Woke Professor Threatens to Get “Pro-Police” Teachers Fired

Once again showing the world that only the most tolerant, loving, kind people can further the progressive cause, a professor getting ready to start her new job at Winthrop University said on Facebook that she is on a mission to get any teacher who posts “pro-police” messages on Facebook fired from their jobs.

From The College Fix:

April Mustian, an incoming professor at Winthrop University who formerly taught at Illinois State University, posted April 26 on Facebook that she would take screenshots of such comments in an attempt to get educators she disagrees with fired, according to a screenshot of the post obtained by Young America’s Foundation.

“If you are a White K-12 teacher who teaches Black children, and you are on your FB posting pro-police anti-Black rhetoric, I hope and pray those are posts and beliefs you are willing to stand by in front of Black families you are support to also love and serve,” the professor wrote.

Mustian, who is white, did not elaborate on what she defines as “pro-police anti-Black rhetoric.”

She added: “I hope those are posts you are willing to stand by when district personnel get screenshots of your ignorance. This is a new day, folks. People are getting fired for being racist on social media. Don’t think you are above reproach, especially in this day and age when opportunities to unlearn racism and bias are at your fingertips. And, if your first thought is to delete me because of this post, chances are I already have some screenshots.”

Disgusting…but not surprising. While we wouldn’t necessarily have had an issue five or six years ago with a professor threatening to expose racist messages from public school teachers, that time has long since passed. Because today? Racism is anything that doesn’t perfectly align with the “cops are evil, whites are bad, America is a white supremacist nation” nonsense that has infected the nation via the university system.

Under this definition, posting a Blue Lives Matter flag image would qualify as racism. Questioning the “peaceful” nature of the protests in Portland would qualify. Hell, saying you preferred Thor: Ragnarok to Black Panther would probably qualify.

In an encouraging sign, though, Mustian has deleted both her Twitter and her Facebook account. It’s worth noting that her Twitter bio claimed she was dedicated to “decolonizing myself & edu.”

We’re not 100% sure what that means, but we’re confident that it’s very, very stupid.

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