Witch Hunt: Robert Mueller Adds ANOTHER Clinton Donor to His Team

This is getting out of control. News broke this week that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has added yet another liberal Democrat to his team of investigators. The latest addition is lifelong legal beagle Elizabeth Prelogar, who – like many others Mueller has hired – has a history of donating to Democrats, including Hillary Clinton. According to the National Law Journal, Prelogar comes out of the Office of the Solicitor General, making her the second pick from that body after Michael Dreeben – another dyed-in-the-wool liberal lawyer.

In said journal, the writers go out of their way to hide Prelogar’s political beliefs, even quoting former Obama administration lawyer Neal Katyal, who says she’s “completely apolitical.” Of course, whenever a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat – especially one who is at the forefront of the fight against Trump’s immigration ban – says that about someone, you should take it as an enormous red flag. And when you realize that, you’ll be all the more suspicious about Mueller himself, whose reputation for fairness and integrity has been overblown to the point of parody by Republicans and Democrats alike.

Prelogar was not exactly a prized donor – she gave $250 each to Obama and Clinton in 2012 and 2016, respectively – but she also clerked for avowed liberal Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Elana Kagen. So don’t try to tell us that she’s “completely apolitical,“ because we’re not buying it for a second.

In The Daily Caller, they demonstrate that Dreeben and Prelogar are hardly the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Mueller’s liberal team of investigators. Here, they shed light on three other problematic figures:

James Quarles, a former assistant special prosecutor for the Watergate investigation and a lawyer with Mueller at Wilmer Hale, has given $33,000 to various Democratic candidates, including Clinton, Obama, John Kerry, Al Gore and Michael Dukakis.

Jeannie Rhee, who served as deputy assistant general in the Obama administration, has given $16,000 to Democrats since 2008. She gave the maximum, $5,400, to Clinton’s campaign in 2015 and 2016. She gave another $7,300 to Obama’s two presidential bids.

Andrew Weissmann, who until recently served as head of the Justice Department’s criminal fraud section, gave $2,300 to Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008 and $2,000 to the Democratic National Committee in 2006.

And then there’s Mueller himself. And while Mueller may not come with the same kind of Democrat Party baggage as his team, his special friendship with James Comey puts his loyalty to the truth in serious question.

Can he put that friendship aside in the quest for answers? We’d like to believe so, but the VERY troublesome make-up of his team does not give us a lot of hope.

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  1. Mueller is trying to help the PO’d Clinton donors get some of their wasted money back. But it will come from the taxpayers and not from the Clinton campaign. Somebody has to make them whole and what better way to fund it than the “easy mark” taxpayer?

    Another Effin’ scheme aimed at the taxpayer!

  2. Doubt he can be fair….just because he is so close to Comey he should not handle the case and he should know better than to even take it on.

  3. Why aren’t the republicans raising hell over this! Looks like the Clinton have their people to hurt our president!

    • The silent Republicans are members of the swamp that needs to be drained and they fear they will lose their business as usual status. We voters must remember who they are next election day because all they care about is their self enrichment and couldn’t care less if the country fails.

      • Concur!

      • Swamp members are in bed with clinton supporters,hurting the law &order of our nation. After one year of investigation they can not find any thing on collusion. Mueller.Comey & Rosenstien are all connected,now draining Tax dollars of Hard working people.

      • So right you are.

      • Cecil Keeler Jr.

        Well said and ALL TRUE to the MAX!

      • Please tell us ALL who you think we should VOTE FOR? I for one,. DO NOT want more scumocrats back in charge. This “party” (that has turned to communist leanings) as well as the RINO “elites” that seem to be intent on turning OUR COUNTRY into a third-world CRAPHOLE and carrying on OSCUMBAG’S and the SCUMOCRAT Parties “legacy” of “fundamental transformation”.

        • You’re 100% correct Pappy450, not any mystery why these parasites hate Trump. If he never gets anything accomplished that’s good for the country it’s because of these lying parasites. He has accomplished two important things; he has proven beyond any doubts that we have a lying biased media and has shined a light on more RINOs.

      • It’s a fact; taken as a whole voters have a short memory, very short. this explains how McLame is elected term after term.

    • RINO’s are in bed with the liberals!

  4. Mueller is definitely putting together a witch hunt and he’s not even being subtle about it. Mueller with his deep ties to Comey, a huge part of the investigation, has to go to get a fair and balanced outcome.

    • There isn’t even a crime to investigate…so the witch hunter’s will just be making crap up!

      • The Demoncraps are obstructing Trump at every turn. Fear not. The truth will out before 2020. The people will see what is what. And the Democratic Party will be a thing of the past.

  5. Could he not find a RINO never Trumper. At least a Russian. “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” Well maybe.

    • “Could {Mueller} not find a RINO never Trumper?”

      Probably not any that could measure up to his standard for ideological purity.

      “At least a Russian.”

      Indeed. Where are the Russians? Be sure to check under the bed.

      What happened to that guy a month or so back who thought I was premature to be getting popcorn? (Due to Mueller’s legendary chrome-plated integrity?) Pathetic.

  6. The fact that Comey spearheaded the formation of a special counsel with his personal buddy hiring all the Democrat assistants is a disgrace and should be dissolved.

    • Wait for the completion of his investigation, you will be very surprised.

    • How does one “dissolve” a “fact”?? Learn to write sensibly!

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      • I believe he was articulating that the special council should be dissolved. It seems to me that you should work in your reading comprehension. This might explain why you have made almost 4800 comments and received zero votes.

        • You need to do a little work on the structure of sentences written in the English language. The subject of the statement is “fact”. The predicate is “should be dissolved.” It comes as no surprise that a sentence in this wingnut-dominated forum is clumsily put together and literally says something not intended by the writer; it happens all the time. Writing should be unambiguous, such that there is no need to rely upon what one “believe[s]” the writer meant. By the way, your “council” should be “counsel.”

          • “Head”, your grammatical observations are generally correct. However, JS’s “zero votes” is accurate and is rather odd. I am tempted to give you one “for the heck of it” out of a sense of misguided generosity (perhaps I’m a liberal unawares), but after reading several of your posts, I can’t.

            JS himself has 7953 Upvotes for his “over 1200” posts. That’s very good; I’m envious. I think I must have a too-turgid writing style or something, or a tendency to take unpopular positions, or both.

            I guess I’ll go back to being an “ideologically deranged nutjob” … or whatever. Heck with it.

          • True believers writing on true believer forums will inevitably receive up-votes from other sheeple of the same species.; I participate as a distinct and dissenting progressive minority. Why should I expect up-votes from the extremist right-wing crowd, whose predominant responses to me are insults–often obscene–and childish irrelevancy?

          • You sound like a nut job. Are you in a padded cell or locked in your parent’s basement?

          • YOU sound like someone who entertains the bogus notion that insults constitute meaningful dialogue. You have many fellow travelers on this forum, which overflows with insults, often of an obscene kind.

          • Took you 3 months to think of a reply? Headsonstraight but nothing inside. Kind of like a camera with no batteries. Not obscene, but factual.

          • And how does your reply constitute meaningful dialogue.

          • You just can’t handle the truth. You have no position to defend.

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        • Who really needs to “GROW UP”? It is people such as YOU, who post worthless stuff like that above, utterly lacking in analytical merit or substance, who need to GROW UP.l

          • OHHH Little Cry Baby, Go back to our dark Hole. NOW !!!
            BOBBY ~!~

          • Thank you for so convincingly proving my point! You gullible wingnuts are so-o-o-o naive. And besides that, what is this “our dark Hole” business? I share no hole with you.
            Oh, I see; that is just your incompetent typing, as incompetent as the rest of your miserable performance.

          • Know What, Fuc$ Off Nobody pays attention too you anyway !!!
            BOBBY ~!~

          • Nobody other than perhaps the several witless and incompetent tribe who have offered their meaningless insults directly above.

          • Perhaps ISIS would be so kind (?) as to help you with your head.

          • MY Thoughts exactly. Well Said
            BOBBY ~!~

      • Want to buy some wf land?

    • I so agree with you.. All this should be disolve right now. Congress needs to step in, and end all this “BULL SHIT”. Mueller and his Buddy’s needs to go NOW.
      BOBBY ~!~

    • This is one example of politicians dividing everyone by doing something totally wrong with their political party’s advancement in mind rather than doing the correct thing to have an honest and positive environment in our country. All investigations of either party needs to be done by people in power who are doing what is honest and what is best for our country and all of our citizens!

  7. Another investigation to be called for. Trump is rumored to have driven on a green with a golf cart.

  8. Can’t anybody put a stop to this BS??? There is work to be done and this crap is holding it up !!All the Oblamo’s snow flakes didn’t have this to contend with ,Why Trump ?? He was elected PREZ!!Like it or not !!

  9. When will it become Openly-Obvious the Special “Prostitutor” is loading up with hateful “Investigators” who have only one thing on their mind; i.e., manufacturing anything to take to a Grand Jury that will only hear one side of the “argument”.

    The House and Senate need to curtail this miscarriage of justice.

  10. This is the same thing as naming David Duke to head up an investigation into allegations of wrongdoing by the KKK

  11. This is the quintessential definition of EXTREME “conflict of interest” and ALL MUST be ORDERED to recuse themselves.
    Where in the HELL are the “republicans” that should be SCREAMING too the high heavens? (unless they are just part of the CORRUPT “elites” that are terrified that their “control”, “power”, and loss of those taxpayer dollars they covet so greatly to fund their cushy “lifestyles”, will be removed by the TRUMP administration and policies and re-instated back where it SHOULD BE…. controlled by “WE the People”.)

  12. It’s a shame when you can’t trust the leaders of your nation any more! This nation is so divided that it is about to fulfill a truth stated by Jesus Christ Himself. In Matthew 12:25, Jesus said: “A kingdom [nation] divided against itself will fall, and a house [family] divided against itself cannot stand.” Partisan politics has always been the underlying problem which has brought governments down. If you look carefully, the majority of these leaders did not/do not believe in God, and “they went their own way and did that which was right in their own eyes.” We’re there, folks! There are recent signs mentioned in the Bible that are popping up all over the place! Just as an example, last week there were reportedly 200 minor earthquakes recorded emanating from the area of the great crater in Yellowstone National Park. The Bible states, “There will be “earthquakes in diverse places.” The adverse weather patterns across the globe are spoken of in prophecy which constitute prophesied “upheavals in nature.” and on August 21st, 2017, there will be a rare eclipse of the sun. In the end times, the Bible states, “The sun will be darkened.” Just calling your attention to these things. If you’re really interested, read 2 Timothy 3 which describes men’s attitudes at the end! You’ll recognize it immediately! Have a good day!

    • Cecil Keeler Jr.

      This is the BEST POST I have read in a LONG TIME! And SO TRUE TOO!

      • You enjoy cheap thrills, don’t you? That earthquake outbreak in the Yellowstone area is only the latest of many such occurrences. Experts in the U.S. Geological Survey say the chances that this particular “earthquake swarm” will produce a volcanic eruption are on the order of 730,000 to one. downs1 is just one more prophecy hack among many who down through the centuries have tried to portray current events as heralds of the “end times.”

    • NB: Total solar eclipses are not “rare”. They occur once every 18 months on average. Their footprints when they reach the Earth are quite small however, so the chance of seeing one from any particular spot is poor.


      You have a good day also. Try to be less superstitious.

    • Revelation 12: There appeared a great wonder in heaven. This great wonder according to astronomers Not astrologers will be visible from Jerusalem on Sept. 23, 2017 I’m not sure if these astronomers are linking this a Biblical sign or not, maybe some are, but if this is a coincidence it’s a might big one. The woman Virgo has the Sun, the Moon and the stars in the precise position in the Revelation, as a Christian I don’t mess with astrogeology, as I stated this is astronomy. I was amazed at what God told Job concerning the Sun and certain band of star clusters, this band of stars are each headed on a separate path and will someday break away from each other becoming disbanded, this was discovered many years ago. This band of stars still has the name given in the Book of Job. I think Orion, not sure but Yahweh asks can you break their band? Mighty interesting huh?

  13. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    HELLO< conflict of interest, you cannot have Comey's good friend investigating Comey's fraud and lying and his leaking of classified documentation. It is like asking Osama Bin Laden to watch over the Pope's palace.

  14. Time to pull the plug on Mueller!

  15. We have a bunch of useless Republicans. Just sit back and get set up again. Giving them majorities has become a joke.

  16. Are there ANY honorable people in Washington, D.C.?

  17. If Mueller had ANY HONESTY AND INTEGRITY, he would never have accepted the position to begin with. Rosenstein broke the law when he appointed Mueller, and Mueller broke the law when he accepted. Greg Jarrett has explained the law in many instances, and it states that no one with a close friendship or work relationship with any main person in the investigation can serve as special counsel. All the President has to do is fire Mueller for cause, and he SHOULD DO IT IMMEDIATELY, regardless of the whining from the liberal left in the democrat and republican parties.

  18. Please tell me why Mueller is still employed and hiring his own anti Trump lawyers. Fire that SOB!!!!
    Comey is Obama’s homey

    • Also Mueller’s BFF. A way to get to the truth, Democrat style.

    • Because he is one smart cookie and knows how to find the best people for this investigation. Anyone who underestimates Mueller on political grounds would do well to prepare for a shock when he completes his work.

  19. Comey committed obstruction of justice and possibly perjury.
    We shall see what the investigation shows of his potential criminal involvement or if Meuller will cover for his buddy.

  20. curmudgeon VN Veteran

    Why does President Trump not fire Mueller? I am mystified.

  21. Cecil Keeler Jr.

    The ONLY Republicans who have ENDORSED Mueller are MEMBERS of the “NEVER TRUMP MOVEMENT” Figure it out for yourself. In all Fairness only TIME will tell us HOW “FAIR” Mueller will be! And just how MUCH “INTEGRITY” He has!

  22. This is turning into the theatre of the absurd. Yet Trump will be vilified if he fires Mueller.

  23. Cecil Keeler Jr.

    The HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE’S Report has been “LEAKED” BEFORE It could be Disseminated to the rest of the MEMBERS!

  24. No its not getting out of control if you need to plant the evidence . When evidence is planted you need all the crooked ppl you can get to back you up on it . I think mulehead and comey are the same type crook as most of the upper FBI ppl that did the cover up on clinton . That also takes in the NSA and CIA . obambo ran them for his use and made sure they where dems . And we know dems lie , cheat , and cant be trusted to be honest on anything

  25. This is definitely a Witch Hunt & disgraceful. Those involved in this Witch Hunt are those who should be being investigated, indicted, & in jail. There is existing evidence against them to do so.

  26. What the heck…why doesn’t Mueller just have Hillary & Loretta on his witch hunt team…??? Why even try to pretend…just saying?

  27. And why are the nut-less wonder’s in the GOP silent about the charade…???

    • These repub scum rats want President Trump’s agenda stopped at all costs…they have MUCH to lose. DemoNazis band together, Repubs eat their own.

  28. Mueller is a Criminal, He was a part, and involved in the controlled demolition of the WTC. on 9/11. that Killed 3000. + +. but none of the 87. FBI. agent or the CIA, agent that had there offises in Building No. 7, they just dident feel like going to work that day, theire ofifses was open 24/7, wonder why.???

  29. OH Republicans, wake up please they are gaming the system again, you know the Communist Democratic Party of America. Hiiemler is investing Goring its not fair, they are in cahoots. Daz goes ta da zame Biergarten tagetter.

  30. Getting out of control??? It IS OUT of control ! The deck, clearly, is carefully being stacked against President Trump; that’s the democraps goal. They want a specific outcome and they are bound and determined to get it no matter what they have to do whether it be bribing witnesses to lie and/or fabricating ‘evidence’, The democraps have the their scum ridden media in their back pocket, so they’re setting the perfect stage to derail and annihilate President Trump. The democraps, along with certain so called republicans, want his agenda stopped at all costs.

  31. Mueller should be fired, and he his “team” investigated for collusion with the DNC.

  32. There is no appearance of impartial judgment here just more robbing the taxpayers.

  33. Why do Rep. let dem. Keep putting dem. on to investigate . Oh because they are really dem. Most Rep. are sleeper dem. Look how many come out when he won.Odumb care is dead . Rep can’t do anything togather only one party stick it to to American party .And don’t even give us Vaseline Trump will never get it all done to many against him.only chance he has to vote dem. Out New Rep In .

  34. Ridiculous–if they fabricate one shred of evidence the blow back will be huge

  35. Try as they may, truth is truth, and even a crooked bunch of Democrat lawyers will eventually find that out. Everyone I speak to in the WORK FORCE is sick and tired of the whining and fabrication of the media and these special investigative bodies of enemies to America. Stop wasting our money on crooked attorneys and over payed politicians and do something positive for a change or come 2018 you progressives and obstructionists are going to be sitting at home.

  36. ANYBODY that knows mueller and the beltway boys the answer is simple – they intend to get rich on taxpayer money – overthrow trump and his MAGA agenda – and let the NWO take over the US……YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED AND RESISTANCE IS FUTILE……

  37. Did ya’ll see Comey at the NYT office today —– picking up his paycheck and dropping off more INTEL to be leaked……

  38. How disappointing. I mistakenly considered Mr Mueller an honest man of integrity.

    He appears to have sold out to the Clintons, special interests, enraged Party-of-Death, vicious, Trump-hating Democrats, RINOS and mainstream media.

    Mr Mueller is blatantly showing his bias unashamedly.

  39. What part of this investigation is impartial or even necessary other than to spend money the US doesn’t’ have?

  40. “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition”

  41. There are now only two types of politicians in America. Republicans ……and targets.

  42. Can’t be an impartial investigator if you have a horse in the race.

  43. Eric Holder will be the next Demoncrap candidate for POTUS. He will not win, mind you, but he will be it. BLM will see to it.

    • Shrewd guess. As corrupt as they all are, he’s the one who best measures up.

      • The Demoncraps, if they are smart, will be looking for a fresh face. Biden is to old. Warren is a loser, to much baggage and controversy. Plus she is a certified liar, just like Bernie. He can forget it. His backers will still be P.O.ed about 2016. That leaves the Demons with…..who?

  44. This is the result of illegal leaking of information by Comey for retaliation of being fired for his incompetence. Judging by Muellers behavior he is as despicable as Comey. We the people demand firing of incompetence and covering up of illegal surveillance. Twenty four hours present all facts and convict or dissolve This is nonsense We the people are out of time money and patience. Mueller try and get a real job, help Comey make pajamas.

  45. Sad just plain sad. What the hell has happened to our system of justice? Oh that’s right the Democratic party killed it

  46. This is getting out of hand. Mueller has to resign. Since the hopeless Republican Congress is not doing anything, Mueller is getting emboldened day by day. The AG better do something about it, or we the people must voice up and demand that Mueller should resign.

  47. OMG, how many people does this moron need on his team. Another distribution of wealth for his cronies?

  48. Thinkingman2025

    Those turds should all be flushed, every single stinking Demon-rat should be thrown out and put in stocks,

  49. This is all a smoke screen, Mueller is targeting Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, et al

  50. 1PierreMontagne1

    Does it become any more of a conflict of interest than this type of selection process? Hand picked for the team because you were an anri -Trump Clinton supporter?
    The bigger Question is:
    Who on earth suggested/told Trump to pick Mueller to head up the investigation??

  51. fire him

  52. ConservativeSenior

    Trump is allowing this waste of taxpayer money and I’d like to know why.

  53. What everyone thought to be a good start with Mueller is quickly going rogue. ALL of Mueller’s picks are staunch Dems & donors to the LEFTIST causes. Q: How would you spell partisan politics? A: Mueller! This is a WITCH HUNT on steroids and should NOT be allowed! Not unbiased, not neutral, not good!

  54. Roy Buster Ranic

    And possibly up to 4 + million illegal immigrants voted for obie in the 2008 elections! For all of you snowflakes out there……….this is illegal & demands investigation? Oh yeah! Over 1.4 million illegals are using stolen social security no’s. to work in our country! How many millions more are welfare frauds, school frauds, obumer care frauds & convicted felons? Yes! All this made possible by the little donkeys! Let’s give a shout out to the demo rats for their continued efforts to destroy the USA! IMO!

  55. The Atty Gen. can dissolve the investigation if it goes partisan and vindictive members of investigators included in that team. It’ s beginning to show that Mueller too is actually after pres. Trump. Shut it down and send them home.

  56. This is simply a tactic of the Democrats to take the attention away from all of the illegal things that Hillary and the democrats have done before, during and after the election. They need to be brought to justice for all of the illegal harm they do.

  57. Comey and Mueller are lovers. They will stick together as long as they are lovers..Mueller looks like a special needs bulldog. Both will take crap for a long time over this. The Hillary lovers Mueller has hired, all of them..will come up with Bogus B.S. trying to nail anybody they can. Comey & Mueller ignore the law where mueller should step down. But he won’t he is a democrat. Dissolve this junk now. We taxpayers are getting hosed.

  58. The sad thing is this is all for the money and to dig up dirt on our President. This team should be fired as they will not lay the blame where it is deserved; the obama administration and. especially the crooked Clintons.

  59. The important thing is that all these people helping Mueller are skilled attorneys with the kinds of credentials that fit the task of investigating this “Russian thing.” Any Trumpites who have colluded need to be very, very afraid!

  60. It is not of any consequence to the world what Robert Mueller says.if he is a special counsel.

  61. Slow down: Mueller knows they will find nothing and these are all lawyers they are about as loyal to Hillary as a female Black Widow spider to her mate. That these are all Democrat donors is Mueller’s cover for the inevitable outcome.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  62. But wait, Mr. Mueller has impeccable credentials and is arrow straight, just like Mr. Comey was last summer. Sounds like the establishment fix may be in!

  63. How many lawyers does Mueller plan to hire and how much is this costing the taxpayers for this rubbish?

  64. In related news, Hillary sent Mueller to a “tarmac meeting” with Russia to consolidate her uranium sale.
    Looks like it to me!

  65. I am so sick of the corruption in Washington, You think you have voted for honorable men & women, But all they want to do is fill their pockets with taxpayers cash. . The Clintons, Obama’s, Polosi, Franks, Schummer , Waters just to name a few & now we hear that Bernie Sanders wife Jane fraudulently obtain loans. From White Water to fraudulent loans we can probably count on one hand an honest person in the Senate, Congress & the judicial branch. It is time for term limits with NO PENSIONS, SECURITY or PERKS from the President on down . No one who works in the country gets a pension from the taxpayers for working 4 plus years or collects it till after they are 65yrs old . All should be on Social Security like the rest of us. If anyone deserves a pro-rated pension are the men & women who have served in the full time military, Not the three branches of the federal government government

  66. FACE UP GOPERS! PUTIN ELECTED A REAL SPOILED BRAT FOR OUR PRESIDENT! SO THE REPUB PARTY IS NOW THE RUSSIA COMMIE PINKO PARTY! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/802a9edbb234fa535024f8e4ff712271e341d4f4e211f560c72d89bb6b26481f.jpg

  67. It’s called “Stacking the Deck”!

  68. This comission “for justice” has already been corrupted by allowing Mueller to pick & chose “whoever” he wants. This is not going to be an investigation of Comey but an act at Comedy Central. Why hasn’t there been parameters describing just how many demoncrats vs republicans there can be on a panel? At least that way, justice might try to get done.

    What’s going on now is simply a destructive attempt by the Left to “pretend” (like Comey did with Clinton the liar) to investigate, ending up with nothing but innuendo and lies clearing Comey’s dirty name.

    Sad that most Americans are dumb as dirt and do not see that Mueller and the Left are doing what they do best – DECEIVE AND MANIPULATE!

    WELCOME TO THE LEFT’S IDEA OF WHAT FINDING THE TRUTH IS…nothing but a gaggle of geese honking their way, saying nothing, costing us money for doing absolutely nothing to prove Comey the Criminal deserves prisontime. Wake up America! This is the unethical democratic Left at work!

  69. Witch hunt? Maybe he’ll find a 5th avenue warlock in bed with Putin?

  70. william g munson

    Down with t he Democrat party now

  71. About those TWEETS–They give away too much information. Read what this veteran U.S. intelligence expert says about how those Trump tweets benefit our adversaries. Serious business!:


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  73. I think it high time that Muller be investigated, it is clear that hi is has been involved and still with the Clinton’s and it is very evident that the liberals are doing everything they can to knock Trump out of his Presidency.
    The Globalists do not want Trump in office because he is upsetting their plans for global domination.

    Donald Trump is and American for American sovereignty and the NWO folks do not like it.

    Comey and the whole special counsel should be investigated by order of President Trump and he does have the authority to do that, particularly since they have been so involved with the Clinton’s and the Clinton foundation.

  74. The rules for a Special Counsel require that Mueller recuse himself because of his relationship with Comey.

  75. This fellow Mueller must be an outright idiot to continue doing this when past info is available regarding his selections. I think instead of dissolving the group, how about having Mueller examined for sanity…..this guy is nuts….I don’t care what side you are on….it is obvious to everyone he is stacking the deck. Thi is a prime example why older SCOTUS such as GINNY GInsburg should retire before they lose it all! Mueller has lost it!

  76. The progressive play book seems to have not changed one iota from the stand hillary took while running her unsuccessful campaign for president. Deny any wrong doing while doing it in plane sight. It seems the theory is the public is to ignorant to realize what is happening. Or perhaps it is they are always right and believable. Both of course are ridiculous especially after eight years of lies, cheating and corruption of the obama administration. This I think is the result of having so much main stream media supporting (in other words willing to lie and cover up for them) the progressive communist so called democrats they see themselves as untouchable. Certainly hillary saw herself that way. However, the public was not to ignorant because hillary lost the election.

    What Mueller is now doing is just as stupid and without explanation as what hillary did most of her life. He is helping the progressive communist so called democrats to commit political suicide. Personally I encourage him to continue. What he is doing right now is guaranteeing any outcome other then complete and total acquittal of all accusations will be questioned by tens of millions of citizens (they are “not” charges, this is a special prosecutor searching for a crime to prosecute). Is this a witch hunt? Hell no it is much worse than that. Make no mistake this is a quest to destroy a nation. These progressive communist so called democrats have gone all in and are risking their own demise if they fail and they will fail.

  77. This should not be allowed to proceed….is a set up…..Congress needs to dissolve ths.r

  78. Time to fire the special counsel now.

  79. Trump desperately needs to get rid of all the old Obama holdovers. Now! The deputy AG, the person next in line and anyone else that had previously worked in Obama’s gang. Then, Trump desperately needs to hire new people that he KNOWS are on his team. Then, Trump needs to tell the corrupt Robert Mueller that he has 6 months to make a case and bring it to trial or he and his entire gang are gone! After that, Trump needs his new team to dig up and prosecute all the old crimes committed by Obama and gang. Trump has let the evil ones win this last round!

  80. The swamp is trying to plug the drain!

  81. When ANY politician says an appointee is apolitical you can take it to the bank they are talking about an avid member of their party or someone who has shown on video their support for their party/political candidates. Take heed they are all political chums, i.e. “You feather my nest and I will feather yours!” It is obvious how the democrat party shields their own through lies, crimes, unethical behavior, murder, theft, quid pro quo, treason, ad infinitum.

  82. Mueller should be fired –if he goes out of line as he was hired to do–also, there is a very bad problem–Mueller is a Demos and has a lot of friends there and will bring people to court even if it is a drummed up charge

  83. When a known criminal is caught in the act, arrested and brought to trial, do we sanction the choice of his gang buddies being chosen for the jury? This nation has laughed, LAWYERS thumbed their noses at the defunct JUSTICE SYSTEM and now we are left without the RULE OF LAW! What is next for the Liberal Progressive Left Democratic Party of no honor, integrity, and TRUTH.

  84. Mueller and his bros have to go……

  85. President S**t-Bird just HAD to f**k with the FBI. And now, the FBI is going to f**k over Trump. And considering the shady deals Trump has been involved in, it’s a foregone conclusion that SOMETHING is going to hit Trump’s fan.

  86. This is the big league, Donnie-Bird. No more civil law bull-(expletive deleted), where you prevaricate, and shuffle and shuck, while your shyster lawyers stall forever and a day.

  87. Mueller is on the list so relax…..

  88. why don’t they shut down this fool

  89. Mueller has nothing, and knows he has nothing, but he is determined to line the pockets of his democrat friends with hard earned taxpaying legal AMERICANS. There is NO HONOR AMOUNG THIEVES! How many more must we fund?

  90. Let’s do this let’s go back and investigate the Clintons and Obama for obstruction of justice. perjury Not to mention leaking classified information. Stupid doesn’t make you less guilty it just makes you guilty and stupid. They are so confident that they can beak any law they wish with absolutely no chance in hell of being held accountable. It makes me sick whenever I listen to the Soros owned network media people getting on camera and then feeding us incorrect information. I really think they believe the average American is so stupid that they are seeing who can come up with the most ridiculous accusation and make it stick. Most of these people are communist anyway. They call them selves Progressives now because communist has such a negative sound. Progressive sounds so much nicer. problem is they have the same goal in mind to keep taking our freedom from us a little at a time.
    Obama’s real father is not the goat herder from Kenya. Obama’s real father was Frank Marshal Davis. There is plenty of information on him. Frank Marshal Davis met Obama’s mother in Hawaii. He was married 40+ years old with 3 kids already. Obama’s mother was 18 maybe 19 at the time. Obama admits spending a great deal of time with Mr. Davis from the age of 14 to 19. Actually said he was a mentor of his. So why the big cover up about Obama’s real father. Because Frank Marshal Davis was a card carrying communist. He was trying to organize the dock workers into a union in Hawaii so they could raise money and control the shipping docks in Hawaii. The whole big deal about his birth certificate had nothing at all to do with where he was born. It was all because his birth certificate said father – unknown. If you look up pictures of Davis and compare them to Obama. Try to find young pictures of Obama that will blow you away. The large birth mark Mr. Davis has on his face Obama had until he had it removed around the age of 18. They are the spitting image of each other. Didn’t anyone wonder why Obama looks nothing like his Kenyan father. He was given US citizenship to marry Obama’s mother. All smoke screen to distract you from what is really going on. That I’m sure sounds familiar. Just like Soros, Clinton Obama and the rest of the progressive communists operate. You know how stupid they think all of us are. Look at Obamas campaign material and logos they are almost exactly like Chaves communist logos. Frank Marshal Davis was a writer for a lot of communist publications and magazines. almost all of witch were communist or anti American. Frank Marshal Davis was the author of a article that actually said “there is no chance of any outside source or another country being able to take over the United States. The only way to take down the United States is from within there own system of government. It is the only way”. That really scared me because While I don’t remember the exact date it was in the mid 60s. So that means people like George Soros have been working virtually their entire life to take this country down. They think that most of us get all our information from the network news stations. They are right so they control the news we get to the vast majority of the people. Look at what they have done top Trump. They have so many in the media who just plain make shit up to keep Trump on Defense and not focusing on the goal what needs to be done. He has wasted almost a year with little if anything accomplished. Check out the information I have given you and make your own decision about what you find out. If you agree with what I have found spread the word the more we tell the more people figure out who the real bad guys are. I hope the majority find out the truth before it’s to late.

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