Will Blue States Come Through For Trump?

For ideological conservatives who weren’t thrilled with some of Donald Trump’s more liberal positions, there was a glimmer of hope in his nomination that couldn’t have been found in any other Republican candidate: Perhaps, with his criticisms of free trade, his “who cares” attitude towards the conservative social agenda, and his attacks on the Bush administration, he could draw in Democrats sick of the party’s ultra-liberal platform.

In the primaries, we saw the Trump effect at work. Democrats in Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Florida, and elsewhere switched to the Republican Party in droves, helping the billionaire sail to the nomination. So-called “blue dog” Democrats, many of whom feel like the party has left them behind, saw in Trump a Republican they could finally get behind. In areas where outsourced manufacturing has destroyed communities, a candidate who promised to bring jobs back to America could not be ignored.

This weekend, Trump made his final pitch to five states that Hillary Clinton didn’t think she would have to worry about: Iowa, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Virginia.

“They’re getting a little worried,” Trump said Saturday. “You see, Michigan was never really in play for a Republican. But you know what? It’s in play for us because all of their cars are being made now in Mexico.”

But the time for talk is over, and now we’ll see if the Trump gamble paid off. Will those blue states come through for the unorthodox Republican nominee, or will they stay in the Democrat column?

Unfortunately, that’s not the only question. As Trump tries to make good on his promise to change the electoral map, some think that Hillary could make gains in reliable red states at the same time. A month ago, there were serious signs of trouble. Polls showed that Hillary might flip states like Arizona, Utah, and even Texas, leading to an unthinkable landslide. On the eve of the election, that seems unlikely to happen, but this has been a year filled with surprises.

As far as the big picture goes, it’s hard to draw any long-term conclusions from this race, no matter how the candidates divide their electoral votes. Neither Trump nor Hillary are typical nominees; both of them suffer from unprecedented levels of unfavorability. This election has been less about the issues than about the candidates themselves.

Even so, there is reason to believe that things won’t simply “go back to normal” in the coming years. Our country is changing fast.

We can only pray that those changes won’t destroy us.

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  1. Presenting our new PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP !!!

  2. Let us hope that the horrid Clintons go to prison and Never the whitehouse

  3. This nation needs a guy like Donald Trump now than ever before. After eight years of the slime that Obama and Clinton have given us it’s time for REAL CHANGE!

  4. No,
    they love corrupting America,
    these people are totally corrupt, kill clinton and obama before they kill America!!!

    • Too bad that a majority of this dead Republic don’t see it as you and I do! They are a cabal of Godless Satan worshipping power mad blood drinking ghouls that the Leftist useful idiots will find out if this She-devil, bitch-witch is permitted to finish “US” ! Pray “TRANSFORMED & TYRANSGENDERED” AMERIKA that one true God will grant us more time to come back to Him because all hell will ensue otherwise – guaranteed!

    • For a Muslim I wouldn’t normally agree with you but killing these 2 would serve the world !

  5. all hell was started in the 60 election and each year has gotten worse it will continue to do so God has turned his back on this once God fearing nation it is now a nation of heathens and devil worshipers which is predicted in the book of revelations read it then you won’t be shocked or stunned at what is happening

    • God has very little, if anything, to do with the election!!

    • It really seems like our country just keeps sliding down the slippery slope. Don’t want Hillary! If she gets elected, it will continue to slide downhill. She is a globalist for One World Order! We need a leader who stands up for our borders, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our freedom of speech and religion, and our safety and security.

  6. Today I voted for the next President of the United States of America-a MAN who will keep his promise to Make America Great AGAIN-and begin to drain the swamp in Washington which it has so badly needed for decades-as there are lazy complacent, RICH congress people who need to GET OUT.

  7. Mr Donald John Trump will be the next president of America and we will clean out the corruption DC together.

  8. God Bless America and have Mercy and does not allow Hillary to rule out Country. TRUMP/PENCE 2016

  9. I’m still trying to figure out how Ovomit can be out on the campaign trail for kil-Liar-ry, just goes to show how crooked and corrupt Ovomit and Kil-liar-ry really are! Need a bullet between the eyes!

  10. If Clinton wins this thing, not only will OUR country never be normal again, it will be lost forever! Sadly, the people that voted for Clinton, will get EXACTLY what they paid for! I hope those IDIOTS will be really happy! Of course, SHE WILL NOT WIN!! TRUMP ALL THE WAY TO THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!

  11. Bwhahahahahaha! Will RED states come through for Hillary? Oh..right..they already have. Dream on fools. Your boy Trump will be in prison Come the end of December.

    • Eleanore!!!! It looks like the person who will be in prison is that lying POS Hildebeast! How does it feel to have the country reject that female and elect a man to the presidency? Hope you enjoy the next 8 years, you vile, wizened, semi-literate piece of donkey vomit! I am LMAO at you and your ilk. Have a blessed day!

      • Too bad I can’t give more than one uptick to you. She is one of the most vile out of the most vile.

        • Thank you…she is indeed!

        • Can you provide court documents of her indictment? I can provide the ones from the Federal government for Trump’s money laundering here in NJ at the Taj Mahal. And, if you want, there’s always the federal indictment in Florida coming up. YOu do realizes prick licker that we can impeach Trump if he is found guilty? YOu are not too smart dicklicker.

          • You have nothing but lies and propaganda to spew along with your nasty vile comments. You are what is wrong with this country. Wouldn’t you feel more at home in your own country? North Korea isn’t it?

    • Looks like it will be Hillary in prison. Maybe now you can afford to stay in your padded cell and get help you truly need.

    • really???????????????????????????????

      • Eleanor is the Jersey catlady that has an opinion on everything and thinks she is an expert on all things. She needs to be in a safe padded cell where she will not hurt herself or others. I don’t think she can afford the deductible or premium for her Obama care policy. Maybe now she will get some help, that is after that illegal law has been repealed.


    • Come again…

  12. I pray for my country that Trump wins this election, I hate liars, cheaters, and thugs and refuse to vote for a women that hates our country and supports Islam who want to kill us all.

  13. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    Our nation needs to take a chance on TRUMP for we know what the DEM’S promised they NEVER do unless it is in favor for them. They do NOT care about US the PEOPLE of the USA. They want the ILLEGALS to come in and take over and we can go to HELL. This way they will get more MONEY and POWER and that is ALL they care about. Our POS Prez wants us to elect a WORSE Prez in Hillary. Money (illegal in her case) and POWER that she will get from MORE illegal ways of getting it.

    WE the PEOPLE need to vote TRUMP so we can move forward instead of backward. Has not Obama shown us how much he thinks of our country?? He ONLY cares about is MUSLIM anything. Hillary is 1000 times worse and we do not need that. I can see a woman as President, BUT, Hillary is NOT that woman!! Her past speaks loud and clear. She only cares about 2 things. MONEY and POWER. Just look at her past till now. Let’s not forget ALL of her lies to EVERYONE including the parents of the Benghazi. We need to move forward and TRUMP is the way!!

  14. Trump is about returning the country to it’s former greatness.

    Clinton is about forcing the country down it’s present path to 3d world status.

    Let’s see. – Most powerful and prosperous country in the world or living like they do in Cuba? ….I don’t know, that’s a hard decision.

  15. Not to worry, Hillary. Uncle Georgie promised you a win.

  16. It’s almost inconceivable to think that a majority of the American electorate is as callous and insensitive as a Hillary Clinton by giving her control of the highest political office in the United States of America. Surely there is enough good people of this country left to overcome and make a difference.

  17. Conservatives must pray that the Electoral votes go Trump’s way. Even if Trump gets all the popular vote (that’s yours and my votes), he can’t win without the Electoral vote. The Electoral College is the one that says who wins.

    So I have a question for you. What happens if Trump gets the overall majority of the Popular vote, but the Electoral college still says Killary won?

    After all of the corruption flowing through our Federal Govt and Supreme Court, I NO longer trust even the Electoral college’s decision. If it turns out that way, and I pray it doesn’t, we Conservative and Liberal Americans have a huge decision to make. And that is whether to remove the present Federal Govt from power or to trust them. I vote “Removal”. They have no longer deserved any of our trust and need to be removed…permanently and replaced with Patriotic American loving people!.

  18. We need to drain the political swamp, not refill it!!! Trump is the only candidate in this race who will!!! He will turn the establishment in both parties upside down and that’s why they both want Hillary!!! More of the same, status quo Middle class crushing selling our jobs and livelihoods to the highest bidder so they can remain in power is their mission!!! It is time to derail the trail of corruption!!!!

  19. David Arthur Anderson

    we can’t be foolish enough to hand over the country to those pearl-clutching withered digits of hillary Benghazi!

  20. if hillary gets in you can bet on it

  21. Question: Can a convicted criminal qualify for a security clearance?


    1. Hillary: in prison!

    2. Put “GOD” back in America !!!

    3. Borders: Closed!

    4. Congress: On the same retirement & healthcare plans as everybody else . 2 Terms limit – it’s not a career (Public service)

    5. Congress: Obey its own laws NOW!

    6. Language: English only!

    7. Culture: Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

    8. Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before & during Welfare!

    9. Freebies: NONE to Non-Citizens!

    10. Budget: Balance the damn thing!

    11. Foreign Countries: Stop giving them our money! Charge them for our help! We need it here.

    12. Fix the TAX CODE!

    And most of all.


    14. Prosecute Obama/ Sorros for crimes against Americans and our constitution

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