Woman Skins Dog She Thought Was a Wolf

Montana woman has come under fire after posting photos of a skinned Husky she shot and killed after mistaking it for a wolf.

Amber Rose provoked widespread ire and condemnation after posting graphic photos of the carcass of a Siberian Husky she killed on a bear hunt, which she identified as a ‘wolf pup.’

“So this morning I set out for a solo predator hunt for a fall black bear however I got the opportunity to take another predator wolf,” Rose wrote, “was a great feeling to text my man and say I just smoked a wolf pup. #firstwolf #onelesspredatorMT.”

Huskies are more visually similar to their canid cousins than many other breeds of dog, however, they are noticeably smaller: full grown Huskies are 20-23.5 inches tall typically weigh 35-65 lbs, while a gray wolf stands between 26-32 inches at the shoulder and weighs between 50-110lbs. The size discrepancy could explain why Rose identified it as a juvenile rather than an adult, but Huskies also have a broader snout and various minute differences in coloration and build when compared to wolves.

The incident took place outside of Martin City, Montana. The local Sheriff’s Office, Animal Control and Fish and Game agencies are currently investigating, although as of now there is no indication that Rose will face any legal repercussions, although some locals and many online observers are up in arms.

“It’s like, how could you ever mistake a husky like that for a wolf,” Rebecca Harding, a resident of Green Hills, Montana, told MTN News. “She’s poaching. She’s hurting our hunting community by posting that she went out looking for one specific animal and shooting a different one.”

Rose defended herself from the backlash in a subsequent post, arguing that she had received a wolf tag before her hunt began and was authorized to kill a wolf if she encountered one, although she admitted that she “made a mistake.”

Rose also claimed that she had made the kill in self defense, stating that the Husky was “aggressive” and “coming directly for me.”

Original Article: https://www.dailywire.com/news/montana-woman-shoots-and-skins-dog-she-mistook-for-wolf

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  1. I wouldn’t want to hunt in the same woods as this woman.

    • I would suggest you wear a sign stating that you are human, but anyone who could think that beautiful pup was a predator may not have great reading skills either.

  2. Someone should pull her hunting licenses, and maybe she should have a vision exam….. shes holding it up like a trophy, surely she could see it when she was doing that!!!!

  3. Definitely not competent to own a gun. Next thing you know she will go out deer hunting and shoot a cow!


    This is a natural born killer BROAD! SICK. Humans next!!!!

  5. I sure would like to return the favor. Stupid bitch!


    • omg, you were quite nice about it
      that f–ducking demon needs to be shot and skinned!!!!
      the evil ones walk on TWO LEGS!
      and then to B RAG about it-
      she is a s ick person
      and while i am all for citizens being able to arm themselves she is one demented twisted sorry asssss excuse for a human being
      the coming at me was an EXCUSE- only if God allowed that dog, husky, someone’s PET, to speak now, as to what REALLY HAPPENED!

      • Geese Chucky , why are you so judgmental about this woman that defended herself? You sound so “Hateful” and full of anger. You had better watch out or you will trip over the hem of your dress and break off a heel on your shoes. Maybe, that “Someone’s pet” should have been kept home and not left out to roam all over the country. (I’m sorry if I offended you and Please don’t hit me with your purse.)

  7. She is the Predator and an Evil stinking lowlife! A family member has a husky the most beautiful eyes, one blue and one brown. She doesn’t have a heart or a soul. You will get yours you Evil doer, just remember Evil Begets Evil. Dogs, cats, all animals are very intelligent more intelligent than your smelly lowlife ass. Period!!!

  8. What a dangerous idiot! She just wanted to kill something to ‘show her man.’ No decent man would want to be with this disgusting thing.
    The entire area should be careful with their pets. She will claim the little chihuahua was a vicious rat! And someone’s cat was an attacking cougar cub!

    • Don’t we all have the right to protect ourselves??? Why are you sooo vicious and Mean?? I’m a decent man and she’s very “Attractive” to me.

  9. ALL the idiots posting disparaging posts are IGNORING the key phrase – she stated the animal was attacking her. Regardless of what breed it is, she is justified in killing it!! A feral dog is just as dangerous as a wild wolf!!

    • no no, that is HER STORY – that dog doesn’t look dangerous or viscous for that matter
      she is just a f—-ducking dirt bag!
      if it were a viscous animal attacking her why did she not call 911 and report the kill so they could examine it for rabies etc?
      because it was not viscous and it was not attacking her- that is a hunters STORY

      • First off I love all you Monday night QB’s! We’re any of you jackwagons on the hunt with this woman? NO! Granted, it was obviously a Husky! Easy enough to see! And since it wasn’t all dirty and unkempt looking from being in a natural environment, the forest and such, it should have been an easy observation. But she didn’t notice any of that. Easy to screw up when in the woods with adrenaline pumping, and all excited about a hunt. Also who expected a HUSKY to be out in the forest! Of course I feel bad for the pooch, it shouldn’t have happened, but if you wanted to blame anyone, blame the dogs owner for not having enough sense to know that wolfs can be hunted with a legal permit and that domestic dogs can and WILL BE, sometimes mistaken for a wild dog or wolf! So please all you JUDGES out here in QB land go pound salt and go back to playing Call of Duty or whatever it is you do. None of you were out there with this woman. NONE! I’ve hunted since I’m 17, I’m 67 now and never ever took a shot that I knew would cause a wounded runner! She made a mistake and she’ll probably feel shitty about it for the rest of her days, but it always takes two to tango my mother always said. If you get that analogy! She definitely needs to be more careful, but can anyone of you out there hiding behind a laptop screen say you would be so calm if you saw a wild dog or wolf coming at you full bore?? I don’t think so! Eh ohh fuhgeddaboutit capeesh? Strunzus!

    • Huskies are not aggressive animals. She made up that story to justify her actions. She needs to have her head examined. Hunting license revolked and be banned from carrying firearms.

      • That’s bullshit you don’t know what your talking I have wild dogs in my mountains and they are more viscous then a wolf pack and there are husky’s, golden retrievers, black labs, German Shepards all types and sizes and they will attach you and they tear the noses off our cattle

    • Huskies are very. Expensive breed of dog. Highly doubtful this one was feral. She was intent on making a kill. In my opinion. Sorry but I agree she should lose her hunting license for this stupidity and have to pay the. Owner of the dog. For their loss. Plus have to take a class on domestic animals so she never makes another mistake like this again.. whats next…. Killings a cat mistaking it for a bobcat ??

  10. What did she do wrong? She had a wolf permit. I was hunting rabbits once and shot 2 Pekinese dogs and a Pug all by mistake. They were running and I made 3 great shots and I still got the pictures. If anybody wants to see them, I’ll post them online.. I had the Pug mounted as I never seen one before. I, also felt threatened by the two Pekinese pups as they were barking and showing their teeth. The Lady in this story deserves a medal for shooting this rabid dog. I can’t imagine facing a big dog with all those teeth coming after me. Besides, the hide and head mount make a beautiful rug. If the owner of this terrifying animal cared so much about it, He/She would have kept an eye on it and made sure it was at home where it belonged. Good shooting, Rose.

    • I can barely hold back my anger that you admit with pride that you shot 3 dogs ” by mistake “. Just like her….. You have no business having any sort of weapon. You are too incompetent to have one and damn sure dont deserve a hunting license

  11. Frank Gary Honulik

    Sick Bitch. I agree she had to know it was a dog. She should never be allowed to hunt again. All the lame excuses she made are ridiculous. I don’t hunt but something as flagrant as this puts a smudge on all hunters.

  12. Let’s teach some dog to shoot a gun and tell the dog that it can hunt any bitch it wants. Bet this lady would be at the top of the list. She is discusting.

  13. Whether she’s telling the truth or no, which I highly doubt, any dog will run towards a person if it’s friendly. If it was rabid, which by the looks of it, it definitely wasn’t.
    Do your homework Perry, get a grip on life, because you’ll have to answer for what you do, just like Rose will. I also let my dogs run in my woods, I pray no idiot like her ever shoots them. People have to make a statement no matter how stupid they make themselves look, she was WRONG!

    • Hi Deb. Thank you for advising me about things I have problems with. Maybe I didn’t understand the whole situation with Rose shooting that Huskey. You’re right about getting a “Grip on Life”. I was hunting once and I shot 3 dogs by mistake because I felt threatened. I haven’t had a good nights sleep since then. I still see the two Pekinese and one Pug dogs coming towards me and all I saw was their teeth. It was unbelievable, the terror that griped me. I still have nightmares. I was sued by the owner of the pups and had to hand over the mounted “Pug” and the two tanned out Pekinese Pelts. It was devastating. I had over $900.00 into those trophies.
      I have been looking for a new place to hunt and I would like to hunt where I can get the chance to harvest a couple new trophies. Where are “Your woods” and what kind of “Dogs” do you have to offer? Please send me all your info about your area, whether it’s Urban or Rural and if there is any restrictions about shooting or trapping. We do everything by the book so you know that when we are hunting in your area, “We are very responsible” about what we shoot. Dogs and cats are of “Special interests” to our hunting group.

  14. Sick women. If she does not know the different between the two, in no way, should she be shooting the gun.

  15. She should lose her license to hunt….in the very least. She should also be charged with animal cruelty.

  16. Her man had best sleep with one eye always open. He might be mistaken for a predator and enjoy the same fate!!! He needs to find a new woman if he ever wants a decent nights sleep!!

  17. She sure had a Big Smile on her face after posting those pictures!! And she couldn’t see that was a Husky not a wolf?? She’s one sick puppy to even want to kill any animals for the thrill! I just wonder what family had lost that Husky and doesn’t even know what happened to him?? I’m around Huskies all the time and have never met one yet that was that aggressive? Seeing her stance and gun probably scared the dog. I believe she lied to save her skin!!! They should take her license away! How many other non wild animals will she kill next????

  18. Sooo… she,s an experienced hunter, huh?
    I’m not a hunter, and I know the difference between a beautiful husky – even a pup – and a beautiful wolf.
    She obviously has no clue about Huskies and wolves!

  19. huskies are not aggressive the pump was problay coming to get atttention

  20. What a complete idiot! She should never be allowed to hunt anything again. She should be bitch slapped and beat with her own rifle or fed to pack of hungry REAL wolves!

  21. I didn’t have a “Hunting Lic.” I just wanted to go out and shoot something. Is that Wrong??? I practice everyday with my AR and 3 shotguns, 4 pistols and I just bought a 50 cal. Sniper Rifle for “Self Defense”. Why don’t I have the right to have any weapon I want??? I have enough money for the weapon and ammo and I like shooting things. Do you take care of your pets and keep them home? Where do you live? Most people don’t realize that there is a “whole new market” out there for us that love shooting. Moving targets are great for practice and if you gut shoot a dog or cat, they are really hard to hit again until they stop jumping around. Maybe, you would like to see a picture of the “Pug” I have mounted? I’m the only guy in this area with a mount like this. I have several cats and a couple of bigger dogs mounted but the pug was the hardest to hit. I was truly shocked when I read your post about being angry at me for defending myself from 3 vicious, Rabid animals. I wish we could have a sincere, Calm, dialog about what it is that you were upset about. Once you got to know me, you would probably Love being with me like most Women do. “Southern Ladies” usually are easy to persuade and appreciate being around a man that treats them with respect, like I do. Give me a # or email and we’ll get to know each other.

  22. Such an imbecile!

  23. Montana can now thank me for shooting their elusive “Moron of the woods”! I am sure she was amazed at how clean and well groomed this “wolf “was !hat a MORON!

  24. So sad! She said she thought it was a wolf pup. Why shoot a pup? How heartless!

  25. That’s a damn Husky moron!

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