Will Disney Turn Princess Into LGBT Hero?

Disney’s Frozen owes its box office success to a witty script, a (minor) break from the usual formula of romantic resolution, and a song that no American parent will ever forgive them for writing. But it has also inspired feminists and LGBTers to claim the movie’s heroine – Princess Elsa – as one of their own: the first lesbian princess in Disney history.

Oh yes, you can read all about it in the liberal rag of your choice. Since Elsa required no love interest, it therefore stands to reason that the entire movie is one big Gay Power extravaganza. And hey, knowing the kind of people who work in Hollywood, it even makes a certain amount of sense. It wouldn’t be the first time these creeps tried selling our children a politically-motivated message.

But theories aren’t good enough for the rabid liberals who populate the media, social and otherwise. When Disney announced plans to make Frozen 2, they came out of the woodwork to demand that the writers turn the plausible into the tangible. Or, to put it like they did: #GiveElsaAGirlfriend.

In the Independent, Clarisse Loughrey argued that it was time for Disney to give kids a gay hero. “What better candidate is there for that honour than Elsa, whose own journey of acceptance with her powers has widely been interpreted as a metaphor for coming out?”

Hmm, well is there a candidate for…let’s not?

Alas, it’s a losing battle. Anyone who says, Oh Disney had better not – they’ll rue the day is harboring false optimism. Just look at the media landscape out there today. Limit it just to “children’s” programming if you like. The content regularly shown on Nickelodeon today would have been questionable on an adult program thirty years ago. And all of it – movies, tv shows, music – is littered with liberal messages and values. Entertainment media doesn’t just lean to the left, it barely acknowledges the existence of any opposing ideology. When it does, adherents are portrayed in exactly one of two ways: Colossally stupid hillbillies or evil, sanctimonious villains. Exceptions, rare as they are, only highlight this monolithic beast.

Yes, there would be controversy if Disney were to make Elsa a lesbian, but it would be drowned out by the adulation and praise coming from every corner of the mainstream media. There’s simply no turning the LGBT ship around.

For conservatives who despise all of this, it really comes down to this: Tend to your own flock. You can’t keep every strain of liberal propaganda away from your children, but you can at least avoid exposing them to it yourself. In a world quickly becoming unrecognizable, take solace in knowing that they can make your values unpopular, but they can’t take them away.

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