Why Democrats Shouldn’t Jail Trump

Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash

(PatriotNewsDaily.com) – Some Republicans argue that if the New York hush money case sentencing leads to former President Donald Trump being either sentenced to jail or home confinement it would act as a guarantee of a red wave in the 2024 presidential election. 

Judge Juan Merchan set the sentencing date for the trial to July 11th, only four days before Trump becomes the official GOP nominee during the Republican National Committee convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The former President was convicted on all 34 counts of falsifying business records.

However, there are some Republicans who have warned that if Trump is blocked from attending the convention because of the sentencing it could guarantee that the Republican party will win in the November general election. 

Rep. Derrick Van Orden (R-WI) told the Washington Examiner, that he believes the reason the Democratic Party is exercising caution is because if Trump is unable to attend the Convention they will have essentially elected him to the Oval Office. He added that he believes such a move would fire up the GOP base and make them unstoppable. He then pointed out that even independents would stand against this and say that it is not something they want, and it’s not the United States they want to live in. 

It is possible that during the sentencing Merchan might just impose a fine on Trump, or sentence him to home confinement, probation, or even four years in prison. His sentencing comes after a 12-person jury found him to be guilty in this case. 

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