Why is the Left so Defensive of Obama’s Religion?

For once, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is in trouble for something he didn’t say as opposed to something he did. Specifically, he’s taking heat for his failure to defend Barack Obama when one of his supporters questioned his Christian faith.

“We have a problem in this country,” said a man attending Trump’s rally in New Hampshire Thursday night. “It’s called Muslims. We know our current president is one. You know he’s not even an American — birth certificate, man … We have training camps growing, where they want to kill us. That’s my question. When can we get rid of them?”

Trump looked around. “This is how we’re starting?”

After some laughs, Trump went on to say, “We’re going to be looking at a lot of different things. You know, a lot of people are saying that, and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there. We’re going to look at that and plenty of other things.”

Not much meat on the bones of that answer, but that didn’t stop a legion of liberal critics from slamming the GOP frontrunner. Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz issued a statement reading: “Donald Trump’s racism knows no bounds. This is certainly horrendous but unfortunately unsurprising given what we have seen already. The vile rhetoric coming from the GOP candidates is appalling.”

Others piled on, demanding to know why Trump didn’t insist that Obama was both an American and a Christian. Likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was inspired to personally use her Twitter account to say, “Donald Trump not denouncing false statements about POTUS & hateful rhetoric about Muslims is disturbing, & just plain wrong. Cut it out.”

But why is it so offensive to suggest that Obama is a Muslim? Has he ever spoken of the religion in anything but glowing terms? Was his father not a Muslim? Are there not pictures showing him in Muslim garb and participating in Muslim ceremonies? He claims to be a Christian, and perhaps he’s telling the truth, but there is a lot of evidence to suggest his sympathies lie elsewhere. Why should it be up to Donald Trump to “correct” the man when he has absolutely no way of knowing the truth? None of us do!

But according to the left, anyone who believes that he is a Muslim is wrong. Period. End of story. They are incorrect and misinformed. Offensive and racist.

But why, if Islam is this great religion of peace and love, would it be offensive to suggest that the president might belong to that religion? It should be a tremendous honor, right?

No, apparently it’s “disturbing.” Well, it is, Hillary, but not in the way you think.

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  1. OH…MY GOD…”

    National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz issued a statement
    reading: “Donald Trump’s racism knows no bounds. – See more at:

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  2. The reason the left is so defensive about 0bama NOT being a Muslim is because America and its Constitution are NOT built around the Muslim faith.

    0bama would not have been elected if he had declared himself as having Muslim faith….

    0bama’s ACTIONS speak much much louder than his words, we also know that 0bama is a liar and would say and do anything to become President of the United States…

    Without credibility, it is now prudent to question everything 0bama says, especially when his words (I am not a Muslim), are in direct conflict with his actions…..

    • I’m sad to say the second time around, if he proclaimed his Islamic faith, he still would have been elected. That’s how the religion of Progressivism/Fascism works. Facts matter not.

      • He would have been elected by all those wanting Communism ,Socialism and the voters that were against this NWO would lose out any ways.. The votes are being all fraud anyways. Just like now, the illegals getting their driver licenses, most will never show up to vote and the government will have the list of their names and have their own people to vote in their place as absentee voters.. It is all fraud because of the corruption in our government.

        • What mental institution are you writing from?

          • my associate’s stride close aunt makes $98 an hour on the portable workstation……….Afterg an average of 19952 Dollars monthly,I’m finally getting 97 Dollars an hour,just working 4-5 hours daily online.….. Weekly paycheck… Bonus opportunities…earn upto $16k to $19k /a month… Just few hours of your free time, any kind of computer, elementary understanding of web and stable connection is what is required…….HERE I STARTED…look over here
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          • Sanity and not from the Democrats insane institution How long have you been a democrat ?

          • Dustybrain, you making this shit up as you go along?

          • There are way too many people, even some people in the Government themselves who are saying these things.. The Government people and whistle blowers who are against the Obama agenda.. I trust them more then l trust the small minded people who want socialism … Nothing good ever came from Socialism..

          • There is no, I repeat NO evidence of any voter fraud in the previous election. As hard as the repubs have tried in the past 7 years to have everything this president did overturned. Don’t you think they would have made a big deal out of any voter fraud?? Use your very small brain for once

          • Not even one huh….

            Here is Proof that there Was 1 or more…Her admitting to voting at the polling booth and by absentee ballot proves you wrong….

            This woman admitted to voting by absentee ballot and at the poll`s and also voting for her 5 relatives and claims she broke no laws yet she WAS indicted.. Voting for a dead person if also FRAUD…

            Cincinnati poll worker charged with voting half dozen times in November
            Voter fraud claims lead to charges in Ohio
            She admitted voting twice in the presidential election last November, and now, Obama supporter Melowese Richardson has been indicted for allegedly voting at least six times.

            She also is charged with illegal voting in 2008 and 2011.
            The 58-year-old veteran Cincinnati poll worker, indicted Monday, faces eight counts of voter fraud. Two others, one of whom is a nun, have been charged separately.
            Officials charged that she voted in her own name by absentee ballot and also in person at the polls, but Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph Deters said she also is charged with voting in the name of five other people in various elections.

            Sister Marguerite Kloos also faces one count of illegal voting, for allegedly submitting an absentee ballot in the name of a fellow nun, Sister Rose Marie Hewitt, who had died before absentee ballots were sent out. She is accused of opening Sister Hewitt’s ballot, forging her signature and mailing it to the Board of Elections as a vote.

            Year before the presidential election someone was confronted to help create a program to flip votes for 1 side to promise a win period. His testimony In Court as to what went on and how he was asked etc can be watched on youtube. voter fraud is as real as the air outside!

            Rep. Tom Feeney (Fmr. Speaker of The House in Florida) employed this man
            from Oviedo, FL to rig elections and flip them 51% to 49%. Exit
            polling data was proven to be significantly different than the published
            results. Rep. Feeney was also the lobbyist for Yang Enterprises, the
            company who delivered the program.

          • Great information. Thank you, this is what we need in this forum not dirty language of the left.

          • It’s funny how everyone of those is someone “charged with” or “accused of” nobody “convicted of”, or “proven to have” And the only news site mentioning it is Fox. Must be that libel media coverup right ya loon

          • Near never watch fox, i do watch local news which is where i 1st seen that.

            The woman “Admitted to voting multiple times”…… Convicted or not. SHE admitted this so YES it happened.
            Nothing to prove when you admit to it and they have the proof….

            Why she did Not get convicted with admission and the proof is a whole different subject which will never be answered i`m sure.

          • How about this, I’ll answer the question for you so you’re not scratching your head for the next 10 years. The story is bullshit and she’s a plant Dumbass

          • Oh yea, that`s it. An ardent Obama supporter is actually a righty plant to promote voter fraud…

            Whatever you been drinking or smoking should be removed from the entire planet.

            That story along with 100`s others where 1000`s of towns across the country somehow had voter turnouts of 120%-900% of the “registered voters in that precinct” which is completely impossible…

            Guess in your happy happy / joy joy perfect world that those were all plants to…

            Maybe obama is also a plant, an alien plant from Uranus!

          • Homo, you can make up all the stories you’d like or believe all the made up stories you read, since you’re not smart enough to make them up yourself, but that doesn’t make them true. If he won the election based on voter fraud, wouldn’t the Republican congress have uncovered in with hundreds of hours of congressional hearings, like they do on every other rumor. Face it. You lost because the majority of the people in this country don’t believe in the BS you clowns are spouting. Why don’t you just face up to it. You morons are on the fringe and the rest of the country is laughing at you.

            Take a peak shit for brains


          • “””Homo, moron, shit for brains”””,,,,,, Yea, your capable of calling names whoopteedo.. You people are good at diverting to cursing and calling people things such as you have most of those in here.
            You do realize Children also come online and sometimes are reading your trash mouth garbage?
            If i talked in public half like you do online my grandmother would crawl out of her grave to knock some sense in me!

            That woman admitted to what she done, Was charged with multiple counts and plead NO LO CONTENDER in Court in an agreement to have 4 of those multiple counts dropped…….

            Snopes can’t change that fact period!

            Nothing made up, Proof given about fraud, your an idiot (didn’t need my help to prove that one)..

          • VirginiaConservative

            Don’t you find it amazing that the party of peace, love and tolerance uses slang terms for homosexuals to insult you? The first thing this clown pulled out of his quiver of insults was “homo”
            I thought being a homosexual was a good thing. I guess he just proved that they are all bigots and haters.

          • Seems to be the only thing they are good at is calling names.

            Other then reading between the lines and inserting words that were never there..

            I wont go so far as to claim homosexual a good thing (they seem to think so anyhow), but i understand what your saying and Yes, the bigotry and haters of everything from an opposing view most definitely comes from his likes…

          • when a liberal slings the word “gay” or “homo” at a conservative, they insult their own constituency. In the military, that is called “friendly fire”.

          • the fool asks why nobody was prosecuted for voter fraud? probably for same reason Eric Holder (jackass extraordinaire) refused to prosecute Black Panthers from intimidating voters.

            Fool lives in fairy land and then calls conservatives gay or homo. If they believe that slur it should make them like the person, since they are pro-gay. But “gay” becomes a slur for their opposition, and a compliment for their friends. Double meanings all over liberal land.

          • Ok for me but not thee over in lala land forsure.

            Only way that putz eric would have really went after voter fraud is if it had been on the other side of the fence…

            He did his job well, protect the left and divert all things wrong against the right and/or racism.

          • snopes does not have the final word…they are run by libturds

          • AIDS is just a disease, OBAMA IS A CURSE FROM GOD.

          • I think YOU’RE the PLANT jimmy boy.. Some of what you put in print you either are getting paid to or you’re stupid !

          • I bet Jimmy is part of Generation X-Lax for whom free cell phones and taxpayer-funded contraception trumps honest earning, living, and thinking.

          • I think Jimmie is a POTTED plant, get it?

          • LOL a plant, Yep Obama supporters are now plants. Do you use another name? Redman? You two think and sound alike or maybe you’re both in the advance stage of the Mental Disorder of Liberalism.

          • The slime they are trying to make America say is our presidemt has so many bought and paid for from the middle east and our bought and paid for white house political sewer rats, there is nothing we can do about the muslim plant because Americans are to stupid to vote the sewer rats out of office !! Some have controlled out lives for 43 years >>

          • even Jonathan Gruber of MIT publicly admitted that the BS passed by this Obama administration was made possible purely by counting on the stupidity of the voters. Refute that Jimmy boy.

          • she’s a plant all right. One whose flowers stink.

          • Careful when trying to share a fact with a fool, especially this one.

          • She claim she had their permission or something like that.

          • How about CBS OHIO smart guy.

            Cincinnati, Ohio (CBS CLEVELAND) — An Ohio woman has been convicted of numerous counts of voter fraud and ballot-box tampering.

            Longtime Election Day poll worker Melowese Richardson has “pleaded no
            contest to four counts of illegal voting … in exchange for prosecutors
            dropping four other illegal voting charges,” the Cincinnati Enquirer

            One example of voter fraud that the illegal vote generator from
            Cincinnati admits to includes “voting three times for a relative who has been in a coma since 2003,” reports the Enquirer. Richardson “admitted” to casting illegal ballots in 2008, 2011 and 2012 elections and she also “admitted” her motivation to commit the brazen vote tampering by voting
            for President Barack Obama twice.

            “Absolutely, I’ll fight it for Mr. Obama and for Mr. Obama’s right to
            sit as President of the United States,” Richardson told WCPO-TV in an interview this past February.

            Richardson was caught in the ongoing scam when Hamilton County
            investigators “noticed a bunch of absentee ballots coming from the same place with the same handwriting.”

            AGAIN, your wrong and have been proven wrong, voter fraud IS real and has been for along time… Mostly from your side which is probably why you lefties like to deny it totally.

            “Voter id is racist, to stop minorities from voting” your side cries..
            Truth is that its to Stop as much voter fraud as possible. Only citizens should be allowed to vote for a President and proving your a citizen with a Voter ID makes complete sense.
            You can’t go thru life today without an id so what`s the big deal….

            Welfare, you need an id
            Booze, you need an id
            Smokes, you need an id
            Driving, you need an id
            Loan/banking, you need an id
            and 100`s of other daily things require an id but since people like u claim fraud is a lie you refuse to see the real need for voter id…..

            When a republican wins the Presidential election and things stink badly in Denmark even U will be shouting fraud!

            Till then everyone else is racist,biogots,stupid etc…

          • Careful, you just threw cold water on Jimmy’s little sexual arousal that he confuses with virtue. Leftist extremists always get their kicks (and we know what kind) by imagining a world with no rules unless those rules favor their own selfish, unromantic lack-love godless philosophy.

          • Who was attorney general at the time, Jimmy “crack corn”? Fox was the only site mentioning it? DUH!!

          • … and that doesn’t even mention the counties that had over 100% voter turnout with 100% of the votes going to Obama.

          • Have a friend in Ohio that said every yard anywhere around him had an “elect Romney” sign and that precinct also had 100% of the votes going to obama….
            Machines were found flipping votes also.

            There was lot`s of foul play in that election no question about it and until something changes were gonna fight voter fraud, rigged machines etc for some time to come.

            In today`s electric times cheating is just too easy..

          • don’t call it fraud, it’s called “community organizing” (Just a Chicago rabble-rouser tactic)

            Liberals make me puke.

          • Did l happen to mention the Military plane went down with all their votes on it and it happen to burn up before it reach the polls.. Are we to believe that this was just a accident….REALLY?
            Come on, and we know the Computer voting machines were click on the wrong one the voters were voting for.. This also happens to be a accidental

          • Seems rather underhanded, don’t you think? I mean, the Liberal Democrats will stoop to every low tactic they can to win, even if their means are to destroy the records of voting of our military. It isn’t the voters who count, it’s who counts the votes. I’ve seen evidence of our troops (photos, letters and videos) that do NOT approve of the current administration, and how “convenient” it was that their votes didn’t count. Just because they were overseas didn’t mean that they weren’t citizens of the U.S. …Sabotage. … That’s what it was.

          • CA votes weren’t even opened up…

          • the entire Obama administration is a bunch of saboteurs at worst, or useful idiots like Jane Fonda and John Kerry at best.

          • Just for grins, you could do a few minutes of research and find out who Obama has placed in his “cabinet”… and how so many of them are MUSLIM.

          • Here is the cabinet. Please tell me which ones are the Muslims:

            Vice President of the United States
            Joseph R. Biden

            Department of State
            Secretary John Kerry

            Department of the Treasury
            Secretary Jack Lew

            Department of Defense
            Secretary Ashton Carter

            Department of Justice
            Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch

            Department of the Interior
            Secretary Sally Jewell

            Department of Agriculture
            Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack

            Department of Commerce
            Secretary Penny Pritzker

            Department of Labor
            Secretary Thomas E. Perez

            Department of Health and Human Services
            Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell

            Department of Housing and Urban Development
            Secretary Julián Castro

            Department of Transportation
            Secretary Anthony Foxx

            Department of Energy
            Secretary Ernest Moniz

            Department of Education
            Secretary Arne Duncan

            Department of Veterans Affairs
            Secretary Robert McDonald

            Department of Homeland Security
            Secretary Jeh Johnson

            The following positions have the status of Cabinet-rank:

            White House Chief of Staff
            Denis McDonough

            Environmental Protection Agency
            Administrator Gina McCarthy

            Office of Management & Budget
            Director Shaun L.S. Donovan

            United States Trade Representative
            Ambassador Michael Froman

            United States Mission to the United Nations
            Ambassador Samantha Power

            Council of Economic Advisers
            Chairman Jason Furman

            Small Business Administration
            Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet

          • it boggles the mind and the spirit

          • ” I’ve seen evidence of our troops (photos, letters and videos) that do NOT approve of the current administration”……Any wonder? They now have a curtain hanger as CIC and a gay Sec. of defense.

          • Dusty, I am fairly sure meangreen and Jimmy King are just disintelligence operatives, and talking to them is pointless, since they are not here to talk but just oppose any facts athat come out. I imagine their depth of knowledge matches their small manlies.

          • I think you’re correct because It’s hard to believe they can be so ignorant, I suppose it’s possible but even a fool would agree with a fact sooner or later.

          • HAHAHAHA yes Dustybrain…the Loch Ness monster brought it down and ate it

          • You do not read or listen and there is not commenting to an uneducated person..

          • laugh your ass off “Laughing Boy”. I bet you consider yourself clever, and a real party animal at an autopsy.

          • Facts!!! Jimmy don’t need no Stinkin Facts,

          • And what fucking mental institution did you escape from…. DUMBASS ???

          • Stop smoking that shit Jimmy boy!! Dayuumm

          • Yes there is, I repeat, yes there is. Take your small brain out of your orifice for once.

          • JIMMY KING, what you sipping on boy.. Republicans & DEMO’S are in bed together, at least 80% of them. There is no FAIRNESS in todays elections.. The upper hand is controlled by the MONEY & the GREED. If 1 of those 2 doesn’t do the trick then its who can do the most damage to INDIVIDUALS in the other party that has the upper hand. Then obam has the 4th factor by ordering his cabinet folks to generate situations where ANYONE not playing by his rules are found to be UNFIT & are terminated & replaced by someone who WILL tow his line. As to PROTECTING obam’s religious following, #4 is in FULL play. Anyone in his cabinet, or close by, even THINKING about NOT keeping quiet on obam’s religion has likely already been terminated ..We won’t learn much about this until obam’s OUT OF Washington.. Till he leaves he & his religious appointees will do ANYTHING they can hide & get away with. Folks on the internet not seeing these things must be sipping some strong stuff, or they are blind.

          • Horse manure! You’ve repeated that lie so many times, you actually believe it yourself. There is ample evidence of widespread vote fraud in many, many states.
            If you’d only pull your head out of Obummer’s butt, you might see something.

          • voter fraud can also exist when gullible people are bribed with free cell phones. You claim that doesn’t happen? The voter rolls are replete with dummies who vote for freebies promised by nefarious liberals.

          • RICHMOND, Va. – A crosscheck
            of voter rolls in Virginia and Maryland turned
            up 44,000 people registered in both states, a vote-integrity
            group reported Wednesday.

            And that’s just the beginning.

            “The Virginia Voters Alliance is investigating how to
            identify voters who are registered and vote in Virginia but live in the states that
            surround us,” Alliance President Reagan George told the State Board of

            George acknowledged that the number of voters
            who actually cast multiple ballots is relatively small. In the case of Maryland and Virginia,
            he revealed that 164 people voted in both states during the 2012 election.

            But George said his group will expand their
            search for duplicate voters in the District of Columbia,
            Pennsylvania, New York,
            New Jersey, Delaware,
            North Carolina, Tennessee,
            West Virginia and Georgia.

            “We are also determining the best way to
            identify non-citizens who have registered to vote and may have voted in past
            elections,” George said.

            Working with the Privileges and Elections
            committees of the state House and Senate, VVA identified 31,000 dead voters via
            the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File. Subsequent processing
            by SBE found 40,000 to 60,000 dead voter registrations.

            “Dead voter registrations are prime targets for voter fraud which generate few
            complaints,” George noted.

            Appearing with Clara Belle Wheeler of the
            Albemarle County,Va., Election Board and Jay DeLancy of the North Carolina
            Voter Integrity Project, George challenged the SBE to:

            voter ID law that allows absentee voters to use mailed ballots without
            affirming their identity.

            the 50,000-plus patient beds in Virginia
            nursing homes and rehab centers
            amid reports of voting irregularities there.

            proof of citizenship to register to vote. Kansas
            and Arizona
            require this.

            audit felons who are not allowed to vote.

            nonviolent felons, especially those who commit voter fraud, should never
            be given back their right to vote,” George said.

            More broadly, George said, “Virginia must control the registration
            process, as well as the form used to register voters. The current system is the
            perfect vehicle for identity theft and ‘lost’ registrations.”

            “There needs to be a clearinghouse for all
            voter fraud referrals statewide,” he said. “The SBE would be the perfect place
            to assume that role and provide transparency for the public.”

            DeLancy and Wheeler urged the board to open
            its voter-crosscheck data to the public and to publicize cases of voter fraud.

            DeLancy said groups that downplay or dismiss
            the incidence of ongoing voting irregularities use “pretzel logic.”

            “If prosecutors don’t prosecute, there’s no
            ‘crime,’” he noted.

            The three-member state board —
            controlled by Republicans until the end of the year — took VVA’s
            recommendations under advisement.

            If you haven’t already, be sure to check out
            “Deputy loses it on retired Marine who was
            taping her entire meltdown.”

            Published with permission from Watchdog.org

          • “the government people and the whistle blowers” LOL

          • Jimmy “crack corn” spews forth.

          • Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care…..Jimmy needs some enlightenment. A supersonic suppository ought to do it….

          • Go watch some Bacha Bazi movies there are several videos posted on Youtube, I’m sure you’ll love them it’s Muslim culture, a NAMBLA dream come true.

          • Yes and they represent the millions of muslims across the globe. Just like the homeless person I saw this morning is the same as you and your family right? Ignorant fool

          • It’s in the Qur’an you poor ignorant fool you.

          • And the Bible says:

            Women Will Never Teach or Have Authority Over Men
            Divorce and Remarrying Are Both Considered Adultery
            Even A Look Counts As Adultery
            If You Disobey God, You Will Eat Your Babies
            Women Must Cover Their Hair During Prayer
            A Woman’s Punishment For Defending Her Husband = Cut Off Her Hand
            If Your Brother Dies, You Need to Bang His Wife
            Cursing At Your Parents Warrants Death
            Non-Virgins Are To Be Stoned (As in, with Rocks)

            Shall I go on, you poor ignorant fool

          • an the Koran says to “smite them at their necks” Sound familiar to what is actually occurring? And how many CONTEMPORARY Christians are practicing anything on your list?

          • She is correct… The American people’s votes are not being counted….

            The media predicts a close election, the people vote, the politicians count the votes (after playing rock, paper, scissors), the media tells us it was close and the winner won by 52% to 48%. The losers lick their wounds, the winners do a happy dance…

            Nobody questions the people that are counting the votes… And it is our politically elite that are doing it.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            Joseph Stalin

            We are all going to be disenfranchised this next election if we do not fight to change this.



          • This is because people left a vacuum in their spiritual life and let SATAN and his demonic forces dwell in it, so all their mentoring is coming from the evil one and not the HOLY SPIRIT. It is clearly said in the Bible but nowadays how many people even read the good book? Most people now challenge the word of God and make laws favoring the Demonic goal of Satan, oblivious of the fact that God have the last word on their destiny….

          • You hit it right on the nail. Correct and well said but so many do not even understand what you said. We live in sad times when our Lord is not longer the most important person in the lives of so many.

          • you can say that again….if you’re a Christian you’re a chump, but if you’re New Age, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, or you just worship Yoga and pledge to eat only wheat germ, you are an “Interesting person”.

          • You could not have said it better. That means we need to step up to the plate and let our views be known above all else.

          • some of my favorite verses, thanks for posting

          • idiot

          • Fuck your bible and amerikun fag flag.

          • And progressives think these kinds of people normal!
            Maybe when compared to them they are?

          • To islamist’s they are normal!

          • It is basically because of the sin of abortion and sodomy that we turned away from God and in effect said to Him we do not need you or your protection we will take it from here. So guess what?

          • you forgot the most egregious practice of liberals, LYING.

          • oh yea, that’s the worst isn’t it?

          • There is one worse? When they take selfies!

          • I believe the “Strong Delusion” has been sent, the Lying Spirits are working overtime in today’s America especially in some of the churches.

          • Strong Delusion = god

          • It won’t be long and Satan will have his way with you, you little screamer!

          • And let me be very clear about this. I am in a teacher union for the past 9 years and since Obama has been the president, we have had the worst contracts with no raises, and in fact they continune to take things away. Much better under Bush!

          • But Congress and WH employees get HIGH rises, they don’t care about $19 trillion debt. Shame on this administration.

          • I’m not clear on what you’re saying.

          • Obummer is the best thing under the Bubble sense Gonorrhea!

          • You are right!

          • You are a lefty.

          • In the last election, the military’s votes stationed overseas were never counted and the alibi was that it was too late. Military folks are mostly Republicans because they are for strong defense and the powers that be sold them out.

          • In CA that is the same for mail in votes… They do not count them or even open them if the election is not close.

            So when the Media called the election 10 seconds after the polls closed in CA, and they do not open military and mail in votes until after the polls closed, none of those votes were counted…

            The real problem is that nobody questions the results, the people that count the votes are corrupt here in CA and are all liberal…

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election.
            The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes
            decide everything.”

            Joseph Stalin

          • We have to demand that ALL votes were verified and counted before to give the results, we have to demand some random selected people to verify that. We have to watch less TV and work for our country, write e-mails to politicians, to newspapers; make calls to radio-stations, talk to other people, request our church leaders to talk about it. Illegal alliens manifest, travel to Washington demanding. Why we do not do the same at least in our cities. Every time I met an ilegal in the market or anywhere I explain to them why they are wrong, why they have to be thanksfull to USA instead of curse. I do the same talking to young people, to the cashiers, to my relatives and friends… It’s hard, but it will be harder when communist-muslims rule 100% the government.

          • I am with you there… The moral majority can no longer sit on the sidelines silent.

            Things have changed, it is get involved or lose the Country and Constitution to socialism.

          • You already lost because you’re a natural looser.

          • Remember hanging chads? The picture of vote fraud was painted even then.

          • Yes I do. And yes that was vote fraud in action.

          • Chad was really hung, in that his penis was huge!!

          • Joseph Stalin = GOD

          • Remember the plane that went down with a lot of military votes that were lost, how convient, I’m not saying it was a sabotage job but I wouldn’t be surprised if were, evil has no bounds unless God binds it.

          • God planned it, I know he told me so.

          • Military doesn’t count for shit, a bunch of pussies

          • The school of real world thought, your the one who needs the nuthouse you filthy liberal communist lovin pig

          • Forgive her for she know not what she does…..there is hope for the misinformed, uninformed but none for born idiots.


          • If you think for one minute that Obama won the election, especially the last one fairly, you are in dreamland.People were complaining ALL over the country when they entered Romneys’ name in the electronic voting machine, it changed it to Obama. That’s a fact. It was on the news over and over again, but NOT on NBC, ABC. CNN or any other left winged news organization. The government is worse than corrupt. The WHOLE Washington establishment should be kicked out and start over with people who are not career politicians and have been bought off, or afraid of Obama. All of the Congress and Senate should have been gone a long time ago. Obama just told Joe Biden if you run for President, I will back you IF I can pick your Vice-President. Really? Who is going to pick for Biden, himself or Michelle Obama? People wake up this country is been invaded and ruined by Obama and his policies. Hillary’s or Joe Biden would be more of the same.

          • You should research the global backers of Obama. Unfortunately we cannot fight big money they send to Unions, groups of people in organizations, etc. because “soft money” to these organizations. do not have any limit, so millions are on the table. Not even Trumps billions can match it. Remember, Hillary beat Obama in the first primary but when the “secret society” pulled their money out of her coffer and dumped it on Obama, she lost. She was promised to be the next and watch it, she may still win if they are true to their promise to her and if she continues the agenda they have before her. SOCIALISM IS THEIR GOAL LEADING TO COMMUNISM….as history tells us, but this time it will be global because they own the central banks of the world ad can bankrupt any country that disobeys. In short, we are toast folks, no thanks to the idiot voters. MONEY TALKS, BS WALKS AS THEY SAY. Our only hope are educated voters, but we have very few of those good Christians who truly love God and this country…..

          • HAHAHAHA Man you people are KOOOOOKIE yes the secret $$ Trust me shit for brains the KOCHs have a lot more $$ and are much more interested in getting a republican in office who will roll back the environmental limits so they can keep polluting and keep raking in huge $$ you conspiracy theory whack jobs are pretty funny though, I’ll give you that much

          • watching Christians being beheaded seems like an artificial worry to you, jerkwad?

          • analbot, what are you going on about? Radical islamic terrorists are different from Muslims. Ok Objecting to having any Muslim serve in the Oval Office goes against our Constitution and the founding of this great nation Pull your head out of your ass

          • you know absolutely NOTHING about Islam. Go build a clock.

          • why do the foreign TV journalists who cover the beheadings and other atrocities always appear in front of a cheering crowd? It is a problem for Islam to solve, not for Christians to solve, nor for a President to show how inclusive he is.

          • Congrads, that’s one of the dumbest arguments I’ve read on here, and THAT’S saying something. Because you saw an angry mob on tv, and you have NO idea of what each persons religion was, even better lets assume everyone was muslim. That means all of the 1.8 Billion muslims in the world are the same as those in that crowd. I hope you can see just how stupid you sound

          • you are the idiot here. the crowd are all wearing Muslim garb and firing guns into the air (and only towel heads would be stupid enough to not surmise that what goes up must come down), while everyone in the crowd is screaming allahu akhbar.and by definition, most crowds are homogenous. Another hint for you: they weren’t members of the Knights of Columbus. YOU EFFING VACANT INTELLECT DUNTHRUNT.

          • Jimmy, there is no conspiracy here. The environmental movement has been co-opted and is being used as a weapon against freedom, and the American people. We all want trees, green grass, clean air and water. Conservatives live in the same world, breathe the same air and drink the same water. We want our children to enjoy the natural world. The environmental movement is not about that anymore. Today, it is advancing a political agenda that attacks private property rights. It’s goal is the redistribution of wealth, from private citizens to the government, and from the government to third world countries.
            Without private property there is no freedom. Our founding fathers thought the pursuit of happiness was the pursuit of property. Al Gore and others certainly make lots of money scaring the hell out of the simple minded. “The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!”
            I think you might be happier if you valued your individual freedom more, and put aside your ambitious plans to save the planet.

          • Jeannette, try and focus. The topic is Obama’s religion. Not the environment, RELIGION. The morons before you were saying that he was born outside the US and is a muslim. I was merely pointing out that with all the money on their side, repukes would have uncovered that if it were true. Try and stay on topic if you can

          • 10 Quotes By Barack Obama About Islam
            #1 “Islam has always been part of America”
            #2 “we will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities”
            #3“These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and
            Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity
            of all human beings.”
            #4“America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition.
            Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and
            progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”
            #5 “So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed”
            #6 “Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity and racial equality”
            #7 “As a young man, I worked in Chicago communities where many found dignity and peace in their Muslim faith.”
            #8 “Ilook forward to hosting an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan here at the
            White House later this week, and wish you a blessed month.”
            #9“That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America
            and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t. And I
            consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States
            to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”
            #10 “I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”
            Quotes By Barack Obama About Christianity
            #1 “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation”
            #2 “We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.”

          • PENNY PRITZKER:The Hyatt hotel billionaire and 2008 Obama campaign finance chair has been a guest at the White House 40 times in the past four years, meeting the President himself 12 times. She’s raised more than $100,000 so far from her wealthy network of friends and colleagues for Obama’s reelection.

            JAMES CROWN:Scion of the billionaire Henry Crown investments family was Obama’s Illinois fundraising chair in ‘08. He’s raised over $200,000 for Obama 2012 and visited the White House six times.

            STEVEN SPIELBERG:Hollywood director Spielberg is the only member of The Forbes 400 to give directly to Obama-backing super PAC Priorities USA Action, to the tune of $100,000. He’s been at the White House three times since Obama took office, once to catch a film with the President and First Lady plus his wife, Kate Capshaw.

            MARC LASRY:Hedge fund billionaire Lasry has logged seven White House visits to see Obama and Rahm Emanuel. Another reason to go: Son Alexander works in the White House’s Strategic Engagement office. He held a $40,000-a-head reception for Obama at his New York home and raised more than $200,000 for the campaign.

            WARREN BUFFETT:The celebrated investor gave the maximum $38,500 to the President’s official reelection campaign but won’t give to super PACs on principle. The namesake of the Buffett Rule tax proposal has been to the White House five times, once to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

            HAIM SABAN:Israeli-American entertainment mogul gave $1 million to Obama-backing super PAC Unity 2012 in June. He’s recorded as having visited the White House twice.

            GEORGE SOROS:He’s been backing Obama since his ‘04 Illinois Senate race, and gave a total of $175,000 to two left-leaning super PACs this cycle. He’s been to the White House four times.

            TOM STEYER:San Francisco hedge funder has raised over $50,000 from his friends and peers toward Obama’s reelection. He’s been a guest at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. five times.

          • Ben Carson has been vetted as a Christian, but pointing out that Islam is incompatible with American systems it got him booed by the left wing extremists who want PC so badly it makes them sexually aroused.

            I am so proud of Ben Carson, he is now my favorite.He dd not back way form his Christian perspective as weasels like Christie and Lindsey Graham have. (OOPS, I just choked on a Graham-Cracker)

          • Speaking of weasels, Graham sees nothing wrong with a Muslim president, which shows his ignorance of the world’s worse enemy, these seventh century Ideologists would turn America into a replica of the Hell-Holes they came from, yet they have support from groups in this country that defies logic.

          • How can he be booed by left wing extremists?
            The Republicans aren’t listening to Ben Carson, let alone the left wing extremists.

          • Well spoken.

          • I’ve been wondering which mental institution you’re locked away in, I hope they keep you there.

        • Do you know the difference between a drivers license and an oath of citizenship?

          • It does not matter. A driver’s license will get a vote in the ballot box. They do not need to be a citizen. Kind of pathetic don’t you think?

          • That is why a reform should be made all over the States to put a proper designation of their status, whether they are tourists, green card holders, naturalized citizens, born citizens or NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and all voting places must require to show this ID before they can vote. Because in time, our country will be controlled by our enemies if we do not put a safeguard to our most valuable asset. And guess who are the most defiant and against proper ID?…THE DEMOC-RATS, BECAUSE FRAUD TO THEM IS OKAY….

          • to democraps fraud is not just OK, it is essential.

          • Is a conservative being sh*t out their daddy’s ass considered natural? I believe it is.

          • No, but a liberal being stuck in another liberals aAzz is!

          • This is like something out of a nightmare science-fiction movie! Today, the French banks are collapsing. When AIG was bailed out and the French banks, the bulk of the money vanished. Now they want more money. They’re not really bailouts, but theft! The U.S. Congress needs to stop going along with this crime!!! Unemployment is going higher. Economic growth is negative. The federal debt cannot be hidden anymore. The banks are blowing up. So they’re committing all types of illegal, bizarre tricks to hide the truth, just as Enron did. There’s going to be a massive implosion of our economy!!! They can only use smoke and mirrors for so so to deceive the public. Now they want to keep interest rates at ZERO for years to come. They’re desperate and scared! It’s all a Ponzi scheme. J.P. Morgan is the biggest player in all this. The bankers are thieving crooks! Why do you think they’re setting up a Police State? What are they getting ready for? What have they done to us?

          • LibTURDS don’t even think an I.D. is required. Rainbows and unicorns.

          • Queers & Steers

          • They all must come from Texas??

          • Fuckin’ yea!

          • I’m a homo and love turds!

          • The ‘demoncrat/communists’ don’t even want to I.D. voters because then the dead could not vote & they could not vote multiple times in one election & the ‘undocumented voters from south of the boarder (What boarder?) could not vote & they would probably loose the election!

          • Yes, and many of these illegals do NOT know our laws and even speak the language, Do you know their language ,all the illegals entering USA language, do you know all their language ? Even teaching them this is costing taxpayers to pay for this..

          • They don’t give a rats ass about our laws the very first thing they do is violate our laws or they wouldn’t be here.

          • So true, they just want their free money while plotting to kill all Americans..

          • Hey Dusty just because Islam has never and cannot coexist with any form of Democracy and has been committing ISIS like atrocities for almost 1400 years on innocent men, women and children. And just because the Ayatollahs have sworn to wipe America and Israel off the map and have sworn to kill all Jews and wipeout Christianity, is no reason to believe they will harm America.

          • There are many reports about muslims harming America in USA and Islam is Islam and teach to kill all non-belief where ever they go. and they are known liars and not allowed to befriend non-believers, but you can act friendly towards them until we take over control…

          • I have been warning people for over fifteen year about this evil Fascist Ideology that’s invading America and from that time since they have become a force to be reckoned with they are into politics big time, this is a type of Jihad, Stealth Jihad, with their many well funded ABC Muslim organizations in America this menace will continue to grow, and with the help of their brain-dead liberal supporters making the future for the next generation a very bleak future.

          • The ‘refugees’ that are coming are no longer a ‘Stealth jihad’ they are the invasion force & the ‘demoncrat/communists’ are welcoming them because they think it will help their cause, they will soon have a rude awakening after the islamists gain enough power over what used to be ‘our’ government.

          • The Muslims that work silently inside our schools, inside our government in key positions, even the state of MN has a Muslim congressman who favors the Muslim brotherhood CAIR and all the other Muslim ABC organizations that are furthering the cause of Islam, these people don’t want a Constitutional America they want a Sharia America, these are the Silent Jihadists, I’m referring to, these Muslims use Taqiyya (Lies and Deceit) this is how they do it. Iran was a great country before these Vermin took over. Look at England and France it wont be long before they have complete control over these countries.

          • Rifles on the rooftops

            takes kahonees to be into vigilantism kid. could loose it all- life or freedom-
            not many have the conviction to do what needs to be done.
            aint it too bad

          • Fuck anyone who believes in any type of god, they’re all idiots.

          • The Police State is the umbrella, stripping and taking away our rights. They’re creating a new reality. This is a psychological battering of the public. They’re using humanity’s basic need for survival and safety against us. They’re instilling fear into people. Food, water and oil are three areas in which they’re going to hit us, to batter us into submission. When people are hungry, they don’t worry about freedom and liberty. Humanity is the enemy. They’re creating a new reality. It’s a contrived hoax—just as 9/11 was, just as the Oklahoma City Bombing, just as Al Qaeda, just as Global Warming—now we have a contrived hoax of resources. It’s artificial scarcity.

            They’re telling us that we’re going into an age of scarcity and thus, we need to be good soldiers and agree to share with the rest of the world. They’re getting rich from all this. When gas, food and water prices rise, they’re going to tell us to be happy that we have anything because of the scarcity. They blame it on the environmental movement, but they funded all these groups. They have the media to control all of these hoaxes. We’re being attacked. Our minds are being attacked, being told that we have to accept a new reality. Prices are going to go up dramatically. For 200 years America has been the land of plenty. Within a decade water is going to cost more than oil.

          • Look up Bacha Bazi and to think that some Christians are trying to align themselves with these perverted vermin claiming we worship the same God. There is a video on You-Tube that shows one boy doing the dance and a pervert making sexual gestures.

          • O-Shitstain just Changed the oath of citizenship Any living breathing parasite pedophile criminal from any third world country can now become a US citizen

          • Unfortunately for us and this country…

          • People from religions prohibiting to oath allegiance like, Muslims and Jehova Witnessess, are permited to be in a different room during the ceremony of citizenship in order to not be ofended. AND THEY RECEIVE THE CITIZENSHIP CERTIFICATE. Why?, we have to demand they don’t get the citizenship if they can’t to oath!

          • Research Bacha Bazi warning don’t be eating any type of food when you do. Hint it’s a Muslim thing where Muslim men take young boys as their sex slaves, our soldiers are told not to intervene when one soldier beat up an Afghan commander that kept a young boy chained to his bed as a sex slave. Don’t intervene this is Muslim culture, our soldiers that have to put up with this are having psychological problems. Sick isn’t a strong enough word for these Vermin who engage in this perversion.

          • Or the vermin who tells Our Boys to ignore the screams of these poor boys!!

          • You saying you like to hear little boys scream; especially those that are poor? You’re a nasty person 😉

          • I think you either misread or misinterpreted what I said.

          • It is, ‘StupidConservativeValues’ a demoncrat/communist’, just don’t justify it with a response to it & it will go away!

          • Hello Believer: It’s hard to imagine how these people came about; as an American that has traveled the globe and experienced first hand how many people have to live only because some dictator seized power, having witnessed this first hand I would think that American people would be so grateful for their Liberty especially when it was bought with blood, that it would be impossible for someone like Obama to even get in the running much less elected twice, this president has severely damage this country, the kind of damage that will never nor can never be repaired but no there are fools like “Stupid Conservative Values” that don’t appreciate how blessed they are with the most important thing a person can own which is Liberty. The real kicker is what the Marxist college professors are so fond of has been tried over and over and leads to oppression and a country full of very poor people, from the looks of things they will get their wish in the not so distant future, because the assaults from the Traitors within are many, and as I mentioned damage that cant be fixed, is because of the great many people with the type of mindset that came here under Obama’s watch and these people will grow exponentially the illegal immigrants and Muslims have a birthrate of 8 children per family while white families it’s 2 the same for Canada, a poll confirmed that the majority of Muslims prefer Sharia Law that is a given since that’s a huge part of Islam. As you stated lets ignore the fool and he’ll go away. I get aggravated on these sites when so many fall for it and they dominate the board and nothing at all gets discussed intelligently about the story. I take it you believe in God, as a Christian I believe that the “Strong Delusion” God warned that He would send has been sent, the only way as far as know is the example of sending a “Lying Spirit” it’s the only explanation I can come up with when something is so plainly obvious to me and yet they see it differently.

          • Yes Apolloone you are very correct about the strong delusion & also the Scriptures talk about them having scales over there eyes that are placed there by the evil one & some have the anti-CHRIST spirit within them & they don’t even know that they are doing the devils work for him. May GOD Bless You & Your Family. You speak like you may have read some of the Bible yourself & it is HIS Love Letter to us. You do not have to learn about GOD in a Church, you can learn about him at home!

          • Hello Believer: Yes studying the Bible is my greatest pleasure, I don’t attend church, the last three I attended wasn’t what I expected, there was more talk about things that didn’t pertain to the Scriptures than the Scriptures. It seemed as a group it was like lets hurry and get this over with attitude. I have a question for you: For a long time I wanted to know who the daughter of Babylon is, I have come to the belief that it is America because it is a Singular nation that God gave four different profits over one hundred Characteristics that fit America like a glove and most of them only America. The Father even describes the political leaders of this Daughter of in-house turmoil in it’s in government, He even describes the aliens coming into this country in the Latter Days He calls the Daughter of Babylon, He likens them to Caterpillars because they are so destructive, the countries they are from are all Today Muslim countries and one in is Persia modern day Iran, Persia never used Fiery Darts when they took Babylon in todays vernacular they never fired a shot, but when they attack the Daughter they will us Fiery Darts, no doubt nuclear missiles considering the destruction. Here are just a few of those characteristics 1 Has a mother. England 2 The mother is the word used to describe the mother can mean she is a shadow of her former self that too fits England. 3 Rose up in a wilderness area taking land from others 4 The daughter is a Hammer of the whole earth America is Economically and Militarily 5. Has her defenses mounted up to the heavens America has the most advanced Air Force in the world and NASA 6. Was a golden cup in Gods hand but turns away in the Latter Days 7. Was into the Occult and a Godly people when you learn about the Free Masonry that had place all the Idols that were part of ancient Babylon this fits America perfectly Ishtar is right there in Washington and the Statue of Liberty is her also, I have traced all this back to the goddess Ishtar who has many names. Most Christians have been taught that the Daughter will rise up in Iraq or that it’s the Catholic church but they just don’t even come close and it’s certainly is Israel or the city Jerusalem as some teach. I haven’t read his books yet but several of his articles is by the late Doctor Richard Coombes he goes into detail about Ishtar and the founding of America. Another thing the majority of Bible scholars always ignore is the fact that in Zechariah was shown a symbolic basket of this evil being moved according to what has been found his assistants said Zechariah told them across the great sea. I apologize for the sloppy writing but the space is much too small and I cant do paragraphs on this computer. Another man I haven’t read that claimed America is the last Babylon was the late Doctor Franklin S Logsden he wrote in the early sixties and was ostracized for it, just think how more ungodly America as a nation has become. The information I gave about this Latter Days nation didn’t scratch the surface so speak what we are given. I would like to be proven wrong very much so. May God Bless You and Your Family(}:-)

          • Be quiet and build your clock!

          • That qualifies any state in the confederacy.

          • Oath of citizenship for illegals they would swear the sun rises in west.

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          • Do you know the difference between having a fraud voting ID and to be only a resident or an ilegal allien demanding rights?

        • Not to mention that some States’ ballot boxes will be counted in Spain, because Soros bought that corporation who owns the contracts. We will never have an honest election because the powers that be and big money has sold us out.

        • No argument from me.

        • DustyFae- U one good lookin’ beotch! Do you have a brain?

      • He would have proclaimed his faith if he thought he could have gotten away with it…

        Perhaps for his third term attempt, he will stop lying??? he he..

        • He can never stop lying..Obama is really a sick man. His one track mind is repeating over and over the same speech about the same old , same old. Like a broken record.. Like pushing for solar panels in Alaska…. 🙂

          • Yeah, ending a 10 year war, killing bin Ladin, expanding health care for all, reducing air pollution, reducing greenhouse gas emissions…, same old, right Dusty?

          • He never kill bin Ladin , he died of kidney failure. Health care as in obamacare is not about health at all , it is a agenda to depopulate and garb guns and taxes, Government cause all the pollution and never stopped the pollution. , they only increase it.. more trees mean more co2 and that means more oxygen for the people and he wants to only make FEDS make Public Parks to take land away from the people to later be sold to big corporation… Yep!!!! Really, Obama has destroy USA.. PERIOD

          • Dusty – is that what you read on right wing publications? Obamacare is AN agenda to depopulate (?) and ‘garb’ guns and taxes? Really, it’s about guns? Who told you that? Government (and NOT Dow Chemical, or the coal companies, or the power companies) causes for pollution? By doing what? Which national park has been sold to ‘a ‘ big corporation? What war did Obama start? Hearsay and innuendo is what I’m reading. Any sources to cite? That eighth grade education doesn’t serve you so well, Dusty. Better stay on the pole.

          • Reid try to sell Bundy range to China for their corporation.. And NO, these are whistle Blowers right out of the WH and some Democrats reporting these things about Obama..Coal is a natural Co2 and form rain clouds and so is wood.. May be you think natural heating is harmful but it is only harmful to the ones who work these natural fossil fuels…Obama back the ISIS terrorists and they were even trained by USA.. That is NO secret. My education was a lot higher then people’s education is today, As our schools are being dumb down every day and only educate on rewritten History books and more about Islam the normal Education taught by older education.. l bet you could never pass this test

          • Dusty – Even the conservative Breitbart site debunked this conspiracy claim, noting: “Despite the obvious partisan gain to be had if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s son Rory (a failed 2010 Nevada gubernatorial candidate) had somehow been involved in a “land grab” affecting the Bundy family ranch operation — the facts just do not pan out as such. Indeed, Rory Reid did in fact have a hand in plans to reclassify federal lands for renewable energy developments. Just northeast of Las Vegas and Nellis Air Force Base, plans were drawn by Reid allies to potentially develop 5,717 acres of land for such use. While it would be fair to claim that such activity was in Bundy’s relative neighborhood, the federal lands once leased by the family were more than 20 miles away, east of Overton, Nevada.” this is BREITBART writing this!

            Read more at http://www.snopes.com/politics/conspiracy/nevada.asp#jvFhA0s8kEuIKWuz.99
            Coal is a combustive carbon heat source that has over 1,000 chemicals including PAHs and benzene compounds. It burns producing hydrocarbons, water, CO2 and metals. It is NOT a “natural co2”, whatever that is. And no, the burning of coal does not produce rain clouds, nor does the burning of wood. It does produce ~20% by weight toxic ash which is buried all over the US. In fact, there is a 1,000 acre sludge pond behind a man made dam filled with coal ash that is contaminating nearby drinking wells near where I live. I come from a family of coal miners, Dusty.
            “Aside from that WND article, I can find no original source that confirms the “ISIS trained by US” story. If Rand Paul is repeating conspiracies he read in WND and on InfoWars he should know better.

            It’s possible that some fighters trained by the US in Jordan ended up joining ISIS, but that’s not the same as the US knowingly arming and training a terrorist group, which is implied in the WND article and that Senator Paul states as fact.

            Most ISIS members were probably trained in the Gulf where Qatar and Saudi Arabia sponsor many jihad groups fighting in Syria. Both of those countries are far less discriminating about who gets sophisticated weaponry than the US. As for where ISIS got the weapons it’s using now, when the Iraqi army ran away from defending Mosul, hundreds of tons of US-made arms fell into their hands. It’s also suspected that the Saudis have been bankrolling the purchase of advanced weapons for many extremist groups in Syria on the open market.

            ISIS didn’t need the US to train their members. The idea that we knowingly armed and trained an ultra-violent, pitiless terrorist group that is so barbaric that even al-Qaeda’s parent group in Pakistan has disavowed them, needs a lot more proof than any offered up so far by WND or Alex Jones.”


            And I passed the 1912 test, Dusty. Just because you don’t know percentage problems doesn’t mean everyone is befuddled by them.

            So everything you’ve said has been refuted by reliable sources, Dusty. Do you know the difference between a reliable source and Fox News? Get a clue and write me back when you have something factual to say. Or when you learn to write sentences.

          • Google who trained and support ISIS..

          • you wrote: “So everything you’ve said has been refuted by reliable sources, Dusty.
            Do you know the difference between a reliable source and Fox News?”

            How about you try to play Barack Bullsh*t Bingo per the bingo card below (missing is the phrase “after the election I’ll have more flexibility”):

          • dantalbot – I offer you articles that refute you and your troll posse’s hearsay and gobbledegook and you give me this POS? That will make me vote Republican, fer sher.

          • He never Stopped any wars but made more wars he is a war monger

          • He got us out of Iran and Afghanistan. What war did he start?

          • You REALLY ARE A DUMBASS, HUH??

          • Most notable is this MUSLIM war over most the world . Or has that been going on behind your back too ! He is FULLY & PERSONALLY responsible for these MUSLIM wars, especially those against Christians !!

          • Jack, you point out what is obvious to those of us who aren’t community organizers.

          • getting us out of those countries IS war. Are you not seeing the deterioration over there? Real peaceful ain’t it? JERKWAD.

          • Excuse me tiny dick/tiny brain – Obama removed US troops from the Middle East after 10 years of war started by a Republican President. The US has no active military troops shooting at an enemy there now. The US is not at war there. Can you get that through your tiny brain? I didn’t think so.
            dantalbot – Yes the war between Syria/ISIS/Yemen/Saudi Arabia is still going on. The fact that the war is still going on is evidence that our actions made no difference. We have no dog in this fight. Leave it alone. I and most of America are tired of fighting a meaningless war there. JERKWAD

          • you are an imbecilic libturd. It does not take two parties to wage war….islam is waging war on us even if we choose to not participate.

          • dantalbot – do you even read what you write here? “It does not take two parties to wage war”? What is that then, fighting yourself? Islam is fighting a battle between the Shi’as (e.g., Iran) and the Sunnis (Saudi Arabia). Iran is against ISIS – should we fight along side of Iran?
            Syria’s war is a civil war – whose side should we fight on? Screw the Middle East, let them kill themselves. I and most Americans are happy we’re done fighting over there.

          • you are denser than concrete. You can’t even picture America as being in Islam’s cross hairs. You need to get informed. It is a one-way war unless we engage them.

          • A one way war? WTF does that mean? You are twisting yourself into the ground trying to defend your words. Are you talking about a cold war, like we has with the USSR for 20 years? Our Army is not engaged with Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan. No soldiers are dying. ISIS is beheading people to draw America into a war. We will do them a favor by engaging them. If we ignore them we are winning. They will die trying to take over Iran. Where’s the fight we are in? We are done with the Middle East until some crackpot Republican Prez gets us into an unwinnable decades long war, just like we got finished with in Iraq. Leave them alone to kill each other.

          • learn to read and comprehend. If a school bully beats the snot out of you sending you to the hospital, he has declared a one-way war, since you can’t fight back when you can’t (or won’t) engage him (due to your being in a hospital bed). The old saying “it takes two to tango” is crap.

          • how smart is that? When they say “Death to America” you idiot liberals think “Oh, they don’t really mean it”. YES THEY DO !!!! Wise up.

          • precisely by getting us out of areas with unfinished business, he has directly caused more war in Iraq and now in Afghanistan, possibly the entire middle east.

          • Yeah, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, DEBUNKED BY HONEST SCIENTISTS, millions for Solyndra etc. then filed BANKRUPTCY AFTER OBAMA’S DOLE OUT,AND THE OBAMACARE WHICH WAS NEVER DESIGNED FOR HEALTH REFORM BUT THE VEHICLE FOR HUGE INCREASE IN TAXES EFFECTIVE JAN. 1, 2015 Let us see what you leftists will cry when you file your income taxes in 2016. I hope your kids won’t be burdened with ESTATE taxes instead of inheritance when you die, and you are not working for .40 cents or less on the dollar after Federal and State taxes. Idiots, please do some research before you answer.

          • MTZ,

            I don’t have enough money to worry about estate taxes.

            In the scientific literature, there is a strong consensus that global surface temperatures have increased in recent decades and that the trend is caused primarily by human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases. No scientific body of national or international standing disagrees with this view.

            Over all, about 10 million Americans who had no insurance in 2013 signed up for it this year (2014), according to the Enroll America/Civis model. The groups estimate that the national uninsured rate for adults under 65 fell to 11 percent from 16 percent (2013 to 2014).

            Where’s your data or reference to your bullcrap statements, MTZ? Idiot, please do some research before you post.

          • Pitspaul……Your sources are wickedpedia, and the N.Y. Slimes???? LMAO!!

            .Opissboy didn’t kill Osama, S.E.A.Ls team 6 did. then………”SEAL Team 6 has attained international prominence for one reason: They
            were responsible for killing Osama bin Laden. Several days after the
            bin Laden operation, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. — in a pathetic
            attempt to spike the football and gloat — publicly revealed their
            central role in the raid.
            A Taliban fighter shot down a Chinook
            helicopter carrying 22 Navy SEAL Team 6 members in Afghanistan. All 38
            persons on board — the Navy SEAL warriors, other U.S. military personnel
            and seven Afghan soldiers — were killed.
            Mr. Biden’s reckless
            actions — followed by President Obama’s own words acknowledging the
            secret unit’s operation — jeopardized the Navy SEALs’ safety.

            “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times,” Obama said as he jetted off to play golf.

          • Where’s your references O-O? That’s right, you just make sh!t up.

          • In both these articles, the names of the Navy Seals were not revealed?

          • abcnews.go.com/…obama-navy-seal-team-killed-bin-laden/


          • O-O – Thanks for posting – I watched the whole thing and I didn’t hear the names of the Seals mentioned. Biden did mention some other military, but they were all JCOS level folks. Hey man, war is hell, you win some, you lose some soldiers. I can’t parse those losses from overall military losses. We lost over 3,000 soldiers in the 10 years, plus tens of thousands maimed, injured or lost extremities. I mourn all our losses, from the grunts on the ground to the Seals in the copters.

          • why don’t you peddle the globull warming crap to China? We Americans are non-polluters compared to that regime.

          • We do have an accord with China to cut emissions. The Chinese have already cut there emissions since 2013.

          • Yea and he stopped the oceans from rising, and the seas from warming, he stopped the sky from falling, and the toilets from flushing…

          • yeah, Obozo is stupid, and so are his admirers. Calling obama an intellectual is like calling a spittoon a vase. The “accomplishments” listed by liberals (such as releasing bad guys from Gitmo) are not accomplishments but rather tragedies. One could try to wake up a liberal, but it is their religion. They have no God, just a bunch of gods with a small g. No honor, truthfulness, or duty to country


          • Now…. Here’s a REAL dumbass for ya. Bet he’s sucking off the system!!

          • wanting to reduce greenhouse gases is not the same as doing it…Obama is all rhetoric. If he wanted to do it, he should hold it in. He cannot, as shown below.

      • So very true !

      • O got in both times by fraud so he stole them he didn’t win.

      • Yes, We need tail gunner JOE ( McCarthy ) now not 60 years ago . Or could he see into the future ?

      • The Hell,he would have!! the only he would have won was by fraud which he did win by fraud.

      • Obviously so. his Black Liberation Theology is not Christian with a name that limits it to Black Liberation. But Obama’s 20 year membership in Rev Wright’s church didn’t matter to the greedy heathen peasants out there in voter land Nothing seems to matter to democraps, instead their sacraments are LGBT, abortion, gay marriage, lying about the relationship of an anti-Islam video and the mayhem at the embassy in Benghazi, and feckless foreign policy

        Facts about Planned Parenthood don’t matter, the VA scandal is an invented one, Hillary’s violation of protocol relating to classified data doesn’t matter, Kerry’s delusional premise that you can negotiate in good faith with Iran doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters to the shiftless millennials (Generation X-Lax) is free cell phones, food stamps, and pot. No wonder the result of most elections reflects either stupidity (per Trump) or a government that is chemically stoned.

      • Damn straight scrubby!

      • progressive and fascism are at two opposite ends of the political spectrum

    • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

      Yup that beer drinking, ham eating Former member of Rev. Wright’s Church is not only a Muslim he is a damn good one right? You say actions speak much louder and damn I agree. Now please give me the standard ignorant response to what I just posted, please !

      • “It is not permissible for a Muslim to consume pork under any circumstances except in cases of dire necessity, such as, if a person’s life depends on eating it. In cases of dire necessity, prohibited things are permitted.” I think this answers your question his life would be in jeopardy from the people who see thru his thinly veiled veneer.

      • Taqiyya…understand what that word means. As for Wrights Church, I certainly, and most Christians, wouldn’t call it a Christian Church. As for Wright do the research on him, he himself is a ‘former” moslem
        But you could have learned all this back in 2008, there were many articles written, research done, but the MSM didn’t want this getting out and in the way of their boy.

        • The millions of the “secret society” bought MSM. Money talks BS walks as they say. That GLOBAL ELITE GROUP OF VERY POWERFUL AND VERY RICH GROUP CAN PUT A MONKEY IN THE WHITE HOUSE IF THEY CHOOSE TO. The PAID, BIASED mainstream media is controlled by them and that is how idiot voters are brainwashed. They can also control the voting base of any large organizatuion with their millions in soft money donations to them. We are toast folks….we can’t win for losing, because they also got our educational system covered. Try to talk to any college graduate, except for the very smart ones, you’ll see how they have been brainwashed too. This is how communism work, control of the schools, media, organizations, churches, etc. ….THE DEMONIC FORCES OF SATAN WORKING OVERTIME. We are close to the end times and our last judgement.

      • Rev Wright was a minister at a Christian Church. He is not a Muslim.

        • You are correct he is new black panther Christian hating parasite NEVER EVER BEEN a CHRISTIAN And Louis farakaahn is also a Minister hummm????

          • I also wonder, because from his father to all his mentors, if you notice, they were all MUSLIMS and no Christian except Sharpton and Jackson who claims to be. But then, their preaching of hate is unchristian, so what can one take out of that?

        • The last time I read about him, he said he was offered lots of money not to speak about BO ever…..I wonder if he got it, because he has been silent all this time?….lol.

        • wrong…”Rev” Wright’s church is a BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY church. No mention of the word Christian, is there? And it was founded by someone who was never a true believer. No bible is preached, just community-organizing drivel.

        • It is a Black Liberation Theology Church, NOT a Christian one

      • You are a hater – Rev Wright’s FATHER was a Baptist (CHRISTIAN) minister, too! Quit repeating lies.
        “In 1967 Wright (the son) enrolled at Howard University in Washington, D.C., where he earned a bachelor’s degree in 1968 and amaster’s degree in English in 1969. He also earned a master’s degree from the University of Chicago Divinity School.[11]Wright holds a Doctor of Ministry degree (1990) from the United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio, where he studied under Samuel DeWitt Proctor, a mentor to Martin Luther King, Jr.[16] ”


        • Oh really, then why is he preaching hate in the pulpit and harboring gays which is an abomination to the Lord. He’s not preaching from the same bible that came from the torah prophets or the apostles or he would not at all be doing these things. He especially would not be crying racism at every turn. He is a false preacher sold out to the devil

          • Wright is pushing Black Liberation Theology. It is a political philosophy not typically found in most Traditional Christian Protestant Churches. In fact, I have NEVER been in a Christian Church and heard a minister say G…D…America. Obama sat in Wright’s church listening to that hate filled nonsense for years.

          • Totaling up the time O was in there, maybe 15 – 20 times, just maybe..

          • and what he learned in his divinity schooling is not what he practices.

          • Pamela – if you’re quoting Leviticus, eating shellfish is an abomination too. Show me in the Bible where Jesus says homosexuality is wrong.

        • Big F***in deal, he’s still a racist hate monger. Oh! btw HOW MANY TIMES HAS OBUMMER BEEN TO A cHRISTIAN CHURCH SERVICE SINCE HE WAS ELECTED?

          BFD he’s still a racist hate monger.
          And btw, How many times has obummer been to a Sunday Christian church service since he was elected? But he can recite the muslime “Call to prayer” in fluent Farsi. “The greatest sound I have ever heard”.

          • With your analytical observations can you fault the answer of Trump? He was even respectful by not engaging the man into more evidences that unfolded in the Sheriff Arpio’s investigations. He did not “brown-nose” the President because he really cannot honestly know how to defend him before alienating those that know better. Trump is a corporate guy and will never get himself boxed in to a liability exposure (no matter how frivolous)before the election, he is much too smart for that. The politicians and the paid biased mainstream media who are now crucifying him for it just showed how DUMB THEY ARE , BECAUSE INTELLIGENT FOLKS CAN SEE THROUGH THEM. Their take on this is an insult to the intelligence of the public. How sad that they perceive us all to be DUMB just like them.

        • Do you read the Onion too???

          • buddman – that’s all you got? Name calling and a reference to the Onion, which has more truth than I’ve read in any of these comments? Where do you get the notion that Obama is a Muslim? His dad was agnostic. In any event, it’s a free country, you’re free to practice any religion you want to. Look it up. It’s in the Constitution.

          • The onion has never written a fact based article ever. they are like the tooth fairy make believe but keep believing whatever you read if it is on the internet it must be true Obamo Is a Muzlum he Admitted it himself in speeches and his Book nightmares from my father Hillary said that in 2008 election campaign But most libtardss have a short memory As for the CONSTITUTION Obamma shreds a little more everyday. But that fact also eludes you

          • buddman – what the f#ck are you trying to say in your rambling incoherent statement? Is that supposed to be one sentence? Obamo? my father Hillary? IS this how you talk all the time? What fact are you trying to tell me? Do you have a reference to your inane statements? F#ck it, never mind. Nothing you have said to date has made any sense.

          • Nothing makes sense to Libtardds

          • Tell him to read Dreams of my Father and the current book written by his very smart half brother who is now residing in China. Also the interview with his half brother Marik. A lot of publications out there that can buttress your statement but folks are just too lazy or ignorant.

        • If he was truly a mentor of the late MLK, then his preaching should be love of this country not hate. Christian folks do not hate the DOER but the DEED, because we are all made in God’s image. We can change our DEED but not our PERSONA, so we can hate the ACT but not the PERSON.

        • PITTIFUL PAUL, Its not his education, its what he’s done with it !!

          • so true….look at the education wasted on Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter, who was a psychiatrist assigned to help vets with PTSD. Shooting them sure cured their PTSD all right, didn’t it, oh libturd? Oops, I guess it wasn’t Islam, but workplace violence eh? BS.

            Just because someone has the education doesn’t make them PROPERLY educated or even sane.

      • Not sure what you are looking for…


    • Find a 100 story ledge and walk blindfolded, you dumb halfwit! You nut’s see the man was twice elected and you and your petty racial issues just won’t stop,

      • Language Alert. Bozo uses “racism”; homophobia and starving old people to follow. Cliches much.

      • Meangreen1, Isn’t it sad to know there so many morons who get out and vote?

      • Liberals quite often rely on insults when they have nothing to argue with…

        Guess that is what you are doing, as you are not refuting my points.

        When you support someone that has no credibility, you too have no credibility…

        BTW, the insults are a waste of your time. Nobody will listen to them.

      • Here you go again with your RACE CARD which nullifies it with your own statement of being reelected. Race Card has no place in arguments where his performance is the issue. It is the agenda of where this country is being led to that most people are scared about. This coming Oct. 20, when the IMF announces the fate of the dollar in the global “reserve currency” is very scary and when the World Bank intends to replace the dollar in global trade. That will crash the velocity of the dollar and since our economy is based on DEBT, we are toast. Be aware that we are no longer a country of producers but a country of consumers, financede by DEBTS. OUR DOLLAR IS NOT BACKED BY GOLD OR GDP ANYMORE, but only with faith, and countries that we owe trillions to, no longer has that faith because of massive debt and uncontrolled spending by our leaders. The Republicans tried to cut the spending in the last budget hearing but Obama closed the government for a few days and still threatens to close it if he does not have his way. This time it is cutting the billions of funding for the Planned Parenthood that sells baby parts which the Republicans do NOT SUPPORT in their BARBARIC ACT. OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS SUPPORT THE FUNDING OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD KNOWING HOW THEY USE THE MONEY TO MUTILATE THE UNBORN AND SELL THEIR BABY PARTS.It is not just aborting innocent babies but mutilating them, part by part and selling them to the highest bidder. Not even animals do this, and yet it is happening. God is not asleep people.

    • It not built on Christianity either , it was written to keep relgion out of the government !!! Just to keep the perversion of religion from corrupting this country !!! The founders had it right to do so !!!

    • The reason we are so defensive is because you on the right are a bunch of racist idiots end of story.

      • Gonna need new material for your race card garbage…….

        MANY of us on the “right” pushed hard for a year or more to get Ben Carson to run for President
        (i bet i was 1 of the 1st to petition him to run)….. So how is it us racist people as U claim encouraged a Black Godly man to run for president????

        Truth is were Not racist, disliking 1 person or 5 people is not an entire race! Someone who hates obama for that matter could hate his arab side or his white side so calling those wo U don’t agree with racist is really childish and sad…

        Grow up, not everything and usually nothing you people claim is racist actually is.
        You people need to stop seeing color in everything you do daily.

        • Homer, I am white and I will vote for Ben Carson any day. You and I have virtue as our motives, whereas the left has only power, fame, and control (and eliminating the first and second amendments) as their goals, and they are reactionary by casting their “racist” net so often it becomes meaningless.

      • I laugh when idiots use the “race card” over and over again. Flash news, the man was elected twice and he is half and half. It is not his affiliation with the black race that upsets them, it is the direction where he is taking this country. He affiliates with the black race for protection because if he is impeached based on his numerous constitutional violations, the black race will RIOT, but if you look at what he is doing to them with his AMNESTY for illegals, he is hurting the very people he is supposed to protect. Look around you in fast food stores, constructions, Bank tellers, store cashiers etc. in the work force, do you see any blacks? And yet he cares more for the un-screened illegals than the race that protects him….see the evidence not the talk. He hopes the illegals will RIOT for him, but I think they will be used to fight the Blacks (because Latinos and blacks don’t get along) and CIVIL UNREST WILL ENSUE TO USHER IN “THE MARTIAL LAW”……AND STAY AS PRESIDENT AS LONG AS HE WANTS…that is what the NAZIS did in history…..Socialism first then Communism….controlled by a few and working slaves for the masses…….I am glad I am very old and won’t see the end of this empire as it unfolds. The MANIPULATION OF the paid,and biased MAINSTREAM MEDIA is to our DEMISE FOLKS….May God bless America, the home of the no longer free…..

      • Hardly the end of the Story,

        Why is it that:
        If you didn’t vote for 0bama and you are white, you are a racists?
        And if you didn’t vote for 0bama and you are black, you are an uncle Tom?

        and if you are a Democrat and didn’t vote for 0bama, you are a moron?

        It seems that racism is what liberalism is based on. All these things that you puke out are just bigoted and racists comments coming from a hypocrite.

      • end of story my ass – yo don’t get to decide what is final.

    • I’m actually surprised at the amount of DUMBASSES in this once blessed country. To begin with, WE THE PEOPLE are to blame for everything. EVERYTHING!! Nawww, now before you go and get pissed off at me, try to THINK! WE allowed the asswipe to get office. WE allowed “them” to start this “offended” shit, resulting in no more pledge to the flag, no flags flying in govmt facilities and no mention of prayer in school or that evil word, Christianity! What this damned country is becoming is a direct result of what WE THE PEOPLE ARE ALLOWING!!! Think on it!!

    • Obama is no Christian muslim yes Christian no muslim to the core.

    • This is all very scary but true!!! Also we do not need any one from CAIR TO tell who can run for President, and or have them leave the race…what kind of crap is that.???

      • Total crap if you ask me….

        I got to tell you when I heard that the dude from cair demanded that Carson step down, I decided to send some money to Carson…

        Is that guy even an American Citizen? Why did the media give the guy a platform?

        The media is corrupt… That is why they did it.


        • Yes the media is corrupt and in Obama’s back pocket!!! Dr. Carson puts them all to shame,
          esp. the far left!, they do not want anyone to know that Dr. Carson has an excellent way
          of living a clean decent life and will share this with those who need to get off their pity party butts!!! God Bless you and all who share his work ethics & views…

    • With all the dumb-ass people in OUR country at this time I very much DOUBT the part where you say if he declared himself muslim he wouldn’t have been elected. IDIOTS in this country don’t care. About 51 % or them are SCREWED in the head.

      • I think the MEDIA wants you to believe there are more useful idiots then there are…..

        But, where I live, even in CA, the liberals and Democrats do not approve of 0bama’s accomplishments…..

        Think about it, with a 50/50 split, it is easy to fix elections… Both parties are controlled by Liberals, We the People expect each party to keep the other honest…

        So liberals are keeping liberals honest…. (NOT)

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
        Joseph Stalin

        0bama works in the dark for a reason, he passes all his laws at 11pm EST on Friday for a reason….

        The light of day and truth are disastrous to his intent.,

    • Well said!! I couldn’t have said it better!!

    • Our forefathers were Muslim idiot! We are a nation of Allah fearing retards. The one true god is the Flying Pasta Monster!

    • Hey houseboy, get back to your job!

  3. The lefts political correctness isn’t going to work on this Muslim issue…..

  4. The Master of Truth, Obama, speaks out loudly on this issue. His own words and actions say loudly that he IS a muslim. He even made that statement early on in several ways. If you can’t believe Obama on this issue, who can you believe? DWS? Pelosi? Get Real!

    • You sir are a retarded idiot, you are to stupid to breath air and walk at the same time, where do you ignoramuses come from?

      • “retarded idiot” Meangreen1 consider the source. Just look at the kettle calling the pot black.

      • The ignoramus you are talking about is right there, staring you in your mirror. We came from the Creator, unlike you who must have come from the bottom of the abyss….spitting the DEMONIC RHETORIC OF SATAN….WE CHRISTIANS ARE PRAYING FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU…. THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT MAY BLESS YOU WITH WISDOM AND CLEAN YOUR MOUTH.

  5. Many, including this writer, have suspected that BHO is a foreign-born Muslim, which is probably the case, but it seems to me that the primary object of worship for BHO is BHO, nu? Haven’t we read the Book that tells us what His end will be, unless he should come to an awakening and repent of all his evils? But even as the Messiah Yahushua has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, per Ezekiel chapters 18 and 33, neither should we, following His example.
    “Even so come, Master Yahushua,” as John says in Revelation 22:20, for He will lead us out of the mess we have made of His creation, omein.

  6. Obama says he’s a christian, then does everything in his power to support Islam while doing nothing to support Christianity. He went so far as to invite every anti-Christian stereotype to the Pope’s visit. Not very christian of him.

    But he still insists he’s a Christian. I take him at his word, but see his actions very clearly.

    The President is a big boy, nobody should have to defend his honor. He certainly won’t defend anyone who even mildly disagrees with him…Actually goes out of his way to publicly vilify them.

    • Exactly!! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Exactly. We can’t know what’s in his heart, but we can see how he governs. And he governs like an anti-Christian with Muslim preferences.

    • How can we defend what he doesn’t have?

    • Obama’s hosting the Pope with the undesirable guests was just too uncouth and an insult to all Catholics. I say undesirable to the Catholic faith are gays & lesbians, abortionists, Planned parenthood supporters, and Islam who believe in killing all Christians. But again the Holy Spirit will prevail and the Pope will have the wisdom to show them how true Christians really act and forgive those that are derailed and who challenges the wisdom of the Creator.. “FATHER FORGIVE HIM FOR HE KNOW NOT WHAT HE DOES.” MUST BE IN THE POPE’S PRAYER. Let us also pray for the Pope’s safety…..

  7. Obama is too indoctrinated with Muslim crap, stating that their call to prayer (Tarzan yodel) is the most beautiful sound in the world, ” (When it’s not, it’s annoying.) & stating that Muslims have contributed more beauty to the world, when they’ve not, just crime. Denmark deported all of them & their crime rate went down by 80%! We do need to deport them & him too. Trump for President & I hope he gets rid of them all, no matter what “race” they are. Just get them OUT!

    • Tarzan yodel, Hahahahahaha! That’s a good one. Now I can start my day with a good laugh.

    • Been in the Middle East for the US. LIved off base. Muslim call to worship is really scary. Seeing all the men walking to the mosque and leaving the women home to pray there is even scarier. Religion of Peace – bah humbug! If they are not part of the answer to stop this takeover of nations by either jihad or birth, then they are part of the problem. If they are not willing to assimilate into the country they invade, oops, immigrate to, they are part of the problem. My son once said – sent them all back and bomb the place to glass. Hummm….not a bad idea.

    • how much does a ticket to Denmark cost, it is closer than Austrailia, I dont want to be here when the blood starts to flow…

      • Abandon what is ours to a bunch of 7th century throwbacks? I disagree. No matter how much the libs and PC politicians have screwed things up, i think it is still worth fighting for and following Denmark’s example but with the modification of adding PC Libs to the deportation lists would be an excellent beginning.

    • HAVE YOU COUNTED THE mosques WE HAVE HERE NOW? It is not the people nor their faith, but their belief that to go to their ALLAH, they have to kill all Christians and Jews This is true with both factions of Muslims: the Sunnis and the Shiites which is the thing they have in common to kill INFiDELS meaning all Christians. and Jews. Anyone who do not believe in their ALLAH must be killed. Now what kind of religion is that that teaches to kill? My Jesus taught me to LOVE all, even our enemies, we have to pray for them, for vengeance is not ours, but for the creator alone.

    • If Obozo thinks the Muslim call to prayer is the prettiest sound on earth, we KNOW he has never listened to Bach or Beethoven. He is an uncultured clod and so are his admirers.

  8. Libtards are always going to jump on the thing they think can hurt him .. the thing to do like reagan did , ignore it all like they werent there..keep chugging,dont let them bother u

  9. According to the Koran It is okay to lie about your faith so long as it’s the Islamic Muslim Faith . Obama has in recent past both claimed an acted upon his faith.He Praises his Islamic faith at every opportunity. He defends Muslims at every turn. His Administration Cabinet is filled with Muslims, He obummer utterly refuses to destroy ISIS. While he Persecute’s Christians . If the majority of Americans were ever to come to terms with this truth we all would be calling for Obama impeachment an prosecution.

    • EVERY CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY or EASTER SUNDAY, all our past Presidents attended religious worship, but this is the first president that I never heard of or saw him or his family attending a Christian worship, which is a must whether or not they are “lukewarm” in their faith. They show a televised Christmas program at the White House but never a Mass or RELIGIOUS CHRISTIAN WORSHIP, showing them attending a church service. Correct me if I am wrong but has anybody ever read or saw on TV about this?

  10. If Obama proclaims to be a Christian, why doesn’t he come to their defense when they are persecuted for their faith? Why does he stick up for homosexuals, instead of defending bakers or photographers, etc. when they stand up for their Christian faith and refuse service to homos? No, instead he’s sympathetic to Muslims…. because he IS a Muslim. When Christians are targeted by atheists who wish to take our right to worship away, he looks the other way… but he allows Muslim gatherings for worship in large numbers blocking the streets. Obama is a deplorable, despicable liar and a traitor to the U.S.

    • Obama CANCELLED Franklin Graham who was previously invited to speak at a National Prayer Breakfast event. A “pastel principled” substitute was invited in his place. Not a Christian. A Christian is a zealot for Christ. Pastel Christians might as well be Muslim.

  11. It is not that he is just a Muslim, which of course he is and always has been, but he protects Muslim terrorists. He does not destroy their training camps, he falsifies info about their strength and how we have diminished it. In other words, he is on the other side. Imagine that, a US president who is actually supporting our enemies and working for our demise. It could not be any clearer. He hates this country, it is how he was raised and why he is in the position he is in. That is the truth whether the left wants to admit it. It could not be any clearer.


  13. Obama never ceased to be a Muslim… he only became a “Christian” to win votes. DUH.

  14. so the Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had opened her trap about trump worrying about what he said or didn’t say what a joker she is when she has voted to bomb Israel and our country as well along with every other low life dem this traitor should should keep her ugly trap shut she is a race baiter and nothing more lucky she has a job we need to ship her off to iran let her defend obama and there muslims pals in the country they love so much

    • She is ugly inside and out and I can’t understand the people that voted her in. Same for Polosi. Maybe the good Christian Republicans stayed home or the voting machines added their vote to her column when the voter really voted for someone else. Anyone heard if they fixed that “glitch”? We must be aware of it in 2016.

      • I think because she is related to the big boss of one of the mainstream media CEO. Connections to the mainstream media is the blood line of the Democrats, to brainwash the mediocre minds.

  15. I keep stating this: Obama isn’t any religion! He instead puts his faith in an ideology. going to Rev [if you want to call him that] Wright’s church is a matter of convenience, for show if you will. It has been stated that Wright set he and Michelle up so “Bathhouse Barry” could look straight. He’s probably Bi, but who cares other than the fact he isn’t open about it. I mean there’s nothing wrong with it right?
    Anyway, I think his persona is organized so make him acceptable to the American masses.
    Who gives a crap what Debbie does dishes blabbermouth Schultz says? she’s an idiot on her smartest day. And talk about a racist?
    I don’t know if he was born here but 3 things: 1- his birth cert is skeptical; 2- why would you seal your school records if you’re so smart [why do I need college to be a salesman and have to prove I graduated but I can’t be shown proof of a guy who will lead my country?]; 3- why wouldn’t you go out of your way to prove it super ASAP to shut “the idiots” off?
    I don’t care what his religion is or if he has one. Stop the conversation because it’s playing into the lefts hand. OMG why do I have to tell you guys this stuff?

  16. IF he talks like one, ACTS like one, and constantly defends them like he has while ignoring hundreds of thousands of Christians being murdered by them–WHAT do you expect? He was BORN an muslim to a muslim paternal family with a muslim name given by his father. He attended Franciscus Primary and Besuki Elementary Schools in Jakarta, Indonesia registered as an INDONESIAN MUSLIM while living with his muslim stepfather Loelo Soetoro. BOTH the LA Times and Chicago Tribune newspapers have affirmed his attendance at mosques, Hillary Clinton’s campaign released a photo of Obama in muslim garb during 2008, and even his friends/acquaintances from his past admit “Barry was previously QUITE MUSLIM”–former classmate in Indonesia, Romy Amir, who went on to say “Barack senior was a muslim who passed his muslim name Hussein to his son…ALL relatives of Barry’s father were DEVOUT muslims.” Indonesian friend Zulfin Adi: “Obama was a muslim, I remember him wearing a sarong.”–muslim garment. Obama HAS held muslim entrepreneur workshops at the White House, PRAYED with muslims at the White House, held RAMADAN dinners at the White House with muslims–the GOLD RING on his left hand IS NOT A WEDDING BAND–images of it were examined by a mid-east expert who was NOT told whose ring it was and that expert described it as Arabic inscription that means “THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH”—does ANYONE really believe he’s NOT A MUSLIM? He’s HIDING PERSONAL RECORDS–where is his CHRISTIAN BAPTISMAL RECORDS? Even former pastor Jeremiah Wright COULD NOT answer the question IF Obama’s actually a muslim believer! Like Dan Rather once famously said: “IF it looks like duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck”, IT’S A DUCK! I PERSONALLY saw a video of Obama interview with George Stephanopoulis in which Obama thanked John McCain for “NOT bringing up his muslim religion”–in which Stephanopoulis had to CORRECT Obama “you mean your Christian religion”. Face it folks, HE’S A MUSLIM!

    • well, his wife certainly is anti-everythingamerican.. Why did we let him happen, and why have we not woken up??? sigh

      • VOTE FRAUD, that’s how he got elected, I’m convinced of it. There were THOUSANDS upon thousands of ILLEGAL votes in both 2008 and 2012 and according to one research center–Obama got 80% of those votes. There were 66,000 MORE VOTES in Port St. Lucie, Florida THAN REGISTERED VOTERS–and “True the Vote” demanded access to voting records–they were DENIED because they weren’t considered a ‘legal’ organization since Obama/Holder had used the IRS to deny them legal status during the IRS scandal of intimidating and harassing CONSERVATIVE/Tea Party organizations. Everything about him’s been a LIE–he WAS a member of Communist “NEW” party of Chicago, he’s been a radical marxist ALL of his life, he LIED about his background, friends, associations, he LIED about being the most ‘transparent’ administration when he’s hiding everything about his background, he LIED about ObamaCare, he’s LIED about the IRAN deal, LIED about Benghazi, LIED about ‘Fast and Furious’–LIES, COVERUP, DECEIT–that’s WHO he is. And the DemocRATS and RINO’s have participated in dumbing down America’s educational system–and IDIOTS result–IDIOTS that vote for celebrity over ability.

        • Yet study after study and investigation after investigation have proven you wrong.
          Shitforbrains, the repubs voted 67 times to repeal Obamacare and went 0 for 67

          If there was any voter fraud don’t you think they would have used the Kochs money to uncover it? Voter fraud is a BS rightwing excuse for getting your asses kicked 2x by Obama Stop being such a pussy and own up to the fact that the majority of the Country isnt as stupid and you and your inbred friends

          • Right. And how many Germans loved and voted for Hitler?

          • El Retardo, Hitler was not elected by the German people he was appointed. How fucking stupid are you people

          • and your point is?

          • Yes because your DEMOC_RATS supported it. Wait until you file your income tax next year and find out what Obamacare TRULY IS ALL ABOUT AND WHAT IT did for you, which is the TRUE reason BEHIND Obamacare,:the hidden taxes for: Medicare from 1.45% to 2.35%..Top income bracket: from 35% to 39.6%, FOR PEOPLE SELLING THEIR HOMES,
            Capital Gains tax: from 15% to 28%, Top income payroll tax: from 37.4& to 52.2%, Dividend Tax: from 15% to 39.6%, Estate tax: from 0 to 55%, a new tax for Real Estate transaction tax=3.5% based on sales price. This is on top of your County and City Real Estate TRANSFER tax and your Capital gain tax. This is in the ACA/Obamacare which was not disclosed. Remember what Pelosi said: “WE HAVE TO PASS IT FOR YOU TO KNOW WHAT IS IN IT.” See how they silently passed this on to us taxpayers without DISCLOSURE? NOT A SINGLE REPUBLICAN ever voted for it, REMEMBER THAT. i AM IN THE INDUSTRY SO i KNOW. Research before you answer IDIOTS….. .

          • Keep sucking Obama’s bobo, pablum lips! As long as Obama is president he can keep vetoing the ObamaCare repeal, after Jan 2016 you’ll hear people begin to scream about COST INCREASES, from cost of policies to increases in deductibles. There were 66,000 ILLEGAL votes in Port St. Lucie county Fla. and hundreds of THOUSANDS of ILLEGAL votes as well as thousands of voters with registrations in TWO different states that double voted, that’s a FACT! There were hundreds of ILLEGAL aliens buses into Ohio cities to vote. You’re muslim IMAM closet homosexual has you blinded with all that pablum you’ve been sucking. 60+% of America is FED UP with Obama and ObamaCare NEVER had a majority of the people supporting it. It was passed through RECONCILIATION by DemocRATS without a SINGLE Republican voting for it and a majority of Americans against it. IT WILL BE REPEALED by Donald Trump or other Republican president in Jan 2017.

          • speaking of inbred, how do you gays expect to perpetuate your demographics, i.e., reproduce? Talk about an algorithm for decline, that is it. Marrying each other is not inbred?

        • no doubt about it, I saw it with my own eyes as well. Illegals vote here in every election.

      • One big reason that there has been no awakening is because all too many citizens LIKE getting “free stuff” from government so taking action against “Santa” would be counterproductive from their perspective. There was a time when “welfare” was a last resort and avoided whenever possible; now it is seen by many as being “owed” to them. The bottom line? Don’t take my Santa Clause away!

    • Very well said, and have you noticed it seems more Trolls on here today than usual? Seems every other one is.

      • Defending the muslim Imam! Haha, just wait till Obama’s OUT of the White House and CAN’T use power of intimidation and Federal threat to hide who he really is. They’re gonna look even more idiotic than they are now.

        • the Obama library will have a Muslim symbol at its entrance, and a phallic symbol at its exit. Maybe in between a mural of 72 virgins.

          • Haha, you’re probably closer to being right than you know–that’s 72 virgin BOYS in that mural, since the muslim Imam’s a closet gay!

    • HAHAHA your stupidity is mind blowing.

      • Your turgid attitude and nescient comments become pestiferous and reductive. You insult the source like a typical mymidon or noddy instead of contemplating veracity of comments and opinion, your tendentious nature discourages open debate. Like the old poem says: “There was a smiling young lady from Niger, who rode on the back of a tiger, and after the ride, she wound up inside, with her smile on the face of the tiger.” YOU know not what you have until it consumes you within its control.

    • How can anyone say Obama is a Muslim or a Christian? He has lied about so many things, I don’t believe anything he says. He certainly has Islamist sympathies, and often shows contempt for traditional Christian values and beliefs. He was real quick to light up the White House in rainbow colors to celebrate sodomy. He doesn’t seem to care very much about babies in the womb. Some might think he is an Atheist. I don’t think we know.

      • Jeanette, as a muslim–Obama can tell ANY LIE he wants! They allow muslims to LIE IN COURT UNDER OATH as long as their heart remains loyal to ISLAM–it’s called “taqiyyah”–it means “concealing, precaution, guarding”. Under the Quran–LYING UNDER OATH in testimony before a court, deceiving by making distorted statements to media such as “Islam is a religion of peace” are considered honorable if loyalty to Islam is true. A muslim is even allowed to DENOUNCE his faith, IF in doing so he protects or furthers the interests of Islam. “Taqiyyah” has been used by muslims since the 7th century to confuse, confound and ‘divide the enemy’. LYING and CHEATING are NOT moral matters but methods of safeguarding honor and Islam. Obama’s TOP aide Valerie Jarrett is a muslim born Iranian, he also has muslims with muslim brotherhood ties embedded within his administration. WOULD YOU REALLY BELIEVE HIM IF HE DENIED BEING MUSLIM?

      • I think we do know. “By their fruits ye shall know them” (it’s in the Bible)

  17. Anyone who does not by now realize that Obama or Soetoro or Soebarakh or Frank Marshall Davis, Jr. or whatever his name really is was recruited in a Kenyan village to take down the United States that he and his family hated, indoctrinated in the long-term Islamic plan for world conquest in an Indonesian madrassah (where he became an Indonesian citizen) and trained by the Communist Party of the USA in how to transform our republic into a one-party Marxist state will deserve to be a jizya-paying dhimmi, the sex slave or fourth wife of a jihadist or a headless corpse after the takeover that is coming.

  18. Trump hasn’t adopted the inept lying outlaw in the white house, not his job to defend the liberal garbage

  19. It has never been the role or duty of the president of the United States, while elected as “representative” of the will of a majority of the electorate, to reconcile the incompatibility factors of the diversity of the American citizenry, whether those factors are race, ethnicity, creed, religion or national origin. This simple fact makes the issue of obedience to the law, and the law of the land, of supreme importance, and is the reason why there is so much controversy surrounding Obama. Proof, as evidence, is what is needed to put a stop to all speculation that the law has not been obeyed and, the fact is, that proof has not been presented to the satisfaction of the American people, nor has the Congress, the representative body of the people, done anything to eliminate all doubt with respect to the legitimacy and eligibility of the president or compelled adherence to the stipulations of the Constitution and laws which have been obviated by the president with respect to immigration and foreign policy. Political correctness is, in fact, a meager attempt to mollify the specificity of factual information in such a way as to diminish the impact and preciseness of meaning to prevent emotional reactions to it. If you do not know the facts, you will not be concerned about whether those facts run contrary to expectations, history, heritage, law or political ideology. Confusion, as a strategy, prevents action because a person is prevented from making a logical decision, based on known, factual information, the TRUTH.
    If, for example, one were (hypothetically) to describe the president as a “Christian-Muslim,” for purposes of political correctness, wouldn’t the implication of a person attempting to serve two masters be offensive to people of both religious persuasions? After all, if Allah and God were the same deity, why would there be two separate, general revelations, the Holy Bible and the Koran, to two different groups, the Jewish Semites and the Arab Ishmaelites. The fact is that, according to the Bible, God put enmity between the descendants of Esau (Edomites) and and the descendants of Jacob (Israelites). If the Jew and the Muslim represent a kind of thesis (God) and antithesis (Allah), the poor gentile, Christian is stuck trying to understand and deal with the implications of such enmity. Having “come apart and been separate” for much of the history of the past 400 years (or more), that America should allow a situation where such separation is not practiced in state affairs is
    problematic and unacceptable. It is a matter of law, not a matter of religious affiliation.

  20. No ma’am, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, you are appalling, and killery, you are so monotone. Do I not recall, when 0bama was sworn in on his 1st term, he did not place his hand on the bible, also at one point, did not even salute the flag. Not to mention his disgusting wife making a comment, ” all this for a damn flag”, I’m sick of everyone’s hipocracy, that goes for all politicians. The only way this country will ever get back on its feet is start making examples of these assholes. You say you’re going to do something about our immigration problems take care of it, if you don’t, WE send you away. If you’re going to fix the welfare problem, fix it, if not, WE shall take your earnings and divide it between the one’s who work for a damn living, want to cut crime rate, start giving those murdering savages a taste of their on damn medicine. I can’t even BELIEVE there are so many people who are bleeding hearts who actually believe that cold hearted murderers, and damn pedafiles can be redeemed, are you effing kidding me.

  21. Get the name of the guy who asked the question…find out who he is and talk to him…Chances are he was a plant by the Democratic left or the leftist news media…they do this time and time again in an effort to demonize their opposition and to enhance their ratings and profits…It is a commonality they both share.

  22. Why is the Patriot News Daily not posting the videos of Obama where he states that he is a Muslim? They have more access to and more storage of these items than the readers here do. Before we can call Obama a liar to his face we need the facts and preferably a video that can stand the investigation of not being altered.

  23. Claims as to the Despot ‘s religion and his birthplace are irrelevant. Actions speak louder than words and his actions indicate that he is a Islamic and a despotic, anti-American.

  24. Trust your intuition. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck….you know the rest.

  25. I think you’re right on with your comments. We don’t know for sure that Obozo’s religious sympathies don’t lie with Islam. I mean, the man has lied about everything else including ObamaCare – remember “You can keep your healthcare plan and doctor. Period!” – so why not about his religious affiliations? And I’m still curious as to how a man born in Hawaii carries a social security card issued in the state of Connecticut even though he never lived or worked there. I’d like to hear somebody explain how, precisely, that happened.

  26. You can put lipstick on a muslim and it is still a muslim !!!!

  27. We need to worry more about getting rid of this fraud than what his religion is at the present time. We all know what his actions mean so the demoRAT/libtards can say what they want — but actions really do speak louder than any liar.

  28. If the president would quit defending Islam and radical terrorists and quit acting like a Muslim, maybe no one would think he is a Muslim. America falls all over ourselves to grant Muslims religious rights, even prayer rooms in schools for Muslims to pray while we file suits against Christians. And now no one is supposed to care? Obama said the most beautiful sound is the Muslim call to prayer. I wish he’d take his beautiful sound and hit the road with his buddies.

  29. Obama
    claims to be a Christian, but no true Christian would promote laws that makes
    sin legal, and certainly would not support pulling organs out of babies while
    they were still alive. He went to a Muslim school, speaks the language
    fluently, and participates in Muslim prayer sessions often. (not something a
    Christian would do.) He surrounds himself with Muslim advisers, forgoes our
    alliance with Israel and negotiates a deal with the number one terrorist nation
    in the mid/east, Iran; an agreement that guarantee’s them the bomb, and
    superiority over other mid/east countries. Anyone who doesn’t believe this man
    is not a Muslim is either naive, or delusional.

    His actions over the past 7 years vividly exemplifies why we
    cannot have a Muslim President in the White-House!!! (There religious laws are
    in serious conflict with the Christian/Judea principles this nation was founded

  30. They want us to listen to A woman that cant get enough attention with the last name of Schultz, she has to add Debbie- Wasserman in front to get attention. I actually believe these liberals would sell out their Country to protect Obama , i believe some already have , remember Bengazi. Obama is a Muslim, he himself said he was ,,,,,,,,,,,why didnt they didnt call him a liar

  31. If it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, then it’s a freakin’ duck! And it’s not anyone’s obligation other than the duck’s to to defend or otherwise stand up to the criticism.

  32. Is Debbie Wasserman-Shultz Black? Not in the pictures! But she uses racism as much as the half white squatter in our White House! Obama keeps saying he is a Muslim! Democrats do not listen to theirselves!

  33. Why? Because the left is trying to keep its collective head an the sand, or in that methane environment… ‘if it is not palatable, ignore it”, is the operative left M.O.! sigh….

  34. The same reason that Obama refuses to release his school transcripts, the truth may come out. The left goes on the attack and then feigns outrage for anyone who questions Obama. Anyone who questioned his birthplace is labeled a birther, and the left goes on to attack their belief, the PC crowd. Intolerant left. Yet four Americans are tortured and killed in Benghazi, and its a footnote.

    • Because the DEMONIC FORCES OF SATAN HAS already taken over their intellect, and they are actually in “normalcy bias” state of mind now…..in DENIAL, and mouthing off the mentoring of the evil one.

  35. My thought is the Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has her head so far up that Islamic Barry Soetoro’s ass that then he farts it comes out her ass. She has no thoughts except those that is indoctrinated in to her head.

    • I agree with the statement, but the language demeans it.. could show some class

      • I apologize but the woman has no class or intelligence except to be a parrot to repeat anything told to her by her democratic masters.

        • yeh,BTW, the “-” in her name is the indication that she does not wish to play by the same rules as the rest of us… she “knows better”, like all libs…. sigh

  36. It was obvious , except to his blind minions,from the get go that obama is all those things,period. All of his actions of attacking Christians and promoting muslims documented the truth in him. Our country, a lot of the electorate that elected him, has become so uneducated,so ignorant, so dumbed down, so self serving and self entitled, that they only believe what they want to believe as long as they get their free taxpayers indebted free stuff. obama and hillary could kill someone on live TV/or right in front of them and they would not believe it. That is the sickness we have that has invaded,infiltrated,deceived, taken over half the country and most of the federal govt.

  37. the jews seem to side with the minority, OK, but when that minority becomes a majority it will do exactly what Adolphs’ boys did, but to the christians as well as the jews… Hafta be a little smarter this time,No?

  38. I would never defend the ILLEGAL MUSLIM in the white house either. If he is a Christian, why has he backed so many laws against Christians? If it walks and talks like a muslim, it is a muslim. And now that his college records show that he went to school with foreign aid help, who is the LIAR here?

  39. I hesitate to say this, but will any way…”if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck & quacks like a duck…it’s a fricking duck…BHO has done all he can to be a good muslim ( I refuse to cap) He’s buddied up with them from day one. He’s admitted to being muslim numerous times. He has assigned them as czars in his phony administration…many…his main advisor is one…I know in my heart of hearts he is one…

  40. what the hell????!! The POS Obuttface has said it himself!! That’s good enough for me…!! Therefore all you libbers who just want to label someone racist, etc. need to go back and view his own words!! You losers need to get up off your knees and grow a spine and arrest this pos you’ve been kissing ass on…HE’S GUILTY OF TREASON!! GET IT? CHECK YOUR CONSTITUTION!! IT’S ALL THERE IN BLACK AND WHITE!! (no pun intended) Why do you think he wants to nullify the Constitution so badly? Cause EVERY DAMN THING HE DOES IS AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION CAUSE IT’S SOCIALIST AND MARXIST WHICH FLIES IN THE FACE OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW!! NOW…DON’T MAKE ME HAVE TO COME BACK HERE AND HAND YOU LIBERAL TROLLS THIS LESSON AGAIN…

  41. It took a media personality to correct Obama when he stated that his faith was Muslim. Since Obama said he was a Muslim, can’t we accept that as truth in the midst of all his other lies?

  42. All over the world from his own lips he has spouted to Muslim crowds that he is one of them. I have seen and heard video of him doing this! That kind of knocks the slats out from beneath that christian concept anymore doesnt it. He doesnt care about this because hes almost through here? Hell go back to the home folks in Kenya. I would bet there would be a few hunting safaris taking place when this transpires!!!!


    John 8:44

    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

  44. My question is if the loony left think that their is nothing wrong with being a moslem or islam, why are they so upset that Obama is called one? Wouldn’t that be a big talking point about how inclusive the democrap party is?

  45. Obama supports gay rights
    Obama supports women’s rights
    Obama is pro choice


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  47. When it comes to faith, you are what you claim to be. Me, I’m a divorced Catholic. If Obama says he’s a Christian, he is a Christian.

    • Not to say Obama is or isn’t, but the Muslim extremist believes any lie is justified. As is any behavior including those behaviors in opposition to the faith… if it serves the ultimate goal of the faith.

      This is akin to ‘Mandate’, anything said is justifiable.
      This brings the question of what is declared versus what is the reality and the reality is Obama is not compromising truth as understood by the Muslim faith if it serves the Muslim faith.

      • Mike Dar – what are you saying? “Obama is not compromising truth as understood by the Muslim faith”?
        Also, I thought America was the home of freedom of religion?

        • The fanatic that believes in in religion first, is not, never has been legal in America. You don’t understand the Constitution.
          Freedom of belief is fine, till it usurps the constitutions parameters .
          The Constitution declares the State is ultimate, the Muslim faith believes, in its purest form, religion comes first in all consideration including the law.
          Your premise of freedom of religion where the Muslim faith, at its purest form, means you don’t have the freedoms the Constitution set for, but that the Sharia law takes precedence.
          Making the mistake that freedom of religion for Muslims in the purest sense, assure you do not have freedom as it is now defined under the Constitution.

          • What difference is there from Muslims compared with Catholics in the US, who believe that the Pope is the Absolute Leader of Catholic Church and speaks directly from God and preempts direction from anyone else? Are Catholics a threat to the US? What about Kareem Abdul Jabar and Mohammed Ali? Are they threats to the US because of their religion of choice? Is Fareed Zakara a rabble rouser? Did you know there are 7 million Muslims in America currently? Why haven’t they attempted more terrorist acts in the US? you are casting a few bad apples with the entire lot. There is no basis that the Muslim faith will act to overthrow the government of the US. Terrorists use the Muslim faith to justify their actions, much as Christians use their faith as rationale to disobey the laws of the US – witness Kim Davis who because of her faith, couldn’t perform her duties. Should be rid ourselves of all Fundamentalist Christians in this country?

            And this is all because the majority of people on this site think Obama is a Muslim. From the article that started all this

            “He claims to be a Christian, and perhaps he’s telling the truth” –

            See more at: https://patriotnewsdaily.com/why-is-the-left-so-defensive-of-obamas-religion/#comment-2310283859

  48. Crat media plays dirty to win…we must get in the trenches too. TurnOverTheMoneyTables!

  49. The left is offensive so they should just shut up.

  50. And Killary has so many issues with lying, she gladly will try to shift the public eye on someone else…and she is his opponent! What else would you expect her to say?

    Mr. Trump handled that concerned man fine. He did not come out and confirm the fact bho is a muslim or muslim supporter, but said that it would be handled along with other issues. It was appropriate.

    He didn’t have to defend bho because he knows along with most of the world’s population that bho IS MUSLIM. Anyone who has observed bho’s speech and actions knows bho is a fraud playing a role…nothing American nor Christian abt that charlatan.

    The only people still pushing the non muslim scenario are the idiot liberals who, without researching deeply the fool, elected him to office and by “THEIR CLUELESS ACTIONS” have thrown America to the dogs.
    Vote out all Liberals. They have screwed up our nation these past 7 years and will continue to do so unless herded into a corral like the animals they are.

    You go Trump! Ignore those libs! They are afraid you can see through the smoke screen they’ve blown to cover up their brainless acts – obummercatastrophe, immigration, bho being muslim and surrounding himself with more muslins, removing all Christian symbols from the White House, inviting thousands of muslims to celebrate Ramadam on the White House grounds, not letting Michelle go to the middle EAST during that country’s holy days because women are unclean and cannot be in public then, etc.

    No Killary, you’re the fool who is supporting a fraud you elected and now you are caught in his dirty web of deceit. Trump is smarter than you Mrs. Wolf in sheep’s clothing!

  51. Since Obama has had more than opportunity to clear up this matter and has failed too, I don’t think anyone can with confidence say that he is a Christian or an American citizen. In fact the information he has provided so far and his actions so far indicate the opposite. Of course Democrats will disagree since they are primarily responsible for this disaster and want to protect the party of deception.

  52. “Democratic”, is a verb. “Democrat”, is a noun. The Democrat Party is not Democratic, it is Socialistic. As for religion, the Democrat Party stands for everything that is an abomination to God. In my youth I used to be a Democrat until I realized that the Democrat Party supported anti-God doctrines that are an abomination to God, and bring a multitude of curses upon America. raylooker.com

  53. Well, anytime someone tells the TRUTH about a Democrat, they can NOT adjust to it.
    Democrats likes it better when they telling the American People Lie’s!

  54. The left and others who revere truth are defensive about the President’s religion simply because there are so many lying ultra-right wing extremist propagandists who continually produce utterly false assertions about his religious beliefs.

  55. You cannot hide the truth! The truth that Barack Obama is a Muslim is obvious and acknowledged by many! The foolish left is trying to hide this truth while every policy Obama has implemented supports Islam including the recent Iran deal! Obama hates Israel and supports a Palestinian State. Obama is a key part of a great satanic plan to enslave America and bring down Christianity in this nation to make way for a Caliphate! These fools have no idea what is coming soon by way of divine judgment against this nation which has officially turned away from God, which has officially denied Jesus Christ before men, and which is indoctrinating our school children with Islam! Wake up people! America is finished!!

  56. The left, being mentally challenged, know that Obama has no religion. He is an Islamic muslim which is not a religion but a cult of ignorant barbaric idiots.

  57. I know right !!! Jeb , Trump and Huckiby are Muslims so what does it matter if Obama is or isn’t a Muslim !!!

  58. There is a word the Koran supports that is called “taqiyya” that allows Muslins to lie for the cause of Islam if it promotes the cause of Islam! Google it yourself and check it out yourself! In my opinion this is how Obama is evading his Muslim heritage!

  59. The left wing want the NWO have no doubt of it, and they know Obama is a sinking Muslim and always have.

  60. Evidently the mentally disordered Leftists/communists/progressives/fascists/secularists/liberals have a Death Wish! They would rather believe this Muslim-Marxist jihadist, Devil’s Advocate’s lying-ass words out of that sewer mouth of his rather than his blatant actions, inactions and policies that can only define him as the Muslim-Marxist jihadist that he is! Unbelievable, totally unbelievable how the sheeple, including the supposedly pseudo-intelligentsia are eating up his sh^t! He is successfully and overtly making “US” his CALIPHATE! R.I.P USA!

    This is exactly what I have been espousing for some time now and I am encouraged to see that Special Operations has had an epiphany and has awaken to the truth and has the wisdom to try to communicate it to the sheeple!

    This message would be heard on the evening news if we had one rather than the state-run, fifth column propagandists that we have now! This is why the cancer is spreading and the patient is on life support! Unless AMERIKA starts to hear this from the so-called Right and Consevatives, especially those that are campaigning for the presidency, you can kiss your asses, freedom and country – what little is Left of it – goodbye or realize that: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

    Our Gov’t has been diagnosed with an aggressive, deadly cancer which needs to be treated ASAP for as it spreads it does extensive damage to the quality of life of our nation. Everything else becomes a much lower priority, for treating & eradicating It as quickly as possible is of prime importance to our survival. All cancers have a name & this particular caner is called the “Communist & Radical Muslim Takeover of America” or CRMTOA for short.

    This cancer has infiltrated our Gov’t for quite some time. It started out very slowly to spread & as it did it damaged America & it’s people. The symptoms of the disease seemed liked a cold then the flu for the longest time, coming & going The American people should have gone to the Doctor to get checked out, but we kept putting it off. However, recently the symptoms worsened & America’s people began to suffer more & more. The cancer continued to worsen as well as spread & our nation was growing very sick. then within the last 4-5 years the cancer escalated within our country ravaging nearly every aspect of its well being.
    after many tests the results clear showed it was CRMTOA cancer which had mutated into a strain the Doctor called BHORL, which stood for the “Barrack Hussein Obama Regime plus Liberalism.

    So the American Gov’t has a very deadly fast growing cancer with it’s origin located in Washington D.C, & emanating specifically from the White House & Capital Bldg. which are the heart of our nation. The Doctors were asked how did we get this disease & why has it worsened so quickly. They said the constant violation & abuse of the US Constitution by greedy, power seeking politicians who through their selfishness took what once was a healthy functioning Gov’t with 3 coequal branches of Gov’t which served the purpose of maintaining its health & with the help of lawyers destroyed it. The source of the aggressive growth of this cancer was being caused by none other than the questionable POTUS Barrack Obama, his close associates Valerie Jarrett & Eric Holder, who it is believed obtained much of their sinister instruction from an elite oligarchy..

    To save our free Republic immediate treatment & eradication of every bit of this cancer must be undertaken as the top priority. But the nation is confused about how to eradicate this cancer. Many Conservative believe that focusing on the 2016 Presidential elections is the answer putting all their hope in the hands of a new POTUS who will destroy the disease, solve all of America’s problems & make us great once again. Liberals who strong adhere to the ideology of Liberalism which is poison & evil see no disease but believe what is occurring in America is exactly what should be to finally attain the global utopia they desire. But neither of these groups understand anything about cancer & are putting our free Republic in danger of collapsing from within & dying. Being a cancer survivor, understanding it & seeing what happens if it’s not completely eradicate & returns I would suggest a different approach in dealing with it.

    IMO, Americans need to first put the 2016 elections on the back burner & come together & eradicate the cancer by literally removing the traitor in the White House, his treasonous regime & all treasonous Liberals, RINOS in Congress who are all a part of this cancer. If it is not removed I don’t care who is elected POTUS he will be fighting this cancer rather than restoring America & sadly the cancer will win. Don’t minimize the strength & aggressiveness of this cancer. Unless we can go into this election cancer free, we will eventually relapse & die. Can you understand this?

    Obama is a very stubborn & aggressive cancer, he still has 1.5 years left in his term (assuming he leaves) & he can do a hell of a lot of damage to our nation in this time. This cancer must be removed now, If this isn’t dealt with now there very well may not be any 2016 elections. Obama could literally rule over our country as a Dictator & transform it both a communist totalitarian state which is Muslim nation with Sharia law as the law of the land.

    What will it take for Americans to rise up as Patriots & remove the cancer which is destroying America from within? I wish I knew.

    Joseph Stalin said ““America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” Since at least from 1970-current Liberalism has made this quote their mission statement.

    The truth about America is that the cancer of Liberalism is destroying it, In essence Liberalism = Socialism = Communism. Barrack Hussein Obama & many other Gov’t officials are communists. Liberalism is poison, it’s evil & for some reason no one is willing to take stand against it & remove it. Those that think a new POTUS will solve all of America’s problems simply don’t understand the nature of cancer & how hard it is to become cancer free.

    America needs to make some very hard decisions, decisions which could either save America & its freedom or kill America. If America dies it along with Canada & Mexico will become part of the North America Union. America’s sovereignty & constitution will be absolved. It is my belief that all will be relinquished to the United Nations. The EU, the Arab League, Africa, South America & all other nations will do the same & as a result the NWO will be created.

    Having dealt with cancer repeatedly I believe it must take top priority & be eradicate. If it’s not it will return with a vengeance. I’ve seen this happen too many times before. Even the Declaration of Independence supports this radical but necessary approach. Read more at Special Operations Speaks – See more at: https://specialoperationsspeaks.com/current-news/our-government-has-an-aggressive-cancer#sthash.uFwYd69N.dpuf

  61. Obama is selling out America to the Muslims, he hates America and he hates Americans. O bama is a racist and a liar he is President of the Muslims not our President.

  62. Obama even brought that stinking Communist loving Pope to America to press for the NWO.

  63. This is just a big DUH !!

  64. It really doesn’t matter whether or not you believe Obama is a muslim or not! The facts are that he has done plenty in support of muslims and nothing in support of Christians! How damned ignorant are people these days?

  65. Ovomit has referred to himself as Muslim more than once,picture of him dressed as a Muslim with one of his father’s,his own book where he says if things ever get so bad I’ll go back to the Muslim faith,and his saying the call to prayer is the prettiest sounds in this world. Run like a duck,quack like a duck by damn its a duck. Anyone with good sense can see he is what he is and that’s Muslim and we are being brainwashed to think that the terrorists are just mislead kids without jobs and that’s bull shit in its purest form.

  66. Well maybe because he’s the biggest liar President we’ve ever had!

  67. What is there to defend. He is a Christian just like I am. It’s only the Republicans that want to make him look bad that call him something else. It just goes to show how good a Christian that they are. Judge not that you be judged yourself.

    • It’s very sad that you know NOTHING about Obama, and you want to defend him. Why??? Is it because of him and his policies that you get free government money and “stuff?” Is it because you are a Muslim sympathizer and don’t have the gumption to stand up for AMERICAN and CHRISTIAN rights?? It’s already been PROVEN that he’s a Muslim, spoken by Obama himself (I saw the interview, and he was very proud of his Muslim heritage) and there’s absolutely NO way you can convince anyone who has been keeping up with the news otherwise. Judge not??? Obama should be placed in front of a judge and tried for treason against the United States.

      • Why is that far far right Republicans such as you choose to believe every negative thing you read that was fabricated by a Republican? If you had any common sense at all you could figure this out for your self. The top leading Republicans running for president right now are not politicians. I didn’t think that the Republican voters were smart enough to vote for these people but I was wrong. We have had the biggest do nothing Republican congress for this last 6 1/2 years that this country has ever had. All it did was try to undo everything Obama did for us and shut this country down trying to do it. Some of those Republican candidates that are still running are threatening to shut the country down if they don’t stop contributing to planned parenthood. Do we want to go through that again? I think not.

    • He needs no help from Republicans to look bad.

  68. Placing Obama as a candidate for the office of President of the United States and lying, cheating and stealing to get him elected to that office was and is an act of complete contempt for the citizens of the United States. The man had no, zero, qualifications to allow him to hold that office, and may not even be a citizen of the United States. What we do know about him, from his own mouth, is that he is a Communist; that his father, who may not have been married to his mother, was a Communist citizen of an African country, possibly Kenya, they have a monument there stating that it was his birth place; he was adopted by a Muslim citizen of Indonesia, which made him a citizen of Indonesia, the citizenship of which he has never denounced; and, that he has publicly stated over and over again statements concerning his “Muslim faith”. I suppose that the Democratic Party, which is now composed of mostly Communist members, have a problem when average citizens recall from memory the above information, as it might cause them to lose control of our government. I guess, if you wish to live under a Communist dictatorship, you should continue to support the Democrats, and/or their Republican sympathizers. If not, find someone else who is a true American to support.

  69. Being a muslim is more than a faith. It is a way of life in which faith dominates. It is more of a type of government in which it’s believers are taught to kill non believers. It is a way of life that dominates and minimizes women. They cannot go out of the house without male supervision. They must wear demeaning clothing.

    Their “justice” system is barbaric. Cutting off hands for theft, stoning to death for women (not men) for adultery and the list goes on.

    Is this the way you want to live? Is this the way anyone should have to live??


  71. Why is the right wing extremist regressive party so intent on pressing a lie about Obama’s religion?

    • It isn’t a lie… that is, unless Obama lied about being PROUD of his Muslim heritage. It was videotaped when he proclaimed that. That either makes HIM a liar, or a Muslim. You want to choose which one??

      • Just because he is proud of his heritage doesn’t make him a Muslim. He is a Christian, as if it really matters.

        • Really?? He made a few appearances (for appearance sake) at a “Christian” church, with the sermons preached by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright for awhile… and, in an interview, said that the Rev. Wright was his “mentor.” This was back in the day when he was trying desperately to gain popularity with the majority of the U.S. people. Then, when the sermon (videotaped, and available for everyone to see online) had the so-called “Reverend” saying, “No, God don’t bless America…. God DAMN America.” THAT was when Obama decided it was not in HIS best interest to attend that church anymore. THAT is his “Christianity” that he professed. NOW he is clearly a Muslim sympathizer, and yes, IT DOES MATTER!!!!!

  72. No Islamist should be POTUS; because their bedrock is sharia, madrasses, jihadism not our Const. Period. No wonder
    Ben was mis-understood. He should have used the word Islamist. There are a small minority of mod Muslims. That is it as far as POL, MIL., ECO. power and influence. Europe is being flooded by Islamists. This Ad, is so stupid and so anti-American it is for open borders for illegals and then it compounds their evil by allowing 100.000 so called war refugees, Please. And Obama is a lib progressive anti-American himself though he poses as a FAIR POTUS. He is nothing like that in policy. The media supports him because he is Black. And lib. They hate Carson because he is a Pub, Christian and conserV> Period.

  73. An article from The Washington Post that attempts to defame and even to demonize Dr. Carson is listed on Yahoo News today. Of course an Islamist can run for president since the constitution allows “no religious test.” However, the DNC or RNC should never select this Muslim candidate at their respective conventions. No fully practicing Muslim should ever be allowed to occupy our oval office! Why? He or she is ALREADY committed to Shariah Law! Much of Shariah is opposed to our Constitutional Law. Ben Carson follows up with a common sense solution: The potential Islamist candidate must denounce Shariah Law! Ben Carson is the BEST possible candidate for chief executive!! Washington needs a Statesman, not simply another politician!! Thank you for reading my post.

  74. Actually, God put Barak Obama in office; he is the Nebuchadnezzar for America.

  75. Trump’s answer was correct. he did not expand on it because no one really knows BO’s religion. All active evidences seems to lean on the Muslim side, like he invites Muslims for a big dinner at the White House after Ramadan (the feast Muslims do) but never in his term ever gave dinner to Christian Pastors after Easter Sunday or at any other time that we know of. He takes off his gold wedding ring during Ramadan which forbids wearing jewelry at this time in Muslim religion, and all his White House Czars are Muslims, so what can Trump take from all of these? No one ever saw his real BC, his baptismal certificate or confirmation certificate, so how can you honestly defend him? Hillary was the one who brought up his birth issue in their first primary and now she is defending him? just shows how dishonest and fake she is. We are not senile, our memory is still good Hillary and we know why you are changing your tune about Obama. He might support Biden and dump you…..


    he proved it by not showing up in France,
    what he is doing to Gitmo,
    what he said at the National Prayer Breakfasts,
    holding a CVE convention for muslim sensitivities while caring less about Christian and Jewish Americans,
    not showing his muslim face when Netanyahu speaks about defending his country-while failing at a political campaign against Netanyahu within Israel’s borders,
    his disclosure of Israel’s nuclear secrets,
    his November 2014 threat to shoot down Israeli planes set to carry out their mission to bomb iranian nukes,
    not doing anything about a worldwide Christian genocide,

    as a child obama took the muslim Subud name of “Soebarkah”, and wearing a ring with text “There is no God except Allah”:
    when is someone going to get rid of this American hating lawless uppity muslim terrorist?

  77. Trump handled his answer very well. This was a set up to make him look bad. We really do not know
    what OB is. Mr. Trump did not have to defend him nor do we. OB protects, Islam, Isis, Sahirra, anyone
    or anything that does not protect America and Americans.

  78. It all comes down to world war 111 Christian vers Muslims any one can see as how many young male men are supposedly running from their own country and beliefs ..Not

  79. I just want to know how many time Obama eta al., have attended Church vs. enjoyed Muslim celebrations, bowed to Muslim leaders and basically paid homage to Islam since arriving at the White House. does anyone know who the first person he called after his first inauguration? Odd we should ask, but it was his old friend the president of Turkey! You know the guy who denies the Muslims commuted genocide against the Christians in the early 1900’s killing millions upon millions of them?

  80. Part in understandable when he has Muslim relatives. However, he(Obama) makes the mistake of attributing personal positive characteristics to the culture itself and the ideology. Those are two separate things. Culture will trump relationships as witnessed in the fall of Yugoslavia.

  81. President Obama The Muslim – YOU DECIDE : This is why you didn’t go to France to show solidarity against the Muslim terrorists:

    It was you who spoke these words at an Islamic dinner – “I am one of you.”
    It was you who on ABC News referenced – “My Muslim faith.”
    It was you who gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to re-build foreign mosques . It was you who wrote that in the event of a conflict -“I will stand with the Muslims.”
    It was you  who assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that – “I am a Muslim.”
    It was you  who bowed in submission before the Saudi King.
    It was you  who sat for 20 years in a Liberation Theology Church condemning Christianity  and professing Marxism.
    It was you  who exempted Muslims from penalties under Obamacare that the rest of us  have to pay.
    It was you  who purposefully omitted – “endowed by our Creator” – from your recitation of  The Declaration Of Independence.
    It was you  who mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ’s Sermon On The Mount while repeatedly referring to the ‘HOLY’ Quran.
    It was you  who traveled the Islamic world denigrating the United States Of America.
    It was you  who instantly threw the support of your administration behind the building of the Ground Zero Victory mosque overlooking the hallowed crater of the World Trade Center.
     It was you  who refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, but hastened to host an  Islamic prayer breakfast at the WH.
     It was you  who ordered Georgetown Univ. and Notre Dame to shroud all vestiges of                
    Jesus Christ BEFORE you would agree to go there to speak, but in contrast, you have
    NEVER requested that the mosques you have visited adjust their decor.
     It was you  who appointed anti-Christian fanatics to your Czar Corps.
    It was you  who appointed rabid Islamists to Homeland Security.
     It was you  who said that NASA’s “foremost mission” was an outreach to Muslim communities.
    It was you  who as an Illinois Senator was the ONLY individual who would speak in favor of infanticide.
    It was you  who was the first President not to give a Christmas Greeting from the WH, and  went so far as to hang photos of Chairman Mao on the WH tree.
     It was you  who curtailed the military tribunals of all Islamic terrorists.
    It was you  who refused to condemn the Ft. Hood killer as an Islamic terrorist.
     It is you  who has refused to speak-out concerning the horrific executions of women
    throughout the Muslim culture, but yet, have submitted Arizona to the UN for investigation of hypothetical human-rights abuses.
     It was you  who when queried in India refused to acknowledge the true extent of radical  global Jihadists, and instead profusely praised Islam in a country that is 82% Hindu and  the victim of numerous Islamic terrorists assaults.
    It was you who funneled $900 Million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas.      
    It was you  who ordered the USPS to honor the MUSLIM holiday with a new commemorative stamp.
     It was you  who directed our UK Embassy to conduct outreach to help “empower” the British Muslim community.
     It was you  who embraced the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood in your quest to overthrow the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak.
     It was you  who  funded mandatory Arabic language  and culture studies in Grammar schools across our country.
     It is you  who follows the Muslim custom of not wearing any form of jewelry during Ramadan.
     It is you  who departs for Hawaii over the Christmas season so as to avoid past criticism for  NOT participating in seasonal WH religious events.
     It was you  who was un-characteristically quick to join the chorus of the Muslim Brotherhood  to depose Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, formerly America’s strongest ally in North Africa; but,  remain muted in your non-response to the Brotherhood led slaughter of Egyptian Christians.
     It was you  who appointed your chief adviser, Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian, who is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, an off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    The above provides the basis for virtually everything Obama does, YOU DECIDE

  82. the left is defensive because the press (left) did not vet him and bought all of his BS. They are the reason he is in office and some of them may have come to realize that they helped put this POS in office because they were lazy,, gulllible, and ignorant.

    • People who want socialism wouldn’t have known the word before, what they want is welfare as provided by LBJ by paying taxes to mostly uneducated single women to have millions of babies. This was LBJ’s way of buying votes.
      Pinocchiobama’s way is via aliens. There are NOW enough people on welfare to likely elect Killary prez. Like Pinocchiobama, she has NO positive accomplishments deserving of such a position.

  83. To begin with, the head porch monkey doesn’t have, per say, a religion. He’s admitted in the past that he’s a mooselum and even stated that, should the “shit hit the fan,” he’d stand WITH THE MOOSELUMS. What they’re following is a very radical socialist movement whose aim is to form a one government world. The asswipe they worship, moosehamid was a certified pedophilic sicko who had a 9 yo wife and loved raping little 4 1/2 yo girls. And when he couldn’t find babies to rape, the sick bastard humped GOATS!!!

  84. 0 was raised by a mother who was with a Moslem when 0 was born. Was she a convert?? If 0 senior was Moslem then she converted! She married a Moslem and for a time raised him in Indonesia where 0 went tio school where to attend SCHOOL you had to be a MOSLEM IN THAT NATION!!! He loves the call to prayer of MOSLEMS and IF the winds change he would BACK THE MOSLEMS!!! Then he proceeded to change the wind him self!!!! You make the decision!!! CRUZ 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Allah is shit.
    Mohammed is shit.
    Islam is shit.
    Muslims are shit.
    The Quran is shit paper.

  86. If O’Bomber truly believed in Jesus he wouldn’t be killing all those Muslims overseas. Nor would he support the death penalty. True Christians are pro life. O’Bomber is as much a Christian as GW bush or Bill Clinton are.

  87. where was the democrats on the vicious attacks on bush. the 9/11 ”truthers” were never condemned by the dem. party, bush got it far worse than obama, yet nobody has brought up this hypocrisy in the media, yet! why don’t the republicans bring this up???

  88. why are the the obama supporters whining about obama being called a muslim, when his every word and action leads us to believe it?

  89. Trump was correct in not voicing an opinion on Obama’s religion. Obama says he is a Christian, but there is very little evidence of that. There is a TON OF EVIDENCE that he is a Muslim. Videos of him admitting it plus how he favors Muslims in every incident plus how he reverently speaks of the “Holy Quran.” Trump was right in saying there is a lot to look into and I believe he’ll do it if he’s elected.

  90. I don’t think he is a christian , and he will never will convince me otherwise . He is a muslim . he acts like one . he wants to destroy The U.S. or just change it to being muslim .

  91. Obama is not a Christian. To allow Muslims to kill Christians and hate them.? That is an Iranian.He’s bringing them into America by the thousands. People please don’t believe it. He prays to the Koran. Go to utube and ask the question about Obama and they’ll play it.

  92. No transparency concerning obamas back ground led to this happening. the facts about him in several areas are hidden by the left. no msm asking questions hasn’t helped.

  93. It’s like this would a Muslim Country let a American Christian come to their Country and be there president. No they would not would they adapt our law’s and religion. And for the Muslims that are in our Country is trying to impose there law’s and Islamic faith down our throats. I would love to asked these people that thinks Donald Trump or Dr.Ben Carson was wrong for saying what they said was wrong

  94. Say whatever you want! Obama is a muslim, like it or not!

  95. Democrats defends stupidity, that’s why they vote democrats.

  96. It’s not really something that a rocket scientist has to sit down and figure out. Please tell me what “good” the Islam radical group has done, and then tell me what “harm” Christ has done us!!!

  97. Ben Carson said that a Muslim should not be president of this country, and he is absolutely right! The problem is that we already have a Muslim as president, in Obama, and that is a fact! My question to Obama is why wouldn’t you just tell the American people the truth, right up front, that you are a Muslim?! Why would you deny it, and try to tell us something that we know is not true?! You are NOT a Christian, so why do you continue to pretend and deceive?!

  98. In the past we used to think he made some mistakes, but if you look at the way things are taking shape you can see Obama is a full blown Muslim. What they are saying is nothing on the faith our country was built on. In Gods name. In god we trust I never heard anything about in Allahs name. People are talking around this??? No a muslim shouldnt be president our constitution didnt have Allah in mind when it was written !

  99. He is a Muslim. He acts like a Muslim. We need to deal with the terror threat of the Muslims in America and the illegals getting the right to vote even if they are not citizens.

  100. Just goes to show that the left is comprised of retarded blood thirst zombies when it comes to their master.

  101. Seeing the select invites to the White House on the occasion of the Popes visit, should be abundadely clear to ALL, another step closer to “The One World” plan. Europe is getting an abundance of new seed every day, and Obama making room for 100,000 Muslims + the thousands of so call refugees. Obama is also deporting 12 Christians. back to Iran. “Oh say Can You See” ? !!. The day is coming FAST ! when the discussion of Religion will no longer be a topic, that will occur when ALL Christians will feel the might of “The One World” Any objection, and the “criminal’ will be taken before a Judge, and accused of a hate crime.

  102. ISN’T the left ALWAYS defensive when it comes to the truth? It offends them. HOW DARE WE DO THAT TO THEM! HOW DARE WE!!!

  103. The same reason as his birth certificate . It looks doctored


    • yep! why else would the libtards JUMP all over this? they are truly running scared-if they cannot convince all dems to vote against Republicans, they are lost and they know it. Can’t wait till it actually happens tho-feel like I am living in a time-bomb with ISIS here.

  105. Actually–His ‘Real’ “Legal-Name” isn’t Obama-either–Obama Sr. Made Sure He had the Same Trouble that
    “Sampson in the Bible Had”–He’s got an “Weak-Spot” on his Surname-! It’s not Obama–but Dunham-!

  106. I think the only answer that the left can come up with is that all opposition is racist and that the really have no answer to, or admission of the frustration, that the general public has with their Messiah in the White House. After all in their eyes they gave us the perfect ideal president even though they didn’t know one thing about how absolutely hopeless, thoughtless and inept he truly is, and how much he holds the white race in contempt. Yet they persist in trying to protect him from all remarks and truths while calling everyone else racist.

  107. !. Obama is a Muslim
    2. A Muslim must never be allowed such a high office as president (again)
    3. America was founded on Judeao Christian, values
    4. Freedom of religion is irrelevant, your freedoms stop where my rights begin
    5. I have the right to be free, freedom is gone when I cease to be able to defend against known threats
    6. War has been officially declared by those who call themselves Islamist/Muslims, on you and on myself
    7. You can’t run the military either so don’t ask

  108. The man who asked Donald Trump that question about barack obama is correct! It is obvious that barack hussein obama is a moslem tyrant; he is also NOT a Christian. This is a man is the handpuppet of george soros, a nazi stooge; he was put in power to destroy America and Israel. Wake up… barack obama is NOT an American OR a Christian; he is an anti-Semitic, moslem tyrant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxosKw-ouI8

  109. Personally, I’m sick of this slur word, “racist.” It’s been thrown around every minute of every day for years until it has no meaning anymore. I don’t care what idiots with pea sized vocabularies to match their mini brains call me or anyone else. They obviously have no defense whatsoever for their liberal ideology and think that repetitive name calling will give their gibberish some sort of sting or “Gotcha!” power. The whole idea is ludicrous and positively brands their feeble defense of covering up the truth by attacking the messenger as fluff and Bluff. It should fall like a house of cards, earning them the scorn and ridicule they deserve. We need substance, not shadow boxing. And since when is anyone required to defend anyone else? That’s just as crazy as government ordering private citizens to bake a cake or host a party based an unconstitutional laws. Police state, anyone?

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  111. The candidates are all reacting exactly like the PC fools we are FED UP with. BO deserves no defenders when someone calls out his liar ways. He is a muslim at some level, that is obvious. He has enabled the ISIS movement in every way possible and I would bet he knew all along who they were, what they would do, and hid his knowledge of them and enablement of them to the people in this country he was suppose to protect. He is a consummate liar. I would bet the leaders of ISLAM love our arrogant narcissistic sociopath prez. Want to take a poll on that left leaning media pundits?

  112. Democrats are doing everything they can to destroy the country and the constitution. Why anyone would vote for a democrat makes no sense, and they will pay with their lives in days to come.

  113. The democrats, the ultra liberal RINOs, and of course the CFR corporate media are all trying to destroy Donald Trump in every way imaginable – lies, slander, and libel. When I consider the source of the lies it becomes very apparent that Donald Trump should become our next president. It is the difference between the morals of the ultra liberals and the conservatives. Good question – has the appointed president ever given even one reason for anyone to believe that he is a Christian other than his words. How has he treated Christians? Also a check of his credibility and honesty is in order.

  114. Obama, a tried & true “LIAR”…….{ habitual}…………Misrepresents America, & is in the process of dismantling our Democracy, & replacing it with a semblance of Islam, & bedlam !

    Claims to be “Christian”, in his “book”….”Dreams of my Father”, admits, & boasts of defending/standing with Muslims, if a show down comes with America!

    What kind of “religion” supports “THAT”? ? ? ? ? ? ?………….{ CERTAINLY “NOT” CHRISTIANITY!}

  115. Very good article, with a new and interesting aspect regarding this issue.

  116. sooo, now conservatives get hammered for what they DON”T say-patently ridiculous and I believe it shows just how scared the libs are becoming with Trump’s current popularity across the country. This is how lying, cheating, racist-panderers work-completely unsurprising. DWS is a disgusting blowhard-how she has survived in the DNC for so long tells me the DNC is the same -full of lying, cheating scumbags.

  117. Maybe Debbie will be one of the first public women to be raped and disfigured in public.They just don’t get it.

  118. While the Constitution is specific in saying that no religious test is to be applied to electing a person to office, it is really not compatible with sharia law. That is the real issue, not the religion part. So far Obama has not advocated we adopt sharia law. I have found that Obama did attend a questionable school while in Indonesia. But he was still in elementary school. Therefore, he may not have become a Muslim but he does have an understanding of the Muslim beliefs. That is not a bad thing. It can be good. In so doing he came to some understanding of Islam. I had a course in Middle East history in college and the Koran was required reading. That did not make me a Muslim. Quire the opposite.
    I also know that Obama attended a Christian church for some time. That does not necessarily make him a Christian either. That church’s beliefs are not my idea of what Christians are anyway.
    So where does that leave us? On the subject of religious beliefs, it leaves us at square one. we do see some hints in what Obama has had to say about Islamic people and negative remarks about Christianity. I take that as his being less than enthused about Christianity. But that is where I leave it. Only he knows about his own religious preferences. So far he has not crossed the line by proposing something like sharia law which is certainly out of line with the Constitution.

    • Y o u a r e a n I d I o t

      • Proud,
        You are good at name calling but not so hot in explaining to me or anyone else why you think that way. Am I not correct on the Constitution? am I not correct in that the Constitution is directly in opposition of sharia law? Am I not correct in that what people say and do is an indication of what they believe? I gave Obama the benefit of doubt in saying that he made no indication of supporting sharia law. I do not believe he holds to that.
        What we learn as kids stays with us to a point. As we get older and wiser, we change. That is why I do not make any rash statements about Obama. But he does seem to indicate he does not disapprove of Islam and that he has been critically outspoken concerning Christianity. However, he has tried to stay neutral most of the time because he should be that way all the time.

  119. “Ideologies are not defeated with guns, they are defeated
    by better ideas. We will never be at war with Islam.” So declared B.
    Hussein Obama – our Marxist Muslim President from Kenya. Ladies and gentlemen –
    this deadly nightmare is unfolding in front of our eyes and ears for over 6
    years now! Better ideas – like nationalizing health care industries,
    General Motors, energy industries (you know – Global Warming hoax now renamed,
    after 20 consecutive years of GLOBAL COOLING, as Climate Change scam),
    transportation companies, electricity companies, cutting military budgets in half,…

    And what a source of better ideas than those found in his personal Quran:

    “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Qur’an 2:191

    “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.” Qur’an 9:123

    “When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you can catch them.” Qur’an 9:5

    “The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them.” Qur’an 9:30

    “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” Qur’an 3:85

    Every evening, before joining his wife Moochelle in their
    bedroom, Hussein looks for inspiration in such Quran peaceful and better
    ideas as the ones above.

  120. I am confused as many others might be. How can saying something against muslims make you a RACIEST? I thought muslim was a RELIGION.

  121. Not being a Christian is only one of obama’s lies. Being a muslim is a huge lie being covered up so he can still do dirt to our country. My issue is with those liberals who truly thought he was a great idea for our Nation — without ever investigating his background, marriage, education, and religious upbringing…oh, that was muslim…had a muslim father and wears a muslim middle name only given to muslim sons. So, yes, the left is desperately trying to still cover up bho’s muslim traits, acquaintances, working relationships, and worshiping rug. Good luck with that when he cluelessly receives thousands of muslims on the White House lawn for Ramadan, while removing every last Christian artifact/decoration from the White House. Hmmmmm, does that sound like a Christian to you? No? Of course not. Liberals have their heads where the sun don’t shine…

  122. I would like to share, with anyone who’s interested, a very enlightening link to check out, with other links to also read up on embedded in the discussion for further information. Bear in mind that I don’t want to PREACH to anyone, but this is important, and I feel obligated to bring it to anyone who cares about eternity…..: http://www.signs-of-end-times.com/

    • Not scared at all, but established Republicans ARE scared to death! Get real and outside your puny bubble, he wouldn’t stand a chance in the general election if he got the nomination (which he won’t), he’ll get eaten alive as and you’ll witness one of the most historical Republican losses in recent history.

  123. every thing Trump says is jumped on by the liberals and the RINOs. They are scared to death that he will be elected.

  124. He does not refer to himself as a Muslim nor as a Christian. Listen real close to when he refers to a god he never say Holy Father nor Holy Bible. He does refer to the Koran as holy Koran when he speaks of it. He is only defensive when referred to as Muslim in the context of association with Christianity. Every action he has taken to enhance the number of higher echelon government Muslim bureaucrats is an obvious course of reasoning that he is Muslim or has strong Muslim ties and sympathies. His new proposed deal with Biden is quite obvious also. Seems like the process that Hitler when through to become chancellor.

  125. Demos bought many special interest groups with your taxes and favoring laws, all of which should be illegal like all the aliens they are bring in to buy.
    Pinocchiobama would NOT have been elected if he were white.

  126. Obama said he was a Muslim (“My Muslim faith”) on George Steph’s TV show
    Sept 07 2008. Case closed.

  127. The reason not just the left that is defensive of Obama’s Religion is that he keeps siding with Iran over Israel and anyone that is a Christian knows that the minute Iran develops there nuke capability Israel will be wiped off the map. we need to wipe Iran of the map be fore they get the chance to emanate Israel. we need to side with an help Christians before it is too late.

  128. Yeah. Obama has sympathy for those Muslims. That is why under his direct orders, American aircraft and drones are killing Muslims daily.

    • For your information: Muslims regularly kill Muslims for a variety of political reasons. Over the past 200 years, the violent death of most Muslims occurred at the hands of other Muslims. The condition has been endemic for a very long time. It is part of their political ideology derived from Islam: each leader trying to prove that their personal rule is more faithful to the “correct way,” than their rivals for power. Any Muslim with a severe grudge can legally murder the one he hates if he can successfully claim that the one he killed was in some way a traitor to Islam. The religion of Islam is fraught with moral temptations to do evil for “religious” reasons.

      For them, there are no Ten Commandments. They are freely allowed to envy and covet and steal and perform revenge killings when affronted or insulted. Lying to one’s enemy to mislead him or avoid his accusations and wrath is also permitted by the Quran. Stealing from another who is prosperous is also permitted, if one feels the other’s prosperity was somehow achieved at your own expense, even when you have no evidence of that. So: envy, covetting, hatred and personal animus are allowed and run rampant in Muslim nations. That is how it has been since their ancestors were all Bedouine desert dwellers.

      The primary similarity of Islam to Christianity and Judaism is the requirement to be hospitable to visitors. That is almost the only thing. That tradition was borrowed from Jewish caravan operators, pre- Mohammed. For some 500 years prior to Mohammed, the dominant Arab faith was Christianity (c. 120-620AD). The spread of Mohammedan Islam was entirely by the sword and massive skaughter and bloodshed (muslims killing the ancestors of those who are now muslims). Christianity spread mostly by love and example. Islam by murder and intimidation. That is the key pattern to the past 14 centuries of religious rivalry in world history.

  129. Hey Killery, give me a break! Old Bummer stated several times he is a Muslim and touts the Quran as the “Holy Quran” numbers of times. Even stating he would stand with Islam if it came down to It. Said that on several public platforms. He is Muslim. Supports Muslims. Says nothing about Muslims terrorizing Christians but imports Muslims away from tyranny but not Christians or Jews. How come Killery?

  130. Rifles on the rooftops

    only religion that mongrel’s got is the worship of his own stiff one eye

  131. it doesnt matter what religion the president follows, or if he has none at all…this is America:

    “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,—as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen [Muslims],—and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan [Muslim] nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.”

    The Treaty of Tripoli (Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the United States of America and the Bey and Subjects of Tripoli of Barbary) was the first treaty concluded between the United States of America and Tripolitania, signed at Tripoli on November 4, 1796 and at Algiers (for a third-party witness) on January 3, 1797. It was submitted to the Senate by President John Adams, receiving ratification unanimously from the U.S. Senate on June 7, 1797 and signed by Adams, taking effect as the law of the land on June 10, 1797.

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