Will Donation Bombshell Sink Hillary?

According to a new book due out in May, Hillary Clinton has a lot of explaining to do regarding donations made to the Clinton Foundation, speaking fees collected by her husband, and favors granted by the State Department when she was in charge. Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich could be the bombshell that brings her fledgling candidacy to a quick and decisive end.

Written by Peter Schweizer, the book is a 186-page trip through a scandalous history of questionable events that, taken together, could add up to a mountain of trouble for the candidate whom Democrats have pinned all their hopes to. Setting aside allegations of inappropriate quid pro quo arrangements with foreign donors, the book demonstrates conclusively that Clinton was lying through her teeth when she claimed the couple was “broke” when she began her political career. Between 2001 and 2013, her husband earned more than $100 million from speaking engagements. Unless the definition of “broke” has changed, few Americans are going to understand how Clinton could describe herself that way.

But the matter of the Clintons’ wealth is but a side issue compared to the damning accusations that she used her position as secretary of state to do favors for Clinton Foundation donors. In a political atmosphere where the word “disqualified” is used a bit too often, Clinton could find herself up against a scandal she can’t bat away. According to Schweizer, the book documents a pattern of instances in which State Department policy was suddenly changed after donations were made to the charity. Changed, of course, to provide more favorable conditions for the countries in question.

The fact that this story is running on the front page of the New York Times and on the network news broadcasts proves that Clinton will not be able to brush it away with allegations of a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” Schweizer is Breitbart’s senior editor-at-large and the president of the conservative Government Accountability Institute. It would be trivial for the mainstream media to ignore this book just like they do with every other conservative story. That they aren’t says something about the integrity of Schweizer’s investigation.

Clinton is jumpstarting her campaign with populist arguments against CEO salaries and dirty money in politics, but these allegations show that she’s hardly the campaign-reform candidate needed to bring about a revolution. As disheartening as it may be to think about big business pulling the strings in Washington, it is simply bone-chilling to consider foreign governments gaining a foothold with political donations.

“It is, I think, worth noting that the Republicans seem to only be talking about me,” Clinton said Monday in New Hampshire. “I don’t know what they’d talk about if I wasn’t in the race, but I am in the race and hopefully we’ll get on to the issues.”

She is a master of deflection, but this may be a barrage of questions too fierce to circumvent. There’s no sense moving to “the issues” if Americans don’t believe they can trust the woman running for the Democratic nomination. And at this point, how can they?

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  1. Why should it hurt Clinton in any way? The Clintons have gotten away with far more than a donations scheme. We certainly don’t have an AG who will act against any democrat much less a Clinton.

    As for now in Congress, we have the deadly combination; Too C.S. and/or too corrupt to take any serious actions. John Q. Citizen would be under the jail now if he had committed a fraction of the crimes the Clintons did!

  2. It SHOULD sink Clinton…of course won’t!!!!
    She is of teflon… gotten away with soooo much more …blood on her hands…

    • I think it will this time. John Gotti was supposed to be Teflon too and look where he ended up. Also Bernie Madoff ended up in prison too.

      • Small fish, in the scheme of things.

      • One can only hope 🙂

      • If Bernie were a friend of the Clintons I’m sure he would be filling the campaign fund instead of sitting in prison.
        He’d be good friends with AG as well.

        • She probably not go to prison, but I think she can kiss the Whitehouse good bye.

          • god let’s hope so for all our sakes ‘would be great to see THE BITCH OF BENGAZI completely LOSE IT on a debate and blurt out YEAH I HAD THEM KILLED WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE .LOL.

          • Yes I think that could happen since she is so obsessed with her greed for position and power. Let the announcement that he has been elected president be the signal for the second great American Civil War to begin.

          • Oh it will be like PAUL REVERES RIDE don’t you doubt it .

  3. The Republicans can’t find fault with her issues so they have to try and find fault with Hillary being the messenger.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      T R O L L ! !

    • Hillary is the issue. Her handling of Benghazi alone disqualifies her from public office. She stands for nothing except her greed for position and power. She is right about one thing though. There is a privileged class in this country and she is the worst example of it.

      • Your words are exactly copy catted from Fox News. Can’t you find something authentic to accuse her of. It seams funny to me if she is so guilty of misdemeanor’s that she would have been prosecuted by now. She is not guilty of any thing you can dream up except being the target of your hate.

        • Hello, anybody home? I thought not. Quote from Fox news.

        • You do write for a sitcom don’t you?

        • She did lie about Benghazi when she said that attack was caused by that You tube video. The folks on Fox mostly talk about the “What difference does it make” quote. She won’t be prosecuted as long as Eric Holder is in office. She may not go to prison, but I think that she can just pucker up her lips and kiss the Whitehouse good bye. And you are right, I do hate these thieving politicians who have been financially raping the American people for decades.

          • You better show the prosecuting attorney your evidence, he needs it. I am sure there is a Republican prosecutor out there somewhere that would like to make a big name for himself.

          • The fact that we are 18 trillion in debt is evidence. The fact that the counties in Virginia that surround DC are like the Palace of Versailles is evidence. The Republican party is only the lesser of two evils party. Republican politicians are guilty too.

          • Throw away the cowboy hat Wayne,you are no red blooded cowboy!
            A real cowboy shoots the snake and the skunks!

          • I shoot straight from the hip.

          • I thought your hat was Rainbow ??

        • Wayne, I know you have to be one of those “She was just so dumb, she lost the money while Secretary of State” types.
          I thought you had to be smart to be President or at least a higher IQ blue stater.

          • If you know something the prosecuting attorney doesn’t know you better clue him in. She should be locked up for 30 years if she is guilty of all the things you Republicans accuse her of.

          • Where’s the money Wayne ??
            Maybe we audit her campaign finances.

          • YES

          • When the entire Department of Justice would recuse itself for conflict of interest, we might actually find malice in this administration, but until then Democrats can pillage what’s left of America and “blind” justice.
            You would always say “YES”, but until the scales are balanced it would never matter.
            Why don’t we just CROWN Hillary now, or worse marshal law and a third term for King Obama.

          • OKAY

          • Sure would save the taxpayer of expensive rigged elections.

          • YEP

          • Partisan low information voters are so easy to talk to.
            Nice chatting with YOU.
            Take care.

          • BY

    • Now you’re spinning like the Clintons. It’s their only defense because they are guilty.

    • She hasn’t been interviewed and runs from the press, what are her issues?

      • According to the Republicans the press love’s her. I don’t know where you get her running from the press.

        • Love your funny posts,

          keep em coming.

        • MSM has a liberal bias, of course they like her. She hasn’t had one interview that reveals her plan and talks in generalizations. “This country needs a champion, I want to be that champion.” LOL Today she suddenly found out that small business and the middle class were doing bad, clueless.

          • When you are a star there is no bad publicity. Any publicity is good publicity. Keep your name in the limelight. She wants to thank you for your help.

          • A star? No accomplishments except landing a serial pervert for a husband. She’s afraid to face a serious interview like all the republican candidates have. She’s a one percenter who claims she wants to take down the 1%, the middle class and the poor will end up paying.

          • If she can redistribute the wealth from the 1% to the middle class it would be the highest accomplishment any politician could ever hope to get on their resume. That would mean raising the taxes on the 1% and lowering the taxes on the middle class and you know that’s not going to happen with this do nothing Republican congress.

          • Do you think the wealthy will stay in this country? Only losers at capitalism would be for that. Socialism creates two classes, the rich and the poor, with a tiny middle class, if you haven’t noticed our middle class is shrink. Churchill call socialism, shared misery. The so called rich, big business don’t pay taxes, they pass the cost of taxes on to the consumer which hurts the middle class and the poor.

          • They can’t pass their cost of taxes on if it is put on their net income. I can’t for the life of me figure out why you want to sympathize with the top 1% any way. If they want to move to another country and pay their taxes so what. They aren’t paying them here. By the way I didn’t know I was part of a minority. When did the middle class shrink that much?

          • They’ll leave the country like the rich did in France. High taxes produce less tax revenue, lower taxes produce a higher tax revenue, and that was proven in the 80’s. The middle class is shrinking, even Biden said that the middle class has taken a beating. In the past six years middle class wealth has gone down by $2500 dollars. I saw a video on YouTube from 2006 that has Obama claiming the reason middle class wages are down is because of illegals, so what does he do? Invites Mexico and S. America to the U.S.

          • I don’t know what country they are going to move to and not pay taxes. If you can tell me I might want to move there myself.

          • Wayne – Your trailer park called …
            They need you for Bingo tonight !!

          • Did you know that the top 1% already pay 40% of all taxes? I think they’re soaked enough? The top 10% pay 70% of all taxes.

          • It’s hard to believe that with all the tax loop holes they get. I feel they should be paying 50% . I would be happy to pay 50% if I could make a million bucks a year.

          • I pay 35%, but if you count all the other taxes, licenses, fees, tolls and gas, I pay 50% already. So should I be paying 65%? The higher the taxes, the less the government revenue, lower taxes increase government revenue. Democrats never learn, they’re stuck on stupid.

          • I’m proud of you.

          • Thank you, Wayne!

          • Your welcome.

          • I may have already answered this and if I have, sorry. The top 1% pay about 40% of all taxes, the top 10% pay 70% of all the taxes, don’t you think they already pay their fair share? Maybe we should make government smaller and more efficient, streamlined and run like an efficient business.

          • NO

    • What issues? She just has one, “I want to be the first woman President”

    • Wayne is a paid up member of the flat earth society.

    • Another post from a one cell amoeba…get your head outta your dark place .

  4. We can only hope.

  5. Well let’s hope it DOES cause people to open their eyes too see this despicably evil woman that wants to succeed our present, despicably evil man in charge.

  6. How come the proceeds of a so called charity be used to fund her campaign or to enrich the Clintons? I would hope that the book covers where the money from that charity is going.

  7. Michael Dennewitz

    After Benghazi, I wouldn’t disbelieve anything that has to do with that witch. The whole damned political spectrum is corrupt as hell, just what the HNIC has been working on all along!! Get ready for martial law…

  8. If the server didn’t do it, the email didn’t do it what in the hell do you think will do it? If you ask 100 people, “what do you think of hillarys’ server scandal” 95 % wouldn’t even know what you were asking. That’s the problem, an uninformed public or a non caring public, liberals know this all too well, keep them stupid and keep them voting for us. As long as they have the MSM on their side, it will be a hard fight.
    All hail to the beast of Benghazi.

    • Indeed there ARE many uninformed and determinedly ignorant sectors of the public, as witness the startling large percent of who continue to say that the President is a Muslim born outside the USA.

      • Is your head really on straight?
        Your comment about uninformed public could apply to the one pointing the finger.
        do you really doubt that Ba-rack O’bamah is a Muslim?
        Do you really doubt that a president could falsify documents if it wanted to?
        Who do you want to believe, O’ba-mah’s own grandmother who was interviewed when he was first running for office, in which she said he was born in Kenya? Or when Michelle Obama inadvertantly let out that Ba-rack was visiting his home country? Or his school card that showed place of birth as Kenya? Or his law school records that says he came on a student visa with all expenses paid by a wealthy foreign Muslim?
        Or you rather believe the O’bamah’s administration claims that he was born in Hawai?

        • I believe the officials in Hawaii who have custody of birth records and who confirm the President’s birthplace as Hawaii. I believe the two Hawaiian newspapers that recorded his birth in Hawaii a few days after he was born there. Copies of those birth announcements have been placed online and have been examined in person in the newspapre “morgues.” I believe that you and other nitwits who continue to insist that he was born in Kenya are simply in love with your delusions and loathe to let them go.

          • I would agree with you and those that support O’ba-mah if not for the interview O’ba-mah’s grandmother did way back when he was running for state office. I would agree with you if not for Michael’s slip of the tongue.
            the rest is open to debate, but not these!
            I believe the government is capable of great cover-ups. If O’Ba-mah has nothing to hide,why did he order his records sealed?

          • Granny could have been senile for all we know or she could have been chairperson of the local chamber of commerce. Second-person reports of what Granny did or did not say are not the kind of testimony that would hold up in court or in any responsible forum of inquiry. Note also that Michelle said “home country,” not “birth country” It is not uncommon for people to use the term “home country” to refer to ancestral origins rather than personal natal origin.

          • Headoncrooked
            yes, granny could have been senile, but I remember the video clip and she did not sound senile. She had no reason to place the Birth of his grandson in her home country Kenya had he been born in Hawaii.
            You will doubt O’ba-mah’s grandmother, but blindly accept what the government tells you?!
            Me, I do not believe anything the government says- especially O’ba-mah’s! But I do believe what his grandmother said at the time.

          • The world of gullible wingnut wacko conspiracy theorists welcomes you with full membership benefits!

          • Headoncrooked
            do you not see that the same argument can be said about your gullibility in believing O’ba-mah? You made no comment about the facts on O’ba-mah’s grandmother, and insist in believing a deception!
            The grandmother’s statements were not wingnut wacko- your comment were!

          • You are entitled to your wingnut opinion.

          • Headoncrooked
            If you call my opinion “wingnut”, what then shall we call yours?

          • HeadupA$$ is closer to the truth ….

          • That’s what I said ‘ he should change his moniker too that .VERY FITTING.

          • @Headupbutt – Ask Loraine Fuddy… the ONLY person killed in an air crash, and who was just hours away from Proving that the HNIC was a PHONY Muslim NOT born in Hawaii !!

          • To you wackadoodle conspiracy theorists, it would not matter if she was the only one killed or if everyone on board was killed. You would still come up with your silly-ass Orly Taitish nonsense.

          • Weather he was born in Kenya does not matter as his mother was an American citizen. That is not debatable.

        • you can’t fight that F I with truth, Paz, dumbkrats don’t believe in it . Gruber is right, twice stupid

        • Michael Dennewitz

          I see a lot of you are replying to HeadInHisAss.. Heehee.. I can’t see any of his writings anymore. He and filthy mouthed Faye and Croc O Shit’s writings all go to a spam folder marked “Dumbasses!” Good luck with the trolls people!!

        • Thank you for that, you sure set him straight,only problem is he probably is too stupid to realize its true!

        • Paz, quit wasting your time with headofcement, you cannot penetrate a head made of cement.

      • headonstaright, hardly with a dumb statement like that

      • While being a troll you still make the point – they live among us.

        • Definition of “troll” by you and other disordered wackos: Anyone on this or other forums who disagrees with extremist right wing nutterances and puts up documentation as support of his/her position.

          There probably is no forum anywhere totally and exclusively populated by right-wing nutjobs like you, such that no one ever issues a challenge to the silly-ass drivel you and others post. Discussion forums are intended to be a marketplace of ideas, and as such, the offerings found there are diverse and the views expressed will not always line up with
          bizarre ideology that contaminates the thinking of the wackadoodle right.

      • Reply to headofcement;
        There are just as many uniformed and determinedly ignorant sectors who continue to say he isn’t a Muslim.

      • Change your moniker to HEADUPASS cuz that definitely is where it is if you think OBUNGHOLE WAS BORN HERE ‘typical libturd ‘give the evil bitch a free pass as long as you get your right to murder the unborn and the LGBT community can shove their sick lifestyles down the public’s throat at every turn.KILARY would just be OBAMAS THIRD TERM and nothing else.

    • greyfox, that’s the stinking truth!!!!! ALL Grubarfied

    • The Low-Info’s like “headon” would think you’re talking about her waiter ……….(Server)

      • Headon is in a world of his own, where there is no reality other than his, like most liberals. His name should be headofcement.

    • Main stream media = PRAVDA.

    • Glad you correctly stated “uninformed public” rather than the often said “low informed voter”.

  9. The media will allow it to go on.
    If the lemmings on the left continue to allow the media to lie to them, the media will continue to lie to them.

  10. Both He and She Clinton should be in Prison. Will it sink Hillary? Probably not, if the killing of Vince Foster and 60 plus other victims who knew too much about the Klintons illegal activities didn’t sink them then this won’t either.
    Problem number one: Democratic voters are completely ignorant and void of integrity.

    • YUP democratic voters in this country have lost all grip on reality and would vote for anyone who will continue to allow the genocide on the unborn [56 MILLION TO DATE YOU IDIOTS ] and the furthering of the gay agenda ‘WOE TO YOU WHO BACK SUCH A EVIL PERSON FOR THE BLOOD ON HER HANDS WILL ONE DAY BE ON YOURS .

  11. Both Clinton’s should have been in jail years ago.

  12. Peter Schweizer, the author of that book so highly praised by knee-jerk right wing wackos, has a long and embarrassing history of bad reporting and of multiple retractions necessitated by grossly erroneous drivel he has written. His lack of credibility should ensure that there will be considerable skepticism concerning anything this “serial Misinformer” writes.

    Some examples:

    Schweizer Retracted “Incorrect” Report About Sen. Whitehouse

    USA Today Corrected Schweizer’s False Reporting About Gore

    Wash. Post: Schweizer’s Group Launched “Bogus” Attack On Obama’s Security Briefings

    “A Fatal Shortcoming In Journalism 101”: Reporters Debunked Schweizer’s Obama-Sebelius Reporting

    Fact Checker: Schweizer Couldn’t Back Up Energy Reporting When Called Out For Errors

    Fact Checker On Schweizer’s Reporting About Pelosi: “The Facts Don’t Fit Schweizer’s Claim”

    Seattle Times: Schweizer Flubbed Reporting About Rep. McDermott

    Investigation: Schweizer’s Facts “Do Not Check Out,” And Sources “Do Not Exist”

    Veteran Journalist Found Schweizer Book Practiced “Neither Journalism Nor History”

    Schweizer “Tacitly Conced[ed] He Was Wrong” About Al Franken’s Hiring Of Minorities


    Use clickable links at the above-referenced site to view details concerning the numerous lies and distortions Schweizer has perpetrated.

    • You’re kiddin’, right? So, yes I did click on it. http://mediamatters.org is an extreme left-wing venue, steeped in intolerance to opposing views; quick to call others with said opposing views, to say it mildly, untruthful. I suspect it’s one of several venues supported by a certain multi-billionaire immigrant and alleged Nazi collaborator.

      • Ah, yes, the standard wingnut strategy–condemn the source,. since it ain’t from Fox News or some Tea Party blog or Glenn Beck. You true believer wackadoodles don’t believe anything except what you WANT to believe. Pitiful!

        • Can’t get Fox News where I reside; never visited a Tea Party blog, although some of their concerns are sensible; can’t stand Glenn Beck nor Rush Limbaugh with their often, bloviated, self-serving, unsubstantiated accusations. On balance, I don’t care for their left-wing alter-egos, the Al Sharptons, Chris Matthews or Nancy Graces.
          I have learned to dialog with those with views other than mine, such as you, in an arena of civility and respect, without stooping to name-calling as you have done. I refuse to come down to you level. That is, I’ll have nothing more to do with you. Be well.

          • Since you knee-jerkedly and cavalierly dismissed the detailed and documented information I sent concerning Schweizer, probably without visiting any of the numerous links I provided, I am pleased that you have wirhdrawn from further discussion with me.I see no value in further dialog with someone who cheaps out so brazenly..

  13. Sinking ‘ol Hildebeast will take an explosion of megaton proportion. She is too entrenched in the 36% democrat vote that is certifiably brain dead. Add to that the illegal voting tactics developed by the democrats over the past half a century; the dead, the insane, the illegal alien, the duplicate voting, the strong armed black pantie vote prevention, and the nefarious voter registry and booth members and you can see why she is the most felonious candidate in the history of our country. However onerous obama will likely to be named the nation’s most corrupt president in years to come.

  14. Hillary Clinton could kill, BBQ and and eat a small child on television, and the Demoncrat Party would back her in the general election. She will be defeated in the primary, only if someone in the Party to the left of her runs, and it is looking at this point that no one will, since no one wants to cross the Hilllary scandel and oppo research team.

  15. Hillary and Bill live in a cesspool of deceit, lies, hostility towards women, scandals, a culture corruption and thuggary… they are both sewer rats and do not pass the smell test.. both smell like a 3-day old dead rats… We need new blood in DC not the same old sewer crap…

  16. They want class warfare. I say give it to them. Any one who votes for any democrat or rino is an enemy of “WE THE PEOPLE”

  17. Clinton needs to go away.

  18. The only remaining question relative to Hillary is whether she will re-decorate the Oval Office to give it a more feminine aura.

  19. White Water, Vince Foster, dodging bullets in Kosovo, being named for Sir Edmund Hillary, Benghazi, purged email server, and the low information electorate STILL doesn’t give a chit. This bitch could kill the Pope on world wide TV and the sheeple would still vote for her. Sad

  20. hi(liar)y is only against ‘big money’ when it isn’t going into the clinton foundation.

  21. How can she still run when she already has ten times more corruption than Nixon did when he was pres. SICKENING

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