“Wildly Supportive” Crowd Comes Out to See Trump in Vegas

President Trump headed to Las Vegas for a rally on Thursday night, and if it proved anything, it’s that there is still significant, widespread, enthusiastic support on the ground for this man. The media has been tearing this White House down for the better part of two years, stories have been run about how he’s losing support in the Rust Belt and among disgruntled conservatives, and every day is a new controversy (whether manufactured by the left or not). And yet even the Washington Post had to admit that when they got to Vegas and saw the lines wrapped around the building, this president still enjoys rabid adoration from his people.

“Some brief anecdotal scenes from the Trump rally here in Las Vegas: One woman drove in from San Diego. Another drove 16 hours from Elk City, Idaho. A man and his son flew down from Washington State. And everyone in the long line in 95 degree heat is nothing but wildly supportive,” tweeted the Post’s Ashley Parker.

“Wildly supportive.” When was the last time you saw anyone in the mainstream media admit they saw THAT among Trump’s supporters?

The purpose of the rally itself is also worth talking about. Trump was in town to stump for Sen. Dean Heller, who was once firmly in the NeverTrump category. Heller has since changed his tune about the president, however, which is something else the media doesn’t like to talk about too much. Sure, you still have your Jeff Flakes and your Bob Corkers out there, but for the most part, the NeverTrump movement is dead and buried. We hear that Bill Kristol is going to try and run someone against the president in the 2020 primaries, but that’s more about selling books than it is about making a seriously play for the nomination. Fact is, Trump owns the Republican Party right now.

The enthusiasm inside the Las Vegas Convention Center was white hot. Chants of “KAVANAUGH!” broke out when the president took the stage. Trump dismissed the controversy currently surrounding his Supreme Court pick, assuring the crowd: “I think everything’s going to be just fine.”

You might say the same for Trump’s political fortunes. We don’t doubt that the next two years of his presidency are going to be just as fraught with Democrat attacks as the first two – especially if they manage to wrangle a big victory in the midterms. But when it comes to 2020, we just don’t see any way the Dems are going to be able to unseat the man who brought the economy from the edge of disaster to the pinnacle of the decade. Through thick and thin, his supporters have stuck by him.

“We’re going to be changing that logo to ‘Keep America Great,’” Trump said at the rally.

Can’t wait to do just that.

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