Woke HS Principal Ordered To Apologize For Her White Privilege After Showing “Anti-Racism” Video

A Wichita, Kansas, principal was ordered to apologize after showing a video about racism and white privilege to his staff, KMUW reported.

Tim Hamblin of Derby High School showed his staff the video last month, KMUW reported.

The four-minute video showed the Black author and academic Joy DeGruy relating an incident that showed how white privilege can be leveraged positively in solidarity with people of color. 

In the video, DeGruy told a story of how she and her sister-in-law, who is white-passing, were treated markedly differently when paying at the grocery store. 

While her sister-in-law had paid with a check with no problems, the cashier asked DeGruy for two forms of ID and looked her up in the store’s records before being willing to accept her check, DeGruy said.

DeGruy didn’t want to look like an “angry Black woman” by complaining, but her sister-in-law challenged the cashier, she said. 

“She used her white privilege to educate and to make right a situation that was wrong,” said DeGruy. “That’s what you can do. Every single day.” 

Hamblin told KMUW that he showed his staff the video because students had been shown it late last year, following an incident in which racially-based comments were made to some students. He wanted to ensure the staff were aware what the students had seen, he told the outlet.

However, a teacher at that meeting complained to the school board that Hamblin had created a hostile working environment and that the video was offensive, KMUW reported. 

The board then contacted Hamblin with the demand for an apology, the outlet reported, adding they did not name the teacher, who feared retribution. 

“The point was nothing more than to share what some of our kids were dealing with and one thing that they would see to try and help them get through it,” Hamblin said in the emailed apology, seen by KMUW.

“I apologize to anyone that felt the video or its content which reference white privilege made them feel uncomfortable, awkward, harassed, or that it created a hostile work environment.”

Original Article: https://www.insider.com/kansas-principal-ordered-apologize-video-showing-white-privilege-2022-2

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  1. Never mind the teachers, he should be ordered to apologize to the student that had to gag their way through it.

    Then he should be suspended for a semester and required to take needed courses on our constitution.

  2. I’m certainly not woke, but even this is BS.

  3. People are discriminated against for all sorts of reasons and race is not the only one. I understand how it feels to be singled out but this man hasn’t been denied anything as far as I can see. He has a good education and a nice career. It’s really time we move on and stop all of this nonsense. When you look for racism you are sure to find it even if it isn’t there. Long hair tattoos not so nice clothing overweight not so great looking are all ways people can be dealt with differently than others. This doesn’t give anyone the rights to suffering. Grow up and face the world on your own terms but stop whining and blaming everyone else for your problems. In short get over it. The rules are not in favor of any particular race in the United States and haven’t been for decades. There’s only one race and that’s the human race. Pit the past behind us.

    • Unfortunately, portions of the past are not behind us. People against retelling our history in a truthful manner are very unlikely to understand what “White Privilege” really is or how it is expressed in our daily lives. That grocery store incident is a good example. How about we put not recognizing the truth behind us. I have learned more about how racism and slave ownership was and is with some folks today, accepted as part of early American culture. Therefore OK. The fact that I don’t feel personally guilty that my ancestors may have been racist or even slave owners, does not mean it was ever OK. Racism and slave ownership have always been wrong throughout history. I don’t think present-day racists know the difference between right and wrong in this instance which prevents them from understanding what “White Privilege” really means.

      • Telling history in a truthful manner is fine; telling a biased lie is not. Unfortunately, it’s the latter you seek to do these days, omitting the black slav3 holders, the black Africans who sold fellow blacks into slavery to start, long before the Americas were colonized, the whiteswho were also slaves here, & the ancient history of slavery going back to the earliest histories of humans, in which ALL groups were both slaves& slave owners. You also omit that it was white people who put an end to most slavery around the world, & established laws against it 1st, encouraging others to follow suit, starting in the UK, then here in the US. Pergaps if you told yourselves & your children the TRUTH, you’d find less resentment & resistance? Slavery isan human foible & always ugly, just as racism is, where it exists. It needs no invention, only eradication, but from all who practice it, even when it’s in the name of “equality”!

      • TOTALLY AGREE!!! The only “privileged people I knew were the rich going to my high school.

      • White privilege is hooee. Was it “white privilege that allowed my father in law to drop out of school in the 8th grade yet go on to raise 5 kids on a very low blue collar salary and 4 of the 5 kids have master’s degrees or above that were paid for by the kids??? No privilege there since the same income for a poc would have earned them scholarships to pay for college. No privilege when the kids not only paid for their education but then spent wisely so they would not struggle as they got older. How do you account for the millions of poc who have succeeded way more than many whites – Obama being one, Harris, Ben Carson, etc. The country fought a devastating war to overcome slavery. Time to move on and stop polluting the minds of the young – both blacks being told they will never succeed in this “racist” world and whites being told they should feel guilty for past sins causing them to see poc as not able to succeed without the white man’s assistance.

  4. The principal should not have apologized for showing a good, important video. Our country runs on white supremacy, and was built by slavery. I’m an old white man from a long line of GOP and even I know that.

    • No, it’s running on black supremacism these days, pretending to STILL be victims, generations after the fact.

    • You find the principal innocent of doing anything wrong with showing everyone the wrong in racial injustice without giving all of the facts. Let’s look at how 12.5% of the US population which is black is ranked in crime. Based on the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting system.
      55.9% of Homicides, 53% of Robbery’s, 28.7% of Rape, 33.5 of Aggravated Assaults, 29.8% of Burglary’s, 30.3% of Motor Vehicle Thefts, 25.2% of Arsons, 37.5% of Violent Crimes and 43.9% of Weapons Charges!!! So, your reasoning about the principal is wrong based on facts about wrong doings. Unless he shows the teachers about how pitiful his race is on CRIME. Also why doesn’t he show movies to the mayor of Chicago. Over the past 4 years, hey have an average of 2973 people shot and 565 deaths!
      Showing videos of racial discrimination are more important than lives?!?! Do something constructive and lecture your people about Crime! You could save lives!

    • The principal did not apologize for showing the film. He apologized for “some people” being upset about the video. The typical ” I am sorry that you did not like what I did but get over it” apology. Time to stop blaming whites for the problems of others and then telling the whites that only they can fix the problems. What did the store say when asked about this story? Remember the great story M Obama told about how someone in Target thought she was an employee because she was black and asked her to get something off the top shelf???? The person that asked Michelle for help did it, not because Michelle was black but because she was TALL. To racism there since I have often been asked to get things up high also. Until we stop framing everything as race based, we will never have equality. Many blacks are saying that exact thing.

  5. It is amazing how we have suckered for race-guilt three to four generations away from the events over which we are told
    to feel guilt for! And do? The fact of the matter is that all the black people here now should be thanking us for having
    brought their ancestors here as they were a people that had no written language, math, science or medicine. They lived
    barely 20 years in mud huts with no heat, eating raw or rancid meat, if not one-another. Yes, their repression was wrong,
    but that is over while their anger lives on! Now who are the assholes?

  6. TOTALLY AGREE!!! The only “privileged people I knew were the rich going to my high school.

  7. I totally agree. The information they are giving in crt does not include all the truth. I am tired of everyone yelling ‘racist’ or white supremisist’ for everything. They are even calling black people that.

    I am all for teaching history that includes that, but not using it so people will no longer listen. It is very sad that certain people do not feel good enough about themselves so they have to blame everyone else to feel vindicated.

    Yes there are many types of racism all around the world, however blacks are included in that as well.

    Racism period needs to be stopped, but BLM and orher groups are making it worse for the blacks, not better. Their behavior has been appauling, and being allowed to burn, destroy businesses and hurting people is even worse. This does nothing for their cause and they are no better than they accuse.

  8. I’m calling bs on this. When was the last time you saw someone buying groceries with a check. Especially some one with an education or under 70 year old. Maybe this story is from the 1950’s.

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