Women Against Islam: SPLC Names Offenders

Ah, is there a more corrupt yet bizarrely respected institution in America than the Southern Poverty Law Center? The organization is purely political in nature, but it is treated by the mainstream media with a weight they would never afford to, say, the Heritage Center. No, the SPLC is treated as though it is an authority on hate, for no discernible reason other than they’ve crowned themselves such.

This time around, the SPLC has taken aim at a list of “a dozen women, including bloggers, activists, TV personalities and others at the core of the anti-Muslim radical right.” A careful search of the SPLC website reveals no equivalent list of women at the core of the anti-Christian movement, strangely enough. Must be in the mail.

The list is filled with exactly who you would expect: Female leaders of violent organizations who have associations with crimes against American Muslims ranging from murder to arson. Oh wait, that’s not what it is? Then what? Just a list of women who are against terrorism? Oh, nice. What.

Ann Coulter and Pam Geller are among the most famous names on a list that also includes talk show host Laura Ingraham, Fox’s Jeanine Pirro, and Debbie Schlussel. In other words, women who have committed the greatest sin in America: being publicly, unapologetically opposed to the liberal agenda. As far as the SPLC is concerned, that’s enough to be named as an agent of hate.

It must feel awesome to be so convinced of your moral superiority. One can only imagine the sense of spiritual enlightenment that must float in the air around the SPLC headquarters. What must it be like to work there? Do you think they walk around in flowing robes, gently correcting each other when they slip and say something politically incorrect? Is there a little sticker on the office refrigerator, reminding everyone to check their privilege?

Funny how an organization supposedly charged with ferreting out extremist groups has so little to say about Islamic terrorism. Where is Al Qaeda on the SPLC Wall of Shame? Why is it that only white conservatives find themselves condemned by the SPLC, with very few exceptions? In their minds, it is worse to say something against the liberal agenda than it is to actually kill others.

The Women Against Islam should (and likely will) wear this as a badge of honor. And not even because they’re right. They should consider it an honor to be among the very few public figures brave enough to criticize this religion. After all, when you take a stand against Islam, you risk suffering consequences far greater than being labeled a bigot by some liberals. That’s what these women are speaking out against.

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  1. islam and democRATS ..samo, samo

  2. Where do I sign?… I want to add my name to the list.

  3. The SPLC has cause the death of a number of people, they are getting past acceptable.

  4. Since I stand firmly on the side of God Almighty, I hope they don’t miss my name. I’d hate to think anyone believed for even a second that I supported a heinous belief system that treats humans, male and female, as expendable tools to be used by the elite.

  5. I want my name on it. It should be mandatory to put every one who is against the liberals and muslims on it.
    We would certainly out number them, could we hope the libs would all move to muslim land.

    • Probably more likely that they will be moving us into Fema camps before the crucifyings begin, or cage burning, or, now that the pope has decided to dictate to our govt, …possible racking?..I read Fox’s book of Martyrs years ago and read some of the things that were done at the orders of the pope at that time…racking is when they tie your body to a rack and unjoint you at every joint, and then fold you up like an accordian…then there was the ever popular.. iron maiden…whatever route they take, it isn’t going to be pretty…except for the elite…for awhile…sometimes known as ‘time, times and a half’.

      • Rodger K. Shull

        STOP THEM NOW an BY FORCE, an we will not have to worry about the other , but them SPLC in the FEMA CAMPS with their buddy muzzies

      • Sometimes you got a hot stake or maybe a cold chop.

      • Well Phyllis, before they do that to me, they will have to kill me as I won’t be taken alive. When they do show up on my doorstep, they certainly are going to get a big BANG out of it. Guarantee there will be several of them that follow me into hell.
        This Marine will not go down easily !!!

        • Thank God for the Marines…and the other branches who served this country with honor and sometimes unto death…Thanks catman for reminding me of our beloved past military and their service…


  7. You want to get rid of Islamic extermism. There is one solution. Stop interfering in Middle Eastern Affairs. The USA causes all the problems in the Middle East by the regime changes. The USA is the most hated country in the world because it sticks its nose where it does not belong. The USA never had problem with Muslims until it overthrew Islamic government officials such as Muhammad Mossadeq in favor of puppets such as the Shah. Islam is not the problem the USA and its goal of global hegemony is the problem. Face it Americans when you lose your rights, your country is bankrupt and no one will accept your US dollar are you still going to blame Muslims, Russians or anyone else. Rather than attack Muslims you should attack problems plaguing the USA. The corrupt government officials, Media controlled by corporations , over regulation, fiat currency, and the military industrial complex are your true enemies. Islam is just a scape goat to divert the Ignorant American population from the real problems. Americans are ignorant because the government wants them to be ignorant. if Americans knew what was really happening in the USA they would be so displeased that they would rise up and take back what they had.

    • independent thinker

      Islamic extremism has existed for as long as islam has. Stopping interference in the Middle East will not stop it. However we should stop interfering because our interference gives them focus for their extremism. Without the US as a focus they will likely turn their extremism back on themselves.

      • Our President also needs to get the Muslim brotherhood out of our affairs and the White House. You and Stewart obviously have not looked at their religion. They need to overtake the whole world and everyone must bend the knee to Mohammed or die. That’s what Islam has been doing for 1400 years. The Koran doesn’t even have all of their motivation in it. There are 2 more important books-the biography of Mohammed and the book of all Mohammed’s works. Stewart’s progressive agenda for the US doesn’t interest me.

        • The fact is, we need to get the entire religion of Islam out of our country. Other countries have done it and we can too, except for our beloved political correctness. Every Muslim is commanded by the Qur’an to assist in world domination, either by fighting, infiltration of our Nation’s governments, neutralize our churches, eliminate us one at a time as they tried with me, or whatever they can do.

      • They have already turned. There in-fighting is to determine who will be the Caliphate and the ruling sect of the world in 2020, Sunni or Shiite. Their in-fighting has not deterred seven-step plan to rule the world though. They are right on schedule. The in-fighting, by the way, is part of that plan.

    • There goes my BS meter again. OH NO IT’S PEGGING

    • When Obongo is running the government he and all the libs want everyone as ignorant as possible why do you think they push Common Core to public education?

    • I agree with you regarding the Mossadeh issue (he just dared to nationalize the oil business), and we made a huge mistake in Iraq, as well as in Libya (and now in Syria). But as “independent thinker” writes: Islamic extremism has existed since Mohammed invented Islam. Just take a look to his sacred book (Quran), and I agree with him. I guess that he is right about that the real problem is to give them ourselves as a focus for their extremism.

    • Walk outside and kiss your camel sand flea.
      You garbage have been very lucky we have been very patient with you.
      Continue on, we may leave a large flat radioactive place, where your country, was.

    • I heartily agree with you that America is hated the world over. You are right about the fault lying at the feet of the government, especially the present regime. However, you are dead wrong about America being the cause of the hatred the Muslims have for us. I have studied the Qur’an since January of 2006, when the supposedly nice Muslims charged me with a hate crime for pointing out the difference in salvation between Islam and Christianity. I won the case hands down, but was persecuted for months following the close of the case. Persecution came from the “nice” Muslims. You know, such as our local state prison chaplain and all the Muslims in our local government, plus Muslims from San Diego to Bakersfield and from Los Angeles to San Bernardino and Riverside. The Qur’an orders the Muslims to either fight, or aid in the war until Allah is the only worshipped god and Islam is the only faith in the world. How can that be our fault unless we wrote the Qur’an?

      • It’s a disgusting religion created by a disgusting man.

        • Not only disgusting. It is the most dangerous organization on earth, to every living person who is not a Muslim.

      • another thing i have trouble with is….how can a person of color be a muslim…since it is the muslims that sold them into slavery to the US, and all over the world…how can that be????

    • Leonard Morrow

      Learn your history. The first war on Islam was just after the US declared freedom from England. We went there to stop the slave trade that Islam was doing, that was bringing slaves to America, most died in transport to America.

    • America wasn’t around in the 8th century—just who invaded Europe and subjugated Spain and other countries for nearly 700 years?

  8. Correction; PC police have rendered this lugubrious, lame, name; “Southern Poverty Law Center” to be fraudulent in intent and misleading in content. They have suggested, instead; “De Sowf Lawless Coz We Is Poverty – Gang.”

  9. This is like what my Father-in-Law used to call a badge of courage; if he wan’t on the Board of Shame for not paying his dues at the country club he figured he hadn’t arrived, the Mother-n-law was mortified.
    Is there someone who can tell me how we can get him on their list, he is 90 and could care less if the list is for women, it would be wonderfully unique Birthday present for his 91st.

  10. The SPLC is the LIBERAL polar opposite to the Westboro Baptist Church.
    …and yes they can add my name to the list also.

  11. syntex1@comcast.net

    It’s going to get worse, your President in charge is with Islam all the way and is taking this Country down, common people grow up and realize we have no opportunity to protect ourselves when he gets hold of the 2nd amendment, are you blind that you don’t see it?

    • Leonard Morrow

      Not blind. Locked and loaded, just waiting for an a__hole who wishes to participate in a little target practice. I need a few live targets, tired of the pasteboards.

  12. The SPLC can go STRAIGHT TO HELL, and take obuma and his vision of NWO with them!

  13. Papabear Dilley

    Does SPLC think only women are anti-islam? Guess they are a bunch of sexists.

    • Southern Poverty Law Center? What makes them think it has anything to do with Southern? Anyone with eyes and half of a brain knows what makes a male Muslim a Muslim. What I can’t understand is why a women with half of a brain would want to be a Muslim.

  14. William Matthes

    The southern poverty law center is a joke. It is much like muslim-extremists, in which it embraces hate, violence, and division. In it’s case, it’s against law and order, love of country, following the Constitution, ect. You know, patriotic-Americans! They instead push B.O.’s progressive/socialist/ communist/ new world order crap. Common-sense goes out the window with this group. They are of the politically-correct/ pissing and moaning/ can’t you see we’re victims group. You know, Obama’s useful fools!

  15. Do they have a list for men?
    If so I want to get my name on it.
    I applaud every woman on the list .

  16. How about we revive the Black Robe Regiment of the 1700s? That wasn’t supposed to work, but it did!

  17. Same here where do I sign

  18. i stand with these women even though i am a male. they have more balls than our weak, wimpy, regime that is run by the wimp in chief. God bless these women, and pray for them. they are doing our country a great sevice behind the fighting lines of our military. we are ready for the fight when isis brings it on. remember, the american people are armed!

  19. all part of ovomits/satan the ineligible treasonous war crimes racist muslum terrorists in the wh,and the cair group which is a frt for the muslum brotherhood terrorists and la razz.add open borders where ovomit/satan and eric{i,m in contempt of court}holder told the border patrols to stand down on arresting illegals{means against the law}aliens/drug cartels/muslum terrorists,so ovomit can continue to saturate america with his muslum terrorists/illegal aliens/drug cartels,so they can vote for ilegals aliens who are in this county,and is why holder doesn,t want voter id,so his illegals can vote and no one would no the difference.fight this illegal terrorists in the wh,and his unconstitituional adminstration.god bless all legal american veterans/citizens

  20. The SPLC sounds very much like they are an Islamist “hate” organization and I bet they are as they seem to be misogynist full of hate and they don’t like Americans and seem to like to promote “soft” terror not having the balls to confront Americans directly, particularly their men.

  21. Tell me these partisan, manipulated clowns without a clue don’t get any tax money!!!

  22. sick of t his shit

    lets find out who is islm and then tie a pig in there yard and put star of david under there wiper blades and sit back and see what happens

  23. Alexander Seredin

    Those “famous names” you mentioned as opposed to Muslims TURN MY STOMACH AND MAKE ME RUN TO THE BATHROOM!

  24. Thats my girls fighting the good fight- Anne Coulter, Judge Jenine, Pamela Geller, Brigette Gabriel…

  25. david b cordick

    all the women on this list are great for telling it like it is. i think there is one name missing that should be definitely added. she pulls no punches on our poliiticians or foreign affairs or any other bull she sees happening. she is another one of the most hated in america. thats michelle malkin

  26. Ken Dometriosis .

    What? You expect the homo-financing, anti-American, treasonous, back-stabbing, pro-negroid JEWS to support anything that we whites are against?? Get real! THEY are the problem, not the solution. The ONLY solution is to exterminate the jews from the face of the Earth!

  27. Having self-rightiously exposed these ladies for nothing more than exercising their 1st Amendment Right simply because they deem them offensively opposite their ultra-llberal views, the SPLC will undoubtedly gloatingly cry crocodile tears if, hopefully not, one or more of these ladies are physically harmed or worse by some “peaceful Muslim defender of Islam”. The SPLC, once a champion of those most vulnerable, is now nothing more than an extension of a certain, extremely biased, intolerant, political party bent on stranggling free expression unless it parallels their policies.

  28. The splc has long been a organization with a severe view of truth. They continually act against AMERICANS. I am not female but I would like my name on the list.

  29. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Sick of this shit. Your comment reminded me of a funny true story years ago.
    A bunch of muslims built a mosque on property next to as local pig farm.
    They told the farmer he had to move as his pigs were unclean”
    He responded by holding pig races on the farm every saturday!

  30. So ok let me get this right. You are a women who does not like to be beaten and raped and have your rights trampled on by a political religion that wants to subjugate you and you are on the SPLC bad person list???

  31. Rodger K. Shull

    Let have the names of those in charge of the SPLC, an put them out there so we all know who they are , now that we know what they are, an start putting some SLAM an DUNKING on them.

  32. The SPLC is encouraging hate. I received a message from them and I couldn’t believe how it was encouraging hate and protesters as well as illegal immigration and all the things that obama is trying to sell us. They are a very liberal political group and their name is very misleading.

  33. Chris Robinette

    Civil war is coming. Best be ready and lock and load.

  34. SPLC has become what it once abhorred, EVIL.

  35. BAN ALL MUSLIMS FROM U.S. SOIL. Time to replace this out of control government.

  36. Americans Against Islam. And Americans Against the Southern Poverty Law Center!

  37. Can any bunch of idiots get worse. Radical Islamists kill and abuse women just because they’re women, in case you didn’t know it—–why not volunteer for their special treatment if you think they’re so great.

  38. What sane woman, who wants to live a full, meaningful life, WOULDN’T be against Islam…a CULT that sees women as property, good for nothing but sex slaves or scapegoats when the animals they call ‘men’ can’t control their lust.

  39. The SPLC is just as evil an organization as is ISIS. Satan can’t wait to honor them both of these black hearted devils in the 9th level of hell.

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