Why Is Obama Hiding 15,000 Documents?

According to a new report from Judicial Watch, the Obama administration is once again claiming executive privilege when it comes to the Operation Fast and Furious scandal. Rejecting a federal judge’s order to release 15,000 documents relating to the investigation to the watchdog group, the administration refuses to let this scandal see daylight.

The list of documents Judicial Watch wants is said to include correspondence between officials at the Justice Department and the ATF as well as some 20 emails between former Attorney General Eric Holder and his wife, Sharon Malone.

The scandal surrounds a questionable practice known as “gunwalking,” in which the Arizona field office of the ATF allowed firearms dealers to sell guns to illegal buyers. The hope was that these buyers would lead them to Mexican drug cartel leaders, netting the ATF some important arrests. Unfortunately, it didn’t always work out that way. The largest of these sting operations – Operation Fast and Furious – involved the sale of more than 2,000 firearms. Of those, only around 700 have been recovered. Guns tracked by the ATF have been found at a number of crime scenes in both Mexico and the U.S.


The Obama administration and, in particular, Holder’s Justice Department, has been less than forthcoming to Congress and federal investigators. Holder himself became the first sitting Cabinet member to be held in contempt by Congress for refusing to release documents related to the operation.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton says the “executive privilege” invoked by the administration is unlawful. “Obama’s executive privilege claims over these records are a fraud and an abuse of his office.”

Considering the gravity of the scandal – more than 1,400 guns completely lost without any high-profile arrests to make up for it – the mainstream media has been virtually silent. Even though U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was quite possibly killed with one of those lost guns, the major networks have shown little interest in bringing the scandal to the public. In recent months, only Judicial Watch seems to be investigating the story.

It took more than a year after CBS ran Sharyl Attkisson’s original 2011 report for ABC and NBC to run stories relating to Operation Fast and Furious. They picked up the coverage only as the House of Representatives prepared to hold Holder in contempt. In the years since, the coverage has gotten no better. The reports, when they do surface, are painted as an example of partisan infighting rather than a major government conspiracy.

There was hope that Holder’s resignation would pave the way for these documents to come to light. When a federal judge ordered the administration to hand over the documents by October 22nd, it seemed we would finally find out if we had the makings of a true-blue cover-up. Unfortunately, the cover-up continues. Holder may not be the AG anymore, but there has been speculation that Obama wants to find a place for him on the Supreme Court. I suppose that means he must be protected.

God only knows what we’ll learn about this administration in the years after Obama leaves office. Between the IRS impropriety, the VA scandals, this gunwalking story, and the mishandling of Benghazi, I think we’ve only scratched the surface.

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  1. OB has so much to hide that he knows he would be impeached without a doubt if he did release them. I do believe that when a court orders for the files to be turned over and he pulls his political protection crap that he is guilty beyond doubt. If he isn’t then why is he refusing to turn them over.?

    • I think they were ordered to produce them already.

    • Why does this surprise anyone? He won’t even release his College transcripts,if they exist. Maybe they contain information that he was a foreign student!! Maybe he was a no-show much of the time,and didn’t do so well. It’s well known that his real name is Barry Soetoro,and maybe this is the name on some of the transcripts. He is not exempt from Congress’ power to conduct investigations,whether he thinks so or not,but he should know that,since he was a Senator[HaHa] and a Constitutional Scholar [HaHa]. How many bodies does this Pretender-in-Chief have to his credit?The homos in Chicago,Border Patrol Agents,the untold numbers of people killed with “fast and furious” guns[all to make it seem like guns used by cartels ] and others tossed away by Ohomo in his insane thirst for power.

      • He do go to school as a foreign student so he lied someplace.

      • I would love nothing better than to see him get his just reward for all his disregard for a great country. Being raised out in the jungle with all his muslim friends under a socialist regime you would think he would want something better. My belief, he should go back there and enjoy his love for destruction. Why did he leave there if he loved that communist mindset that he totally embraces. Maybe they didn’t want him there either and sent him here. Something only a mother could love and a father to crap on.

      • Don’t forget his Social Security number, which two investigators found was taken from somebody who was born in 1890! His last four numbers are 4425. And they even said that he has several S.S. #’s. I would sure like to know what the White House staff think of this Socialist/ExtremeLiberalist.

    • the 42% that love him like Crist said in Florida he loved Obama. they would not allow him to be impeached hanging would be better if the country could take that.

  2. In this case, they are now guilty until they can prove their innocence. Both 0bama and Holder are documented liars, they no longer deserve the benefit of doubt.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      There you are! The mooselum terrorist “gets away” with yet another! Why does this once great country even have a senate and congress if the Terrorist In Office calls the shots as he wants?? What has this country “allowed” to happen here? We need to follow after what the prime minister of Australia is doing at this moment!!!

    • Both of them are sickening to even be in DC, this country has went to hell in a hand basket since this liar obama was placed in our white house by fraudulent means.

      • Americans used to hold their politicians to a higher standard. I guess we got complacent and the liberals agenda has eaten away at our morals.

        • 1.Bondage 2.Courage.3 Liberty 4 Abundance 5 Complacency 6 Apathy7 Dependence and back to bondage. The framers of the Constitution gave us a Republic Instead of a Democracy with a warning to guard it because evil men would creep in and destroy it. We have over many years allowed those evil men to destroy by treating it as a Democracy by creating a class that depends on the government for their livelihood this includes a bloated government who also lives off the public treasury, these two types of people has always caused an implosion when a nation gets bloated. America is in stage____you fill in the number or numbers from the above.

          • I would say 5 heading towards 6, but I am an optimist. Or maybe I am slow. 🙂

          • Between 6 & 7, definitely! Wake up, America, time is running out for our nation!

          • Yes. I’ve seen this graph of how a country goes through these stages. I think we’re in Stage 5 or 6 now. The Socialist Liberal Elitists who have been running this country until now, want a BIG, CASH-THIRSTY government, with us sucking at it’s tits. We need to cut government at least in half. By the way, that’s what Socialism is defined as: MORE GOVERNMENT. We need government OUT of our pockets!

          • Thanks for replying, I have posted this fact many times on both Conservative and Liberal sites but have gotten very few responses but thumbs down on those Liberal sites. I suppose these fools agrees with Hillary that businesses don’t create jobs, I owned a highly rated business that was very successful in spite of the IRS, EPA and the FDA best efforts to destroy it, not to mention state and local government. Government is the enemy of the small business owner.

          • Yes we could cut this government by half and it would make those employees have to work for a living. Here is an example that I’m privy to: The private sector consisting of different companies all across this country in north south east and west do the exact same type of job with between six and eleven the government uses nineteen to twenty five. I also know in many government operations they use outside contractors when they have the manpower alreading getting paid to do the job, this is just more Crony Capitalism. By the way government employees are the new middle class if not now they soon will be, but this cant last when the people that pay their salaries are making less than government employees always implodes. When the public realizes that it can live off the Public Treasury that country always implodes, in the tax sense government employees are the same as welfare cases, they don’t pay tax to the IRS but just returns a portion of which 100% came from the private sector. Why Liberals cant understand this simple fact is amazing to me.

      • More like the White Mosque now.

    • We the People must DEMAND Fair and Honest ELECTIONS. Every move these communists make must be watched.

      • I am with you there brother.
        Complacency and apathy has brought us to this point. It is up to We The People to start paying attention.
        The hypocrisy is hard to miss, the corruption will be hard to clean up.

        • Individually we can’t do much. Collectively is another story however. Collectively we the people are the sovereign rulers of America.

          • Interesting, I would not have pinned you as an anti gun. Or is this just an example of what a group can do collectively?

          • I am not anti Gun, I am anti Liberal………..

          • Liberals have brain damage.
            Correct me if I am wrong but that joke is against guns and justifying liberals hypocrisy of wanting IDs for guns and not for voting… ??? .

          • You are correct about the Guns issue, but I am attempting to point out the lack of logic with Liberals have reacting to knee jerk bumber sticker and 30 second sound bite emotional nonsense.

          • OK, Perhaps I am seeing the thing wrong. It is just that the Wilder joke seems to justify Liberals thoughts not make fun of them.
            You da man. We are on the same page.

          • OK I can see where you are coming from on this. I see it as mocking Liberals on their hypocrisy. We are both on the same page definitely.

  3. off topic, Admin, your contact page is not working. Or at least it has not worked for me. How do I contact you guys?

  4. They both believe they are above the law and because they are black everyone’s afraid to take them on. What’s happened to my America???

    • With all this trash going on she is not so beautiful any more is she .

    • We’ve been sold out. Politicians are now slaves to corporate-masters and take orders from them, even if it means breaking or ignoring laws. Congress has been neutered by them. Obama pushes the exact agenda these C.E.O.’s want such as amnesty for cheap-labor. Congress, so as not to called “racist against Obama” sit quietly with their thumbs up their ass and say nothing!

      • No more cajones or spines in this country?. Where’s the people who fought & died for this country’s liberty?.

      • William I couldn’t agree more. They don’t even seemed to be concerned about voter fraud. I get those e-mails two and three a day wanting money though.

        • Voter fraud cannot be fixed without going back to witnessed, hand-counted ballots with the call to the tabulation computer being witnessed and the input into the tabulation computer being witnessed. Any computer on the internet can be hacked. Any computer can be programmed for a result. Computers, Especially internet connected computers are a threat to the validity of the republic and our legitimate elections.

      • Follow the money a little further for the real truth. Who backs the corporations? Who launders the illegal money? The banksters are behind it all. They don’t want cheap labor, they want more Democrats on welfare that are easily controlled.

    • They do not remember that most of the black people that even spoke up wound up with mouth full of dirt. and they are telling every one that they are the greatest blacks ever.

    • It is being destroyed , by the likes of the people in Washington. The sad thing is, that they have the media in their pocket, and tells the media what to say and do.People are in the dark, some day they will wake up, only to say , what happen to America. It may be too late by then. We The People, need to ring the Liberty bell, to wake everyone up. Our Founders, are turning in their graves.

      • You’ve got that right!

      • Hmm, in the past he (o) has done enough to be impeached. Our elected didn’t act and they should have. Nov 4 is coming and it’s time to vote every incumbent out. Every Dem out that’s for sure. Maybe it’s time for a 3rd party. I don’t think there is an official Tea Party yet and the Independent party is the 3rd largest party. I guess we have no choice but vote Independent, Ron Paul is still my choice. I think he is just a wright-in.

  5. He needs to be tried for treason, his name is in those documents for sure.

  6. Appears to me this is the perfect time to arrest Obama and charge him with multiple crimes against America, starting with being a traitor and imposter! The illegal immigrant does not have so much as a legal SSN to his name!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Never happen! This country has allowed the piece of shit to go too far. He has too many mooselums and democratic liberals backing him. Our only way out of this is another revolution, hoping that an expert sniper nails his sorry ass first!!

      • That is a good possibility. Just start taking up a good collection to pay him.I think that they have trained some women who are pretty good too. they will need a big box of chocklet and a big box of money and a big

        • Hilliary already has a large enough azz.

        • Both you & Dennewitz worry me.I know you fellas are pee’d off…, so am I! But come on boys, that kind of talk is just ludicrous and down right wrong. I don’t care how angry you are, wishing that kind of ill on any man with a wife & children is terrible & you should be ashamed of yourselves. Go hit a punching bag or something to get that anger out of your system. If our POTUS was doing such lawlessness, I believe Trey Gowdy would be all over him like flies on carrion. The system does work, sometimes it just takes time to make sure the charges stick and all the pieces are in place. Have faith…. better yet, go VOTE.

          • If you don;t think Obama scorns the rule of law and ignores it, you seriously need a reality check!

          • I’ve had enough reality regarding this administration and it’s failing policies. If the lawlessness was to the degree that many suggest, in all reality, do you really thing our congress would just let it go by the wayside. And if indeed the lawlessness of this administration is at a saturation point like many suggest & congress is doing nothing…., we citizens at this point need to make an important decision. Either do nothing, or do something. My post was merely addressing the insensitive fellas suggesting the ultimate degree of violence & evil against a person. As a Christian and a conservative, those kinds of posts & nonsense we can do without. It accomplishes absolutely nothing with the exception of making certain Republicans, Conservatives or Tea party members look like animals with no conscience!

    • Question. If he is not a citizen, and therefore has no legal standing in the courts. Why hasn’t this traitor and murderer Been taken out the way any other drug dealer or psychopath would be?
      If the civilian authorities don’t feel they can act, send in the Military (active or not).
      The constitution is pretty clear. The verdict for treason and murder ( okay, let’s sugar coat that one- negligent homicide ). REQUIRES he be removed. We don’t have the luxury of debate here. He needs to go. NOW!


  8. What you be worrying about , First see what Obamas plans for our country,
    then go to, frherndon@cfl.rr.com truck convoy.
    Newsmax ,NY Post:Obama Plans”Secret Radical Agenda” After Midterms.
    We have a Lot more to worry about, More News , go to You Tube, Thousands of Martial Law signs spotted by Truck Loads.
    Been Warned for at least 4 years , Nobody wanted to believe,Now you will have to believe, The days of not believing is over.Thiscould have been stopped it we had REAL AMERICAN Politician’s in our GOVERNMENT.

  9. there must be a lot of fear in outing, or going against this president. He has gotten away with more than any other leader would. Must be a deep fear of him or his controllers, or else they are all complicit in his dismantling of our once great country.

  10. Obama’s “executive-privilege ” crap should be “null and void” once Holder was found in contempt of Congress! What Obama and Holder are doing is covering each others ass and we all know it.

  11. SO what is the solution / out come.of his refusing to turn over the papers? Contempt. O’Liar in Chief seems to get away with every thing he has done.

  12. The shameful activities that this administration has performed will fill ,a complete set of history books . and I am sure they have never thought of that legacy for their offspring .Well good reading for their grand children .

    • Our grandchildren will be reading in US history about how great the New Order under Obama was, and all he accomplished, thanks to the Leftists who write the new American History curriculum. God help them all.

  13. Its sad to see this country fold up their cajonees and spines. I’ll bet the slaves in the south would have never believed it, if told this was the future. Hell I want to die before it really goes under.

  14. I’m not a bit surprise about Obama committing all kinds of Frauds…And I thought that Holder resigned…Why is Holder’s name keeping coming up?….

  15. It is all about the mush heads who believe the old communist propaganda called PROGRESSIVE. The administration is bad enough, but conside how many idiotic people voted for them. The DNC should be called what it is, the new CPA, communist party of America. Vote for any democrat and you vote for obama via Harry Reid, and every dumbocrat who supports them.

  16. Remember the famous words of W. J. Clinton, “the last he heard the constitution still stated that this country was founded on the principle of: ‘A government of the people, for the people and by the people.” DUH???

  17. What are we all waiting for in this nation? Obama should be arrested for treason, criminal negligence, and reckless endangerment of the American people he swore (twice) to protect. Then we go after Holder, Pelosi, Reid and the other progressive criminals. The FEMA camps are for THEM!!

    7 Days Boys & Girls.

    • Be careful,folks,the machines are rigged! When I voted early,I chose the candidates of my choosing,and when it came time to validate my vote,some liberals showed up. I went back,changed the choices,went back to the last “page” and was surprised that the lib/dems were miraculously there again. I brought it to the attention of the worker,and she closed the machine. How many of these machines are there,and think about who counts the votes?

  19. Impeachments and High Treason

  20. Where are our reps in this…No hiding of documents by his pen…please, someone stand up and put Obama and Holder in prison right now….Walk in and make a Citizen arrest….

  21. misspelled words?

  22. trey are hiding them not for national security , they are hiding them because barry , eric and the rest of the demonrats are guilty of lying to congress and the american people . this Bendgazi , the irs , nsa , obamacare taxes , the economy and the list goes on

  23. As long as Osama Obama is allowed to get away with this crime, he will stay in office, if they come out, Hello prison bars!

  24. We need a Judge to subpoena those things, and a Swat team to go take them, just like they do elsewhere in America..

  25. 0bama no longer deserves the benefit of doubt.
    He is guilty of lying, he is guilty of this cover up. PERIOD.

  26. Holder will seek a seat on the Supreme Court with the full power of Obama the President lifting him up. The Obama Administration has a poor record in every important issue for the progress of our nation, and Holder is complicit. But one thing they have excelled at is the degradation of Capitalism and Democracy, the shameless abuse and circumvention of the constitution, and the division of the American people. Divide and Conquer. Holder has been at the forefront of their fundamental change to a Socialist State. With Holder in the Supreme Court, an already too political body of lawmakers will become an anarchistic political body of lawmakers. The highest order of intelligent and anarchistic criminal minds writing the laws and thus the direction of our Nation has never been so close.

  27. when are the American people going to wake the f##k-up its clear no one in the government you voted for is going to do a damned thing,

  28. Question; since when does anybody get to defy a judges order to turn over documents related to a case and there are no consequences. I thought we were a nation of laws. There has to be repercussions or we are finished as a nation.

    • The Rule of Law means nothing to this disbarred lawyer in the White House. He’s only a tool for the powers behind the One World movement, to place the US under a corrupt UN, confiscate all guns, and enslave the citizenry. VOTE GOP next week and start the vermin extermination in DC.

  29. Corrupt Basterd!

  30. Obama and his administration is the most corrupt in the history of our nation!!! When, dear God, is this POS going to actually be held accountable? W H E N? ? ? ?

  31. Hmm, in the past he (o) has done enough to be impeached. Our elected didn’t act and they should have. Nov 4 is coming and it’s time to vote every incumbent out. Every Dem out that’s for sure. Maybe it’s time for a 3rd party. I don’t think there is an official Tea Party yet and the Independent party is the 3rd largest party. I guess we have no choice but vote Independent, Ron Paul is still my choice. I think he is just a write-in.

  32. Public enemies from the top down in this criminal administration; they should all be arrested and charged with treason, malfeasance, misuse of public funds, giving comfort to the enemy, and a laundry list of other charges. Vote GOP next week, and start cleaning the vermin out of DC.

  33. Put the two niggers in jail for contempt.

  34. Finding out after he leaves office wont help a damned thing. He needs to be prosecuted like the common criminal he is. He needs to be used as an example for othes the follow him.

  35. this is what happens when the parasites elect a rag loving communist…and they had help from the scum union members of the worthless seiu and the guilt tripped idiot coffee shop philosophers….”oh it is time to make up for all the injustice”…erica and kenyan boyo have set race relations in this country back 100 years and turned 60 years of world leadership upside down in 6 years….you go boys….

  36. Why isn’t he being held in Contempt of the order and put in jail, along with holder. You break the law you go to jail.

  37. This is how community organizers and POS like oberry work.

  38. That’s simple, he’s a liar

  39. I wonder how much Obama has funded the savage terrorists he is a part of?

  40. Considering the gravity of the scandal – more than 1,400 guns completely lost without any high-profile arrests to make up for it – the mainstream media has been virtually silent.

    I think “silenced” would be a better term. It’s obvious that this administration determines what is or is not reported by the MSM.

  41. WHY is Obama hiding 15,000 documents? Two possible answers to this …
    1. For the same reason he’s hiding his birth, school and other personal records.
    2. Because he hasn’t had time (yet) to destroy the hard drives that hold the documents.

  42. You do mean Holder and his 1/2 white wife. Dumb America population may just vote them back in office. Hope all realize if they do not gain the senate the country as we know it is lost. These people are out to destroy the country one way or another. We have allowed too many to gain office and control this country. Do something now or go to Civil War to stop it.

  43. No accountability with our Senate and a big deal law suit that could take years with the House. White house knows they can get away with anything. Hopefully we get some new people with guts.

  44. Because he is guilty of a major crime!!!! His own words, if you don’t have anything to hide…… The man is a criminal and we are allowing his reign of terror. If you are not contacting your representatives you are helping him. YOU must take charge. YOU must get busy and do something if you want to see something done. YOU must become part of the 3% willing to take action. If not you than it will be the idiot who wants to line their pockets at the public expense.

  45. It’s called transparency. About as transparent as a ton of imported coal.

  46. Obama is hiding them for a good reason, they would expose him as a Communist Radical of the Saul Alinsky sort and a foreign born Kenyan citizen.

  47. They both need to be arrested and tried for the murder of Brian Terry. Or you could narrow it down and charge them with “Treason”.

  48. Possibly because those 15,000 documents might make Obama et al look bad, perhaps highlighting the illegality, of Obama et al’s antics. Maybe sheer cussedness, after all, how could anyone possibly question or criticize “hope and change” ala Obama, The Rule Of Law, as it is known,be damned.

  49. must not be hiding them very well you know about them go tell Congress dumbass

  50. When the entitlement bunch that voted this weasel into office find themselves with no food, and barry, and his regime are truckin their a—- to camps they’ll wish they never heard of this creep. VOTE VOTE VOTE, and make sure the machine doesn’t do a switch-a-roo to dem.That’s what some are doing. Be smarter then the machine!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. bo, holder and his far left crony administration have violated so many U.S. laws & Constitutional Rights they are now in the category of treason not just impeachment.. ! They have proved there guilt by their criminal actions !

  52. ConservativeSenior

    Where are the arrests?

  53. Just what we need is Eric Holder on the supreme court. He should be in jail and he doesn’t qualify for the Supreme Court. What a sham… Arrest the guy and do justice for the American people. While at it take he friend Obama with him. They would make good cell mates……..l

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