Why Won’t DNC Turn Over Evidence of Russian Hacking?

So the big news of the week is that BuzzFeed is apparently sending “a team led by a former top FBI and White House cybersecurity official” all over the world to try and verify even one portion of the infamous Trump/Russia dossier (that the site published in full prior to Trump’s inauguration).

Why is BuzzFeed going through all of this trouble? Well, first of all, we would be shocked if they are the only news site that has such a team out there, which in itself tells you something about the dossier’s credibility. If there was one true fact in the whole mess, it would have been front page news a long time ago.

But BuzzFeed is interested in more than an investigative bombshell; they’re also defending themselves against a libel suit from one of the Russian billionaires named in Christopher Steele’s magnum opus. And to do that, they have to prove that the dossier is at least somewhat true.

Good luck with that.

As part of their quest to do so, though, something interesting has transpired. The person who is suing them is a guy named Aleksej Gubarev, a Russian businessman who says he was libeled in the dossier when Steele named him in connection to the Russia-ordered hacks on the DNC’s computers. So BuzzFeed, to prove their case, wants the DNC to hand over digital information that would link the hacks to Russia and Gubarev.

Strangely enough, the DNC will not comply.

From Politico:

BuzzFeed is taking the Democratic National Committee to court in an attempt to compel it to turn over information it believes will bolster its defense against Aleksej Gubarev, a Russian business magnate who says he was libeled in the dossier when it tied him to the Russians’ alleged hacking of the D.N.C.’s e-mail servers. In a nutshell: BuzzFeed believes the D.N.C. has information that could show a link between Gubarev and the e-mail hacking, which would undercut his libel claim. “We’re asking a federal court to force the D.N.C. to follow the law and allow BuzzFeed to fully defend its First Amendment rights,” a BuzzFeed spokesperson wrote in an e-mail.

The DNC has said that releasing the information would disclose their digital signatures, thus putting them at risk for another hack. But how seriously can we take that defense? You were wide open for the first one, and besides, it’s not even clear that you WERE hacked. We’re pretty sure you just had some employees who fell for a phishing scam. In fact, there are a whole bunch of former intelligence officials who don’t believe you were hacked by an outside entity at all. And since we only have the private firm Crowdstrike’s word for it that is was the Russians, well, we’ll just say it’s awfully suspicious that you can’t (or won’t) actually prove it.

BuzzFeed is on a mission to prove what may well be unprovable. In doing so, they may unintentionally crack this whole story wide open.

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    • Does anyone see Sarah the scum puppets spam as a reply below?

  2. Simple answer? It’s self incriminating!

    • That looks like the only sensible answer.

    • I believe this is all a charade to prevent the truth to come out of the fact that Obama did not qualify to become president and they all knew but let it happen anyway. Everyone in our government is quility. Trump thought he was illegal to become president when Obama was first running for the office. All of the insanity that’s going on in Washington is a frantic attempt/distraction to hide the truth . The entire Obama Adminisration should be locked up for treason!

      • The biggest hoax in history being uncovered would sent a bus load of politicians and government workers rightfully to prison. However, this does not matter, really since Obama is tied to the IRS, Benghazi, Bergdohl, Iranian pay off, fast and furious, EPA major waterway, refusal to enforce immigration laws, Trump’s illegally being spied upon, the Trump Russian Collusion documents, Leaner and Clinton cover up, FBI lies and corruption with their former pals Holder and Lynch in the corrupt DOJ, scandals. There is plenty of evidence to easily put Obama away if we had an honest and noncourrpt federal government. Obama replaced rational people in top key legal and military positions with his goons to help further advance his new world order wet dream. I expect nothing to come about even if they caught the FBI with their pants down and openly lying in our faces they too are far above the law like their king. American will suffer and okay dearly for generations after eight years of sneaky Barrack.

        • Only a busload???? Must be a really BIG bus! You could take one of the newer mega Cruise ships and still not have the space for all of the corrupt individuals involved in making this false story up to make Hillary look good and be an “innocent victim” of the Russians.

        • Moe,
          You are 100% correct. I could add more about Obama did, however you gave a great
          summary This has been going on in our country since before the second World War and has continued to this day. Like President Reagan, President Trump is only one man with all the corrupt people in every institution we have. You should watch Hidden Agenda on Amazon Prime Video if gives you all the history on how we got here. They also tell you want America has to do save our country.

          • I will watch the video. Thank you.

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        • Hit the nail right square on the head!!! Good Job.

          • Dan, you and my conservatives that post here have not show hatred, but frustration expecting folks like Attorney General Sessions to have the courage to do his job and indict some of these villains. However, he does nothing, he appoints FBI to investigate FBI chiefs rather than giving authority to an outside lower law enforcement agency to look into their activities to show they we the people are on to you Obama fifth columnist running the agency. The DOJ under Holder and Leaner must be placed under investigation based upon obstruction of justice in the destruction of evidence and refusal to enforce the law fairly.

          • Send Sessions an e-mail at justice.gov demanding he investigate the entire obama administration.

          • MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian businessman Evgeny Prigozhin said on Friday he was not upset about his indictment for alleged election meddling in United States, RIA news agency reported.
            “The Americans are very emotional people, they see what they want to see. I have great respect for them. I am not at all upset that I am on this list. If they want to see the devil, let them,” RIA quoted Prigozhin as saying.
            A U.S. federal grand jury earlier on Friday indicted Prigozhin and 12 other Russian nationals accused of interfering with U.S. elections and political processes.

          • “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”
            ― Mark Twain

      • I guess you must have forgot that OSCUMBAG HIMSELF said he was NOT eligible (when he was a “present” voting “senator”.) I guess that all “changed” when the DEMOCOMMUNISTS (like piglosi and cryin’ chuckles schumer) got “involved” in shoving him down our THROATS. And SEALED ALL HIS “records”, so the TRUTH could never be “found”) BTW STILL “protected” by high-paid lawyers to the tune of OVER 3 million (the last time I heard)

      • Amen Brother, wish it could/would happen, but you know as well as I do that it’s a pipe dream. I guess it makes us Dreamers, dreaming of the day that one of those SOB’s gets indicted and goes to jail.

        • Only jail??? how about swinging from the Gallows!!!!

          • Boy, you really are a dreamer. Wish it could happen but it won’t. We can just keep on dreaming.

          • Yep, that’s stuff that dreams are made of! We all know that NOTHING will ever happen to them because of the Liberal Double-Standard!

          • That is TRUE! But we CAN always DREAM that someday it may happen.

          • Especially justice for all of those who supposedly “committed Clinton-suicide” with shots to the back of the head!

          • Allen , please,, you know I’ve always loved the guillotine for those political liars…
            It’s quick, portable, cleans up easily and the heads can be enshrined in California..

          • We could always make the walk split, one goes to the Gallows and one goes to the Height “Adjuster”. Every other criminal goes down the assigned path to said device.

          • Although, this “method” would be quick and “easy” I too would rather see a public hanging that would make them SUFFER until their last breath,. Why should we make it “quick” for them after all the misery they caused for US??

      • Can’t agree more!!

      • Ah, yes! That old “birther” nonsense! You wingers just won’t give up on that, though it has been thoroughly refuted. Your orange-headed idol even sent a “team of crack investigators” to Hawaii to dig up the evidence for that silly urban myth, and they came up with NOTHING. Now even the Tweeter-in-Chief has acknowledged that Obama was qualified to be president. But you true believers continue to believe WHAT you believe because you WANT so desperately to believe it. You make yourselves a laughingstock with all those silly assertions about such things as Michelle being a man or a transgender and the Obama children being adopted from Egypt. Next thing we know, you’ll be claiming the whole family is extraterrestrial and that if you peeled off their skins you would find lizard people.

        • Then why are his records sealed? His applications for aid? The long form from the hospital? It doesn’t make sense – the whole conspiracy theory could be vaporized in a second if the records were made public. But they are sealed! For what possible purpose?

          • There is no legal requirement for Obama to un-seal those records, just as there is no legal requirement for Trump to release his tax returns, which are probably far more incriminating than any unsealed Obama records would be.

          • I figured my comment would be deflected into some BS sidetrack about Trump’s tax returns – but the question, the REAL question, is: what is the reason they are kept sealed? “There’s no legal requirement” is an answer to why you can’t force them to be unsealed – not to why, in the face of questions, they remain sealed, when to unseal them would make the questions and the conspiracy theories go away immediately. Unless, of course, doing so would reveal wrongdoing. And since the Trump tax records aren’t released, your implications of incrimination are unprovable – just like Obama’s citizenship and financial aid basis.

      • Barry admits he’s not a citizen and was born in Kenya. Watch him in his own words:


        • AmazeTech,
          I had believed he was not born in America due to the investigation from Joe . But this is great to see also he say he would not have been president if not for deceit. This should be all over the place and he should be indicted.

          • When I try to post this on Daily Wire they have to “approve” it before they will post. Some places will not add the link. Post it wherever you can. He was never lawfully our president and whatever he did extra-legally, illegally, or so-called “legally” should be voided. He hides his records for this reason.

        • AmazeTech
          Why wasn’t this all over the news what about all the people listening to him. This was put up in 2/28/2014. Why was he not removed from office. He says he did by misleading and deceit? So the government had to know this!! I dont understand

      • And https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/750ba5f3f11b4e6d473cf41bb1b250371e9c31309cab8ab8068797b215be2d52.jpg
        how much are you Russian trolls being paid? Your trolling has no
        effect but you don’t care as long as you are being paid. It would
        help if Russian/ Republicans STOP helping! LOL

    • Nailed it! ha ha ha

  3. Because they are not done denying yet….

  4. Why won’t the DNC let the FBI examine their computers? Simple, the Trump/Russia dossier will be found on them.

    • You are off in every detail. The FBI has already examined the DNC’s computers. That’s how they know about the hacking. And if you knew anything about it, you would know that Steele was employed by a Republican shill to get information to scuttle Trump’s candidacy. When Trump was nominated before they could release the dossier, they sold it to the Clinton campaign, not the DNC.

      • You’re wrong. The DNC refused to let the FBI examine their computers

      • Wow, what rock are you sleeping under or is it you just cannot bring yourself to tell the truth, but then when have the Dems told the truth about anything

      • Jim, sorry, but your detractors are correct. The DNC refused to allow the FBI to examine their servers. This ought to be a red flag to anyone interested in this investigation, but the major news media apparently is not interested in pursuing any investigation.

      • No Jim. They would not turn those servers over to the FBI. You are so wrong in so many areas…

      • The Shill was McCain…and Fusion didn’t come up with the Russian story until Hillary’s money came into play!

      • The FBI leadership presently being an organized Obama crime family, backed off the foundation investigation to give the Clinton’s time enough to disband the phony charity and money laundry through a Canadian charity organization. Under the sneaky watchful eye of Barrack Obama the corruption is beyond comprehension, yet still to this day he is more important than the nation itself. We are all scared shitless to expose him, we with rather listen to bullshit from CNN and MSNBC morons for eternity, since the government continues to destroy evidence, or ignore it to not have to indict his goons. Lynch, Holder, Johnson, Clinton, Rice, and many others have been given a blank check to do as they please without fear of federal law. The only time they support the law is when it gets the, political gain

    • That makes no sense Gary. I have read the dossier myself. Byron York put it on online for all to see. So your argument is futile.In the end, nothing could be verified. What is on there is the emails proving how they made it all up. That is what they do not want found out!

    • Why won’t the good men & women of the FBI get a warrant…? They Did to spy on Hillary’s opposition party?

  5. The greatest irony will be when BuzzFeed, which dutifully launched Plan P (or is it Plan Z, or is it plan DDD?) for the removal of the legitimately-elected President by first disseminating the uriniferous fictional “dossier”, proves through its lawsuit that the headquarters of the terrorist group formerly known as the democrat party was never hacked, and that all of the now-confirmed information proving election fraud, bribe-taking and collusion with foreign governments was leaked by Seth Rich, who was like so many others promptly murdered by agents of The Mongrel and The Drunken Lesbian Witch. There never was any collusion, the dossier is a communist fabrication and the “investigations” of dirty cop Comey and uranium bagman Mueller have now surpassed social security and the schemes of Ponzi and Madoff to become the greatest frauds in history.

  6. The DNC and Democrats in Congress and The Senate are doing everything they can to help with all investigations into Trump/NRA/Russian conspiracies. Your headline is, as usual, a lie and fake news.

    • Bwahaha…..what an idiot. You show for good reason why the saying “You can’t fix stupid” has such relevance. Crawl back into your safe space snowflake.

  7. DNC is a Crime Cabal of money hungry sly Democrats that are Criminal

  8. There was no hacking people!! It was a born lie from Obama and Hillary and Podesta put it out! I read the Wikileaks email in 2016 that proves this to be true. Why do you think in the last debate Hillary said, “There are 17 Intelligence Agencies that have proof of hacking and Russian interference”. How did she know?Trump asked her to prove it–she walked off.It is all a lie and the FBI, NSA, CIA all know it.They all stick together. Not one explanation or proof has been shown to the American people. I know millions of us have asked!

  9. Buzzfeed isn’t defending its First Amendment rights. No one blocked them from publishing anything they wanted. Buzzfeed is defending itself against making a false public accusation against Gubarev by which he claims he has been harmed. It’s a civil case, not a Constitutional one. Buzzfeed is just waving a false banner about its rights being violated when it’s really about Gubarev’s rights not to be slandered without proof that are being violated. Buzzfeed can sue Steele, but good luck with that unless it’s articles say “According to Steele…” – it’s Buzzfeed’s responsibility to fact check what it publishes. It’s why most articles cite an “according to” source disclaimer.

  10. We have proof it was an internal download due to the clock speed of the downloaded information….
    We have absolutely NO proof the Russians or anyone else has hacked the DNC…
    But we don’t have one judge with the balls to force an examination of the servers before the DNC destroys them…
    And for damn sure the good men & women of the FBI aren’t going to ask for a warrant…? Because they are still playing the Nazi KGB agent scam on Trump…right?

    • Well, Whistleblowers have been known to die violent deaths around these people, so it is easy to sit in our relative comfort and tell those men and women to go forth… (I know what you are saying, but also believe it is the Trump leadership that has to take the bull by the horns and get tougher. Sessions has got to go so we can get someone in there to spearhead running these folks down like they mean it. They need to get some training from the Israelis on how to hunt down these folks to bring them to justice. Stopping only to eat and sleep.)

  11. Maybe BuzzFeed shouldn’t have printed all that unsubstantiated garbage in the first place. Now they’re stuck in the untenable position of trying to get the DNC to cooperate with them. Good luck with that. Talk about getting a taste of their own medicine. Thank you Jesus! (The Russians must be thoroughly themselves watching this drama unfold. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2885bcb18d58e5f32d51a9036215baec8c19a1246e6cfca2441e56cb05b568a2.jpg )

  12. Because it wasn’t hacked. It was downloaded by
    Seth Rich before his murder.

  13. There is no evidence if there was it would have been out in a second.

  14. DNC knows it was not hacked, it was one of their own people that took the docs. And they had him killed for it. The person that was killed in a so called robbery with nothing missing.

  15. They won’t turn over the evidence because there isn’t any evidence that Russia hacked their systems.

  16. I’m torn! I would like to see Buzzfeed get the info they want from the DNC. It is my belief that the DNC is hiding what happened because they know perfectly well that the Russians did not hack their computers. If the courts allow a peek into the DNC computers, there is going to be crap that the Democrats don’t want to be seen-that’s why I’m torn-do we want the see the information that the Democrats are hiding before or after Buzzfeed is put out of business? I’d really like to see Buzzfeed closed down and then the DNC utterly destroyed-just a dream.

  17. Go to “The Great Awakening Has Begun”. Listen and draw your own conclusions.
    MAGA Trump is absolutely correct…Again. Please pray for this administration.
    . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S4H3uh99J0

  18. what did the DNCs token Paki Spies get?

  19. Crowd Strike’s founder was a big donor of Hillary. I wonder how accurate the report is if anything wasn’t to Hillary’s liking?

  20. Didn’t the FBI and some other US Government agencies offer to check out the DNC’s website and e-mail server

    to determine what happened and who actually did hack their system and they refused; instead they hired Crowdstrike. Once Crowdstrike gave them the answer that they paid to hear they closed the case. How convenient.

  21. What? The Democrats didn’t know they were hacked until Wikileaks published the emails. Only Trump and the Russians knew it happened, ask them.

  22. The DNC refused to turn over evidence, because it implicates the wrong people.


  24. The DNC will not turn over the server because it will demonstrate that Hillary and the DNC colluded with the Russians!

  25. The question remains: “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”, which is a Latin phrase found in the work of the Roman poet Juvenal from his Satires (Satire VI, lines 347–348). It is literally translated as “Who will guard the guards themselves?”

  26. Answer:The Democrats/Communists are the colluders

  27. Thier afraid Thier really afraid

  28. Because it would make them look even worse than they already do. The DNC should be renamed to the DNCC short for Democrat National Crime Committee.

  29. Barack Obama (or whoever the hell he really is): “The only people that don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.”

    Said the guy who promised “most transparent administration ever” – then desperately went about having all of his records sealed.

  30. I think the DNC may be worried about what is on their servers. This might be answered by Debbie’s Pakistani IT fella soon enough

  31. Greetings all!! to answer your questions, its a political game of the internet system and most of all, open’s doors for thieves in the cyber crime of your technology that’s a challenge, we teach them how to use the computer and internet, then? from there, they use it against you with no hard feelings, only for an advantage for your information along with your money. and as long as you can’t see them, for they can do what ever to you. no facts with no proof. so my idea is we need to plant a chip in the motherboard that will catch your thief and take a picture at the same time from the satellite, giving that location of the perpetrator, shutting them down in knowing the real truth, its all in the way they are designing your technology of today. we know they have the capability, but for when there’s so much money to be made, for what can one say.

  32. Democrat crooks need not provide any information—as the MSM will most always give them a clean bill of health—-just listen to the gross stupidity that come from mouths of these liberal lying weasels—-historically, democrats have been able to tell lie enough times that they become honest upstanding people and the victim —– mean deplorable republicans are the guilty people

  33. What hack?, I believe that if the source is not made available, then its all hearsay and would not be allowed in court. Therefor its not real, until they provide the facts, which don’t exits. So no Russian hack, The DNC lost because of candidate they choose for President.

  34. No, it will show that they were not hacked. They were the victims of a leak, pure and simple. That and the fact that a real investigation, not the current “Russia collusion” witch hunt, would reveal once and for all who was truly colluding with Russia. FYI, it sure as goose poop wasn’t President Trump or his campaign ………….

  35. why because they are guilty


  37. Oh someone please tell me how Obama, Huma, Podesta, etc got security clearances to begin with………..

  38. They were not hacked, they were leaked from within – Dimocrats with morals! Who would of thunk it!

  39. Democrats’ leaders would be in jail if the truth were released.
    Since before the Democrats booed God out of their party and off their platform in both 2012 and 2016, they have not be able to discern or tell the truth even if it were to their own benefit.
    . God never loss, isn’t losing and will never lose.
    Thank God for answering our election prayers.

  40. The Obammunists will never turn over any evidence to any law enforcement agency because there never was any hacking and there never was any collusion. The servers of the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mexico would reveal that The Mongrel and the Drunken Lesbian Witch were in the pay of the Russians and the Saudis from the day they climbed out of the Trojan Horse, that they sold America’s uranium reserves to the Russians in return for bribes. that there are secret deals with Iran and Mexico to cede foreign hegemony to the former and to merge with the latter once the demographic tipping point is reached, that the 2016 democrat primaries were rigged and the general election was almost rigged to install America’s answer to Madame Mao to rule as a puppet until the marxist from muslim could get the Constitution abrogated and return as dictator and that the party of Hillary, Hodgkinson and Hatred is responsible for multiple Reichstag Fire-type shooting incidents intended to provide a pretext for a state of emergency, and also for the murder of DNC leaker Seth Rich, the late Justice Scalia and many others.

  41. IF True, Russians hacking is not nearly as bad as what Obama & Hillary have done to this country.

  42. They (the Dimwitocrats) got a sympathetic judge to seal Bathhouse Barry’s records. Could we now get a real judge, who lives and rules by the Constitution, to rule the records must be make public? And, shouldn’t it be law that all Presidential candidates release all their personal records? We, the people, have a right to know if the person we elect to lead the country is an honorable person and real citizen as required by our Constitution.

  43. Who know why the Democrats do anything? Right now it is because Donald Trump is the President. The hate everything he says or does and yet they don’t have any plan of their own except their big push to turn over Our Country to the Illegal Aliens in order to secure their vote.

  44. If the democrats let anything out they would all be in prison & the D.N.C. know it . The whole previous 8 yrs. was the the biggest fraud committed on the American citizens.. Just follow the money

  45. They have been called out. It shows evidence the Criminal Party, the Demorats are the criminals and will be exposed. The entire Obomanation administration goes to jail. I have a thing about Eric Holder, Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch, Lois Learner, I can’t put my finger on.

  46. As always, the DNC is duplicitous and dishonest. It’s part of their DNA.

  47. Why ? Because it shows the d-RATS are 100% guilty of a whole boatload of illegal activities, or for them, business as usual. This Trump / Russia collusion is ALL pur BS. Dreamed up by d-RATS.

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