‘Woke Church’ Hosts Drag Show for Young Children

The Naples United Church of Christ in Naples, Florida is hosting a LGBTQ+ conference for youth aged 12 to 18. The proceedings will include a drag show.

“GLSEN Collier is hosting the inaugural Youth Pride Conference in Naples, FL for all local LGBTQ youth ages 12-18,” reads the advertisement for the event, which is sold out.

The event’s description reads: “This one-day conference, created by and for LGBTQ youth, will provide students with the opportunity to engage in LGBTQ-related issues facing them today while empowering them to be confident in all their identities.”

“Breakfast and lunch will be provided for all attendees as well as a drag show from some of our local drag queens.”

The event’s description also says there will be a keynote speaker, and a panel discussion “with former high school students talking about life in the LGBTQ community after high school.” Attendees will have the opportunity to attend some breakout sessions covering subjects of their own particular interest.

According to Florida’s Voice, there is some community concern about the event, especially since it appears many children attending will be bused in directly from school without parents’ knowledge.

In fact, a spokesperson from the local school district said such activity is not permitted within Collier County.

The spokesperson stated: “The District was never informed nor contacted about this event. CCPS [Collier County Public Schools] is not a sponsor of the event, which is being held at a private facility.”

“CCPS also neither authorized nor approved the transportation of CCPS students to and from district school sites by the event organizers. Any inference to the contrary is fully rejected by CCPS.”

Original Article: WOKE CHURCH in Florida hosts drag show for kids as young as 12 | The Post Millennial

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