Will America Cast a Vote for National Security?

At press time, there are sixteen days left until the midterm elections. In the hotly contested race for the Senate, Republicans and Democrats are running neck and neck. One day, the top polling models show Republicans poised to change the shape of America’s legislative branch. The next, it appears as though the Dems will squeak out a victory.

It is now that Republicans need to make the case for a safer America. With control of the White House and the House of Representatives, the Democrats have led this country down a number of roads we would have been better off avoiding. Chief among their failures has been their lack of attention to the most pressing issues of national security. The federal government has taken for itself a great deal of power and authority in the last 100 years, much of which the Founding Fathers would have been sickened to see. Their one inarguable domain, however, is in the protection of the country. And it is in that domain that the Democrats have failed the hardest.

Republicans are only now, in the last weeks of the election season, beginning to raise the tough issues about Obama’s approach to foreign threats. Is it too late? We’ll see, but there’s no question that it’s the one area where they can claim the higher ground. Under Obama’s leadership, we have been practicing a kind of global appeasement. We’ve loosened our resolve in the war on terror, and in doing so we have sewn the seeds of our own destruction.

A Lost Iraq

More than 4,000 American soldiers have laid their lives down in pursuit of a democratic Iraq. The mistakes of George W. Bush have been well documented, but the mistakes of the Obama administration are only beginning to come into focus. In the two years since Obama pulled our troops from that dusty hellhole, ISIS has undone much of our progress. Even to that threat, the president has been slow to respond. What has his party been doing in the meantime? Nothing. President Obama said this election would be a referendum on his policies, and that it will be.

Misplaced Priorities

The major threat to national security, say Democrats, is not ISIS. Not Ebola. Not the madman in Moscow. Not illegal immigrants. Not a nuclear Iran. Not even the treacherous dictator of North Korea. No. To Democrats at both the political and societal levels, the greatest threat to America is climate change. That’s why we see Homeland Security taking on preparation duties, ensuring that American cities are ready for the global warming disasters to come. That’s why we see John Kerry on a whirlwind tour of the world, promoting carbon reductions as his primary platform. It’s why we see Defense Secretary Hagel announcing a “Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap” instead of putting his focus on Islamic fundamentalists who would love nothing more than to outdo 9/11.

In the weeks after 9/11, Americans made a vow to “never forget” what happened in New York, Washington D.C., and the skies over Pennsylvania that terrifying day. But we have forgotten. We’ve put our heads back in the sand, now more concerned with a few offended Muslims than with national security.

We took an 8-year semi-hiatus from fighting foreign threats in the 90s, only to see it literally blow up in our faces. When Americans head to the polls on November 4th, I hope they remember that. I hope they remember that one of the only constitutional duties of the federal government is to protect the country from threats, and I hope they put the very real vision of marauding, murderous Islamists ahead of the sketchy, imaginary visions of melting ice and super hurricanes.

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  1. If you think “the Dems will squeak out a victory” you must be living in a cave.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and get sharp.

    • It ain’t over till it’s over. I ain’t going to dance until I hear some music. We don’t know how many dead people are going to vote this year or how many illegals and how many ghost. The election is too close to Halloween and the Demoncrats will take some lost spirits to the polls. I have prayed for this country and this election. I pray for 2016 and that election and I pray about what happens to us in between the two elections. I hope that we can pick the right candidate for president and we can begin or long hard journey out of the whole we dug for ourselves in the last two presidential elections. I hope and pray that Harry Reid be permanently retire by being defeated in the upcoming election and not just be retired as the Senate Majority Leader because hopefully they will no longer be a majority.

      • I don’t believe that Reid is up for election this cycle. However, I read on the Reno news that the current governor, Brian Sandoval, will be going up against Reid for the Senate. Sandoval is a Republican and I believe he is the one to defeat Harry Reid. Let’s pray that he does when the time comes.

        • Reid is a Dinosaur! – past due for his Dirt Nap …….

          • Does your lettering look blue sometimes and then goes black? I think that is weird? Effing NSA.

          • You’re absolutely right! It’s time for him to retire. He stays in a plush hotel when he’s in Washington Of course it’s at the taxpayers expense.

        • He is not up until 2016. He barely won last time.

          • The only reason he did win is because he took the two largest counties in Nevada and one rural county. Not even his hometown voted for him. Sharon Angle was a dingbat though. She didn’t sell herself too good.

          • It is scary being a conservative woman in Politics who ever you are. The News is horrible in their treatment of Ladies that are more Lady than Liberal. That has been my observation. They treat and treated Sarah and her family so awful. If a man called me that c word like Bill M. had done to Sarah, I would get in his face. It would be one thing… if Bill was a Lady calling another Lady a name but he is not…As a man, he crossed that no, no sacred line. He picked the worst word too. What a jerk. I think he owes her a public apology to make it right!
            It is so foreign and strange, that the news wants their weird no values type people… It seems the qualifications to serve from the Democrats perspective are liar,thief and traitor neighbor. How can you respect and trust those types? I can’t.

          • There are a lot of people who owe Sarah Palin an apology. She is a strong woman and that scares a lot of men. Her values are unshakeable and those who fear her the most are the loudest and rudest in their treatment of her. No matter who you are, it is difficult being a conservative woman. I agree with you on that. I believe in the Republican values as I find the Democrats to be manipulative liars. I don’t believe there is a war on women as the libs want you to believe. I believe in personal responsibility and I don’t believe in redistribution of wealth. People are rich because they worked hard and smart to get that way. There is NO reason they need to share. I’m hoping we take the Senate and that we start to see a change in the way our government is being run. Maybe then people will see Obama for what he truly is.

          • I know what it is like dealing with Liberals. Hell I had Liberals trying to put a sewage treatment facility across from my property. It was a long hard battle but we were able to find them better land. You would think they would at least say, thank you but nope. They called me a bad neighbor instead in their Comp plan. My own county Attorney and my county building department went after a business that just so happened to be the Prosecutors next door neighbor. Okay for the government to ruin me, but God forbid it could ruin him. They were so cruel to this business couple. They bullied them all over the place. Recently I have been dealing with the creepiest liberals to date at this Disqus forum. They turn my insides out. They have this little gang of bullies. I finally said today, eff you. I hope I don’t get in trouble. I so agree with you on your statement…” Democrats are manipulative liars”. I am not even going to try to debate liberals because they are not worthy as far as I am concerned. Thank you for being a friend. đŸ™‚

          • There are a few that you have to watch out for in these forums. They go by several different names but some of them are Uzoozy, JB that always signs love Judy B, swedude, and mepete. They make me sick because they are so in love with Obama and worship him. Some of them can get pretty nasty. I started fighting back and I admit I wasn’t very nice to one of them. That’s ok because they don’t respond to my posts anymore so mission accomplished! Sometimes we women have to stick together. Especially when it comes to fighting the myth of the war on women. It’s the democrats that have waged this war. I thank YOU for being a friend. Good people are hard to find these days. Now that I moved to another state, these forums have been my salvation until I can find a good job and meet new people. Nevada will always be my home though.

          • I know what you are saying. The reason liberals always have the same cheat sheet talking points is because they have this journalism exclusive club that includes big high profile people. It is like a true good ole boys club. It is an invite only.http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0309/20086.html is where I first heard about this. Awhile back I had posted on my Google+ about it’s updated name. They also have the watchers which are the CIA,NSA and Truthy. It is one huge propaganda monster.
            I have had them gang up on me like viscous pos dogs. It is so immature. I try to be nice,I try reaching their hearts and yet they are super super mean. They remind me of those little rotten neighborhood boys you would like to wop their little asses. At the same time, they remind me of bullies from when I was a child. I finally reached a boiling point today. They got the eff you and the eff you song. Effers!
            I know this one person by his words. I kinda started it to prove it was him. That is twice I set him up. Now I know 100% it is him. He has time stamps too. I push his buttons and he pushes mine. I will never talk to that person again. I will always be able to spot him. I set him up. Guys are really stupid and I think that is why the world is all screwed up.
            That war on women was the liberals being selfish cold hearted double dealing dickheads. They are the ones that are war against us ladies. You are so right. They are the police that never found the rapists. They are the schools that never stopped the bullying. They are Liberals Against Ladies Always…aka LALA…Maybe if we are at the same paper…We can say La La and wink wink and they won’t have a clue. lol

          • I have seen that Judy B.

          • You don’t have to worry about which and what Reid “takes”. If the Republicans can take the majority in the Senate in the midterms, Reid is automatically not the majority leader anymore. That should be easy to accomplish.

          • I’m hoping the Republicans do take the Senate. It’s time for Harry Reid to sit down and shut up. However, he will still represent Nevada. That will not change until he is defeated when he is up for reelection. Those of us who are concerned with the State of Nevada care about who is representing us in the Senate. Harry Reid needs to go. For this election cycle, I agree, it only matters if the Republicans take control. In general, though, it matters if there is someone strong enough to defeat him. Like I said before, I believe Brian Sandoval is the person to shut him up for good.

          • I agree. That’s why it’s so important for the Republicans to take control of the Senate and maintain that control. I live in an area of California where my only local TV is the networks from Reno, Nevada and I have two married daughters who are living over in Reno. There is little hope of getting rid of Reid completely. He is a millionaire and he always takes Reno and Las Vegas due to his hidden favors for those two population centers and the casino interests. The people there are highly democrat and he has the illegal alien vote corraled as well. The only way to keep the guy quiet is for the Republicans to to win and keep control of the Senate.

          • Lady, that doesn’t matter. If the Republicans can gain the majority in the Senate in the coming midterms, Reid is no longer the majority leader. It’s a simple as that!

          • I know that. I was just pointing out when he was up for election in his state not his place in the Senate. I am rooting for the Republicans take back the Senate.

        • Yes you are correct on both your statements. I guess I read some bad info somewhere or misread something. Sandoval is planning on running from what I read and it was said that his chances are very good indeed . I guess I was wishing too much. Thanks for correcting me.

          • You’re not wishing too much! In the coming midterms, vote Republican in any Senate races. If the Republicans gain the majority in the Senate, Reid in no longer the majority leader. It’s as simple as that!

        • Reid doesn’t have to be defeated to lose his current job. If the Republicans can take the Senate, Harry is no longer the majority leader. It’s as simplae as that. The new majority leader will be a Republican. That’s an easy one. The democrats will no longer be the majority and in that sense, Harry is out of a job.

    • Never vote for a lawyer!

  2. I live in Kentucky and our incumbent is Mitch McConnell. Mitch hasn’t done much for the people in his 30 years in Washington. That’s right 30 years. Mitch was a rich lawyer when he started. Now he is a multi millionaire Lawyer and hasn’t practiced in 30 years. He say’s he’s for coal but what he is for is rich coal operators and the rich coal land owners, not the miners who have watched their jobs depleted in favor of strip mining and destroying the environment in order to make the rich operators more profit. So who do I vote for here. Alison Grimes I know nothing about. She say’s she does not stand with Obama on Coal issues. Strip Mining needs to be stopped I stand against both of these people on that issue. I have seen the devastation of beautiful lush forest land and hills and streams. It looks like war zones. I have been to the impoverished areas this coal is taken from and it has done little for the people except shorten their life spans by poisoning their water and air. Coal needs to be mined and used responsibly along with other resources. I think the key word here is ‘responsibly’. The checks and balances put in place to monitor these minds and their compliance is a joke in Coal states. They pick the friendliest people to the industry they can find and put them in charge. So here I set. Who do I vote for here in Kentucky? Seems to make no difference.

    • Jim,
      I’m not from Kentucky. I don’t like anything about Mitch McConnell. But just this one election, please don’t cast your vote in a way that would allow this presidents agenda to continue. The stakes for our Nation are so high and I believe with all my heart that if his reign is allowed to continue unchecked, we may never be able to put the pieces back togeather.

      • rick, you got it buddy. i’ll hold my nose and vote for McConnell again. I’ve done it before. I agree we have to shut down the agenda from the White House and we have to do it 6 years ago.

      • Yes, please let’s all team up and do what we can to get rid of the current anti-American leadership in Washington, from the president down.

      • I agree with you 100%. This Democratic regime has done everything NOT TO PROTECT AMERICANS, from taxing our jobs away, to leaving our borders WIDE-OPEN, , to letting our children become sick, OR DIE, because of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CHILDREN in our schools and the list goes on and on…PLEASE AMERICA VOTE WISELY THIS NOV>4.

    • “TERM LIMITS” is the key !!

    • When ever choosing between two evils, always pick the one you haven’t tried.
      I’m in the Same Boat here in Tennessee.
      Lamar hasn’t represented us at all, plus he’s one of Common Cores main architects. His Democratic Challenger has plagiarized his web page (not a original thinker)
      Went to a generic senatorial debate yesterday. All 4 Independents were space cases………..
      God help America!
      We have lost our common sense!

    • Its a shame Matt Bevin didn’t win. I feel the same dilemma regarding some candidates in my district and others. This time ’round hold your nose and vote Republican.

  3. It is evident that Obama, Chuck Hagel, John Kerry, & Eric Holder want the United Nations to take over our national security. This would destroy our constitution and help usher in the One World order that would be controlled by people like George Soros & Michael Bloomberg. These billionaires want absolute control over America and eventually the world!

  4. The guy should not have been allowed to put those ballets in the box. Where is the person in charge??? I just read an article about AZ voting machines changing the R vote to a D vote. Need to pay attention to see if the machine records your vote correctly. In Virginia there are 2 Demorat Senators and one is up for re-election. I have written a letter to the editor of our local paper against him. Now to see if this very liberal paper publishes it. I started watching the Senate and voting on bills when I retired 4 yrs. ago and I pointed out specific things he voted for and things like ignoring a reporters question and walking away when it was asked again. He claims he just figured out how the Senate works. He is the 5th richest person in Congress and he leases a jet to fly around VA politicking on the VA taxpayers dime. He knows how politicians work.(he was also our Governor at one time).

    • We need paper ballots. If there is a recall or squeeker like in 2000, would you or anybody trust the machine? How lazy are these election supervisors? I mean if they can’t count paper ballots by hand, they should step down………

  5. When I got out of the service in 67 and came home, I found myself in a conversation with a group of men, some young some old. The talk centered around what we were doing in Viet Nam and weather we belonged there or not. I was being run down for my participation and told by one guy I should have gone to Canada. This was when one of the older men who had been a Marine and fought in the Pacific twenty years earlier jumped in. He said this. “Mrs Mikimotto isn’t raising her kid to make love. She’s raising him to make war and to come after everything you have and hold dear. You better wake up to that.” I never forgot that day and the truth of what he said has come to mind many times since. Today Mrs Mikimotto son isn’t the threat he was forty years ago but, she has been replaced by Mrs Hussein and her son’s hate the United States and everything we stand for. We had better wake up. Our President is Mr. Husseins son.

  6. I lost any hope in our country havering “security” when I learned that the terrorist who killed 14 at Fort Hood Texas was on the Homeland Security Board, and people who had been in classes he was teaching reported some crazy things he had said in class…..and nothing was done….the things he said while attacking and killing Americans plainly showed he was a “terrorist” but Eric Holder said no, “work place violence” …and ….those poor families could have received benefits had Holder told the truth, but no, he cared not for these Americans, I pray after this administration is out of of office, these families can get the benefits they deserves. How can the left act so caring for illegals, the Muslims and any Middle East countries but approve of cuts to military benefits and pension?


    NO DEMS!
    NO RINO’s !!

    and…NO Pantsuits !!!

    and— in California –
    “If it’s BROWN..

    Flush Him Down !”

  8. I say throw them all out of office …FROM TOP TO BOTTOM !!!!

  9. Until people wake the hell up and realize our number one enemy to this country lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue our country can never be safe. That lying treasonous sissified muslim boy is destroying this country for his murdering muslim brotherhood. Nothing he does is wrong, it’s just fine and dandy with his administration as they are all in to see him succeed in his quest to destroy us. That make the democrats our enemies too and we had better vote them out and lets take our country back from these corrupt puppets of the illegal one who lives in the white house..

  10. Admin, I think the main reason that climate change is still being pushed by Democrats was spelled out at the Kyoto Protocol summit meetings when leaders of several countries, including Nancy Pelosi and Obama of America, discussed how much money could be made. Those who will benefit the most from the money they gain from imposed “Green” mandates, are the producers, investors, and sales reps of the products, (ie; products that will be required to retrofit existing utilities, and other providers equipment, government phase out of incandescent bulbs and other existing products they deem unfit, for more expensive “green” bulbs, products and then there are carbon credits, etc,etc,etc) as well as the UN’s Global Governance Org. And the World Bank. Many of our “leaders” have vested interests in “green” products, and many of them support signing the U.S over to the jurisdiction of the UN Global Governance Org. to administer and enforce international laws over the UN EPA compliance standards and guideline. Obama is adamant about pushing “Green” mandates on the U.S. even though scientific evidence has shown that climate change cannot be proven to be anything more than natural. Anthropogenic contribution has not been proven, to any degree, to be the cause of the earth’s weather changes or increased carbon. (Unless “they” are using or experimenting with HAARP to cause changes that they are trying to pin on the rest of us.) Over 140 scientists from around the world, ( Russia, Sweden, South Africa, New Zealand, Denmark, Canada, U.S., Australia, Poland, Japan, India, U.K., Italy, Paraguay, etc, etc. Have written letters, or made objections to Sec General Ban Ki Moon, in opposition to using ” anthropogenic, or human caused”as the reason for climate change, or carbon changes, and initiating unjustifiable mandates as the UN and other leaders have intended to use it, and further burdening the people of the earth with restrictive and expensive policy. Democrats, (specifically Obama, and others who may have vested interests in the profitability of mandating the use of “green products” financially and politically) are trying too hard to push legislation through with or without agreement of the people (House/Senate, etc)

  11. Our number one enemy to this country is none other than this lying treasonous sissified muslim BOY barack hussein obama. The democrats are also Americas enemies as they back obama to the hilt even though they are hiding from obama during the election coming up. The democrats are anti God, America, our Constitution and our military. Only a damn fool would vote for the democrats who are destroying our country and putting our children and grand children’s future in jeopardy. Vote these traitors out and lets take our country back from these evil ones.

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