Will the LGBT Community Recognize the Real Enemy?

It wasn’t a Christian baker who killed 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando this weekend. It wasn’t a conservative Republican. It wasn’t a county clerk from Kentucky.

It was a Muslim.

And yet, where are the LGBT activists this week? Are they protesting outside mosques across the country? Are they organizing petitions to boycott Islamic events? No, they’re out there trying to link Saturday night’s tragedy to transgender laws and opponents of gay marriage and that oh-so-nebulous term they call “hate speech.”


Because these groups are just subsidiaries of liberalism when you get right down to it. One group might call themselves “pro-choice,” one group might call themselves “feminists,” and one group might call themselves “Black Lives Matter,” but they’re all just pieces of the same whole. They all have their little goals, but they are all working towards the same ultimate goal: the gradual and total extermination of American conservatism.

Rest assured, if it had been a white Christian man who walked into Pulse with an AR-15, that man would become the new symbol of evil for the LGBT movement, replacing Kim Davis. Because that would fit into the overarching goal. But it wasn’t, so it doesn’t. And that’s why you’re not going to see LGBT activist leaders say one word about the virulent strain of violent homophobia that thrives in the Muslim community. They’ll stick to the more useful strategy of pretending like Christian bakers are the ultimate in American evil, just like feminists will continue to ignore the way women are treated in Islamic countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia.

It can be frustrating to see so many people miss the obvious truth, so if you ever find yourself pounding your head against the wall, just remember: They aren’t as delusional as they seem. They know. They aren’t blind. It’s just that what they say…well, it isn’t always exactly what they actually believe. They have an agenda and they have an enemy, and not even the worst shooting in American history is going to knock them off their gameplan.

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