Will This Photo End Dr. Oz’s Candidacy?

Just weeks before the Republican primary in Pennsylvania, a new photo has surfaced of Dr. Mehmet Oz, a U.S. Senate candidate and dual U.S.-Turkish citizen, that calls into question a pledge he made on the campaign trail that he’s “never been politically involved in Turkey in any capacity.”

In the picture, the Trump-endorsed Oz is voting in Turkey’s most recent election in 2018. The image was shared on the Facebook page of Turkey’s consulate in Manhattan. 

In confirming its authenticity, Oz’s spokeswoman, Brittany Yanick, told ABC News that “voting in an election is far different from being actively engaged in the political work of the Turkish government, which Dr. Oz has never been involved with.”

“There is no security issue whatsoever,” she added, claiming he voted for Muharrem Ince, who unsuccessfully tried to unseat Turkish President Recep Tayyep Erdogan. 

According to Yanick, Oz did not plan to vote ahead of time, but did so while he was at the consulate discussing “humanitarian work on behalf of Syrian refugees in Turkey.”

Some digging by Republican strategist Matt Wolking, however, raises questions about Oz’s ties to Erdogan.

The newly-surfaced photo is also raising questions about his “dual loyalties.”

Elected officials are not subjected to the same level of scrutiny as civilians who seek security clearances for sensitive government work; once sworn-in, lawmakers are granted access to classified information, unless the executive branch denies them certain information.

But the background check process for civilians can also “provide a framework for analyzing whether someone is trustworthy or not,” according to Kel McClanahan, the executive director of National Security Counselors, a nonprofit public interest law firm. And for McClanahan, voting in another country’s election would set off a “giant, flashing red light.”

Born and raised in Ohio, Oz has said that he maintains dual U.S.-Turkey citizenship to care for his mother in Turkey, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. He also served in the Turkish army for 60 days in the early 1980s — reportedly to retain his Turkish citizenship — and maintains real estate holdings in Turkey, plus has an endorsement deal the country’s national airline, Turkish Airlines.

“Any single one of those would be enough to torpedo a [security] clearance,” McClanahan said. “Taken together, I would not put good odds on that person getting a clearance anywhere.”

Not all national security experts see Oz’s dual citizenship and 2018 vote as a deal-breaker, however.

Original Article: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/leahbarkoukis/2022/05/05/dr-oz-photo-n2606800

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  1. Doug Corrigan Jr.

    This is such an easy call. Matt Wolking, whoever he is (the article carefully tiptoes around any description or other information about him other than calling him a “strategist,” LOL — and don’t we ALL fit that description?).

    Wolking claims Oz “lied” about not been politically active in Turkey, but given paragraph after paragraph after paragraph to buttress his lying claim, the best he can do is whimpering that Oz voted in an election.

    Am I a political activist when I vote for candidates for my school board? Or city council? Or county board if commissioners? Or for governor or state legislature, Lmao? Are you?

    I’m not an Oz fan and don’t know much about his opponents. But this mud-slinging inclines me more to favor him, and I better understand why Trump endorsed the doctor, who could become a huge asset in opposing Groper Joe BiteMe’s efforts to destroy the United States.

    Townhall had a duty to readers to specify for whom Wolking is working or is otherwise allied with, but Townhall has long discarded journalistic integrity. Its editor, Matt Vespa, is not only devoid of ethics but may be the worst writer in the cybersphere today. His fingerprints appear all over this hit piece. Townhall is undeniably in the pocket of one or more propagandists of whatever leftnik(s) are trying to delude the electorate.

    Be aware that if you post challenges or complaints about Townhall’s maneuvering and deceptions, it will ban you from the site.

  2. There are just certain individuals who, no matter how many people try to destroy politically, are totally trustworthy. There is nothing anyone could put forth about Dr. Oz that would lead me to believe he could be a security risk. Hunter Biden, yes, but not Dr. Oz. To attack Dr. Oz shows just how desperate his political opposition truly is.
    I say vote for a better life and a better man. Vote for Mehmet Oz and support a change.

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