Women Against Islam: SPLC Names Offenders

Ah, is there a more corrupt yet bizarrely respected institution in America than the Southern Poverty Law Center? The organization is purely political in nature, but it is treated by the mainstream media with a weight they would never afford to, say, the Heritage Center. No, the SPLC is treated as though it is an authority on hate, for no discernible reason other than they’ve crowned themselves such.

This time around, the SPLC has taken aim at a list of “a dozen women, including bloggers, activists, TV personalities and others at the core of the anti-Muslim radical right.” A careful search of the SPLC website reveals no equivalent list of women at the core of the anti-Christian movement, strangely enough. Must be in the mail.

The list is filled with exactly who you would expect: Female leaders of violent organizations who have associations with crimes against American Muslims ranging from murder to arson. Oh wait, that’s not what it is? Then what? Just a list of women who are against terrorism? Oh, nice. What.

Ann Coulter and Pam Geller are among the most famous names on a list that also includes talk show host Laura Ingraham, Fox’s Jeanine Pirro, and Debbie Schlussel. In other words, women who have committed the greatest sin in America: being publicly, unapologetically opposed to the liberal agenda. As far as the SPLC is concerned, that’s enough to be named as an agent of hate.

It must feel awesome to be so convinced of your moral superiority. One can only imagine the sense of spiritual enlightenment that must float in the air around the SPLC headquarters. What must it be like to work there? Do you think they walk around in flowing robes, gently correcting each other when they slip and say something politically incorrect? Is there a little sticker on the office refrigerator, reminding everyone to check their privilege?

Funny how an organization supposedly charged with ferreting out extremist groups has so little to say about Islamic terrorism. Where is Al Qaeda on the SPLC Wall of Shame? Why is it that only white conservatives find themselves condemned by the SPLC, with very few exceptions? In their minds, it is worse to say something against the liberal agenda than it is to actually kill others.

The Women Against Islam should (and likely will) wear this as a badge of honor. And not even because they’re right. They should consider it an honor to be among the very few public figures brave enough to criticize this religion. After all, when you take a stand against Islam, you risk suffering consequences far greater than being labeled a bigot by some liberals. That’s what these women are speaking out against.

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