Why Do We Give the R-Word So Much Power?

If there was a Word of the Week award, “racist” would win this week. After Donald Trump said repeatedly that a federal judge was treating him unfairly in a civil suit due to his Mexican heritage, Republicans, Democrats, and pundits across the spectrum accused him of making racist remarks – if not actually being a racist himself. Everyone from Paul Ryan to Hillary Clinton condemned the comments. Republican strategist Nicolle Wallace said on MSNBC that no worse accusation could be thrown at someone, and no one else on the panel offered the slightest murmur of disagreement.

Really, though? Worse to be called a racist than a rapist? Worse to be called a racist than a murderer? Racism is worse than pedophilia?

The word has taken on a talismanic sort of power that defies common sense. We’ve been forced to watch Republican leaders and Trump supporters hem and haw over whether or not the billionaire’s remarks mean “he’s a racist in his heart,” whatever that means. Who could possibly make such a determination?

There was a time not long ago when racism had a much different, much more obvious definition. It basically meant that you hated people because of their skin color.

But that changed quickly. Today, racism is very much in the eye of the beholder. We’ve seen it used to explain why the GOP refuses to hold confirmation hearings for President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. We’ve seen it used to explain why a grand jury refused to indict a Ferguson police officer. And we’ve seen it used again and again to explain Donald Trump’s popularity.

When stretched to these absurd lengths, how can we keep pretending that being a “racist” is the ultimate low point for a human being?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen many celebrities banished from mainstream society for racist remarks. Paula Dean, Hulk Hogan, and Donald Sterling are among those who probably wish they could go back in time and take back their careless comments. We judge these people from our personal mountaintops, unwilling to contemplate what would happen if all of our private conversations were released to the public.

No, we shouldn’t start a movement to normalize and/or celebrate racism. Obviously.

But let’s at least recognize that this word carries a power that’s out of sync with reality. And let’s recognize that the people giving it that power are not always pure in their motivations.

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  1. New information is trickling out that Trump probably knew all along. The Judge of whom set the trial date, is the same date of the Republican national convention.Not bias? The judges’ law.firm has contributed over $500,000 to the Clinton’s in speaking fees. He has stated he doesn’t want a wall, Trump and many in America do. The lawyer’s law firm send lawyers to the border to represent illegals to protest their human rights. The judge/law firm only donates to Democrats. Who wouldn’t with common sense want a different judge? .

    • Andy The trial date for Trump U is after the November elections. The RICO charges for fraud and bribery are to be determined on the day of the convention. You need to do some research. If convicted of RICO charges Trump is looking at a very long prison sentence. And it couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

      • charles johnston

        Source please.

      • 1]. How many or what % of his law suits has he lost. Almost none.

        2]. Have you ever dealt with a Financial aid office at a University? They are the most COERCIVE PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. I as a part time instructor have talked students out of signing up for loans that benefited the universities vs the student, all of them are predatory, it’s what they do!

        3] In large organizations employees may do things that may not reflect what the stockholders condone and should be held accountable. Your statements that the major stockholder should be held criminally liable is an interesting proposition and nearly impossible to prove without that person have given direct orders on the subject. If you have that information, it would be interesting to see, I sincerely doubt it or most Universities would be in the same boat.

        • The University financial aid scam is because the federal government involvement. All Universities partake of this scam in differing degrees. Susan is blowing smoke about limited-liability stockholders being responsible for management actions.

      • Laws need to be changed so that people can’t make false statements about famous people without punishment.

        • There are already laws on the books; Libel and Slander laws are civil torts.

          • And they don’t protect famous people. Or candidates. First amendment freedom of speech extends to all the space that is true! You do not have a right to lie about people. Even the Supreme Court has the 10 Commandments on the wall. (Don’t know how long, if Hillary chooses 4 or 5 justices).

          • Isn’t Obama taking steps to restrict contrary speech exposing the foolishness of ‘climate-change’.

          • He has learned that he can get by with almost everything, so why not give this a go? The Roman senate got so lazy they abdicated their power to the emperor and they lost their republic all together. Sound familiar?

          • History never means anything to the socialist democraps. They try Socialism even though its never proven successful without enslavement of the constituency. We have the power to stop this by voting Trump 2016. Sure, he’s a wildcard but, we know what criminal Hillary and corrupt democraps will do. The democraps have been enslaving Americans through public-assistance for decades by removing the stigmatising impacts of receiving public assistance (see EBT card). At last counting 48% of the American constituency receiving some kind of public assistance and are counted as democrap dependent voting block. Fortunately, democraps showed their need for a more dependable voting block by opening the borders to cultivate more depend voters. Unfortunately, citizen presidential candidate Trump has stepped on the republican professional career politician’s toes by possibly exposing them as obsolete in today’s society.

          • Agree. Both of the parties have Politi-businesses going, and he is challenging the ecology of DC. I wish the Sanders people would join us just for that reason, upset the basket of carefully folded clothes. Shake loose those leeches.

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          Sure let’s just throw the 1st Amendment into the fire because of media nonsense…

          No – we have too many laws an amendments to laws – we need to reduce all this nonsense not pile more on. You already have to spend hours in a legal library to understand what you are being charged with, what type of charge you are getting (commercial or civil), is the offense criminal or tort, what are the penalties (so you know they aren’t making up BS when/if you are sentenced) and what nonsense verbiage loophole is being misconstrued and used against you this time… We need much simpler “10 Commandment” laws as it is. Things anyone can understand the rules to.

          • Sarge, simplifying the legal code would be possible if every democrap was removed.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            An excellent first step is this – it really takes like 3 minutes and a petition letter will be sent to your state senators, governor, and/or congressmen (whoever is set to receive this in your state).


            This is all about the simplification of law and call to start over.

            I found this and became involved when we lost our swings and sliding boards in our local parks because of the “risk of injury and death,” they presented and legal liability imposed on the township should a child be injured by those deadly swing sets. Because swing sets are certainly a leading worry of parents everywhere concerning children’s safety.

            I got very involved when our local school won the national school chorus competition (a couple years ago) and raised over $250,000 selling out tickets to their annual “Handel’s Messiah” Christmas concert and had to return all the ticket sales because the concert was being held in the large First Assembly of God Amphitheater (4701 Summerlin Rd, Fort Myers, FL) – turn’s out some adopted kid’s mom was a Satan worshiping lesbian (her own admission not my accusation) and didn’t want her foster child performing in the concert if the concert was being held in a Christian center. Her story made news and then other people demanded amendments be made to the presentation to include Islam, Judaism, and Atheism in the Christmas concert. The school tried to reschedule the Christmas concert into January and relocate the concert but there was no venue capable of housing the 5000+ persons who purchased tickets. Since it has been made illegal to exclude the handful of offended children/families to benefit the 100+ other children/families and future generations of children in the school that may ever be interested in music, they tried to accommodate the offended parties. It became such a fiasco, financial burden, and legal mire that the school just cancelled the concert, refunded tickets purchased, and cancelled the renovations and instrument orders for the school’s music department.

            This issue is destroying our nation’s heritage and history on many levels just to sate the vengeful desires of a few crybabies in society.

            Who, by the way, have the voluntary civil right to willfully choose not to show up, remove their child from the event, or decide not to use those playgrounds – there is no deprivation of right in voluntary exclusion! They have the right to attend the “Christmas” concert without BEING a member of a Christian church. They had the right to come into the First Assembly church amphitheater without being a member of the congregation. NO RIGHTS NOR LIBERTIES were deprived in the story. They just spun the story that way to make themselves victims and exploited the wordiness of the laws to their advantage. Legal extortion…

          • I think that we have TOO many scumbag lawyers!!
            About 50% less in the country should work!

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            ROFL! The other day I made a comment on my Facebook about how 82% of our national government is made up of attorneys and how we need to get all these rotten lawyers out of office. I followed up with a comment about shooting the crooked scumbags. One of my childhood friends was like – “HEY! I’m a scumbag lawyer!” LOL!

            Yes, I agree…

            Yet, if we simplified our legal/penal codes (by negating the wordiness of them) and eliminated the “good ole boy” system, the profession would decline naturally and only be needed for things like mediation, probate, criminal prosecution, and defending capital crimes.

            I’m not so much saying that we need to get rid of laws, maybe some, but mostly simplify the language of them in a feasible manner. I mean the core doctrinal law of our nation, the Constitution, possibly the most important law ever effectively written in the US, is only 16 pages long! It covers the basis of all the rights and liberties of the US citizenry and the restrictions and privileges of it’s government… IN SIXTEEN PAGES!

            Basically, for our laws and legal system to be effective – it needs to be understood. It must be understood by the politicians writing them and signing them into functional use, the courts and police enforcing it, the lawyers defending it, and the citizens effected by it. The current state of US law is rarely understood by any of these because far too often the legal codes run into the hundreds, if not thousands of written pages of wordy nonsense. Very few, including the senators signing off onto these laws, even reads them entirely anymore. That is a 100% effective gateway for corruption to be legally mandated into existence. It is a recipe for disaster and should stop immediately.

          • Good Post!! I agree!!

      • Your wrong Susan. It seems all was great for Trump before he said to build a wall. It is going to blow up anyway because we have a petition to void the 1986 Amnesty law because you LYING COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS violated the Law and The Spirit. That means all those illegals will lose their citizenship status and like the CRIMINAL MURDERING ILLEGALS they will be deported. So you better hope Trump or any Tea Party President never in your lifetime wins, because you anti American attitudes will blow up in your face. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is not going away. And the world saw your peaceful criminal Mexican Flag flying felons, 6 arrested so far and a lawsuit against your Sanctuary City, the Mayor and the Police Chief for aiding in the young woman’s assault. Also it is your Newspaper writer that has called for the MURDER of Conservatives, that sounds an awful lot like a Third World Country like Mexico. TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY and END Obama’s Criminal America.

        • I see that those “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” caps now come in a tin foil version for only $10kkk; a Tea Bagger version that includes a loaded 3D scrotum that dangles from the bill for $12kkk; and a white pointy hood version that comes with a realtor’s license that allows discrimination in housing for $35kkk guaranteed to make you rich! On ebay there are some caps that read “Generalissimo Trump… fascism u can trust !” for $30. I’ve created a sombrero model with a raccoon tail that reads “Viva Senor Miller ’16 ! ( tiny little raccoon paw gloves sold separately).

          • Oh hahaha that is so cute. Glad to see your only “defense” is using racist groups to explain the Republicans. I got news for you. The Republicans were part of the Demotards until we decided slavery is wrong so we split. It was Democrats who wrote the Jim Crow laws. It was Democrats who sent in the dogs and hoses in Birmingham AL. Oh and the KKK, a little truth for you, were created by, wait for it,…., Democrats. You own all racist attacks throughout our history, so STFU.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Knowing any historical events that are anti-Liberalist in nature is an act of racism!

          • And then JOHNSON got Kennedy ‘s civil rights bill passed because it was the right thing to do.

          • Carried by the republicans, maybe you should be quiet instead of posting and confirming your idiocy.

          • Yes i know all about the part played by the Republican Party, Christ I was 10 years old, we had newspapers and I teach it every semester on a college level . So how did the party get to its racism of today, practice or inbreeding ? I know do you? The Regressive Right.

          • Commie democrats and educators have really screwed things up for years!

          • Do you have a crock to put that in?

          • Maybe you should check out the true Racist. Bill and Hillary could not stand blacks while they were in Arkansas and had a lot of choice names for Spanish, Black, and anyone living off the Taxpayers. Hillary still believes she is above anyone who works for a living. She is a D-ictator who wants Control & Power more than she wants to better this country. She has had many killed for standing in her path and could care less about having done it.

          • First, Fonda you know that I am not a Clinton voter, although she is the most qualified of any candidate I have seen in my 60 years, hands down . Excuse me but your post is as full of shit as my grandson’s diaper. Sounds like you need a visit to the FOX detox facility on your next days off, you’re just mad at me and being tacky! These murders you speak of, could you provide names please? Malicious lies. Do the folks on this blog know that you’re a professional drag queen here in South Beach? Do they know that your stage name is Fonda Boyzz? Sorry I haven’t been in the last couple weeks but busy, busy. Don’t be such a whiny little bitch you’re sounding like La Lady Trump. You could have just txt me to come see you instead of this public tantrum. I’ll come in Thursday night if you promise to wear that slinky green Dior gown, I would love to hear you sing ‘Misty’ again honey . You just calm down girl and stop being so mean .

          • Boy you have lost it. I’m from Texas and don’t believe the Bull Shit that came out of ths head of your’s. I guess one can expect it from someone who has their head so far up Hillary’s Butt the can’t see the light of day. You sound like a rainbow kisser who believes in politically correctness is good for this country. I don’t associate with those low lifes your are so acquainted with; from your description above. God made me a male and if that’s what he intended, then it’s good enough for me.

          • First, ‘political correctness’ is a catch phrase for being respectful, considerate and mature in the way we treat our fellow travelers upon this earth. If that’s wrong then count me as bad boy. Second, it doesn’t feel very good when someone lies, fabricates and gossips about you so why do it to others ? What we send out comes back to us.

          • It does come back for sure.
            Karma will kiss your face or hurt you.
            I doubt she kisses your face.

          • Everyday blessings here, I invest in the good coming back, constantly …may the blessings also find you.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Wow! After reading the above post I nearly responded the same way. I was going to say that “political correctness” could just be considered respectfulness towards one another.

            (playing devil’s advocate here – both ways, since I agree on much of what both of you say but I still see a common ground in the middle)

            When “ken51136” mentions political correctness, I believe he is speaking about this new age forced speech extremism. (the – is/should be illegal to offend anyone for any reason mindset) Which I must add I vehemently disagree with. Free speech is the freedom to be offensive, it is what the law was drafted in reference to. If “free speech” meant only you have the right to – freely say – “anything in good taste, which is respectful, and which doesn’t offend or upset others,” well… we wouldn’t really need a law for that right? I mean, everyone loves a good ass-kissing.

            No, the freedom of speech is so that we can tell politicians what we think about their laws and precisely where they can shove their bills. It exists so we can tell far right nutjobs they are Nazi’s, bent on war and religious extremism. What layer of hell we hope to see them in later, and the atrocities we will LOVE to see those demonic spirits committing against them for all eternity… – OR – tell the extreme left Green Peace hippies how they have smoked their prefrontal cortex into absolute oblivion which is why many tell them daily they are retards. Dolphin birthing is safer than a hospital with a trained medical staff, antiseptics, antibiotics, and a sterile environment? Give me a break! By the way – recycling is a failed enterprise that costs more than landfills and it’s industrial processes have 3 times the negative environmental impact!

            It’s so you can offend everyone of every racial, religious, sexual, moral, and life choice background that you want! It is so you CAN offer your unwanted opinions (Like this one now), or be a racist is you so choose! It is your right after all. No one else has to believe what you or anyone else believes! Whether these beliefs be facts or hallucinatory delusions.

            I am sure that both you and Ken are closer to the same page than you want to admit (as we all are) because both of you have been indoctrinated into seeing things in a separate but equal argument angle. Yet you are both still human, and science has proven beyond a doubt that all of our emotions come from the same chemical responses to stimuli events. I bet if you sat at a table in real life together over a meal and hashed things out, you would find that you aren’t all that different and like most humans, would walk away as friends.

            Deep down, even the most reprehensible of us, is a decent person wanting to do good. Few people, if any, are truly evil (sociopaths and psychopaths maybe). If we could all learn to be more accepting and understanding of one another I think we would overcome most, if not all boundaries. I hoped I would see the day…

            It saddens me a bit to see all these people gripe and complain how the blacks, gays, Muslims, and feminists are disenfranchised groups, while all around us, homeless people of all ages, races, sexes, religions, and lifestyle choices are truly disenfranchised in the streets with no homes, medical care, or food… dying… literally… alone and unnoticed (which is the worst feeling anyone can imagine).

            This modernized “political correctness” movement is not about being respectful, doing what is right, or being compassionate – it is about being trendy and with the times, being a part of the in-crowd, and of course, behaving condescendingly to those that choose otherwise. Just like every movement before it. Originally, it was about something – like in the 1980’s – now it is just trend to behave in a superior nature against others… It’s the Prada handbag of social movements.

            It is a fake way of coping with the guilt of how terrible and dark we all have been guilted into feeling we really are inside. It is about making ourselves feel good while acting like we are atoning for the atrocities that we’ve allowed to occur through inattentiveness and inaction. However, like most things people believe “religiously,” it is all nothing more than a crock of horse turds.

            There is a small handful of people out there taking steps to make some real changes happen, or truly helping anyone that is in grave need. The rest, as usual, are posers – posting up signs saying “Black Lives Matter” or “Islam: A Religion of Peace,” with their queer rainbow profile picture on Facebook, while smiling for the camera with a thumbs up — so they can spam those photos across social media and hopefully bang the chick in the sorority house next door.

            That is reality…

          • Bachelor With Sense

            You are so full of it that your eyes are brown! IF you are an Educator and “THINK” HRC is “the most qualified of any candidate I have seen in my 60 years, hands down . ” then you need to RESIGN from you J O B and off yourself, because YOU are to STUPID to live!

          • …..’too’ stupid, not ‘to stupid.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            ROFL! Grammar Nazi – you are a racist! (JK)

          • Oh yes liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical life form, to stupid, too.

          • No… ‘too stupid to’.

          • Having a tough time aren’t you low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasite?
            Your life will get very chaotic in the next couple of years

          • Yes, your buddy is having a tough time with English . You are incorrect I will not accept chaos in my life, its a choice. The way we see a situation determines its weight. Only positive comes my way. You my friend are living in Maya, but that can be changed like flipping a switch, Its all a cosmic joke, lighten your load, cut the tethers and cross over the river leaving illusion behind .

          • Yes, you will, you will have no choice.
            Very soon now you life forms will find yourself alone.
            All of the people that carried your weight for so many years, will abdicate.
            There is an interesting essay on the “Secession Wave:, on the Personal Liberty blog.
            It will be interesting to see how you parasites do, when the host refuses to accept you any more.

          • I always have a choice as to what is going on in my life. What ? The military didn’t teach you metaphysics ?

          • The military taught me to prepare for the worst, you don’t have that capability, you will die waiting for some one to help you.

          • Hillary? Qualified? In what? Cheating, lying, bribing, taking bribes, getting the MidEast on fire, getting Gaddafi killed when he controlled Libya in peace? She is one brain dead communist with only one goal to give America over to pure communism. She has been a communist since her 20’s and her thesis on Ayers. Get real and get informed. You are blathering and spouting only nonsense. Trump is truly qualified with the skills, abilities and get it done attitude we have been missing for years. I am older than you and a lot smarter and wiser for sure. Get off the fool’s aid.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)


            I love the statement “FOX detox facility,” – although media detox in general is needed in the entire national “FOX detox” has an absolutely hilarious ring to it!

          • do you? He who can does. He who cannot teaches. Try owning a company and giving your employees a wage high enough that the unions couldn’t convince them to join. Try paying the taxes that the left exempt their rich supporters but small business is saddled with Try looking a loyal employee in the face and tell him you cant advance him because of the common core teaching he received in his schools left him unequipped to do the job. Go into the real world to make your living and see if you could even compete with me having only a high school education and owned two businesses my first at eighteen. You look at one side of a story and find agreement and stop having made up your mind. How do you know what or who is correct without reading every angle? You seem to know all about the Republican party so tell me who pushed to free the slaves? who was first to push women’s voting rights? who put the school integration policies in place. who repealed the jim crow laws . Let see the Democrats made generations of dependent with their welfare They are backed by the teachers union that has the highest retirement benefits next to congress that uses most of the moneys they tell us goes for students. Oh yes we cant forget the twenty thousand black children aborted every year that is quite effective in controlling the black population. And now they become too demanding so now they bring in the Mexican and muslim that will live at a much lower standard of living and are easier to incite to riot. If you don’t think that true I will invite you to walk down grand river av. in Detroit and see our own third world nation. Or Michigan Av. in Dearborn to be pelted with rocks and spat upon by the muslims. Come out of that fantasy world you teach school in to deal with reality. Better yet vote for the women that killed our heroes for it seems you deserve her.

          • Well gpa, just how do I ‘do’ Modern American History 412 or how do I ‘do’ American Coup 1950-Present 327 ? your premise might be correct for da feetbah coach but most who teach do so because that’s what they chose, when your master’s degree is in education is because ‘you can’ and because its your passion. Trust me, if one of your degrees is in history then you plan to teach, write, law, politics or run a museum, and those are all teaching positions. Sounds like you shouldn’t have allowed the fascist right to defund education to end civics, history , or the arts and humanities . Or perhaps your employee only did enough to get by rather than immerse himself in his available education, you don’t need a school to educate yourself. In schools, teachers provide knowledge and attempt to get students involved but the student chooses to learn or not. Perhaps you need a new HR manager, perhaps you could offer employees on going education, pay for the classes and 3 hrs. a week pay per class; then you could say “I can’t advance you because of your education so let’s talk about how we can change the situation “.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            You are assuming that he owns a multi-million dollar a year business or something now. He said he owns two businesses, not two multi-national trade corporations. Lets assume his two businesses are a restaurant and hardware store. Lets assume that the cost of operation is equivocal for both businesses. Let’s assume that after all costs and employee salaries that Grampa brings home $45,000 from each business for a $90,000/yr income. His head manager at the hardware store is his highest paid employee at $32,750/yr and the only thing Grampa can do is make him a regional-type manager overseeing both companies, but he knows the person cannot do this and he is limited with the amount of advancement opportunities available. Grampa is not going to be able to afford to put said employee through college for 4 years, while losing a laborer, and having to pay out $25,000/yr for the employee’s school. On top of that, what do you think will happen once said employee gets his degree? Do you think he is coming back to work for Grampa for $35,000/yr (which is actually $45,000 – 10,000 for reimbursement for college fees) for the next ten years…


            Will Mr. “I now have a college degree” go work for someone else for $90,000-$125,000/yr and say “screw Grampa?”

            Now, Grampa is out $100,000 and his key employee. Maybe even loses the hardware store and 5 more Americans are now on unemployment/welfare. Thanks to the common liberal mindset of how business should work.

            I can assure you that the latter happens more often than not. You know how I know?

            I am that employee that has moved up to a position with no further advancement opportunities. I get better offers from huge national and multinational corporations and agencies all the time. Offers that my employer and his agency could never dream of competing with. Yet, I stay, even though I AM qualified and educated in a manner that offers greater growth. Because, I love what I do! I love my boss! I love my officers and love the work they do… Yet, many (often younger) officers use this as a stepping stone. Our agency offers training, licensing, real world experience, and advice from a team of leaders that have over 175 years combined experience in military, law enforcement, investigations, and other protective services. We are an elite outfit. Yet, we cannot compete financially with lesser disciplined groups that have tens of thousands of contracts internationally. They can pay you more – and with our training you will likely start in a management position if you go with them – but, you are nothing more than a paycheck number to them.

            In our agency, you’re family, and family sticks together and does what it can to help in times of trouble. I like to believe that the US still has more meaning than just ourselves and sating our immediate desires.

          • I was thinking smaller than you, maybe trade classes one a semester. Or GED and if a full 4 yr degree is called for then there are avenues that are provided until we commit to tax paid college and pay the hourly wage for class time because the employee is working for the betterment of the productivity of the company , and its the right thing to do, because we need to care about each other . In Italy there’s a 36 hr work week, 2 hours for lunch go home relax, cook, errands, plus breaks; 4 weeks mandatory vacation, paid; 5 months paid maternity leave because that’s what’s right. The productivity is high and medical cost low due to a non stressed work place.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            That sounds mighty fine – but you are also talking about a huge revamp of worker’s rights, laws, agencies to enforce the laws dutifully, an adjustment to federal taxes withheld, amounts paid out to the corporations from the government to assist in supporting the workers, drastic economic deflation, controlled product pricing limitations, wage inflation, furthered heath care reform, public assistance reform, food assistance reform, credit system/bureau reform, limitation on pricing of utilities and other necessities, and various other things. Then the grace period to organize all of it – and realistically from implementation to execution it would have to require a plan set in under four years – because if one president begins it the next will have to finish it otherwise, which is unlikely since agendas and directions change.

            On top of that – what about people like me? My family couldn’t survive off a 36 hour paycheck. I typically work from 50-90 hours a week. I have taken two, one week vacations – in 8 years, no sick days, no absences. Been late 6 times in 8 years and only once was it over one hour. My family would starve on a 36 hour paycheck. That is only $738 a week or $38,376/yr. We aren’t eligible for any kind of public assistance or anything like that. So, we would do what has happened in the past if I go unemployed – we would have to live in our car, being harassed by police daily, washing in public restrooms, eating in soup kitchens, until I find another job.

            Also, the idea of a 2hr break is terrible for me. I hate my mandatory 1hr unpaid breaks on my 12 hour shifts now. Because I am 35 miles from home, so there is no run home and chill for an hour… Nope, I take a 15 minute trip to Publix, order a roast beef sandwich, grab some juice, water, and a pack of smokes and return to the office to sit for 45 minutes watching Pen and Teller’s Bullsh*t on Hulu on my laptop. I am unable to return to home and my time is still spent on post (since there is no where else to go) so I should be compensated. Especially since 50% of the time I wind up working anyway because arrogant and selfish people just don’t understand the meaning of “I’m on break.” (85%+ of my day I am the only one in my office)

            Ideally, it sounds great, but fundamental implementation is nightmarish – it would require removing a lot of business owner’s rights and reinforcing worker’s rights… Try selling that in this “Brave New” America of extremism, since compromise and medium ground are no longer tangible. (just look at how hateful people are on the liberal/conservative fence line)

            The old America where everybody “gets a little and gives a little” died somewhere around the turn of the new millennium. It has only progressively gotten worse now that the terrorists have won the war. You are talking something that would be in the courts for the next few decades and would probably never succeed because the powers that be wouldn’t want such. Good luck finding people committed to standing by that cause. The average attention span of people these days is 8 seconds… (That is actually a fact) Goldfish have an attention span of nine seconds!


            ROFL!!! WE – the thinkers and debaters that read long articles (or read in general) and follow up on comments for days after (or at least think about anything using consideration and logical processes)… are an obsolete dying breed friend. Many are just irrational beasts led blindly by emotional reactions.

            It’s really sad.

          • salute!

          • because that is what’s right, said the parasitical life form.
            Age 15, let high school, joined the Marine Corp, 6 years there paid th sum of $19 monthly

            Combat landings on two continents,

            Went into Lebanon in 1958 with 3rd Batt 2nd marines to bring out American Civilians, primarily women and young children, who were beaten raped and robbed for the crime of being barefaced in the streets.
            Went into Libya in 1960, 3rd batt 2nd marine and the British 4.0 Commando, same deal exactly
            Left there went to Cuba, spent 21 days floating off Havana waiting to see if we were going in after Russian Nukes
            Went to Vietnam spent 22 months.
            Came home to Rockford Il, spent 6 years working 9:30 pm to 7:00 am and going to school days.
            Finally got the Mechanical Engineering Degree.
            Started a business, spent 13 years working 70 to 90 hour weeks, before the business took off.
            My wife did the administrative and sales work, while rearing 2 boys in an 8×8 room next to her office, until they were old enough to go to school.
            Now, I make a lot of money, I would cheerfully pile in my front yard and burn it before I would give a penny to low life parasites.
            I make a lot of money now and I spend most of my time looking to buy something that would please my wife, she earned it.
            I most sincerely hope that you and all of the parasites like you die in the streets from starvation.
            Be careful with the law, insist that the law be carried out, that is all that saves you scum.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            We are honored by your service and sacrifice Marine! Semper Fi!

          • Thank you Gunny, always an honor to get a thank you from a MGySgt

          • Thank you for sharing. Now I understand a little better; both your view and you. Thank you, really, for your openness with a blood sucking parasite, I mean probably hard to do. Congratulations on your life’s accomplishment, obviously you are resilient, diligent and tenacious, you have earned what you have on sweat and sacrifice. Very admirable. You’re very caprionic. If I there I would take you and your wife to dinner …I would sit at another table so your blood pressure doesn’t become problematic.

          • Liberal dem bloodsucker, there is no set of circumstance that would induce me to knowingly be in the same building with you.
            I hate you, I hate the people like you.
            Were you lying on a river bank, burning, I would pull a folding chair up beside you and watch, with glee.

          • LMFAO! You must be related to Sen. Prescott Bush who donated the gas chambers at Auschwitz. Perhaps you have a touch of the evil Dulles blood in your veins ? Did you assist he and Poppy with the coup in Dallas? No, no you’re more like Dick(how appropriate) Cheney who’s Nazi/fascist fraternity gave us 9/11, Dick made 40 million while he and the “project for a new American century ” watched the bodies burn in their demolition style implosion of the Trade Center. I can only imagine the parties at your home when Dubya and the boys murdered the great Senator Paul Wellstone and America’s son John Kennedy Jr. I guess you won’t be inviting me to your “Orlando in the Moonlight Buffet”… too bad, I have new sandals, bold stripe JCPenny elephant bell jeans and rainbow suspenders I have been saving for a special occasion just like this. I can bring my guitar and a bongo player if you change your mind. The attainments of the earth are temporary, eventually it all ends up buried in the ground which was once pristine. Fascism is ugly and icy hearts seem appropriate to serve its goals. Many grow weary and bored with ugliness, hate, bigotry, racism, hawks, selfishness , guns, tanks and war toys and the abuse of our environment to make another fucking dollar; tired of attacks on personal rights as well as a total lack of a consciousness. The only truly valuable treasures are intangible, invisible. Its what’s outside of us that makes us human but what is within that makes us human beings. In the words of our President to our Vice President, “Thanks Joe, for not shooting anyone in the face during our time together.” Water’s strength comes from its softness, its gentle unawareness of its importance which it gives, shares freely.

          • W and he boys murdered, eh?
            You liberal dem bloodsucking parasites are without merit, worth, value, morals, honor or integrity.
            My suggestion kill yourself, you are taking space and air that could be utilized by a decent human being
            We will take your body out into the Arizona desert and as your body decomposes, and enriches the soil of the desert, finally you will have a measure of worth.
            I suppose that you won’t you can’t help it.
            You are a verbose vain arrogant little life for,

            Thank Gods for the Founders of our nation they made provision for ticks like you over 200 years ago.

          • Spelling mistakes merely make people look at your posts and smile.
            Only in people, not so much on liberal dem bloodsuckers.
            Isn’t that interesting, you continue to use Hitler as a denigration and he is one of the few people that agree with you on gun control., they all agree with you on gun control.
            Hmm ?

          • I understand Sarge. I have lived it. Not many can build a business and be part of it and run it with pride. It used to bother me how people talk but I have a good full comfortable life. When people try to degrade what you have it tells me they dont.

          • The common core is a corrupt education system that doesn’t care about the mistakes like President Lincolns religion listed as “liberal” My employee that couldn’t read or write was a graduate of the Detroit public high schools. My wife taught him in three months. and he is now taking his masters test for to become an electrical contractor. He came to my as a young black who was given all the special programs. If they were so great why did they fail and my wife succeed? He is now married and owns a home has children that all call me grampa. I had nothing more than high school and went on to make my millions and provide many with a way to success. I have a proven track record with many journeymen and masters I have trained. i didn’t need the degrees that would keep you warm for a few seconds fire when you are freezing. We will see if your education will keep you alive when this government collapses from the progressive crap.

          • That’s a great story ! Regressive opinion . If your fearful fairytale comes true an education can never be taken away, its permanent. Your concrete thinking is painful , why would I want to be alive in the world your mind is creating. I don’t really enjoy living in a body, its certainly overrated . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/09c2579716166419beebb9e6bec882578a61d14fc519300cd41445ef0706541b.jpg

          • So how will we change it ? With corrupt education that has been proven incorrect? The history is found flawed and biased. the math accepted by common core gives the student no support in the real world. Your path doesn’t educate or provide the methods to think logically. This is why I do not permit my offspring to attend public school for it served me poorly and others I know . it is why America has fallen to 43 in the world. Will you accept the blame?

          • For which we can thank Bill Gates. Amazing how many make themselves very rich and then seek ways to bring our country down. Guess they are on the fool’s aid. Common Core is meant to bring our students down to ignorance in everything and hence more easily controlled. Another reason why I gave up teaching along with nasty unions!

          • Well, I am a teacher with a life time certification which you can’t get any more because we have prejudiced teachers. I also minored in history and have OLD history books while you don’t have a clue and denigrating someone who has a lot more knowledge than us. I also have a Master’s.

          • Congratulations .

          • Then you are one of those responsible for the idiots our colleges are turning out in droves?
            LBJ was a big ol’ dirty as they come sonofabitch.

          • No, I provide tools to learn, students choose how they turn out in droves .

          • Wrong answer.
            They base opinions on the information taught & spoon fed them in the liberal indoctrination facilities.

          • So you are saying there are no conservatives intelligent or selfless enough to teach?

          • Nope.. it is WHAT they are taught …& HOW

          • You’re an educator ?

          • Once upon a time. And…
            Teachers run rampant in my family.;)
            They teach (my DILs) in private or Christian Schools.
            My sister was a College prof at WVU. in Morgantown, WVa.
            She was a democrat .
            We had many discussions, but she was still a dem when she died.

          • No choice had they not done that, the liberal dem bloodsuckers would have already destroyed the USA

          • Look how it has turned out with a colored pres. in there!

            Will take a rep. to get it better!

          • ….to move backwards ? It sure will. Its been a great 8, wish he could run again …maybe in 2020!

          • Our military fought and died to stop communism, marxism,( a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs ), and socialism; the same agenda the democrats are forcing on every sheeple in this country or should I say every deaf and dumb freeby grabber that believes freedom is free.

          • Johnson’s famous line quote, “We’ll have those Ni66ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years” by giving them welfare hand outs. Yeah, the Democrats are all for making slaves of the blacks. They’ve done it all a long.

          • Yeah he said a lot of things, even while he was on the can. The night before the fascist right wing coup in ’63 he said to his mistress, mother of son Steven, “Those Kennedys will never embarrass me again.” Millertrumpbarrondrumpf kind of reminds me of LBJ except he was a Texas rube and Trump a mafia rube; LBJ knew not to be a whiny little bitch in public. Both strong willed but Johnson had the experience for the office . LBJ however good he was at domestic issues and legislation the fascist rulers were in charge of military and foreign affairs which of course did a 180 with John Kennedy out of the way and Barron knows nothing of military /foreign issues. Both were/are mavericks in their own parties . At a rally last week Miller saw a man in the audience and said “There’s my African American !” See?

          • And the War on Poverty has really ruined America and created a bunch of lazies who are able to work but make more money on the dole.

          • Hilary even gave the Eulogy of the Grand Wizard KKK Byrd the longest serving Racist Democrat in Senate. But they like to fake pretend they are the Party of the poor (To Keep Them That Way) The Party of Blacks (Who they have held in poverty almost as long as they did Slavery) and the Party of Women ( Who President Bill Clinton has a proven track record) the Sexual Assaults and now we know he was a guest 28 times on the Lolita Express where he and other grown men RAPED young girls. That explains why the Women loving Democrats shot down the Anti-Human Trafficking Laws. The FBI Report that shows that JFK and RFK had Marilyn Monroe Murdered, At least Joe Dimaggio got to wish JFK to burn in hell.

          • RIGHT ON!!!

          • Actually, the DNC was created from the English Tories in the early mid-1800’s. The RNC came along a few years later. The RNC gave us the 14th amendment ONLY to make blacks real American citizens. The DNC fought tooth and nail and lost so they use freebies to continue the blacks on the plantations. However, I call them the 2 parties in 1 with the same goal of ruining America and handing it over to communism completely with Hillary.

          • My you liberal dem bloodsuckers are scared to death aren’t you compost heap?
            You already Hillaary the inept lying outlaw in the white House will go in front of a Grand Jury within 6 months of Trump taking ofice and all of your welfare and food stamps will go in 60 days.
            Iyt will be fun to watch you scum rioting and burning in the streets when they take your handouts

          • Anyone with half a brain and love for this country is scared that the ignorant masses might elect a fascist insane sociopathic pathological liar with the grace and diplomacy of his orangutan mother (no offense to mom or other orangutan who aren’t running for president ). From the Trumpmiller not a University recruiter’s manual written by Drumpfbarron himself: “Look for people with problems ; they make good targets.” Nice guy. Here’s the whiny little bitch building a business for personal profit off of other people’s pain. Now you tell me he wants to put old and disabled on the street with no money or food. Wow what mean, greedy selfish assholes. No one’s scared of Miller but of what a mentally ill egotist might try to do. He is an embarrassment to us all and to the intelligence of mankind. The world doesn’t need another of Prescott Bushes’ style Hitlers. If the Republican party doesn’t do what is the moral, ethical thing and bump Millertrumpbarrondrumpf at the convention then they truly have no love for the country or its people . I have never voted Republican but if they care enough to spare us this malignancy in our process I will vote for the legitimate Republican candidate just to say thanks. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4843b25323b28b6023e0ec360c69c21aa433169e30132bc1f6f6d97fdb9a2ad3.jpg

          • Lol liberal dem scumbag parasitical liar. the only question Here, when do we close off the borders on ours states, station marksmen at the bborder and kick back and watch you fing compost piles starve to death
            Americans, there are no Americans among the liberal dem bloodsuckers, you are all feces stacks.

          • The question is why, with 2 good neighboring countries would we purposely cause problems ? What you propose is first, antiquated and barbaric; a throw back to erecting log walls, coon skin caps and cannon balls to keep out the landlords of this continent. Secondly, this is a world now, bigger thinking, the constant expansion of the universe requires no borders, walls or flags . Jon Anderson of ‘YES’ 1989 song “Order of the Universe” …”There’s no thought for black and white; there’s no room for stars or stripes.” ; Louis Armstrong,… “one day in this ol world our only difference will be our personality.” You fight nature my friend and it will continue to change and expand with or without your agreement, you cause your own dismay by fighting what IS unstoppable, inevitable, evolutionary expansion of the mind and spirit .

          • We don’t have 2 good neighboring countries low life lying liberal dem bloodsucking parasite..
            Stop it, sure we will you leech c-sucker.
            We will separate ourselves from you and at that point you will get jobs, work, earn and pay your own way, or we will watch as you scum starve Personally I would prefer watching you starve as would most of the people paying the way for you ersatz life forms.
            it won’t bemuch longer.
            You ersatz life forms are trying to destroy the last best hope of mankind on this planet to live free.
            If you think that the 30 0r 40 million peopel that put their life on the line to keep this country going are going to allow you ersatz life forms to get away with you are insane.
            If you are determined to continue to try to do what you are trying to do, buy weapons and kevlar tick,. shortly, you will be needing it.

          • You don’t pay your own way. You participate in and benefit from many group services, or socialist programs: the military , fire department , schools, your mayor’s pay check , pig department , postal service; parks, street and highway departments; the library ; social security; all services that you ‘free load and leech upon. Isn’t it great, exciting to share and as a caring community help make OUR lives better ….the things we could create for ourselves using this group plan !!

          • You sound like the inept lying outlaw in the white house.
            Who exactly do you think pays my taxes you silly little parasitical life form.
            Wait, I suspectthat you parasitical scum have about 2 years, then you will be on your own Be fun watching you starve.

          • What we send out comes back, be careful of what you are creating . Peace to you and yours friend . Many Blessings .

          • If that is true, you liberal dem bloodsucking parasites have some things coming back to you that will be painful in the extreme.
            Personally , I look forward to the time when enough people simply acknowledge that we can no longer coexist with you leeches and close off the borders.

          • See Baltimore. Democraps have been running that ghetto for 50-60 years. When the funds ran out, the democrap freeloading POS rioted. The claimed Police Brutality but, we closer to the situation know that wasn’t the case, here.

        • Susan and her democrap comrades better hide when TRUMP wins the White House. There will be a cleanup of un-American activists.

          • That’s the problem with you conservative nitwits. The Constitution is sacred when it comes to the Second Amendment and your precious guns. But you conveniently forget about the other amendments you don’t particularly like, such as free speech… freedom of assembly… freedom from unlawful searches and seizures… freedom FROM religion. In spite of evidence to the contrary, Herr Trumpf is running for PRESIDENT, not EMPEROR.

            The good news is that he doesn’t have a chance in Hell of actually being elected because the majority of the American people can see that he’s a psychopathic liar, a total narcissist, and a fraud.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            I’m on the left-ish side of the (far-ish) right side of the fence and I agree with most of what you are saying. Even if the delivery is abrasive (I thought Liberals were against offending others.?.?.Even wanting laws passed saying so.) I wouldn’t say so much that “conservative nitwits forget” about the other amendments but more-or-less cling to the parts that they feel most appropriately represents them in their lifestyles and situations. I also see “leftist hippies” do the same exact thing in just as great a frequency. The problem is, that neither side is okay with that and both hate each other for their free expressions… Thusly proving all have missed the point of the founding documents completely.

            Kind of like how Christian teachings contradict Jesus’ teachings, Americans contradict the foundation of these United States. Should start calling it the “Divided States.” We are probably nearing the level of division that led to the Civil War. 150 years from now people will lie about our conflicts to push their agendas then too! LOL! The irony…

            Americans should be able to say what they want and be as offensive as they feel is necessary to convey their freely expressed point of view. Regardless of how much this offends you personally, as an American citizen, you should respect their point of view as their own and if it is something you disagree with – move on. The problem I see with both sides is that they cling so viciously to their beliefs that they feel everyone else must be as they wish them to be… and THAT ironically, is the most un-American one can be.

            We have created an atmosphere loaded with extremism and bigotry and in effect eliminated almost any chance of a medium ground.

            I must say a Clinton win will also be scary on the opposite extreme of the spectrum. Again we are faced with deciding which turd we believe we can polish greater.

            Maybe we should just shoot both of them and go without for a term. That would be the ultimate protest.

          • Thank you for a thoughtful reply and not the usual screaming, threatening and name calling I’ve come to expect on this website.

            I was merely reacting to the post that said that liberals better hide when Trump gets elected because “There will be a cleanup of un-American activists.” That’s one of the most un-American statements I’ve ever read and that’s why I responded the way I did. I still have faith that the American people aren’t actually stupid enough to elect a total asshole like Donald Trump to be our President… but you just never know about these things.

            It’s a matter of perception. The problem is that FOX “News” started us down the road of totally biased reporting that has escalated over the years… and the left has fought back with their version of events on networks like MSNBC. My degree is in Journalism and I was taught that you report the story as fairly as you can. Somewhere along the way that concept has been tossed out the window and the entire country is paying the price.

            I would much rather have seen Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee. I know the far right considers him a Communist… which he certainly isn’t… but he’d make a far better President than either Clinton or Trump. At least Bernie has a plan to take back America from Wall Street and the big banks and raise the minimum wage which will definitely help the economy.

            I also have a huge issue with conservatives talking like they’re the patriots and liberals are communists… which is total horse shit. I’m a Navy veteran and I own five guns, which I would gladly use to defend my home or my country.

            And finally… the whole notion that liberals are spending all the money on welfare programs is completely wrong. You can look this up on the Internet if you want to… the blue states almost all pay more in federal taxes than they get back each year, while the hard-core red states down South get back far more federal dollars than they pay in. Those are the facts… even though conservative propaganda says the opposite.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Thank you for your service brother!

            I was in the 22nd MEU BLT 1/6 and spent a lot of time working with the Seabees (and NCRs) in OIF and OEF. I still love all you fleeters too. Carting my ass safely all over the parts of the world God stopped caring about after Jesus was nailed to the cross. Spent some time with the USS Bataan’s ARG in the Arabian Sea and the USS Fort McHenry (escorted by the USS Ponce and HSC-22) in the Persian Gulf. So, again, thanks for your service – me, my wife, and my two children have a life dept to the NAVY. (as well as everyone that never served in any armed force and enjoys the freedoms, comforts, and choices the US offers them, “you’re welcome” all you 11pm arm-chair generals out there… LOL!)

            I can agree with most of what you state here as well…

            I am a HUGE Bernie fan too! There is a BIG difference between Communism and “social democracy” – which if you look at the core doctrines of social democracy it is closer to the vision of the founding fathers than this neo-reformist corporatocracy crap that we have had for the last decade and a half. At least it is “by the people, for the people.” Also the fact that people cite the failures of “socialism” (when they really mean communism – since there has NEVER been a truly socialist state in world history – ergo, no failures or successes to cite) when talking about Bernie is supposing that he, by himself, will change the entire government infrastructure of the nation single handedly… Which, short of a coup d’etat and ensuing war, is next to impossible and any reasonable minded people should realize that Vermont is not a “communist state,” therefore, Bernie Sanders as president will not make a “communist red America.”

            It simply doesn’t work that way – and if he did try – in reality, he’d get dead fast.

            Those that can look at the current state of things, and say this is a democratic republic – “by the people for the people,” led by “We the People,” are sadly mistaken. General George Washington’s dreams and Lincoln’s hope that “may she never perish” have sadly been trampled by globalist nonsense long before our times. (although worsened by some in our time)

            The fact is that our system needs several balances and honestly a “Republican controlled,” and/or “Democrat controlled” federal government never works right for us as a whole anyway! The idea that we are all fighting for “our party’s win,” is rubbish. We should be voting for the person/people we think can run this country most effectively, play well with one another, address real issues, and fix as many problems as possible. Booting out the multi-national banking cartels and auditing the Fed, Fort Knox, the IRS, and Wall Street are necessary steps to begin repairing these issues. After that fixing the economy becomes much more realistic an endeavor. These things haven’t been done properly in over 50 years!

            That is ridiculous when you and I have to report our earnings to the penny every year or face the consequences, yet those manipulating and wielding the sword of consequence are held at a self-imposed hypocritical standard. The other thing we need to audit is licensed private contractors (like Halliburton) who are robbing the nation’s coffers blind. Then foreign traders that sell in the US – you would have no idea how many computer parts I have ordered from China, Thailand, S. Korea, India, and Japan that were mailed to me illegally (typically as a gift or family member) bypassing US Customs and therefore not properly paying their taxes. Honestly, almost every one of those wholesalers you find on Alibaba and Ebay do it. Think of how much damage that does in the long run and how many millions of Americans purchase from them (considering that you can get the same products for 20% to 50% average cost).

            I recently read an article in Forbes about these three Wall Street bums that stole and estimated $300 million digitally and encrypted their wire transfers to BitCoin. They were caught red-handed, but were only made to return 10% and make a public apology!? (an apology that no one heard because only Forbes and Associated Press readers heard of the story at all) While teenagers go to jail for a $20 bag of pot, an old lady for lack of payment on a speeding ticket, and Walter Scott is gunned down for non-compliance of a law enforcement officer. Somewhere our priorities got really messed up. Petty criminals fill prisons while murderers, gang members, corrupt politicians, celebrity criminals, national traitors, and “white collar” criminals walk. Moral of the story – if you are going to commit a crime, make it freaking HUGE and you may just be pardoned. At least that is what I take away from it. Not exactly what I call “liberty and justice for all.”

            You know, as I mule over your response, you hit the nail on the head about the biggest issue America faces multiple times and even after stating it yourself – many times, in different manners, you may have still missed it…

            Conservative, Liberal, Red State, Blue State, Republican, Democrat, the Left, the Right, etc… All one people in one nation. The lines are an imaginary and divisive delusion.

            The fact that we get this abominable choice between two numbskulls, that NONE of us can ever quite seem to stand (or understand how they ended up elected) for president is because we are allowing the RNC and DNC to host these closed debates on network channels that are partisan and slanted instead of having neutral parties host debates and hire neutral hosts to grill these bastards with real hard questions about our current state of affairs. Solution – all network access to a singular debate in each state, all candidates participate in a bipartisan debate and get “speed round” styled questions with a two minute limit for answers. No loopy talk or political jargon allowed – straight answers. If there are too many candidates to make it feasible, internet voting will be available and hosted by Google (appointed neutral third party known for honest dealings) to whittle it down to eight candidates, four for each party. Two minutes for each question, online polling available for America to decide if the answer was acceptable or not, if they answer acceptably they get a point. If they interrupt another candidate they lose a point. Have them debate in the 25 most populated states first. The losers get eliminated then and the number is reduced to two candidates for each party. The lesser populated states then get the opportunity to whittle it down to the final two. Then we hold our election with the normal final procedure. 100% democratic process, we all have our say, we can only blame ourselves if we chose a douchebag.

            The current incarnation of the debates these days are a joke. The whole game seems thrown from the start. There is no fair betting on your guy winning because it seems like the winner was chosen before the game began. It seems like Carter and Reagan were the last “elected” presidents in this country and they scared the institution so badly that ever since everyone was some insider shoe-in Washington careerist. (Although Bill Clinton may have been one hell of a curve-ball) Also, the “power” of the average American’s candidacy choices and vote has been all but negated by the delegates and electoral college. The electoral college (Art. 2 Sec. 1 US Constitution – our Congressional republic which is appointed and consisting of no senator or congressman) is supposed to represent the will of the people’s vote (our democracy) in active protection of the sustainability of our liberties (rights and freedoms). When the electoral college directly defies the votes cast in it’s region to choose who they personally feel is best suited, without weighing first the people’s choice, they corrupt our national process. Today they seemingly tend to defy more than not which leads me to believe that our government has been hijacked by a rogue establishment. That could be the radical skeptic activist, the scientific logic, philosophic reason, or maybe the outspoken minister in me talking, but it is what it is.

            As far as insult hurtling – you can find that on liberal forums just as much as conservative ones. Believe me, when I stroll through one and lay down a little common-sense style logic or scientific research statistics – I get the Nth as well. Not because what I am saying is illogical or incorrect, but because I am immediately viewed as an enemy instead of a concerned neighbor trying to offer objective insight when I feel the topic of conversation is completely off target. Same for you here. We need to combine our logic and un bi our partisans. Too many get caught up on issues like guns, abortion, race, and who should be sexing up who, without considering the grand view of American civil rights, while in the meantime, HUGE issues skip right past unnoticed. EVERY SINGLE WEEK OF EVERY YEAR FOR DECADES! That is poor and though the media fuels the divisive fires for ratings, WE are to blame for not DEMANDING better and holding the entire system to a higher standard. Nope, we keep settling for Jerry Springer grade “entertainment.” Something as important as politics has become trash TV for the sake of ratings. May as well just hire Jerry, Howard Stern, Steve-O, and Montel to host debates. They can be critiqued after by Oprah, Dr. Phil, Simon Cowell, and Maury Povich. What the hell right!? Idiocracy anyone?

            Yet again, I must reiterate, that the right wing and left wing truly aren’t all that different from one another (and we are all angry and fed up) – once open discussion and debate is struck between rational minds. In the end we are both wings of the same great American eagle. We need to learn to better cooperate and steer this bird in the right direction. We are plummeting towards the Earth fast and will soon reach critical impact because each wing wants to flap it’s own way — and it will NEVER work correctly like that.

            On that one – I blame our own selfishness… and if we manage to self-destruct, maybe we deserve what we get for allowing it to get this way in the first place.

            [sorry for the epic rant but you seem like one who can intellectually handle my psycho babble]

        • The illegals don’t have any citizenship status to lose, at least not of this country.

          • So you think R does not exist? Ask me. I was sued for passing Government exam test in the Department of Corrections. At trial the attorney for Corrections said: Look his Black; he cannot even talk – he cannot pass these exams. Luckily I was lucky the judge stopped the attorney. Do you know the attorney was a White female? She had forgotten or did not know before 1964 females were treated as 2nd class people; just like Blacks. So racism is still alive even among the educated.

          • I never said a word about racism existing or not existing. I only mentioned the fact that you can’t take citizenship away from someone that doesn’t have any in the first place.

          • No they don’t and they are invaders on our soil which is an Act of War! Deport them all down to 3rd generations because they are leeches. It was figured out that stopping the freebies, and no remittances sent to Mexico and elsewhere the total saved would be 7 billion and more than enough to build that TALL wall, and open jobs up for our legal citizens. Go, Trump!

          • I agree fully.

      • Now, talk to me about the Clinton oullaw liberal dem bloodsucker
        half 0f you scum want her to run even if she is indicted, sorry, we will stick with Trump, scrub

      • Susan, maybe Hillary and Trump can be cell mates? You have a lot of lies posted here. Probably it would be better for you to share Hillary’s cell. After all, she’s a lesbian.

      • Susan, can you actually back up your accusations with facts? Did you get a sneak peak at the charges? Or are they based totally on what a bias news media and democratic campaign wish to sway public opinion?
        Hillary is also looking a RICO charges over the Clinton Foundation money laundering activities. She is under FBI investigation into her e-mail. So what is her answer to all this? Denial, lies, and cover up.
        Unlike Trump, whose records will be open for public consumption, Hillary’s records will not see the light of day. Even now the State Department is attempting to seal all records of the e-mail scandal until after the election or further seal them for 75 years.
        Maybe you should be concerned about what the White House and the State Department are attempting to hide, rather than whether Trump is the villain the media and democrats want us to believe.

        • She spewing propaganda from left wing anti Trump sites like Redstate etc. I called her on it. We’ll be seeing a lot of this through out the GE…but notice these same “concerned” Constitutional conservatives (cough) throw it all at Trump but NEVER calls anything out on Hillary and if you mention her they go back to bashng Trump

      • I’ll stick with Trump over the lying, criminal no ethics Hillary thank you. The Rico charges will go nowhere-just another witch hunt by the liberal establishment bent on destroying America.

        • You’ll stick with the pathological lying, criminal no ethics Drumpf, Miller, Trump, Barron over Secretary Clinton who has been victimized by Reich wing witch hunts bent on a fascist agenda.

          • Tell us more low life lying liberal dem bloodsucker you scum are simply that, scum, it’s easy to understand why you walking talking compost heaps are AKA American Jihadists, you will countenance/support any lie, any cheat, anytheft to advance your ideology.

      • The biggest ongoing criminal enterprise that needs prosecution is the Clintons. They have avoided prosecution because of political connections, the sudden death of 47 witnesses, and pay for play.
        Racist, the Clintons live in a town that is 3% black unless you count the domestic labor. Bill and Hilary have made a living off conning the public. Especially females , such as yourself, that have cranial rectal impaction.

        • See Mena Airport where Clinton’s imported tons of cocaine while he was governor. Reports indicate Hillary was addicted. Before she enters White House – piss-test her.

      • Most people on this site are racists and bigots. You know why? They were raised to put down Blacks and other racial minorities. Fortunately only 40% of them are alive. That gives me comfort that Hillary will he elected as President of this Big USA.

        • Funny since the Republican Party was created to stop slavery. It looks like your history, is well, wrong.

        • You can always tell wjen a liberal dem bloodsucking compost heap has nothing to say, but feels compelled to say something, they trot “racist” out.
          It used to be , it was “Bush did it’, people laughed at them so much they stopped that.

          • That’s all they got.

          • Those were good Repubs and TPs. Not now. Do you know Repubs and TPs in Wisconsin sued be for passing Dept. of Corrections exams? They presented in state court that a Black man could not pass the exams. The state judge told them to knock it off.Now you see how Repubs and TPs behave these days. They are jealous that Black people have caught up with Repubs and TPs.

          • Still don’t get it do you liberl dem bloodsucker?
            You still think that this is about politics.
            Buy weapons, garbage.

        • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

          pmbalele—- Was you born this STUPID are did you have to work to get it.

        • The Republican president Lincoln not only stopped slavery but he made all the African slaves American citizens with the 14th Amendment. Learn your history, the Democraps have been trying their best to hold black man down and created ‘affirmative-action’ as the tool.

      • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

        Susan—-You are a good example of why God put men in leadership, and intended for women to care for the children and home.

      • How about a link to all this? On the pathological lying of H. Clinton, here one of dozens of links, no need to make you guess. http://byteboy.wordpress.com/2008/04/06/list-of-ten-hillary-clinton-lies/

      • Susan, research Clinton’s involvement with for-profit Laureate educational system. Bill and Hilary were paid millions off-the-books.

      • You’re flat out wrong and have blindly gobbled up the propaganda coming from the mainstream media…I saw these same accusations on FB on a different page. The so called “info” is coming from an anti-Trump web site…wise up.

      • (And it couldn’t happen to a nicer person.) Only if it happened to Jack azz Hillary, Obama, Bill, Reed,……….

      • Wow… you are the perfect democrat!!!!
        You should check your “facts”.
        They are in error.
        Hopefully, killary is who will go to prison.
        At least long enough to get a gallows constructed. hussein & cronies with her.

      • You’re right.Trump is now a sinking ship after several gaffs. In fact, even moderate Repubs and TPs are running away from Trump. As owner of a business, I like Trump. But he was raised as an ignorant boy. Just imagine what he is talking about handicap, Blacks and women – Kelly bleeding from her stuff! Now he had put himself in trouble bashing a Mexican-American federal judge for trying to put in prison for Rico at Trump university. I am sorry for Trump. Trump is done. He should wait another 8 years to run. Now it is Hillary turn.

      • There are NO RICO charges against Trump. Go investigate what RICO is. Spouting nonsense reflects back on you. I worked in law and I know what is RICO. We were so lucky in CA to have a Democrat senator finally in prison for RICO.

    • Well said and unfortunately true.

    • The new Collective Bargaining Agreement for the NFLPA union and the owners was almost voided by the NFLPA when the owners insisted that when the players called each other ‘Nigger’ there would be a flag (15 yard penalty) and a fine.

    • The judge is also associated with La Raza.

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        • Ken Dometriosis .

          fuck you sharon, you spamming cunt!

          • I understand your disagreement but not your vile,and unacceptable tirade over
            another persons posting. Everyone has a right to post their opinion, agreed with or not.
            Nobody has the right to call vulgar names in trying to assert themselves as you have.
            If you met this person face to face, it is doubtful you would have the nerve to use this kind of foul language. So, clean up your act, be a gentleman and respectful, even to those you disagree with. Now that is “class!”

    • And the judge has publicly said he wanted to ruin Trump, and he is a member of the La Raza Attorneys which means these attorneys are also against America because that is what La Raza signifies. Lived in Mexico for years. We need to rid this country of these alien groups pronto. Vote Trump for our freedom and our country.

  2. Trump is using the racist card for political reasons. This judge was assigned this case over a year ago. If Trump wasn’t running for president this never would have come up. If this judge was biased Trump’s lawyers would have appealed for the judge to recuse himself. But they didn’t and the lawyers have said that the judge is just doing his job. If Trump”s lawyers thought the judge was being unfair they would have appealed. Trump is not getting his way so he has to attack someone who can’t defend himself. Let the Trump unraveling continue and his numbers keep dropping.

    • “Trump is using the racist card for political reasons.” ……As if Bozo and Democommies (including Hitlery) don’t do that on a regular basis…

    • Anyone associated with La Raza is a problem as a judge, period.

    • Look at the Judge’s history of ACTIVISM; judges are suposed to AVOID. All appearances of impropriety and bias, this guy is off the charts on bias toward illegals and open borders just by being a member a member of La Raza which is notrious for their activism for these causes and voting rights for illegals. Couple this with his association with the appointment of the law firm that represents the class action and bias is apparent. Recusing himself is the right thing to do. How do you maintain the appearance of propriety when you a cheerleader for Trump’s opponent in the presidential race? Once again the DONALD is on the mark, however inelegantly he has done it. A bit crude, but eminently LOGICAL.

    • What”
      Not going to scream “Bush did it”, liberal dem loodsucker”
      A walking talking compost heap talking about some one using something for political reason.

    • You ever get tired of sounding stupid wetback?

  3. Once again thinking people have allowed the corrupt media and the Democrat machine to shape the dialog into something it’s not.

    Mexican is a nationality, not a race. Trump may be a nationalist but certainly his remarks are not racist.

  4. Might as well be “Racis” ALL the Minorities HATE Us! Hate ’em Back!!

  5. Only idiots give “the R word” any power or those who use it any credence. In our society today, it’s a badge of honor.

  6. Today, the term racist is used as a hammer to defend people like Obama when there is nothing else to defend them or their policies. When the fact that the majority of crimes in a certain area are committed by blacks is pointed out everyone gasps that that is a racist statement, even when it is a statement of fact. When someone points out that they don’t like a certain politician the immediate defense from the left and the Main Stream Media is that you must be a racist, even when you point to policies that are blatantly wrong. When you point out that coming to this country by violating ourclaws makes uou an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT the left and the Main Stream Media start screaming racism even thought illegal immigrant isn’t a race.

  7. I’m going to start calling Democrats the Party of Pedophiles. That Hilary is a Pedo. And when they accuse me of trying to ruin Hilary’s life I will remind them that I did not call her a racist. By the way you can no longer use the intended meaning of racist, because Obama is a RACIST according to that definition.

    • No, Bill is the ‘Pedophile’ with Hilary’s help (see Mena airport cocaine deliveries originally for Hilary’s habit and Bill’s turning 14-year-old Arkansas cheerleaders into cocaine prostitutes.

  8. You can always tell when a liberal dem bloodsucker or a Rino run out of anything to say, that’s when the garbage start to yell racist.
    It used to be, “Bush did it” but people laugh at the scrubs now, that is the thing to when the liberal dem compost heaps start their bs.

  9. The “R” word is a favorite word of the uneducated punks of the world.

    • I believe it is their ONLY word actually…

    • The democaps have been using ‘Racist’ to lead the ignorant masses to the polls for their power and gaureeted voter-block. Unfortunately, the ignorant masses can not be depended on to vote and the direct reason the democraps want open immigration to harvest more dependent voters.

      • People have been asking why obama is flooding the United States with dangerous, uneducated, and sick immigrants. The motivation is not Love. A great example is California. Flooded with the uneducated, lowly paid, poor people that depend on the government. That is guaranteed votes for the democrats. And they will keep lying and lining their pockets to the bank. And that great State of California has lost many of its Constitutional Rights.

  10. The judge is a member of a Lawyers Association that has LA Raza in it’s name…
    enuf said….i taught school in Los Angeles and it was amazing how the adults identified with Mexico and Mexicans
    not like folks from Ireland, Greece, Poland, Korea, Japan these people identified as Americans with a heritage of the “home” country BUT Americans firstl…


    Tell that to the nut that said a rape p[pregnancy was gift from God.

  12. Ah, the dreaded “R” word. Utter it and your enemy is suppose to be reduced to a sniveling idiot. You dare disagree with someone you are a racist.
    We have given that word more power than it deserves and in knee jerk fashion have gone so far as to further define it as a “hate crime” designed to favor one particular race of people only.
    Just when are we going to stop being so stupid and politically correct?

  13. jUST A COMMUNIST TACTIC TO BULLY THEIR OPPOSITION into submission! Racist this!

  14. Well the way the word is bandied about, so easily, so hatefully, so abruptly, so unfairly and for financial and personal gain you’d think it was a weapon. You can thank the great divider in chief in the Oval Office. Since the first day of his presidency it’s been used as the first slap in the face for anyone of lighter complexion that disagrees with his policies and philosophy. To me it’s become another weapon in the arsenal of liberal socialist fascists to demean and degrade fellow citizens for their own gain. Gone are the days of freedom of speech, when you could speak your mind and philosophy without hateful reprisal of condemnation or civil lawsuit. Gone are the days of I may not agree with what you say or stand for but, I respect your right to do so.

    • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

      You are just a racist Tom! LOL!

      I’m sorry, but “socialist fascists?” The combination of words cancel each other out. You mean communist fascists? Socialist fascists is like – freely imprisoned or seeing through the blindness… a democratic dictatorship. Sorry I am a total grammar Nazi. HAHA!!! I’ve been called a racist for that!

      Everything is racist now! Do you like watching gay butt sex? No? Racist! Do you pray to strange foreign gods? No!? Racist! Do you like trying to order something important from someone that barely speaks your language? No!? Racist! Do you feel foreign beliefs and religions should be forced on your children when they can’t practice their own? No!? Racist!

      You’re a racist, I’m a racist, anything white, conservative, republican, law abiding, Christian, tax paying, hard working, educated, informed, self-made, or anything in between is completely racist!

      The fact is, no one knows what the definition of the word is anymore… which is, the oppression of or discrimination against a person or persons of another race because you believe your race is superior (paraphrasing).

      • It looks like it may be more redundant than opposites. Fascism is a Socialist system, with the state owning or controlling the major means of industry and production. Both decide they can spend your money better than you.

      • Sempur Fidelis brother!

      • Over use of ‘Racist’ by democraps has watered down any real meaning.

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          Yeah, what they typically mean is “prejudiced,” not racist because they apply it to issues not related to racial supremacy quite often. Then sometimes they mean “bigoted,” not racist, because you may vehemently disagree with their ideologies. Yet, other times it can be used as a replacement word for terms like stubborn, one-sided, unfair, unjust, ignorant, and a myriad of other substitutions. It is the erroneous use of the word that dilutes it’s effectiveness in appropriate conversation.

          Learning to understand liberal linguistic mannerisms 101. LOL!

          Next time we will discus the fallacy, non-facts, and the act of petitioning to ignorance. ROFL!

    • Intellect Terrorism.

  15. Of course the judge has set Trump up. He’s against everything republican, he wants the illegals to have an open border, he’s democrat and he’s pushing Hillary Clinton. You notice nobody in the legal profession has demanded that Clinton release her documents on the promises to Wall Street, for the $350,000 they paid her.



  17. Millertrumpfbarrondrumpf attacks those, like a judge, who cannot respond,

    • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

      Whaaaa…?…? Why can a judge not respond?

    • Can’t respond liberal dem bloodsucking compost heap?
      Why is that?
      Is the judges mute”

      Is he uneducated and doesn’t know how to write
      Perhaps he has no computer.
      Kill yourself low life you are garbage

      • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)


      • Its a rule of the law.

        • You are a low ;life lying liberal dem bloodsucker.
          He can’t comment on the case, he can say anything else he likes, lying scum bag.

          • Call your lawyer and ask, I did.

          • You are still lying low life liberal dem bloodsucker, soon we are shut of you scum and watch you starve to death.

          • Words of unity from a compassionate regressive republican .

          • Nope, not unity scumbag, allowing you scum to starve to death, is an act of kindness, you walking compost heaps have no valid reason to be alive and live a life of no value.
            Kill yourself scum bag, be kind to yourself, why stretch out the misery?

          • You’re a hoot Gerald ! I always enjoy talking with you, your a funny guy. Its pretty exciting that an economic socialist won 22 states isn’t it? There are more liberals in the country than we thought. Senator Sanders has set the future of our government . What a great job he did. He didn’t win the nomination but he’s already won the future. Bernie has given us a set of real values and showed us that we can create for our country the jewels created by other civilized peoples by sharing with and caring for each other, like you and me. The young people who were hearing with their hearts the words of a wise man, they think in terms of equality in all things a shared investment for the good of the all. Social consciousness and environmentally responsible . Of course there are a few millennials who have a conservative thought process, holding on to family tradition but in my class seem not to know why, beyond FOX sound bites . I do my best to help them to know the process of government, their party and their own personal views and ethics. The millennials all seem to have a group knowledge of ‘what you send out comes back. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8b56c814e860aed6e79ed7d0b60df96fbf047060059ae707c395cdde087cddb6.jpg

          • Lol you liberal garbage are completely with merit worth, value, morals honor or integrity you will lie, cheat, steal and murder to advance your ideology, then like your Muslim counterparts, you feel justified because it’s in a good cause.
            So you like Bernie, eh liberal dem compost heap
            Well there is another socialist that will be available soon This guy is named Maduro, runs the socialist set in Venzuela, right now, you like the idea of 288% inflation do you.
            The best part about scum like you is nothing.
            2000 years history has watched as the quasi socialists/socialists/communists set up governments in an attempt to get a free lunch.
            2000 years history has watched as they took them down the tube.
            Still, every time an Obama, a Clinton a Maduro or Chavez or a Sanders come wandering down the lane, tootling on their flutes, you greedy, rapacious little rats run for the band wagon.
            You know we would like you scum better if you just admitted that you are lazy and greedy and incompetent, instead of talking about the good of mankind.
            Dec 2014 a poll showed that 11.4%of the people thought that their state, should secede from the union
            Dec 2015, th same poll showed that 23.9% of the people though that their state should secede from the union.
            I estimate that you liberal parasites have about 2 years left.
            Then the borders to the red states will be closed off, marksmen stationed there and shooting anything crossing illegally.
            Best start laying in survival food Liber bloodsucker, there will be nothing for you on this side.

          • Wait, are you a terrorist? You sound like a terrorist, inciting violence, threatening those you don’t agree with with death. You, sir, are a big reason why I’ll never vote for Drumpf.

          • The walking talking compost heaps like your self, just do well with reading comprehension do you scrub?
            Of course you won’t vote for Trump, he will expect you to work, earn and pay for what you want some one to hand it to you.
            Inciting violence?
            Shooting anything crossing the border, ILLEGALLY, get it, cretin?

          • My, how you do run on. You’re so charming I can hardly stand it. Thank you for your most interesting and enlightening comments.

  18. Because the ones that use that for the power have no personal worth in life and they are using it for that gain but they only get more stupid and worth less people so they never grow.

  19. It is the racist who screams the loudest about racism! They are psychologically fixated on “racism” such that everyone they see who looks different [there are no two individuals on the planet who are absolutely identical] must be a racist, because he looks different, talks differently, may think differently, or doesn’t agree with them on a particular issue! These poor folks are purely and simply “race-o-phobes” and therefore should be expelled from the human race . . . uh, you know what I mean! Right?

  20. A very wise black college professor over 100 years ago explained the purpose of what has become a universal war club today for both black and white peoples.
    “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy, and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. … There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.” — Booker T. Washington in his 1911 book, My Larger Education

    • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

      Citing history is racist! LOL!

      • Damn, I forgot about that one. Thank you Gunny for reminding me, and thank you for your service to our country.

        • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

          It was my honor… I find the whole modernist definition of racism to be laughable at best! Not that I disagree of it’s existence – only not as what is commonly defined.

          When I was a kid there were still a few (and there always will be) lingering racist families around the area I grew up in. By night they donned their sheets and burnt crosses on the front lawns of local black families that had caused some kind of trouble in the neighborhood. There were even a few violent acts where a group of them would patrol and beat the tar out of crack dealers and thugs, and YES they usually were confirmed drug dealers and gang members or their family members. There were ironically only one or two “unprovoked” instances of violence where they beat women or children (I say unprovoked because even if there is provocation, there is never a reason for hurting women and children unless you really are just a hateful, fearful, and evil person at heart). Also, our local police did very little to nothing against the groups doing this.

          THAT is racism and a racist system. The acts were carried out by a group of supremacists that thought their group was better. They over-inflated the issues, accused, and targeted another ethnic group for their neighborhood’s problems and carried out aggressive acts against them. Then they suffered no justice for their actions and were allowed to continue (and probably still do) their unlawful vigilantism because the legal system would not penalize them. This is a racist system. Today, iff KKK members or Neo-Nazis attack black families they will be arrested, go to court, and go to jail (the huge white supremacy movement in prisons is clearly evidence this is true). This is not racism or a racist system.

          What the Jews and Muslims do to each other in the Middle East and Africa is racism, even if it is religiously based. They are even going as far as making miniaturized “ethnic cleansing” attempts one village at a time. The Middle East is an excellent example of racism that has gone unchecked for too long. Also the Chinese/Vietnamese and their ill treatments of the Hmong people. To these groups the others are dehumanized. The African Rwandan and Burundi Tutsi and Hutu tribes are yet another. If slavery is your definition of racism then look at Mauritania, Chad, China, India, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Columbia, and again the Middle East. Slavery is still in full swing in these locations – they just don’t call it that.

          There IS racism in the US, just like sexism and other bigotries. However, it is not as big or as widely promoted as the media would have you believe – even if it is propagated often. The purveyors of these abstractions are few and far between (I mean in the US today, not internationally) and are not supported by the most US citizens.

          I think the biggest issue is that those who do not support it – also do not tend to be outwardly active against it. Those that are actively in opposition are offended that those who don’t support it are not fighting it. Therefore, they erroneously conclude the common fallacy logic that those who “do not fight against it, are secretly for it.” That is where the misconception becomes bombastically overwrought.

    • Hence, the dependent voting block created by and for democraps (ie. ‘Democrap Plantation’)

    • Yes, 100% correct. People like Sharpton, Jackson, obama actually PROMOTE the failure of blacks, by not preaching “they have the power” to do for themselves. They promote that it is up to “whitie” to somehow be less racist, be less privileged, and constantly help out the “weak” poor blacks. It sends the message of “no solution is actually possible”, and they keep the money coming in in payment “for their continued service and help” for blacks. While the black population has fallen even farther down the economical ladder, under obama.

    • There is a class of colored people that are downtrodden and beaten in their lives, but why aren’t the Sharpton’s and Jackson’s instead of pushing them further down give some of their money and create jobs and schools if they are so interested in helping the black race. But no, it is the Republicans that freed the slaves, have built schools and created jobs that the blacks are now to lazy to take, Sure, you may have to start out low but you can work your way up. If you prove to your boss that you can do the job and do it right you will work your way up and become one of the “Bosses”. If you sit on your ass at home and draw welfare and food stamps you will never feel like you have accomplished anything.

  21. The word is used ridiculously too many times by the Left and is to be ignored.

  22. Race is non existent amoung human beings because we are all from the same genetic pool!
    There are well over 40-various skin colors from research by young college students, who quit at 40th! Calling people names shows how very limited an individual is, for obviously they have no kmowlede of adjectives or other descriptions to use in order to display their objections. BUT the best way is to use the truth, actual facts, with details if at all possible. But most people have a very limited knowledge and vocabulary or so it seems to me when the same stupid and meaningless decriptive word is used over and over by just about everyone who is in disagreement.

  23. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    I hear people say N word R word F word and other letter words, can’t find them in the dictionary, people that use the letter words are self righteous people. If you are a Negro, but not a nigger, then the word shouldn’t bother you..
    If your not a racist, the r word shouldn’t bother you. I’m white and honkey–cracker and what ever else I may be
    called don’t bother me at all. In one ear and out the other.

  24. It’s funny that it’s the demos using the ‘R’ word so much. It was the demos who kept the South segregated for 150 years after a Repub freed the slaves. The demos were the KKK but NOW the demos need their votes so they lie their fool heads off and spend your taxes buying their vote.

    • It was also the ‘demos’ who did the right thing and righted those evils; Kennedy via Johnson and passed the Civil Rights Act . What’s actually funny is that every time you folks play this card you never finish the story. No matter the responsible society of 150 years ago the ‘demos’ did the moral thing and the ‘repubs’ still hanging out in 1866.

      • Lying fing lieral dem bloodsucking cretin, they passed it after all of the republicans voted for it you a-wipe the dems voted against it.

        • Yes lead by LBJ against a southern portion of the Democratic party, a bold act indeed. The House was 258 D, 176R the house vote was 290-130. The Senate was 63 D, 34 R the senate vote was 73-27. 70% of D and 82% of R was the senate breakdown. The great republican Mike Mansfield was instrumental and democratic Humphrey, managing the bill gathered enough votes to end the longest filibuster in history which had never before been accomplished.

          • You neglected to mention low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, the dems were doing the filibustering.
            Kill yourself liberal dem bloodsucker We will take your body out into the Arizona desert, as your body decomposes and sinks into the soil and enriches the ground, finally, you will be worth something.

  25. People don’t know the true meaning of “racist”…they use it liberally, no pun intended, because they know they can get by with it.

  26. Michael Dennewitz

    I can’t stand the asswipe next door and he’s from Ecuador, so I guess that makes me a racist, eh??

  27. The reason why the word is used, let alone has power, is because Democrats will constantly bombard us through the media with one nasty word after another. When one wears out or is exposed, they use another. There are no sorrier people—not even in prison waiting to be executed—than the everyday Democrat, willing to do anything to win political positions and destroy America. Democrats and Muslims are the Holy Bible’s Satan.

  28. According to one story I’m a racist simply because I was born white and, unfortunately, STAYED white (no coming out here). And according to the story I cannot do anything about my Racism. It isn’t that I actually hate anybody. It is simply my nature.
    WEll! If that’s the case then I need to file for protected status. I am a racist by birth therefore prejudices against me are uncalled for because I was born that way. Like Gays and lesbians!
    But of course the hatred against me is not aligned like that. The idea here is to declare white people enemies of the world. We need to be wiped out. Nazi Germany anybody…?

  29. Ryan is with a RACIST…the Pres. of the United States.

  30. Old, stale, overused, worn out, etc. Sometimes “Labels” work for a while, then they die from Boredom. “We” do not give the word importance, the Media does. It means little to “Us”, anymore.

  31. soldier for liberty

    It’s all corrupt our country is no longer just or moral! They all are bought and paid for and have a common goal for the destruction of America and our Republic! They are world communist WAKE UP AMERICA RISE UP!

  32. soldier for liberty

    We don’t need a wall we need armed troops !

  33. soldier for liberty

    They want to shut your speech down and disarm you so they can control you!

  34. soldier for liberty

    I’m voting for civil war 2017 let’s decide it once and for all!

  35. In my opinion, Donald Trump is not a racist, he is just saying he doesn’t feel he will get a fair ruling from that judge because the judge works with illegal immigrants, belongs to La Raza, has donated 1/2 a million dollars to the Clinton foundation. and does not want a wall at the U.S./Mexico border. If the Clinton’s didn’t have the foundation, everyone would have to limit their donations to the maximum amounts, this judge only donates to the democrats. I don’t blame Trump for wanting a fair ruling.

  36. freedomoutpost ken

    Everyone knows La Raza’s racist ideology and its plan for America. How could a Judge be a member of La Raza and pledge to defend the Constitution. He can’t.

  37. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    What about RACISM in Spanish and Spanish speaking countries, or here in the United States, for that matter? What about, why is everybody picking on DT? Because he is white and has red hair? Well, THAT is discriminating also. Blacks and Hispanics discriminate their own kind just as bad as anyone else, they use words like nigger and puto. The white media is too hypocritic and biased to report on it, because … they are afraid to be called RACIST.

  38. Ken Dometriosis .

    I dont know about the rest of you, but the actions, words and deeds of the filthy sub-human n*ggers,k*kes and other turd world, non-white scum MADE me a racialist!

    THEY were the ones who robbed me. They were the ones who attacked me. THEY were the ones who called me whitey, cracker, white devil, nazi, hater, bigot just for pointing out their own violent actions. THEY deserve all the hatred and violence towards them because after 180 years of freedom, free government food, medical, schooling, affirmative action and welfare they STILL rape, rob, steal, car-jack, deal dope and act like friggin ANIMALS! THEY all deserve to be exterminated from the face of this earth!
    RACISM is EARNED by they own actions and the sooner we whites get our balls and spines back and stand UP to those primates without fear or retribution, the better this earth will be!


      You are a simpleton. Every Black person did not attack you, but you are too simple-minded to tell the difference. Not all Black people are your enemy and not all White people are your friends.

  39. Back in 1960 my father took a job on the Texas coast. We moved from Kansas and lived there for two years. In the months between him moving down to start the job and the family following, he made friends with a man about his age (mid 30’s). His friend told him stories about going out at night with his father and uncle to hunt and lynch blacks. His stories were very vivid and troubled my father greatly. He choked-up and cried when he told the sanitized versions to my mother. Those stories have always been my measure of racism. To say we have made no progress or have gone back to those days, in race relations, is ludicrous. Now we want to talk about “micro aggression”. Give me a break. How far can this go? We should be dealing with real issues that affect the security of our nation. I fear a backlash to these absurd accusations of racism that will truly lead us back to the days my father’s friend described. We should be celebrating our victories as a nation while continuing to work on areas of inequality.

  40. Let’s try a New “R” word.
    Trump was, as usual, RIGHT.
    I am getting to the point where I do not much care for foreigners.

    Last night , in Orlando, 50 people were murdered, 53 wounded.
    This was last count I had, & many of the wounded are critical.

    Trump lawyers must demand this anchor baby judge be removed.
    We the people need to step up & make AMERICAS’ VOICE HEARD.
    Loud & Clear.

    Time we stand with Trump.
    Another “R” word. “Railroaded”
    That is what has been happening here.

    Romney needs to stop.
    I wonder just how much he has been paid to do what he is doing. A lot I imagine.

    I do not believe Trump is a danger to America & our people.
    He is a danger to the crooked politicians,,lobbyists &criminals.
    He is a danger to TPTB who ignore &attempt to invalidate not only Our Constitution, BOR, & to this illegal foreign occupying illegal, radical muslim, marxist, rogue regime.

    The only ones afraid are the corrupt.
    As for Black people?
    Wake up brothers & sisters.
    Pick up your pride, you have to break the lock on your cages.
    The democrats treat you like stupid animals.
    Even the dumbest dog will come when called if you give it food, shelter & then put it on a chain.
    Even a gilded cage is still a cage.
    Treat Blacks like they are not as intelligent. Make you BELIEVE it .
    I know some amazingly good, intelligent, talented & loving people , ..
    Did I mention they are….God forbid… BLACK?! (sarc)

    It is time for ALL AMERICANS TO STAND UP & Toss the filthy trash in DC. All across our Great Reublic.
    It is a persons’ Character, the color & content of your heart, .
    That is what makes the difference. That is what makes AMERICA.
    Mr. Trump advocates exactly these things.
    He will make a fine leader.
    Will again bring RESPECT (another R word, to this
    Our America, to the Office of POTUS.
    NO one else will.
    Sorry such a long & disjointed rant, but I HAD to vent!!?

  41. “We” don’t give it any power. It’s the MSM, liberals and Democommies who consider it worse than mass murder.

  42. Thumper said *I yam not a racist, Why, I don’t even know what a racist rapist looks like”

  43. I guess I am a racist , I don’t like gay’s,I don’t like wet backs ,I don’t like Muslims all of these lowlifes are draging our country down, they are leeches, they are generations of welfare dregs. I think they should be deported ,shot or something to rid our country of their presence

    • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

      ROFL! Yes, that would mean you are a racist… but, entitled to your opinions and beliefs.

    • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

      However, I admire you (regardless of your somewhat reprehensible comment) because AT LEAST you are intellectually honest with yourself and others about your feelings and willing to voice your opinion… Knowing others will have come-backs. That is what the freedom of speech is all about. Be yourself and to hell with what others think about it. Without such realization the “pursuit of happiness” is impossible.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Guess I’m racist too…I hate white people who whine like little babies because they think they’re being discriminated against when in fact they suffer from white privilege. Get over it, whitey.

  44. Donald Trump is not a racist! We the People love Donald Trump. Traitorous, Evil, Corrupt Hillary belongs in Prison.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      “We the People” only refers to liberals. White trash does not apply. Now go away you little bit.

  45. The word ‘racist’ has been overused and misused to such a degree that practically no one, save the media, even gives it any credibility.

  46. StupidConservativeValues

    Add “Failed presidential bid” to the below list of FAILED TRUMP ENDEAVORS:

    Trump Airlines
    Trump Vodka
    The Bankruptcies
    The Hair
    The Marriages
    Trump Mortgage
    Trump: The Game.
    The China Connection
    Trump Casinos
    The Middle East ‘Policy’
    Trump University

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