Will the Tea Party Ever Get a Fair Shake From the Liberal Media?

It looks as though we’ll pass a spending bill this year without shutting down the government, and ABC News couldn’t resist the temptation to take a shot at the Tea Party. Of course, the liberal news media never misses these opportunities, making them up from whole cloth when they can’t find something legitimate to attack.

“The tea party may have learned its lesson,” the article begins, letting readers know exactly where the “unbiased” reporter is coming from. It goes on to note that conservative Republicans in Congress have been focusing their efforts on immigration rather than a shutdown. The writer perceives this as conservatives having learned from last year’s shutdown and its corresponding unpopularity with Americans. But then he goes on to quote Rep. Mo Brooks, a Republican from Alabama, without really paying attention to what he said:

“No question we learned that with the aid of the news media the Democrats were able to pin the blame on us.”

The bold words are what ABC predictably went out of its way to ignore. Though the major media outlets in the U.S. are supposed to call it down the middle, we’ve seen time and again how effectively and relentlessly they’ve demonized the Tea Party movement.

What’s confounding is why so many Americans buy into the rhetoric. The Tea Party movement isn’t a monolith – it is made up of Republicans and Independents in almost equal measure – and it stands against things that should matter to the middle class. Big government spending, Obamacare, and a tragic national debt are among their biggest foes.

But Tea Partiers have been called everything from racists to terrorists by the news media, often being blamed for things that have nothing to do with the movement. From the beginning, elitists in New York and Washington tried to make it sound like the movement was founded and bankrolled by Roger Ailes. They threw their support behind the leftist Occupy movements even though those protestors were arguing for measures far more extreme than the average Tea Partier. They tried to connect events like the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting with the movement even in the absence of a shred of evidence.

Now ABC wants to pretend like all of this happened in a vacuum. The American people just up and decided that the Tea Party was bad for the country. Nope. Sorry. That’s not the way it went down. The millions of Americans who get their news solely from the big three networks, however, can hardly be blamed for thinking ill of the movement; after all, it’s the only thing that gets through the lens of the press.

You can almost hear the words left unspoken when ABC suggests that the Tea Party has learned their lesson. Now, if only they’d get the hell out of politics altogether. They can’t be quite that blatant, though, so they settle for making their snide remarks. Unfortunately for them, the Tea Party isn’t going anywhere. Far right conservatism – or at least what the liberal media calls far-right conservatism – is the answer to a lot of what ails America. More people than ever are starting to agree.

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