Win for BLM: Uninvolved ‘George Floyd Cop’ Sentenced

A federal judge sentenced former Minneapolis police Officer Thomas Lane to 2 1/2 years in prison Thursday for violating George Floyd’s civil rights, calling Lane’s role in the restraint that killed Floyd “a very serious offense in which a life was lost” but handing down a sentence well below what prosecutors and Floyd’s family sought.

Judge Paul Magnuson’s sentence was just slightly more than the 27 months that Lane’s attorney had requested, while prosecutors had asked for at least 5 1/4 years in prison — the low end of federal guidelines for the charge Lane was convicted on earlier this year. He said Lane, who faces sentencing in September on state charges in Floyd’s killing, will remain free on bond until he must turn himself in Oct. 4.

Lane, who is white, held Floyd’s legs as Officer Derek Chauvin pinned Floyd for nearly 9 1/2 minutes on May 25, 2020. Bystander video of Floyd, who was black, pleading that he could not breathe sparked protests in Minneapolis and around the world in a reckoning over racial injustice over policing.

Two other officers, J. Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao, were also convicted of violating Floyd’s civil rights and will be sentenced later.

Floyd family members had asked Magnuson to give Lane the stiffest sentence possible, with brother Philonise Floyd rejecting the idea that Lane deserved any mercy for asking his colleagues twice if George Floyd should be shifted from his stomach to his side.

“Officer Lane did not intervene in one way or another,” he said.

Prosecutor Manda Sertich had also argued for a higher sentence, saying that Lane “chose not to act” when he could have saved a life.

“There has to be a line where blindly following a senior officer’s lead, even for a rookie officer, is not acceptable,” she said.

Magnuson told Lane the “fact that you did not get up and remove Mr. Chauvin when Mr. Floyd became unconscious is a violation of the law.” But he also held up 145 letters he said he had received supporting Lane, saying he had never received so many on behalf of a defendant. And he faulted the Minneapolis Police Department for sending Lane with another rookie officer on the call that ended in Floyd’s death.

Lane did not speak at the hearing and neither he nor his attorney, Earl Gray, commented to reporters afterward.

Prosecutors did not immediately comment afterward.

Gray argued during the trial that Lane “did everything he could possibly do to help George Floyd.” He pointed out that Lane suggested rolling Floyd on his side so he could breathe, but was rebuffed twice by Chauvin. He also noted that Lane performed CPR to try to revive Floyd after the ambulance arrived.

Lane testified at trial that he didn’t realize how dire Floyd’s condition was until paramedics turned him over. Sertich countered that his expressions of concern showed he knew Floyd was in distress but “did nothing to give Mr. Floyd the medical aid he knew Mr. Floyd so desperately needed.”

When Lane pleaded guilty in state court in May, Gray said Lane hoped to avoid a long sentence. “He has a newborn baby and did not want to risk not being part of the child’s life,” he said.

Chauvin pleaded guilty to separate federal civil rights charges in December in Floyd’s killing and in an unrelated case involving a black teenager. That netted a 21-year sentence when he appeared before Magnuson two weeks ago, toward the low end of the range of 20 to 25 years both sides agreed to under his plea deal.

Magnuson had harsh words for Chauvin at the hearing, saying, “You absolutely destroyed the lives of three young officers by taking command of the scene.”

Chauvin was already serving a 22 1/2-year state court sentence for second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. His federal and state sentences are running concurrently.

Kueng pinned Floyd’s back during the restraint and Thao helped hold back an increasingly concerned group of onlookers outside a Minneapolis convenience store where Floyd, who was unarmed, tried to pass a counterfeit $20 bill.

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  1. Another case of making a hero out of a crocked drugie because he’s black..

  2. None of those police officers should have been charged with any crime as they are not doctors and George Floyd died of a heart attack most likely due to the drug use ! None of those officers knew that Floyd was having a massive heart attack

  3. Well if you hold someone down while your friend kills him, you’re not exactly “uninvolved.”

  4. Truly shocking that an article about George Floyd could omit so many vital facts that are key to understanding what actually happened after Floyd resisted arrest, especially with the illegal action of resisting arrest being a common factor in the demise of other black criminals. Floyd’s own actions resulted in his demise, starting with the fact that cops were called to the scene because Floyd was accused of passing counterfeit currency (a criminal act). Second, when Floyd got out of his vehicle, his behavior indicated drug use but when one of the arresting cops asked if he was on something, he didn’t answer affirmatively. If he had confessed to drug use, he could have been rushed to an ER and perhaps had his life saved. When he was put into the squad car, he said he couldn’t breathe and asked to lie down. The cops let him out of the vehicle, indulging his request. Who has bothered to watch the longer video of his arrest rather than the short, misleading 9 minute video? Who bothered to read the autopsy? Floyd, a violent career felon, died of a massive fentanyl and drug overdose. He did not die because of a policeman’s knee– a man who is my size as an average woman, 135 lbs. Our leftist, anti-police media hanged cop Chauvin even before the autopsy concluded there was NO asphyxiation or suffocation (in other words, Chauvin’s knee did not cause Floyd’s death). The omission of key facts by so many news outlets sparked the Antifa/BLM riots that went on for months resulting in more than 2 dozen deaths, riots, looting, arson and some $2 Billlion in property damage. David Dorn, a retired police chief in St. Louis, lost his life trying to save a friend’s pawn shop. Reporters who wrote these sloppy and inflammatory articles deserve blame for the mayhem and loss of life which ensued.

  5. All they are doing is enabling (not the african americans) the “N’s” to continue to make poor decisions like they always do, commit crimes or do illegal activities and still get away with it. Sorry, the police officers, including Chauvin shouldn’t get anytime behind bars.

    If you don’t want to have problems with the police then stop breaking the law morons! Their kind have no clue from right and wrong, typical ignorance and they way they are raised You just had two articles this past week regarding small children and babies that were hitting and shooting cops when the parents were in trouble. They learn this garbage early. These type shouldn’t even be allowed to breed!


  7. I knew from the moment I first saw the video that this country was going down in flames. Chauvin should be in prison but not for the reasons you might expect. He knew that the leftists and the bought and paid for media were just waiting for the opportunity to destroy this country and Chauvin gave them exactly what they needed. It was clear Floyd needed to be arrested but it was also true he wasn’t going to go quietly. Law enforcement had Floyd under control and didn’t need to take the situation personally. I understand that law enforcement can become jaded and they deal with the most despicable of society on a daily basis. They knew that they were being filmed and yet couldn’t check their pride and anger long enough to make sensible decisions. Floyd should have been transported to a hospital and this likely would have defused the situation. This lit the fire democrats and the media had hoped for. In the end billions of dollars in damages along with several lost lives are the cost for political advantage. This is not entirely in vain as the world is watching and law enforcement begins to understand they must remove their personal issues from the job they are charged with. The unfortunate consequence is the BLM defund movement was given traction and the results are clear and obvious. The damage done to the nation will take decades and those who have been emboldened by the seeming power shift will soon understand the necessary take back of the streets will be fierce and harsh. The only way to quell violence is with overwhelming force and you can believe that’s exactly what is coming. We simply can not tolerate the level of criminality that we are seeing
    Damn Derrick Chauvin for his ignorance and stupidity. He is entirely responsible for setting us on this path

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