Will New “Hate Speech” Codes Bring About the End of Facebook?

Well, it was inevitable that this would happen sooner or later. We watched suspiciously as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg plunged head-first into a coalition with Germany and other European countries to make sure that their hate speech codes were not violated on the social media platform, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that he and his liberal Silicon Valley cohorts would not be able to resist the temptation of bringing those codes home to America. And now it appears that it’s getting ready to happen.

This week, Facebook announced that it would be hiring thousands of new employees charged with keeping the mega-site clean of any “hate speech.”

Let the censorship begin.

“Our current definition of hate speech is anything that directly attacks people based on what are known as their ‘protected characteristics’ — race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, or serious disability, or disease,” said Richard Allan, Facebook’s vice president of public policy for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. “There is no universally accepted answer for when something crosses the line. Although a number of countries have laws against hate speech, their definitions of it vary significantly.”

A couple of things we should highlight, just in this paragraph. Most importantly, take note of the word “current.” Our current definition. Mmm-hmm. In other words: Subject to change. In even more other words, we will decide as time goes on what does and does not qualify as hate speech. And we will delete anything that does, regardless of what you might happen to think about it.

Second, oh boy, that list of “protected characteristics” is a doozie. Note the inclusion of “gender identity.” We can already assume that anyone who dares to question whether a parent should be encouraging their 3-year-old boy to wear a pretty green dress to preschool will not find a welcoming home for their POV on Facebook. Oh, and we’re looking forward to seeing Facebook delete messages that slander Christians, because it ain’t gonna happen. No, “religious affiliation” means Muslim. Maybe Jews, but we’ll see.

Of course, Allan also reassured skeptical readers that there was no reason to worry because Facebook has ALREADY been deleting “hate speech” at the rate of some 60,000 posts a week.

Well, Facebook is a private company, so they’re free to delete anything for any reason. But make no mistake, this is a HUGE test balloon for what kinds of censorship Americans are willing to put up with. This is how the left operates. They move the window a little bit further…a little bit further…and then when the time comes for hate speech laws…well, half the country is already primed and ready to turn its collective back on the First Amendment.

Maybe instead, we’ll turn our backs on Facebook.

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  1. If you don’t want people to say bad things about you—-DON’T DO BAD THINGS! I learned this in sunday school, long before I started regular school!

    • Ron, that’s common sense. Common sense isn’t all that common. If you think that people are responsible for what they do, it proves you’re a bigot!

      • You’re saying people are not responsible for their actions?

        • That’s what it sounds like to me. They’ve been drinking to much liberal koolaid!!!

          • I hope she’s being sarcastic, we don’t need any more loonies in this world!

          • You and me both! Until she says it, I won’t hold my breath waiting for her to decide reguardless what this other says. Of course the liberal way is to do the crime but blame it on others. It’s your fault,my fault,President Trumps fault, never the liberal trolls fault all while being paid by soros.

          • It is extremely obvious that she (Maureen) is being sarcastic!

          • EXTREMELY!! It’s hard to understand some people’s reasoning skills.
            Her last sentence runs wild with sarcasm…”If you think people are responsible for what they do, it proves you are a bigot.”

          • Billy you and Ron need to wake up to reality! …you two are slow to catch on.

          • lol….there’s always a couple.

          • Two peas in that one pod. Laurel Hardy once said, “Two pees in a pot”.

        • She sarcastically commented about liberal mentality.

        • She’s being sarcastic….jeez

      • How does that make him a bigot? I can’t tell if you’re being serious or sarcastic. If I murder someone, that would make me a murderer correct?

        • Billy and Ron you two really missed the point of Maureen’s post. She is being strongly sarcastic. Her second sentence illustrates liberal twisted thought. If you are having a hard time catching on consider this one: “I hate murder by terrorists therefore I’m a bigot.” Liberals label as bigotry anything that disagrees with their ideas; facts, logic and common sense don’t matter to them. Liberals consider it OK to murder innocent babies yet they go ballistic if a homeowner kills an intruder to protect family. To me, liberals’ minds appear to be wired with reverse polarity.

          • What I just said. The liberals mindset is evil. If it’s Islam beheading Christians it’s okay because Christians are such horrible people! We Christians go around murdering people as in the Old Testament but they never read the New Testament. They always have a reason to do something but they don’t know why and when caught, they didn’t do anything wrong. Just like the black caucus blaming the deaths of several in New Orleans on white privilige instead of saying that there is a severe crime rate that needs to be dealt with.

          • Yes we do have a serious crime rate in the USA as well as around the world. Those screaming “bigot” and “racist” are the ones who are guilty of their own accusations. It’s interesting how the racist mind works. We notice how some Black organizations blame their invented “white privilege” idea for all the crimes. Yet they “look the other way” when facts verify that high crime rates are centered in predominantly Black population centers. Low information, low educational level Black people are hoodwinked into believing white people are the cause of crimes. Liberal minds blame someone else for their own faults. They don’t want to be shown facts. My post here is not intended to be a “put-down” on Black people. My post is a put-down on liberal thought that refuses to accept reality and facts about national and world conditions today. Yet liberals will label me a bigot and racist because I do not glorify that which is obviously evil.

          • Malcolm Davidson

            Interesting point, but what Conservatives seem to understand is that Liberals brains really are wired differently. Liberals, (not all) don’t get this, they think everyone agrees with them, even though they are reminded time and time again, many people do not. There is a great book out called The Righteous Mind. This book explains progressive thought, libertarian thought, and conservative thought very well. After reading it a few times, I now have a much better understanding of why the other side politically think and act the way they do.

          • Thank you Malcolm. I’ll check into getting that book. Always eager to learn more about the world in which we live–and are forced to put up with unnecessary negativity. Have a great weekend.

          • Kind of sad when you have to explain sarcasm, isn’t it?

          • Yes. However, I believe some peoples’ minds are not programmed to “catch” sarcasm, irony or whatever. That appears to be the case with the issue we discuss.

      • Maureen Hannon: Your statement you made to Ron Haymaker makes no sense. As your double talking . What Ron said makes sense. If you do things that are correct. You’re not going to get No Problems by the dumb remarks you make. You make dumb remarks. Expect to hear comments from others. A old saying by Forest Gump is stupid is as stupid does. I agree sometimes people say accidently wrong words. And make a fool out of themselves. But people speak out directly and are plain stupid. By being rude- disrespectful – hateful – along with demeaning something without caring about other people’s feelings. That person is a Narcissus person and only cares about themselves is all.???

        • What?

        • Talk about making no sense Rex1949!!!??

          • Aristophanes : You make no sense. As anybody not saying wrong words generally never get themselves into a situation. And someone being rude and obnoxious and such. Always gets themselves into a situation. So I disagree with you completely there.

          • Troll alert. Got to be a troll since all he seems to be doing is trying to pick a fight. Not happening rex. Not wasting my time.

          • Aristophanes : I doubt if a idiot like you who can’t read and understands what someone said in plain lamen language indicated. Is smart enough to comprehend one damn thing. Anybody else understands Newhart I am saying but you butt head! And I don’t want to argue with you or fight with you. As I have better things to do then mess with a moron like you who has a mentality of a rock. So go stick yourself in a toilet. And push the handle. As your nothing but a piece of waste. I don’t have time for you punk. You can kiss my grits!

          • Did I touch a nerve rexy baby?? Do you want some cheese with that whine? Has mommy had time to change your diaper today? Grow up and stop with the name calling and the attempts of picking a fight. You are so laughable and sad. Get a life rexy baby and stop trying to psychoanalyze people. You are terrible at it.

          • Aristophanes: You are definetly a bully and very ignorant person. #1. You did not rattle me none. As I understand perfectly that you lack intelligence to understand things as well comprehend things. I understand you only have a mind of a Three year old. As your Iq is very low. That’s why you can’t understand my common lamen language that I try to explain to you about issues here. Yet you lack the depth of understanding things. Maybe as a suggestion here. You should try and go back to school and get your GED. And for (You) to come up with false statements saying I am here only to fight with others is totally outrageous and stupid. You are the
            (Bully) on here and the trouble maker here. Not me chump! You argue with people because #1. You don’t get along with any one. #2. You don’t have no family of your own or friends. #3. Your sour because you have a miserable life. So you take your hostility out on everybody else. Because your a recluse person. So now you want to make everybody’s else’s life miserable just like your’s is. Your a pathetic sicko. Hiding behind a computer. Trying to act tough because your shield is your computer. As nobody can do nothing about your lying mouth and ignorant attitude. I am not impressed with you at all personally. Nor am I worried about a little rodent like you. So jump off a tall building and end your life you psycho mad man. Your one person I don’t fear sucker!

          • Did I say anything about fear, you pathetic psycho? Your attempts at psychoanalysis are really funny. I will not bother telling you where you are wrong – way too many places. Suffice it to say you are so off the mark about me that it is really funny. Thank you for the laughs; but, it is time for me to find someone intelligent to talk to. I am getting bored with your paranoia and hatefulness. Have as good a life as someone who has so much hatred and paranoia can have:-0

          • That would be you’re not your go back to school.

          • Embrace English, or leave our country.

          • Apparently you carved out a little time from your busy schedule.

        • Hey idiot you need to learn how to spell. The word you’re looking for is narcissistic. Did you make it past the fourth grade? It really doesn’t sound like it with your complete lack of spelling and grammar.

          • Munge: I think you need to learn how to spell. As if you look at my statement I wrote. I said the word narcissism. And if you look in the computer on dictionary.com. You will see my spelling was correct. So now who is the idiot but you. I probably have a higher education then you do. And is this all you have to do on here by finding errors people make on posts huh? By finding mispelled words on this post huh??? I would think you would have better things to do then try and correct people’s errors here. Just saying. ???

          • No that’s not how you spelled it you changed it when you wrote it here moron.

          • Munge: I didn’t change it stupid. Your full of of crap and you eat crap as well, punk. You picture you have there. Are you trying to act impressive and make people scared of you huh??? Here. Your enjoyment is just to make fun of people. And find things to pick on people only! You don’t impress me as a smart person. And you surely don’t scare me none besides. Get over yourself. As nobody is impressed with you. And nobody cares about you as well.

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          • “At go back to school”

            Typical incompetence on display for an inept clod calling another poster stupid.

            You present yourself rather poorly, yet somehow the pride kicks in only after one of your sloppy mistakes has been noted.

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          • Thank you for your role in the only war we’ve ever lost.

          • Whatever you say asswipe I wasn’t in Vietnam moron and in Vietnam our troops won the battles it was our government that lost the war so go suck an egg dimwit.

          • Johnson and McNamara botched it…big time.

          • Hey dipshit you wrote narcissus is exactly what you wrote so back to 4th grade and learn to spell like I said.

        • It’s Forrest, stupid. Other posters ought not have to teach your own choice of subject.

          • Chi Sam: Yes, your correct. It is spelled Forrest this way. I hit a double R on my key board to spell Forrest Gump. But as you know there is a word also as forest. And the correction for spelling probably figured that The word I was trying to spell was Forest. And not Forrest. So it corrected my spelling not knowing I spelled the word correctly. And instead changed the spelling thinking it should be spelled forest.

            By the way you errored by Mis- saying a word correctly there. Here is what you said to me. Other poster’s ought not have not teach your own choice of subject.

            The correct way is this. Other poster’s should not have have teach you on this subject. As you see you made plenty of errors there.

            And you don’t have to keep hounding on me about errors. Really
            Now. How would you like it if I or others just harped on you all day long
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          • I read only as far as your in place of the correct word you’re before replying that you’re (see how easy?) every bit as incompetent as I have claimed.

            For a man (or woman) that seems to need to have the last word, perhaps you should keep it shorter in order to increase the odds that you get that last word correct.

            I’ve not been reading any of your replies, beyond the first instance of your ineptness I can use to taunt you.

            In this instance, you only got one word correct in your response before screwing up.

            Give up…you don’t have it in you.

          • Chi Sam: You may think you’re real funny man there. But indeed you are not impressing me nor anybody else. So you’re effort to rattle me is failing. And I give you a grade of F minus.

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            You claim your doing this as a ineptness towards me huh???in other words your saying your doing me a favor by correcting me then huh???? Well, lucky me then huh??? I seriously doubt that was your motive of operation. I think you personally hand picked me to try and bully me. And irritate me personally. As you have other opportunities here. As there are other people who makes errors on this Post. Yet I find it ironic because you only choose me out of the rest here on the post. So it basically shows you picked me as a easy target. But now you find out it isn’t easy to shake me none.

            As far as me making errors in last message. I made none. You made a whole lot. And in fact I showed you where by writing down what you said. And you have a bad case of embarsement because I showed you and others about your errors you made. Like I said what is your purpose in correcting me and just doing it to harass me huh??? Do you get all excited about bothering me huh? If you think it does. Your wasting your time there. You remind me of a Fly. Always buzzing around someone to bother them. And that is what you’re doing on these Posts is all. Nobody is impressed with you. Quit because your not winning. ????

          • Chi Sam: Really you need enter peace within yourself. And need to let go of all your hatred of yourself and others. Because you hate yourself the way you are. Seek help in the hate you have in your body. Let it go. Instead seek God or seek peace between yourself or both. ???

          • That would, of course, be “your effort”. I just explained the common word you’re to you, dimwit.

            My God, you are a stupid terminally-incompetent man.

            Again, I did not read past that…but I’m guessing there are numerous ignorant mistakes in this latest installment of your loser manifesto.

          • Chi Sam: Yes at first I must admit you started off with me possibly making a error there. But you continued to harp and tried to nag upon me and also insult me as well. Trying to impress other posters how intelligent you was over me and them. Then I saw you make errors as well. And corrected you as well. And pointed out how sometimes we make errors and how we’re not perfect. I pointed out to you how you are not perfect. And neither is anybody else. All you know how to do is basically insult people and yet think your cool with that. And try to make everyone on here think your real smart. When your most ignorant in being kind and nice. People can be smart in some things. Yet be totally ignorant in other things. Your not smart. Well, maybe a smart – ass. But you really lack brains in being nice and you certainly don’t know how to speak to people in the proper ways. I think you had a bad childhood life. And that you was taught the wrong principals in life in how to treat people right. God help us if your married. I mean you got bad issues. Even if you had a girlfriend they both must of figured your brain is wacko. And children. I feel sorry for them. Thinking there being taught by you in wrong principals. In long time term. The children will need mental help and wind up being Juvenile children and wind up in juvenile hall and later to prison. You need to go to a angry management classes. ???

          • Were, dummy…not was. Simple verb tense ought not be a struggle.

            That said…I did get much further into it than usual.

      • Right on.

      • Maureen, Someone I follow on U-Tube said that “Common Sense is so rare these days, it has
        actually become a super power”. How right he is.

    • Malcolm Davidson

      Ron- That is common sense- something that seems to be lacking everywhere.

  2. Hate speech = Anything conservative, Christian or based on common sense. If we continue to let liberals witch hunt reality out of existence and replace it with their nonsensical version, you know, the one where a man in a dress is a woman and you must participate in his delusion or face their wrath and muslims are harmless teddy bears who should be welcomed by the millions with open arms,
    then we deserve what we get. A nation gone completely insane where anything goes, as long as it’s their anything.

    • And the definition will expand and expand until ONLY liberal progressive views are acceptable….a good example is the HuffPO. I have been banned for life b/c I disagreed with a post and dared to ask questions about the subject. There was no bad language, no name calling. Soon this “banning” will be used to silence anyone who dares to disagree.

      • I dared to say something negative like the phrase “muslim barbarians” & was “temporarily banned” from Assbook, for a week. Wow! Did the little sniveling whiny Libs get their little feelings hurt? Well I tore them a new one in a nice email telling them that I’m sure I’m not the first, & won’t be the last to “ban” them, for life! I then withdrew my membership. I’m also “banned” from commenting on any ABC Fake News articles that come up on my Leftist trash Yahoo homepage. I’m soooo depressed, LOL!! “Liberalism is a mental disorder”. Savage is right!

        • Gary..unlike many Americans I have read the Qur’an, assigned in college years ago in a Comparative Religion Course. I wrote a term paper and realized then…Islam was the West’s enemy. But knowing their agenda, their principles is not enough…look at Robert Spencer..he has been threatened and even attacked by Muslims….your view is close to their real truths..be careful…many will label you and even threaten you…

          • Let them. I have no fear. Bring it on. I’m also a lifetime NRA member & exercise my Second Amendment right to a nice collection of firearms, always at the ready. Not to mention my martial arts training.”Labels” & “threats” don’t even make me flinch. You feed the evil islamic beast by cowering & showing them fear.

          • Great Post..feel the same way sir!

          • Amen to all the above.

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          • I have blocked you. Advertisements are not appropriate here.

          • I did the same thing.

          • Good for you! Why should this site or any other give free advertising space? Seems to me the advertising gets a free ride.

          • Frichen spammers waste good valuable space for us to hash over the world’s activities in this forum. They need a spam wall for them to go peddle their trash..

          • There might be some kind of agreement wherewith moderators allow advertisers on the site. If so, then it’s legitimate. I personally have no interest in schemes that purport to get someone easy money. One iron/teflon clad rule in the universe is , “You can’t get something for nothing”! –even if it violates statutory law.

          • These clowns are spammers.. names like Abdul habib Muhammad who prob’ly is one of obama’s rear access buds
            Pushing some job he’s earning illegal $$ and.collecting ssi/welfare to boot.

          • Yep!

          • I go through here w/o commenting just looking for spammers.. if we all took a turn screening these clowns we can make this wall better for all of us and when these spammers see they are being blocked a lot they’ll maybe just go away …

            This applies to all of us good people … how about it?

          • Not a bad suggestion Boyd. I normally ignore the advertisements but I’ve complained about two of them so far simply to set a record that I did actively reject their presence.

          • Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

            Definitely good post. But if I had a gun I would not brag about it. With gun registration in 1940s Germany the gestapo knew right where to go to confiscate them. In my youth I did carry a gun. No one knew because I never took it out and waved it around or threatened anyone. The object of a concealed weapon is no one knows you have it.

          • It’s just a fact, not “bragging”. When I buy a firearm, I’m not required to register it, “like in Nazi Germany”. I’m only required to pass the FBI “insta-ck” background check. And who’s talking about “waving around” a gun? Save me the lecture.

          • While watching Schindler’s List with my wife, she asked why the Jews were meekly boarding the cattle cars. “Honey”, I said, “who has the guns?” If you think it can’t happen in America then you need to wake up and soon. Good point Marlene.

          • I’ve always said the only good liberal and muslim is both should be killed.

          • Spencer is not welcome to visit Great Britain.

          • Carl..please read his books and then decide for yourself..having read the Qur’an his descriptions and conclusions are on target…sadly..few in the enemedia will look at the truth

          • Allen I wasn’t trying to put Robert Spencer down. My first read every day is his friend Pam Geller who I think is about the best journalist out there.

          • Hell liberals hate the truth.

          • Millard to liberals truth does not exist. It is only a figment of someone’s imagination–opinion. Pontius Pilate didn’t recognize Truth when He was standing right in front of him.

          • With all that is going on over there, I have no want to go to Germany like I had before. Even Merkle said Germany would soon be a sharia following country. Let’s get all them sharia advocates and send them back overseas… Obama tore page after page about assimilation out of the rule books for those moozlimes
            He said they were unlawful.
            He’s out, it’s time to put the rules all back on the books.
            Send them moozlimes home and they can take obama home with them ..

        • Malcolm Davidson

          Assbook- What a fantastic name.

        • I got blocked from Facebook and they said something like I had to show an id that proved my age, name, and photo. No mention of opinions stated. I have been on it for 8 years maybe. What do you all think was the real problem. I do express unpopular ideas with Liberals.

          • I believe you’ve just answered your own question. They’re Lib kook run, & they will dump anybody they feel like it who doesn’t think like them. I was only using Assbook for about a month at the time they “temporarily banned” me. It didn’t take long in my case because I didn’t take any guff from other Lib idiot commenters who attacked me first in the most vile ways. I do not miss it. It was becoming a nuisance anyway.

          • Gary,when dealing with libs you need to keep in mind that they can’t stand truth and logic because that stirs their conscience and reminds them of just how very wrong they are. You know they react with violence and hatred when faced with their phoniness. Just keep on reminding them!

          • Points already understood & well stated. No problem on this end!

          • That was their answer to me too. Now why on earth would I send them my ID, online, when they can’t protect their own system? Sounds almost like Zuckerburg might be getting into the I’D theft business????

          • Why does your brain conclude that a simple acronym should have an apostrophe shoehorned into it? You have seen “ID” in print, literally tens of thousands of times.

          • Ok, grammar Gestapo at it again, you’ve never hit a wrong button before have you ? Don’t you have anything better to do, or to say than not pick spelling and punctuation? Are you one of those Chicago liberal communist professors or something? Or is it that have some fascination with my posts in particular? You seem to be following me around Playing grammar Gestapo all over this post. What’s really up with that?

          • I’m also blocked from facebook said the truth about obama and his man wife and facebook took it down.So I told facebook to go F–K them self and now I’m blocked for life and I could care less.

        • And liberalism is also a personality disorder. Note how they view everything darkly. Their posts are loaded with negativity spiced with profanity. I cancelled an account with Flakebook before ever posting anything on it. The whole thing came across to me as trailer park nosey filth.

          • I hear ya on that one! I’ve been a lot more serene feeling since leaving Assbook after a month of swatting away the sniveling little Leftist gnats that are laced throughout the site. I believe even my blood pressure has improved also!

          • Good comment Gary. The best to ya! Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty. Our worst enemies are domestic, not foreign. We all have to work hard to contain the metastasizing of the liberal cancer with its agenda to destroy everything the Founders gave us. Speaking of nuisance “insects” I’ve found the blocking mechanism provided by this site works wonders at keeping the roaches, fleas, and other posting pests off my screen. 🙂

          • Same back to you, fellow Patriot! I’ve been having a blast watching the Lib’s little pin heads explode off of their thoraxes & abdomens since President Trump was elected. Would that “blocking mechanism” you speak of be that little inverted triangle to the right of our comments? It says “Block User” when you click on it. It worked for me once or twice in the past, but I forgot it was there until you mentioned it. Thanks for reminding me! Be well, & keep that proud chin up!

          • To the left of your and others’ names you’ll see either the little gray man or a photo for the person posting. Click on that. Up will pop
            details about the person posting. Up to right you will find three small blue dots. Click those. Down will drop two options. The top one is for blocking. Click that one and the system will block that persons posts from appearing on your screen. They can see what you post to others but they cannot send to you–the system blocks anything they
            attempt to send you. I believe you can also reverse that procedure if you want to. Before blocking I’ve always posted a courtesy notice to the person I’m blocking saying I’m blocking him/her.

          • Got it. Thanks, my friend! Have you tried clicking on that little inverted triangle I spoke of in my last post? I believe it does the same thing. It’s good to know two different ways to do it, I suppose. Thanks again, & be well!

        • Gary my sisters-in-law put me on Face Book because they thought I should be on there. I thought nothing about it.
          However, I found it the most boring place ever! So I go there a couple of times a year to see the family pictures that are posted by them.
          I decided I did not want to be on there and tried to delete my account. FB would not delete me. HOW did you get off? Or is you account still showing when you go there?
          People can still post to me on mine. I don’t even remember my user name or password, so can only go with a short cut on my computer.

          • It’s sort of a pain in the but because they make you jump through a few hoops to get it done, & then there’s a 14day wait Assbook to finally activate your unsubscribe request. I actually forgot how I did it, so you may want to try clicking on “manage my account” or something like that to get it started. seem to remember nothing immediately displayed to click on that says “unsubscribe”. I think they do this on purpose to discourage people from leaving. Could it be they know they SUCK?

        • I was blocked from Twitter for saying Kim Kardashian is a pig. Couldn’t figure that one out until I read up on who is their CEO, another Leftwing airhead.

          • Too funny! If you ever need a good belly laugh, just listen to a Lib kook gas bag spew their twisted diatribe. The funny part of it is they are serious & actually believe what they’re saying makes sense.

        • Psychiatrist Lyle Rossiter, M. D., states that Liberals are sociopathic. He is board certified in general psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. He has practiced for over 40 years.
          I know some liberals who are not murderers and monsters, but hold views that are not rational. (Conscience function can range between normal to seared. Conscience content can be morally wrong and conscience function strong. For more information, see http://www.jrcministries.org/wholeness/15-how-to-have-a-clear-conscience.html .)

      • I was banned from our local newspaper because I took issue with the biased reporting of the editor. Socialists hate to debate truth.

        • Socialists support something that has proved to not work for the good of humanity. But their goal is to get a “position” in a bureaucracy where they can dictate the lives of others whom they’ve never met nor can ever relate to.

        • They cannot handle the truth Mr. Pearson.. they go all snowflakes when the truth is put in front of them..

      • Sorry Allen but it already is. I was banned from Facebook for the same nothing burger.

      • Sounds like the “perfection” called North Korea. A lefty’s paradise.

      • That is already happening.

      • I’ve had that happen too. Even when what I was saying was provably true and what they were saying was utter nonsense. Sadly It’s happening everywhere in the ‘mainstream’ media. Just look how they treat anyone with even slightly conservative views, or even one of their own who let’s slip a bit of common sense. It’s the same every time, they get that arrogant, angry look on their face, then the sneering contempt, then they smugly dismiss whatever that person is saying. As if it’s not even worth their effort to listen and even if it makes them look foolish to do so. Which it often does, at least to those of us with the ability to reason and an ounce of sense. It’s as if reality and what actually happens, as opposed to what they really, really wish would happen makes no difference at all, only whatever narrative they’re pushing that week.
        It’s why I cannot watch any liberal ‘news’ outlet anymore, even to support a conservative whose probably wasting their time going on there. I can’t stand that smug, arrogant denial of the truth. Or the way they twist everything, every word to support their nonsense. Or the knowledge that there are people, easily led, easily manipulated, who are buying the garbage they’re so desperate to sell.

      • What can we expect from totalitarian mentalities? They want another USSR set up in USA and dream of their private Politburo/Presidium office and paycheck as they dictate the lives of people they can never relate to. Historically socialism and communism have proved to never improve the living standards of anyone anywhere. They are run and enforced by selfish
        goons the likes of Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez as examples. But some people never learn–because they prefer to live lies.

        • “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”. S’body else said that “from time to time the tree of liberty has to be pruned of the tyrants” and that’s what we did by getting obama out and some of his leeches and keeping Killary from being
          elected. The job still isn’t done, we need to work on clearing out the brush of liberal minded minions at the local level …

          • Thank you Boyd. Well said. In garden management (horticulture) the planter has to clear out the unwanted “tares” from among the “wheat”. Liberalism is a crop of weeds sown by the Devil in God’s great garden. He began by planting seeds of confusion in the mind of a woman named Eve who, in turn, talked her husband into going along with some forbidden activity.

      • Maybe Facebook should be renamed ‘Tass’ after the communist news rag?

        • allen goldberg

          do not recommend that but the way this generation is behaving..if I write “I disagree..let me explain”…its hate speech…so either you agree or are told to shut up…

      • The HuffPO is the nearest nothing on the Internet and its run by airhead dingbat Arrianna Huffington who got laughed off the debate stage when she thought she could be our president, although I will admit she would have been better than Obama or any of the Klinton Klan.

      • It is their form of eliminating free speech..

    • Spoken loud and clear.

    • OMG well said Natalie.

    • 1PierreMontagne1

      Completely insane is where senators marry their hose or Gay males marry their poodles – no doubt that is just around the corner. E do after all see people wanting human status granted to Monkeys and chimpanzees.

    • Natalie liberals support the idea of freedom of speech as long as the speech agrees with their opinions and agenda. Speech that does not support their agenda and opinions is labeled by them as hate speech or bigotry. In short, they do not support Amendment I of the Constitution. That being said, they reject the US Constitution altogether. It is the law of the land. To reject any part of it is to reject the entire Constitution.

    • Give them money and they without a doubt use it against you.

  3. WHY IS TRUMP SO OBSESSED WITH WOMEN’S BLOOD? DID HE MISS HIS PERIOD? w.smyer https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/802a9edbb234fa535024f8e4ff712271e341d4f4e211f560c72d89bb6b26481f.jpg

  4. Well I hate Facebook! Never had an account and never will. It eats you time and bombards you with military grade brainwashing with its mindless, dishonest, deceptive advertising! They mine you for everything than can monetize. If you like being a pawn in someone else’s chess game then Facebook is for you.

    Hey Zuckerberg! How’s the wall around your Hawaiian palace coming along?

    • Malcolm Davidson

      I agree, but what puzzles me is why so many people love it. It is a gigantic time waster, yet I know lots of people who swear by it. Personally, I swear at it. I think all these social network sites are anything but social. Social to me means getting together with people face to face, and doing something, even if it is having a drink together. There is nothing social about putting up one’s picture and describing what they did or think. How absurd. I guess I am old school and old fashioned. (Thank God).

      • Malcolm – I refuse to have my picture taken anymore because I do not want it on facebook and my fiancee is a big fan of doing just that. Therefore, no more pictures of me.

        • Malcolm Davidson

          Aristophanes- Good for you. A man with common sense and wisdom. My wife loves fb, and she wastes a ton of time on it looking at God knows what. I have nothing to do with it.

          • A woman.

          • Malcolm Davidson

            1000 pardons. I must say that everyone on this sight has been incredibly nice. Again, my sincerest apologies. Have a great 4th.

          • No problem Malcolm. My name is kinda generic. Just thought you would want to know that all women are not like your wife and I too do not like facebook. You have a great 4th too. I am getting a 4 day weekend. Yoohoo:-)

      • Malcolm, people love Facebook because they want to be “seen”; it makes them feel important. I have a brother who is literally addicted to it, having to post as many things as he can each day to show you how “knowledgeable” he is about everything (dyed-in-the-wool Liberal, but I think you guessed that already). It’s all about “me” … look how important I am in the grand scheme of things. It infltates peoples’ sense of self-worth. It seems that the people with the LEAST amount of self-esteem (self-loathers?) are the ones that post the most.

        • Malcolm Davidson

          Gary- You might be right, as what you say makes sense. Most of the stuff on Facebook just bores me. it is drivel, and I don’t care what others think of Trump, Mexican food, The New England Patriots, or for that matter much of anything. I guess I am an old curmudgeon. I just don’t see the point of going somewhere and showing the world where I am at, going, or went. Who cares?

          • Malcolm, I am no “spring chicken” myself, but when you open yourself up to everybody and his brother, you WILL be seen … whether you want to be or not. There are enough “cop” shows on TV that always show the authorities going into a suspect’s emails … or Facebook page … to try and get something on them; this should be a wake-up call to people to be careful what they divulge. I think it is a great forum to advertise events and such, but to put your personal life (and political views) out there … eh, not so much.

          • Malcolm Davidson

            Gary- You seem to have something that so many people lack these days, Common Sense. You summed it up in a nutshell for me. I have watched enough cop shows too, and even though I am not a criminal, I just think the whole concept of look at me is basically revolting. It seems to me that people are so narcissistic and unfeeling regarding anyone else that all that matters is the drivel they shout out on FB, Snap Chat, and all the rest. You are smart and you can guess my views from reading these posts, and I assume you really don’t care.This is the way I think it should be, but alas many people are overly concerned with their own bs, and how they think others will perceive them. Enjoyed our little chat- Happy 4th to you and your family.

          • Actually Malcolm, I care more than you think. It’s always refreshing to converse with someone that has their “head screwed on right”. Maybe because we are old-timers, and have been around the block a few times, we see what’s happening with this country and it’s not pretty. Keep the faith my friend. It’s been a pleasure talking to you. You and yours have a great 4th as well. Take care …

          • I’m another “Gary” posting comments here too & also agree with you both, Gary & Malcolm 100%.

          • not only the police but perverts and stalkers troll looking for victims

          • Absolutely. Evil lurks all over these days, why bring it to yourself when you don’t have to?

        • FB is used as a ‘brag-book’ on line; also, like you stated, for some folks, it truly is an addiction.

          • Brag book … I LIKE that Doxie. You hit the nail on the head. Another way of saying “look at ME … it’s all about ME”.

            Thanks, I’m going to remember that. 🙂

        • I agree with both of you. I stopped going there quite a few months ago. I got so sick of the pictures being posted of abused children, abused animals, people posting their before and after pictures, even when I couldn’t see a difference. Also all the pictures of people’s dinners or whatever concoction they had fixed up in their kitchen laboratories. YUCK. I wouldn’t feed most of it to my dogs. They wouldn’t eat it anyway. But, back to subject I expect if I go there again I will be banned, because I have a livid hatred of any of those people who are coming here trying to change OUR country into the miserable junk heap they just came from, and then trying to tell me I have to believe in their “religion”. Crap on that !!!!! I’m a born again Christian and I will never, ever, welcome the muslim slumdogs and their “religion” which is nothing but a cult. I may get banished from this site too. Oh well. Also, being a Christian doesn’t mean you have to let people walk on you.

          • Exactly right. God never said his people were supposed to be door mats. All what is happening are things to bring this country down. Free speech censorship goes right along with dictatorship. Same with gun control, health care control. Its not about any of these things; it’s all about CONTROL. FACEBOOK is a great way to keep tabs on people which is the last thing they would consider.

      • Malcolm D., there are a few people who use it to keep up with events and pics of their children, relatives or friends that live far away.
        But, lets face it! There many, many people on the site who want to advertise to all their Fake friends the fact that they just “f*rted”! Or some other nonsense of which no one even wants to know.

      • It’s a place to vent.. but make sure some snowflake’s sensitivities aren’t harmed, even if that snowflake isn’t on FB. I have a friend only wall and they let these little trolls on that try to attach themselves to to one like ticks(a friend who was a friend of s’one else). They say they like your opining
        And they are mining stuff to use against you and they disapeer and report you.. so be wary… I look and see who they know. Yes, I do have some friends who are s’ehat liberally minded and these mites know them as friends..
        now they wanted to be my friend.. hmm.. not happening.
        Not even! So be careful of who these little mites used to be friends of.. go to those friends and comm with them via messenger and get the scoop on that person.. if they give them accolades, maybe they’re alright…maybe. I put them on kind of a probation first.. Remember, they might still be that member’s friend and will just follow along and not say anything to pick up bits n pieces. So I go talk to that person out of earshot of the suspected troll. Enough of that .. you all have a glorious
        Fourth of July !

    • Law suit against facebook being formed over robocalls and text mails…….

  5. 8 months now I have been trying to get my Facebook account closed.
    If I were an advertiser paying Facebook on their clients I would demand an audit.

    • FaceBook account is IMPOSSIBLE to close!!!!

      • NO! Can be done. I’m not computer savvy but I was able to get someone more computer literate to delete my account for me. I do not deal with Facebook… too much risk of low-life trailer trash types getting into your business.

      • aI have decided that, so now every time they send me something, I go on line and pick 2 off their advertisers and send them, mail telling them that Facebook is faking their membership

    • jerry.rebar it CAN be done. I had to get someone more expert than I am to shut one down that I opened but never used. Dr. Clark Howard, syndicated consumer radio advocate strongly cautions about using Facebook. To me Mark Zuckerberg had a wonderful idea…until the trailer park trash got involved with their low-life
      gossips. After someone showed me examples of garbage posted on Facebook I had that person delete an account I had set up. NO MORE Facebook for me!
      It’s kinda like a newly developed neighborhood. It’s wonderful until the affluent trash are able to afford moving in. Then THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD!

      • At this point every time I get another e mail from Face book, I go to it, pick out three or four more advertisers and tell them about my problem,

  6. Anything that is done to or about throwing a wrench into the Facebook machine, is a good thing! As far as I’m concerned (and who really cares what I think), Facebook has seen it’s day! There must be a replacement pain in the ass out there somewhere, just waiting to steal the spotlight! I also tire of spoiled rich kids who think they know everything because they have made billions of dollars! I thought Suckerberg was going to quit the company……WHEN! Anyway, I’m wandering! censor away Markie Mark, I use FaceBook about once a year!!!!!!

  7. Screw Facebook and any other social media site that prohibits freedom of speech. Let them die under the weight of their own making.

  8. Malcolm Davidson

    I already have turned my back on Facebook, and not because of Facebook’s so called politics, but because I think most of it is just plain stupid. I really do not care about long lost classmates that I wasn’t all that particularly interested in, and what they are doing and thinking. I don’t care where most people ate last night, the car they bought, or where they sat at the game, play, concert, etc. I am also willing to bet the don’t give a shit about me either. I just think of Facebook as a cauldron of narcissism. Ridiculous.

    • Yup … it’s just a place to say “Look at ME”. Look how important I am. Look how “full” my life is (full of what I wonder 🙂 ). Like you say, narcissism.

      • Malcolm Davidson

        Gary- I loved your reply. I am still laughing very hard at the line “full of what I wonder.” My God, how funny. I am just an average guy who thinks all these social network sites are basically idiotic.

        • Like I said my friend, it’s all about “pulling your pants down” and letting everybody see what you’ve got. Thing is, you just don’t know who’s watching! 🙂

  9. Facebook is totally liberal and will do anything it can to shut us up. So lets start another venue to push the American agenda of what would be the “right” thing to do.

  10. I don’t do facebook.. period. Really dislike the pompous ass who runs it.

  11. So hate speech is defined as something which attacks someone’s “gender identity” or their “sexual orientation” or their “religion”. What if one sentence supports one person’s gender identity but also attacks someone else’s religion at the same time?

    • To the liberal mind attacking Christianity (religious Faith) is not hate speech. That one is totally accepted because liberals reject “religion” if it’s Christianity.

  12. I have already turned my back on facebook. Haven’t used it in years just because of this. Only it was conservatives that facebook was blocking. Now they are using “hate speech” as a means of blocking more. The definition of hate speech is so subjective that I do not agree with this.

  13. There goes everyone’s friends list. Anything you say will be held against you.

  14. They started CENSORING people long before this announcement. If they don’t like what you say (whatever happened to free speech) they ban you Who are the benevolent ones that decide what is “Hate speech”. This is so obvious, they are simply making everyone say only what they want said. Typical liberal agenda. “Don’t do as I do, say what I tell you to say”. LOL

  15. Like Google, Facebook is a great way to collect information about people. You get on there and, there’s something about it, you just want to gush about everything in your life. Is that really a wise thing to do? Why does the whole world need to know if your two-year-old acutally took a poop in the toilet rather than somewhere else convenient? Sounds silly, but that is the type of thing you find out there. If I want someone to know something about me, I will tell them … over the phone, or to their face. Call me old-fashioned, or out-of-touch, but I am NOT going to lay myself bare in front of alot of prying eyes. That’s just plain stupid.

    • I agree and no I don’t get on Facebook and talk about personal things. I mainly comment on articles whether I agree or disagree with them. Political comments is usually what sets off Facebook and Google or whomever. They want people that only agree with them.

      • But that is the way our whole country is getting like: people (mostly younger) have an opinion, and if you express something different from that, they don’t know how to handle it. Their reactions range from acting like spoiled, immature brats, to out-and-out violence (immature brats taking to the streets). Facebook and Google are run by people such as this, but like somebody else posted here, these are PRIVATE companies and if you don’t play the way they want you to play, they can just take their “ball” and go home.

    • The best way on FB is have a friends only wall(your circle) and you can eliminate a lot of trolls, mites, or whoever… the best deal is messenger.. if you want one with one.. what’s said is between you two.

      • Hi Boyd. Yes I realise there are all kinds of ways you can “customize” your Facebook page and I’ve actually tried Messenger and made it work! I guess if I were more interested in it I would learn the different things but, as I said earlier, I’m kind of an old fashioned soul and really can’t get into it. I see why people are attracted to it; I’m just not one of them.

        • Ok it’s your choice.. A lot of people just do the gossip thing and I can’t get into that. I like to post some relevant news articles.. some have a little “humor ” and takes it to the fake news level, but not much.
          With FB going after hate speech .. the way they got it written, even a cockroach has ‘civil rights’.. could Prob’ly add. Dung beetles to that protected class.. comparing certain humans to being a cockroach or dung beetle might be also seen as denigrating the cockroach or dung beetle.
          Where will it end?..

  16. Time to open a different blog site just for Conservatives, Heterosexuals, Christians, those who were born in the right gender, and only those who are “sane” where “TRUTH” is what is exchanged – not some “dreamt up” sub-version of Reality. LET ZUCKERBURG (aka Zucubus) KEEP HIS FANTASY DRIVEN WEBSITE JUST FOR THE “PERVERTS” OF THE WORLD. Nothing lasts forever – especially when the “Word Police” show up and tweak truths into their own sick Realities!

    I quit Facebook several years ago because I saw the writing on the wall…Zuckerburg got his millions, now he wants the POWER TO CONTROL PEOPLE’S LIVES — NOT HAPPENING. I left that Funny Farm years ago and haven’t missed it a bit!

    Watch out for the “WORD POLICE”! They have been monitoring everyone on Facebook for years, but now that Mr. Mark Zucubus has made his $$, he thinks he can control what people say or feel? WRONG! ADAMANTLY WRONG!
    Well guess what mr. Zucubus, people will always find a way to communicate and as your precious FB loses readership and is ignored by those that made it grow, your “Perfect World” you created blows up in your face – and people no longer “chose” F.B. but another website where they truly can be FREE, SPEECHWISE AND THOUGHTWISE! It’s coming … you’ll never know when it will hit, but you know it will change Mr. Zucubus’s life forever. Ahhhh, just when he thought he was becoming a new world leader too. Tsk tsk tsk.

  17. The liberal Fascists can take those hate speech codes and shove them up their ass! It’s just another weapon to use against anyone that won’t toe the line on their National Socialist (fascist) agenda!

  18. Hmmmm – facebook being sued at every turn wouldn’t be part of the problem…….HUH

  19. Well, time to get rid of Facebook. F*ck this libtard bullsch*tt.

  20. F*CK Z*CK should be a new club

  21. Stephen Kirtland

    I’m a Christian, heterosexual, male, of-low-melanin complexion United States of American and I challenge any of you haters out there on Facebook or anywhere else in the twitterverse to make some bullying or hurtful remark about it and I’ll slap you so fast- with a copy of the internet social media rulebook (which changes everyday, because we can do whatever we want), so there.

    • Kirtland your attitude comes across to me as being more Pharisaic than Christian. I seriously doubt Jesus of Nazareth would approve of you claiming to be one of His followers with such a statement you just posted. And incidentally IF the “internet social media rulebook” does change every day then of what authority is it? NONE! As Scarlett O’Hara said in GWTW, “Oh well, tomorrow is another day.”.

  22. George E. LeFebvre

    Mark made his millions and now he could care less what happens to Facebook. Want to stop hate from Facebook, stop the media from using it. And above all, Politicians who continually go after our Greatest President in eons.
    Then lets ban all the liberals who also are dumbed up from Obummer days. In another words, shut down Facebook completely.

    • Now George you know if anyone or any agency tried to shut down Facebook they would be in violation of the Constitution’s provision for freedom of speech. I recommend let the trailer park trash continue their inane filth on Facebook. The rest of us with civility will BOYCOTT IT. I shut down an account when I discovered the nosey, filthy, low-life postings done on Facebook. I actually never did post anything when I had an open account. Facebook is for the “useful idiots” who vote the likes of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schummer (sp?), Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton and other anti-American traitor dimwits into office.

  23. Yep its all in who makes the dessions about the hate speech Any thing good for the country is hate to the dems And they seem to be the ones with all the money to control everything

  24. This is so the Muslims can take over and we can’t say anything about it. I guess FB would consider my post hate speech, but I don’t.

  25. Facebook blocked me and they said something like I had to show an id that proved my age, name, and photo. No mention of opinions stated. I have been on it for 8 years maybe. What do you all think was the real problem. I do express unpopular ideas with Liberals.

    • You are highly complimented justagramma that FAKEBOOK blocked you. Your brilliance is too bright to shine where the useful idiots roost.

      • I wasn’t threatening anyone or using bad names, but I did lament that I couldn’t be certain there was some kind of karma to “reward” some of the comments and actions I thought deserved it! 🙂

        • ANY idea(s) expressed by conservatives will be unpopular with liberals. That’s their mindset. We represent something they want to abolish from the face of the earth. Our caring, loving attitude toward other people with a live and let live attitude is something the liberal mind cannot tolerate because the concept is incomprehensible to them. They tend to be insecure and do not relate well to others. They can relate others not on a person-to-person basis but only on
          knowing they are on the same agenda about issues. So an agenda or concept is a uniting force between them, not a personal one-on-one enjoyment of each others’ company. Liberalism is not just a mental disorder, it is also a personality disorder. Liberals live miserable lives. Proof? Notice how negative their attitudes are.

  26. No it will just turn it into a snowflakes social meeting place / kinda like the universities that don’t allow “offending” speech or thoughts

  27. Suzanne Marienau

    Facebook is a libber’s dream. No, thank you.
    People there will tell you the most minute aspects of their lives. These days, that can be downright dangerous. There was a woman on Dr. Phil several months ago who was freaking out because someone had stolen her twin daughters’ identities. Yes, she was right to be troubled, but she had posted almost every moment of their lives on FB. Don’t people realize that not everyone on these sites is warm and fuzzy?
    Zuckerberg has allowed very disturbing things to be posted on his cash cow site & they have remained there, even after people complained about them.
    I am all for censoring hate talk, insane ranting, things that can endanger others, perverts of any kind, and those who seek to stir up anarchy. I don’t lose sleep for crying that some snowflake is being denied his/her rights.
    I cannot understand how people can get so addicted to these social media sites. Are their lives really so empty that they have to spend so much time being involved in the lives of strangers? I post occasionally on sites like this, but that is all I care to do. I have tried being a member of an animal activism site, but eventually the libbers brought their nastiness in and anyone who was a conservative was attacked in the way they do. I left. Who needs that?
    These rabid haters need to be reined in. I believe that many are mentally unstable and could be dangerous.

    I wish all Patriots a blessed 4th of July.

  28. 1PierreMontagne1

    Wow now we know why the founder bailed – anyone pay any attention as to who else has slipped out the back door of face book?

  29. I never had much regard for Face Book nor do I now.

  30. One step closer to facism in America as the norm.

  31. Dear Facebook,
    I tried to see your point of view, but I could not get my head up my ass that far.

    I’ll see your censorship and raise your bet with my withdrawal from ALL advertisers and income streams which support Facebook.

    I invite all others who might enjoy exercising their First Article Freedom of Speech Right to join me. We will then set back and watch your quarterly financial reports as they fall… you know… like Target and Macys… to name only two.

    Ohh… and goodbye and good luck… You are never to big to fail.

    • Good post G.Mann. “Flakebook” seems to have become the roosting place for trailer trash scum. People with civility don’t go there.

  32. Mark Zuckerberg wants equal pay for everyone a living wage must be paid. He will help the rest of the world on other people’s Money while he pledges billions we not holding our breath to see it given, to help the poor. Absolutely nuts, but rich do he is acceptable.

  33. Is there anyway a conservative site can be set up?

  34. Liberalism = Nazism!

    • Liberalism = socialism = communism and neither has proved to be of humanitarian benefit. Both guarantee *Equal Distribution of Misery*. The Russians proved for 73 years that communism does not work. Now look at Cuba and Venezuela. Some people never learn. The only way socialism and communism can be enforced is at the end of a loaded gun barrel. Oh the lessons of history that liberals ignore.

  35. Charles Wolfe jr

    Well if they are going to delete pro-Christian, pro-gun or anti-Muslim things, I WILL delete my account!!!!!!!!

  36. To late guys, I swept the stench of Facebbok from my Ao 2 years ago. Facebook had the audacity to allow an imposter to hijack my account, suspended my access and let the imposter rum amuck. Screw them. I don’t have to prove that I am who I am to some place who allows that crap. I personally hope they do go down the tubes.

    • The word ‘too’ should not be beyond the ability of an adult.

      • Oh, excuse me . Did I not hit the “o” twice in my opening word? Wasn’t aware that the grammar Gestapo was hovering over my shoulder but thank you for pointing out the misspell.

        • Do you typically do things with varying degrees of competency, depending on who is, or isn’t hovering over your shoulder?

          That attitude could not have served you very well during your ‘career’.

          (By the way, stupid…you also botched the simple word ‘amok’.)

          • Actually my career was quite excellent. In all the years I spent as a painter of many different things, I can live with the fact that never were any of my products rejected for any reason. In fact, I recieved awards for excellence on a number of occassions. And excuse me if my spelling isnt up to your degree of competency, I have been Dyslexic most if my life, but I take that you’ve been an a**hole all of yours. And I’m only guessing by your moniker, that you Sam are Chicago A**hole to boot.which would explain a lot when it comes to the way you become unhinged so easily. That does seem to be a liberal defect. It also seems to have touched a nerve with the Gestapso comparison, truth hurts doesn’t. But you have made the point of the article, so prepare to banned.

  37. The answer is easy. The first time they censor you, cancel your Facebook account. I am not a fan of Hate speech when that is really what it is, but my definition might not match “the current PC definition”. But, guess what? I lived for 6 decades without Facebook and I can easily do it again if I need to. Hope saying Facebook isn’t essential isn’t considered “Hate Speech”?

  38. David H. Cheresh

    For the record, Facebook is NOT a “private” company, its “public,” and the shareholders will ultimately decide the fate of Zuckerberg’s Folly. When enough users reject FB (and its tenets), the stock price will drop, and the board will be forced to reevaluate. I’m not holding my breath, but I’m about to cease and desist.

  39. Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

    Another slippery slope. What is hate speech and who decides? Censorship of ideas and free speech is never a good idea. Guess I will have to open a twitter account to hear free speech. Didn’t want to but if the PC police invade face book I will remove my account.

  40. FB DEMANDED I provide a government issued photo ID in order to keep my account.
    Censorship with FB began YEARS ago! Only now are people waking up to this idea.

  41. If a group doesn’t like free speech then I say F>>K YOU….and leave the site……commies, globalists, snowflakes etc…that one is for you……

  42. ..meanwhile the fix for your ..GENESIS 6.6.. problem.. remains as it is written .. with the BANKER$ in$pired by GOD to DO IT!! …. REVELATION 17.17.. ..got me?

  43. Well I think I’ll have drop F/B. I’ve only been using it for a long time. This shit stinks, pun intended. The 1st amendment is, or should be the base of all these speech rules. I am a disabled person, no big, I refer to myself as a “gimp” no harm if thrown back at me. I’m also a NAZI, again just me, however I’m a bit of an odd Nazi, I do dislike many groups of peoples but will give an individual a chance. Don’t matter if negro, Jew, etc. I do and have had negro friends, they know my views and I theirs. With them it’s no big if I say “move your black ass, call porch monkey”, they’ll just call me a “cracker or dumb ass white boy”, that way we can be honest yet still be buds. I’m a red neck ass, though just to be clear I am NOT a skin head, those guys are just out there. And most things this idiot are labeling “hate” aren’t. These people need to learn to be Americans 1st, we over here shouldn’t be paying any attention to trends and actions in Europe. This is not the United states of Europe…

  44. Well, I’m not that fond of FB anyway. I devote more time to it than I should and it’s often more aggravating than it’s worth. Conservatives, Christians, and Patriots cannot voice opinions at all without lefties getting ugly and personal in their insults.

  45. Lizabethjrichard

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  46. The liberals are the ones using the most hate speech. You can’t say anything to them without being accused of hate and they will unfriend you even if you agree with them. But then they will probably be allowed to continue using facebook and the rest of us denied access to itl

  47. It’s not Facebook, it is really “Foolsbook”!

  48. The Bible is the standard for judging.
    Jesus became angry with people using the Temple to make money instead of using the Temple as a house of prayer. His was a righteous anger. He did not hate anyone. He taught us to love our enemies, which he practiced when experiencing excruciating pain on the cross. He prayed for those who crucified him:
    “Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34, NIV).
    We who are called “Christians” must follow Jesus, who is our role model.

  49. If Zuckerberg reads Facebook comments he will see more hate speech by the Left than the Right, but since he is such a big turd Lefty he won’t see it like that. I really wish someone would come out with a viable alternative to Zucker’s follies, and leave their own political prejudices out of it.

  50. A woman once accused me of hating Muslims. I do not hate anyone, including Muslims. This does not exclude stating that some of their beliefs are wrong. For instance, “holy wars,” “honor killings,” military aggression and Muslim pirate attacks. Muslims attacked US cargo ships and took slaves when we were a young nation. President Thomas Jefferson fought them and Congress declared war on them in 1801.

  51. Why are all these west coast tech companies run by Leftwing traitors to this country?

  52. I HATE MucK ZuCKeRBeRG is that hate speech? I know he has shit for brains because he is a LIBTURD.

  53. Yep, Facebook banned me for 7 days cause they didn’t like what I had to say, aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. F*ck Facebook, bunch of schitt for brains liberals.

  54. Munge: Yes in your statement. Thanks for the correction there. ???

  55. Munge: My name is Terminator. I am one of the biker friends on his name here. Let me tell you something here. Your the one who started the fighting by insulting him plus the threatening acts.
    I don’t know who you think you are. But I and the rest of us bikers don’t like the way your treating our friend on here. I think I need we need to have a talk with you on a one to one basic’s. We will find you and be seeing you real soon. Just like you told him. Listen to the biker sound. Well, you be listening to our Harley’s as we approach you. Be looking all around you wherever you go. We will be behind you . Or even beside you when you travel. Talk to you soon. Let’s see how tuff you really are then. My friend is not talking to you anymore. But I will or another biker will be from now on.

    • How many times must you be taught the word you’re before you’re (see how easy?) able to commit it to memory?

      • Chi Sam: Wha is you’re point here huh? So what I made a error. No big thing. As everyone makes mistakes. Even you do. Are you trying to help me by correcting me huh? Or trying to use criticism here? I suppose if you check here on the posts. You will find a lot of errors others have made here. And other question here which I am confused about here. How come you picked me out of everybody here huh? Or did you feel I was a easy prey then? I just bet I can find errors by others here on post is all I am saying. And also don’t know if you realize this or not. But the writing error corrections on these post. Mis-spell words and adds other words on here as well OK? I appreciate you correcting me however! ???

        • Your English is coming along very well. How many months have you been in our country?

          • Chi Sam: Still think you’re a Comedian huh? To bad your not a good comedian but a lousy comedian. I see your sentences are getting better along with spelling words correctly. What part of Muslim country you from originally now????? You see I am like the Bruce Springsteen song. Born in the USA. Oh I forgot. That was a song you never heard before since you was born from another country. Here is something for you here. USA! USA! USA! ????????

          • I got further this time…it wasn’t until the second sentence, that you proved yourself stupid.

            You botched the simple words too and you’re, at which point I stopped reading.

            Do you do anything well?

          • Chi Sam: Oh you read the entire thing alright. You can’t admit in your tiny brain what I said to you was absolutely correct is all. And then now you have to twist you’re words around is all. Quit talking about my errors of words. As you have made plenty as well since our conversations. You need to go back to your Iraq family you associate with and have them to teach you how to spell and write there. In fact my suggestion is go back home to your country in Iraq where you came from foreigner. Nobody likes ISIS/ Muslims Terrorists here in the Good Old USA! ???

          • No, stupid…as I have very clearly noted, I read only until I come upon another stupid mistake and then reply and delete the email notification.

            This time, you made through two complete sentences. They were not mistake-free, but the third sentence is proof=positive of your sheer stupidity. The simple concept of your vs. you’re is beyond your ability.

            You’re pathetic. Go be with your dead wife, stupid. You have nothing left.

          • Chi Sam: I didn’t make no errors dum- dum. It’s just you’re a ignorant dumbbell. Who can’t write sentences well. As spell words correctly. You need to go to ( Anger Management Classes) to teach you how not to be angry because you’re a complete failure at everything. And a Looser! I bet your family are asking themselves where they went wrong with you. They most likely disowned you as well. And why not. You’re a looser! ? Your just angry at everyone because when you was a child. You never got your ways and was rejected by your family. Or you was a spoiled rotten kid when you was young. And got into trouble with the law is all. And your probably a loner now. And un-happiness is still in your life. Hey Chump! At lease I was married at one time. You probably haven’t been. As your a criminal and nobody wants a looser crimminals like you. Who wants sympathy from everyone. And won’t lift his butt to work and make a living. Yup! Your a looser alright. Suck on that there punk what I indicated here. ????

          • Looser means less tight. You know that.

          • Chi Sam: You know what I meant by looser. As it means someone who can’t do nothing right and won’t do anything to accomplish something in there life. And buddy that is you to a tea. I bet you don’t even have a job now. Not counting you never had a job long enough to speak of. You are a looser! I am laughing at you. Quit sponging off of people or the Government. And work and get a real job there. ????

          • 100k…you illiterate Nancy.

          • There is something wrong with you. You don’t even act like a man.

          • Chi Sam: I am laughing 😂 At you. I am more man the you ever will be. As you are just a punk and bully is all you are. I explained things to you very throughly. Yet your in denial of everything I explained to you. And you hate me because I told the truth is all. And all you have done from the beginning to the end is lie- lie- lie. You need psychiatric help. Is what You need there. Go back to your hateful iraq’s country where you came from. Your not welcome here in the USA! 👍🇺🇸

          • Running your mouth like an imbecilic jerk is not without cost, Mr. Fuller. You’re too stupid and vulnerable to be so reckless.

          • Chi Sam: You talk about someone running the mouth. It is you that is running the mouth like Diaherra with no proof what has been indicated. And you Chi Sam can’t back up what you indicate. I have
            Proven so much to you. It is not even funny. So why don’t you just let it drop and forget it huh???? Your only motive for trying your insulting- bullying etc . Is like I said. You are a spinster. And you have no life period. And you have No Family- No Friends. And you Enjoy Harrassing me because nobody will speak to you. You was bullied from your early childhood. And became very bitter. And so now you took up bullying now. Using every tactic you can. Even now with me and everybody else. Hiding behind your computer. Your life is miserable. Admit it. And now you want revenge from everybody. Due to your hatred for everybody. Boo- Hoo! Feel sorry for Chi Sam. I desire sympathy from people because I was mistreated all my life. Nobody feels sorry for you bully. You need mental and manager’s angryment classes before you can wake up to see reality clearer. 👍🇺🇸

          • Diaherra is not a word. You’re incompetent and stupid, Cornhuskerboy.

          • Chi Sam: Yes, your correct. I spelled the word wrong. The correct word is diarrhea. But you still need help with your anger management issues as well as your mental issues. I understand you are taking out your anger frustrations out on everyone. As you had a bad child youth to adulthood. Bullying people by harsh verbal words does not help you any with any of your issues. You must realize that don’t you?? All I have to say is you need to seek help immediately before you get worse and out of hand and wind up in real trouble. 👍🇺🇸

          • That would, of course, be “you’re correct”.

            My God, you are inept.

            You know the deal…I did not read past that.

          • Chi Sam: Let me explain something to you here. You do read the entire message. It’s just you know I am correct in my words. But you can’t admit to yourself I am right is all. You don’t want to admit your wrong most of the time. Your in complete denial of issues that you don’t agree upon is all. And that concludes everybody else as well as me.

            You love to argue with me because you need attention. Nobody else pays attention to you because your a 7 day blooming idiot. I happen to feel sorry for you because your so well hated by everyone is all. That’s why I talk to you. Even though you insult me all the time. I feel sorry for you and still talk to you. You have a lot of hate in your heart. And feel hatred towards everyone. That’s why you hide your profile on here. As you have a lot of fear due towards all the hate you have. You definetly need some kind of mental help by seeking a psychartics. I hope you go to a psychiatric soon! 👍🇺🇸

          • I stopped reading exactly when I read that you believe I read the entire message. We do have one thing in common Cornhumperboy…I call you a dummy because you’re not very smart, and you call me a liar because you’re not very smart.

          • Chi Sam: I believe you read the entire message by what you tell me is why. By certain words you indicate in your messages. It indicates that you do read the entire message. As far as your dirty nasty insults you make about me. All that shows to me and other posters is what I indicated about you is all. That you had a bad childhood plus the fact you have a lot of hatred towards everyone. And you need Psychartirist help as well as anger management. Get help please! I know in true reality you want help. But don’t know where to seek it. Call this number here. They can help you. 1-800273-8255. Best of luck in your health. 👍🇺🇸

          • There are several people using the screen name rex1949. You seem “Navy stupid”, so my guess is that you are Mike Walker.

          • Chi Sam: I can’t in the possible world see how that many can be using my name. Because I created this name. And if someone else tried to use my name even on this web site. Then that person could not use my name because the name has been already used by me registering it in my name. If you could tell me what other sites are used using my name. Please tell me the sites. And reply back on here. As I need to investigate this immediately. And if someone is using my name. Maybe you’re not talking to me on other sites. Have you thought about that huh????

            Who in the heck is Mike Weaver huh?????? Never heard of him. May have to check that out. Anyway reply back and let me know about. These others using my name. What site you saw them on. That I would appreciate there. ???

          • I will, when I have time this evening.

            Now you tell me…how is it that you read the name ‘Walker’ and your brain registers ‘Weaver’?

            I’ll bet you’re good at something…though I’ll never see it.

          • Chi Sam: Your something else you know that huh? As you get all facts in-correct as usual.

            When you wrote me about this individual. You did not say the name walker. You send me a message saying Weaver. Besides you claimed I was this individual who I am not. So that disclaims your theory there. Plus you have no common ground proof as well. Besides you probably made that name up to lie about something anyway. As you are proven to become a great liar. Your a joke and a liar.

            In regards of you talking to other persons with my name. If someone was a great hacker. They could get into a lot of this sites. As they could get into the front door of any web site or the back door of any web site. A lot of sites have been hacked into. Even Facebook original site has been hacked many of times. So how can you determine that some hacker got into one of the sites huh? You can’t is what.

            Lastly you have a anger problems from your childhood up. Your parents never taught you the right ways to grow up. Or you didn’t learn a damn thing from your parents and did what you wanted to do. Probably you learned the Iraq ways your parents taught you. That is why you’re so damn ignorant. Your a poor pathetic of a human being. You really are. You need to grow up. Your scarey tactics of scaring someone. Has not worked on me. You may of scared other individuals. But you lack scaring me. To me you are just a dumb ass bully is all. Nobody on the post is impressed with your carnival or circus acts. Why don’t you just go away and go back under your rock where you came from huh??? USA! USA! USA! ????

          • You’re, you inept oaf. You didn’t get one word into your reply before screwing up.

            Not one word.

            I deleted it as soon as I saw ‘your’. Why write such long missives that you know will not be read?

            You’ve yet to go two sentences without screwing up.

          • Chi Sam: I didn’t make no mistakes you stupid Moron. You are just saying that because you’re a ignorant moron who won’t and can’t admit it is all. I seriously forgot one thing however. I think why you can’t read all my material like you so indicated is because your a illiterate person. Probably the reason that is . Is because you never finished grade school. Did I hit a truthful nerve there huh????😂 Too bad sucker! 👍🇺🇸

  56. Good, I would love to see facebook crumble, it’s nothing but a haven for liberal, commie idiots like Zuckerman himself.

  57. Chi Sam : Laughing here? Never heard of that kind of insult before. You pimple faced reject Islam/ Muslim Terrorist. Go stick your head in the toilet. And drown yourself why don’t ya huh??? Your the one who hates the USA! Why don’t you
    Leave the USA and go back to Iraq where you came from. We don’t need you here in the USA! ???

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