Woman Rams Car into Cops: “I Didn’t Do Anything”

Wild video shows a Georgia woman plowing her SUV into cops and police cars while a small child sits in the backseat — then claim “I didn’t do it!” once she’s finally caught.

Sierra Hibbert took police on a short but bizarre chase after they pulled her over after reports she was driving erratically and veering into oncoming traffic on Highway 42, Byron Police Department said in a news release Monday.

She was being “uncooperative” and not speaking to officers when they caught up with her at the intersection of Highway 49, partially blocking the SUV and placing a tire-deflating Stop Stick underneath it.

Silent dashcam video shows the moment on July 15 Hibbert guns the SUV in reverse, hits a car behind her then goes forward, hitting two witnesses – one of whom is seen getting knocked to the ground in the vehicle’s path. She reverses and moves forward again, and the witness hops in the air to avoid getting pinned between the SUV and a cop car, the video shows.

Sierra Hibbert took police on a short but bizarre chase after they pulled her over after reports she was driving erratically.
Sierra Hibbert took police on a short but bizarre chase after they pulled her over.
Wild video shows a Georgia woman plow her SUV into cops and cars.
The wild video shows a Georgia woman ramming her SUV into cops and cars.

Cops hop in their cars and follow the SUV onto Highway 49, according to the footage. Officers try to block the car, which has a flat from the Stop Stick, but she backs into a third cop car and then goes forward and hits one of the other police cars for a second time.

An officer tries to punch out her passenger side window as the SUV drives off again in a haze of smoke pouring from its tires, leaving behind debris and skid marks, the video shows. Police block her in again and after a struggle, they finally pull her out of the SUV and slap cuffs on her.

Bodycam footage with audio shows Hibbert refusing to get out of the vehicle initially, then bizarrely claiming “I didn’t do anything.” As cops and others tell her she almost killed people and wrecked police cars, she repeats “I didn’t do it” multiple times and claims “I did not do anything you guys are talking about.”

Police didn’t give the age of the small child or say what his or her relationship to Hibbert was.

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  1. In her minde thats completely empty she did not do anything the vehicle did it not me.

    • patrick g connelly

      you can thank the demorats for this mindset. its only property says pelosi, kneeling in front of blm, doing nothing to stop bombing of police precincts, firebombing police cars, burning down neighborhoods and stores, not having bail. allowing police to be abused, and defunded. thank the lets go biden team

  2. Entitled leftest. She probably works for dem/commie election committee

  3. You sure can’t fix stupid, in this country! Gotta be a DEMONICrat/ libTURD!

  4. Democrats will soon be taking away SUV’s as, obviously, they drive themselves and are a danger to all around them! Idiots!!

  5. Another one that this world would not miss, except that it would be a better place to live.

  6. If this was a BLACK person they would have been DEAD even with the child in the car. I do not understand the double standard cops have with people.

  7. You have a warped mind. Only the stupid blames democrats for everything wrong. That is exactly why your country is going to hell in a hand basket. Democrats blame Republicans and democrats blame republicans. The problem is that there are too many blamers and no problem solvers.

  8. Senseless and ridiculous. The mind of a child without recognition of potential consequences and inevitable outcomes. In reality the police would have been entirely justified in the use of lethal force. She needs to thank these officers for her continued existence. When society decides that there are only victims and oppressors any action can be justified and culpability as well as responsibility are avoided entirely. The mindset of far too many that have allowed themselves to be manipulated into believing their personal needs and desires supercede all else and the obvious results are unavoidable. This sort of mental illness based on fraudulent ideological concepts is not just tolerated but incentivized by woke liberal elitists now permeating every level of social and political life. Their leadership has once again duped the American people into believing they are empowering them when in reality they are pitting Americans against each other. The concept of divide and conquer is not new. While we focus on the idiots the left has unleashed on us they are taking our freedoms and standards of living away from us swiftly and without exception. Human beings tend to take things at face value and never question what they are told. If you haven’t yet figured it out this is a war on the American taxpayers and we all are expendable. “Useful idiots” and when people act like this self involved piece of human garbage it only strengthens the argument that we are nothing more than servants to our masters. Wake up or this just gets worse.

  9. What really pisses me off about this whole sequence is that I have seen videos of men shot to ribbons for doing exactly the same thing. She will spend a few hours in jail, not have to show up for trial, get a slap on the wrist, and not have to pay for the property damage she did. A many would have been exempt from all of that too, but that would be because he was DEAD.

  10. I wonder how many booster jabs she’s had.

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