Why Stop With Free Community College?

“I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage. If I help him, he’s gonna help me.
– Peggy Joseph, Obama supporter, 2008


Barack Obama swept his way into office on a wave of assumptions that weren’t much less ridiculous than those harbored by Joseph. By obscuring his real plans for the country in the brilliant populist sentiment of “hope and change,” Obama easily triumphed at a time when America was reeling from the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

For his part, Obama did little to dissuade voters from thinking he was the magical solution to all of their problems. He was less a politician and more a complete savior. The fact that he was black not only shored up a wellspring of support among African-Americans, but it also drew to mind Hollywood’s myth of the “magical negro,” as exemplified by Bagger Vance and John Coffey from The Green Mile. Maybe this guy was something special, liberals and braindead independents thought. Maybe America was in for a grand transformation.

And indeed it was. Obama had big plans lying beneath all the rhetoric about hope and change. And many of those plans involved expanding the entitlement state. When Mitt Romney was caught on tape giving his thoughts about the 47 percent of Americans who were dependent on government, the country was aghast. But maybe the shock was not due to the inaccuracy of the remark, but rather how closely Romney hit the nail on the head. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Now Obama wants to make community college an entitlement. Though he plans to put the majority of the financial burden on the states, he’s provided no ideas on how it can be done without bankrupting local governments and increasing the debt. But that’s okay. Obama is going back to what worked for him in the past. Keep the details in the shade, and focus on the big ideas. Do you think Peggy Joseph cares how we will pay for millions of Americans to go to college? Of course not. It’s enough that the idea is out there.

So why stop at community college? Why not address Joseph’s original expectations and make gasoline free? Sure, prices are low now, but how long is that going to last? Besides, free is better than affordable. And what about her mortgage? Why not make housing free as well?

The president already has aims on a government takeover of the internet, so we can probably add that to the free column. Millions of Americans are unhappy about Obamacare, so let’s scrap it and go back to what he wanted to do originally: implement universal healthcare. Free is always better than not-free.

Argh, but those damn Republicans! They’ll never go for it! Ah, but you forget. This president doesn’t have to wait for Congress to act. He can wave a magic wand from the White House and make everything better. Hell, he might just decide to stick around come 2016. Do I hear the cry?

One more time…one more time…

He really is the gift that keeps on giving.



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  1. “Free” anything from 0bama-the-Con–Artist is just another tax

    • Except to the people that receive the free gift. They would not be getting it free if they paid taxes.

    • Ever one is on welfare. If you get tax money you are on welfare. The only difference is how big your check. Now if your company pays in 9 billon dollars in tax. Then you get 10 billon dollars in tax relief. Your compay got a 1 billon dollar welfare check. So it would seem it is ok for rich people to get welfare. Now the people on the bottom. They should stop being bums and get a job.

  2. We don’t have a president. We have a king. And an unwanted king at that.

  3. I think we must do all within our power to resist a return to the fifties and sixties, when education was (in many cases) free and, at the least, affordable, and all those hippies went on to get an education and then just spend the rest of their dirty miserable commie lives involved in subsersive activities. Like the Silicon Revolution. Yeah, we want to keep the populace uneducated, so they won’t mind working at Walmart and McDonald’s!

    • It was affordable, not free. The government was not giving it. When it is free it looses it’s meaning and value to the person.

      • Tell that to my Dad, who went to Cornell (School of Agriculture) for free. Cooper Union, in NYC, used to be free. And I mentioned the Silicon Revolution; that was fueled by the huge pool of talent in California, thanks to the (pre-Reagan) free school system. And it was also largely affordable, as you point out, but if you’ll take a minute to Google the question, you’ll find out that there were quite a few places where one could get a “free” college education. (Nothing is ever really free… there’s living expenses, books, etc. My Dad worked at least one job, often several, while in college.)

    • What ever the 50 and the 60 before the american dollar was taken of the gold standard.

  4. The most important thing you have aside from god is how smart you are. How far you went in school. A college degree is a good thing. When you apply for a job they want to know what you know. Did you go to college. With all of the money givin for aid. The goverment should be forced to aid American people as much or more then aid for over seas.

    • We ARE the government when it comes to handing out money. It’s our taxes that pay for all these freebies. I don’t want to pay for some lazy kid who doesn’t want to work and pay his own college expenses. Nobody paid my way and I would never have asked my friends and neighbors for a cent, so why would I ask taxpayers to pay my way???

      • All of the money givin by the American Goverment to places like Pakistan. You oppose the American goverment helping people get a education. For ever dollar spent on a person to go to school. It saves 10 dollars. Welfare Prisons Police. Any thing that helps the common man or woman get ahead is good for the state. If you do not under stand this there is nothing i can say. That would change your mind.

        • Why not have a smaller government? Why doesn’t the government reduce spending, reform tax code and improve our economy and then Americans can take care of themselves as adults are supposed to do? Why is college so expensive? Politicians in the government care more about their own power than they do the American people. They are also tone deaf to those who have elected them. I don’t think we should give $$ to other countries before ourselves but I have more faith in hard working Americans to solve problems on the local level than Federal Government stepping in to every aspect of our lives. This goes against the laws of life. Adults are not supposed to be children.

      • Listen up the American goverment gives billons of dollars to country Pakistan Turkey. So if you do not have any problem that. I want some help givin to they American people. School is they most important thing you can get.

  5. Before we pour more money down a rat hole, let’s try FIXING the K-12 system! When I graduated from high school there was an exit exam those who could not pass did not graduate! I see now the studies show that the average college Sophomore can only read at seventh grade level. What happened to the other 6 grades? If we kick the liberal administrator’s butts for failing to hold themselves, their teachers, and their students accountable. Lets drop the touchy feely classes which don’t teach anything useful, and get back to reading, riting, and rithmetic!

  6. Before anyone jumps on the “O” wagon for free college, please spend some time checking out what the latest curriculum is and as importantly who is teaching it. Years ago my daughter came home from middle school and announced that she was told that day in class that if she had a problem with any of our house rules (such as time to be in on a school night), that we should sit down and reach a “compromise”. Planting seeds for furthur “education” down the road.
    College classes today consist of anything from basket weaving to how to make porno movies, taught by those that range from those who seem to care for the education of the student to those just wanting to plant and push their personal agenda.

  7. WTF,the Pope is embracing godless communist principal,why not the rest of us t… already got a mooslim born again commie son of a whore for POTUS…

  8. Community Colleges are paid for by local school boards – not the federal government. I would like to see children go to school rear-round with vacations reflective of those in private industry. This would allow a good student to graduate high school at 16. These kids could then stay at home, go to the community college for their first two years of college and save the parents a few bucks, which would later be spent on grad school. In other words, 18-year-old kids with associate degrees at a very affordable price. Each community could figure out how to pay for it from local taxes.

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