Why Trump Abruptly Left Mar-a-Lago Revealed

President Donald Trump’s surprise visit to Virginia on Monday which led to a lot of speculation has not been noted to have been because Trump has overseen the renovations in his Northern Golf course ahead of his LIV Golf event next year.

Taking to his Truth Social platform on Monday, Trump noted that he was working at @TrumpWashingtonDC on the Potomac River.

The surprise visit had originally led to many speculations with some people assuming that he was in town to deal with some of his latest legal troubles. Some had even assumed he might deliver a speech in Washington, D.C.

However, Trump’s outing to Virginia had been planned by him in advance to oversee his course. Staffers in the course also knew that the visit would take place and had even prepared for his arrival.
Three men were also spotted with Trump in some of the published photos, these included Trump National General Manager Joe Roediger, Grounds Crew Director Brad Enie, and John Copeland, the founder, and president of Superior Golf Concepts.

Trump has said he would host two LIV events. One took place in July at his National Golf Club Bedminster and the other is set to happen in October at the Trump National Doral Miami. A third event has not yet been confirmed, but many say he is planning on hosting the third event at his Virginia course in May 2023.

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  1. The old saying really is correct when they say that when you assume something, you make an “ASS-out-of-U-and ME”


  2. This another example of the Trump haters just looking for something or making it up to feed their agenda!

  3. Gosh, our country would be soo much better with-out these leftist “Democrats” flopping around in our country. Democrats from the 1950’s would not recognize what these leftists have done to their party. These “progressives” are so much closer to the socialists who would destroy our country.

  4. The man could go take a pee & the leftist idiots would make an ‘event’ out of it!! They should get over it & leave the man alone!!

  5. Don’t leave DJT alone. The cases of hives are increasing the closer he gets to 2024. His Mom would be happy.

    • The lefts are so busy tracking every move Trump makes. That is why they can’t get things done, like secure the border, stop illegals, allowing persons in our country who are on watch lists or terrorist lists, leave Afghanistan (without leaving US citizens & US military equipment) should I go on?! Perfect case of The senile leading the stupid. All the while Trump continues to remain focused on his task of revealing truth

      • Trump is incapable of.telling the truth! Where have you been these past several years? Although he privately admitted losing thev2020 election, he is still promoting the big lie during his visits to states while he claims he is endorsing the GOP candidate.

        • Your support of joeobama along with your political ignorance is what is destroying our great country. Do America a great favor and stay home on election day. Your political ignorance is astounding.

  6. Trump won the election.. Your IQ must be below 50 if you do not know this. A UPS driver testafied under owth that he transported a truck load of votes from N Y to PA. at 2am in the morning. but his testomoney was deregared ???? Mail in votes , paid for by geo souros to our crocked polatical croucks of ( shi) let it happen. Now we will all pay for it. PS I fought for the demo party for year’s I woke up i 1995 when I found ot LBJ killed JFK.

  7. DemoncRats are puppets of big $$$ funders. They do as they’re told. There’s no brain in any demoncRat head. When the master funders pull the strings the demoncRat dances. It’s Always All about the money. President Trump doesn’t need puppet master funding.

  8. USA citizens should be Grateful for President Trump’s many accomplishments…
    Unlike other presidents who destroyed our home.

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