Why ISIS is Missing President Obama Right About Now

A spokesman for the U.S.-Iraqi coalition said Tuesday that the Islamic State was “on the brink of total defeat” in the city of Mosul, with allied forces having stolen much of the terrorist group’s territory with their ongoing assault. ISIS territory, according to Iraq Brigadier Gen. Yahya Rasool, has now been reduced to less than 130 square miles inside the embattled country.

The news comes on the heels of similar comments from U.S. presidential envoy Brett McGurk, who said Monday that ISIS’s reign of terror inside Iraq was coming to an end.

“The world is now seeing that (Iraqi) soldiers are completely destroying Daesh,” McGurk said.

Wow, what a remarkable coincidence that ISIS is nearing their destruction so soon after President Trump took office. We’re sure that this is just the patient, lackadaisical approach favored by Barack Obama, finally paying dividends just a few months too late for him to proudly take credit for it. What a shame. What an injustice. Oh well, no doubt the media will remind everyone that the assault on Mosul began in October…just in time for Obama to start really pitching the case for Hillary on the campaign trail.

The truth is that Trump promised to “bomb the hell out of ISIS” on the campaign trail and he has made good on that promise in the five months he’s served as commander-in-chief. With all the honor going to the men and women who are on the ground and in the air, putting their lives on the line to defeat this bloodthirsty enemy, we can’t ignore the facts. And the facts tell us that Trump’s leadership has massively accelerated the deadly serious business that is the global war on terror.

According to a March report from the Air Force Central Command, the U.S. and its allies dropped nearly 4,000 bombs on ISIS in Syria and Iraq that month – double what we’d been dropping in the Obama era. With the handcuffs off the military at long last, we’re finally starting to see the fruits of victory.

This is what happens when you have a president who isn’t afraid of using the mighty resources of the U.S. military to defeat a monstrous national security threat. This is what happens when you have a president who cares more about the American people than the reputation of Islam.

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  1. Thank God!! There was no excuse for covering up for ISIS, and even arming them as the Obama Administration did(Remember O gave Islamic terrorist groups in Libia, including ISIS, weapons to take out th President of Libia Momar Ghadafi) We need a leader mwho wyjj take out, not support our enemies.

  2. Why wonder? After all B. Hussein Obama is a Marxist Muslim from Kenya – everything he did is explained by that fact.

    • Of course, that is a fictitious name, he WAS Barry Soetoro, an Indonesian Muslim after his mother married that Indonesian Muslim and gave up her and her son’s claims to citizenship here. That was why he traveled with an Indonesian passport and was enrolled in Columbia University as a foreign student getting student aid, before he suppressed all of his college records and the records of his birth, after inserting the faked “Certificate of Live Birth” (NOT a birth Certificate) into Hawaiian records to pretend to prove that he was a real “natural-born American”, which he was NOT. He was educated in his early childhood in a Muslim Medrassa in Indonesia, and was no more of an American in reality than Huma Abedin was, though SHE WAS born here, but was taken to Arabia as a baby to be brought up there, only to return here as she became an adult to do her duty to Islam and her parents to destroy this country. She also is a viper in disguise, as Barry is. Both were never American in their heart and soul, but were enemies pretending to be Americans.

      • The hospital on BHO’s “origional long form birth certificate didn’t even exist yet when he was borm. I uess it just goes to show how amazing Barry is that he is. And, last year, Barak’s brother reveaaled his Kenyan birth certificate. Sibling rivalry I guess.

        • I saw a video on YouTube supposedly uploaded by Obama’s sister, recording the trip to Kenya he and his wife made in 1990 (“A Journey in Black and White”). The narrator (Obama’s sister) claims he was 27 years old (“… he finally made it here after 27 years…”). The problem with that is that if he was 27 years old in 1990, that would put his birth-date in 1990-27=1963. But, his “birth certificate” is dated in 1961. Ooops…

        • Brenda Sinclair


      • PM – and not in Honolulu, Hawaii. Four simple questions must be answered

        1. Back
        in 1961 people of color were called “Negroes”. So how can that Obama’s “birth
        certificate” state that he is “African-American” when the term wasn’t
        even used at that time? Also – he could not have been an “African-American”
        since his mother was white; at best he should have been classified as an
        African White.

        2. The
        birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama’s birth as August
        4, 1961 and lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. That “long form”
        certificate was fabricated after the “short form” certificate was shown to be a
        rather sloppy computer-generated fabrication that had to be eliminated from
        circulation. At the time of Obama’s birth, it also shows that his father was 25
        years old and that he was born in “Kenya, East Africa” in 1936. This wouldn’t seem
        like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until
        1963, two whole years after Obama’s birth, and 27 years after his father’s
        birth. How could Obama’s father have been born in a country that did not yet exist?
        Up and until Kenya was formed in
        1963, it was known as the “British East Africa Protectorate”.

        3. On the
        Birth Certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is
        “Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital “. This cannot be,
        because the hospitals in question in 1961 were separate entities called respectively
        “Kaui Keolani Children’s Hospital” and “Kapi’olani Maternity
        Home”. The name did not change to Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological
        Hospital until 1978, when these two hospitals merged. How can this particular
        name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not
        yet been applied to it until 1978? Why hasn’t this been discussed in the major
        media? Let me repeat this: Let somebody
        explain to this former refugee from a communist hell how come our Main Stream
        Media have been not only silent about this affair but more than that have been
        condescending and rather inimical to us “the truthers”? Their silence and their
        cover-up have made them the co-conspirators in this ongoing crime.

        4) Finally his half-brother Malik
        who lives in Mombasa produced recently his real birth certificate issued by the
        hospital in Mombasa certifying Hussein’s birth there.

        (Note: the state employee who invented this full-form
        “Birth Certificate” was flying on the Havai inter-island flight with a dozen
        other passengers when the plane was forced to land on the ocean surface. All
        passengers and the pilot were saved – except that state employee who
        mysteriously “drowned”.) Loretta Fuddy, the Hawaii official
        who verified his long form birth certificate was the only casualty in a plane
        crash not too long after she did her old friends, the Obamas, this illegal favor.)

        4. Another
        clue comes from Obama’s book on his father. He states how proud he is of his
        father fighting in WWII. B. Hussein Obama’s “birth certificate” says
        his father was 25 years old in 1961 when Obama was born. That should have put
        his father’s date of birth approximately in 1936. Now we need to remember that
        WWII was between 1939 and 1945. Just how many 3 year olds fight in wars? Does
        that mean that Mr. Obama is a liar, or simply chooses to alter the facts to
        satisfy his political purposes? No, Sir – he is a liar.

        My own
        question is this: How come a President of the most powerful country in the
        history of the world could not secure services of better professional forgers?
        Not only that – but this mess to happen after the short-form “birth
        certificate” was shown to be a really low-quality forgery that had to be
        speedily retracted!

        • sandraleesmith46

          Those pesky details!

          • Craig Vandertie

            Nope, just the corrupt who have no clue as to what truthful unbiased information is Lamestream media.

            Details just muck up the efforts of fake news reporters to keep the Deep State deeply intranced Looney Libtards completely disillusioned.

          • sandraleesmith46

            John Adams said “Facts are stubborn things” and he was right about that; the facts about O just won’t go away. But Dems/Libs are apparently stubborn enough to refuse to see truth, even when it smacks them in the face, too.

        • None of tis make any difference now; the damage is done and we will for the next 30 to 50 years pay the price for what the overeducated idiot did to this country! The last eight years should be a STRONG lesson showing that great educations on paper mean very little. .
          Obama is an excellent speaker but that is not unusual for those who start their lives as career students in the best colleges in America, or the cheapest bars of back streets of Chicago. .
          Dum up Obama = All talk and no action, – just do nothing and the problems will go away,- Americans support immigrants (never separated legal and illegal immigrants as he talked about them – – maybe he never understood the difference), – need a pathway to citizenship for the illegals, as if he did not know America has had a pathway to citizenship for immigrants for years and years – he only needed to read the immigration laws and program to understand that!


          • Craig Vandertie

            Actually there is very little difference between a Zebra and a Jackass.

          • and look at all the creep and crud in America that still drool over that POS and call themselves “the resistance” – POTUS needs to put the Nat’l Guard on them with live rounds in full chamber exit, and cut the heads of the snake off too

          • Craig Vandertie

            Start with the slime that is paying for those deadbeat losers to riot.

          • Georgi Soros, “Rex Judarum”! Pays for the Rioters!

          • Craig Vandertie

            This nation needs no more immigrants, no jobs for those of working age among legal U.S. citizens, my opinion is that unless you know how to speak perfect English and have something of genuine value to the nation as a whole we as a nation in truth do not need you.

          • That’s way TOO much common sense, Craig Vandertie. Thinking out of the box like that could get you killed. I mean, the libs main agenda now is to get enough non-white, low educated, poor people flowing into this country to dilute the majority vote. Then get’em registered as democrats and to the polls on election day with instructions to pull the lever for anybody with a “D” after his name. And, by all means, you’ve got to be anti-Voter ID in order to make this scam work. Saying otherwise could get you in huge trouble with the dems, especially if they’re black or Latino.

          • Craig Vandertie

            Which is why like getting and keeping all “Moonie Muslimes” and illegal aliens out of the United States Mr. Trump needs to establish a means by which to ensure that only legal U.S. citizens are allowed to vote.

            Mr. Trump is obviously has been doing some things right or he would not have the Demoncommiecrats, Rats, and corrupt Federal judges all upset with him.

            If corruption within the election system is not stopped good luck if Mr. Trump is elected for a 2nd term and Mike Pence after that, neither will ever happen.

          • I like where you’re coming from, Craig…

          • Obama is not a great speaker, he had someone write his speeches for him. Plus he would only speak w/ a teleprompter. When he has to talk w/ no prep. He just keeps saying aaa, aaa, ah, ah, ah, aww, aww, but, but, but. That is the extent of his speaking.

        • Islamaniacs do send their infants to war as soon as they can hold a gun, so his father may have actually fought in WWII, that is the only article that might have some truth to it… probably another mistake, Obama thought he was lying as usual…

          • Craig Vandertie

            Seriously, I have maybe as young as 10, but a 3 year old being given a gun, the enemy would have died of laughter 1st.

        • You did your homework! EXCELLENT FACTUAL INFO ON THE MUSLIM SNAKE IN THE GRASS! Anyone not believing any of this can verify all if it by googling it on the web!
          I believe Pres. TRUMP has even more incriminating info found on obama and is waiting for the right time to produce it and yank bho’s skinny arse into prison.

          I read abt bho’s birth in Mombasso Kenya, being delivered by a midwife and his paternal grandmother (in an article written and published in mid 2007 BEFORE he began campaigning). Bho’s mother was too far along in her pregnancy for any airline to allow her to fly home after visiting bho’s dad’s relatives in Mombasso. So the village midwife and Granny delivered bho.
          GREAT INFO!! THANKS FOR TELLING TRUTHS ABT THE BIGGEST “CONMAN”.TO EVER HIT THE WHITE HOUSE! If I were a Democrat, I’d hang my head in shame for voting in that fraud!!!

          • Craig Vandertie

            I like the video footage of a speech was giving to his intranced minions where he admits he never was a U.S. citizen yet the Deep State deeply intranced Looney Libtards will say it is anything less than genuine.

          • Did you see the News footage of obama speaking to Middle Eastern Govt officials where he clearly stated “I’m one of you” if there is a conflict “I stand with the Muslims”? I almost fell off my chair when I heard those words. I thought, What is he saying? He shouldn’t be in our White House! He’s a traitor…and a FOOL!

            Both he has proven to be true.

          • Craig Vandertie

            Actually I never have seen the original film footage, but the part about always remaining loyal to the “Moonie Muslimes” has been quoted time and time again, and him being guilty of treason is indisputable.

          • Both my spouse and I were watching the news when the video from bho’s meeting with the Middle Eastern leaders came on. When I heard him say that, we both looked at each other and said, “Did he just say he is one of them and he’ll stand with the muslims”?

            We almost fell off our chairs!! That was another Red Flag bho wasn’t who he was pretending to be but was 100% FRAUD.If you Google that statement, they may still have that clip on the Web someplace. Check it out.

            Bho meant every word he said to the Middle East because he IS A MUSLIM HIMSELF born from a Muslim father and raised with Muslim traditions until he lived with his maternal White grandparents in an all White neighborhood. Barrack has so much “baggage” from his twisted and bizarre unstable childhood life, no wonder he became a narcissistic antiAmerican snake.

            Research his childhood. No child experiencing what he did would grow up with conpassion, but fear would be his constant companion. Such is obama…a fearful backboneless fraud! Time for him to be tried for his destructive actions against Americans.

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          • Brenda Sinclair

            it is that muslim viper snake in the grass who did child traffcing out of whitehouse that today has worked hard to turn americans against president trump, his head as a snake needs to be cut off ,for treason to america, he needs spend rest of his like in jail having happen to him what he did to the little boys, look up folks obama spent 65,000 buying hotdogs(word fbi uses for little boys) flew them in from chiacgo boys home for a party in whitehouse, the boys were never returned to the boys home. we h8ad a pedophile president who preyed on lives of little children as did hillary and bill they all were involved in child trafficking https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4b990f4637320d8515345c89cd82a7a8469cd83de7a501526520818e6d0811c7.jpg ..folks and you treat president trump so badly yet he is far better than rapist obama and hillary wake up folks see truth,LOOK BELOW PRESIDENT TRUMP SET UP A SPECIAL UNIT TO ARREST CHILD TRAFFCING AND PEDOPHILES TO DATE 3,500

        • Craig Vandertie

          I still laugh at that PC nonsense Antropologically speaking they are and always will be Negroes.

        • Craig Vandertie

          He race should technically be referred to as Mulatto.

        • Virginia Hornibrook

          Thank you I’ve said this all along Obama was not born on the United States, if he was born in the United States how did he get to gowant t to college saying he wasn’t a citizen of the United States, he got to go to college free because he said he wasn’t a citizen of the United States. And the Democrats didn’t want to know if he was legal. Now all the care about is how can we disapprove Trump our crooked killer Hillary didn’t win so let’s go after Trump has to go in a clean up the horrible mess lying Obama did. Go Trump Go Make America Great Again I know you can and will do it
          Russia was involved with the DNC good old crooked killer Hillary

        • Yeah, then there’s the pesky question about the phony Social Security Card and number. The card was issued sometime in the late 60s, from Connecticut, and the number had previously been issued to a Connecticut citizen who passed away around the same time. So, how does it end up with the young Obama lad living in Hawaii at the time who at age 8 or 9 hadn’t even taken a puff on his first joint yet (insofar as we know). And while Bill Ayers at the same time was contemplating blowing up the Pentagon, he hadn’t yet thought about writing the phantom “auto-biography” of one Barack Obama.

          • This was a Commie 50 year plan, or a sequential series, of 10 of their infamous 5 year plans!

        • Excellent.

        • Add to that , OBAMAGGOT was ADOPTED by his INDO DAD . That said , HTF can he be a US CITIZEN ??? He NEVER Denounced that . With that , HE CANNOT be a LEGAL US POTUS .He’s a FRAUD , ILLEGAL , TREASONOUS MUZZY POTUS .And , being as his Father was a MUZZY , by their beliefs , OBAMMY IS A MUZZY . THATS THEIR LAW of IZLAM… IMHO , as a USN 100% Disabled VET ??? EXTERMINATE IZLAM … KILL’EM ALL

      • THANK YOU LADD, WELL SAID! I have said the same thing for years, but it seemed that no one was listening! Now that he is out of office and committing treason against Trump and our government, people are starting to wake up! Of course, he was committing treason all along, but it was ignored!

        • sandraleesmith46

          Not the Dems, yet, however! They’re still backing and defending their messiah.

          • You think so? It is obvious the party leaders are and there seems to be a handful of others that can not face the facts and of course the media that has done everything they can to cover up the failing Democratic party leadership! None of them want to talk about the Democratic party leaders who resigned without arguments when they were caught “hacking” into Bennie Sanders campaign, or the fact they were dong basically the same ting they now complain about Russia doing, of=r gaining access to campaign debate questions and passing them to Hillary before the debates; all these and more – – and the Democrats still feel their party leaders are honest, trustworthy and loyal to the country!

          • sandraleesmith46

            They keep redefining words so that they don’t mean what an unabridged Webster’s or Funk and Wagnall’s would declare they actually mean, so “honest”, “trustworthy” or “loyal’ in their lexicon don’t mean the same thing they would to you or me.

          • Craig Anderson

            Why not change the definition and meaning of any word they are trying to change history, why not words. Have you noticed the history that the Dem have decided to change, with the removal of all the civil war statues and trying to illegalize the flying of the rebel flag, ignoring that they started the slavery here, with the Muslim people.
            You know for a bunch of Communist/Nazi fucks they sure want to be more like the Republicans then anything else or at least look like they are more of the savior of the country then it destroyer. This might be a Democracy, but the only reason it is, is because it’s also a Republic for which we stand. If it wasn’t for the proud Americans that stand for our country and keep it safe. Now that the Dem have allowed themselves to be bought by the Soros concern and he has piled in the Communist Party to help them. Things are getting really hot, but we have to fight and keep them out once again, just like back in the 60s !

          • sandraleesmith46

            Oh, believe me, they are doing just that. It’s been an ongoing battle a lot longer than that. The Muslims first attacked us back in the late 18th century, and in 1802 Jefferson sent in the Marines to explain why that was unacceptable; they behaved, mostly except stealth jihad (hijrah) until the very early ’70s. I’m thinking they need another dose; without tying the Marines’ hands behind their backs.

        • I can’t believe some foreign nation he screwed over, while “in the POTUS Office” hasn’t Whacked hizz-azz!

          • I can’t believe some patriot (or one of your cartel partners) hasn’t given you a Colombian necktie yet, Bozo.

      • Craig Anderson


        Obama had all this and more to wonder about and that was in total doubt, but yet the FBI and Comey said nothing about him. Now if I was the POTUS there would be no way that I could trust a man that had all this to look at on a man and still let it go by, not without the fix being in somewhere.
        Comey had to be FIRED he was a detriment to our national security just as much as Hillary was, for they couldn’t accomplish their treason without him. There was no way that he could have stayed in office as long as he did without a hell of a lot of help and that would have to come from both the Dem, Rep, CIA and the FBI. This is why Obama appointed Brennan to the CIA, and Comey to the FBI and with their friends of McCain and Kerry for the Rep in house and all the cut throats in the Dem/Soros’/Nazi/Communist Party and His NWO.
        Obama is a puppet for Soros and his Nazi/Communist Party and always has been since birth.

        • Hate isn’t a strong enough descriptor for what I have for that POS.
          Of course, I mean that in a NICE way.

          • Craig Anderson

            Now that I think about it Comey was pretty much the worst of them, for not only would he have to know all the planning of the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation, but the stealing of the treasury department, the commission and cover up of how many murders for the Hillary, the stealing from the VA funds, our SS funds depletions, the list goes on and on and we just can’t have this kind of thing happening and not letting the public hear about them for years,, after they are already done.
            Such as how Obama tried to make it look like the $400m he sent over the Iran wasn’t for the return of the hostages that came back but kept the over 1 billion in arms and munitions completely secret until afterwards. When a allotment of so much money is suppose to go through the Senate. Obama was a good one for doing his orders and signings on the 11th hour, when no one could oppose him, but the FBI must have known where all this was going, even if they don’t tell us the fix must be in from some where.

          • Brenda Sinclair


          • AMEN!!

          • You didn’t hate Comey when he torpedoed Hillary. Hypocrite.

          • Craig Anderson

            You forgot that Comey’s brother Peter was not only did Hillary’s taxes, but was also the auditor of record on the Dem last check of their accounts. Comey’s wife was given 650k several years back, for a house, from the Clinton Foundation and while in office, unlike any other FBI director in our history Comey had a 3m$ kitty to dip into as well as a 10m$ budget.
            You can’t tall me that for the director of the FBI he wouldn’t know every little crummy thing that was going on in and around DC. They didn’t’ hate Comey when he was there keeping all their secrets, but let one of them slip by and even though he tried to cover everything up, by letting them destroy all those emails and giving amnesty from it I don’t see what would tell them more that he was dirty.
            Trump should have fired him long ago and we wouldn’t be playing catch up on everything now. Not one criminal was prosecuted during the Obama admin., where in every other the3re was at least one with an itch, but they were caught, before they lost billions much less trillions.

      • VERY WELL PRESENTED Ladd!!!!

      • I have ALWAYS said, ” There’s NOTHING ‘American’ about him!”

        That’s why he was put in the position he was-to destroy American exceptionalism. Didn’t work. Screwed us up, sure, but we’re not French…yet.

        • Craig Anderson

          Well Trump said he was interrupting the negotiations they were having NOW, that is what he was suppose to do, but I think that was an attempts to get back in the Dem’s good graces. I just wonder what they’ll get him to say now that he’s out. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/62c62f98e03432aed0ebf7e2317d07c278e9d8917602bb7c338ddba45f5640f1.jpg
          They don’t want us to make allies with anyone, but the mid-east terrorists. For many years we have been able to keep them at bay because they were afraid that if you attack one you have to attack them all and attacking one superpower is bad enough, but trying to take on two, much less three is suicide. That is why Trump was making friends with China the month before. Comey medaling into these negotiations can do more harm then good, that’s just another reason why Trump had to fire him.
          Now the Dem are complaining that he didn’t do it right, so what if Trump hates using a thousand words when one can do the job, it was something that was going to happen one way or another.

      • Brenda Sinclair

        muslim obama was a fake gay, with a fake wife a male trannie dressed up like a woman giving america our first male trannie first lady, what a disgrace to the whitehouse, they were fake and the girls were rented more fake..WE NOW HAVE A TRUE AMERICAN WHO IS NOT GAY NOR IS MELANA A TRANNIE MALE.. yet look how badly they are treated by us americans. trump takes no salary yet puts up with worst abuse ever happen to any president in history, the anti-americans need to be deported along with muslim illegals who enter america, that is the demon-craties.. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d79239bd27119b024c4586d28f8867e8b25175191b5c03b4f9fb8de4de5bd9db.jpg

    • He was born in Hawaii. The bastard son of a married activist. The Kenyan was a convenient patsy going to to same class as O’s mom. The real B.C. would have named the real father or said unknown or such.
      A phoney one was made up to hide all the sex scandals his mom was evolved in.

      He was born to a. then, American citizen. A Marxist or similar for sure

      • Probably true, not so sure was born in Hawaii, but citizenship was RENOUNCED by his mother when she married Soetoro

      • There is a letter from American missionary who stated Barack Obama was born in Kenyan, his grandmother commented. Barry has several relatives in Kenya. Obama is a fraud. An impersonator.

      • Just goes to show you how great America is, when the illegitimate son of a Whore and a Married Kenyan muslim can become president of the USA by pretending to be black.

      • sandraleesmith46

        I rest my case!

      • AND your POINT IS??

        • All the lies to cover up the truth and make him and his mom look good when they both have issues. And I believe he believed the Kenyan was his real dad when younger. The point is TRUTH MATTERS to most people.

          • Yeah, but his Mommy was a Commie! So was his “Uncle Frank! [Davis]

          • She was 17 or 18 and I doubt she did anything to denounce her citizenship.
            Uncle Davis could be a citizen and a commie? It makes no difference legally who the dad is. He was born to a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil. Morally and ethically is a different matter.

          • No body is arguing the citizenship of Barky O. However, his grandmother, on the fathers side. sez the lop-eared Nappy Headed Bastard was born in Coast Hospital, Mombassa, Kenya!

          • The supposed Kenyan granny is not his real granny. She admitted to having
            a grandson born at Mombassa. That was, however his supposed Kenyan brother.
            She barely spoke English and it was a bad tele conversation when she was asked of grandson. She said a grandson was born there is all. It wasn’t Barry but a different one. His real granny be Davis or ??? I am sure the powers know. DNA
            Thus the doctored up B.C.

    • exactley the HB lier and pretend comander and sorry chief shit.

  3. Ahmed F. Hosny

    Of course they miss him. Specially now that Hillary is not the POTUS.

    • She WAS set and promised to continue all of Bathhouse Barry’s programs of destruction of this country, all because she is a greedy and self-centered advocate of communism and Islam too. Stupid individual who thought she could lie and cheat her way forever, that the “sheeple” here would never stop supporting her. She has NO respect for anyone at all, richly deserved her abject failure when she lost her SECOND attempt to become President. The shame is that we put in the lying Muslim gay dude with his cross-dressing “wife” Michael, when he was not even an American, thanks to Pelosi wheb she “vetted” him when he never had a real Birth certificate to show. He NEEDS to be prosecuted for that fraud as well as the electoral fraud in HIS elections, as well as the fraud he perpetuated when he went on the air and TOLD the illegals to vote in this last election also, that they would NOT BE PROSECUTED. We need to make a lie of that, the records are easy enough to verify those who voted and were illegally here — and to correct this heinous insult to the integrity of the united States of America, the real government developed under our Constitution that all the Democrats and foreign enemies hate so much. Time to rid ourselves of the FALSE “government we allowed to be foisted upon us in the Act of 1871, by the last act of a group of traitors in the true government as they created the corporation named “THE UNITED STATES” and the corporate “government headquarters of District of Columbia” to serve them with a corporate flag that LOOKS as though it could be the flag of our country, just with a gold fringe around it to make it “special”. But it is NOT our flag, and the MUNICIPAL government set up by the Act of 1871 is NOT our true government. THAT government never re-convened after 1871, and we have had the government of the CORPORATION — a MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT ONLY — masquerading ever since. Time to end the lies, end the phony career politicians for good. Time for us to Make America GREAT Again. Time to find our root strength once more.

  4. Ovomit was the best ally that ISIS could have had.
    That’s HAD—–past tense.
    Now it’s time for the mongrels to return to their caves.

    • Charles Wolfe jr


    • RichFromShowMe

      Actually, obamba can be credited to giving still-birth to ISIL/ISIS as he enabled them to hatch out, right under the noses of our Flag Officers and blocked them every time they wanted to exterminate the vermin.

      obamba is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and the near genocide of Syrian Christians and others throughout the Middle East Sand Pile.

    • And then we need to MOPS their caves and expunge this cancer from Humanity. It was never anything other than a cancer attempting to destroy any hope of civilization in the world, and to supplant it with perversion and hatred of all but the Canaanite losers who were thrown out of Israel in Biblical times. They want to rewrite history. WE don’t want to let them do so… DO WE?!!?

      • Hell no!

      • Eradicate this vermin from the earth then start the process by taking out Osama bin Ladin, Jr, Al-Qaeda and the 6th Century Taliban.

        • Vijayakumar Samuel

          You just cannot eradicate the vermins as they are now all over Europe and USA, they will turn cancerous bloodthirsty after sharia law comes into full force until then they function as normal cell,like in Aylesbury East London, Paris, etc.Its hidden in their religious cult which is mistaken as Middle East Culture.

          • Sure we can as soon as we enforce the laws ALREADY written in the past. We are NOT required to welcome scorpions into our society.

          • Vijayakumar Samuel

            I wish you well and America Gods Blessings. What you have not taken into account is that the scorpions multiply faster than rats- 1 man x4 wives each x3 kids in 30 years from now they will vote you all out and at the same time deplete all your welfare monies.Literally you will have another civil war. Can the POTUS bring a legislation where by these scorpions cannot vote for another 20 years. Check out Denmark’s new regulations ; democrats will be riding on their sting to prevent any constructive action

          • Polyamorous is practiced in America. I met a American man who has two wives who are Lesbians but they still want a male to father their children. The male is married to one legally and the other is a “common law” wife, all 3 love each other equally. It works out that day care is not necessary and the children consider the second Mommy as their Aunt. Might get complicated as the children get older but for now it works. So if the rule is stretched for Muslims then Polyamory should be legal too.

          • Sharia Law may have a toe hold in some parts of Europe excluding Poland, Austria and Hungary. Muslime’s are trying to implement Sharia in USA but states are passing laws to counter it. The Constitution is the law of America, they want Sharia, move to Canada or Dubai.

          • There here taking over Derborn Michigan as we speak and have Sharia law in place and nothing at least at this time is being done about it NOTHING . If we let Sharia law to be practiced here we lose . Deport anyone that even try’s to bring it here .

          • We’ll have to start with the USA can’t do anything for the Europeans until they quit sucking up the globalist Jews Kool-Aid.

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            Amen to that this is America we go by our laws no Sharia law get these idiots out of our country now

          • Virginia Hornibrook

            This is the United States if you don’t like our laws and abide by them go back where you came from. We will not go by your Sharia law. This is our country not yours or Muslim Obama’s go by the laws of our country take your behinds and get the hell out of our country.and take Muslim Obama and his Muslim brotherhood and family with you

      • Question: Not familiar with MOPS.
        Please enlighten a slow minded Conservative—–thanks

        • Remember the fake news recently about the MOAB bomb cost being $16 million, that was dropped recently on Afghanistan? Subsequently that was reported to be the cost of 16 MOPS bombs that the government had ordered, NOT the MOAB, but it is MOAB class in terms of the explosive size. These are made to deliver with the B1 stealth bomber. Those are the true bunker-busters, with 11,000 pounds of high explosive behind a piercing tip made of a heavy cone of depleted uranium, to drive into any bunker. So we actually DO have a fair inventory of those to use. I happen to watch these tech details, not that you are slow or anything, I don’t believe that. Guess you realize that I am very much a conservative — and, yes, I DID vote for Trump, even made a couple of donations to show support, figure we needed to clear up the government and liked what I saw (still do) in Trump.

          • Hey Ladd—-thank you sir. I knew about the “bunker buster” just didn’t know (or more likely forgot) it’s acronym was MOPS. Thanks again for the explanation. Likewise a conservative on this end and also voted for Mr. Trump. Was on his election team in NV went to most of his rally’s as a volunteer. Is he perfect—–no. No one is. But for sure he’s a thousand times better than old Hildabeast. One thing for sure my friend: Trump did not bring out the worst in the DemonRATS——he only exposed it!

        • ‘MOAB’s! is what was Meant, I’m Sure! ‘Mother Of All Bombs’! like they used on the Afghanistan Hadjiis in the caves a short while ago!

          • Thanks. I looked this up after asking the question & I think it’s an acronym for a Bunker Buster (plural): Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) is a U.S. Air Force, precision-guided, 30,000-pound (14,000 kg) “bunker buster” bomb.
            Appreciate the assistance.

          • You’re Also Correct! Both acronyms are used!

        I’m a pork-eating Crusader!
        mohammed is a POS and his mother smelled of elderberries!


  5. It’s good to finally have a president who’s speeches don’t have so many ‘I’s in it when talking about giving credit.

    • What we have is a man who respects America and the PEOPLE of America. Who wants to restore the true government of the people and By the people that was originally established under our Constitution, which was a truly amazing leap of Faith by our Founding Fathers. They gave us a truly PRICELESS gift, one that the rest of the world hates, and wants to destroy, with very few exceptions, and the Globalists have done a good job of infiltrating us for MANY YEARS. Time to recreate what we really ARE, Make America (the TRUE America) Great Again!

  6. I’m glad that Trump is allowing our military to do their job, and defeat those subhuman cockroach terrorists.

    • Better than that, he is actively helping them and bargaining too, so as to not keep overspending the taxpayer money. First president I EVER saw to actually do THAT! Generally they never care what anything costs the people, but Trump DOES.

  7. Under Obama our Military had one hand tied behind their backs.They had so many rules to follow and could be locked up if they didn’t follow them.Called Rules of Engagement,it was just wrong.You can’t beat your enemy if you are not allowed to go after them full force.

    • PRESIDENT TRUMP needs to release ALL those military who were unjustly imprisoned for violating Obozo’s ‘rules of engagement’!!!

    • Bath house Barry’s ONLY purpose was to destroy all that is good here. The shame is, he nearly SUCCEEDED.

      • Our shame continues as we allow our children to be “liberalized” in our schools and universities. We have a mass of Liberals more intent on the destruction of our POTUS than making America
        great again


    President Donald Trump is a very dedicated person and stop at nothing working, real work as a President with tenacity, courage, and with the help of all his cabinet, GET THE JOB DONE, not like the a$$hole BHO. Trump has been a President for many years in his business and dealing with many sometimes not honest contractors, now as president, he sees the same dishonest contractors and dishonest people around him, to which he knows what to do. There hasn’t been a President that works as hard as he does for the best of our country and people. WE CARE FOR YOU MR. PRESIDENT, LET’S GO ON ATTACK MODE TO GET RID OFF THESE DEMOCRAT’S CUCARACHAS…


    • Alicia Fernandez Caruso

      You are so right!!! The “DemoRats,” Cucarachas have to GO!!!

      • Their political party never was honest, but they have finally committed political suicide by showing too obviously what they ARE, to the public view when they thought that they finally HAD us. They think we are such fools and “useful idiots” that they belong in charge. Time to just eradicate them in the upcoming elections, ending the fraud and restoring the honesty that this country was built upon. For too long, politicians have played their dishonest games, time to remove their corporate existence and restore the TRUE America. The on in which ALL honest and well-meaning people are welcome to be an equal partner in. What a concept it was, how the idiots try to abuse it, thinking that honesty and Faith are weaknesses, when actually they are our greatest STRENGTHS!

  9. UNREAL that Obama (or whatever in Hell his true name is) has not been imprisoned for TREASON but instead allowed to walk away with the U.S. taxpayers footing the bill for his undeserved pension and life-long Secret Service protection!!!! ~ PURE INSANITY; our founders would have had him walking the steps of a gallows!!!

  10. What about this-

    regarding the article-Why ISIS is Missing President Obama Right About Now


    you can’t be serious

  11. This is what you have when you do not have democrat fraud president ISIS leader in office. The democratic party and Obama and Hillary are all Islamic muslim terrorist

  12. This is what happens when you have a president who is not doing everything in his power to weaken, divide and bankrupt the country he’s supposed to be leading.
    When you have a president who doesn’t defend and zealously promote the enemy while chastising the people he’s supposed to be president of for not welcoming a murderous, authoritarian cult with open arms. This is what happens when you have a real president who loves his country, not a smug, arrogant, contemptuous fraud.

  13. Michael Dennewitz

    If this “once great country” would just capture soros, ovomit and the benghazi bitch and hang their asses, most of this BS would cease. I’m stll trying to figure out how/why that lil faggot velcro head is still allowed on American soil!! ??

    • Many things are going to happen under the current administration that did not happen under the previous administration. However, they can not happen all at once. You are right about soros, obama and hillary of course. But keep in mind this is still a constitutional country not a dictatorship so things like that take time. I am aware they did not follow the law but we must or we are little better than them. And in actually if we used the tactics they used they will have succeeded in their fundamental transformation after all. That must not happen.

      The reason the left progressive communists who refer to themselves as democrats are so hell bent on removing President Trump is they know he will eventually come after them and expose them and if reelected and he serves two terms he will succeed in draining the swamp. It took years to establish this deep state and no one should think it can all be exposed in a few months. We must all be patient because it will take time. We also must not fall into the stalling tactics trap these progressive communists who refer to themselves as democrats and now presenting. Everyday there is a new accusation claiming President Trump has done something terribly wrong. However they are only accusations no proof is ever provided because there is none to provide. They’re hoping some of it will stick and they can get their way. And somehow get President Trump to resign.

  14. Michael Dennewitz

    Mr Trump ! Cancel the bastard’s retirement funds! He’s already stolen enough from we taxpayers! ?

  15. vincent deredita

    That NIGGER didn’t DO SHIT!!! That NIGGER wanted to DESTROY AMERICA!!!

  16. Bathhouse Barry was not actually black, but was a sad mulatto with no normal parent, his mother was a mentally sick girl who had a man’s name, as her father rejected her, and she went with the dregs of society in her total lack of self-esteem. It is no surprise that her son became the perverted criminal that he was.

  17. “allied forces having stolen much of the terrorist group’s territory” ?? I would suggest that the forces of good have “reclaimed” ground occupied by the scum sucking pigs of isis…hopefully they are sending the rags to mohammy as they find them..no need for them to continue breathing good folk’s air..

    • That IS far closer to TRUTH, isn’t it? The Moslem idiots have always held onto the belief that once they had held an area it was theirs forever. A lot like “Mexifornia” with the La Raza bunch. They don’t want to believe that time passes and people and countries change allegiances by conquest or purchase — or WHATEVER. They always try to rewrite history to remove the pesky little details of the truth.

  18. The Dems and their supported leftist, socialist, Liberal media kept these Obama “birther” stories away from the public for 8+ long years to pave the way for Hellary’s failed attempt to continue the downward spiral of our country! They continue by way of obstructionism against Trump!

  19. Vernon C. Lindblade

    Anything would be better than Obama!!! A 2yr. Old throwing rocks is more than what Obama or Hillary did for America!!!!!!!!

  20. This is NO real surprise ……….. WTF “Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama, The Muslim” wanted ISIS – he called ISIL, to continue to gain strength an continue to help “HIM” get to and RUIN America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is everyone BLIND, STUPID or JUST PLAIN …… DUMB or does that only Pertain to the “Frigging Liberal Democrats” …… DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WAKE UP YOU F’ING IDIOT LIBTARD DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. It’s like a ten trillion dollar type of missing U Brok, Love CARE.

  22. Beatriz Alford

    Thank you God Almighty for giving us such a courageous man Donald Trump, please keep a hedge of protection around him and also the same protection to our VP Mike Pence, the White House staff, and all the members of the Cabinet.

  23. Americans, Islam is trying to take over the world. Christians cannot let this happen. Hillary Clinton, she and Obama are in love with the Muslims and are crazy people that want to destroy America. Americans see what the Radical Islamic Terrorist are
    teaching in the Muslim Islamic Mosques, then they are sent to become radicalized
    and come back to kill Americans, Jews, Christians and non-Islamic folks. This
    tells the story and this is not a religion, instead it is a cult and taking over the world. Americans need to close all of the Mosques and deport all of the Muslims that practice the Sharia Law, get them out of America. Americans need to understand that Islam is not a peaceful religion and they are out to change Americas Constitution, laws, rules, regulations and try and take over the world. Obama and Hillary Clinton want to allow thousands more into the USA which will cause more of these barbaric savages in our country and more people killed. Read below what these animals believe, ideology and why they want to kill Americans and non-Islamic people.

    From the Qur’an:

    65:4 You can rape, marry divorce pre-pubescent girls.

    4:3, 4:24, 33:50, 79:29-30 You can enslave for sex and work.

    4:34 You can beat women.

    24:4 You will need 4 Muslim male witnesses to prove rape

    9:111 You will kill non-Muslims to receive 72 virgins in heaven

    2:217, 4:89 You will kill anyone who leaves Islam

    8:12, 47:4 You will behead non-Muslims

    9:5 You will kill and be killed for Allah (verse of the sword)

    8:12, 8:60 You will terrorize non-Muslims

    9:29 Kill Jews and Christians if they do not convert or pay Jizya tax

    chapter 8 (booty/spoils of war) Steal from non-Muslims

    8:12, 47:4 Crucify and amputate non-Muslims

    3:54, 9:3, 16:106, 40:28, 2:225 Lie to strengthen Islam (Taqiyya deception)

    9:111 Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth
    because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and
    shall slay and be slain.

    Islam = Terrorism?

  24. Vincent Marcantelli

    Look, ANYTHING Obama was involved with that was dealing with Muslims, and any other dealings that he had with any other country, as long as it was going against the United States, you could and still REST assured that Obama is and was ALL for it. This person, and Clinton, and even back as far as with Holder, if it, was dealing with ANY THING that was against the U.S. those clowns were ALL in for it……remember – Fast-N-Furious, and these people had so much S@#t going on, that you would need a PLAYBOOK to keep track, and are we ready for this Obama is still elbow deep in crap, and so is Holder…..will these people ever shut-and sit down? On Obama, do not forget about him and Iran, don’t forget about those choice deals that he worked out for them and of course Barack H. Obama……what a piece of work this person is……it’s really just too much

  25. Bridget McClellan

    After getting rid of the sorry excuse for a president . America can get down to business with ISIS at last.

  26. Craig Anderson

    That and the fact that that American taxpayer’s money isn’t backing them anymore their coopers are getting a little bare, because you can bet Trump isn’t going to be a selling them bombs and planes any more. I just figured that they wanted to play fine we’ll play, but we’ll play our way. I say wipe them out there and then send all these Muslims home, so that they can go back and resume their inbred thinking and practices. Empty these No-Go Zones and Mosques here and get these fucking terrorist out of our country one way or another, either ship them out or kill them.

    • I completely agree with you. That and use our MOPS bombs to destroy their last refuges. This is destruction of a cancerous CULT, nothing more. These are not a race nor a religion that is in need of eradication, they are naught but a cancer in the body of humanity.

  27. You fucking racist posters are dangerous, your hate of a former president is insane. America will destroy it’s self from inside because of racist low life unintelligent subhumans

    • No hate at all, merely full recognition of who he was and what he did, which is unconscionable at the LEAST. That YOU want to gloss over it simply shows that the subhuman status that you ascribe to others is what fits YOUR status.

    • This liberal lunge is why we’re so apprehensive of your kind. There is simply no room for vulgarity and accusations in discourse. You loose your audience meangreen.

  28. BTW, meangreen1, I suppose that your moniker shows that you are affiliated with the Green Party — did you know that it was the movement started by Hitler, and how he gained control in Germany? Interesting fact that “Earth Day, the Green chosen holiday, was set on Vladimir Lenin’s birthday, the “father of communism”, isn’t it? That is a communist-oriented faction, so you ARE a part of the PROBLEM, never of a cure.

  29. Obama was a Muslim plant who allowed radical Islam to flourish in the Middle East, and opened the floodgates to so many Muslim refugees, we’ll be spending countless $billions protecting our safety and security from here on out until the American people demand that all Syrian refugees, except Christians, Somalian refugees, Iranians, Saudi Arabians, and other Muslim immigrants be returned to their own countries! The insanity of permanently allowing millions of refugees to resettle in US at taxpayer expense should get the elected officials who are pro-refugee and pro-illegal and pro-foreign worker instead of being pro American worker ousted from Congress! Instead, stupid, ignorant, uninformed American voters keep re-electing the same horrid Senators and Reps, and they cut their own chances, and those of their children and children, by continually voting in the worst of the worst! 85% of the Democrats and 13% of the RINO’s have been selling out American workers for decades, and still get re-elected!

  30. WELL, MAYBE! What if ISIS draws a line in the sand as Obama did and we can no longer attack them? Could it be that ISIS lines in the sand will carry more weight and credibility than Obama’s lines?
    Bet ISIS is not laughing at the U.S. now nearly as hard as they were just a few months back and the past years!

  31. Chit – obozo supported ISIS and his iranian buddies all the way…..

  32. isis that’s barrysoetoro the Kenyan fake president brothers why should he bomb his people lowlife pos

  33. Seán McGouran

    A “Marxist Muslim” is an oxymoron.

  34. Brenda Sinclair

    This is what happens when you have a president who isn’t afraid of using the mighty resources of the U.S. military to defeat a monstrous national security threat. This is what happens when you have a president who cares more about the American people than the reputation of Islam. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bc7e805c445b1137df46f0199fa2e8177091d557c6df1be5939a5addb42127c5.jpg


  36. Yes ,Obama provided comic relief for ISIS.The “JV team”—that must have provided a major LOL.

  37. They also believed the useless lamestream media when it was reported that Hilary was going to be our next president so they let their guard down because they knew she would take care of them like Obozo did. President Trump just delivered an AWESOME speech to the Saudi’s and their neighbors about getting rid of all those cockroaches from this world. Adios, cockroaches.

  38. While a student at Harvard, Obama bragged about being born in Kenya. After getting into politics, Obama suddenly started telling everybody he was born in Hawaii.
    The Left had found themselves a Stooge to do as they commanded, and Hussein Obama the American Destroyer, was formed.
    He let Hillary commit Treason against America for donations to the Clinton Foundation, and then instructed government agencies to do nothing about it.
    For 8 years, everything Liar Obama did, was to destroy America.

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