Why Are Republicans Suddenly So Desperate to Save DACA?

It seems that barely a week goes by without congressional Republicans doing some foolish thing that makes us wonder: Just why in the hell did we bother voting last November? President Donald Trump is one thing – he’s clearly doing everything in his (limited) power to enact the agenda he promised us on the campaign trail. He hasn’t been a perfect president, but for someone with zero political experience and breathtakingly revolutionary ideas for what this country needs, he’s done a pretty damn good job.

On Congress, we cannot say the same.

After blundering the Obamacare repeal, finding every opportunity possible to come on TV and issue backhanded insults to the White House, and backing slowly (but surely) away from comprehensive tax reform – yes, just wait – they are now suddenly, energetically interested in saving President Obama’s DACA plan?

They DO know they won, right? They DO understand that the president this nation voted for is astoundingly anti-illegal immigration, right? So what is all this? Do they WANT their base to revolt…again? They aren’t still following the terrible advice of that infamous 2012 “autopsy” report, are they? Are they stubborn? Stupid? Or is this just the proof that Washington, D.C. really is the Uniparty that the most hardened skeptics believe it is?

House Speaker Paul Ryan, Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers – these are just a handful of the many Republican leaders who have come out with semi-hysterical statements insisting that this government MUST step in and save DREAMers from the fate of…of…

…of what?

The fate of deportation, in accordance with the laws Congress has passed?

Look, few Americans want to see these young immigrants rounded out of their jobs and deported back to some country south of the hemisphere, and President Trump has already made it clear that they are not going to be prioritized by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. But ultimately, this comes down to the basic question Trump asked again and again on the campaign trail: Are we going to have a country or aren’t we? If so, we need to enforce our borders and our laws. And that includes slapping down any president who tries to change those laws from the Oval Office. It wasn’t constitutional then and it hasn’t magically become constitutional with time.

If Republicans find some way to save DACA legislatively, fine. But we’ll just say it would be a hell of a thing for that to be the only major congressional achievement of 2017. They didn’t manage to build the wall, but they managed to save Obama’s illegal immigrants.

Yeah, that’ll make for some mighty fine campaign slogans next year.


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  1. I am one of those hardened skeptics that believes DC has formed a uniparty…

    And the actions of Congressional republicans keep proving me right.

    • And I believe huge numbers, including myself, totally agree with your assessment. Our government has been overthrown by the very people we elect, and yet it is still in the throes of being overthrown again…..by the worst of the worst wanting complete domination. It is quite difficult to NOT grasp your assessment.

      • Thank you. I believe the first part of correcting any problem is understanding it. That is why the Left spends so much time and effort trying to hide the truth about their origins and intentions.

        The Left or Uniparty as the author calls it are Communists. All these trolls are communists sympathizers, and it is time to call them out for what they are.

        I used to shy away from calling them Communists because I thought it ended the conversation, but I think the time has long past since that was a concern.

        NOBODY should want to live in a Communist State. History has proven over and over again that they become tyrannical.

        God Bless

      • Not by the “people we elect”. The elections were fraud ever since the corporate “government” took over on 21FEB1871. We CAN take our country back but it might be a bit messy, definitely will be dangerous to those who try to get the majority of us to understand — but it MUST be done. We DO have the power and Sovereignty, and we DO have the Constitution which protects our freedom, and DC has no jurisdiction beyond its own borders, that is because they only had a municipal government established in the Act of 1871. There is NO “federal” government that has the power to overrule the Sovereign States and People of this country. That was always a lie, and is the ignorance by which they get us to submit to their rule.

        • Yes, what you describe IS the way it SHOULD be. Throughout the years, the people who land in DC in government have slowly and stupidly OR naively CHANGED what was designed into what THEY CHOOSE WITHOUT OUR CONSENT. HOW we can change it back is questionable as the rules of yesteryear have been thrown overboard by politicians, judges, lawyers, and communists/socialists/rotten politicians. We can TALK about what to do, but DOING it is another story that is not as easy to do as to talk about. There has been so much insanity and so much deliberate divisiveness that, frankly, I believe, detest, but BELIEVE that the ONLY way we will regain our country is to go to war and try to FORCE it back to its original design. Frankly, I believe there is precious little that remains of our constitutional government, so little in fact, that I am not really sure it can be brought back to sanity and a true republic.

          • It will be messy, but they have NO legal power or legitimacy. OF COURSE the corporation, which IS owned by powerful men — WILL fight to keep their illicit “power”. I fully realize that. Even talking DOES bring us to their attention, of course, so don’t ignore that danger too, I decided that public awareness is more important than any personal danger of an “Arkancide”. or whatever….

          • There may be in some of the states; there isn’t any in DC at all.

          • DC was CREATED toi be the seat of THE UNITED STATES corp owned by Europeans. ALL career pols are vetted and loyal corp members — NONE of them are our representatives as they pretend to be.

          • I know; I was saying SOME of the states’ legislatures and governments might still be, even that’s subject to question. DC there’s no question at all.

          • TRUE. Some of the states ARE truly of the united States. But they too are hoodwinked by the lies of the “federal government”, and are pretty hamstrung.

          • Yes and the biggest means of that control is the “Federal grants” programs! I think maybe we need to convince our local and state governing agencies to extricate themselves from such grants and do without or find other ways to finance things they want! And then they can move back more into Constitutional governance.

          • They are buying States into complicity, always HAVE done that. We the People are the only hope really, We have a real President in Trump, but there is only so much he can do, it STAYS in our court. The only solution I see is for more of us to see. Someday we will be able to just do what it takes. I wonder if in my Lifetime, LOL. Probably not, even if I die of natural causes, probably not….

          • I know; I go to my city’s council meetings and see it in action almost every time! I don’t know how to get them to see that yet though. It’s been going on so long most really don’t get that yes, it may be American taxpayer money, but it’s also the chains of our enslavement!

          • So true. And remember we have Jesus on our side and can print his own money so we the people don’t need their commie grant money. Also , no more money for FEMA. With all the water from the storms we can use it to make and sell lemonade to raise funds for relief. When I was a kid that was my first lesson in being self reliant and it works!Makes sense. Right?

          • Dream on! Ever since Washington started collecting taxes for the states as well as the federal government, the states have had NO CHOICE but to get their budges funded from the feds. What are they going to do — they’re NOT PERMITTED to print their own money! And they’d have to go on SENDING THAT MONEY to WASHINGTON no matter what. They CAN’T “extricate themselves” from those grants, and if they found “other ways to finance things” they’d be CHARGING THEIR OWN RESIDENTS DOUBLE — what the feds collected PLUS what the state collected. How many people do you think would agree to a system that TAXED THEM TWICE for everything from highways to schools to …whatever?
            Then, too,it’s more EFFICIENT for the federal govt. to collect the taxes and return portions to the states. Which means it actually COSTS TAXPAYERS LESS than it would otherwise.
            AND anyway, it’s “black letter law,” meaning it was written into the Constitution so long ago NOBODY will EVER challenge it — it comes from the FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT (1868). Good luck changing THAT!

          • Not “on” the states; over their heads. Oh, and just for the record, some states are either printing their own now or returning to the gold and/or silver currency standards. That’s all the Federal Reserve, another foreign owned PRIVATE institution.

          • First, the Federal Reserve is NOT “foreign-owned.” It is a public-private entity, which is hard to grasp but doesn’t suggest foreign ownership. The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve is an independent government agency. However, the Federal Reserve Banks are set up LIKE* private corporations. MEMBER BANKS (not foreign banks) hold stock in the Federal Reserve Banks and earn dividends.

            * note: the banks are “set up LIKE private corporations.” That does not mean they ARE private corporations. They’re NOT. The language here just means they have Boards of Directors and officers, and that they DO NOT COME UNDER THE U.S. GOVT’s CIVIL SERVICE RULES (i.e., the Fed can hire economists who actually know something about economics, instead of taking whatever Keynesian hack is at the top of the list to hire for a regular govt. agency)

            The Federal Reserve derives its authority from the Congress (private corporations DO NOT). The stockholders in the 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks are the more than 8,000 banks which are members of the system, and thus own the Fed banks. The member banks must by law invest 3 percent of their capital as stock in the … They do receive dividends of 6 percent per year from the Reserve Banks. (THEY’RE ALL AMERICAN BANKS!)

            So, you can see, the Fed is a quasi-public-private entity but NOT foreign owned. Again, you’re letting fake news run away with your head. Remember, “fake news” is FAKE, or anyway, FALSE.

          • Your ignorance of how the US is actually being run is just STAGGERING; the Federal Reserve was cooked up on Jekyll Island and is wholly a PRIVATE enterprise predominantly owned by foreign banking families; there’s not “public” to it at all. And it doesn’t derive anything; Congress ABDICATED its’ responsibility to that private corporation!

          • Obviously YOUR ignorance is of a level I can’t hope to penetrate without digging through a lot of files I really don’t have time to excavate, nor reason to do it for YOU. You’re mixing all kinds of horror stories and I wonder you haven’t brought vampires or zombies into the discussion. You ARE right that the Fed was established after a conference on Jekyll Island, but that’s the ONLY actual FACT you’ve dropped into the mix. And SO WHAT? Jekyll Island was (maybe still IS) a pleasant enough place. It is NOT owned by foreign banking families, and it IS private.
            BTW, if it WERE a private corporation, Congress would have NO responsibility to it, and thus NOTHING to ABDICATE.

            Now I am really tired of this discussion. If you’d like to get into something both substantive and real, I’d be happy to hear from you again,, but if you’re going to keep churning up these monster stories for children, I’m going to have to stop reading and/or responding. I don’t DO zombies.

          • Do this, and call it a zombie. Whore of the world. I am stalking you. You are in my scope even now. Take your last breath, bitch.

          • .So true.I think maybe Rhode Island is one

          • RHODE ISLAND??? You’re KIDDING! It is one of the 4-5 most HOPELESSLY LIBERAL states in the country! They haven’t had a state official with a streak of independence for MORE THAN FIFTY YEARS. An extension of the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. Hopeless!

          • A vast conspiracy of politician to get elected to represent our interest.obviously. That’s the way the commies work,

          • That is just absolute NONSENSE. First. there’s NO “European corp(oration)”. Doesn’t EXIST. Second, the only “vetting” of “career pols” is SECURITY CHECKS when their jobs make it necessary. MOST get no vetting AT ALL because they don’t have that kind of job.
            Also, “career pols” (who aren’t pols at all, because career civil servants are BARRED from taking part in politics) never pretend to be “our representatives.” They’re EMPLOYEES of the government, many of whom entered it only because they understood it was a safe career with good job security. Others wanted to “change the world,” and soon found out they wouldn’t have much luck at THAT.
            If by “career pols” you meant elected or appointed POLITICIANS, that’s different. They ARE “our representatives,” and if they don’t know that and act accordingly, their “careers” will be VERY short indeed. You apparently know NOTHING about how our system works.

        • The south shall rise again ah ah ah ah !

    • Not a uniparty, but the European-owned corporation named THE UNITED STATES. It follows European agenda and European Laws, has never followed our legal system OR OUR OWN purposes. It was formed to steal our wealth and our Sovereignty by the Act of 1871, which WAS treason against this great nation. Every “career politician” in DC is a loyal and vetted officer in this corp, and a traitor to the united States of America, OUR COUNTRY.

    • It has become more rational (and more useful) to divide Congress and Government into Constitutional Conservatives and Progressives, Corporatist or Socialist. While Republicans may outnumber Democrats in both houses, the Progressives vastly outnumber the Conservatives. This is not unnatural, since the Progressive philosophy of government is accordant with the pathology that motivated the majority of them to enter politics and strive for office. The reaction I fear is that Conservative voters in the next election – and the following Presidential election – will say “Why the hell should I bother voting? The Democrats have as of now no bellwether at all, but pied pipers are born, not created – and one can arise unheralded out of obscurity in the span of two or four years (like Trump). The Democrats doomed themselves by cleaving to Obama’s programs even while they watched their voter support evaporate. Now we have a Republican House and Senate that will cleave to the same programs that lost the Democrats the government – because they are also members of the Elite. They are Progressives to whom the idea of personal autonomy is anathema, that the concept of an elected official being representative of the lowly Deplorables who elected him is unthinkable.

    • Congress voted all of DC a private corporation in 1871, and they haven’t answered to we the people since; they they conned the states into ratifying the 17th Amendment, in 1913, which severed the last shred of any control over that corporation by the states’ legislatures as well. Does that clarify it for you?

      • Exactly. And it is not really hidden, we just believed their lies and did not LOOK.

        • No, it wasn’t; they did it right out in front of God and everybody; but I’d be willing to bet the media of that time didn’t really explain what that meant too clearly either. Kinda like how they did obamacare before it was passed.

          • Meet Ladd, he is the other person that has been trying to drill this into my extremely hard gourd.

          • We’ve met, thanks.

          • You get it, I see that. It shows that you think for yourself and look at what is in front of you — we cannot do any more than that anyway. It is natural ti try not to let go of earlier observations we thought were right. You should have seen ME for a couple of months before I realized that ity was not a TOTALLY WASS situation. When I realized that they doNOT want us to revolt, so try to keep us fat and happy, I relaxed again. However, I ALSO realize that to do anything at all We the People must understand what had been done — I thought about it and decided it was worth the risk of Arkancide or whatever to try to bring this to
            better awareness. If it is possible to MAGA, that is worth ANY dangers, I think.

          • So you’re not really sure. Please tell me you are sure and I will follow.

          • Yes, it was the same. In those days, thet also had the advantage of slower communications, so DC could do its dirt without being observed. Ever notice how they put the Admiralty flag between two others and fold it carefully so that the fringe does not show that often? You BET they are being careful — they don’t want many of us to understand what they have been doing to us all these years.

          • Yeah, I know; disgusting isn’t it?

          • It IS. But we are learning, more of us see them for what they are, every day. I don’t know what else means as much as trying to promote that awareness. This whole thing is not as frightening as it could be, but it is not an easy solution. Even with the fact that they are illegal and illegitimate and with no jurisdiction, the owners of the corp are VERY powerful, and not at all bound to morality. They have always felt they are above all Law, so are criminals. They have accepted the precept “Do as thou willt shall be the whole of the Law”, which is the hitchpin of Satanism as well, so we KNOW where they stand.

          • Thankfully, yes; and also thankfully, the signs for which we were told to watch indicate their time of doing destruction is not for much longer on this Earth.

          • We won’t need to worry anyway, but our children will. I was at least glad to realize that We, the united States, are NOT the evil ones here, so I figure God is likely to offer SOME mercy — I DO believe that God is a Loving God, not as He was depicted in the Old Testament. I don’t think He will actively fix things for us, that was why He gave us intelligence and free will — but we are not party to being wiped out like Sodom and Gomorrah either. So I believe, anyway.

          • Actually, He is he SAME God in both testaments; He told us that, but the reading of the whole text of the Bible tells us that as well. It’s a single contiguous message from Genesis through Revelation. He did indeed give us free will, and creative inspiration, many haven’t used them too wisely, but we all have them. As for not being wiped out; we who believe are not appointed to judgment, that happened for us at Calvary; those who don’t choose to come to Him before death or His return, whichever comes first, however, will come under the judgment of His righteous nature, and it’s looking to make Sodom and Gomorrah, the plagues in Egypt and Noah’s flood all seem kind of tame. Each of those events was visited on unrepentant and hardened hearted populations. Can you honestly say any of those was more deserving that modern American society is? Was any of them more evil minded or violent or hateful? I don’t believe so; but they were all unrepentant and chose to go their own ways. Our choices have consequences, and not all those are fun or desirable. The wages of sin is death; and the consequence of not choosing Christ in this life is that the person remains in sin. I know no one wants to contemplate that, but many forget that our God has a righteous nature too, which must be satisfied as well. The cross was the method of satisfying that nature, but it’s not automatic.

          • So true….If you have ever watched the TV series “True Blood” . It’ just like that.

          • Obama is behind Trump. Obama is Ivanka’s “handler” Anybody can see that-it’s common sense.

      • It helps. I am still working on exactly what this means. Others have tried to explain it to me.

        I am a slow learner, keep at it… 🙂

        This is Bill Whittles take on the subject: You can start it at the beginning if you want.


        • Okay; let me offer a bit more background here. In 1860, we had a very similar situation to today: the southern Dems REALLY DIDN’T want Lincoln elected; but he was. So the states began seceding, which was their right to do, Constitutionally at that time. When Lincoln took office on 20 March 1861 (inaugurations were still held on 20 March up until, I THINK it was JFK; I remember Ike was in March, for sure), one of the 1st things he did was to suspend parts of the Constitution, especially habeus corpus, and arresting seditionists from among southern leaning people in DC and MD, and blocked MD from seceding. That led us into the war between the US and CSA. At the end of that war, when he was assassinated, a man by the name of Thaddeus Stevens held enormous power in the House of Reps; and he began dismantling the rest of our Constitution. Between 1865 and his death in 1868, he altered that document seriously, from its title to amendments, that in effect GUTTED the Founders intentions completely; setting the stage for the Congress to then vote DC to be a private corporation in 1870 which went into effect in February of 1871, making them NO LONGER subject to the will of the people paying their salaries and expenses. That left only the Senate that was still somewhat in the control of the various states’ legislators that were responsible for selecting them and could also fire them at will, if they weren’t representing the states’ wills. So, in came the 17th Amendment passed and ratified under Progressive Woodrow Wilson making their selection also a “popular” vote, and severing the last control over any faction of DC, in 1913; at the same time foreign bankers were given control of our economy and money via the Federal Reserve bank, which isn’t a Federal institution at all, but also a PRIVATE bank. The original 13th Amendment which prohibited members of the BAR (British Accreditation Registry, and includes the American Bar Ass’n) from holding public office at any level, elected or appointed due to the divided loyalty of being British nobility (esquires) which had been ratified i 1820 was erased as if it had never been; the title of the document was changed to a corporate label under contract law; parts of the 9th and 10th Amendments disappeared; the currently shown 13th-15th Amendments were added, and take from the original Bill of Rights many of our protections, including the right to secede which was included because many of the colonies wouldn’t have ratified if it wasn’t there. In effect, while seeming to outlaw slavery, it simply made slaves of us all to these foreign powers.

          • As I said earlier, I thought that you know more detail than I do, and it IS true. LOL, I take notes and keep learning too. Thanks for the detail.

          • You’re welcome. I have to admit I got kind of a “leg up” on a lot of this; my Dad had taught history in HS before WW II, so it was kind of important around our house when I was a kid, and I’ve had an interest in it since then. Then also when I was a kid, God began dropping bits and piece of information into my head by various means; things others seemed either unaware of, or to just ignore, that finally came together some years ago in an horrifying picture of the geopolitical situation, with more and more being added as we move along. Plus, I’m either gifted or cursed, depending on perspective, with an almost photographic memory; so what it all comes down to is I have a head stuffed FULL of historic and political trivia, that, when put together, paints a very ugly picture.

          • My head is stuffed too, I was always good at cataloguing data and filing it for when needed. I am more into fixing things, trying to repair problems and be of help in small ways, was more into sciences, but never lost track of the importance of history, so the fact that I am a quick study helps a lot too. I have worked to simplify my Life all that I can, and always clung to morality and integrity, those are truly values to the individual who holds them, not so much to others that get some of the effects — at least not for the values being held. I just realized many years ago that all of the “high values” are really IMPORTANT in terms of working with ourselves instead of against. Also I learned the wonderful value of making all of Life into a game to play. Life was good, ever since that decision. About 30 years ago, so I have had a good Life.

          • Yes, well, those caught on the “wrong end” of sound values often don’t like those consequences at all; but the values are a LOT healthier for those holding to them, in the long run, physically and psychologically as well as spiritually. Life would be a lot more fun if half the people didn’t keep changing the rules of the game, when it doesn’t go their way.

          • Thank you…. How do we return the power to the people?

          • The only answer I know to that is to work at the local and county levels and get them on track and they can help get the state level on track and then it may come down to revolution or civil war or just plain secession and forming a new Constitutional nation. They aren’t going to relinquish their power ; we’ll have to TAKE It back by force, almost certainly, just as our Founders did in the first place.

          • Tough spot isn’t it.

            Many years ago, I toured an Historical site in Casa Grande AZ. The Big House was the epicenter of this huge civilization. The people all worked together, formed a great society, worshiped, built canals, collective farms etc. But all of the sudden, for unknown reasons, the people just walked away. The docent made an educated guess that the people just decided that all the work just wasn’t worth it.

          • I just saw something about those original peoples who did that, like the Anasazi, a few days ago, that might be a plausible explanation for it. Seems there was something in their religion telling them that all those places like that they abandoned were only meant to be temporary, and when the time came they were directed to move up onto the land we now know as the mesas on the Navajo res. Whether that IS the answer to what became of them or not, I don’t know; but it would fit with many of their cultural beliefs. I’ve heard lots of explanations or guesses, but this one seems a better fit than most.
            Our situation is difficult; and I don’t know if we can, or even if we’re meant to, pull it out now. I know that the 2nd coming, by all the signs we were given and their current convergence, is very near; much nearer than most imagine. And I keep having the nagging feeling that God has reached that point at which He just intends it to play out as prophesied now; that the time for “pauses” in His plan is over, and attempting to do so is actually working against Him. I may be wrong about that part; I’d love to be, actually. But I can’t shake it off. I suspect just as soon as the last 1 who will be turned before His wrath is unleashed on this world does so; it will all be set loose! We are certainly “as it was in the days of Noah”.

          • God can and will solve these problems. He has promised.

      • DC is NOT a “private corporation,” and Congress never voted it to be such. It’s a FEDERAL DISTRICT. All that happened in 1871 was that the original “cities” of “Washington” and “George Town” (now Georgetown, a neighborhood in the District) were COMBINED to form the District of Columbia. In 1973 Congress passed the District of Columbia Home Rule Act, giving the District control of its own LOCAL government. That’s the law (somewhat amended) that exists today, although DC officials & residents have been screaming for “statehood” ever since.
        The State legislatures NEVER had control over the District.

        • You must be the only person on the face of the EARTH who DOESN’T know that is a private corporation run by foreign nationals and with it’s own logo and trademark! That they altered the Constitution to make it so.

          • If I’m the only person who doesn’t think “it” (DC?) is a “private corporation run by foreign nationals,” it only means I’m the only INFORMED individual here. Let me outline for you ALL the Constitutional and legislative provisions that have created the District of Columbia as it is today.

            1) The original Constitutional authority for what became the District of Columbia is Article One, Section 8, Clause 17 of the (ORIGINAL) Constitution. It says: “To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may…become the Seat of the Government of the United States…” That’s a QUOTE. The Constitution,, of course, dates from 1789.

            2) The signing of the Residence Act on July 16, 1790, approved the creation of a capital district located along the Potomac River on the country’s East Coast. The U.S. Constitution provided for a federal district under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Congress and the District is therefore not a part of any state. The states of Maryland and Virginia each donated land to form the federal district. There was NO alternation (it’s called an “amendment”) to the Constitution needed for this action.

            3) The combined settlements of George Town, Washington, and Alexandria, Virginia, were joined by the Organic Act of 1791 to serve as the new national capital. Residents were encouraged to describe themselves as citizens of the District of Columbia, not Maryland or Virginia. Again, NO Constitutional change.

            4) In 1846, Congress returned the land originally ceded by Virginia, having decided the new capital city didn’t need it. That land is now occupied by the Pentagon, Fort Myer, Arlington National Cemetery, and about 50 office buildings housing mostly government-related agencies. So much for thinking ahead.

            5) In 1871, another billl passed by Congress (NO Constitutional change) created a single municipal government for the remaining portion of the District.

            6) In 1973, Congress voted (again, NO Constitutional change) to give the District of Columbia “home rule,” allowing a local government (elected by local voters) to choose a Mayor, a City Council, and a “Non-Voting Delegate” to the House of Representatives. Similar arrangements were initiated for Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and other territories. Again, NO Constitutional change required. The District also chose to elect on its own two “Shadow Senators,” who, well, pretend to be U.S. Senators from the “State” they’d like to make of the District of Columbia. THAT WOULD REQUIRE A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT, and it’s going to happen about the time the Sun goes super-nova.

            That’s IT. NO Constitutional changes since 1790 (that’s SEVENTEEN NINETY, not 1970). NO “private corporation run by foreign nationals.” (The District today is “run by” its own elected mayor and city council, all of whom were born right here in the USA.) The District DOES have a “logo” — the same kind of symbol EVERY STATE and many cities have adopted for themselves. It has NO legal significance. In 56 years living here, I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF A “TRADEMARK” (and I don’t know of any state or city having one, ,either).

            In short, I have no idea where your ideas came from, but they are JUST NOT ACCURATE. I wouldn’t dream of saying you were lying, but you ARE misinformed on this.

          • Sorry, but they ALTERED our original Constitution in the years between 1865 and 1868, enabling the establishment of the private corporation of the United States of America, Inc. in 1871, and there is not federal government of the united States for America any longer. The ONLY additional portions relative were the 16th and 17th Amendments they conned the states into ratifying in 1913, which severed the last threads of States’ control over them and ended any ties as well.

            The amendments (13th-15th) passed between 1865 and 1868 freed the slaves, made former slaves citizens, and gave them the right to vote. That’s all.
            The 16th permitted (DID NOT ESTABLISH) the income tax. Bad idea, but NOT a “private corporation” — it happened in 1913, so I think it’s where you got THAT date, but it DID NOT “sever the last threads of States’ control” or end ties (WHAT ties?)
            The 17th provided for the election of Senators by popular vote (instead of by state legislatures). Many conservatives don’t like this one, but think: what makes anyone think a Senator — invariably a long-time state legislator — named by the State legislature would be BETTER than one the PEOPLE ELECT? If you don’t like “the swamp,” why would you want to pick your Senators OUT OF IT?
            The 18th Amendment established Prohibition on a national basis.
            The 19th gave women the vote.
            The 20th moved the date of a president’s inauguration from April to January and established a line of succession (since changed) to be followed if both the president and vice president died in the same term
            The 21st ended Prohibition & returned the control of liquor sales to the states (States rights!)
            The 22nd changed the order of presidential succession (again, changed later)
            The 23rd gave residents of the District of Columbia the right to vote in presidential (but not other) elections
            The 24th prohibited poll taxes, which had been used to keep poor people from voting
            The 25th finally got the presidential succession line settled: President, Vice President (seldom goes further because a new President will designate a new Vice Pres and fill that vacancy), Speaker of the House, President Pro-Tem of the Senate, and down thru the Cabinet, beginning with Secretary of State and listing Cabinet officers in order of their departments’ creation. If this is confusing, watch a few episodes — preferably the first few — of “DESIGNATED SURVIVOR,” the ABC TV show from last season (coming back this fall, sometime)
            The 26th lowered the age for voting in national elections to 18 (it had been 21). Should have been left to the individual states!
            The 27th provided that salaries for Senators and Congresspersons could be regulated or indexed so Congress wouldn’t have to vote themselves a raise every year.

            As you can see, NOT A WORD about a “private corporation” replacing the federal government, much less “foreign rule” or any such nonsense. I don’t know where you GOT this nonsense, but it IS nonsense.
            BTW, the Constitution can be “altered” ONLY by AMENDMENT, and the amendment process is long and complex enough that if you’re ALIVE and not in a coma, you can’t HELP hearing about it. Nobody could.

    • So true. The commies are everywhere-they are now actually capitalists!!!

      • Do try to stay informed….

        The Left projects their faults onto just about everyone. These projections are used to get misinformed people to move in the direction the Left wants them to move.

        Your projection that Capitalists are Communists has no factual base. Capitalism and Communism are indeed on opposite ends of the scale. In Capitalism you work for yourself and own what you make, in Communism you work for the State and the state controls everything.

        BUT your projection will get the misinformed dolts to run away from Capitalism into the arms of Communism. Shame on you.

        • I am satirizing you and others that see communists everywhere-you have no factual proof-you are all paranoid and afraid of this concept you call “big government ” as being communism.It factually isn’t and no one on the so called left bias wants that-They want capitalism with controls to protect those that have little $$$ power from being controlled by the power of corporations

          • You have already ignored my factual proof that “Big Government is just another form of communism.” That is what the Left does when they can not win an argument, they ignore it.

            So you say you want “capitalism with controls.” Who does the controls? The Government?

            In a Communist state the Government controls the means of production… How is capitalism with controls any different?

          • It’s different because the government under capitalism DOES NOT control all the means of production. If you’d ever LIVED under communism, you’d understand that distinction.

          • Explain to me the difference between the slavery of Communism where the Government controls the means of production and the people are the means of production, and the Big Government American version where the Government taxes you directly off the top a percentage of the wealth created by ones efforts.

            If you boil it right down to the nuts and bolts, capitalism the people control the wealth they produce, under communism, the State owns the wealth the people produce…

            Big Government is just another form of Communism… A modern 20 century version so to speak.

          • Well, I suppose the primary difference is that NOBODY PAYS A 100% TAX RATE, even a marginal rate, in our system.. In communism, the BASIC tax rate is 100% and the government tells you what you can keep.
            Second, the “means of production” is NOT the worker; it’s the machinery and equipment the worker uses to produce whatever he’s producing.
            You’re right, that under capitalism the people control the wealth they produce (or most of it, after they’ve paid the government its “danegeld” — an old Norse term for taxes), while under communism the State owns it all and doles out what it thinks you need or deserve. That’s the “to each according to his needs” part of Marx’s definition.
            So I’d argue that Big Government, evil as it may be, stops WAY short of communism. It may well be a way station on the road, so to speak, but there’s a long jaunt ahead before we get there.

          • I think you just split hairs so fine that we can honestly say.

            “What difference does it make?”

            The reality is that on one end of the scale is communism where you are a slave, on the other end of the scale is Capitalism where you control your own destiny.

            So the Original Tea Party was thrown for a taxation level at around 13%.. Correct me if I am wrong, we are all tolled at around 50% with our current Big Government…

            Will you then accept that we are in the range of 50% Communistic? Now add in Healthcare’s 11% of our wages. We are now at 61%, at what stage do you say Big Government is just another form of Communism.

          • Well, you can consider it hair-splitting if you wish. I think there’s a significant difference there, but I don’t want to argue the point endlessly. Just a couple of small points:
            1) not everyone is at the 50% tax bracket — in fact, most people pay significantly less than that (and if you do the math you’ll probably find you do, too).
            2) assuming that 11% health care tax sticks (and of course, it’s NOT a percentage tax — that may just be where YOUR health care tax comes in), you GET something (health care) for it. Maybe not total health care, maybe not even very good health care, but SOME health care. I’m hoping we can still repeal/replace the current system to give individuals more control of how their health dollars are spent, but I grant that’s a hope, not a certainty.
            3) The original Tea Party wasn’t really about the TAX, it was about the fact that the colonists had NO ROLE in deciding how or if or how much they should be taxed. We do, at least in theory, HAVE that role nowadays (granted being 1 of 260 million voters doesn’t really add up to MUCH of a role, but still, it’s a small say in questions of taxation and other issues).
            I must say it’s a pleasure to “chat” with someone who wants to talk issues, not just call names. I’ve just been treated to what I think was the worst name-calling of my life (and I’m 74) by someone named JCluvsTrump. All I did was suggest he might want to refrain from suggesting people in public life should be ASSASSINATED, in case the FBI was doing a key-word search for potential terrorists. Politely, at that.

          • 1) Not sure anyone can prove “most” people are XX when the tax code is purposefully complex and purposefully obfuscated. I think the average person doesn’t question anymore, they just pay the fine, fee, tax, levy, toll, duty, tariff, and due… Here in CA, we pay taxes for absolutely nothing…

            2) I got the 11% from the estimation that people pay about 11% of their wages for healthcare. Now that the Government controls healthcare, we can now assume they are profiting from that control. If nothing more than ‘Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the Socialized State.’ Lenin – Just like school loans… Oh… Did I include student loans in 1) above? I am not sure… 😉

            3) I am far more pessimistic than you. Here in CA, our legislator is a one party system, able to tax at will. The latest taxes attack the middle class, with $3/pack cigarette tax, Gas taxes, and a plastic bag tax. The pessimistic part is that I have done un-scientific studies that have resulted in less than 3% of the polled people actually voting for any one of these taxes. With the one party system here in CA. I am not convinced any of out votes are being counted.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

            The people of CA do not know who is counting the votes…..

            For more on my theory, which I am convinced is the case in CA visit:


            Civility exited stage left, from the internet a long time ago. Let the insults roll off your back. I like to think that I push back no harder than being pushed, but I must admit that I have been guilty of overdoing it when it comes to insults… Especially on passionate subjects, especially when the opponent opens with an insult.

          • No question you have double trouble (triple, if you live in one of those free-spending, high-taxing counties) in California. You have my sympathy! It’s hard to believe CA is the same state that gave us Ronald Reagan (not saying he was perfect, but….)
            You want to let the whole state, plus maybe Oregon, float out to sea, I’ll be on the mainland dock, waving. 🙂
            Yeah, I know civility is dead, and I usually pay no attention to the internet insults. I was just taken aback early this AM by the unusual coarseness of that particular guy’s rant. I have been known to overdo it, too, and if I’d said anything that made him justifiably angry with ME, it wouldn’t have hit me so hard. Anyway, water over the dam, so to speak.

          • I agree with you 100% keep up the good work.

    • But DC didn’t do that. The VOTERS (nationally) did, through the instrumentality of the political parties. DC got in on the act only in 1961 — before that residents had NO vote at all.

      • I am willing to accept that it was We the Peoples negligence that allowed this happen. We the People no longer hold our Elite Politicians accountable for their actions, but I place the blame for the Elite Uniparty directly on the Elites themselves.

        The Elites are corrupt liars, wolves in sheep’s clothing taking advantage of a population that is just too busy treading water to force the Elites to do what they promise. This is all part of a more devious plan set in place many years ago by the Communist in Russia after WW1.


        While it is obvious that this group of Communists that I call elites have taken over the Democrat party, the actions of Boehner, Ryan, and McConnell prove to me that they have also taken over the Republican party.

        15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

        You ASSUME that our votes are still counted…..

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
        decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
        —-Joseph Stalin

        With a uniparty in control of both political parties, who is counting the votes???

        • Love the Stalin quote. Too bad more people today don’t pay attention to his manual of mayhem.
          I guess you ARE a bit more pessimistic than I am. I don’t think the Republican Party had been captured, and some of the Republicans you apparently loathe I KNOW to be dedicated public servants trying to do a difficult job in circumstances that make it even more difficult than usual. I have known Mitch McConnell for YEARS, for example, and he is REALLY trying. He’s probably the BEST legislative strategist to hit Washington in a CENTURY, but he has a 2-vote paper majority and 4 RINOs he can’t rely on. HE CAN’T MAKE THOSE NUMBERS GO AWAY. NOBODY could. When we lost those two Senate seats in ’16, any chance Donald Trump had to re-create FDR’s first term, or even Reagan’s, went down the drain. THAT WASN’T McCONNELL’S FAULT. Maybe if Trump had paid a little more attention to bulking up his Republican colleagues (once he decided to BE a Republican)…but we’ll never know, because it didn’t happen.

          If you’re asking seriously about counting votes, I can only say I do what I can in my local jurisdiction. Unfortunately not many people do, but MAYBE the increase in concern about vote-counting — the Commission is unearthing all KINDS of evidence of fraud, in many unlikely places — will get people more interested in helping out. In most cases, it’s 2-3 hours out of a weeknight every two (usually) years. Not a big commitment of time or effort.

          In short, i DON’T think we’ve got a “uniparty” YET, but I admit there’s a danger..and maybe in California it HAS arrived. Sigh! It WAS such a nice state, once.

          • If you look back at the Stalin and Lenin quotes, one can see just the Lefts playbook as if it had a spotlight on it. All you have to do is connect the dots.

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”
            ‘Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the Socialized State.’
            “The goal of socialism is communism.”

            All I can say that if Mitch McConnell really is trying, he is NOT the best legislative strategist to hit DC in a Century….

            Congress has rolled over and played dead for 0bama and the Left. The Left consistently out maneuvers conservatives politically. To the point that I do not think the Conservatives in control are really conservatives or they are incompetent. Please explain a third option if you can think of one.

            The Lie was “you must replace 0bamacare before you repeal it.”

            Total BS, why? 0bamacare is a cancer, does a Dr. discuss what he is going to replace cancer with before he takes it out of your body???? NO he doesn’t.

            Repeal 0bamacare, and you would be surprised how fast that smirk is wiped of of Schumer’s face and how quickly the Dems start working on a replacement.

            Sure people are starting to rely on 0care, but the Tit they suckle on is one based on lies, and will go dry…. Those people are already heading towards a brick wall at 100 mph, RIP the band-aide off.

            That will expose the true Rino’s as well. We will soon know how DACA plays out, that too will expose some Rino’s.

          • OK, if we had all the time in the world, I’d be glad to argue with you and give you examples of why I say Mitch McConnell is as good as he is. Just one: he staved off
            Pres. Obama’s attempt to name Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, using the rather thin excuse that it was the last year of Obama’s term and there was a tradition against filling Court seats in the last year (that’s not, strictly speaking, true, but McConnell made it stick) — all so he could keep the seat open for President Trump to fill right out of the box. By rights and the normal procedures, we should have another VERY liberal justice (Garland) and the two cases that got preliminary rulings yesterday would have gone AGAINST us (so would many more for the next 20-30 years). That ALONE might justify having McConnell in position: without him, it wouldn’t (couldn’t) have happened.
            I really didn’t mean to bring this up, but I just got a REALLY threatening message from that guy who was being rude on this site. It’s not just RUDE now: he is threatening MY LIFE. Isn’t there some way I can alert PND or Disqus? I don’t know how to do it. Can you help me? I don’t get scared easily, but I AM nervous about this nutcase. Email me at leameyers@verizon.net

          • Nicely played, you are correct, McConnell does have a win. Although I feel he deserves a lot less credit for his holding firm than you do. It could and should have been accomplished by any “Conservative” leader.

            After all, the internet is full of two faced Liberals that had zero credibility on the subject. If McConnell hadn’t held firm, that really really, really, would have proven my point…..

            The biggest weakness of the Left is their double standards and hypocrisy.


  2. Build the Wall, then we will talk…

    Is that really that hard to understand?

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      • Flagged you scum puppet.

        Flag by clicking on the invisible carrot in the top right line of scum puppets post and selecting flag.

        Also Reported you as a spammer to Disqus by right clicking on scum puppets name and clicking on the three blue dots *** next to the gray private box on the top line of your Bio page, selecting Report User, and as spammer.

        • Dude, help me out here. I heard on my local south Georgia talk radio that San Diego County has something called a “fast water rescue squad” or something like that. They volunteered to go to Houston to help out. San Diego County said “NO”. The squad said, fine, we will take vacation and help on our own time. San Diego County denied the vacation time. They cited the California ban on doing business with red states. If true, this is beyond petty. THIS IS THE NEW CIVIL WAR!!
          You need to come to comfort my friend. We about to light up your state.

          • This is the first I heard of it. Let me find out what I can and get back to you.

          • Please and thank you. It may be fake news….but it would not surprise me. Jerry Brown is an evil, EVIL man.

          • All reports that I have seen on local TV have been about local people and teams going to the affected areas in support. There has been nothing on the radio or TV that said indicated someone was withholding services for any reason.

            I suspect this is fake news. Still looking into it.

          • Thanks. Probably is fake. Hard to imagine even the hateful left being so heartless. Well, maybe your girl Nancy P. (heehee)

          • What I have been able to find out is that San Diego lifeguards were kept back here because SDFD had already deployed the swift water rescue teams.

            Looks like these two groups got conflated. The swift water rescue team is still out there somewhere. I also found out that the Navy/Marines sent helicopters to Houston. Those aircraft have returned after flying hundreds of missions

            Hope this helps… Don’t think there was any intentional action on the part of San Diego County to withhold needed support.

          • Thanks. Now, God help Florida.

          • and President Trump, the assassins are not outside of the gates…

          • I REALLY DO worry for our President on that account — I have so little faith in the government we have I expect they WILL try to assassinate him, just hope his own people can protect him from them. The much vaunted Secret Service are loyal and vetted members of THE UNITED STATES (the European corporation posing as our “government”) so I expect they are worse than being useless, are actually a part of the danger. That is my opinion. All I can do is pray for Donald Trump, which I DO, but I have mentioned my fear to him as a tweet, don’t care about the possible danger of that.

          • This morning’s report puts him at Camp David in MD, from the WH.

          • That’s great – I kinda like San Diego

          • Oh. So you do rely on TV for news. How do you tell the fake from the real since you think it’s left bias?

          • I do not think the Left is biased.. I know the LEFT is biased. And so does a vast majority of honest people in this country, ON BOTH SIDES.
            The problem is that the MEDIA is supposed to have integrity, it is supposed to report the news, not use bias by omission and report propaganda/Fake News.

            Proof of Bias.

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2a2fc847b3227294926df952f80d0373e5c0c5c3176ad209cd1e0a8aadd09dd7.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8ba3f3e27038ae000fc80f45109c2c09bcd62b07079e1bf233842c31ac4b78c6.jpg

          • you actually didn’t answer my question-How do you tell the fake from the real (since you think it’s left bias)?

          • I use common sense, my life experiences, and I make a judgement from that.

            And now one must seek information from multiple sources.

            Don’t think the Lefts MEDIA is biased… It is a known fact that the Lefts MEDIA is biased. The Harvard Kennedy School study supports my common sense and life experiences.

          • I checkout multiple sources of media along with reading ,attending presentations by experts and apply critical thinking to reach conclusions regarding contemporary issues. Not just the Kennedy School study-

            I know the left and right media are bias. I take that into consideration.

            My critical thing leads me to my conclusions on the issues of the day-

            If you removed your obsession with “communism” …I could have a fact based discussion with you- until then , it’s hopeless.

          • He HAS a valid point, Communism is and WAS a threat to us, they have always wanted to take us down, said so quite clearly, and show us how they are succeeding. TRUE, they are not the ONLY threat. But our many enemies do tend to work together to gain what they wish, don’t they? I HAVE observed your posts, not so sure there is much to talk over with you, from that — but I do see that you are not of deliberate evil, so it is a good point for you.

          • I also use satire to push back and mock unsubstantiated “beliefs” presented as fact-

          • You do a good job of it keep up the good work.

          • What do you fight for?

          • human decency

          • BS. Do you treat others as you would have them treat you? Is that what your insults are doing?
            The Left is nothing but a double standard… How is that decent?

          • If CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC Etc. – ALL repeat the EXACT same phrase: “UNHINGED” It looks suspicious as it may be a coordinated reporting bias

          • These networks no longer compete, they collude. Each network repeats the others words.. They are following another communists instructions….

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

          • Judge by experience, do the best we can, you cannot believe ANYTHING as being exact truth. We all act on what we think to be true, and can easily be misled terribly along the way. Why do you think there are so many stupid snowflakes around? They all believe what they are told, just poor victims and useful idiots as Marx called them so succinctly. He TOLD us what HE thought of people who followed his “teachings”!

          • Try OANN it’s better than Fox.

          • except they don’t have any NEWS.

          • Yes they do; what they don’t do is all the opinion pieces.

          • Most of us are fooled some of the time, but those who faithfully follow as much news as possible LEARN who writes for his own glorification and who writes in order to get the news out to the world. The left tends to the former. The right tends to the latter. One may occasionally be wrong, but not too often if he truly grasps truths vs lies and truth tellers vs liars.

          • Try watching OANN or FOX , instead of KNOWN FAKE NEWS stations!!!

          • FOX NEWS – Spends a great deal of airtime on unsubstantiated “beliefs” presented as fact-

            I watch it to find out what “alternative facts” (which are not facts) they are peddling to present “the other side ” of an issue/event when there really isn’t any-

          • Half the anchors and pundits on Fox are democrats. Ever hear of fair and balanced? You get all liberal all the time.

          • The Wikileaks had all the fake news outlets. All left wing outlets.

          • You must mean wikipedia….

            What’s left wing about these outlets? These sites are non bias trolls trying to insight controversy and appeal to gullible people who are addicted to the National Enquirer and other tabloids- You would have to be a real fool to take them seriously i.e. birthers,space aliens meet the president, etc.


          • The Wikileaks had nothing to do with the National Enquirer. It was in the campaign’s own words but nice try (not really). They showed all the fake news outlets that collus=ded with the Clinton campaign. One e-mail written by a staffer said, “it’s 3:30 in the afternoon and I have to sober her (Clinton) up!. Hillary wrote, I like my voters uninformed and compliant. Sounds like you! PS, Hillary was the first birther. To me it doesn’t matter where he was born, the important thing is that the worst president in history is gone. Trump #MAGA

          • No Wikileaks. You must have been in a coma during that time. Donna Brazille gave Hillary the questions before the debate. Would you like a link of the outlets that colluded? All left wing fake news outlets. You must have missed the Harvard study. Want a link to that?

          • I am asking you to send me a link where I can read wikileaks list of fake news sites as you had indicated in a previous comment-It appears you keep re directing to other wikileaks subjects–

          • http://thefreethoughtproject.com/wikileaks-10-most-damning-clinton-emails-media The whole media was in the tank for Clinton. You’re being indoctrinated, Slick.

          • Well, actually it may not be fake. They DID pass something that prohibits people from going to any of the red states. And, I’d about bet it’s true about the firefighters. It only applies to people employed by the state, or that are taxpayer funded.

          • Near as I can tell the reports were mistaken and taken out of context.
            The LIFEGUARDS did not go, because the Swift boat rescue did.

            And I believe that CA gives preferential treatment to doing business with the unions within the state as compared to companies, (non-union ones) outside the state. This I think is totally wrong, but it is also a sign of the Communist Government of CA in action.

          • How can a State, any State, deny a citizen of a free nation to travel anywhere and everywhere they want? They aren’t granted that power. If Californians are so dis-satisfied with their governing why don’t they move to a different state?

          • They deny any state EMPLOYEE the “right” to go to a red state. It does not really infringe on the citizens. Still wrong, but not totally illegal — they do FAR worse than that all the time.

          • States CANNOT deny citizens the right to travel. The US Govt. CAN under certain circumstances refuse to issue a passport, but the circumstances are VDRY limited. That story is total BS — fake news.

          • MAYBE; but these are apparently state employees, and CA does have a ban on state employees traveling to places like TX.

          • Not sure what you are talking about..

          • Are the fast water rescue team employed by the state? CA instituted a ban on out of state travel to “red” states, specifically citing TX as one of them, some while back, for all state employees on official business.

          • I do not think that was the reason the lifeguards were not allowed to go.
            The Swift boat rescue guys did go. They were part of San Diego Fire Department.

          • Probably the Lifeguards were a less able force for fire fighting anyway, that IS what the Swiftboat rescue is more related to — and the things the Lifeguards DO would be a loss here. Not completely wrong, I think.

          • I think you are right. What are the lifeguards going to do in a flooded neighborhood? Swim people to safety? The swift boat group was the proper fit.

          • Ya mean ol’ Moonbeam actually did something HUMAN instead of stupid and selfish? Blow me down!

          • The old mooner didn’t have anything to do with it…. He is probably off somewhere playing with his bullet train.

          • Probably just as well, he’d screw it up somehow….

          • great don’t come here run your own little country see how far u get without aid, let the “Stars take care of you

          • Its not fake. I found it too.

          • Jerry Brown is a small, petty dirtbag.

          • You mean MOONBEAM Jerry Brown

          • My California contacts tell me that story about the San Diego rescue squad being kept from going to Texas is “fake news” (lot of that around these days!) However, your report said it was a San Diego County decision, NOT Gov. Jerry Brown’s. So if it DID happen, for once HE’s not at fault. 🙁

          • He , being Jerry Brown, is always at fault. He, being a Democrat, is a terrorist. He, should be assinateted. Today.

          • Having lived through several political assassinations, I would NEVER say ANY official should be assassinated. I certainly wouldn’t say it in a chat room where God knows WHO might see it. Also, DEMOCRATS ARE NOT TERRORISTS. They’re liberals, progressives, or just plain STUPID, but unless one or more of them actually COMMITS A TERRORIST ACT, he/she IS NOT A TERRORIST.
            Stupid comments like that just make YOU sound like an idiot and an extremist. They do NOTHING to limit or deter terrorism.

          • You have lived through nothing you stupid low life piece of liberal fecal matter. I wish you nothing but hatred and pain. And death.

          • Oh, I get it — anyone who disagrees with your call for ASSASSINATION of a public official is a “stupid lowlife piece of fecal matter.” Charming!
            The irony here is that I AM A TRUMP FAN, too (actually, I don’t believe YOU are, but maybe I’m wrong). I just said calling for ASSASSINATION is not a really good idea: these days the FBI might be reading your posts and take you seriously.
            As for “living thru several assassinations”: let’s see, John F. Kennedy (November 1963), Martin Luther King (April 1968), Bobby Kennedy (June 1968), (I wasn’t a FAN of any of the above, but like I said, I don’t believe in ASSASSINATING people!). Those are just the ones a dimwit like you has probably HEARD of. There are quite a few more: check https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_assassinated_American_politicians
            I’m not objecting to your position (such as it is), I’m objecting to your manner. ALSO WARNING YOU THAT CALLING FOR PEOPLE’S ASSASSINATIONS IS A RISKY BUSINESS NOWADAYS. But if you WANT to do 20 years in the penitentiary, don’t let it be said I STOPPED you.

          • Don’t warn me about anything you nasty foul mouthed cunt.

          • I’M a “nasty foulmouthed cunt”????
            YOU are the one who called ME “you stupid low life piece of liberal fecal matter” and said “I wish you nothing but hatred and pain. And death.” And you have the NERVE to call me names?
            I won’t say anything more to you, EVER, because you’re NOT WORTH MY TIME. I see you have made your “contributions” to this site private, but people can see MINE and see just what kind of foul-mouthed JERK you are. BTW, I’ve notified the FBI about your THREATS of assassination, and if you keep it up you’ll be hearing from them soon.

          • I have made no direct threats and, the FBI is tired of hearing from you. So shove it in your ass.

          • 1) Direct threats aren’t necessary — this is the age of Terrorism and the FBI is more alert than it used to be
            2) i have posted all of 2 or 3 responses to comments from you, and mine haven’t been foul-mouthed. I will post when and where I please, but since YOU DISGUST ME, you probably won’t hear from me again (unless you say something provocative). So your best bet is DON’T POST TO ME and I won’t post to YOU.

          • So what was it? 2 or 3? Make up your mind, stupid whore. I haven’t got all day to fuck around with you.

          • Is it “California think”? Perhaps some sort of convoluted way to get back at red states or the federal government for threatening to cut off funds for various reasons? There is a movement there to secede from the union, because they think their ways aren’t the ways that this country is bound by law to follow? It is not very different than the reasons we fought the Civil War!

          • It is Jerry Brown being a domestic terrorist.

          • NO, he is probably so high he doesn’t realize he is in California! Remember, he was Linda Ronstadt’s beau

          • Not beau, just a Hippie like she was. The idea of “Free Love” was actually just a part of Communism’s push to demoralize us so that they could take over. We have let them succeed altogether TOO MUCH in that!

          • Yes, he was. Probably why he loves illegals so much. She’s one.

          • PLEASE, let them secede – there would be 54 less Electoral votes in the next Presidential election – Good for Sane people!

          • 55 fewer electoral votes for the Dems! (CA has 53 Congressional seats, so 55 Electoral Votes). But I agree completely. And if the like they can take Oregon along with them!

          • Screw California

          • I live in California. We are already screwed.

          • Sorry about that!! Never to late to try to get started changing the goof balls running the state!!

          • Omar Navarro and Antonio Sabato are running as conservatives; might want to look into them and see?

          • You think two people, EVEN if they get ELECTED (very unlikely — all they’re gonna do is HURT THE REPUBLICANS and elect MORE DEMOCRATS — but even if they DID win, how much good do you think they could do in a heavily Democrat legislature? California has what, 100 state representatives? And TWO will accomplish WHAT?

          • I believe both are running for Federal legislative positions which would put them in a slightly better position to have an impact along with other conservatives there; in CA’s legislature, I’d agree with you on that.

          • Sorry, didn’t realize they’re running for Congress. But even so,, two freshman members of the House (even assuming they both win) won’t have a lot of influence. The California delegation is so big (53 House seats) that 2 newcomers don’t have a lot of clout. That said, every new conservative can help.
            I just hope they realize that Congress — no matter WHO is in charge — LEGISLATES BY COMPROMISE. NOBODY, not committee chairs, not the Speaker, not ANY member or single group of members, gets EVERYTHING they want in any bill. Learning to compromise is the toughest (and most important) task facing ANY newcomer to the House (or Senate).

          • I understand your problem; but in the Federal legislature, they’re teaming with those from OTHER states as well who share their views; not limited to the CA delegation. It won’t impact CA as a state as much, but the nation as an whole and that does impact CA, whether CA likes it or not, until and unless they secede. Compromise is something Dems do poorly if at all; generally they tie something they want that’s destructive overall to something they KNOW we need done, as they’re trying to do now by tying DACA to the FAA bill; those need to be STAND ALONE bills, both of them, in fact all bills should be forced to be stand alone, single issue bills to stop a lot of this! “Compromise” to the left means we capitulate and give them what they want, getting NOTHING in return.

          • Not my problem – merely my observation based on half a century working in and around Congress. I realize that all the states, not just CA are involved, but we had been talking about what CA was doing with regard to providing assistance to other states (TX, FL) after the storms.

            The issue of forcing Congress to do stand-alone, one-issue bills has been around longer than I have. I agree it would be ideal, but as long as there are only 365 days in the year, multi-issue bills are going to give both House and Senate an easier way of churning out legislation, so I don’t think it’s going to happen.

            As for “compromise,” the Dems ARE better at imposing deals that favor their side. That’s one way in which President Trump might be able to prove some REAL leadership, not just tweets, to the Republicans: Trump IS a top-flight negotiator, after all, and he WILL negotiate with both sides if necessary (as he just proved with the DACA deal). We don’t HAVE to get nothing in return; we just have to LEARN TO NEGOTIATE better, because, like it or not, legislation HAS to be negotiated. If WE can’t do it, the Democrats WILL skin us alive. So maybe instead of screaming at the President because he DARED to compromise (AND ALL HE DID WAS DEMAND THAT CONGRESS PASS A DACA BILL, AS THE CONSTITUTION REQUIRES IT TO DO, INSTEAD OF RELYING ON THE PRESIDENT TO ISSUE AN EXECUTIVE ORDER), maybe those conservatives in Congress should ASK PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR LESSONS IN WINNING BY COMPROMISE.

          • MOST of the bills that come before Congress, because they’re sitting there so much of the year, don’t even need to come up at all! They shouldn’t be bills or laws. So stand alone bills on issues that do need to be dealt with is entirely reasonable.
            As far as compromise goes, I agree we need better negotiators but I stand by the stand alone issue. And all of them should be written in plain English anyone can read without a PhD in legalese. As for DACA, it should NOT go back to Congress again; they’ve rejected it enough times in the past decade or so to make it plain enough for the average idiot to understand, even when O had the majority Congress. Just shut it down as it should be.

          • A lot of the bills that come up in Congress deal with very small issues of interest only to a few members, and are quickly disposed of. But they HAVE to be bills (and become laws), even if they’re of limited interest. After all, if YOU were one of even a small number of people to be affected by a specific bill, YOU wouldn’t want to see it “not come up at all.” YOU’d NEED it to come up.
            I agree completely about writing the bills in plain English. Actually, most ARE: they certainly don’t require the Ph.D. or law degree to read (i have neither, and I did OK with them for 30 years!).
            DACA will be introduced again because there ARE a lot of people who want it enacted. If it fails, so be it. That’s what Congress is SUPPOSED to do — consider bills and PASS OR REJECT THEM. But because one Congress 10 years ago (or 8 or 6 or 4 years ago) didn’t pass a bill does NOT mean it won’t be passed this time. That’s WHY all bills that are on the table for consideration by one Congress (and don’t pass) have to be REINTRODUCED, assuming there’s still sufficient interest, in the NEXT Congress. If you don’t want DACA reconsidered, you should NOT want repeal of Obamacare reconsidered, either. But I bet you DO want it repealed, which means it’ll have to be reintroduced and reconsidered. What’s sauce for the goose…

          • You’re talking like 2 unconstitutional issues have a right to remain, or be passed into, law; NEITHER does!

          • Wrong! The ONLY thing that made DACA unconstitutional was that Obama put it into effect as an EXECUTIVE ORDER, instead of getting Congress to approve it. IF passed by Congress, IT WOULD BE CONSTITUTIONAL AND LEGAL. And there was NO question about the CONSTITUTIONALITY of Obamacare — it was just a VERY bad policy. (The Supreme Court refused to rule it unconstitutional, which means it WAS CONSTITUTIONAL. Period. That’s what the Supreme Court DOES.)

          • The WHOLE CONCEPT is unconstitutional; it VIOLATES the principles of a nation under rule of LAW!

          • It violates the principle of the rule of law ONLY if it is done WITHOUT the USE of law — that is, by presidential fiat. That’s how Obama did it, and he even SAID he knew he was doing it the wrong way. But there’s nothing to the “rule of law” that prevents BAD laws from being enacted — or bad constitutional amendments, for that matter. The “rule of law” only addresses HOW it’s done, not whether what IS done is good, bad, or indifferent.

          • Sadly, there’s NO SUCH THING as an “unconstitutional ISSUE.” LAWS, not ISSUES, may be declared unconstitutional. But if Congress passes a law and the Supreme Court UPHOLDS it, IT IS CONSTITUTIONAL, period — at least until a future SCOTUS says it’s NOT.

            The courts don’t determine the “right to remain or be passed into law.” ANYTHING can be passed into law, and if SCOTUS say it’s OK, then it’s OK until some future SCOTUS says otherwise. (You may recall how furious Obama and the Dems were when SCOTUS upheld the “Citizens United” campaign finance law, which removed many of the campaign finance limits that had been hampering conservative fund-raising. WE won on that one, and Obama was LIVID!)

            The only thing unconstitutional about DACA was the WAY Obama chose to “pass” it — by EXECUTIVE ORDER, not by Congressional action. If he’d gotten Congress to approve it, it’d be totally constitutional — which is why its supporters today want it RE-ENACTED, this time by Congress.

            The same, more or less, applies with Obamacare: it DID get through Congress, and the Supreme Court SAID it’s constitutional. So, until some future Supreme Court says otherwise, it IS constitutional (unfortunately).

            You and I don’t have to LIKE a law, but when SCOTUS says something is constitutional, THAT’S THE WAY IT IS until some future SCOTUS reverses the original decision.

          • ..and badly in need of rescue, not from natural disasters but from Demo-socialist-made ones!

          • Probably true; CA has put a ban on official travel of their employees to “red” states, esp TX. It would be entirely in character for Brown to do that.

        • I told you you cannot trust so called conservatives. Look, Bannon is campaigning against Trump. Bannon does not want Trump re-elected. Look he is talking how Trump hates Republicans and TPs. He is telling the world how disorganized the WH is now; and leaking all WH secrets. As I have said before, Trump should get rid of all Repubs and TPs in the WH and agencies and hire Democrats. After all Democrats agree with Ivanka on all Trump policies. With friends like Bannon, Trump does not need enemies.

          • You ALSO said Hillary Clinton was not lying about Benghazi, have defended 0bama on just about every lie that came out of his mouth, reducing the credibility of your thoughts and opinions to as close to zero as humanly possible.

            When Trump drains the swamp it will include career Republicans, and Democrats that have now formed the Elite political party that is pushing Communism on America. Hillary and 0bama are the ones at the top of the list.

          • Are you Conservatives, Repubs and TPs isolating Trump now? I am not surprised. I have already written Trump to trust us Democrats than Mitch McConnell who is too old and ugly to hold that spot. The guy is self-righteous. You remember when he was wielding his McConnell care. It was a mess. He behaved like a kinder-garden child. Since McConnell does not want to listen to Trump, then Trump should fire McConnell’s wife – tit-for-tat.

          • You just hate don’t you?

          • Neither his appearance nor his age have a DAMN thing to do with it! Saying stuff like that just makes YOU sound like a complete idiot. (BTW, talk a look at Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao. If Mitch McConnell — to whom she has been MARRIED for almost 25 years — isn’t too old or ugly for HER, maybe you should readjust your thinking.)

          • That is about as insane as insane can be. We’re did that conclusion come from”info Wars” ?

          • Elite Democrat = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = Big Government Communists.

            All you have is hollow insults eh? Try providing of substance.

          • you didn’t answer my question, again… We’re did that conclusion come from”info Wars” ?

          • Keep on, hotshot, and YOU can replace Clinton and Oblammo as the biggest liars in the world!! That’s quite an accomplishment on your part!!

          • I told you, Repubs and TPs now see God’s light. Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitch McConnell and many others may be changing party to be Democrats. They are sick with so called conservatives who want racism and therefore ruin this Country President Obama brought to life again. Haskins, you better join the Big Tent-the Democrats.

          • I WAS a Demoncrap most of my life until I started paying attention to what the Demoncraps represented and I almost got whiplash turning my life around!! Thanks for reminding me!!!!

          • Try it, you’ll like it!!

          • I replied before but I guess Facebook thought my answer wasn’t fit for your tender ears, because It went somewhere!!! I said that I had been a Demoncrap for most of my life until I started looking at what they stood for and had been all the years I was part of their game!! I almost got whiplash getting out of that evil looking and sounding group of misfits!!!!

          • “Oblammo brought to life again”???You are sick, man, if you believe that!!! He darn near killed this country every way he could!!! Quit spreading that crap, it’s getting old!!!

          • You can rest assured that Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Mitch McConnell are NOT going to change parties to become Democrats. They may not be the kind of Republicans YOU like, but they ARE Republicans. The Republicans have a Big(ger) Tent than the Democrats these days: THEY allow all shades of opinion from Bill Clinton to Hillary, from Obama to Bernie Sanders: Republicans have a much greater diversity. That’s why some of our less open-minded members are UPSET.

          • Ivanka doesn’t agree with the voters who PUT Trump in the WH! Neither does Jared!

          • True, they are actually Democrats. However, they are not necessarily a problem, Donald always does what HE thinks is best, they are family and can discuss with him. Remember when Ivanka was to see Gore and Donald joined in, and how bemused Gore was that Donald had acknowledged him but NOT answered about what he actually thought? Now Ivanka come closer to agreement with her father on the “global warming” idiocy.

          • Not really; had that been the case, Jack Phillips’ case would not be proceeding to SCOTUS now; it would have been resolved by the original action Trump planned to assure religious liberty, ’til Ivanka talked him out of it and we got an useless watered down SOP that means NOTHING for most Christians trying to live our faith. That’s just 1 instance: Jared is going behind his back and talking to Dems to get DACA assured, he’s standing with the Palestinians against Israel, etc. Those 2 were NOT elected and are the greatest deterrents to Trump’s agenda going today.

          • SCOTUS IS actually not exactly a panacea, it is another corporate department in DC. You are right, but the only standing they have is as members of Donald’s family, and he is NOT simply agreeing because of that. BTW, like Donald, they ALSO take no salaries, so “all” they are is family, and that could never be taken away anyway. Family never has to agree. I tend to believe that Donald is a good man, he has to do what he can, and with all the enemies he is surrounded with, family is good, I think.

          • Salaries aren’t the issue; and family is a status I wasn’t looking to touch; what I object to is them acting as government policy advisers. They have NO BUSINESS doing that. It’s to THAT position they were not elected or duly appointed via Congress either one.

          • They are just family counsel for Donald, he has to be his own man, and I think he clearly is. That Gore meeting was a teaching experience to show Ivanka that she was wrong to believe in Gore’s BS. I think it will mostly be teaching experiences for her and Jared, not necessarily any influences on Donald himself. He just gave them titles so he could give them office space, they are NOT actually government as such. ALL the rest of DC is against him anyway, as he is NOT the CEO of the corp here! He IS our president, even when every other government person is actually corporate and against him. I think he NEEDS family close. I am just glad that he has his OWN security people and does not count on the Secret Service, who are all loyal corporate members — I would look to THEM for possible threat to OUR President.

          • I wish they were just “family comfort” but they aren’t. Jared has been to the ME twice recently supposedly as part of the peace process; schmoozing Abbas and pretty much snubbing Netanyahu, as past leftists have done. Ivanka keeps insinuating herself whenever she disagrees with a conservative policy decision and deflecting it back toward the left. As POTUS he should NOT be engaging nepotism which is what allowing them to participate is. He needs them to be family and commiserate with the terrible day he had at the office; NOT making policy decisions, or advising him on them. I don’t trust the Secret Service either because they have been broken through too many times in the past decade or so; I think their training and /or caliber of personnel has decreased dramatically, and they no longer serve the purpose for which they’re paid.

          • I agree about the secret service. That is why Trump needs a “Red Guard” of his own.. someone close to the Trump family told me this(I can’t tell who or I’m a goner). In fact it is already in the works as part of Trumps own “deep state” It will be unofficially be called the”Orange Guard”

          • Well, THAT would be illegal. That’s why the Secret Service is THERE, and that’s what it DOES. NO PRESIDENT (or other federal official, for that matter) has EVER been betrayed by the Secret Service.
            I do NOT believe for ONE SECOND that anyone “close to the Trump family” told you any such thing; nor do I believe you’d be a “goner” for ratting THEM out. There IS no “ORANGE GUARD,” and if one were created the creator(s) would spend 20-25 years in the FEDERAL PENITENTIARY (and not one of those country-club prisons, either).

          • They’re following the LAW. Family members are not permitted to be PAID advisers to presidents, but there’s really NO WAY to stop them from being UNPAID advisers. How do you stop a man from listening to his WIFE’s suggestions? Or his daughter’s (or son’s, or son-in-law’s)? EVERY PRESIDENT from George Washington onward has sought and often followed his WIFE’S advice! (And when we get a woman president, SHE will listen to her husband — whether he holds office (or ever DID) or NOT.

            Maybe we should require presidents to be unmarried and have NO family, or at least exile all their family members to an island somewhere and deny them internet connections. But how many people would RUN for President if that were a requirement?

          • Sending your UNELECTED SIL as a representative of the nation to a foreign government is HARDLY the same, nor is having your UNELECTED daughter sit in at an international leaders’ meeting representing the nation! He’s FAR beyond “family advice” here!

          • Depends on what constitutes “family advice” in YOUR family, doesn’t it?
            White House staff members (except POTUS and VPOTUS themselves) are NEVER elected. Based on your demand for only ELECTED representatives to DO anything, or even attend meetings, you’d BAN THE ENTIRE WHITE HOUSE STAFF from having any substantive role at all. Yet EVERY administration, of both parties, use White House staff for their often diverse and significant abilities. WH staff members bring a LOT of talent into the mix, and presidents are well-advised to listen to what they say. Also, the fact that they DON’T have to run for office or be confirmed by the Senate means they can be more open in advising the President than they could if either the Senate or the voters were looking over their shoulders.
            Also, you might be glad to know the operative expression in describing Ivanka Trump’s participation in that “international leaders’ meeting” is, in fact, “SITTING IN ON.” As in ATTENDED, maybe took notes, but DID NOT ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE. Feel better?

          • I know that trump has been compromised by elements in the CIA controlled media aka FOX News etc.Bannon is his”controller”along with Ivanka(double agent). Trump is a “useful idiot”

          • The CIA doesn’t control the media. If it DID, the media would be MUCH better (more on our side)

          • You may think Jared Kushner or Ivanka Trump (or both) are too liberal (though surely that’s THEIR business, not yours or mine) and that Ivanka is a feminist (I share that view). But they’re NOT going behind President Trump’s back. They don’t HAVE to. He LISTENS to them face to face.

            Would I rather his kids all belonged to Young America’s Foundation or ISI? Absolutely! BUT THEY’RE HIS KIDS, and they’re surely not the only young adults whose views are different from Daddy’s or Mommy’s. DONALD TRUMP is the President, not Ivanka and not Jared. If the President of the United States doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to his grown daughter and her hubby, WE ELECTED THE WRONG MAN.

          • OF COURSE you elected the “wrong” man for the job; because you didn’t adequately vet him either. I knew that before he ever started RUNNING!

          • Huh? You’re saying DONALD TRUMP was the wrong man to elect as President?

            As for vetting, how could YOU have done it so well before he even started RUNNING? You couldn’t, therefore you DIDN’T. Before Trump started running, all ANYONE knew about him was that he was a billionaire builder of tacky hotel/casinos who had created something of a media empire on reality TV.

            I vetted him much more thoroughly than the media or most political people. I knew all I NEEDED to know about Trump MONTHS before the election. I didn’t vote for him in the primaries BECAUSE I KNEW he was NOT a Republican OR a conservative and I wouldn’t like most of his performance if he won (and I DID think he COULD win, unlike 99% of the American people). I voted for him in November for JUST ONE REASON: he had presented a list of potential nominees for the Supreme Court; I know most of them, and it was an EXCELLENT list. Since I consider appointments to SCOTUS one of the MOST important “issues” in any presidential election, I was willing to overlook all the issues on which I disagree with Trump FOR THAT ONE REASON.

            I’m still satisfied because he gave us Neil Gorsuch and spared us 20 years (or so) of Merrick Garland or some other ultra-liberal. As to Trump’s other policies, I like the deregulation, but I’m annoyed about various other policies. I like about HALF his cabinet and think the others are terrific business people or military leaders who haven’t a CLUE how to run a federal department, but they’ll mostly be GONE by next year BECAUSE they don’t. But I NEVER EXPECTED MUCH from Trump or ANY other President (I didn’t even expect much from Reagan, allowing myself to be mildly and pleasantly surprised). So I find disappointing performances by presidents unsurprising, and thus not all that disappointing.

            And I DID think he’d win: I made several hundred dollars betting that he would.

          • BS! Trump has been a public figure for DECADES since LONG before he was in the running for any public office; anyone who cared to find out what sort of person he is could easily have done so! If you didn’t know he was a supporter of Clintons and other leftists before that; that’s on you. It’s been public information right along.

          • I never said he wasn’t a Democrat: I KNEW HE WAS and that he was a Clinton pal and fan. I explained on what (limited) basis I had supported him last year, although I hadn’t bothered to add the fact that as a convert to the Catholic faith, I believe in conversion AND redemption, so I was giving him the benefit of the doubt. But had he not come up with that Heritage-Federalist list of names of judicial nominees, I wouldn’t have supported him EVEN AGAINST HILLARY. (Although keeping Hillary OUT of the White House WAS a high priority, too.)

            I doubt there’s ANYTHING of substance that you knew about Trump that I didn’t also know. By “of substance,” I mean I may not have recalled the names of all the women with whom he was linked between marriages #1 and #2 or #2 and #3; I don’t pay attention to that kind of crap. But if it was significant, I knew about it. And I SAID I BACKED HIM RELUCTANTLY only because he was better than the alternative (Hillary) and even THEN only on the basis of his judicial list. Now either stick to commenting on what I’ve actually SAID or something that’s at least REAL. Or don’t bother me again.

          • You made your choice; and now you’re not so happy with it; I chose to support an actual Constutitutionalist, rather than any of the leftist choices. I can’t say I’m in the least surprised by Trump’s turn back to the left; it started day 1 after the election. And no, he really wasn’t a “better” choice; just a different one than Hillary.

          • First, I never said I was disappointed by my choice — at least no more than I have been disappointed by every President in my lifetime (since Eisenhower). They NEVER measure up to my hopes, and Trump won’t, either. He DOES measure up to my expecations, though.
            Second, I assume you mean y9ou supported Evan McMullin. I know him; he’s a nice guy, but NOT presidential. I knew the people pushing him. I thought about supporting him, but my BIG concern was to BLOCK HILLARY, and McMullin wasn’t going to help with THAT.
            You think Trump and Clinton are two sides of the same coin. I think that’s NUTS.

            Even as of February, Trump gave us a SOLID constitutionalist Justice, Neil Gorsuch, and Hillary would have given us 30 years or so of just ONE MORE LIBERAL in Merrick Garland, or possibly someone WORSE if Hilary had picked her own man.

            THAT would have JEOPARDIZED the FUTURE OF THE COUNTRY, which is a LOT worse than having another imperfect president for 4 or maybe 8 years. We can make do with a less-than-great
            President (we’ve seldom done better); 30 years of another LIBERAL COURT might have been MORE than we could survive as a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. It’s a shame you don’t understand the Constitution better!

          • Oh, he’s living up to what I expected of him too; but it’s not what he campaigned to be and certainly not good for America. No, he and Clinton aren’t 2 sides of the same coin; they’re the SAME side of the coin. Gorsuch is the ONLY promise he has actually KEPT; the rest of the claims have been “sops” blown out of proportion to their actual effectiveness. The Constitutional Republic died a century ago; and hasn’t been resuscitated since.
            As for who I voted for, no, it wasn’t your buddy McMullin either; I voted for Constitutionalist Darrell Castle. McMullin would have been a “better” choice than the 4 globalist offerings on the ballot, but not the best choice.

          • Yes. Ivanka is a double communism agent. Just look at her name. I know this from someone in the item community.

          • You are a COMPLETE idiot. Ivanka’s name is a variant of her mother’s. Her mother was a Czech REFUGEE, ESCAPING from Communism back before the Wall came down. Neither Mom nor daughter was a Communist — and big business tycoon Donald Trump was NOT likely to have married into the Communist movement.
            Ivanka is more liberal than I am, but there’s a WHOLE lot of space there between “liberal” or “feminist” and “communist.” If you think otherwise you’re a FOOL!

          • Good grief.Of course I made that up-I am mocking most of the false garbage presented in the comment section of PNDaily…you are the idiot.

          • OK, you got me. But given the number of rude, crude, and outrageous posts I’ve seen here (& on similar boards), it’s hard to tell who means what they’re posting and who doesn’t. Glad you’re not as stupid as I thought.

          • Stop it!! A humble curse free non ad hominem response from this comment section for PDN? I am not used to this. This is actually refreshing.
            Please feel free to insult me in the future…

          • Thanks! That’s a morale booster, especially since the last response I read (from someone else, obviously) was SO rude and vituperative (and uncalled for: I hadn’t even insulted the sender!) that I was actually shocked (and I don’t shock easily: I’ve spent 60+ years in politics!)
            Have a good day!

          • Ivanka and Jared disagree with Trump on SOME issues, but I can assure you they both support him wholeheartedly. They’re MATURE enough to realize you don’t have to — in fact, CAN’T — agree with your candidate on EVERY SINGLE ISSUE. Never happens.
            An early political mentor of mine once told me, “If you want to vote for a candidate with whom you agree 100% of the time, YOU’LL HAVE TO RUN FOR OFFICE YOURSELF. Because if you’re actually using your BRAIN, you’ll form your own ideas — and they will probably never agree with ANYONE ELSE all the time!”
            I’ve reminded myself of that every time (often) someone I supported as a candidate disappoints me once elected. It’s INEVITABLE. Even if you start out supporting someone, for instance, because you agree with him 100% on, say, immigration, the legislation he ends up signing may be VERY different from the ideas he started out with. That’s because EVEN THE CANDIDATES have to COMPROMISE to get their proposals enacted. THAT is the difference between DEMOCRACY and DICTATORSHIP. Do you REALLY want a president TELLING US ALL EXACTLY WHAT WE HAVE TO DO? Even if you voted for him/her?

          • Bannon’s not campaigning against Trump. Trump doesn’t hate the republicans and TPs. It was the Tea Party that got him elected.

          • Well, then Trump dumped Repubs and TPs for their shallow brains. Look, they wanted to repeal Obamacare with nothing. Now they want to kick out DACA people some are in the US military and toiling and some dying for us. How would you hire Bannon as your confie anyway. The guy does not take a bath or brush his teeth and his office was stinking odor. That is how Bannon lost his job.

          • Where do you get your news? He didn’t dump anyone. They will replace the ACA because it’s such a failure. You free riders may have to work for a living.

            The DACA people AKA the “dreamers” can keep dreaming but get to the back of the line. In a lot of states these parasites can get government benefits. Military DACA is OK.

            If you saw the 60 Minutes interview last night with Bannon you would know that it was his choice about his job. You welfare people define low information.

          • ACA was NOT (and will not be) replaced “because it’s such a failure.” It MUST be replaced because IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL — having been imposed by Obama’s EXECUTIVE ORDER instead of ACTION by Congress. Even
            Obama admitted it would have to be re-enacted by law.

            I’m no Bannon fan, but just because he SAID on “60 Minutes” that it was HIS “choice” about his job doesn’t mean that’s the way it happened. HE WAS FIRED, period. He can say whatever he pleases, but the new WH Chief of Staff (Gen John
            Kelly) FIRED him. And rightly so, from what I hear.

          • I’m NOT a fan of Steve Bannon, but your ad-hominem insults are offensive and inaccurate.
            Also, I don’t know who you mean by “they” who wanted to “repeal Obamacare with nothing” OR kick out DACA members from the military. The House had, and PASSED, not one but THREE bills (in successive Congresses) to REPLACE Obamacare. Then the membership changed due to the 2016 election, and suddenly they NO LONGER had the votes. THAT happened because Donald Trump imposed HIS non-Republican views on the Republican Party. As for DACA, the REAL problem is that it was originally imposed by EXECUTIVE ORDER by President Obama. THAT was unconstitutional, and even Obama SAID so — HE said it would have to be REPLACED by an act of Congress. CONGRESS hadn’t decided whether or not to include DACA graduates now in the US Military, so don’t accuse them of omitting anyone.

          • Bannon may THINK he’s on Trump’s side, but that just proves he’s an IDIOT. Whatever he may THINK, what he is doing will not only HURT President Trump, IT MAY VERY WELL BRING HIM DOWN COMPLETELY.

            And it wasn’t the Tea Party that “got Trump elected.” The Tea Party alone couldn’t have elected ANYONE on a national level. Trump won because he won the Tea Party AND most conservative and mainstream Republicans — AND (mostly) because he was ONE guy running against FIFTEEN mainstream Republicans, and thus needed only a SMALL fraction of the Republican primary vote to WIN most of the primary contests. (He only had to win a SMALL fraction of the vote because there were so many running against him. Simple ARITHMETIC.)

    • I agree

    • Just you wait a minute… RINOS only want the Wall…..are against DACA… are for a balanced Budget… are for anti ILLEGAL Immigration… FOR tax Cuts… FOR LAW and order when they are out LYING FOR VOTES!!! At any other time they seem to be EVEN MORE HYPCRITICAL thna the Averaged (D) Party annarchists!!!

      • That may be true; but those “RINOS” aren’t “Repubs” at all really and neither are they for the people; they’re GLOBALISTS and anit-American, which most savvy voters outside the beltway know which means crossover voters and illegal votes are electing them.

        • I consider “RINOS” as planted MOLES by the (D) Anarchy party ….THey must be VOTED OUT every time they run again…..Instead of letting them RETURN TO CONGRESS!!!

          • In many of those states, there just aren’t ENOUGH conservatives to ELECT ANYBODY. You vote for people you or I might call RINOs, or you GET MORE DEMOCRATS.
            Exactly WHAT good would THAT do? If you don’t remember when Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House, you should look it up. She did EVERYTHING the liberals wanted and made a HUGE mess that it took Republicans several years to even BEGIN to fix..
            “RINOs” vote WITH the Republicans about SIXTY PERCENT of the time. Nancy Pelosi & Company vote with us NEVER. So which is worse? Aren’t we better off with the occasional RINO and a 60% good voting record instead of a Democrat and NO good votes, EVER — and Pelosi as Speaker again, or Chuck Schumer as Senate leader? The rule should be:
            IF we can NOMINATE real Republicans in primaries, FINE. IF NOT, settle for a RINO — for NOW — and KEEP CONGRESS IN REPUBLICAN HANDS. President Trump DOESN’T KNOW how BAD it would be to have to work WITH A DEMOCRAT-CONTROLLED CONGRESS, but believe me, he wouldn’t like it ONE BIT.

          • ARE there ANY Conservatives LEFT in OUR GOVERNMENT???????????????????? WE elect what we Think are REAL REPUBS , including some in the DOJ and after all the Hearings, CAN WE SEE ANY CONVICTIOBS beginning with Lerner, KOSKINEN, Clinton, Comey and LYNCH???? Or is the PIMPS nad HORES CLUB just watching each other’s backs????
            wE have a Totally CORRUPT HUGE OVERBLOWN BUREUCRAT TYPE of Self preserving bunch of elected “hores from both Sides in Congress , i see no linger ANY difference between (D) and (R) and may be A TRUMP PARTY may be what is needed

          • I share your frustration. I was absolutely LIVID when the DOJ decided not to prosecute Lois Lerner for the misuse of IRS powers, and it’s not the first time I’ve blown my stack at DOJ or other bureaucrats even since Trump took office.

            BUT…the problem is, the US Attorney General doesn’t handle those prosecutions. They’re decided on, and then pursued (if at all) by some mid-level lawyer/bureaucrat who has probably been at DOJ for 15 or 20 years, working his way up from entry-level to what is likely his (or her) level of incompetence. Then, no matter what the prosecutor’s politics were when he/she started (and MOST WERE AND REMAIN LIBERAL DEMOCRATS), the prosecutor shelves one last BIG case (like against Lerner) SO THAT HE/SHE WON’T CATCH HELL FROM SUPERIORS and can end his/her career retiring with a clean record. In other words, they’re liberals to start with, but what they’re REALLY putting FIRST is their record as DOJ professional prosecutors, and they don’t want a messy political fight to soil it.

            I don’t know what we can do about people like this. They CAN’T be fired because of the protections for civil service employees built into the law 100 years ago. They CAN be reassigned to the DOJ office in Ada, Oklahoma, or Ketchikan, Alaska, or somewhere equally exciting — but then the employees’ UNION will move in on the lawyer’s behalf to get that reassignment reversed, AND the lawyer who was supposed to be punished ends up getting a PROMOTION and a RAISE — and, of course, keeping his/her job. Meanwhile, the Attorney General has spent his valuable time fighting this political battle — AND lost influence with the other department employees.

            I have seen this scenario played out more (MUCH more) than once. Every time a Republican administration tries to reform the civil service law or regulations, they get their HEADS handed to them. But of course when a Democrat in the White House tries (successfully) to USE those civil service rules to favor their own or disfavor Republicans (as Lois Lerner did), the whole system is ON THEIR SIDE. If there IS an answer, I’m darned if I can see it. 🙁

          • Agreed; however, we don’t always have the voice/votes to do that when libs in urban areas outnumber those of us outside them.

          • Correct me if I miss knowing any RINO elected from URBAN AREAS…..Urban Areas elect such Anarchists as Conyers.. Waters.. Harris.. Hooj=ker.. sCHMUCKIE….Pelosi ETC ETC
            Rinos come from NON URBAN AREAS by en LARFGE

          • Nope; McAmnesty didn’t get votes in rural AZ yet he got reelected. Phoenix and Soros votes did that.

          • MY POINT exactly BIG URBAN Slums in Intelligentia deficiency elect DUMBOCRATS and pOTTED DUMBOCRATS RINOS come from Rural parts NO LONGER ant Difference!!

          • It goes without saying — simple arithmetic — that if a candidate does well in the state’s biggest city while his opponent does well only in small towns/rural areas, the big city guy is gonna WIN. That’s one reason that many states (not all) go out of their way to divide big cities and their surroundings up into several Congressional districts, so there won’t be just one or two districts wielding the big-population clout. Of course, this doesn’t help in statewide elections (like for senators or at the presidential level), but assuming we want to retain the whole idea of HAVING states, we have to accept that their different populations will give them disparate clout in voting.

            The problem in Arizona (and most other states with just 1 or 2 big cities) isn’t that McCain (I assume you mean) “didn’t get votes in rural Arizona” — it’s that there AREN’T enough voters (or votes, obviously) IN “rural Arizona” to override the numerical advantage of Phoenix (& its surrounding suburbs). Short of FORCING people to live in those rural areas — which are losing population precisely because there are no jobs and therefore nobody wants to live there — there really isn’t any way to solve that problem. (Maybe aerial cars will help; I know people who would LOVE to live on a ranch in, say, Mohave County, if it was possible to do so and still WORK in Phoenix or even Flagstaff! Now if they could FLY to their offices every day….)

          • No; I think the answer is for states to establish an electoral college type of defense, like the Presidential elections have to prevent the urban leftists from overwhelming everyone else in the states and “dictating” to areas they don’t understand or care about.

          • I’m not sure I see what you mean. I strongly oppose doing away with the Electoral College, and I see the “boost” it gives smaller-population states (that’s why it was done that way!). But how do you do that WITHIN each state?? By county (each county gets 2 electoral votes plus whatever popular vote its citizens generate?)? Or am I missing some other application of your idea?

            The problem is, there is a constant drumbeat to GET RID of the FEDERAL Electoral College and elect presidents by popular vote (which would have given us President Hillary last year, after having had President Gore elected in 2000). We can stand against this pressure/trend because the federal Electoral College is described IN THE CONSTITUTION and the smaller states (in votes, not size) would prevent passage of a constitutional amendment to abolish it. But CREATE NEW ELECTORAL COLLEGES at STATE level? I don’t think we could get that approved, probably not anywhere.

          • Yeah, it’s hard to describe either Maine or Alaska as urban areas — yet they repeatedly elect Sen. Susan Collins and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (both nominally Republican; Murkowski even comes by it honestly: her father was an actual Republican who represented Alaska in the Senate. When he ran for & was elected Governor in 2002, he appointed his daughter to his Senate seat. She’s MUCH more liberal than he was!) And there are Congressional districts that follow the same format.

            And then there’s good old (not!) Bernie Sanders, who represents Vermont, where the LARGEST city has 60,000 (that’s NOT a typo) people!

            But you’re right, urban areas produce — on average — more liberals than conservatives, and rural areas do the opposite.

            NONE of the people you name are ANARCHISTS. Anarchists believe in NO government AT ALL, and Conyers, Waters, Harris, Hooker, Schumer , Pelosi &c believe in a LOT of government! They’re LIBERALS, or PROGRESSIVES, or even SOCIALISTS. Calling them anarchists just makes YOU sound ignorant.

          • Both states DO have urban centers which, if the pattern holds true, are the sources of those votes for both women, in those otherwise rural predominant states, and I have no reason to suppose it doesn’t.

          • Yeah, but when the “big” cities in a state number less than 100,000 people in population, the state’s population is spread around enough that those cities DON’T predominate. And since most of the REPUBLICAN voters in those states happen to be from rural areas (Portland and Augusta, ME, and Anchorage, AK are much more heavily Democrat than the rest of their states), I don’t think the analogy holds. Though we’re flying more or less blind now, because the next Census (2020) may show changes of which neither of us is now aware.

          • I don’t know about AK, but ME has been heavily importing “refugees” the past few years, so their demographic is undoubtedly leaning more left, especially in the urban areas than it was before even. Refugee Watch is a good resource for following that.

          • Maine has been electing “moderates,” AKA RINOS, since the days of Margaret Chase Smith (look her up if you don’t know). AND they’ve been importing “refugees” too: they NEED PEOPLE because all they have are MOOSE.

          • Ohhh.Poor Poor snowflake .You are outnumbered-Why not move to the closest “commie” urban area and infiltrate a cell with you conservative values of selfishness and turn this mother around!!

      • Amen and well said.

        Rinos are worse than democrats, they are democrat spies dressed up like conservative republicans. They never really mean anything they actually say to their constituents.

        • RINOS …..ARE PLANTED MOLES by the (D) Anarchy turds!

          • Yes they are. And the D Anarchy turds are Communists.

          • It is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to be BOTH an ANARCHIST and a COMMUNIST. They’re EXACT OPPOSITES. Anarchists believe in NO government; Communists want an all-powerful government that runs EVERYTHING. It should be obvious even to the retards who hang out on sites like this that it’s NOT possible to be, or have, BOTH AT THE SAME TIME.

          • I did not know that…. I do believe your analysis is off because it IS possible to have both Anarchy and Communism at the same time…

            In FACT, the Left uses anarchy to get what they want…. The destruction of anyone that stand in their way by disagreeing with them, and control/power.

          • and the right doesn’t do the same?

          • When and where? provide proof.

            Be careful, as when the KKK ruled the roost, it was a enforcement arm of the Democrat party. The KKK hasn’t been on the map since the Dems abandoned them.

          • no context-what am I supposed to prove for

          • It’s possible for a society to have anarchists (but NOT “anarchy”: THAT has NEVER existed in ANY human society) and communists at the same time, but NOT INVOLVING THE SAME PEOPLE. That is, an INDIVIDUAL can be one or the other, but NOT BOTH, at least not simultaneously.

            Sure, a large and diverse society can include some people who believe in anarchy and others who believe in communism — just as a society can have Republicans and RINOs and Democrats and Libertarians and Bernie-Sanders-Socialists and whatever else is around. But THINK about it: HOW CAN ONE PERSON believe in NO government and MAXIMUM government at the same time? The two ideas are OPPOSITE.

          • May God Bless, thank you for the clarification.

          • You’re welcome! Thank you for ending this discussion on a mannerly note.

          • By any other name …BOTH are DRIVEN to CONTROL the Masses…via Uprisings, Control of Information and Destroy Individual RIGHTS…
            Nazis started as ANARCHISTS so did Fascists in REAL TIME …and SO did Communists and all became TYRANTS.. … IN the end all the SAME!!!!

          • That’s not quite true: Nazis did NOT start out as anarchists. The Nazi (“National Socialist”) movement was started by German Socialists, anarchists would have been totally UNwelcome in their midst. The communists also did NOT start as anarchists. It’s just logic: you CAN’T be FOR MORE government and for NO government at the same time.
            The Nazis (Fascists) and Communists did both set out to control other people’s thinking. So did SOME anarchists, although anarchists CAN take the attitude that THEY know what’s right (no government), but if other people want to have different ideas, so what? So NOT ALL anarchists are seeking control of others’ thinking.

          • And why are YOU hanging out on this site, pray tell?

          • Not exactly “hanging out”! I got an email from Patriot Daily News (I AM a patriot), checked the link, and found this chat thread. I was here all of 15 minutes; just happened to see MAHB001’s post calling someone an anarchist AND a communist, and it seemed to call for a response. Whether people agree or not, they don’t have to toss around totally irrational insults. I have many conservative friends who are highly intelligent and well-informed, but I keep finding people on sites like this who apparently have NO idea what they’re talking about. As I said, a person CANNOT be both an anarchist and a communist at the same time.

          • While I have learned from you, I find this comment quite arrogant and insulting…

            “NO idea”, eh… I went back and read this thread, we never said Anarchists where Communists. That error lies within your comprehension capabilities and your apparent injection of the work Anarchists in place of Anarchy.

            Normally, I let misunderstandings go and accept constructive criticism as helpful, but after years of dealing with the arrogance of the Left, I have become a little sensitive.

            My actual comment was “Yes they are. And the D Anarchy turds are Communists.”
            which was in response to The Redhawks comment “RINOS …..ARE PLANTED MOLES by the (D) Anarchy turds!”

            As I read the post, Anarchy was used this way.

            Anarchy –
            1.Chaotic situation
            A situation in which there is a total lack of organization or control.

            Clarification. I believe RINO’s are Liberal Progressive spies, in other words, Democrats in Conservative clothing, lying to Republicans and doing the Lefts work while controlling the Republican party.

            Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = The Elites are Communists.

            Argue that point if you want.

          • Wow. First, you’re confusing the use of “anarchist” to define someone’s POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY (which is how I was using it) with the use of “anarchy” to mean a state of chaos (NOT necessarily political). Both definitions are correct, but obviously they have different uses. If you use MY definition, you’ll see we’re saying much the same thing.

            If “D Anarchy turds” doesn’t conflate “anarchy” with “Democrat,” I apologize for misunderstanding your code. To me, “D” in a political context, means “Democrat”; for “anarchy,” see above. The other word is NOT in my vocabulary, and my understanding of it doesn’t even fit into this discussion. I belong to a generation that didn’t talk that way (or anyway, not often).

            RINOs are NOT “progressive spies.” They are Republicans of a more liberal stripe than you (or me), but as I said in one of my posts, they have a long and (mostly) honorable history in the Republican Party. Many, in fact, would put Abe Lincoln himself (the first Republican president, you’ll recall) in that category — and NOBODY would question that Teddy Roosevelt belongs there.

            NOWHERE is it written that ALL Republicans MUST believe exactly the same things: we don’t. We leave it to the Democrats to demand adherence to specific positions and march in lockstep across the political landscape. WE ARE, ABOVE ALL, INDIVIDUALISTS, not political conformists. That’s why we have differences of opinion, and why our pre-convention campaigns so often resemble cockfights.

            It’s also ABSURD to say the the “elites” in the United States are Communists. COMMUNISM is a doctrine that calls for EVERYONE, whatever their skills or education, to be PAID the same no matter WHAT job they are doing, and for ALL PROPERTY (personal as well as real estate) to be SHARED EQUALLY. The original communist government in Russia split up homes, large and small, assigning so-many-square-feet per adult and sticking as many people into a house as possible, no matter how big or small the family that originally owned it. Karl Marx (German, not Russian) who invented the theory of communism described it as “FROM each according to his abilities, TO each according to his needs.” (Of course, in practice nobody — including Marx — wanted his/her gains to be limited to a share of the whole equal to the least capable among us, so the theory NEVER did work out in practice. But for a member of the “elite” (economic, political, or any other) to believe in communism is RIDICULOUS. The elites KNOW they can do more, or do it better, than less talented people, and they WANT TO BE JUSTLY COMPENSATED for what they do. That’s the OPPOSITE of communism. (The Soviet Union never got anywhere CLOSE to communism, and the post-Soviet Russians aren’t even TRYING.)

            Yes, of course, there are “elites” among Democrats and Republicans (and just about every other group, incuding the media), but NONE OF THEM ARE COMMUNISTS! We DO have a few Communists in this country, even now, but their numbers are VERY small. Even Bernie Sanders doesn’t qualify: he owns his own home and wouldn’t be happy sharing it with 4-5 other families. “Socialist” is about as far to the Left as Americans go, thank God.

            I have neither the time nor the patience to address all your other points.

          • To be clear, I did not coin the term “(D) Anarchy turds!”
            I responded to someone that did, with my approval and understanding.

            Second, this definition comes directly from the Word dictionary….
            “Anarchy –
            1.Chaotic situation
            A situation in which there is a total lack of organization or control.”

            I do not see where I used the word “anarchists.” Not sure how the word got inserted into the conversation. I will chalk it up to my misunderstanding.

            As for the equation, Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = The Elites are Communists. that is my own thoughts.

            This is the definition of Communism that I use, it is right out of the Microsoft Word Encarta Dictionary
            1. the Marxist-Leninist version of a classless society in which capitalism is overthrown by a working-class revolution that gives ownership and control of wealth and property to the state

            Big Government = Communism

            The Elites have fundamentally transformed our country from:

            Of the People, By the People, and For the People,
            Of the Elites, By the Elites, and For the Control of the People by the Elites…

            This in my mind is a form Communism. Or at least as close as Russia got to the goal of communism. The elites are the traitors to American values, they desire as a minimum to control the America people in much the same way China, and the other Communist countries control their populations.

            There are still people within our Government that are still working FOR the people, but we must root out all the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

            Out of curiosity do you consider China, Russia, North Korea to be Communist States?

          • YEAH the (D) Commie Party led by Bernie and FAUX INJUN in addition to the (D) Anarchy party of HOLLYWEIRDS and BHOVOMIT, SOROS, and Clinton…..Which means that a TRUMP MAGA PARTY would have a MAJORITY in a 3 Party race???? House… SENATE nad WH ….

            Think of the possibility!!!

          • Seeing that the Elite D’s and Elite R’s and the Elite MEDIA no longer represent the American people, only themselves.

            It shouldn’t be too hard to find a bunch of Americans that don’t really want to follow the Elites.

            With the elites in the MEDIA pumping out brainwashing, a third party is an uphill battle. That is why http://www.madashellboycott.com exists… To neutralize the MEDIA, because without the MEDIAs propaganda, the Elites would not have a following.


          • please move to Somalia…..

          • No -I am not a racist.

            I said “Please move to Somalia”…because Somalia has no government…

          • Just saying, it is a racist kind of thing to tell people that do not agree with you to get out of town….

            I argue for a smaller fiscally balanced Government confined by the US Constitution.

            Your argument that I want no government is stupid and shows your comprehension level of this subject.

          • “Just saying, it is a racist kind of thing to tell people that do not agree with you to get out of town….” I don’t get the racist part–

            The phrase “Big government” is BS -Our government isn’t perfect but it is the best thing ever…stop trying to vilify it and get on to progressing to make it better for “we the people”…You are lost in the commie scare tactic of the 1950’s…”Be afraid. Be very afraid.”That is crap-

          • So NOW that the US Government is working in unconstitutional territory you say that it is the best thing ever? What a pawn you are…

            Your rejection of any word or phrase that is produced that ties the Government to Communism, is extremely telling…

            The most cleaver thing the devil has done is convince humans that he does not exist…

            And so is the same with Communists.

          • How long have you held these beliefs regarding communism taking over the government? I am beginning to think you may be paranoid and might benefit from some kind of counseling. Please know that I am serious and only suggesting this out of concern.

          • Sir, with all due respect, your comments fall way short of convincing me that I am wrong.

            Insults, denials, and now a deflection, it is common knowledge that the Left insults and denies and deflects, when they do not have facts to support their positions.

            I am also serious about my concern for your welfare. You have been demoralized, which has essentially turned you against capitalism. Capitalism is the one economic system that has brought the greatest percentage of the masses out of poverty. It has provided the greatest Country that the world has witnessed, with the greatest opportutnies for the greatest number of people to move up in this world.

            Yet you fight for communism…. One has got to wonder what is wrong with you, and this is it… I pray you can figure this out for yourself, as you are being used.


          • “. You have been demoralized, which has essentially turned you against capitalism.”

            I have not. I have told you in the passed that I am a capitalist-A Capitalist economy with a Democratic government is the best organization for for any country.

            “Yet you fight for communism..”

            That is ridiculous- I have criticized your paranoia regarding communismt, but.but I am not a supporter of communism.-

            Your obsession with the Yuri Bezmenov and constantly reproducing this video to everyone repeatedly is worrisome and suggests you may need professional mental attention-This is not an insult. This is real concern l.

          • What you can’t understand yet the evidence is in black and white right in front of you is that Big Government is just another form of Communism….

            Your demoralization is to knee jerk run away from capitalism, and when you do that, you run right into the arms of communism.

            I produce the Yuri video as a warning to those that have been demoralized, in the hopes that they can figure a way out. Unlike Yuri, I do not think those that are demoralized are broken, useless and cannot be fixed.

            If you could provide any argument beyond insults and denials that would help…

            God Bless

          • This is what communism looks like -citizens being refused admission to a FREE Speech Speech on campus by the AG of the USA…sad


          • I think that is a smart move to attempt to put in a eavesdropping dark zone. . The guy is surrounded by the deep state.

        • That’s NOT true. The RINOs represent people who are NOT conservatives, and if they RAN as conservatives they’d flat-out LOSE. They’re not spies for the Democrats, they’re just NOT conservatives. They actually have a long history in the Republican party, dating back through such REAL-BUT-NOT-CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN leaders as Nelson Rockefeller, Dwight Eisenhower (yes, THAT one — “Ike”), and Thomas Dewey.. ONCE, they WERE the Republican party and WE were the outsiders. THAT, at least, has changed. But to say either that RINOs aren’t Republicans or don’t mean what they say to their (LIBERAL) constituents betrays ONLY YOUR OWN STUPIDITY.

          • Do you mean if the Rinos ran as liberals?

            I will agree with you that the RINOS are Democrats in republican clothing.

            My current belief is that Elite R’s = Elite D’s = Elite MEDIA.

            I don’t get the stupid insult… but some people are just angry.,

    • I am getting a little old, but if I remember right Congress, even the Dems had promised Regan to pass funding to improve boarder security in exchange for him making concession on illegals who had managed to have been in the country for a certain period and not get in trouble. Of course the Dems went back on their word.

      • Yes, they made a deal, and Reagan died waiting for them to fulfill their promises.

        They haven’t to this day.

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        • can you send any factual proof to me that that actually occurred?

          • Not sure why you are sending me this….

          • You asked for proof that Reagan died….. 🙂 It was rather easy to find some.

          • I was commenting on a exchange you had with “Mic ”

            “Yes, they made a deal, and Reagan died waiting for them to fulfill their promises.

            They haven’t to this day.”

            I asked you to show proof that the “deal” was never fullfilled. Not that Reagan died.I guess comedy isn’t your strong suit…..Sill awaiting your proof.

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            Is the wall there?

          • BOTH parties PROMISED to build a wall, to increase security on OUR southern border, and Neither one has followed thru with that commitment. Don’t forget the 6 “add ons” to the AMNESTY, that occurred under Clinton!

          • I am asking you to prove your response to “Mic”

            He said-

            “I am getting a little old, but if I remember right Congress, even the Dems had promised Regan to pass funding to improve boarder security in exchange for him making concession on illegals who had managed to have been in the country for a certain period and not get in trouble. Of course the Dems went back on their word.

            You said-

            Yes, they made a deal, and Reagan died waiting for them to fulfill their promises.

            They haven’t to this day.

            I asked-

            “can you send any factual proof to me that that actually occurred?”

            I am still waiting to get your source-

          • I watched the NEWS & read the papers back then! Yes, I was alive when this happened! YOU too could GOOGLE the info!

          • I was an aware adult at that time-I did the research-That is not what happened-“Yes, they made a deal, and Reagan died waiting for them to fulfill their promises.

            They haven’t to this day”

            “can you send any factual proof to me that that actually occurred?”

          • You ask for proof stupid.

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      • Mic,
        You are 100% correct, the wall was to be built when President Regan was in office and in return he gave them amnesty. The government lied and never finished the wall. The DACA Executive Order should be eliminated and no special consideration should be given to these people. They only have Obama to blame for their situation. We are a country of the “Rule of Law” not selective enforcement of the law which is what has been going on for a long time now.

        • “You are 100% correct, the wall was to be built when President Regan was in office and in return he gave them amnesty. The government lied and never finished the wall.”

          Do you have any documentation that this is true?

        • Either WE are a “Nation of Laws”, or we aren’t. And, IF WE aren’t, then the LEFT seriously needs to SHUT UP about MORE gun control-> Because, IF we aren’t a “nation of laws”, then EVERY American citizen who is NOT a convicted felon &/or severely mentally unstable, should be “carrying” 24/7.

        • “can you send any factual proof to me that that actually occurred?”

          • BS Rich, pure BS…. You are not only lazy you are evil… Asking for factual proof that something didn’t happen is pretty easy…

            The border is NOT secure. It was promised to Reagan and Congress failed. Both parties…. more proof that:
            Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA….


            “The Immigration Reform and Control Act was pitched as a get-tough
            moment, with sanctions on employers and beefed-up border control. But it
            was largely a failure. ”
            The law gave birth to “amnesty” as a slur, and unfulfilled promises
            about the border sowed distrust that drives a “border-first” mentality
            today, even as the government has made strides with security. It’s the
            rare sore spot Republicans have with Reagan, whose mixed record on taxes
            and government spending has been lost to grand efforts to shape him
            into a monument to conservatism.”

            “The 1986 law was intended to create a new era of enforcement, including
            strict enforcement of the new law that barred employers from hiring
            workers who don’t have permission to work in the United States. But that
            never fully materialized.”

            You are a waste of peoples time.

      • You are absolutely right. But you will never hear a Republican defend Ronald Reagan or point that out. The same thing is in the works for any new tax overhaul, we will loose more deductibles and when a Demon-Crap gets in power again they will raise the taxes again and we will end up paying more. RNC= Rinos, Nitwits, Cowards.

        • So, you’d say don’t reform the tax system because one day the Dems may UNreform it? What about all the tax savings people WON’T GET in the interim because there’s no reform? What about the businesses that won’t create new jobs, or even START, because their taxes will be too high to justify the cost? I agree that there’s always a (big) risk that a future Dem Congress or President will wipe out ANY good President Trump achieves, but that’s ALWAYS true. A future president and Congress can change back the immigration laws to let in even MORE of the immigrants who are now illegal. He/She could do a LOT of bad things, and if he/she got enough Supreme Court appointments the whole system could be upended. But THAT’S THE RISK we take with a government of laws.
          The ANSWER to that is to keep electing Republican-led Congresses. Granted, they won’t all please you 100%, or even 60%; but they’ll do more to make US happy than the Democrats will do, and the more often we elect Republicans the less we will have to worry about our improvements being wiped out. OF COURSE, IF YOU INSIST ON A PERFECT CONGRESS, with ONLY 100% PURE SENATORS or CONGRESSMEN/WOMEN, you’ll end up with a LOT of DEMOCRAT-RUN congresses, and we will GAIN LESS and LOSE MORE.
          I was here in the days when the idea of a Republican-majority Senate OR House looked like a pipe dream. We hadn’t had either since 1954! Then came the “GINGRICH REVOLUTION” in 1994, and suddenly we controlled BOTH the House and Senate. Believe me, it was like stepping from Hell into Heaven! No, it wasn’t perfect, and it certainly didn’t LAST long enough, but it gave us a START toward the REAL revolution we’ve had in the last few years. YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK. But you — WE — WILL, if we demand perfection when it’s just not possible (and it NEVER IS in politics).

          • What I’m saying is any gain will be short term. We’ve been down this road before, in my state and in the federal Gov. In NJ we were given a choice income tax or sales tax we voted for sales tax, the next time the Demon-Craps got the chance they rammed income taxes up our a**, with no consideration for the tax payer what so ever. The scum bags just did it with a gas tax, just as soon as the gas dropped below $2.00 for the first time in years the SOB’s shoved a 26 cent tax on it, even though we screamed and hollered, and it was both parties that voted for it. Then the B**tards gave them selves a raise. It makes no difference what we want, they are going to stick it up our a** weather we want it or not. They will lie through their teeth and then do as they damn well please.

          • My parents used to live in NJ (Hopewell), so although it was before the specific incidents you describe, I understand your problem, and you have my sympathy. Seems like NJ has had more than its share of corrupt, dishonest government. I think that’s one result of what amounts to one-party government: NJ seems to get more than its share of Dems (yeah, I know: the current – soon to be ex- – governor, Christie Whitman, Tom Kean — but still, much more D than R and even when there’s a Republican in the State House, almost everyone else in Trenton is a Democrat.) Maybe it’s something in the water supply?
            Kidding, of course. I sympathize. If you’re really into state govt. reform, I’d suggest you take a look at Texas, which gets by with a legislature that meets for 60 days EVERY OTHER YEAR (!) and somehow survives. You might also look at publications put out by the American Legislative Exchange Council, which has been around about 40 years now, and seems to be the most consistent and effective org. for conservative state legislators. They have some good ideas about how to revive, or reform, a state where conservative legislators are thin on the ground. Try https://www.alec.org/

      • Congress, even the Dems had promised Regan to pass funding to improve boarder security in exchange for him making concession on illegals who had managed to have been in the country for a certain period and not get in trouble. Of course the Dems went back on their word.”

        can you direct me to a source to prove this is true?

        • Rich, it’s history. Reagan signed an amnesty bill for illegals because the Dems agreed to enforce the law and protect the border. Well 3 million got amnesty, but the Dems refused to do anything to stop illegals from coming here.

          • Do you mind citing a source for me from where you’ve based your comment so that I can research it ?

          • Rich, the source is HISTORY. And Google is your friend.

          • the DOJ and the INS didn’t enforce the laws that were part of the Amnesty Bill of 1986-neither party enforced the laws preventing illegal immigration between 1986-2012-more aggressive enforcement began in 2012 during the second Obama administration-I still would like you to point to your source that it was the DEMS who are at fault-I am not sure you completely understand how the system of legislation enforcement works

          • Rich, it was a Democrat Congress which passed the bill. Reagan signed it. But then Congress wouldn’t increase enforcement funding.

          • “…Congress wouldn’t increase enforcement funding”

            Can you supply documented proof of this?

          • I was and adult then-I a have researched this supposed “deal” -What happened is not as described-

          • History needs documented proof,not hearsay or “I believe,”….factual proof-It’s easy -find it and send it…end of story

      • Yeah, Reagan got rolled on that one. If he had one major character flaw, it was that he always expected people to 1) do what they said they would and 2) do, or at least TRY to do, the right thing. Sort of amazing a man with that sunny view of human nature could have gotten as far as he DID in politics! 🙂

      • Thomas L. Stafford

        That is why a lot of us are saying build the wall and we’ll talk.

    • What did you ask -Why Are Republicans Suddenly So Desperate to Save DACA? You know Repubs and TPs are lazy people. When voting for Trump, they thought he would give them free money. Now they found out Trump wants them to work. Come to my city you will find Repubs and TPs pan-handling. The money they get is not taxed. That is exactly what TEA Party stands for. No tax. If DACA and illegals leave, these Repubs and TPs will be forced to work. Now people working are DACA and illegals. So Repubs and TPs are stuck in-neutral. I have one advice for them; please join the Big Tent – The Democratic Party Tent.

      • What are you smoking you limp wristed liberal pansie. You know damn well the Obama bunch are the freeloaders. Anybody who offers them welfare and free phones and a stay home check and don’t work are the real losers in America. Including you probably. Get off that weed and open your eyes and gain back your dignity by backing a REAL PRESIDENT, President Trump.
        He cares that you are gainfully employed so you can recover your dignity and self worth. The past 8 years have been a nightmare for our country.

      • You talk nonsense. You know nothing about Republicans or Tea Party members.

      • I’ll stand with MAHB001 on this one. Republicans are the people who are WORKING in this country, not taking welfare. Republicans don’t expect, or WANT, “free money,” because WE’RE smart enough to know it comes with strings attached. If there are Republicans panhandling in your city (what city? and how do you KNOW they’re Republicans — we don’t wear IDs!) it’s because the city or maybe state government has RAISED TAXES so high nobody in the middle class can earn a living.
        And anyway, either you’re making that up or you wouldn’t know a Republican if you fell over him.

    • Talk what? Build the wall and DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS. Stop them from trashing our country and our laws. Do this in Mexico and you will be rotting in jail for 10 years.

    • Do both! Build the wall, end DACA, no amnesty and deport!

  3. I’ve got my voting plan strategy for years to come. No democrats, and vote the emcumbent bums out!
    Our current rep is doing ok and is actually supporting the POTUS.
    There’s a dem senator ” representing” our state which must go. He’s currently running around with the ” tear down the statues, rewrite history ” crowd.

  4. The Progressive Liberal Republicans and the Progressive Liberal Democrats always put illegals over the welfare of our soldiers, our veterans, and our citizens.

    Vote them out.

  5. I’m just about at the point where I despise Republicans, especially the leadership, almost as much as Democrats. If we want to save America, these people must be replaced by real Americans, not globalists. I don’t see much hope here, only term limits might help, and little chance of that happening.

    • Term limits will not answer the problem, but prosecuting election fraud IS! We need to throw out ALL of the career politicians, who are actually officers of THE UNITED STATES, which is the name of the corporation that DC WAS CREATED FOR — a European-owned corp. They actually serve under their subtly different flag, NOT THE FLAG OF OUR COUNTRY. Their flag, with a fringe around it admittedly represents Maritime Law, which is a more palatable-seeming name for High Kings Law, of European Royalty. DC was always a scam to steal our sovereignty and our wealth, ever since 1871 when it was put over on us.

  6. There is NO reason to save daca; it WAS/IS
    ovomit ni666ershit and MUST be FLUSHED!!

  7. ”Trump prophet”: God changing America from top down 6 years ago foresaw election, now predicts Supreme Court upheaval Retired firefighter Mark Taylor predicted what almost no political expert in the entire world saw as even a remote possibility when he declared God had appointed Donald J. Trump as the next president of the United States.

    Now, in his new book, Taylor says President Trump, with God’s help, is going to massively remake the federal government, starting with the Supreme Court.

    “God is beginning to make changes from the top down,” Taylor writes in “The Trump Prophecies.” And he argues it is the power of prayer that is driving so many of these changes.

    “When people pray and begin to make a change from the top down, not only does the transformation have to happen with the role of the highest leader, but it is necessary to rearrange his surrounding advisers, peers and supporting staff as well,” he writes. “There was a time when leaders had godly advisers. This will happen again.”

    President Trump received massive support from the evangelical community during the election, despite his unconventional background and morally checkered past. Some suggested Trump had grown in faith in recent years; others claimed God could use anyone for His purposes.

    However, since becoming commander-in-chief, Trump has taken strong action on many issues important to Christian conservatives, especially on religious liberty and abortion.

    However, issues such as homosexual marriage, abortion, religious liberty and so many others ultimately depend on the makeup of the Supreme Court and the decisions that body renders. And it is at the Supreme Court where Taylor claims Trump will make his largest impact, noting the successful appointment of Neil Gorsuch.

    “Gorsuch is currently receiving praise as a worthy replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia,” Taylor pointed out.

    “Usually it takes a few years to get the full sense of a new justice,” wrote Richard Hasen, professor of law and political science at the University of California Irvine School of Law in the Los Angeles Times. “Not so with Gorsuch … while the precise contours of Gorsuch’s opinions are uncertain, and he could surprise in criminal cases, there’s little doubt that, like Scalia, conservatives will be able to count on his vote.”

    But Taylor says Trump is just getting started.

    In a “prophetic word” he claims was given to him on Feb. 24, 2016, Taylor predicts sweeping changes in the makeup of the court during Trump’s time in office. He claims God will “stack the court” with judges who will ultimately overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark and significantly flawed decision that overruled state laws banning abortion.

    Taylor claims this revolutionary reconstitution of the Supreme Court will occur if American Christians follow the command given in 2 Chronicles 7:14 to “humble themselves,” pray and “turn from their wicked ways.”

    Taylor even gives a specific number, promising five Supreme Court picks for Trump if Christians continue to repent and pray.

    The most extraordinary political upset in history wasn’t a surprise at all. One man was given a direct message from God years before Donald Trump decided to run for president about who the next commander-in-chief would be. And the prophecies don’t stop with President Trump’s inauguration. America is about to undertake an incredible national journey. Don’t be left behind! And don’t miss “The Trump Prophecies,” now available from the WND Superstore.

    There has already been widespread speculation in recent days that Trump will soon be able to pick a second justice. Justice Anthony Kennedy, who turns 81 next month and has served on the Supreme Court for almost three decades, is rumored to be retiring soon. Kennedy is known as the court’s “swing vote,” so while replacing Scalia with Gorsuch simply prevented conservatives from losing ground, replacing Kennedy with a reliable conservative would allow Trump to fundamentally shift the balance of power.

    Replacing Kennedy alone could also open the door to overturning Roe v. Wade.

    Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose health has become a concern for liberals since the election of Trump, has also been rumored to be considering retirement, though most observers doubt she would leave with a Republican in the Oval Office.

    However, despite being the subject of a workout book, the 84-year-old cancer survivor has had health setbacks, and she has fallen asleep in court and during the State of the Union address, though she blamed alcohol for the latter lapse.

    In the “The Trump Prophecies,” Taylor warns the political conflict the nation has witnessed thus far is nothing compared to what is coming regarding the Supreme Court.

    “Understand that this potentially will be a very tumultuous time for our country,” Taylor wrote. “The enemy will not let go without a fight. In fact, right now he has dug in his claws with extreme determination. Powers of darkness feed on the blood of the innocent, and the laws that enable that blood to flow freely in this land are regulated by the Supreme Court. This places the court at dead center of every spiritual stronghold that fights to keep this nation captive.”

    However, Taylor ultimately predicts victory – if Christians will keep the faith.

    “The laws of this land have to change in order for us to return to the days of our prosperity,” he says in “The Trump Prophecies.” “It is time for the laws of our land to align with biblical morals again. We need to invite God back into our legal system, back into our courtroom, and evict the evil that currently resides there.”

    The most extraordinary political upset in history wasn’t a surprise at all. One man was given a direct message from God years before Donald Trump decided to run for president about who the next commander-in-chief would be. And the prophecies don’t stop with President Trump’s inauguration. America is about to undertake an incredible national journey. Don’t be left behind! And don’t miss “The Trump Prophecies,” now available from the WND Superstore.

  8. Can the Republicans really be so stupid, or is all this part of a master plan involving both parties under deep state instructions?

  9. I am a life long member of the GOP, but I be damned, if I ever vote for another incumbent republican! They have talked a big game while they knew Obama was there to veto their votes. Now, well we are seeing the results of having the ability to actually put their money where their mouth “was”! The democrats are doing exactly what they said they would do…it seems the republicans have joined them!

    • ALL the incumbents are officers of the corporation and NOT our representatives. That IS the problem, but easy to solve by We the People. Insist on voting as is our DUTY, and prosecute all of the voting fraud that is an attack on our Sovereignty. The “government”, made up of these illegitimate and illegal MISrepresentatives will fight prosecution of this to the end, it is all that keeps them in office. Time to MAGA!

    • The Republicans in Congress have NOT failed us because they don’t want the ability to pass legislation and not have it vetoed. They’ve failed BECAUSE THERE AREN’T ENOUGH OF THEM. In the LAST Congress, when Obama was still in the White House, there were 54 Republicans in the Senate; now it’s 52. That means we have (at best) a TWO VOTE margin in the Senate — and at least 3, maybe 4, RINOs who can’t be relied on to vote with the party. In the House, we have a slightly wider margin, but also a Conservative group who never learned how to COMPROMISE — an ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL part of legislating. They want it 100% THEIR way, but they don’t have a majority or the common sense to LEARN to compromise. So they don’t allow the party leaders (including one of the BEST speakers we’ve had in DECADES) to WIN — and then they blame the leaders for LOSING, when THEY’RE the ones who made them lose!.


  10. “If Republicans find some way to save DACA legislatively, fine.” NO IT’S NOT FINE!

  11. Easy answer to headline question:Pandering and ball less ,no guts to stand up to the Communists/Democrats

    • Almost. But these are career politicians, they are NOT OUR REPRESENTATIVES. They never have been, since DC was created in the Act of 1871. They are, instead, loyal and vetted officers of the European corporation in DC (set up FOR them, and under European Law and NOT our Constitutional Law, which IS the Law of our Land). Constitutional Law is far more advanced than this notion of statutes from the Royalty that European Law is all about, that simply denies our Sovereignty. That is WHY we have been ruled under European laws since the corp took over (ONLY possible through our being unaware, it was never legal or legitimate). DC has never had jurisdiction beyond its borders either. No legal power at all. The owners ARE powerful, but not under any LAWS.

  12. When you build the wall, could you PLEASE put Hillery, Michael Moore, George Soros, Comey, Obama, and the media on the other side.

  13. Any politician who is pro illegal immigration, illegal alien, is anti-American and should be voted out of office.

    • Simpler than that. any CAREER politician is a corporate officer and must be thrown out on their ear. We need all new people, REAL representatives, and we need our seat of government OUTSIDE of DC which was created to be the seat for THE UNITED STATES, the corporation set in place in 1871. Our true government never has reconvened since 1871.

      • Actually, the Organic Act of 1871 had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with ANY state — it merely established the District of Columbia as the nation’s capital, combining the villages of “Washington” and “George Town” (now Georgetown,, part of Washington, DC). It had ZERO impact on anything else. I don’t know where this nonsense comes from, but it completely misstates the issue. There’s NO CORPORATION , so there can’t be “corporate officers.” And HOW do you propose to define a “career politician” (since he’s NOT a corporate officer, there BEING no corporation!)?

        Also, what good would it do to move the Capitol to, say, Kansas City? Apart from COSTING THE TAXPAYERS AN ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY (it’s gotta come from SOMEWHERE, and there’s NOBODY here but us taxpayers!), and requiring construction of HUNDREDS of new buildings to house all the bureaucrats AND elected officials you’re NOT getting rid of, how would it help? In a few years you’d have JUST as much government in Kansas City as we now have in Washington.

  14. What is the name of the show with Keiffer Sutherland, Something Survivor? Hmmm.

  15. The Republicans are in a backroom deal with the socialist/democrats not to rock their boat on ILLEGALS and AMNESTY which they and only they will profit from it!

  16. Republicans? I don’t think so. RINO’s and one worlders, YES. Remember who they are a replace with real conservatives.

  17. We need and want the wall You republicans are nothing but wimps you just worry about votes not the harm illegals are and have done to his country and allowed true Americans to starve, be homeless, our vets waiting for medical, we put you in office and we will vote you the hell out of office.

  18. Seems that a whole bunch of those RINO republicans are just as dangerous for America as the socialist democrat party. With friends like those in congress, who needs democrats!

  19. Establishment republicans must be voted out they are nothing more than turn coats.

  20. The case can be made that the Capitol Hill Country Club & Bathhouse is Uni-Party: a consortium of Wall Street Democrats and their RINO accomplices in crime. They’re all Demolicans and Republicrats, Demonrats and Rethugs, Democraps and Redoodoolickhands. After all, the “D” stands for Dinosaur while the “R” stands for Reptile.

  21. If the right does not start backing our President we need to vote anyone of them involved out and replace them with them with real Republicans.

  22. 800,000 more votes for the Democrats! If there’s even a hint, DACA will be approved, millions of new pregnant immigrants will flood this country. (DACA will also apply to other countries.). Should some of these illegals be permitted to stay – Yes, with stipulations that restricts them from voting, and have any drivers license issued state–“Not a voting ID” — ALSO: restrict illegals from attaining state and Federal financial aid, such as welfare, food stamps etc. And of course–build the wall to stop border crashing and drug distribution.

    • “Should some of these INVADERS be allowed to stay?” Hell NO!! If a local gang invades your home should some of them be allowed to stay? Hell NO!! If some of them leave their kids behind, should they be allowed to stay? Hell NO!

      • Good point – this is the result of 30 + years of poor leadership. If we were strong on protecting our borders, we wouldn’t have this problem.

  23. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. It’s business 101 and very very few politicians understand business aspects. Why? Most have never held a REAL job in their life. DC and the swamp are fixing to have a rude awakening and it will be brought about by the outsider. Citizens of America a finally seeing DC for what they are. Oh what fools they are.

  24. This crap should of been expected, the gang of 8 plus ( RHINOS)=REPUBLICANS IN NAME ONLY have always in a pinch backed the Democrats to get there agenda passed.
    No Politician should have a job for life and I mean no politician,” WE NEED TERM LIMITS FOR ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ” !!!!!
    If the President has term limits then why doesn’t the Senate and House have term limits. Because the Politicians and judges that are in our Government can’t live with our there POWER, that’s why.
    We the Citizens need to force term limits on all government Personal.
    That’s just my opinion.

  25. So much for giving Republicans the power over Congress.They are pathetic.I hope they all get booted in the next election.

  26. Our nation is over 10 trillion in debt. We have numerous Vets living on the streets and over 1.4 million children and their parents homeless, while these elected a-holes tell us there is no money for housing for these Americans but they can afford to spend 100’s of billions on illegals. They can import thousands of immigrants, house them, give them welfare checks and a lump check, food stamps and free medical but they can’t take care of millions of homeless Americans. They can’t afford to give the disabled, elderly and Vets a decent living but they can afford their pay raises, free benefits and vacations. Funny how these elected officials can afford all kinds of things except taking care of our own citizens. They make us so proud…. Not. I am ashamed to know we elected these jerk into office. They are a blight on America and have told all our homeless that illegals come first. WTG a-holes.

    • Our NATION is NOT IN DEBT. The corporation named “THE UNITED STATES” has created a huge CORPORATE DEBT that they try to make us THINK is ours. But it never was. They have posed as our “government for 146 years now, time to throw them out on their ears.

      • Yet, we, the tax payers have to keep paying for this non-debt. In the mean time we still have millions of homeless people we can’t house while the government imports immigrants they can afford to house and some officials fight to keep and support illegals. Ain’t that just peachy? Now remember, they are fond of telling you they can’t afford to care for Americans, need to make cuts to social security and Vet benefits while telling you we need to treat illegals and imported immigrants so much better. Its our duty.

  27. The truth about the corrupt, bought and paid for RINOs is starting to show. They liked having Obama in office so they could act like they disagreed with his policies. However, as soon as they have an opportunity to actually undo the damage of Obama, they renege. These are the anti-Trumpers who try to pretend to be true Republicans when actually they are not. Remember this folks in 2018 and 2020. Time to help President Trump get a Congress that will help him get his agenda passed.

    • All of the career pols are officers in the corp, NONE of them are our representatives in any way. They never have been, since 1871 when DC was created to be the seat of this faux government wholly owned by some of the European Royals and some European bankers (like the Rothchilds). It has been a scam for 146 years so far.

  28. Ahhh, patriot news… they “review” every comment, just like the well paid bigots in the dumocrapric party! HAHAHAHA

  29. Congress is the problem here! This blundering fools, except for a few, are either stupid as hell or they stand to make a profit off of their not doing their job! Congress has managed to parlay themselves with exemption from everything they slam on us! They should not have the perks and the exclusion of many rules we have to live by just because we elected them to a paying office that they were supposed to represent us from. I’m not sure how hurt their feelings are from the last election but if they want to be in office any longer they had better get their priorities set right in our favor or it will be the highway! No more double talk! If you are a Republican act and vote like one! We elected Trump and not any of you for a damn good reason!

    • Perhaps “smarter” that we like to think, they are not even our GOVERNMENT, just officers of a European corp named “THE UNITED STATES” that DC was created to be the HQ for, and under European Law for them to “rule” by. EVERYTHING in DC is of the corporation, NONE are our representatives in any way — never have been, since 1871 when the corp took over and DC was their seat of “government”.

  30. RINO’S like McCain and Flake, Cornyn and some others must be booted out of office next election. they don’t care for the country, they care for themselves.

  31. The rinos in congress have not lost their ability to cave at the first sign of resistance. Same old crap.

  32. These are the ones that do not want a wall either or anything that the voters want and need. Crocs in the swamp. Our bite is bigger than theirs. Let’s show them.

  33. Illegal Immigration has always been about political gain for Democrats and Republican establishment politicians.

    • The “establishment pols are corporate officers, NOT OUR REPRESENTATIVES. The corp has fixed the election all along (since 1871) to keep their loyal and vetted officers in office. Ever wonder why all the obvious crooks get re-elected every time? Election fraud is NOT NEW, but we MUST GET RID OF IT — prosecute all we find harshly.

  34. To me, California doesn’t exist anymore

    • There are many righteous people still in CA, it was only hijacked in the same way as the entire country was, by stealth and lies. The entire nation was taken over in the Act of 1871, we have been under the “rule” of an illegitimate corporation owned by Europeans that has acted out a charade pretending to be our government — and we believed their lies. 146 years later, how long will we CONTINUE to believe them?

  35. Irene Pfannenstiel

    If DACA keeps us from deporting illegals that join hostile gangs, commit serious crimes, or vote illegally in our elections, then I am opposed to saving DACA. Those who commit these kinds of crimes need to be rounded up and sent back to where they came from, regardless of what age they were when they came to America.

  36. It’s been apparent that Democrats and Republicans are of the same mind . One world order ! The only way is out is “Jesus”

  37. Hope they’re ready to lose their jobs!

  38. Man – since WHEN do they care from WHOM the money comes in from – or the votes……

  39. There are some that are slipping money out of all that cash floating around to pay for all these damn illegals.

  40. We should just let the establishment Republicans destroy themselves, as they obviously don’t have any brains. They had the whole enchilada handed to them by Donald Trump and they said “no thanks, we’d rather get our asses kicked out of town because legislating is too hard and Trump has unreasonable expectations”. If the lower level Republicans don’t kick Ryan and McConnell’s asses out of their leadership positions, they will all be lumped together and all will be canned in November of 2018. I hate this scenario, but the folks, including me, want the government to be small (as specified in the Constitution), responsive (ditto) and guarantors of our God given rights. We want the country to maintain sovereignty and protect the borders. Considering that all of these corrupt weasels have taken an oath to defend the Constitution, this don’t sound like too much to ask.

    • What we need to do is to reconvene our own government under our own flag and Constitution, restore Constitutional Law which IS the Law of our Land, and get it outside of DC which was set up to be the HQ of the European corp named THE UNITED STATES and was set up with European Law. Only thing is, it never was legitimate nor legal, only thing going for it is our ignorance and following them because we believed their lies when they told us they were our government (in DC). Ironically, they never have had jurisdiction beyond DC borders, with the municipal government they were set up with in the Act of 1871. All on us, on We the People. How much longer will we allow this? It has been 146 years so far, ever since 21FEB1871 when the Act went into action….

  41. They’re ALL a bunch of cowardly losers whose only concern is getting re-elected and they’ll do whatever it takes to get re-elected whether it follows the Constitution and US laws, is good for this country and its LEGAL citizens, or not, so long as they keep their cushy “job” and don’t have to actually WORK for a living like the rest of us.

  42. “They didn’t manage to build the wall, but they managed to save Obama’s illegal immigrants.
    Yeah, that’ll make for some mighty fine campaign slogans next year.” I can only hope & pray this from you to God’s ears! Compassion may well still be alive & well in America.

  43. They are in favor of DACA because Trump and the people want to end it and deport all of the illegal kids, their parents and any anchor babies. They have been on the opposite side of the American People ever since they took over the House and Senate. In that meeting with President Trump the other day, Ryan & McConnell looked like two pieces of corn in a turd. RNC = Rino’s, Nitwit’s, Coward’s.

  44. What can we the people do now? Apparently there is no conscience with too many of the Republicans in Congress. Of course, we already know this to be true of the democrats! We need to find a solution to enforce what we voted for, and for what our good President promised us. It is frightening to know too clearly that even his good intentions are prevented by those who probably are part of the backbone of the historically controlling powers of darkness. Liars only know one language, and can only speak one language, the tongue of lies, the brethren of satan. Even if they heard this spoken, they would find a way to act as if it was amusing. Well, the fires of Hell are awaiting for them and their children/grandchildren. That is proof of their lack of sincere social conscience, amidst all of their fake weeping and howling for the misplaced, the helpless, the suffering. Oh, but this only applies to the foreign invaders, not USA citizens! These politicians only love money, and their self-inflated egos, so they take our money and give it to the devil and his people. Let us turn to God more fiercely in our prayers. We must no longer be a doormat for the devil and his family. But we will find our answer through peace, not violence. Super article. Thanks.

    • The power actually DOES lie in us. As long as we obey, the fake government we have can rule. The laws they rule us with are European Law, which was basically edicts from Kings to their vassals who had NO Sovereignty, radically UNLIKE our Constitutional Law (which IS the Law of our Land), but they actually have no legitimacy, no legal basis nor any jurisdiction beyond DC which was set up as their HQ, with High Kings Law over us. ALL the rest of our great nation serves under our true flag, it is ONLY DC that serves under that flag that they even admit represents Maritime Law, the one with a fringe around it. The fringe is enough to make a different legal entity than our own flag — and Maritime Law IS High Kings Law of Europe. It will be messy, but they have ruled us for 146 years of our ignorance all under the European statute laws, so ALL of that is invalid as are all the amendments they got passed on our Constitution
      since they started the charade in 1871. It is all there to see in the Act of 1871, the tricky wording and names with all capital letters that are legally different than the same names with normal spelling. Easy to see if you just LOOK closely. And nothing to stand on except for our agreeing to obey because we believed their lies when they claimed they were our government. However, THE UNITED STATES is the European corporation, and it NEVER was the united States of America of our founding fathers, which was set up with the Constitution FOR the united States written in 1787. In OUR government the States are sovereigns, united was a choice they made, and We the People are ALSO Sovereigns and have EVERY POWER NOT ENUMERATED IN THE CONSTITUTION for the State governments or the federal umbrella government. And our Law of the Land is Constitutional Law, designed to be stable control for a nation of Sovereigns who own their own government. Not this statute garbage which is basically edicts from the “king” which we are punished for disobeying. In Constitutional Law we pay for DAMAGES done, NOT for something that we did not exactly agree with, so long as we did no damage to others by our acts. That is NOT what we are being held under, is it??!?

  45. Boy, I can hardly wait till the mid term elections — I for one am taking a pretty darn close look at the Republicans running and I can promise them if this kind of stuff continues, whatever newcomer is going to be running against them, our current lawmakers — if they are not supporting our President the newcomers will! They are NOT doing what they should be doing – especially Paul Ryan – Oh, how I wish I could vote him OUT right now.

  46. Republicans are the new socialists. Democrats are the new communists.

  47. what happened is that the democratic special interest sponsors realize they need GOP support so they are bribing GOP congressmen. Watch for people like Ryan having a new house somewhere that was a good buy, or get paid richly for speeches, or get some consulting contract.

  48. The answer is very simple: Both parties are shams. There is only one party in Washington: The DC party of elected people out to get as much as they can. All get rich in office in the Menandez manner. The Democrats want cheap votes and the Republicans want cheap labor. It is just that simple.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

    • You got it almost right. Washington DC, NOT Washington the State, is run by the corporation named THE UNITED STATES that DC was set up for the HQ of in 21FEB1871. They are a European-owned corp, and NOT OUR GOVERNMENT. It has been a sham from 1871 until now, they don’t even serve under our flag, but the one that represents Maritime Law, which was first known as High Kings Law, and is NOT the Law of our Constitution. Not our Law. They actually have no legitimacy, no legal basis for this rule and no jurisdiction outside of DC borders. DC was set up with a municipal government under European Law, NOT any sort of government that has power over the Sovereign States of this great nation. Ignorance of this is all that has caused us to obey this fake government. It WILL be messy, but what we basically need to do is reconvene OUR government outside of DC and under our own flag and our own Constitution, not the corporate version that DC uses. In the Act of 1871 it was done by tricky wording and all capitals for names that were not as they appeared to be. THE UNITED STATES is NOT the united States of America that was formed under our constitution, it is the name of the European corp. THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES is a constitution belonging to the corp. It WAS an act of treason done us by members of our own government, which has never reconvened since the corporation/scam took over. They imitated our election process so that it would appear that our Senators and Representatives were real, not merely corporate officers, but that is what they are. NOT any representatives of the united States (actual). ALL of the offices of our “government” in DC are departments of the corp, NOTHING in DC is anything to do with our legitimate government, and they have used European Law to rule over us, not even our own Laws.

      • We are both saying the present government is illegal, immoral and will destroy this nation. All but those working in DC do on an economic based on what they can make. All in DC are based on the economic of what they can take. That is the fundamental difference.

        • Yes. The difference being that the corporation government owned by Europeans has the purpose of taking our Sovereignty and wealth from us, it is more than merely criminals taking over. I DO agree with you,. except that iot is SO much MORE than mere economic greed, tho that IS a part. That they are for European interests defines it more.

  49. NO DACA; they are ALL CRIMINALS who hold America, our laws and citizens in total contempt and have proven so over and over! They have stolen the dreams of American kids long enough; black kids, white kids and Asian kids alike have been shunted aside while ILLEGALS are given preference ahead of them; well American kids have dreams too, and THEY have the right to have them here; illegals DON’T!

    • That is the simple truth, and it was just one of many unConstitutional things that Bat5hhouse Barry did while he was usurping the office of President, which was made possible by the Democrats vouching for him and supporting him as they did.

    • I agree with you, have yet to see anything that you post that I do not agree with, quite possibly/probably you know more than I, I have never been interested in politics, was almost apolitical for most of my Life in fact. It was never an interest until I saw how far they had gotten and how dangerous to our country as a whole this has been. My father had become interested in politics when he was in his 70’s, and he was an artist. LOL, it took me until I got to his age to see how RIGHT he was in so many ways! Other ways I saw early, politics took a lot longer, since I always hated the so-called “science of politics” which is no more than lying and appeasement to manipulate others, and I had no value for that — NOW I see it for a danger that cannot be ignored.

      • Truth be told neither was I; I voted, but that was about it. Maybe listened to debates or conventions sometimes. Kinda scared me back when Wallace was running and he started making more sense than any of the others, and I backed off a lot for quite awhile then. It wasn’t ’til I saw how badly eroded our rights as citizens were becoming in pandering to the illegals and the insane demands coming from them as well, that I started waking up again; but it’s only really about the last decade, and I’m just a bit past 70 now too. Once I started going to city council meetings I got some real eye openers! But I take it real serious now. And no, we can’t ignore it!

        • So true. I can do as I am now because I am 71, I have had a full Life and don’t mind possible consequence of saying things the wrong people might not care for, not exactly “bravery”, but it does not matter, I have been in good terms with myself for many years — but I DO feel the need to do whatever I CAN to make the world around us a better place, that is where I am coming from — no more than that.

          • Yep; we’ve past the age of “giving a $h9t” if feelings get hurt by the truth; especially when those behind the wounded feelings are out to do harm in the first place. I think that sets in somewhere around 70ish.

  50. Let’s face it. The simple answer to the headline question is “… because RINOs suck!”

  51. Republican leaders are spineless traitors defying their own voters.
    Every state Trump won needs to pass a legislative resolution joining in for the Constitutuonal Convention of States. Since our federal government leaders can’t do anything but whine about each other & fight like young children. This convention wants to add term limits to congressional seats and add a balanced budget ammendment. The founders provided this for the people to send a state delegation to this convention to vote to make changes like these. Tom Coburn who quit the senate over the dysfunction is now involved and others also.

    • We must be CAREFUL, though! That Convention could be used against us too, if not careful. The present fake government in DC HAS gotten many amendments to our Constitution passed since they took over in 1871, for which they had NO “right” to do — AND they have been ruling us under European Statute Law since then, not even OUR OWN LAWS. Constitutional Law is the Law of our Land, NOT Statute Law of Europe,. based on edicts from Kings that we are punished for not following. But WE are Sovereigns, as are the 50 States, and our federal government NEVER was a Sovereign, not even before it was set up in DC with the European corp named “THE UNITED STATES” pretending they are US and are our government.

  52. Most of the DACA people are in their early 20’s. So they should be able to fend for themselves in their OWN country!

  53. This is a case of the 98 pound weakling (Democrats) kicking sand in the face of the bully (Republicans). Perhaps an All Points Bulletin (APB) should be sent out asking for anyone who has knowledge of the whereabouts of the balls that were stolen from our Republican majority in Congress! Pathetic!

  54. The repubs want to save the cheap labor they’ve been aiding and abetting for, for decades all the while the dreamers and other illegals that were replacing the paid and benefited american workers, all for corporation and their desire for profit at any cost,the cost of doing business by putting American workers in abject poverty. No shock that the repubs with the Dems don’t give a rat’s ass for American workers and why they never have enforced the illegal immigration law. Both corporate repubs and Dems sold out American workers for illegals since the Reagan 1986 Amnesty Act.where the corporations have been breaking that ACT, aiding and abetting in bring illegals via the AFLCIO, who at the same helped get rid of their own union workers and forced many who were injured onto SSA/Medicare, written by the AFLCIO and the federal DOL. Both parties are a fiasco, Congress is a fiasco, the Senate is a fiasco. it’s all a fiasco and so are the presidents since 1986 until President Trump and we’re all paying for it. The American people have been getting screwed for over 30 years. President Trump is the only one who claims and states he cares about America and it’s people/workers. How does a president give back to the American people who lost their jobs, their medical care, their pensions, their whole of life, all as promised under the U.S. “EEO’ LAWS? Those who lost everything while they were under the “American Dream” which all turned out to be THE GREAT AMERICAN REAM and it was all all done under the bogus Immigration laws that were not and still are not enforced. Our way of life, has been greatly disrupted and all the congress can think is support for those that are DACA. DREAMERS? When will congress start thinking about the American people (what a concept) and their needs, those who pay for it,all and of course the congress salaries and their benefits and retirement, to which they get all of it. YEAH so when will Congress start thinking about the American people needs and not what the illegals want? America (people) first!

  55. Becaue Trump flip-flopped on the issue as he will on the rest of the conservative agenda. Bye bye Bannon,

  56. In a nutshell, Republicans are desperate to save DACA because the President overturned the unconstitutional Executive order that Obama put in place. They will do anything to stop the agenda of President Trump. They don’t want to build The Wall and they don’t want any restrictions on the Dreamers.

  57. I explain the Republicans’ behavior with my DC Dirt Theory: The longer you stay in DC the more dirt you have sticking to you. Most members of Congress have been in DC a LOOOONG time. Now, the Democrats don’t have to worry too much about the media exposing their dirt, since they’re in bed with each other. But the Republicans DO have to worry that if they get out of line, the media will expose them; and, if there isn’t much to expose, the media will make something up. And that scares them, either to inaction or to toeing the line. Make sense?

  58. DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS, the NIGHTMARES with them. ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL. They should not be here to trash our country and commit crimes.

    • You want to pay $5.00 for a dozen eggs? Or $10 per pound for chicken? Deport all the agricultural workers. Do you have someone cut your lawn or clean your house or watch your kids? Be prepared to pay a LOT more. Restaurants from the fast-food joints to the fancy ones…ANYTHING you have delivered…the guy/gal in your office who brings the mail around…You will be AMAZED how many “necessary” or just “helpful” people in your life will vanish if YOUR policy becomes law.
      I’m for CONTROLLING, not stopping, immigration, because I don’t want the cost of everything I ever buy to go up up up because the “illegals” are gone.
      I also agree they “should not be here to commit crimes”: ANY illegal arrested should be IMMEDIATELY deported. No ifs, ands, buts or hearings. Just GO.

      • Less than 5% of ALL illegal aliens are working in Agriculture! Can WE deport the other 95%? Over 20% work in construction- KNOW any American construction workers who can’t find a job? MY brother in law does!

  59. What has happened to the Conservative Congressmen? Did they all get lobotomies or did McCain’s brain tumor disease suddenly become contagious? What a bunch of lowlife wimps only capable of pissing off more Conservative Americans than anything else. Too bad we don’t have a bunch of paint balls and could mark each and every one of those turncoats.

    Who voted these rejects into office anyway. They don’t deserve to even be in Congress, but deserve to be thrown in a swamp and forgotten forever! VOTE THESE SUCKERS OUT AND MAKE SURE WHO YOU DO VOTE FOR HAS A BACKBONE AND MORAL CODE BECAUSE THESE SLACKERS HAVE NEITHER!

    • And I wish the elected would read your words, and take note !! But I know they don’t, and neither do their staffs.

      • Our “elected” have forgotten “why” they even ran for these positions. They have become fat and lazy and only want things passed that will bring money to their pockets. They are leeches of the worst kind and until all Americans wake up to what their dearly beloved “leech” Congressmen are doing, we are stuck yelling, blogging, writing, emailing, etc. each Congressman and telling them they need to listen to Americans and not to their own egomaniacal voices.

        This is the BEST reason for Congressional Term Limits — kick out the useless and keep the hard working. Unfortunately for Americans, most of them fall in the “Useless” category! Perhaps a quick Revolution and hit the “ReBoot” button would get their attention????

    • MOST of them are doing EXACTLY what THEIR constituents WANT them to do! That may not be what YOU want (obviously, it’s not!), but YOU aren’t the majority of the voters in ANY Congressional district (you’re ONE voter in ONE district). And MOST of the “conservative congressmen” ARE voting the way YOU want, too. We have a majority of just TWO in the Senate and a narrow majority in the House. Lose just a FEW, and we lose the vote. Republicans have NEVER been big at party unity: we don’t march in lockstep — we leave THAT to the Democrats. But the downside of being INDIVIDUALISTS is that we can’t always reach agreement. (The alternative is to be little Nazis like the Democrats; of the two options, I’ll take OUR way!)
      They DO have backbone and moral codes, but NOBODY can please everyone on any vote — you vote “yes,” the people who wanted you to vote “no” get mad, but if you vote “no” you antagonize all those who supported the bill. NO MEMBER can please everyone!

  60. Of course they want to save DACA, because the corporate and global interests that they are beholden to want to maintain a flooded labor market to ensure a cheap labor pool.
    When have the rich and privileged ever done any thing in the interest of the working class?????
    It is well past the time to get all globalists and corporate puppets out of our government, and replace them with people that have common sense and integrity.
    It is obvious that most of the individuals occupying our Congress are lacking any moral compass.

  61. I’ll tell you why they’re desperate because they’re not a part of the solution you’re part of the problem, as they have become whores of the one world order money like the Democrats are. Trying to put these guys out of power, as it is primary time you could probably run a cat up against these traders and the cat would win because they’re fed up with the pending on the Republicans to be for the people that half of I am or not, they are for their pocketbooks because the whores of the one world order money.

  62. It’s becoming clearer everyday that politicians, Dems and Reps, are against we the people and more pro-foreigners, preferably undocumented.

    • That really IS nonsense. They (some of them, anyway) may just have a different definition of “We the people,” since there are over 300 MILLION “people” in the country today, even NOT COUNTING ILLEGALS. They don’t ALL agree with YOUR definition of “we the people,” OR of what policies we need — especially in areas of policy that have nothing to do with immigration or illegal/legal “foreigners.”

  63. Seems like Trump is caving and why?

  64. BREAD AND ENTERTAINMENT (free cellphones & internet porn , etc.) can only garner so many votes, the real corruption involves the REGISTERING & COUNTING.– expecting illegals to vote for a Conservative is akin to expecting rape to enforce virginity’s sanctity.

  65. Every last member of Congress should be given the boot, these assholes are against us, not for us. Lock and load, be ready to march on DC.

    • Since there are members of Congress of every imaginable political stripe, you’d be eliminating the people you AGREE with along with those you hate. AND you’d be starting with a brand-new collection of people of all possible political colorations, who would have NO idea how to do the job efficiently — and would therefore get LESS done than the old crowd. PRETTY STUPID, if you ask me. Anyway, it won’t happen. Most people HATE Congress but LIKE their own members. Which explains the 95% re-election rate.

  66. This has absolutely nothing to do with the subject at hand, but: I’m in the city of Orlando, Florida.. we have been preparing for days. Hurricane Irma is about to slam into Miami. It has already torn up the virgin islands. It is estimated that it should come ripping thru here tomorrow, Tampa being hit the hardest. Streets at this moment are almost totally silent. One couldn’t leave Florida if his life depended on it. EVERY major highway and N/S artery are total parking lots. I went thru a hurricane here many years ago, but Irma is supposed the be the fiercest we’ve ever experienced. And, there are TWO MORE BEHIND HER ! I don’t particularly ask anything for myself, but for those of you who pray, PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR HOMELESS, huh? Thanks folks, and God be with you… Michael….

    • Consider it done, my friend. Be safe…my prayers are with you and all who may be affected.

    • I’ll pray (hard) for you all — you’ll be glad to know it looks like Jose, at least, is going to wander out to sea instead of clobbering Florida.
      My parents, now long deceased, built a retirement home outside Tampa, on one of those little islands. I thought at the time they were asking for trouble, but Mom had heard there hadn’t been a hurricane in Tampa Bay since 1920 or something and that meant all was OK. I kept saying it only means it’s PAST DUE for Tampa to be clobbered, but when do parents listen to even adult kids? Anyway, they’re not around anymore for me to say “I told you so!”
      Good luck!

  67. For most of my life, after winning elections the Republicans (with a few exceptions: Reagan, Gingrich) soon forgot that they were winners and began acting like losers (Trent Lott George W Bush come to mind). For decades we’ve been sending RINOs to Washington only to watch them cozy up to the Demoncrats.

    Tea Party, anyone?

  68. I’ve been saying that these neocon RINO phonies are all wolves in sheep’s clothing since Bush Sr. started bleating about a new world order and the fact that the GOP establishment has refused to put a stop to illegal immigration despite their campaign promises. Just remember, just because a candidate has an (R) after his name on the ballot doesn’t mean he’s a conservative. Every one of these candidates have to be examined not by their campaign promises, but by their past voting records.

  69. If the Republicans pass DACA without passing the Raise Act, getting funding for border wall, get increased funding to hire Border Patrol and ICE agents, and mandate E-Verify for employers then they will be voted out. The thing that got many Republicans voted for was crack down on illegal immigration. This was president Trump’s platform. The American people and taxpayers are expecting them to live up to this promise or they can kiss their office good-bye.

    • I certainly agree with your point however, if they keep their promise on immigration like they did on obamacare repeal and replace nothing will change in spite of what President Trump wants. But it ain’t over till its over I guess. Time will tell.

  70. DACA suppprters propose modern day “Dominance Hierarchy”. Plutocrats and Oligarchs highly approve of their subjugation.

  71. It’s amazing how many Americans support these illegals staying here in America, without talking about the 113 billion dollars a year that Obama spent taking care of millions of illegals and their family members.
    They’re Illegal Aliens and not Undocumented Immigrants, which is propaganda started by Hussein Obama.
    Immigrants are people who come here legally. These people are Not here legally and are not Immigrants.
    No Amnesty for lawbreakers, this includes Obama and Hillary.

  72. They will do anything to help their idols The Demon-Craps stay in control in DC. The Republicans don’t like to be in power, that makes one responsible for what happens and they are scared of responsibility. They are followers not leaders, that’s why they hate Trump, He’s a leader and he scares them because of it.

  73. Cannot believe the Republican Party has Majority Rule and have let us All down.

  74. WHY —- because ” K Street” is throwing some VERY BIG MONEY their way……..and they’re taking it…..

  75. Because they are a BUNCH OF ASSHOLES!!!!

  76. The Rule of Law is something the USA pushes other countries to abide by. We certainly abide by the Rule of Law (when it is convenient!) Do as we say, not as we do.

  77. We have known for some time that the members of Congress have no regard for the folks back home, once they get inside the Beltway. With only a few exceptions, there are no Democrats or Republicans in Congress. Instead they are all members of the CON-gress party. The ones who put an R after their name lie to all the voters throughout their campaigns, claiming “I’m a Conservative, I’m a Conservative!!” when they are really closet Liberal Progressives. Once they get back to their homes in DC, all of the lies are put away and they get back to what their real purpose is, keeping and using power to turn the USA into the USSA. If you vote in November, 2018, for the incumbent in your district, then you had better shut up about the job that Congress is doing, because you are one of the primary causes of the problem. Stop demanding term limits that everyone knows we will never get and just vote the dirtball out. That is the only way we will ever get our country back.

  78. These Republicans who aren’t the least bit conservative and who are attacking President Trump and the conservative agenda are neocon phonies. They campaign as conservatives and then show their true colors once they’re in office. And remember, just because a candidate has an (R) after his name it doesn’t mean he’s a conservative. Voters need to investigate the backgrounds of every candidate to make sure these candidates, particularly Republicans, aren’t wolves in sheep’s clothing who in reality are left wing neocon globalists.

  79. why are we worried about obumers halfbreeds,no matter what you do there still demorats,send back where they come from .want in do like the rest ,come legal or not at all.

  80. The mealy mouthed mutts are raising their flag white in color?

    Has retreating become their Battle Flag now?

  81. We need to build the wall, get it manned adequately, then deport the Dreamers AND the RINOs.


  83. one word paid colleges . they get plenty of cash back. don’t they think about it many go to be deans of colleges how many have past officals that are deals . look it up

    Too many ‘Republicans’ are……CLOSET DEMOCRATS!!!!

  85. Why they won’t vote for you Donald

    • But Luis there are enough legal citizens who will “outvote” your illegals and we will keep our country out of your dirty hands!

  86. Politicians can not allow Trump to succeed. His success will show just how dirty both parties have been in their willingness to transform America into third world status to meet the demands of their BILLIONAIRE OWNERS to create a NEW WORLD ORDER.

  87. Factoid Any Republican who desires to save Obamas DACA has all but Guaranteed their relection LOSE .

  88. Build the wall and stop the amnesty bs…been there, done that and it doesn t work…all it does is encourage more illegals to come

  89. mistyl@windstream.net

    If You are here illegally why haven’t You filed for Citizenship. The problem is the Parents that brought their Children here illegally . They should be deported have they filed for citizenship. I am confused about the whole Daca thing. If you came here illegally You have to go back to your Country or do the right thing and file for Citizenship. Stop Living off American tax dollars Americans are tired of keeping up illegals. They draw off of our Social Security that is why Social Security is going broke..

  90. Re the question asked, Are they?

  91. Because the RNC is a bunch of RINOs, Nitwits, and Cowards. They might just as well be Demonrats. The Repukes are shooting themselves in the foot. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  92. ANY GOP or Democrat politicians who are “DEAD SET” on saving illegal aliens from DEPORTATION, WHEN our southern Border is still NOT SECURED & NO system has been set into place to DEAL with those who overstay their Visas, Will NOT be getting MY VOTES, MY MONEY, and I will be actively campaigning for Their OPPONENTS! BUILD the WALL- IT’S been promised for 30 YEARS, now. Otherwise, ILLEGAL ALIENS being deported is exactly WHAT should be done!…. In a perfect world, ALL illegal aliens would be deported. Since it’s NOT a perfect world, I’ll settle for deporting ALL convicted FELONS; ALL those who defied Deportation; ALL those who illegally VOTED in OUR elections; ALL those who have NOT PAID income, social security, or Medicare taxes (1/3 per PEW); AND ALL those on WELFARE &/or FREE healthcare, including Organ transplants. IT is NOT the USA’S responsibility to be the WELFARE SYSTEM to the THIRD WORLD!

  93. Drain the Swamp !!See what happens ,when you wait too long !!

  94. Republicans had bettered worry more about legal voters and not the kids of illegal aliens, who came here in the back of a truck or over a fence.
    They knew their kids were here illegally and had American taxpayers feed and educate their kids. Now kids of illegals are demanding to be allowed to stay here and continue their free education and welfare.
    Enuf is Enuf!

  95. A Country without Borders is not a Country. Fix the Borders then take care of DACA. This problem was solved under President Reagan. Afterward “NO BORDER SECURITY” and we are right back where we started. Have we not learned anything?

  96. The Democrats made the same promise on the original amnesty. You give us amnesty and we will fund the security of the wall. We all know how this went.

  97. They want to save it because in reality there are very few true republicans in this country, the majority are Rinos (republican in name only), closet democrats. I wish we could bring back public stoning.

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