Will the Supreme Court Banish Obama’s Amnesty?

Chief Justice John Roberts may have signaled Monday that the Obama administration could be facing a bitter loss when the Supreme Court rules on the president’s executive amnesty. Roberts, who has disappointed conservatives in recent years with his rulings on gay marriage and Obamacare, appeared critical of the administration’s arguments when the case came before the court this week.

After listening to Solicitor General Donald Verrilli give an impassioned speech about Obama’s presidential authority, Roberts asked, “Could the president grant deferred removal to every unlawfully present alien in the United States right now?”

Verrilli mumbled something about statutory constraints, an answer that would seem to beg the question of where exactly those constraints lie. Because for this president – as Roberts appeared to be thinking – they don’t exist at all.

The heart of the matter before the court is not the constitutionality of Obama’s actions, though, but whether Texas and 25 other states have standing to sue the administration for damages. However, there is plenty of precedent for the Supreme Court to go beyond the scope of a case in order to make a landmark ruling. The chances of that happening here are slim due to the 4-4 split along ideological lines, of course.

Still, Roberts did offer conservatives some hope, characterizing the administration’s program as having put Texas in a “catch-22.” Verrilli said that Texas, which is claiming that producing driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants would be a financial burden, could merely change state law to counter Obama.

“You would sue them instantly,” Roberts said.

Verrilli admitted that was likely so, but he said it was enough that Texas might feasibly be successful in the suit.

Roberts said that if Texas had a choice between a financial burden and being sued by the federal government, it was a pretty clear indication that they had standing to sue.

Immigration activists are watching the case closely, of course, but the media is not quite so pro-Obama as it used to be. Suddenly, several reliably-liberal pundits are out there expressing alarm about the unrestricted power of the president. Gee, if Obama can do this, what would Ted Cruz do in the Oval Office? Maybe we oughta think about limiting executive actions, you guys…

Well, even if it comes from the most cynical of places, it’s always nice to see liberals touch ground with reality once in a while.


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  1. Roberts will rule in 0bama’s favor, because Roberts knows he could die of the same natural causes that Scalia and Breitbart died of.

    0bama and his henchmen are not losing any sleep over this… He is a smug bas+ard.

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    • Michael Dennewitz

      You stole the words right out of my mouth. Even if he put his life on the line, the rest of the court is mostly mooselums, so I think we all know how that will go, right??

      • He should put his life on the line anyway. That is what a true patriot and hero would do.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          But he’s probably scared shitless that he might end up like Scalia or Chris Kyle…

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        • ..The Constitution specifically gives a President the power to grant reprieves and pardons.

          • Sure, and the president has pardoned what 16 million illegals that haven’t even been convicted of a crime?

          • If you entered the country illegally, you are guilty of a crime.

          • Your words not mine… you hater you…

          • When you murder someone you are also guilty of a crime whether or not the legal system reaches the proper conclusion. There’s a big difference between factual guilt and legal guilt.

            Regan thought he had a n arrangement with congress to control immigration. The muslim/marxist wants to destroy the country, economy and middle class using the Cloward-Pivens strategy. Oh, and it IS evil.

          • Where did you go to school ?

          • Having the power to do so doesn’t mean that exercising said power is a requirement.

        • Have you information indicating that either of those descriptive terms applies to Roberts?

          • Not exactly sure what you mean, but if you look at what Roberts had to do to “Justify” 0bamacare, it is obvious to me that he is being controlled, either willingly as a spy, or unwillingly through blackmail.

            And then what Roberts and Kennedy had to do to make Gay Unions legal, the picture becomes a little clearer. These people are coming out of the closet, and their actions are becoming more visible.

            “What difference does it make” as to whether they are being blackmailed or they are traitors, in either case, their actions hurt America, and will soon be on display yet one more time with this decision.

            My gut says the supreme court is no longer serving the people, they are serving socialist masters.

          • The terms to which I was referring were “patriot” and “hero”. I’d content that Roberts is neither.

          • The coward or traitor it is… 🙂

          • well they better keep or put it back in the closet were it belongs

          • I read where Roberts adoption on his kids was not exactly 100% legal regarding some of the paperwork and Odumbo knows all about it that’s why Roberts caved on Obamacare and gay marriage.

          • No kidding? Whatever it is, the control is obvious. And Roberts actions are despicable.

      • The Constitution specifically gives a President the power to grant reprieves and pardons.

      • ..
        Why do you need to tell this lie?

        Why do you embarrass America this way?

        Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

        Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

    • With Obama on his way out maybe Roberts is thinking of the next president, Cruz, the Canadian citizen or Trump the “new broom”.

      • Possibly, but I think that broom hilda and the elites are not going to leave her coronation up to chance….

        The election is fixed… I know I have posted this a billion times but, never hurts to do it again.

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
        decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
        —-Joseph Stalin

        • You got that exactly right back in 2008 when that asshole Obama made his bid for the presidency I could not believe that they even allowed him to run let alone become the President. At that time though I never even heard of George Soros and knew nothing about him. I never knew that he was the bastard that manufactured voting machines and was also funding Obama. So in 2008 I went to my voting poll and they asked me if I’d like to try the voting machine and I said yes something new. Well I pushed the button for McCain, Palin (I didn’t like McCain either but he certainly was the lesser of the two evils) but I voted for him and instead of McCain it showed that I voted for Obama ! I know that they could hear me from 3 blocks away I yelled “I didn’t vote for that son of a bitch” and a woman came running over and told me it was just a glitch and she supposedly fixed it. I voted again and this time it came up that I voted for McCain, Palin so I left thinking I had voted but I didn’t let it go I did report it to the RNC. Anyway two weeks before the 2012 election I received a letter in the mail telling me that I did NOT vote in the 2008 election ! So either you voted for Obama or you didn’t vote at all !

          • That is so, so frustrating and discouraging! We the People MUST do something.
            I think many disgusted folk are just waiting to see if the GOP screws Trump out of the nomination.
            If that happens, we will have to decide to act or continue to roll over.

          • yes that is nothing but pure Bull Shit and MAHB001 said that back when it happened to me it was a prototype and he didn’t know how they perfected it yet. I answered him by telling him ….

            I can answer that on how they’ve perfected the fix when it comes to the primary election they either preselect who they want to run like the Democrats or they use Contested Convention like the Republicans so that who ever the people want they simply reject them ! Then neither one of them gives a shit who wins because they have their CRIMINAL in office no matter !

          • I think the system was a prototype back then, NOW they have it perfected…..

            I don’t know exactly how they have fixed this election, but I do know that all the MEDIA needs to do is convince the people that the election will be close, and Hillary will win by a margin of 52% to 48%……

            Republicans will lick their wounds, and try harder next time, (if there is a next time)
            Democrats will do their happy dance, and act like jackasses.

            Nobody will question who counted the votes….. Nobody will question the results.

            We need to start questioning who is counting the votes right now.

          • I was not aware until this cycle that the “delegates” have as much say as reported, apparently THEY elect the president.

          • Yes they do. Trump is correct, the process is corrupt.

            But I think We the Peoples votes are not being counted either… The delegates are pawns in the process as well.

            The more uncertainty and confusion the elites can inject into the system the easier it is for the elites to fix the results…

            I believe that is why they still have open borders.
            I believe that is why they fight tooth and nail against picture ID’s for voting.

            The uncertainty allows them to inject the results they desire into the system.

          • Nor was I aware. It makes our voting a sham and scam!

          • I can answer that on how they’ve perfected the fix when it comes to the primary election they either preselect who they want to run like the Democrats or they use Contested Convention like the Republicans so that who ever the people want they simply reject them ! Then neither one of them gives a shit who wins because they have their CRIMINAL in office no matter !

          • That is why we need political parties, to keep a check on the process. It is sure and certain that a Lance Corporal isn’t up to it.

          • Hey dip shit I am NOT running for office here and I am NOT telling people what to do or what NOT to do ! What I am trying to do is to prove a point and to try to let people know what I know. So stick a sock in it or are you another “LEFT WING NUT CASE” ! If you are then Get the Hell off this website it’s supposed to be a Conservative site not a Democrat rubber room !


          • Yes that is right no matter which way you look at it The U.N. and their Agenda 21/NWO, BIG Companies and our Government placed Obama in office that’s why they have let that asshole get away with HIGH CRIMES and TREASON ! If you don’t know what the U.N.’s Agenda 21 or the New World Order is you really need to look it up and read it because this is really scary stuff ! I don’t think that Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s were nearly as bad as this is. They want a Global Dictatorship, they want to eliminate 2/3 of the Worlds population and the rest of the people here in the U.S. will live in 1/2 of the Country and the other 1/2 will be set aside for a Reserve where no one can go.

          • I believe you 100% because I saw where Odumbo got 100% of the vote for Pa and I know for a fact that hundreds of my friends and family did not vote for him.

          • Yes about what happened to me voting in 2008 is all true. People who knew me that I told what happened to me thought I was crazy. Then when that happened again in 2012 everyone came to their senses and realized that I wasn’t so crazy after all. That didn’t stop the Democrats though because just look what’s happening right now the Governor of Virginia allowing FELON CRIMINALS to vote which gave Hillary Clinton (another FELON CRIMINAL) 20,000 extra votes. It is against the law to allow FELONS the vote !

        • Yes Sir. I am believing that now, but you couldn’t have convinced before this year.
          The cockroaches are crawling from under the wall for all who are willing to notice. Many won’t, they will let the nasty bugs crawl all over them. Of course, some of them are fellow roaches, but some are just afraid to lose their freebies and have to go to work.
          As for other decent Liberals I personally know, I just don’t know what to think of them.

          • Spread the word, the one thing cockroaches fear the most is the light of day.

          • I am, but my audience is limited.
            The poor and desperate folk I try to help are too mired down to be interested in voting.
            The Evangelicals around me want the candidate who screams loudest, “I am a Christian” to be Prez. Some are even disapproving of my views.
            But they know to only talk behind my back!!!!!

          • I know where you are coming from… The moral majority has been asleep for way too long.

            We must convince them to wake up, or history will show they will be just like the Germans were when Hitler rose to power… They ignored him or turned the other cheek.

            We all must fight back with whatever tools we have. My fight is with the MEDIA… I can do something there. Join my fight. http://www.madashellboycott.com

            Without the MEDIA’s brainwashing, more people will awaken.

          • I DID join that, and they acknowledged me. Still, I haven’t received a mailing from them!

          • I’ll look into it…. Thanks for joining. You should have gotten an acknowledgement email, and about one to two emails a week.

          • FYI the Moral Majority wouldn’t pee in Donald Trump’s face if his nose was on fire.
            Also FYI Hitler ran on a platform of making Deutschland Great Again.
            And Hitler ran on bringing jobs back to Germany (anyway back from Czechoslovakia and Poland which use to be part of the First Reich).
            Hitler supposedly had Jews hiding in his family’s woodpile, but Trump has actively imported 1,000s, maybe tens of thousands of guest workers to do the work that Americans should have been paid to do. This will not end well. If Trump wins the Nomination Hillary wins the Election. This means that the Presidency, the Senate, and the House will all 3 end up back in the Democrat Party’s hands. But that is Trump’s Plan. The up side is that after Hillary rounds you up, you Trumpers won’t be heard of again except when someone says, “Did you hear gunfire?”

          • With all due respect, with every post you sound more and more like a liberal plant.

            What proof other than your own wishful thinking do you have that if Trump wins the nomination, Hillary will beat him???

            The left uses that kind of narrative to set the peoples expectations so that they can fix the elections easier…

            The fact is, in a normal world, Hillary is not electable….. In a normal world Hillary would lose to a rock…

            But then again, the elections are fixed… Regardless of whom is nominated to win Cruz or Trump, the left will start the mantra that Hillary will win…. That is what they do.

          • Hey it’s very easy to spot a cockroach just look at the Governor of Virginia giving Hillary Clinton 20,000 more votes by allowing Felon Criminals to vote. I always thought it was AGAINST THE LAW PERIOD for Felons to vote ! I guess the words against the law or illegal has NO meaning anymore the Democrats have been breaking the law and down right TREASON for longer than Obama has been in office ! Although since Obama has been “PLACED” in office the Democrats have gotten more BOLD about their Criminal Empire !

        • You got that right, you old International Socialist Enemy of the United States of America. Yea I’m talking to you MAHB110. Just keep on running your ignorant mouth about things that you have no ideas about and know even fewer facts about. You are only reducing the Trump or Cruz turn out. If I was Donald Trump I would send one of my Professional Wrassling buddies Over to break both of your legs off at the waist.

      • It does not matter who is POTUS because it is the elites that are threatening the decision makers. Roberts is weak.

    • MAHB001, You are way to kind to the megalomaniac oh hole.

    • Roberts has been the biggest disappointment imaginable. He might try to gain some credibility for himself and the court. We will have to wait and see. Based on what he has said to the senate during confirmation hearings they may have a solid case against him for impeachment if we get a solid proven conservative in the WH. There are a few people I would love to see on SCOTUS like Judge Roy Moore of AL or Mark Levin a real Constitutional scholar just to name a couple.

      • They either have something on him and he is a coward and a traitor.

        Or he has always been a liberal plant and has only come out of the closet at the most opportune and traitorous times… When the Liberals needed him the most.

        I think the later, and this next ruling will confirm it in my mind. Liberal progressives have been taking up key positions in our Unions, businesses, Schools, both political parties, churches, and I believe the courts…

        They are following these agenda items from the book. “The Naked Communist.”

        17. Get control of the schools.
        Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda.
        Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party
        line in textbooks.

        • Try a globalist with an agenda!

        • I do agree whole heartedly with you. I am definitely beginning to believe he is a plant by the left to be used when they call on him. He is a sad excuse for a justice let alone CJ. This vote will indeed tell us an awful lot.

          • Just like Paul Ryan’s first actions… We have to be aware of the traitorous acts and find a way to get the traitors out of office after they have exposed themselves as a socialist in conservative clothing….

            Not sure how to do it on the Justice side, but I do believe term limits is the answer to a lot of this corruption.

          • Absolutely, I am a very strong advocate of term limits. One 8 year term with staggered elections so that you always have some experience in the congress.

      • Actually, I’d suggest that the guy who appointed him was an equally dismal disappointment.

        • Not even close to the dismal failure that appointed kagan and sotomayor.

          • Have to disagree with you on that one. W was a disappointment because we had hope that he’d do the right things. No one I know expected anything but evil to come from the HNIC. Thus, its performance has been a fulfillment of our negative expectations rather than any sort of disappointment.

    • You’re correct. Anyone who puts any faith in Roberts and the SCOTUS to act according to the U.S. Constitution and its provisions of “separation of powers” is setting him/herself up for another great disappointment. They should knock down his actions since they encroached upon the constitutional right of Congress to make immigration policy since they have to appropriate revenue to support whatever they vote on. The executive branch is supposed to carry out what the legislative branch enacts. As the SCOTUS justice remarked, it seems the Obama Administration has this backwards.

      SCOTUS has overturned Obama more times than any other POTUS, but not on major issues. This is a major issue so somehow they might find it is “a tax” like Roberts et al did for Obamacare?

    • well i only agree with you on the Anmesty part because after all Anmesty kills the Innocent people so instead of Anmesty send these poor Immigrants to the Church ministries and let the Church to help them and Banish Obama from the white house and put Ben Carson there

    • You’re right . If it was going to happen it would have taken place right around the time the senate majority leader said they’d have to pass it to find out what was in it. that would have been the time…but now… nothing is going to take place.. Roberts will vote with the liberals just as he always does. .. and osama obama will wear his socialist condescending smirk. Roberts knows which side his bread is buttered on and he’s already proven he’s not a wave maker

    • Roberts is required to uphold the Constitution.

      The Constitution specifically gives a President the power to grant reprieves and pardons.

    • ???
      Why do you need to tell this lie?

      Why do you embarrass America this way?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

  2. muslim traitor knew he needed to kill a conservative judge to pass his illegal amnesty,

    please someone get rid of this American hating lawless uppity muslim terrorist traitor

  3. Robert A Kaufman


  4. The question is, do “they derive their just powers from the consent of the governed,” or from the pressure of illegal aliens whose obviation of due process of law, by definition, puts them at odds with the “consent of the governed?” To be governed, necessarily means that one is in compliance or obedience with the law. Is the president in compliance or obedience with the law? No.

  5. Unfortunately, the liberal Judges on the Supreme Court have decided they have the authority to change, rather than interpret the standing laws of this country; as such, Obama, or any misguided president, can readily make new laws by way of ‘Executive Orders,’ with the assurance that the Supreme Court liberal Judges will give him a pass on his new found power. This procedure, perpetrated by these liberal Judges, will supersede all laws that have been previously approved by Congress. With the lack of honor and integrity the Court previously represented, there exist the present a need to form a Constitutional Committee with the authority to remove Supreme Court Judges, whom clearly override the authority given them by the Constitution. Without a check and balance system, we will be subject to the tyranny of a Court, These doctorial procedures are a serious breach of the countries ‘checks and balance system, and must be immediately addressed by Congress.

  6. I don’t understand how he was reelected. He has ruined our country and I don’t know if anyone can fix it!

  7. Roberts owe’s it to himself to rule against Obama, or else it will confirm he is in Obama’s pocket as well as camp.
    Stupid Bush for starters.

    • He has been in Obummer’s pocket since the beginning and he does not have the courage to go against this administration.

      • I believe you are correct, Bush put him there because he was lazy. Let’s see what happens. Cross fingers and eyes

        • Bush is NWO/One World Gov., the 1st time I heard that term was from old man Bush and he said they will win. It is a pipe dream thinking that the whole world can live together and get along. The Muslims will not accept American ways and America (most of us) will not accept Islam. I can’t imagine American women accepting wearing Burque/burka, genitalia mutilation of young women and other atrocities committed. There is always one group that will want to dominate others and the elite want to dominate the world. People are not cattle that are placid and get along.

          • Our Founders fought and gave their lives for freedom of religion.
            Islam has been part of our country since before we became a nation.
            The first casualty in the American Revolution was a Muslim — Crsipus Attucks, a runaway slave.
            The first country to formally recognize our new nation was a Muslim nation — Morocco

      • Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?

        That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

        Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

  8. They won’t EVER be able to limit Executive Actions and they know it. What we must ALL remember is that $hitlery has already gone on record as saying that if she’s elected to the presidency, anything she wants to pass that the congress disagrees with she’ll simply ram through using Executive Action. The writing is on the wall with that scandalous POS!!!

  9. The supreme court is nothing but communist trash what the hell do you think

  10. The only time liberals touch ground is if they stand to lose $$ out of their own pockets OR if their actions come back to punch them in the face like obama’s executive overreach.

    We have a power hungry gang banger sitting in our most prestigious position in our Nation and all he wants to do is cut down “Whitey” and destroy what “Whitey” has created. BUT, when bho wants to rub elbows with the rich Whites, he wears a mask of friendship. In the Native American culture they call that “False Face”.

    OBAMA, THE DERANGED, IS THE REASON OUR COUNTRY IS FRAGMENTED – from racial division, to sexual perversity, to promoting sexual confusion (transgenders), to dumbing down our students to promoting Islam by appointing 99 percent of his cabinet with muslim people.

    Now why do you think our Nation is crashing and burning? The only people who think that our world is just fine are the “idiots” who created this cesspool of Cancer. Not one of the above issues “benefits” nor makes “Stronger” our Nation; however, each issue when taken alone is enough to turn good Americans into distrustful Angry Americans and that is exactly.what has happened. Out of the ashes rises a Phoenix to rebuild and strengthen our wounded country…Trump has found our people’s hearts and knows who ever becomes President must fight, repeal, revise and rebirth a newer stronger Nation. And the “People” hear his words and believe him.

    But the Liberals run, the Media is changing as I write this because if they don’t, Trump as President can change what they do. Those who held on so tight to bho’s coat tails are letting go – for fear or perhaps they have come to their senses? No, it’s FEAR! When SANE AMERICA grabs the reins, liberals will be the last to know their destiny.

    Unfortunately when liberals make a decision abt anything they forget to engage their “thinking common sense” brains OR look at the long picture of their actions…maybe the President has too much overreach? YA THINK?

    There is corruption and then there is just plain “stupid”. Who knows which is running the show any more. Congress MUST hold strong against bho being given the right to select the Supreme Court Justice replacement. He has appointed several RADICAL LEFTIST Judges already and needs to BACK OFF, SHUT UP AND TAKE THE NEXT 6 MONTHS IN THE TIME OUT CORNER FOR BEHAVIOR UNFITTING OF A U.S. PRESIDENT.

    What a skanky person obama is…not worthy of our Presidency. After he leaves the presidency, any tribute to his reign of idiocy will be destroyed by the mass of Americans who grew to hate this snake who tried to change our Americsn faith and traditions. All that should represent obama’s accomplishments should be a large “black” circle with a line through it…something that truly identifies his administration of ineptness.

    • Why do you need to tell this lie?

      Why do you embarrass America this way?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      • Why are you such a Fool?

        I don’t blog with tiny confused minds. It’s a waste of time and effort.

        • Save the insu;ts dpor someone who respects your opinion.
          Your deranged lies are anything but respect envoking.

          • Small misguided minds are a detriment to any Country! Your’s is minute and dangerously closed and “WHY” our Nation IS FAILING!

            There is “lack of intelligence” and there is “blind optimism”- either can bring down a Nation. You fit one of these categories. You aren’t as dangerous as an anarchist, but in a way you are, because your weapons are words.

            But soon the agony will be over in Novembe!! All the misguided, dangerous manipulators will be tossed in the trash where they belong while “SANE” Americans will rebuild and remove the damage the biggest all time “CON MAN” has done. Yes, you will be part of the trash.

            Cancers of the dangerously misguided left will be systematically removed until our Nation is MORALLY STRONG, FAITH DRIVEN, AND PROTECTED BY A SOLID LARGE MILITARY FORCE WITH CLOSED AND MILITARY PROTECTED BORDERS.

            The only person truly capable of making that happen is Mr. DONALD TRUMP! Yes, he has been chosen by the sane quiet America (including Latinos and Blacks) because they are tired of hearing the same old song and dance of the liberals and rinos and ARE “VERY ANGRY” AT THOSE PEOPLE FOR ALLOWING THE DISRESPECT AND DESTRUCTION OF OUR COUNTRY. I don’t expect you to get this because you fall in the “Liberals and Rinos” group’s ideologies.

            America IS DONE WITH LIBERALS…that means you. You can blog and be misguided and disrespectful, but no one will care…you will be obsolete, as will any liberal who tries to hold on to the severe damage that totally useless milk chocolate pseudo president has done. The only thing he will be remembered for is total and blatant ineptness…as will you. Wake up aklady before you wash away in the run off of the melting Alaskan glaciers.

  11. if only we had a SC with some balls. You have to fight the system of push and shove, just as the Obama administration is doing and has done all along. I think Scalia was murdered. This seems to be the way Obama handles his problems when someone doesn’t do what he wants. If we don’t get rid of this attrocities as well as himself he will put us all in such a hole that even Trump might not be able to drag us out. If Trump gets the nomination expect the voting machines and the ones that do the picking are put in a position of rigging them all. More than likely the people and machines both will be rigged for Hitlery. If these are caught the election needs to be voided,. Check your machine when it says vote. When that shows check to see who you are voting for and if it is the wrong one bring it up to the people in charge to shut down the machines.

  12. Dennis B Anderson

    Roberts looks like half a fag who knows what he does underneath that robe of his.Have you noticed a pattern how its almost a tie, but the demomcrats win out by just enough votes for Obamas agenda? McConnell / Ryan /Boehner/ Lynch / Jarrett / Holder / Reed. The GOP power changed nothing. We have an affliction and its a take over of our country. They are playing us to see just how far they can push us as a country before we finally come together and crush them. This isnt new its been going on for 10,000 years. Question is are we going to wake up before its to late. When will we collapse in upon ourselves.! We are the new Rome and its 79 AD.

    • Why do you need to tell this lie?

      Why do you embarrass America this way?

      • Dennis B Anderson

        Look it up ?? Oh excuse me its something that should have been killed for the insurance money years ago its the eacccch a Helen Reddy look a like from the 60s The AK lady.
        Hey Kennedys dead? We now have a eacccch insane black man thats in the white house. Hes getting ready to send old gals like you to a fema camp. Now pay attention this is serious stuff. Peace Baby!

        • Please get help before you harm yourslef ro others.
          If you cannot afford a private psychiatrist, there should be a community mental health clinic in uour area.
          Call your local haspitsl emergency room they can tell you how to find it.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Well Ill say the same thing about you. A 12 x12 room you should be isolated. Roberts the last time around voted for Obamas amnesty. You got the wrong guy Im not interested in any of Obamas pet projects. Hey tell me hows that Obama Care working out for you is? It will be shut down before the year is out. United Health Care is backing out. Tell me Granny one thing Obama has done to help out the american people.Say something useful instead of insults If youre not part of the cure then you are part of the problem arent you.

          • The Affordable Care Act has worked out very well for many people. It has also increased insurance conpany profits.

            The United rumor has been around for over a year. It is a totally misleading pike of garbage. United does not have any significant exposure in the indiviudal policy market. UnitedHealth’s core business is selling employer-sponsored health plans. The ACA had little or no impact on the company.

            known for its familiarity with or success in the individual market, which is dominated nationwide by Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans, especially those owned by Anthem Inc. United’s exchange enrollment for 2015 came to only about 540,000, out of total exchange enrollments of more than 9 million.

            Your data is overwhelmingly limited. You need to inform yoirself better.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Thats why Obama robbed Medi Care for 3 1/2 billion. It went towards his failing same name health care plan. Where have you been? I asked you to name one thing Obama has done for the america people? You come back and tell me about the biggest ponzi scheme that was ever pulled on any group of people anywhere and at any time.

          • First there is no such thing as “Medi Care”.

            There is no such thing as “Obama Care”.

            Then the false rumor has cited $716 billion. $500 million, etc….

            That Romney lie was put tp bed two years ago.

            The ACA does not cut senior medical benefits. There is no “ponzi scheme”. In the other hand, that is exactly what Republicans tried to do in 2012 with the Ryan-Authored Republican Budgets.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Well maybe I should give back my Part A and Part B medicare card? Youre half crazy and Obama is half white.and of cource neither of you are wrong.so dont write any more Im done with you.

          • Those with eyes who cannot see. Mark 8:18

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Exactly how many times have you repeated your mistakes. I had to renew on Magic Jack and encountered fraud. In a matter of minutes I had the better business bureau and the FBI on there @$$es. A bunch of greazy muslims here state side. They are going down. My head is not in the sand but apparently yours is.

          • No, you are simply a bigot.
            Crime is not defined by race, religion, gender, ethnic background, age …

          • Dennis B Anderson

            You grew it you nasty ole cork sucker. I was raised up in LA dont tell me anything about something you know nothing about. Now read yourself another book. I know Fantasia.perfect for a fruit loop as yourself. One thing I did do in LA I left the impression if you phucked with me it was your life. I made beleivers out of the curious. Roll yourself off a cliff.

          • Keep those insults coming.
            They say so much more about you than I ever could.
            So childish.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            You will be burning in hell when we finally get our country back. Some one should drop you off in Watts at 3.30 am you would have a few more things missing along with your warped attitude gauranteed. You old skank.

          • Keep those insults coming.
            They say so much more about you than I ever could.
            So childish.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            This web site is probably the only way someone will talk to you besides wearing a ham around your neck. Im not interested in your taffy pull. Go gum yourself with someone beside me. Youre irrelevent.

          • Each of your posts more childish than the last.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Must be that time of the month 50 years ago will name you A Cranky Lady. It gives you an excuse now go dig yourself because we dont.

          • Each of your posts are more childish than the last.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            So stop writing Ill bet the last thing that had anything to do with you was black with his whips & chains and you miss it. He made you write bad checks! You sadistic b-tch. Go away Im not into that.

          • Each of your posts are more childish than the last.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            No its not that Im getting madder than my last! You on the other hand are dumbing down and shaking hands with good ole Al?? Al Heimers that is.
            Now go loose yourself I told you that you are no longer relevant.
            A Krusty Lady 1915

          • Try sobering up.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            I dont indulge but by talking to you I would tell you to stop hanging out in the bars.No one wants to give you a tumble anyway. Its a fruitless endeavor.for you A Krusty Lady 1915.

          • Each of your posts are more childish than the last.

          • This web site lists ovwr 350 Obama accomplishments, with citations: http://pleasecutthecrap.com/obama-accomplishments.

            Here is another site: http://www.democratichub.com/obama-administration-accomplishments?o=g

            Here is yet another: https://www.facebook.com/notes/accomplishments-of-president-barack-obama/111-accomplishments-of-president-barack-obama/377659576289/

            You must be deaf, dumb and blind. I strongly suspect it is a result of a serious, brain-damaging illness: bigotry.

  13. Lock and load.The revolution is here and now.

  14. Michael Dennewitz

    Roberts is a loner in a cesspool of mooselums and he probably values his life. So, NO, he doesn’t dare go against the PMIC!!

    • Why do you need to tell this lie?

      Why do you embarrass America this way?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

  15. Are they issuing drivers’ licenses to people without them passing a written and driving test? Surely not! And, if they can’t read English, how can they read street signs? Really dumb thing to do..

  16. One so hopes, but one wonders.

  17. 1 zebra, 4 satanists= 300 million losers~

  18. Roberts better damn well come through this time for the American people. if they want to keep their jobs, and not be taken over by the UN and the elites , they better think real hard on their answer.!!!

  19. The Constitution explicitly assigns to the president the power to sign or veto legislation, command the armed forces, ask for the written opinion of his Cabinet, convene or adjourn Congress, grant reprieves and pardons, and receive ambassadors.

    Why does anyone believe that Congress can overrule the Constitution?

    Are Americans that ignorant, or just bigots?

  20. I do not believe drivers license’s should be given to these criminals, I believe a nationwide removal should take place. we need to stop rewarding these invaders of the night.

  21. if obamas plans get approved why not give amnesty to all criminals in America? so what if they’re guilty, what does it matter if all they did was sell a little pot or commit murder? all these illegals are guilty of crimes ranging from entering or staying in America illegally to murder, if you will give them amnesty why not amnesty for all? just throw our whole judicial system in the trash fire all the police, FBI, homeland defense all law enforcement including judges and lawyers why do we need them when we have obama to grant amnesty to criminals

    • We are almost at the place you described. Look at all the chaos.What a screwed up mess. And I fault the Supreme Court for siding with politics rather than the American people. But the people have just about had enough. Can you believe that our wonderful America has turned into this!

  22. Yes the Supreme Court will go along with Obama. Roberts is a Obama man by order of the Bush family who put him there. I don’t trust the Supreme Court do do anything that is for America, with the people like Sotomayer, who is a Racist. look up how she made her own laws as judge against White people and always sided for the Blacks in there favor weather they were right or wrong. Look at the Mummy, Gingsberg who openly says the Constitution should be changed. The Supreme does not follow the Institution. They follow past cases and make up they own laws to suite the Government. Roberts stabbed the American public in the back twice. The first when Roberts ruled that Obama Care was a Tax. Howe can a thing like Obama Care be a tax? The Supreme Court will do anything Obama wants. The Supreme Court Judges should have Term Limits, and should have to voted for by we the people. They should never be appointed by the Presidents to push the Presidents agenda, and not work for the people and follow the Constitution and not make up their own laws to help push any Presidents agenda.

  23. According to Obama’s own words and actions, he has the power to grant any and all ILLEGAL INVADERS AMNESTY and thus power to himself! He aim is to overwhelm AMERICAN CITIZENS with foreign nationals of the worst kind! Congress has shown that they lack the guts to stop him, our First Subversive president!


  25. Your hallucinagenic dream is pleasant. However, the HNIC clearly owns Roberts. The only hope for the future of America as an independent nation respecting individual liberties is the refreshment of the tree of liberty. All else is intellectual masturbation.

  26. Dennis B Anderson

    Well Roberts you better come through and redeem yourself. Put a stop to this immigration pandemic or fpllow the same plight Scalia did. There wont be anything left of you for an autopsy. 2 can play that game.

  27. Obama will get way like ALWAYS … I hope Obama burns in hell for destroying america

  28. If the SC votes as the Constitution states it will not pass but with the Democrats anything goes, so we will have to wait and see if they go by the laws or not.

  29. Executive orders issued by A Presidents need to be curtailed or completely eradicated to prevent ruling WHICH
    thwart the will of the people. A President does not make law but only applies such as made by the Congress.
    Thwarting the will of the p;eople expressed by a vote, is a criminal act that should be swiftly dealt with. Idealogy
    cannot overrule the vote of the people….A President is givern his chair by the people to protect the United States
    and its citizens. President should not interfere with the order Patrol and instruct them to hold and release
    illegal immigrants crossing our borders and should not on his own use tax payer money to help immigrants
    unlless he has the approval of the Congress. His actions are criminal as that is not what the p;eople want.

  30. Executive action should be limited to Legal Executive Action. Which does not define Obama.

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  32. Dennis B Anderson

    Well this is 3 times I have said not to answer, and its the third time you have said the same thing to me and many others here. I told you about hanging out with Al! Oh in case you have forgotten all ready that was Al Heimers?(*? Do you have loss of appetite and sleep as well?

  33. I voted and supported President Obama but he was wrong to issue a consecutive order of amnesty for all the illegal immigrants here in the US. He should had issued an order with that amnesty, to the US Custom and I.C.E. that ALL convicted illegal immigrants that have committed crimes should be Deported ASAP. And nullify so called safe states. The USA should not tolerate no non-citizens that commit crimes as other foreign nation don’t. With the incoming of refugees the USA will be facing an increase of crimes and terrorist attacks. It is better to respond NOW and reduce the problems, than having to react haphazardly. The USA should also send warnings to ALL nations that the US will not tolerate the influx of immigrants who falsely believe that the USA has an open door to immigrants. No contractor that receives a federal contract Cannot hire illegals, and will receive a stiff find also. KILL both the H-1B and H-2B Bills. Hopefully Chief Justice Roberts will not rule in President Obama favor and some other Justices.

  34. No, Obama has been stacking the deck. That is why we need term limits on the supreme court as well as the house and senate with no federal pensions To be voted in at a general election by the voters, Not the representatives of each state as a large majority of them can be bought. We need statesmen not life long politicians

  35. Dennis B Anderson

    You people all of you act as if we dont have laws on the books to run these immigrants out of our country. You shouldnt have acknowledged Obama in the first place. All of Obamas actions are as illegal as his demographic change of our country. This is treason.

  36. Maybe we can get a petition started to send to the conservatives or suppose to be conservatives and tell them to do the right thing by the people this time and vote down the illegal amnesty so that the people will not continue to believe the supreme court is as corrupt as the president and his administration. If were luck when they vote they will hear the words of the people in that petition they read and perhaps have a conscience at last minute.

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