Will North Carolina GOP Invalidate Gay Marriage?

Republicans in North Carolina have introduced a bill that would restore the ban on gay marriage due to the Supreme Court overstepping its constitutional boundaries in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges. The bill declares that decision “null and void” in North Carolina and it affirms that the state will only recognize marriage when it’s between a man and a woman.

The bill is being called the Uphold Historical Marriage Act, and it’s being sponsored by North Carolina House members Larry Pittman, Carl Ford, and Michael Speciale, all of whom are Republicans.

It has been criticized by the state’s new Democrat governor, Roy Cooper, who said, “This bill is wrong. We need more LGBT protections, not fewer.”

But it’s not clear that it will pick up much support among the GOP, either. The state just extracted itself from the lawsuit-ridden, economy-damaging transgender bathroom debacle, and Republicans are probably not in a hurry to poke the LGBT hornets’ nest again.

Still, the Obergefell decision was ludicrous, and the text of the bill does a nice job explaining the problems with it. They use a 10th Amendment argument – “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

They contend that since marriage law is not among the powers delegated to the U.S., and since the citizens of North Carolina voted to ban gay marriage in 2012, and since the Supreme Court exceeded their authority “relative to the decree of Almighty God that ‘a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh’ (Genesis 2:24, ESV),” that gay marriage should therefore be illegal in the state of North Carolina once again.

Ok maybe the bill ran off the rails a little bit there at the end, but the constitutional argument is sound. At the core of all this, the fight isn’t about whether or not gay marriage should be legal in the U.S. The fight is about whether or not the U.S. federal government has the right to mandate its legality over the will of the states. You don’t have to give two whits about gay marriage to understand how crucial that point is.

But this is going to be another LGBT Mafia flashpoint, regardless of the underlying constitutional concerns. They’ve already painted North Carolina Republicans as mean old fundamentalists who want to spoil the party, and corporate America has already made it quite clear where it is aligned.

If Republicans in North Carolina ultimately decide to let another state challenge Obergefell, we couldn’t blame them.


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  1. God has already confirmed marriage as one man and one woman. There is no legal recourse to change what God has ordained as right. The courts know this but due to depraved minds hearts have been hardened and Christ rejected. That can only go on for so long before judgement will come.

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran


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    • AMEN Jimdarnall!…..and there is NO court that can overrule GOD’s word!

      • God never said anything, men wrote words claiming they were from God!

        • Mary Cosmah-Johnson

          Are you really that stupid. The word of God, the bible, was written by man but the actual happenings were by people, it is obvious that you have never read any of the bible, or had any teachings of God, I truly feel sorry for you, but no matter how old you are, you still have time to learn, our Lord gave everyone, the abilities to know if HIM, and HIS creation, to accept the truth, and teachings.
          I will pray that you do not let another day to by without you confessing, accepting, believing in our savior.

          • Spoken like a true believer living the written word, thanks for your concern. And yes, I am very familiar with the bible, and attended catholic school grade 1 to 8.

        • Mary Cosmah-Johnson

          I am a widow of a retired sergeant 1st class medic. 4hours of Viet ham 30 years served. Without our belief in our God, we could have never made it through those very trying times.

        • If you want to take God out of the argument fine. But its against natures law.

          • It happens in nature, and men and humans a part of nature as well.

          • Man, your stubborn. Can a man and a man make a baby? NO. Can a women and a women make a baby? NO. It takes a women’s sperm mixed with a man’s sperm to make a baby. Period.

          • What does state sponsored marriage have to do with procreation. Nothing!! It’s about equal protection under the law!

          • What about God’s law? He is the ultimate authority! Back when He made Adam and Eve,they and us were encouraged/Commanded to “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth,” Gen. 1:28 http://biblehub.com/genesis/1-28.htm

          • I f you believe in Adam and Eve and the talking snake, we have nothing to discuss. HAVE A NICE DAY.

          • I appreciate your enthusiasm, but women have eggs not sperm! I don’t know if you still have the edit “button” available , but maybe you can fix it!

        • The writings in the prophetic books of the Bible were clearly from God as how would these writers know what was going to happen hundreds of years later! And other books were written from eyewitness accounts of people that knew Jesus personally. Moses had a special relationship with God; that is how he was given the ten commandments! I could go on , but I believe I have already made my point!

          • Thanks, you have made your point, which is NO point.

          • The bible has SOME historical basis, but most of it is just tales. Garden of Eden, talking snake, Noah ? Age of the earth 6000 years old? Please!

    • Charles Wolfe jr


    • Double AMEN!!!!

    • Now that evil men and women have approved this depraved law, it is up to the people to over-ride it. North Carolina may be the first state. Whichever state does it, it will have to have a core conservative in the governorship and a strong core conservative state legislature which stems from strong core conservative voters.

  2. Invalidate Gay Marriage? NO – They should glorify it!! Show men dying from AIDS and have Elton John and Ellen DeGeneret tell the WORLD how wonderful it is to be a Homosexual or a Lesbian. Or that Great new TV Shitcom – How I met your Mother but married your Father!!!

  3. Like so many “other Licenses” set up by the States and the over-intrusion of the Fed’s all of this is about the money aka: “a Tax” to do all things, Period! We now pay a “tax” to do things that mankind has done for thousand’s of years and now the government has made it a tax you must pay, primarily so the states and the Fed can “pay” all of the ever-growing employees!

  4. Someday many states will do to marriage what liberals have done to justice that now only comes in different flavors with leading adjectives like, social, economic, worker, religious, criminal, or civil. For marriage we may only need “Normal” and “Abnormal” or “M/F” “or SS”!

    • Kalifornika will soon probably allow only f@gs and le$$ies to marry. But how are they going to reconcile that with their Sharia law courts the want so bad. Maybe the F@ggot Epissable priests and Le$$ie priestesses will marry them and send them to the Sharia court to be stoned. Makes perfect sense in Kalifornika, the land of fruits and nuts!

  5. Hope so.
    The worm will turn.

  6. It’s disheartening to read this writer’s words, which I presume to favor the NC bill (HB780) to “Uphold Historical Marriage Act”, but speaks using opposition language – “Invalidate Gay Marriage”, “ban on gay marriage”, To phrase the argument using the language of the opposition is not adhering to truth. It’s like saying a ban on acute and obtuse angles calling themselves “right” angles. Participating in word manipulation is wrong. Just as the terms “right, acute, obtuse” are used to distinguish angles with 3 different relationships, so “marriage” has always designated a male/female committed relationship, and unique terms should be used to distinguish committed male/male and female/female relationships. Certain legal rights can be offered using unique terms for male/male and female/female committed relationships. But attempting to re-define marriage to include all 3 relationships is simply wrong because it’s a blurring or denial of reality. It demonstrates a lack of integrity in word usage and manipulation of words for self-deception. Just using the terms “gay” marriage or “same-sex” marriage blatantly tells you that marriage never, ever designated two people of the same sex. The fact is there are 3 sets of distinct relationships here (like with angles), and it is pure self-deception to think that word manipulation (“same-sex” marriage) will alter that reality. even though 5 “UNsupreme” court justices chose to do so. Had 2 of the justices had the integrity to recuse themselves from the decision because they had already publicly shown their bias by “marrying’ same-sex couples, the decision would have been different. As one who has personally dealt with same-sex attraction, but chose (with God’s help and grace) not to be a slave to sinful (i.e. self-destructive) desires, I am delighted that NC legislators.

    • Agree with you wholeheartedly. Using “gay marriage” is a slap in the face to all normal people who say marriage is between man and woman. The court could have called this “gay union” but not marriage.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Actually, I suspect Kennedy should have recused himself as well, since he’s demonstrated bias toward homosexual lifestyles in the past, and certainly Kagan and Ginsberg ought to have done, possibly Sotomayer as well.

      • That I can agree with you on. Especially since Ginsberg and one of the other ladies (Kagan or Sotomayer) officiated over a gay wedding before this case came up before the court. In my opinion with these two votes gone it was a 4-3 decision against same sex marriage.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Sotomayer did; and Kagan is a known homosexual herself, while Kennedy has a sister who is. That puts all 4 of them in a compromised position insofar as making an impartial decision on these issues.

    • I appreciate your dissecting the issue, but the bottom line is a moral issue. wrong is wrong, and right is right. The word queer quite literally means “against nature”. Also nature will not abide for long what is contrary to it’s natural ways. (hence AIDS) At any rate; I agree that all real Americans should join you in support of HB 780 and the reps supporting it. Therefor you have my support.

      • When Jesus prays for his disciples (John 17), he prays that they “be one” with the Father. That is “one in spirit”, not flesh. When he says to the disciples “A new commandment I give you, love one another “as I have loved you”, that was love of man for man in “spirit”, not flesh. Thus, I personally believe that men can love one another (in spirit and truth), and live with one another, without it being a sexual relationship. Therefore, the law should allow for that. But, because God designed our physical bodies as he did, sexual relations are to be only between a man and a woman. The key for me (and I wish I had realized this before I married) is that the goal in all relationships is oneness of spirit. Only when that comes first, does sexual intercourse between a man and a woman in commitment to that oneness (marriage) become a legitimate physical expression of that spiritual reality. Lacking spiritual oneness first makes sexual relations (hetero- or homo-) a deceptive substitute for the real thing. It too easily becomes exploiting others for our own immediate self-gratification. We become addicted to the immediate, but temporary, self-deceptive, and self-destructive “high”, instead of seeking the spiritual oneness, the eternal joy and peace our Father and Master Jesus desires for us.

  7. What? and cut down on money to be made by Gay divorce?

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      You just know in your heart that lawyers drove the decision! Shakespeare was right when he said “First kill all the lawyers!”.

  8. Homosexuality is a social form of cancer that should never be condoned in any capacity…there is a glimmer of hope in North Carolina, unlike this immoral state of California!

  9. I hope Georgia does the right thing in agreeing with God by invalidating homosexual marriage.

  10. Hammer the Bar'stewards

    As I see it all Men have a penis and all women have a vagina, men and women procreate when the man places his penis into the woman’s vagina releasing his sperm to fertilize her egg(s) therefore producing offspring to further continue the human species.
    Never have I read or heard it said that a man by inserting his penis into another mans anus has produced offspring to further continue the human species therefore homosexuality must be unnatural and has no place in the natural world!

  11. Democrats the party of death. Death is in their wake.

  12. I believe in traditional marriage and I believe the SCOTUS overstepped their bounds when legitimizing same-sex marriage. First, there’s no Constitutional underpinning for the national judicial controlling body to issue special consideration for anybody depending on how they choose to engage in sexual activity. If a given state wants to make that determination for their people, fine, have at it. But the people must be heard. We can’t have a body of 9 lawyers/justices making national legal decisions that affect the lives of 300 million people without recourse.

    • agree with you 200%

    • They need to become familiar with the Constitution and maybe they can find out what their function is and also what their limitations are. For the past 8 years the Supreme Court and Federal Judges have been politicians, not Judges.

      • Bingo! A perfect example of that was when our Chief Justice John Roberts switched his vote and supported Obozo’s Affordable Healthcare Act in 2012 making it the law of the land. And in doing so he wrote both the majority and minority opinion in that case, although the minority opinion was not signed.

  13. Think and grow rich: would you like to marry your sister or brother>

  14. They all need to go back in their closets and lock the doors. They have contributed nothing but hatred and disease. The government is trying to indoctrinate children into this life style choice and it is wrong. Why do they need special rights, they are not special, they are sick

    • The problem is, they inhabit many positions of power: Doctors, Lawyers, Educators, Business Magnates, Celebrities – anyone who is highly educated and in positions of power and/or authority. Oh, yes, I almost forgot –

      Homosexuals predominate positions of power and authority/influence, due to their higher levels of education, giving them an upper hand in forcing themselves on the rest of us, because of the prevalence of homosexuality in higher education, where they search for knowledge, but without God’s Foundation, it is knowledge of evil, and not wisdom. They then teach knowledge of evil to all students, and those who are not well-founded in Christ will be open to this evil, and some will sucumb to the temptation, with the rest unknowingly tolerating it.

  15. By all the comments below I see there are so many of us who believe that there is no such thing as gay marriage. WE THE PEOPLE should get our rights back in voting it null and void. These liberal judges should never have had the decision. WE THE PEOPLE want to leave marriage as man and woman. Yes I am a Christian and Yes I truly believe with all my heart God knows what He’s doing.

  16. curmudgeon VN Veteran

    Hard to imagine how you can invalidate a condition that does not exist except in the warped minds of liberal lunatics. Having perverted sex does not constitute a marriage.

  17. Go North Carolina.

    • I once thought the Republic of Oklahoma and the Nation of Texas were leading the charge for Liberty and Justice, but Na’Clina just took the lead!

  18. Marriage is between one man and one woman. We do not have to have any “protected” classes of people, just because they are . All Americans should be protected not just those who call themselves LGBT what the hell ever that means. Protect Children and the Aged and forget these people. Leave them alone and let them live however they wish, but, do not try to force this on all Americans. This is my rant of the day

    • Yes, and in raw demographics we have roughly 5 percent of the people jerking around the other 95 percent. And they’re granted this special consideration simply because they are political constituents of the democrat party and prefer to engage in, shall we say, unorthodox sexual activity. Originally, the group consisted of lesbians and gays. Now it’s expanded to bisexuals and transgenders, making it the LGBT group, then they threw in the “Q” thing, whatever that is, as they plan to expand through the entire alphabet while accruing more political power. As you can see, I’m fully down with your rant of the day, albany le…

      • Thank you McFerguson
        I think there are so many other people who will agree with us, but, they are afraid to give an honest opinion.
        So Thank you again for having the courage to state your answer.

  19. Based upon observance of their new state road sign and concomitant motto, I’d say that they are well on their way.


  20. sandraleesmith46

    Thing is, NC is Constitutionally correct: neither the Congress, not the SCOTUS has any right to tamper with marriage, as instituted by Yhwh God; but even if they did, Congress has passed NO law regulating it; and SCOTUS issues OPINIONS, they do NOT make “laws”, ergo, homosexual unions are not and cannot be legal except in such states whose legislatures have passed such ordinances. But even those are on shaky ground in opposing the law of Yhwh God as set forth in the very beginning of humanity on Earth.

    • I agree with you, for the most part. However I would bring into the conversation the actions by Chief Justice Roberts as the manipulation of the wording that HE introduced into the ‘affordable care act’. I thought at the time that he was ‘out of bounds’ by changing the wording just to, as he said, make it workable.
      That was not his option… duty… or within his authority !!!

      • sandraleesmith46

        Oh I agree; he was way out of bounds on that as well; but this was primarily an article about “same sex marriage” so I didn’t bring that in, or Roe v Wade, another of their very wrong and unhealthy “decisions”, since the US Constitution in no wise condones murder, and that most assuredly is murder.

  21. YES, this is NOT the will of The Creator, the design is an·ti·thet·i·cal {/ˌan(t)əˈTHedək(ə)l/ adjective
    1. directly opposed or contrasted; mutually incompatible:
    “people whose religious beliefs are antithetical to mine”
    synonyms:(directly) opposed to, contrasting with, contrary to, contradictory to, conflicting} to all logic! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/03405d88b2056df646da14b793e5944b65ccb4566f75e518341352ece444e917.jpg

  22. Hope so! We have no room for perversion in the USA!

  23. Look Folks —– It just isn’t natural……There’s nothing like a man and woman growing old together – the hardships – the good times – the fights – the making up……..It’s too easy to throw away chit —— EVEN PEOPLE…..

  24. The USA was officially started in 1776. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States are two of the greatest documents ever written by human beings. Have they worked so far? Was there a need in either one of those two documents to emphasize the “validity” and/or the need to include the importance of identifying marriage between same gender couples? Posterity is an important word. It is noted in the Declaration of Independence. With good reason. Without posterity, eventually, a country would cease to exist. Same gender marriage produces no posterity. Marriage need not be redefined in order to give perversion credibility. For centuries, marriage and the family have contributed to the order of this productive (in more ways than one) society.

  25. The new governor is wrong, Homosexual marriage is not a right and marriage is not something the state decides to define. Marriage is a covenant created for the purpose of baring and raising children and homosexuals are not physically capable of having children acting in the confines of homosexuality. Marriage is a nuclear family which is not i the capacity of a homosexual relationship. A family is supposed to have a woman and a man as the patriarch and matriarch by design, Homosexuality is and always will be immoral and an abomination. Society and government do not have the authority to change the definition of marriage because the highest authority in the universe created it so even if we as so called sentient beings think ourselves to be powerful enough to change the laws of God and His natural order that proves we are fools. The GOP of NC is only doing what is right and the left knows this but all they care about is votes and political power. Society and the brainwashing of the immoral and perverted progressive and democratic parties and their constant fight to destroy anything moral or decent will only have one end if people do not wake up and fight back and that is total destruction of the US and unfortunately the system is almost there already and with the defilement of our legal system by groups like the ACLU and the manipulation of it by the NEA, Planned Parenthood, Psychos like Madelyn Murry Ohare, and Margarette Sanger among others along with illegal redefining of certain terminology in the constitution and other founding documents has distorted and completely screwed up the system. If Americans with a moral view do not stop lying down and acting like homosexual males then it is already lost.

  26. 1 man 1 woman is a marriage nothing else counts

  27. We “the people” need to actively support what these legislators are doing by introducing this legislation. Liberty is fine in text but without action it will die on the vine. The founders of this country understood human nature. Which at it’s core can be courupted. Human beings are indeed subject to all manner of temptations to do any evil that furthers their own goals and aims. This is why it is so important to fight this behavior with clear cut rules as the Ten Commandments. Murder is one thing. Justice is another. Killing for the sake of the betterment of all society is justice where merited. This country and it’s form of government was not founded upon tolerance of dictatorship. Nor was it founded upon the idea that any person could dictate what was to be the standard of behavior for the entire population. The founders could not imagine a time when a majority of Americans would be so gutless (as in no personal courage) as to allow their freedoms to willingly be taken away in the name of national security. Let alone for the sake of ” tolerance”. We ” the people ” should be out in the streets, armed to the teeth, putting traitors to the sword so to speak. The founders of our country gave us the God given inherent right to do so. Because they knew from personal experience the lengths trynnists will go to in order to keep their power over the general populace. People in America need to WAKE UP and decide whether they prefer to be indentured servants, or freemen. And communism is NOT the answer.

  28. Another Obama aberration that President Trump should undo with the stroke of his pen

  29. vincent deredita

    I hope so. Normal people do not have a say in this country anymore. But i think PRESIDENT TRUMP will put a stop to this.

  30. Why do we let the liberals set the narrative? There’s nothing “gay” about it, it’s homosexual. “Gay” just sounds so much nicer, more acceptable. That’s why they use it.

  31. roy cooper should be hangred— I for one am tired of all these queer concessions-they can go to hell which is where they are goin when the lord returns for judgement day.

  32. As the virgin Mary said unto the angel: “Be it unto me according to thy word.” Regarding matters of marriage and sexual activity, let it be according to God’s word. Marriage is honorable. It is between a man and a woman. And yes, it is according to God’s Word. Same gender “marriage” is an oxymoron. And yes, SGM is NOT according to God’s word.

  33. They can call it the ‘law of the land’ all they want. But God’s law confirming marriage between a man and a woman is the true law.

  34. It would be better if state involvement with marriage to end .

  35. more lbgt protections roy cooper?? are they the only north carolinians who need or should have protections.. i think not. cooper you are the epitome of a gross opportunist.

  36. Democrat governor, Roy Cooper, who said, “This bill is wrong. We need more LGBT protections, not fewer.” –

    Well here’s one LBGT’er who could have used a little more protection when attempting to pee in a North Carolina ladies room:


  37. North Carolina better watch out the NCAA and NBA will get them.

  38. North Carolina will not invalidate gay marriages ,and states should get out of the marriage business.

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