what you are trying to achieve.

      how do you put a WORD on a ballot?
      the web site certainly doesn’t say anything.

      looks more like a way to get people to send money to some unknown cause.

      • Like Obama does huh, only we know where that snake sends it, ISIS is the name.

        • Why does “Sharon the terrorist”, jump into a conversation about one thing, and post information about something else?

          Regardless of the fact that it is complete stupidity, and irrelevant.

          What would possess her to do such stupid shit

          • Hey terrorists lover, I see your still as stupid as I always found you, playing with people who are much smarter than you commie lover isn’t the smartest thing to do. why don’t you move to Iran, its your kind of place.

          • better yet move to uranus
            oh I forgot the moron has been up there for a decade

          • If Sharon was smarter, she post links to prove her flapping gums.

            Instead she pretends there’s a Muslim in the White House, trying to convert America to God knows what.
            She confuses the word socialism, terrorism, communism, stupidism.

            And then pretends she’s intelligent

          • You just hate the truth about your terrorist loving fascist scum Obama.

          • BUT Sharon, have you yet to link to anything?

          • Yes I have, I linked you to stupid and it’s more than apparent.

          • No she hasn’t because all of her facts comes from her warped, little brain. She probably believes that FEMA has death camps, fearful of the Jade Helm military exercise; and probably supported the bombing in Oklahoma City.

          • You are a complete idiot. If he is a terrorist loving fascists, why has he killed more terrorists with drones than Bush? Give an example where Obama ever said that he supports ISIS or al-Qaeda. Who gave the go ahead to get bin Laden?

          • Our Tax dollars went to them you moron.

          • mystifying isn’t it? what other people do? they should all be like you right?
            worthless parasite pumping out nigglets as fast as the ho can heal to grab more free ride wealth.
            welfare hasn’t made you intelligent- it can’t do that so give it up.
            it has however made you lazy and obese. it does that very well indeed.
            those pudgy little fingers on a keypad- and the other hand hoisting cheap sugary snacks and soda pop- you are truly representative of your disgusting breed. gotta be proud!

          • She has trouble finding logic in anything aliberal dem bloodsucking leech posts

          • Is it because she has a IQ under 50?

          • Actually liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, anyon with an IQ over 50 has trouble understanding liberal posts.
            You liberal parasites keep telling us how much smarter you are than us, but at the end of the day, it is the liberal dem bloodsuckers on public forums whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them.
            Oh, don’t forget, your whining and begging shift starts in 10 minutes, you don’t want to be docked three days food stamps for being late.

          • Anyone reading your posts and mine, is going to have no problem determining which is the intelligent person in the conversation

          • Got that right, any one of you liberal garbage, that spends their days on public forums, whinig and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them, will think , that you are intelligent, the people that work and expect to pay their own way, will spot you right away for a liberal dem bloodsucking parasite.

          • shorts…eat them

          • not if you haven’t washed them this decade, grub

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        • So while were on this topic Sharon, what money are you talking about?

          When is the last time Obama campaigned for money?
          Asked for money?

          What the fuuck are you talking about silly conservative?

    • Do not underestimate the lefts ability to work in the shadows…

      Corrupt politicians use trickery and shadows to get away with breaking laws without the peoples knowledge. They have repeatedly attacked the law of the land and have proven that some of them are above the law.

  2. If these corrupt politicians get our guns…

    We will be subjects.

    • rather go out with my boots on than be a woosy. in the manner of America’s true patriots.
      Timothy McVeigh for example

      • So a guy who kills 160 some people including 20 some kindergartners
        is a true patriot to to bo wetstone.

        So you must be a terrorist as well.

        I will notify the proper authorities

        • You will soon learn that who you called friends were infact your enemies.

        • yes indeed. read the manifesto- soon more who have the kahonees he did will rise to the task and change the way the government treats it’s law abiding citizens.
          people can debate if the choice of target was the best choice or not or whether Dylan roof should have chosen gangsta jiggies downtown Baltimore instead of church goers for decades, but
          debating will never change the governments ways.
          gonna notify the authorities? OOOhh I’m shaking all over from that one. so indepth rationalizing from a peanut head liberal- impressive. didn’t think any of your breed had it in you.

        • Ano0ther liberal scum bag, probably should buy your weapons, garbage.

          • So you liked what happened in Oklahoma City? Didn’t bother you that innocent people including children were killed?

          • Hey liberal low life scum bag, we aren’t talking about those people we are talking about low life liberal dem bloodsuckers who are completely without merit worth, value, morals honor or integrity.
            Kill yourself liberal dem bloodsucker aka American Jihadists.

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          • So you agree that the Oklahoma City bombing was an act of patriotism? I guess your are just another native terrorist.

    • there is a big difference between subjects and slaves

    • They can have mine, but I wnt to give them the 2000 rounds that, i Have, first

      • you’ll get that chance pal- lock and load

      • I have 14 hand guns and 3 long guns and one shot gun and that 2K of ammo, I shoot off in ten minutes. rookie. And I am a Progressive Socialist.

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          Then there are the ones that have go around sniffing girls bicycle seats.

        • You’re not a Socialist. Socialism is based on caring about the well being of a society. Telling kids with Down Syndrome “Fuck you” isn’t within the perimeters of caring about social welfare.

        • You should stick one of your guns in your mouth and pull the trigger.

          So much anger in your heart…who didn’t love you?

    • From my fucking cold, dead hands, my friend !!!


  4. we are already subjects we are subject to their insane tax laws!!! you do not pay taxes on your land IF YOU REALLLLLY OWN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT IF SHE WANTS OUR GUNS SHE IS GONNA HAVE TO EAT MINE LOADED FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JUST STOP ALLOWING ALL THIS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That old hag needs to get laid real bad.

    • laid to rest sounds better

      • Just love the death threats.

        • it’s a wish and a prayer- read threat into things , why? perhaps fear of being proven to be a parasite on society ?

          • Who are the parasites on society? Those who depend on government services and programs? Following Ayn Rand, the required reading of many in the Tea Parties, that would include those who are not one-per centers – the job creators. Those who depend on Social Security, Medicare as well as Medicaid – are all parasites according to Rand. Not just the poor but also the middle class. According to Rank, for those who see the poor as being too lazy or lacking morals to get ahead in life; the same is for the middle class – the mediocre when it comes effort and morals.

          • you MUST be an infant- social security and Medicare WERE FORCED ON THE WORKING CLASS BY LBJ AND HIS CRACKERS. every dollar taxed with a hollow promise that the money would return to the elderly at a given age. in time it is proven to be lies ALL LIES. the money was peed away.
            These are the people who worked to build the freeways and hospitals and paid for the wars and politicians salaries. the dollar they paid in 1972 was worth a heap more than the dollar today and they now- they must live to be 132 to break even on what they paid in. the working class receiving social security and medicare (now with a hefty co-pay- another promise broken) are not the parasites.the working class had no choice but to believe the government would keep it’s word and no choice in opting out of f.i.c.a. and s.s.- dependent on s.s. by default and deception.
            those who are unwilling to work but hold their hand out for a free ride are the parasites on society.

          • Social Security goes back to FDR. LBJ was behind Medicare. Now, without Medicare, life expectancy will go back down. When it comes to Social Security, it would be solvent if Congress didn’t ‘borrow’ from it. But you have miss understood me – according to Ayn Rand, of whom many Republicans are devoted to, the worker class are just working bees. They don’t create jobs, they are hired to do them. They need loans to buy their homes, cars, etc. They need public schools because they can’t afford private schools. They are, in short, not the job creators, not the innovators, not those who take chances. They are not the entrepreneurs. That is why they should be taxed, and not the one-per centers. Why do you think the Republicans just want to tax the middle class and cut taxes for the rich? Jeb has come out with such a tax plan the other day. See, Randians hold that the middle class wants a free ride.
            Think about what Paul Ryan says about the poor – they don’t need job programs or aid, they need to be taught morals so that they can get ahead. I know plenty of people who truly work hard all of their life but remained poor. Ryan and other Republicans think they lack morals. But, if the poor are lacking in morals, then the worker/middle class are also lacking – they are the mediocre in morals – otherwise why aren’t they rich?
            What would life be without Social Security and Medicare – well you would have a lot of senior citizens below the poverty level and their health, i.e., life expectancy and functional abilities, would go down. Since Medicare was introduce, life expectancy slowly increased but still dramatically slow. Where you would normally expect to life to 65 years for men and 72 years for women, well that rose to an additional 17.8 years by 1998. Also the chronically disabled elderly population declined to from 25% to below 21%. Prior to Medicare, about 50% of American seniors did not have health insurance and 33% were living in poverty. Thanks to Medicare, prior to the ACA nearly all seniors have access to affordable health care and only 14% of seniors are below the poverty line. Now, get rich of SS and Medicare, I guess you prefer to the death rates to grow and for more seniors to go into poverty.
            I imagine that you will send back your SS checks and will not make use of Medicare. I imagine that you didn’t want to have your children go to public schools because all Americans are forced to pay for public education, whether they have children or not.

          • not me, medicare has denied paying for chemo. the same treatment is being paid at 100% for welfare and illegals medical plans but because of my age they opt not to “invest” in a treatment for an illness that is often fatal. so I don’t pay the premium. and it isn’t just the poor who lack moral values but one example is 3 out of 4 black children have no father in the home- the bucks pumps out a couple nigglets and moves on to sweeter meat to pump out aome more- leaving welfare to raise them. welfare doesn’t do very good at teaching moral values

          • Actually it is not for illegals. For you it is about age; the same would be true for insurance companies as well. And nice to see your racism appearing. Now, you are absolute right that there is a problem with some African American males being responsible fathers, but one can same the same thing for a lot of white males, as well. And remember there are more whites on welfare than African Americans. But then, again, most Americans get welfare. People complain that they are paying for the healthcare of others; well what about Americans paying for the education of other people’s kids, especially those Americans who don’t have children themselves.

          • two things. one, I have only read comments like yours from one other person. two I have never claimed that I was not racist or have any degree of intelligence. at 18 a drunk driver ran me off the road, compression fractures (he was black) discs blown 23 breaks yada yada- incredible amount of daily pain. went intot he work force anyway- soon switched from their pills to alcohol and over the counter pills. 12 years of grumbling ad soaking in booze after the shift was over- then really squished a couple discs- way out on the nerve at L5S7. couldn’t get up much- employer fired me of course- I tried s.s.i.- denied! after 12 years of working for a living they said they would get me in better shape and a job at mcdonalds propped on a chair- this is afer explaining I couldn’t sit for long without pain raising to a point of vomiting and pills would make be unable to count money. really got a sour attitude for people who are able to work but too lazy after that- self employed from then on.

          • I am really sorry to hear about your injuries and I really mean it. My own injuries do not come close to yours. I did spend close to a year in a wheelchair because of a car bomb, but I did recover. Now, as for those on welfare, most don’t stay on that long, and for many they are on for only a year. But what get’s my goat are those who get worker’s compensation when they don’t deserve it at all. They get worker’s comp that both you and I pay for and then work for cash under the table. Or a state cutting taxes to bring in new companies or subsidizing the oil companies.

          • real white of you to respond with a sympathetic comment- you too have had your body and so your mind drug through the stones.
            and until a couple years ago Bo was not really racist- never thought about it much. don’t see any other colors around in these parts. but many years ago- no matter what color or creed- if a person scammed to get workers comp or s.s.i. or just chose a free ride when he or she was able to work- Bo despised even hated the dooshbag. but since the Obama transformation we see all these blacks doing harm to whites knock outgames cold blooded murder of white men and their families.
            yes, a finer point is now put on that particular race or color.
            calling blacks to mobilize in an effort to randomly select and murder whites is threatening the life of my family- therefor Bo is willing and capable 24/7 to give any aggressive acting black person a dirt nap. willing to kill if provoked.
            guess that is racism.

          • Social Security was started in the freaking 30s you moron.

            “The Social Security Act was signed into law by
            President Roosevelt on August 14, 1935. In addition to several
            provisions for general welfare, the new Act created a social insurance program designed to pay retired workers age 65 or older a continuing income after retirement.’

            And what’s funny, is you conservatives pretend to be an intelligent group.

    • Don’t count Bill for that.

  6. as long as half of it goes into the Clinton foundation- she’s all for that!

  7. Another Big Red FLAG flapping like a hurricane. If you think obumer is bad, you haven’t seen anything if she gets into office.

  8. Hillary would try like Obama to disarms Americans, to push for the NWO to take down America.

    • What an idiotic, paranoid statement. What New World Order? That idea has been going on since the first President Bush. Why not blame it on the Illuminati? A Vatican conspiracy?

      • I thought it was George Soros?

        It’s hard to keep up with all this Nutty

        • Oh, I know. Haven’t you notice how so many here on this site hate their fellow Americans so much that they want to kill them. Is there an actual liberal website like this one in which commentators call for the genocide of the far right wing?

          • Not that I’m aware of.
            Occasionally they point fingers at daily KOS, but when pressed for proof,
            they bail.
            (What a shocker huh)

          • That’s the thing about facts and proof – not necessary. If Obama proposes anything – it has to be evil and anti-American. If he supports a Republican idea – then there has to be an evil intent to the support.

          • it’s probably too late for this but try to grow a brain


          • So the silly conservative is posting something from 2001?

            about World War II prisoner of war camps, WHICH the document itself says are not concentration camps.

            I think George W. Bush was the president in 2001.

            Why would a conservative be setting up concentration camps?

            Or is that over your silly pay grade, Bobo?

          • That is way too logical for any conservative.

            The same with the three day psych evaluation, and gun laws that they were foaming at the mouth about a few weeks ago.

            Is said to them. “These websites are all the evidence the president needs, to take every one of your guns, if what you say is true.”

            It is like talking to a wall, (I shouldn’t be mean to walls).
            These are some seriously brainwashed humans.

            BUT you have to give credit to right wing propaganda.
            They have done an excellent job

          • You liberl scum are bnot Americans you are the result of incestuous one nihght stands between liberal dem bloodsuckers and giant river leeches.
            Kill your sewlg scrubs.

          • This is a conservative demonstrating their high intellectual level.

            Trust me when I say this is as highbrow as Jerry gets

          • Trust you?
            I don’t think so, you or the Clinton Outlaw, the former gun smuggler in the AG office or the inept lying outlaw in the whitye house.
            takes you liberal scum right back to having to have peopel like us to feed you and house you.

          • Sorry Jerry, but like a good liberal I have retired on a union pension, living the good life in Southern California.

          • Lol, on a union pension??
            Now, how, did I know that?
            Let’s see how long your union pays a pension, when they go broke, in Southern Cal, no less.
            Going to be fun, your union will be gone in about 10 years, they will have to steal the money to pay for welfare for the criminal aliens.Promise for you liberal parasite, the feds will not bail you out, when Ca. goes bankrupt.

          • actually you didn’t moron.

            moments ago you were telling me how I was going to starve when the handouts stop.
            probably because your very low functioning and have no memory retention.

          • Plant a garden, liberal dem bloodsucker, better yet, think of your kids, skill yourself.

          • oh,
            and the moron does not know that California raised taxes and has a budget surplus.

            Liberals take action and deal with their financial problems, unlike the red states that are about to implode.
            For the dim, that would be Louisiana and Indiana

          • Sure you did liberal dem bloodsucker, by all means keep on raising those taxes, LA county spemnt 600 million last year for welfare for the criminal aliens, and committed 80 billion for a Bullet train, That is why all of your cities are going bankrupt and your business and population are leaving on a stead basis.
            God, you liberal scum are incredibly stupid life forms.
            Post your name and address, i will send you a red stop hat, rioters are a lot more fun, when you know someone.

          • so many Talking Points, so little fact.
            Let’s look a Wesley”s silliness.
            “and your business and population are leaving on a stead basis.”

            well that’s A LIE

            “California population growth rate highest in years”

            “California population grows by 332,000 to 38.2 million”

          • Liberal garbage, The LA time didn’t mention that th population growth is because of 619, 000 criminal aliens did they?
            2 years ago LA county spent 600 million just on welfare costs for the criminal aliens.
            Know what that means stupid liberal dem bloodsucker, you lost over 200k tax payers and gained over 200k welfare drips
            Google, National Federation of Independent Business stupid a-hole.,/California Exodus.
            Soon you stupid liberal dem bloodsuckers will be raising taxes aga9in, have a good time, we will be the ones with the fortified Border and laughing loudly as you starve,.

          • was that a con proving something?

            the liberal posts links the con flaps his gums.

          • Any one that wants to know checks the census website, the liberal dem bloodsuckers try to post something like the LA Times, the leftwing leader of cuckoo land.
            There is your total response to a conservative making you look like a stupid liberal dem bloodsucker again.
            Jeez scrub, kill yourself before your children find out that they are related to you.

          • “”California tops other states in job growth”

            Gee Wesley, that must be because of business is freeing Ca.


          • They lied to you stupid liberal dem bloodsucker, you have more unemployed than any other state

          • You forgot Missouri.

        • Were doing well to having sanity left after dealing with the liberal scum, parasite.
          Soon we force partition, physically separate ourselves from the liberal ticks, fortify our border them laugh while the liberal scum starve

      • That pig of a pope is another fascist dog besides the scum in the white house, who want the NWO your blind.

        • Once again Sharon the terrorist is posting lies on the Internet.

          This time she’s defaming the head of the Catholic Church instead of Her Country.

          I guess terrorists need to mix it up

  9. Don’t worry…she’s gonna lose big time anyway. Hopefully, she’ll be seeing the inside of the prison soon!

  10. Jail the whore

  11. Well, if we are going back to 1993, well, Trump was a Democrat then.

  12. Interesting that by heavily taxing, thereby presumably controlling the ownership of weaponry, only the wealthy and influential will legally own, control the means to defend themselves. Only the wealthy will therefor be ‘in control’.

    Definitely that is a positive, ….for the wealthy… and politically influential. The Inner Circle… and their toadies in the Outer circle.

    The Lowly proletariat? Fend for yourself, has always been the mantra. At least before an historic, short document, now rapidly being rendered obsolete, the US Constitution and it’s Bill of Rights came into existence.

  13. Wants all money garnered through Anti-constitutional efforts sent straight to Clinton Foundation!

  14. Let’s face it, a lot of Americans don’t believe in either gun control or gun safety. There are plenty of organizations that will defend all Americans’ second amendment rights, including the rights of felons, those on terrorist watch lists and those with mental illness. As Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of American has argued, we might as well sell to criminals, etc., because they’ll get guns anyway.

  15. Idiots! 99% of guns used in crime is stolen! Cuomo is as bad as any! They have no idea why the Lawyer was shot. Probally pissed off person that was screwed by him! First they make all the schools gun free zones! Which it makes it safe for the crazies to go there. The shooting almost all happen in gun free zones! How many murders were caused in schools before the law? None! When I was a kid we took our guns to school and had shooting matches! Was any body killed? Hell no! Nobody ever hurt by them! No! Was almost nothing ever happened until they started making Gun Free Zones. Makes it safe for the shooter. Nobody can shoot back. We do not have the problems where every one carries!
    People need to raise their kids. No up bringing anymore! People are to busy drinking, druging and raising heck to raise their kids! Many kids have no idea who their Fathers are. The kids on the street have a reason! No up bringing.

    • ‘People’ DO raise kids – Public Ed. kind of people mostly, and we see how that is working out, PARENTS need to raise their kids (parents with an ‘s’ not single-parent as you alluded), NOT the Public Education System that brought you Agenda 21’s Common Core

      • And for many parents, not very well. Public education is an independent problem because we support public education systems that are designed for failure in today’s world. We would prefer every state and community to run their public education and that leads to mediocrity in many states. The countries that are kicking our butts in education require teachers to actually have degrees in the subjects that they teach, including a masters degree, and they have a national program. Plus, their salaries are the same as those who have an engineering degree. Because of that college students who are at the top of their class in Sweden seek out teaching jobs, and prefer being a teacher than being a lawyer, etc. Here, we pump out teachers whose degrees are just in education; they are in the bottom half percentile of a graduating class. Plus the pay is so low in the US and there is such a lack of respect, why would our top students want to become teachers?

        • WOW! Do you actually believe that tripe?

          • What tripe? About the problems in our public education? Yes.

          • Our statist, gubment run financed and controlled schools failed again. Instead of teaching the Koran, fraud global warming crap and illegal alien culture, how about real math, history and the Constitution.

          • You wouldn’t know real history. Global warming is not a fraud; even the Pentagon sees it as a threat, especially our Navy dockyards. In the public school system, unless there is a course on world religions in a high school, no one is teaching the Qur’an.

          • Yup, Mo-gan, the turds in academia rewrite history to their liking.The Queer-an is best used in the outhouse. Now Ollie snackbar.

          • History is constantly being rewritten by historians because they discover new sources, use new technologies and each generation of scholars ask additional questions. But, are you as stupid as you appear in your comments or is it an act?

          • Yup! These same “historians” claim Carter was one of our finest presidents. What’d he do besides grow peanuts and let the hostage crisis fester.? Are you as big a leg humper as you seem?

      • ParentS need to raise kids! Good lot of the trouble comes from the single parent home. I am 100% against divorce! But my Wife walked out and left me with a 5 year old girl. When she was 8years old I got 3 more girls. A 9 year old, a 7 year old and a 4 year old. I worked my ass off working and raising them. The oldest is a College Instructor. My daughter is a Doctor, the next is a Company Ext. the youngest owns 3 Buisines. All done well! No thugs. But most turn to shit!

  16. OH please yes.Raise the taxes on guns.In the past,every time there was talk from Washington to restrict gun sales,the sales rose dramatically. If she even starts to talk about a 25% raise in taxes,gun sales will soar again.
    Don’t have a gun?Buy one.Have two guns?Buy more.A friend does not have a gun? Buy him one.Not only do you have a shiny new gun,but you took a stance again Hillery.

    • That was 22 years ago. Are you assuming that no one ever changes their mind?

      • Of course not Mogan. As we get older our values do change,not the person.
        What defines a person is,if you are a liar at six,you will be a liar at sixty.If you are shy at six,you will be shy at sixty.If you are an early riser at six,you will be an early riser at sixty.The person does not change,only their values.

        • Then absolutely everyone is liar. I have never met a six year old who didn’t lie at some point.

          • So I guess you were just as obstinate at six years old as you are now.

          • What an astute observation! LMAO! Some of you slobs lie all of the time.
            “This has been a difficult week for the State Department and for our
            country. We’ve seen the heavy assault on our post in Benghazi that took
            the lives of those brave men. We’ve seen rage and violence directed at
            American embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to
            do with. It is hard for the American people to make sense of that
            because it is senseless, and it is totally unacceptable.” Hillary Clinton””

          • So? What is your point?

        • So if you are a dim con now, you are probably a dim con years ago, and will be a dim con when you die?

          I actually have conservative friends who change to liberal.

          So there is hope for you and your mentally challenged brethren

          • How much did you promise them, “you can keep your doctor”, section 8, free cell phones, ebts??? I guess, now we have 52% grifters and 48% workers. Thanx, tired old, senile POS!!

          • When it comes to keeping your doctors, only about 2.4 million people had that problem. For most, you don’t change your doctor unless he is not associated with the health insurance. So get health insurance from the company that your doctor is associated with. Don’t be so lazy – do a little work to find the best insurance for you.

          • I didn’t catch the section 8, so you have been declared by a doctor as being mentally unstable. That explains a lot of your rants.

      • Hillary will push the 25% tax on guns but only if she gets 10% of it put in her pocket, because that’s how the Clinton’s work, greedy pieces of S%$T !

        • Your comment shows how right wing crazies think. Your comment and those of others provide arguments as to why there should be gun control.

          • So…..Here is the Democratic platform:
            1. promoting homosexuality/same sex marriage/immorality……
            2. Pro abortion/murdering babies for “fun, & profit”………{taxpayer funded}
            3. apologizing to our enemies, & paying them off…..{Cowardice, in politics
            4. corruption, “is OK”, as long as you don’t get caught…….{ destroying evidence “OK”}
            5. Rules, are for republicans, NOT, Liberals………
            6. Say & do anything to achieve your goals….{regardless of morality, or lack of same}
            7. Villify, anyone that doesn’t agree with the Liberal mantra
            8. the truth hurts doesn’t it Morgan !

          • Got that wrong.
            1. gays should have the same rights as everyone
            2. Women should be able to choose to have an abortion or not; there is no federal money going to abortions
            3. Not once has any Democrat, including Obama, apologized; find one example other than someone claiming that.
            4. corruption – does the name Halliburton mean anything? Under Bush a lot of no-competitive bidding for government contracts.
            5. When it comes to rules; when Republicans can’t win an election honestly, change the rules to make it harder for minorities and the elderly to vote.
            6. Republicans also say and do anything to get re-elected, but they will also not answer tough questions.
            7. Vilify – just read the comments here. Where do we find a ‘liberal’ website that, like this one, has commentators want to kill conservatives. Where do you find liberals calling for the overthrow of the government? Where do you find liberals wanting to use second amendment solutions when they lost a vote?
            8. Truth, most of the people on this website wouldn’t know truth if it bit them on the nose. For the right wingers here – they will believe anything if it is against liberals, Democrats, etc.There are plenty of people who see you all as suckers and will buy anything they say. And, they know you won’t check their so called facts, because you are predisposed to believe them.

          • The difference between a Democrat and a Republican is if a gay Republican walks into a Bakery and gets refused service he goes to another Bakery, if a gay Liberal goes to bakery and gets refused service he/she makes a Federal case out of it, it’s ok to part out a dead aborted baby for money, but get your business shut down over a cake is ok for a liberal, it’s ok to change the laws to suit the Liberals but don’t mess with my freedom, letting Illegals in is fine but they have no clue who they are letting in, it’s called the Trojan Horse, don’t mess with my gun rights, they say there are about 1.6 Billion Muslims are on earth and only 10% are radical Muslims that makes 160 Million radicals, leave my guns alone blind people !

          • I liked the first part, but the Gay Republican doesn’t believe he should have his civil rights. So, I guess it would be okay on religious grounds to deny service to blacks, Jews, etc? As for the aborted thing – there is no sale of fetal tissue. It is against the law and PP doesn’t do anything but seek reimbursement for the cost of doing the donation.
            Now I guess that eliminating the laws of segregation was just changing the laws to suit liberals, or allow women to vote was just to suit liberals.
            Now, that Trojan Horse argument doesn’t work when there is no Trojan Horse.
            Now, what freedoms have you actually lost?
            For the decades that clowns like you have shouted they are trying to take away your guns, has anyone done that?
            do you have freedom of speech?
            right to assemble?
            So, what rights have you lost except the right to discriminate against gays?
            Ten years, twenty years, a hundred years, people like you will warning everyone about the Trojan Horse.

          • Prattle on, is AKC your husband??

          • So, if the NRA wants a gun shaped cake, they can go to a bakery run by pacifists and FORCE them to bake them one, right?

            “There is no sale of fetal tissue” so why are they on tape discussing prices? Oh yeah, those videos are “fake” right? So Banned Parenthood should be taking them to court any day now, right?

            No one has taken our guns, not because they haven’t tried, but because we will not let them. That’s because finger pointing, bed wetting little crybabies like YOU are no match for honest men and women like we the people

            Pull your head out of your ass, wipe the shit from your eyes and you might actually see the world as it is

          • When did they let you out? Do you have children? Do you vote? Please don’t if you do.

          • No rational debate, just insults. Typical of those who are unable to have a logical and rational debate.

          • A debate would presume a search for truth, and you think the truth is already “settled science”, and that you and other ObamaNazi wanna be tyrants are in sole possession of it. Which is why you have no intention of ever debating anything. Its the same reason you go running for a tame judge every time we the people don’t vote the way you want: you lost the debate, so you resort to force to get your way

          • Just trying to get to know you. Simple questions to simple answers. I loved that movie, where the General said, “You can’t handle the truth”. And that is ok, morgan. You can’t help it.

          • 1. We the people should be sovereign. Every time people were ASKED what they believe marriage should be, they resoundingly said “one man, one woman” Which is why ObamaNazi pigs took this to un elected judges, not the people

            2. Abortion is murder: it kills babies, and anyone who is not an idiot knows that. if abortion didn’t kill babies, then how are they getting baby parts from their corpses? And Banned Parenthood most certainly does get federal money (aka corporate welfare), to the tune of half a billion dollars a year. They just had a vote on that, and everyone who didn’t have his head up his ass knows about it

            3. Obama has never apologized any more than any “liberal” because they are heartless mindless scum who believe tht THEY get to define right and wrong

            4. Oooh Oooh Ooooh!!!! Bush! Bush! Bush! Bush! Wow, my knees hurt from all that reflex jerking

            5.”I have a pen and a phone” So it doesn’t matter what the people want: I know what I want, and I know what’s best for everyone else too

            6. Democrats just about never get ASKED any tough questions, and when they do, their response is always “What Difference Does It Make?”

            7. Moveon.org, Media Matters, Black Lives Matter, etc etc etc.

            8. Liberals: allergic to facts, logic and common sense

            Here’s your sippee cup; here’s your blanky. Now go finish your coloring book, the grownups need some alone time

          • You are out of touch, Motaxes, the pendulum is swinging, as evidenced by Mr. Trump’s rise!

            Your leftist, pig media, the pig rinos and the pigs that are the takers and grifters of our once great society are running scared. Take note vermin!!

          • Trump is on the rise because he has focused on xenophobic people of the right wing. You can takers and grifters in any political party, like Hucabee.

          • “You can takers and grifters in any political party, like Hucabee.”……WTF??

      • Has Alinski? Or Ayers? Surrrrrrrrre! Right on time, with your leftist leg humping!!

        • Everyone has read and studied Alinski. He is required reading if you are a political science a major and he is recognized as a genius when it comes to community organizes. His tactics are used by just about everyone.

          • WOW! Proof that our colleges indoctrinate!!!..

            “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get
            along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”―
            Karl Marx

          • So, if you went to college, you are naturally indoctrinated. Just what you get from someone who doesn’t have a higher education. So, by the way, that is how you feel about the MD who went to university and med school? They were indoctrinated?

          • Yup! Drug pushers, gun grabbers.

          • That doesn’t even make sense. So, I guess you never go to doctors or a hospital. And who is grabbing your guns? Actually grabbing your guns or are you imagining that someone is going to do that in the future?

          • Not too quick are you Mo-gan! Doctors now ask if you have guns in the home. They also love those Big Pharm. sponsored trips to Hawaii.
            “Just what you get from someone who doesn’t have a higher education” The most overused accusation that libTURDS use.

          • They ask that because of gun safety, idiot. But in some states, it is against the law for a doctor to ask that question. So, I take that you refuse to go to a hospital or a doctor? By the way, that is not an overused accusation when it happens to be the truth.

          • Hah! The libTURD mo-gan admits it. Case closed Obama leg humper.

          • He is required reading because the schools have descended into tyranny of telling people what they have to read and telling them what they can say out loud. Bragging about hater like Alinsky being required reading is like bragging about ObamaCare enrollments: you force people to do something under threat of the IRS, then brag about how much people “love it”

          • He is required reading because he was a genius in creating organizations, etc. Everyone in politics has read and used his methods. Liberal and conservative. As for enrollments in the ACA, they have gone beyond expectations. You can get an exemption (1) You got covered during open enrollment either inside or outside the Marketplace. (2) You went less than three months without coverage. (3) You don’t have to file taxes because your income is below the tax filing threshold. (4) Coverage would cost more than 8% of household income per person. (5) You got denied Medicaid or CHIP (your state didn’t expand Medicaid and you made 138% FPL or less).

            I guess you don’t like being forced to have car insurance or to pay taxes for the education of children other than you own or just simply other people’s children. Plus, I’m sure you don’t like paying SS tax, payroll tax and Medicare.

          • Let’s start at the bottom, where your brain obviously is. NO, I don’t like paying for Social Security, because its a fraud and shell game: I’m going to pay and pay and pay, and there will be NOTHING for me and my generation when we retire. NO, I don’t like having to pay car insurance so some frigging illegal can T-bone my damned car and MY rates go up because he doesn’t have any insurance. NO, I don’t like contributing my taxes to a 600 billion dollar a year racket called “state run education” that treats our children like lab rats for them to use in their various bullshit fads (Common Core, No Child Left Behind, open classrooms, blah blah blah)

            As for ObamaCare: you’re a damned fool: if it was such a “great” wonderful thing, they wouldn’t have to FORCE people to be part of it. They also wouldn’t have had to LIE to get it passed : “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” “the average family will see their insurance go down by 2500 a year” “it will reduce the debt” As for getting an “exemption”: oh sure, there’s all kinds of exemptions, if you’re a federal worker or a politician or in a big union or part of some “special group” But most importantly, the ONLY reason people have joined is because they’re A) the usual members of the “free shit army” or B) because their employers responded to ObamaCare by dropping their workers coverage. You think that’s wonderful mainly because you’re clueless, but also because you’re a heartless evil asshole who thinks its a great thing for Big Government and Big Business to join forces and push around the middle class.

            As for Alinksy being a “genius”: well, Hitler was a genius too: he came within an ace of winning the damned war. And of course, EVERYONE ruled by the Third Reich read his books too: read under compulsion, since no one dared to NOT read them. I say, give people a free choice., including college students. YOU, on the other hand are a fascist who wants to force students to read the works of a piece of shit like Alinsky, and wants to force all Americans to do what YOU think they should do. Because you “know better”. Well, fascist, I was raised well, and both my grandfathers told me about they did to fascists during the world war. I will be all too happy to apply the same methods to all the modern fascists in this country.

      • “That was 22 years ago” — “What difference does it make?”

        She was a bigot and wanna be tyrant back then, and to the extent that she has “changed her mind”, its to become even more bitter and batshit crazy today. Go on, smart guy, show us all the ways the old Hill O Beans has “changed her mind”.


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    • get me one also, thanks

  17. if it was ONLY taxes…would not be bad…but she seems to be one that wants to BAN and CONFISCATE…

    • all liberals want that- they want to leave the gangbangers being the only ones with firearms.

      • That’s not true. I am a liberal and have owned and used guns throughout my life. I son’t support gun control but gun safety. However, we now have about 11,000 firearm homicides, and the vast majority are not done by gang bangers or the mentally ill, but usually a close friend, spouse or relative. Women are most likely going to be murdered by a relative than a stranger who has a gun. I just take it that this is the cost of upholding the second amendment and also because our population on a whole is more violent than the population of other nations. Thus, we do have a problem with gun massacres. We have about six times more gun massacres than the next major industrial nation. We just have to live with that.

        • “We have about six times more gun massacres than the next major industrial nation. We just have to live with that.” Go live there Mo-gan…When you twerps control drugs coming in, we’ll talk about controlling self protection devices. Idiots!!!

  18. Nothing new here, another liberal pos , that understands they can not run the country as long as the citizenry are armed.
    To be fair to the results of an incestuous one night stand between a liberal dem bloodsucker and giant river leeches, they are not the first ersatz life forms to try this.
    The following is partial list of theose who went before.
    Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavezm, Kim Il Sung, Hirohito, Benito Mussolin Josef Tito, Josef Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Josef Staling and Mao Tse Tung.
    All of those ersatz life forms, wanted to force 100% universal registration for the safety of their country.
    Every one of them, with in 3 years had forced confiscation of all weapons.
    Within one year of doing that all of these countries has passed laws that allowed them to arrest, try and lock you up for saying nasty things about the government.
    Right now, there are a number of countries, that have thise laws, all passing with in one year of getting all of the guns.
    Australia, Canada, Great Britain, France Sapain, Portugal. gGermany, ll have laws that say you can’t talk nasty about the government,
    Nah, I think I will keep mine, any one that wants to take them has to do it the hard way.

    • and we’re going to stay armed huggy. buy up as many ghost guns and ammo as you can.

    • I hate to break it to you ignorant human, the tax is hardly “disarming” the citizens.

      If you can afford a $1500 AR 15 you can afford the tax.

      Jerry doesn’t seem to know that taxation is very constitutional.

      Jerry must be one of those talking point conservatives conservatives

      • Jerry is one of those conservatives whose last two years in the Marine Corps, were spenrt as a marksmanship instructor on the weapons range at Quantico, Va.
        Jerry has carried a weapon on his person since he left the Marine Coprs, any of you scum that want them, come on down, big mouth chicken, S liberal

        • And like a typical conservative, Jerry IS THE FIRST to invoke violence in the conversation.

          I guess we could expect no less, from a jar head.

          Is that what they teach you in the Marines.

          Be and ignorant human, and use force whenever possible?

          • Hey Cu#t, actually that is exactly what they teach you in the Corps, how to destroy things and kill people, of course you liberal scrubs don’t understand tere hasn’t been a liberal dem bloodsucker in the military since the draft stopped.
            I still remember all of the liberal wives that hung around the main gate at Camp Pendleton.
            That was what they had to do, when they wanted to get pregnant, liberals have no testicles.

          • 26% of the military identify themselves as liberal, not very well informed human.

            AND if all those others are cons, WHY are they acting like pussies and going against the US citizen just because Obama has ordered it.
            I am referring to Jade Helm and the take over of the US, that you morons like to pretend is happening.

            your web of lies will come back and bite you low functioning humans

          • Truly, you are one of the world’s great liars, liberal dem bloodsucker.
            1st lying garbage 76% of the combat troops are from red states.
            @nd, the inept scum in the white house has forced out the best officers, god help us if we need them for an outside America threat.
            That is not a take over just liberal fing bs.
            Don’ count on the military scum bag liberal they hate your scrubby little butt.
            The percentage of people in the military identifying them self as liberal is registered as less than 1%
            My god are you going to say anything that is true, tonight, think of your kids scum, kill yourself.

          • read and understand that you are and ignorant con who is sadly misinformed.


            I await your links of rebuttal.

          • You have no brains. You are a living argument as to why there should be gun control and abortion. Now, with those who were re-elected or elected to Congress the last time, 8 Democrats are veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, with 19 other democrats coming into or combing back to Congress who served.

          • Oh my, how impressive, 27 out of 189!!
            Don’t let it bother you liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, soon we force partition and you ticks can do it any way you like.
            All of the conservatives will be gone, you scum can let all of the perverts get married and use the restrooms with your wives and daughters, raise taxes on any business or rich person, silly enough to stay in your half

            Your life will be wonderful until the starving starts.

      • While you, reality check, are one of those very “liberal with the facts” liberals? Can you afford a 25% tax on y

    • Hitler did not disarm the citizens ignorant human.

      Hitler relaxed gun laws to most of the population.

      He did however keep them from Jews and people he didn’t like, but the majority of German citizens who were previously prohibited from gun ownership, were know given the right.


      • You are bare faced liberal dem bloodsucking liar, Hitler completely disarmed the citizenry of Germany in 1935, He published atstaement that said for the first time in History a Country nhas done the right things and saved his citizenry, Tha was right after he started shipping jew to concentration camps .
        Tell all the lies ou like liberascum, bag you will not disarm us noe will you control our lives.
        Very soo, wew will force partition and physically separate our selves from you ticks,
        fortify our border , watch you garbage first riot nd burn because they can’t afford your handouts and then starving to death, that will be fun.

        • That is all untrue. I guess you got this from right wing organization that depends on you not checking the facts. They depend on you to go along with anything as long as it agrees with your view.

          The assertion that Hitler upon taking power as German chancellor in 1933 was to ban private gun ownership and to launch a nationwide arms-seizure effort. He did not. What did he do and say. In 1942, Hitler said,: “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered Eastern peoples to have arms. History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so.” Nine years after he took power and it was about the population of the countries that he had taken over.

          What Hiterl did is what other countries do to those that they have defeated or taken over. For example, the United States and NATO tried to do in Afghanistan in 2002-2003: Disarm all Afghan militias and establish the central government as the sole authority in charge of the country’s security. Guess what the Northern Ireland peace accord set out to do in 1998: Decommission weapons and disarm the militias. When you fail to do this, you get a situation like the one that exists in Lebanon, with Hezbollah competing against the central government for the claim to authority over the Lebanese people. So, in that context, Hitler was simply stating what conquerors as well as peacemakers have stated for decades if not centuries.

          But did Hitler disarm his own people? No. In fact, the supposed “disarmament” campaign in Germany was the Law on Firearms and Ammunition passed in 1928, specifically to stop the growth of private militias, such as the right-wing brownshirts, and to prevent coup attempts such as the one Hitler attempted in 1923. Hitler’s rise to power and subsequent dictatorial domination was not the result of gun control. It was in spite of it.

          • You are a low life liberal dem bloodsucking

            liar, aka American Jihadists
            We have known for 50 years , that you liberal scum are world class liars., but that one was indeed world class.
            just like your Muslim counterpart you will accept/countenance any lie, any cheat, any theft, to advance your agenda.
            Should any one reading this like to know what you can expect from the ;liberal dem bloodsuckers, it is as simple as googling, Third Reich/gun control this pi$$ ant becomes an immediate liar.
            if this does not awaken you to the immediate need to physically separate ourselves from these ersatz life forms, nothing will.

          • You are just delusional.

          • Lol, that it, liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, that is your answer?
            I rest my case readers. everything that this ersatz life form has said, is an out and out lie, that can be checked at your leisure and his answer is, “You’re just delusional.”
            There is no merit, no worth, no value, no morals, no honor and no integrity in the liberal dem bloodsuckers.

            We must physically separate our selves from these pigs, they will tell any lie, accept any lie, any cheat, any theft, so longs it advances their handouts

    • Oh seems your lying about Canada as well.
      They have plenty of guns there.


      • My, shi for brains, maybe you can waked one of your grandchildren and get them to teach you how to use google, you in credibly stupid low life liberal dem bloodsucking life form
        !996 it has been illegal to carry a weaapon the nasty things about the law passed a year later.
        Lying is definitely your occupation.
        Don’t forget your shift on MSNBC, whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one ewlse to pay for them, starts in 10 minutes, if you are late they will dock you 3 days food stamps

        • Well fool, since I have family WITH GUNS in Canada, that makes you a moron

          • Maybe you have liberal dem bloodsyucker, if you doo you have to callt he warden to make an appointmenr to see them.
            You stupid scum really think no onchecks out wahyt you fing garbage say don’t you.
            Not going to take you long to get hungry, i see that now,
            By the way, “Sep. is national, “get the mud of out the gene pool month”, Please kill yourself, if done expeditiously, you can do it, before your children find out that they are related to you, no point in hanging that burden on them for life,

          • You stupid scum really think no onchecks out wahyt you fing garbage say don’t you.
            Not going to take you long to get hungry, i see that now,

            You really want to pretend you’re an intelligent human, and post the above “sentence”

          • Logic and sentence structure are wasted on you fing garbage, if you don’;t whine and beg for handouts the liberal dem bloodsuckers don’t understand you.

          • The fun part about talking to a liberal dem bloodsucker, you don;’t have to worry about their opinion, on any subject.

            We can type in any language on any subject, you still wont understand.
            NO one cares what the liberal parasites think.
            Moan loudly when you start starving, scum bag.

          • Maybe not Hill but Bernie sure will and they will give them a, each and every last one, so they may defend themselves from peeps like YOU. hahaha freaking loser.

          • lol a liberal dem bloodsucking scum that follows up on 4 day old postsing and answering them, calling some one else a loser?
            Please kill your self, end your worthless life

    • He’s a lil faggot socialist troll. He’s like having the “runs!” Never dries up.. GO AWAY TROLL.. MOMMY’S CALLING

    • Keep and play with them. If that is what makes you happy. I have always said, that the problem with guns in the US is not the guns, but the fact that out of all of the major nations, we are the most violent. Per capita, Australians and Canadians have as many guns as we do, but they are simply less violent than us. Look at all of the threats on this website – wanting to kill children, having no problems with the Oklahoma City Bombing and let’s not forget the paranoid and Jade Helm.

      • I think that I mentioned before, you are a bare faced low life liberal dem bloodsucking liar.
        The Australians have a head rate of about 1 weapons for every 11 people.

        The Canadians have a head rate of about 9 to 1.
        Americans have ahead rate of about 3 to 1
        Canada and Australia also have laws that allow them to arrest and try people that say nasty things about the government.
        You liberal garbage would live that, wouldn’t you.
        If you scum, could just take the weapons, you could pass that law, nothing the decent people could do, eh? Yes, we are a violent people, the country was born in violence.
        Leave us alone liberal scum, we have been very patient with you for 50 years
        Do not assume, that, that will continue indefinitely.

        • You are delusional loser when it comes to life. You are a living and breathing example as to why some people, like you, should not have guns. Being a violent people is not something to be proud. We can also state that more Americans are criminals since we are number one when it comes to prison populations. Proud of that?

          • Should not have guns., liberal dem bloodsucker?
            Of course not, according to you liberal scum, you can’t enforce your opinion if we are armed.
            Listen very carefully, your continued attempts to disarm the citizenry of the USA, will lead you to a place, where the liberals are, no more.
            We are working very hard to avoid that, right now.
            We are attempting to set up partition so that we can physically separate ourselves from you parasitical scum, in order to avoid civil war.
            if you people are not smart enough to leave us alone until we can, then you are the responsible parties.
            We are perfectly willing to separate ourselves from you ersatz life forms, when that is done, you will be free to force all the weapons in your half to be thrown into the ocean.
            All of your perverted friends, can get married, all of the bent gender types can use the restrooms with your wives and daughters, you can raise taxes on business and the rich to 99%.
            What more can you ask, very soon we’ll be gone from your life and you ticks can do it any way you like.

  19. So the wacky right is worried about a 25% tax on guns that was talked about in 1993?
    it hasn’t been mentioned in the current debate.

    THIS is what this is all about?

    Are you people really this low functioning?

    And you can still vote?

  20. She is definitely one miserable c_~t..

  21. I would like to see as part of the law that if a gun saves a person or stops a crime there should be a $1000 reward for stopping a crime and a $10,000 REWARD FOR SAVING A LIFE OR STOPPING A RAPE. Since the FBI records a minimum of 150,000 to 250,000 incidents of guns stopping crimes there would then be an incentive to report all incidents and the law would drive the taxation into another government program with a deficit.

  22. THOSE taxes would be illegal if the “infringe” on the 2nd Amendment and they do. She could be hanged for treason and then hanged again for compromising national security.

    Women often do a #1 and no#2 when hanged so it must be done very quickly.

  23. Hillary needs to get laid real bad by someone.


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  25. Sure, she will. She is that stupid!! That was all gun owners will not vote for her. I suspect that most gun owners have better sense than to vote for her anyway, so this is her way of punishing all gun owners and potential gun owners. She is not concerned about common people defending themselves! Liberals are always scared that someone might shoot them!

  26. She will do everything she can to take away the right to own a gun. Her security detail carries a weapon to protect her sorry ass, and whenever they lay down their weapons, I will give up mine.

    • Give an example. Where has she stated that she wants to take guns away from people? She has a protection detail because of people like you. Just look at all the threats against her, Democrats and liberals. How many have people here have called for the genocide of Americans that disagree with them?

      • People like me? You are delusional. I’m not a killer and I am not after her or anyone else.

        • You didn’t give an example. Give me an actual quote from Hillary in which she says that she wants to take away people’s guns? Just one actual quote. Not someone saying she wants to do this or that. Sorry I assume that you wish to be killer, it is just so many on this website wants to massacre Americans.

  27. Gun control is not about guns, it is about control.

    • Now, I assume that your position is the same as Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America – that is everyone should be able to buy a gun – the mentally ill, criminals, even those on terrorist watch lists, because no matter what, they will buy and get them.

      • Never assume anything. I do not believe everyone is capable of using a gun, but for those that are I firmly believe we have a right to protect ourselves.

        • Yes we do have a right. Many people are not capable of using a gun, and far fewer are able to use one effectively. Think of the NYPD that fired 80 rounds at a suspect and only one hit. At least, this time they didn’t hit bystanders. With adrenaline flowing, etc.,even some of the best trained don’t hit the target. Now, take some one that has at best basic training, but no training when it comes gunfight, and then see the bullets flow.

  28. Maybe,but only if she got a share,,at the same time,she would be trying to find ways to put gun makers/dealers/etc.out of business..,,then up donations to the UN,,Then establish the/a N.W.O,believing,she should be PRIMARY KING !!Of course she must be elected.Our U.S.Constitution stipulates,there are three(3) branches to OUR government,,ONE,legislative,,TWO,judicial,,THREE executive,,but currently through obamas outlandish,radical and illegal maneuvering,there is currently,only ONE branch,that being executive,thanks to the DO NOTHING 435 and 50,in D.C.

  29. Likely, she would, if she could, if she didn’t pull something even more outrageous.

  30. The LIBERTURDS and DUMBOCRAPS are all the same.They say they don’t want to take your firearms away and
    then look what happens.A LIBERTURD named Andrew Cuomo says you have to Register your firearms.Well,
    every one knows what comes after registration,so 22,000 people mostly police officers bring in their semi-automatic sport rifles to be registered,but the MILLIONS of civilian firearms owners DO NOT and Andrew
    Cuomo’s ‘SAFE ACT’ dies by the people who chose NOT to and told him to PISS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. After over 200 years our government is now lusting after the destruction of our gun rights in every way they possibly can. Wonder why? A review of history in which governments disarmed their citizens was always followed by a massacre by that government of the people. It is imperative that we fight this administration and never allow them to confiscate our weapons or ammunition. This government has allowed our southern border to be open for terrorists, drug dealers, and criminals to just walk into our country. This government routinely opens jails and allows convicted criminals to just walk out. This government is moving thousands of muslims from countries which harbor terrorists into our neighborhoods. They are knowingly involved in doing that which they know is going to increase the crime rate and then they use the increased crime rate for which they are directly responsible for as an excuse to disarm innocent tax payers. Tell them “NO!”

    • You know how many times you fools have posted the same stories about governments taking away their guns blah blah blah.

      Lorraine is nothing but a conservative terrorist.

      She constantly posts lies on the Internet, makes up vomit about the president, distorts the reality to fit her twisted conservative terrorist agenda.

      Patriotic Americans need to stand up against the evil in our midst.

    • Let’s go ahead and prove Lorraine is a low information human and a conservative terrorist who spreads false and misleading propaganda.

      Lorraine says:

      “his government has allowed our southern border to be open for
      terrorists, drug dealers, and criminals to just walk into our country.”

      Now let’s examine the reality

      “Net Migration from Mexico Falls to Zero—and Perhaps Less”

      “The net migration flow from Mexico to the United States has stopped
      and may have reversed, according to a new analysis of government data
      from both countries by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew
      Research Center.

      The standstill appears to be the result of many factors, including
      the weakened U.S. job and housing construction markets, heightened
      border enforcement, a rise in deportations, the growing dangers
      associated with illegal border crossings, the long-term decline in
      Mexico’s birth rates and broader economic conditions in Mexico.”


      It seems Lorraine is severely under informed, or perhaps just a intentional conservative terrorist attempting to destabilize the country.

      Will Lorrain backup her terrorist lines?
      Of course not.

      Some lame excuse will be offered to cover up her conservative terrace agenda.

      I guess that report the came out a couple weeks ago about the “Biggest Threat to America” is Right Wing Hate Groups, is right on the mark.


      “This government routinely opens jails and allows convicted criminals to just walk out”

      Wow Lorrain, that’s about as outlandish as it gets.
      I’m at a loss to even begin to figure out where you got this from.

      But of course terrorist propaganda doesn’t need to be based on reality.

      Definitely something a terrorist would post while attempting to disrupt the American way of life.
      Something to breed hatred amongst the citizenry, so her evil conservative terrorist cohorts can attempt to take over America and create their own wackadoodle empire.

      We need to get these homegrown conservative terrorists out of our country.

      Or at least into those FEMA camps we have sitting around

  32. I hear there’s a new movement call the “Black Peacekeepers of America”.

    Their goal is to put a gun in the hands of every black man in America, and for them to carry openly and parade around in white neighborhoods, “keeping the peace” just like the “Oath Keepers” said there are doing in Missouri.

    I have a feeling gun control is going to come to the minds of white Americans real quickly.

  33. well i hope that old lizzy never get’s in the position to tax anything or even make any laws for americans …but i would like to see her go to prison

  34. Gun ownership is a right and as such cannot be taxed. This has been discussed before over Seattle proposing a gun tax.

  35. With Guns, we are citizens. Without them, we are subjects. I never want to be a subject and left completely defenseless I’ m nothing but a controlled subject. Raising taxes on our only defense against tyranny is what this evil vile piece of human waste like killery clinton would relish. I hope she never placed in the white house, I’ve had enough of the clinton’s the obama’s and the bushes.

  36. 25% sounds like the dems are trying new ways to tax if they tax high enough they won’t have to tax as much and the voters will think she is cutting the amount of taxes makes great DEM sense

  37. Arthur L. Trevallee

    Yup, more taxes to rob the people!

  38. WHO CARES !!!! She can’t raise or lower taxes or anything else from a prison cell which if we have ANY kind of a judicial system that is where she will be shortly.

  39. When did she change from banning the civilian ownership of firearms to the mere confiscatory taxation thereof?

  40. And if she has a truly Conservative congress, they could put on an amendment which would hold all car dealers responsible for selling a car to someone who kills another person in an accident or while drunk, a seller of cigarettes to someone who causes a house fire with a cigarette and a politician who is quoted or referred to by anyone who commits a crime while under ‘his/her influence’.

  41. Would you believe Hillary if she said she would not raise the tax? You can’t believe liars.

  42. I have noticed that there is all this arguing about what is going on, but no calls to action to change the direction that the recent past has taken. NO ACTION, NO CHANGE.

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