Why Are Republicans Afraid of an Education Overhaul?

Republicans used to be very clear about where they stood on education. In the days of Ronald Reagan, the Department of Education was seen as a bureaucratic monolith that would be better off in the junkpile of history. Contrast that with today, where a Republican-controlled Congress is trying to pass a law that strengthens federal control over American education. Proposed by Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, the “Every Child Achieves Act” is little more than a fresh coat of paint on the No Child Left Behind legislation. And while a handful of conservatives in Congress remain true to their values, most Republicans are on board.

POLITICO ran a story this week marveling at the scene. In a remarkable twist, Republicans suddenly find themselves with the support of teachers unions. And to be fair, they have tackled some important issues. They are clearly trying to turn back the tide on over-testing, an issue that concerns both parties. But that’s not enough for some Senate conservatives who happen to be running for president.

The bill “retains some of No Child Left Behind’s biggest flaws,” said Senator Rand Paul. Those flaws, he said, include “a lack of adequate parental choice, a federal testing mandate and continued support for Common Core.”

Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio joined Paul in voting against the bill, but it passed Thursday 81-17. Later, Cruz said, “At the end of the day, this bill still mandates testing requirements.” He explained that his amendment would have put “power over choices in education in the hands of teachers, in the hands of school boards, in the hands of states.”

All of this handwringing about federal control over education might be superfluous if there were any evidence that Washington was improving the nation’s schools. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Since the creation of the DOE under Jimmy Carter, spending per student has nearly doubled. In the meantime, test scores have flatlined, reading proficiency has not improved, and public schoolchildren are in no better shape than they were in 1980.

There’s not a single politician in Washington who knows better how to teach a class full of students than even a mediocre teacher. Yet we somehow trust that they have a handle on how to fix this broken system. Every so often, they come up with some new bill that’s going to change everything. But the only way anything is going to change is if we dismantle this system and start from scratch. It isn’t broken; it is disastrous in concept.

What’s terrifying, though, is how far Republicans have strayed from the fundamental principles of the party. Today’s Republicans are yesterday’s Democrats. The few conservatives who actually believe in small government are made out to be extremist whackos. The mission statement of the party seems to be Compromise or Surrender On Everything. And the fact that one of the most obvious RINOs is currently expected to be the 2016 candidate proves that nothing is going to change.

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  1. Education should be at the State Level.

    Common Core is NOT.

    I would think that any true blooded conservative would be against a National brainwash program… Especially seeing how socialists are in control of the education system.

    • The Democrat Socialists were in control. Now, the Republicans In Name Only are running the show; in other words, the Republican Socialists.
      Norman Thomas, six time candidate for President during the fifties and sixties, stated, after his final bid, that he no longer needed to run for President on the Socialist ticket, because the Democrat Party had adopted the Socialist platform. Now it doesn’t matter which party is in power, the Socialist platform is being perpetuated by the Republican Party as well.

      It is no longer liberals and conservatives running our government. It is Socialists in both parties. We need two new parties consisting of statesmen and stateswomen. Otherwise, our Nation is doomed.

      • The ONLY way that is going to happen is if the populace can get together long enough to march on Washington in huge, monolithic numbers. Enough angry citizens that will force the political pimps to pay attention. Then the next election cycle, we VOTE/WEED THEM ALL OUT! If there are any good ones left, we can keep them to edumacate the “next line of newbies”. Maybe we’d get somewhere, but I don’t see it if the majority of the country isn’t willing to stand up and DEMAND an end to this socialist government. The Constitution needs to be taught IN SCHOOL AND TO ALL LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

        • Agreed! Remember how upset back when the TEA party movement got started that thousands of Americans would go against the ‘will of Congress’ to spend us into oblivion? They were so scared that they attacked conservative tax payers to preserve their elite nests in Washington, now they have stripped anyone with TEA party sponsors from any positions in Congress where they could have any say in what happens. We need a complete ‘flush’ of the thieving cast in DC to get back to our root principles.

          • That’s my stance on the matter! Too bad most Americans have lost their common sense or survival!!!

          • Dennis Derstine

            They are all liars and crooks in Washington. The people don’t have the will to flush the toilet, they keep electing the same scum. No term limits and keep the career criminals. DC has no need to regulate schools, simply control of the masses. Most of the urban grads are illiterate losers who will rely on hand outs. Cut off the entitlements and make people accountable for themselves. I apologize for being dumb enough to own a small business and bust my ass.

        • We marched on Washington with over 1.7 million patriots in 2009, but the media ignored us and it turned out to be a waste of time except for the euphoria that we who were there experienced.

          • Well, my friend, we have to do it again – only with many, many more, and much, much louder. Perhaps WE ought to leave DC like a garbage dump like the occupy commies did when they marched. Maybe then we’d get some respect!

          • Euphoria is about the only benefit of marches.

            That and selling T-Shirts

        • Very good point. I am not sure it will ever happen because the today generation does not have a clue of what is happening to this once great nation.

          • Agreed. After watching Jesse Watters’ program, I think all today’s me me me generation cares about is their parent’s money, sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Our political pimps have approved MJ now, so I don’t see much hope for our nation. Perhaps we who are in the older generation will have to bring her back, again, ourselves before we check out.

      • the PROGRESSIVE ANARCHISTS ( Once called The Democrat Party) is nothing but a bunch of BOVINE DROPPINGS….The GOP has become a Spiness Bunch of BIG TALK NO ACTION MORONS! BUT We The PEPOLE are the GUILTY ONES FOR ALLOWING THESE IDIOTS TO RUN OUR LIVES,Our Country, our Constitution, our LIBERTY into the Failed SOCIALISTIC CRAPPER….

      • Well said, Aubrey, both parties are socialists now.

      • Jack the Rooster

        Never liked that RINO bit. It’s not an accurate assessment of the decrepit old, too often PROGRESSIVE, self serving jackasses in the Republican party. They’re Republicans alright, but they’re CONSERVATIVES In Name Only. Boehner, McConnell, McCain, just to name a couple or three, but there are plenty more of these where they came from. The mere fact that they despise the Tea Party is a stark reminder of how far they have strayed from true Conservatism and Conservative principles.

    • You’ve got, it but how many others realize the long term brain washing objective. It’s not enough for the libs to control the Universities with their left wing blather they want to start from K to 12 to make the process complete. I must give them credit they are a shrewd bunch and the present crop of Republicans are no match for their cunning. “Common core” how benign, what a nice sound, “common core”. They keep covering the public with horse shit and the public eats it up like mushrooms in a mushroom bed.n The Republicans have two institutions of government and seem to be totally helpless, Obama and the left is running roughshod over them. On the other hand could they be in agreement with the direction the left is taking, I wonder.

      • There is a college in Michigan that is very conservative. Hillsdale. I wish there were more places like it. Check it out online.

        • I’m sure there are a few but the majority are left leaning.

          • Joseph O Morrow

            One of the shortcomings of pure democracy, and of socialism, is that neither the individual nor the few can sway the majority!

            The advantage of a effective constitutional republic over a pure democracy is that you have far fewer lynch mobs!

          • Most of the people that operate a business now, maintain a list of schools, that, when they receive a resume , with that, school listed, they throw the resume away.
            Should, I receive a resume from any school in Ca., The Ivy League, any school in NY any NE school and any school in N Il.
            I simply dump them.
            It;s not 100% but, does save me a lot of work and grief.

      • The Republicans are NOT helpless. They like the bull crap. They just want to feather their own nest. I have been republican for years. Not now. I’m independent.

        • How much does old Dianne Frankinstan need to feather her nest at 84 years old and the multi million contract she just got her old husband?? I bet we the tax payers paid for all her plastic surgery and hair up keep!! Hopefully they don’t live long enough to use all the billions!

          • They, as well as we, will have to go before God and be judged. I’m so thankful that the blood of Jesus has washed away my sins.


      seems you are also ignorant of how school districts are funded and operated.
      odd, since you pretend to be informed.

      90% of YOUR school budget comes from state and local taxes.
      YOU elect your school board.
      THE STATE sets the school days, the text books, the hours of education.
      pretty much everything, but you whine about federal indoctrination.

      so tell me ill informed con

      what IS IT YOU think the feds are doing?

      • Reality,
        This is one topic we can agree on. CC is NOT a federal mandate. It is a method of running and educational teaching system that departs from the old methods. It is NOT mandatory. We have discussed this before.

        • this is another bit of the pile of evidence regarding the right wing propaganda and it’s campaign of disinformation to create division.

          and you can see how well that works.

          • We don’t have to create division liberal dem bloodsucker it has been that way for 50 years when you liberal garbage elected the first liberal dem bloodsucker to the white house.
            We hate you scum, with a depth, intensity and bitterness, that has no bottom.
            Right now, the only hope that we have is to get through the next 20 months, with out civil war
            It is not about politics any more, liberal scum

          • I can’t find my violin.

          • Don’t worry about a violin I would start buying weapons and kevlar vests

          • Liberals are armed with straight jackets and the LAW.

            you know that the LAW allows the gov to take your weapons WHEN you are judged mentally unfit.

            plenty of evidence here on the internet to prove your mental state.

          • Lol, That is what I was thinking about you liberal scum.
            Would you like for me to bring them to your house

          • sure con, come on by.
            make sure your affairs are in order.

          • last 2 years in the Corps were spent as a marksmanship instructor on the weapons range at Quantico Va,
            Maybe I will just sit 500yards out and watch

          • Robert Galloway

            When you use this language and name calling, even people who might agree with you dismiss your rant and move on. If you want to be heard and have your viewpoint seriously considered, your might want to consider cleaning it up. I’ve been described as being to the right of Attila the Hun so I’m not a left wing Dem.

          • Unconcerned, I am not trying to change anyone’s mind if your mind needs changing at this point, you are hopeless.

            I have cordially despised the liberal dem bloodsuckers for 50 years, however, I have evolved over the last 6 years, i now hate them, with a depth, intensity and bitterness, that has no bottom.
            It is my belief, that we must physically separate ourselves, if partition is required so be it, quite likely, it is the only way to prevent civil war. for the liberal scum.
            My primary purpose here is to make sure that the ersatz liberal scum are not allowed to present themselves as decent or progressive people.

          • I’m still listening to Gerald, not you

          • Reality,
            I see how it works. I think I told you that Idaho has been working on education reform for three years now. so here are some GOP folks who do see that education is lacking and are doing something about it. CC is optional here. Some districts are trying it and some are not but have created their own programs with some guidelines from CC.
            Because of what the reddest state in the country has been doing, I find this article and especially the title, very misleading.

          • isn’t it wonderful when the conservative and the liberal agree!

          • Reality,
            So what did we do wrong?

      • How many times are you going to post this identical CRAP to realize that repetition of a lie does not make it truth….regardless of what Obama says.

        • as many times as is necessary to inform the silly cons that are spreading lies on the internet.

          • You are the one on “their” board as the Uber Lib troll infiltrator. You are delusional if you think your puny efforts with crappy “facts” will change anyone’s belief. you are wasting your time ..unless you are a paid blogger troll.

          • No lying liberal a-hole, we will be right here until you worthless ersatz life forms finally start telling the truth, we don;t look for it any time soon, if you were telling the truth the decent people would run you out of the country with pitchforks

          • enjoy the next 8 years with Hillary ending more of your lunacy .Nazi ways moron.

          • Lol, Better hope so, liberal dem bloodsucker, I Trump is elected, the first week, he will have Obama, Holder, Lerner, Sibellius, Jeh Johnson and Saldana in front of a grand jury.
            The second week, he will disband the Fed Ed dept.
            and the Energy Dept, Hud, and the EPA.
            The third week he will start on your handouts liberal scum..
            I can see it now, all of the liberal leeches in the streets rioting and burning

          • And crying

          • Now..who did you say was silly?? And who is spreading lies?? Time to re-evaluate ??

        • you could post a link to prove me wrong

          • No need the folks here have already stated their position..I agree with them.

          • No one is going to play your game liberal dem scum.
            We have all heard , you come in early this morning with 3 books of printed material and want to make us look bad .
            Sorry, we quit playing with you scum.

          • you should try reading a book and learning about what you speak “BEFORE ” running your mouth

          • Don’t need your tutoring on any subject …you are academically or intellectually not qualified
            …besides you are getting paid to spread this Libereal indoctrination madness.

          • So the fact that YOU do’t know that YOU vote for the local school board is Liberal indoctrination?

            Is that the state of con intellect?

          • You ability to rationally reason in your damaged thought process is childishly silly.

            You apparently would not recognize a “fact” if you stepped in it, little shit monkey…check definition.

          • you cant argue with this ignorant Nazi he thinks he is well informed because he listens to orielly and limpbaugh. probably didn’t finish 8th grade and his kids wont either.

          • My, it’s squishy little James Owens aren’t you late for your MSNBC shift of whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them?
            Best hurry liberal dem bloodsucker, they will dock you three days of food stamps.
            I know, I Know you, liberal scum, hate facts.
            Wouldn’t it be easier to , just, get a job and pay for what you want, liberal parasite?

          • 66 y/o and still workin thank you . do you ever get anything correct or do you live to be a mistake just because your momma didn’t feel like swallowing that night. we cant all get life long disability like you because were to stupid to hold a job. LOL if the taxes were raided on the 1% that is so far below your trailer park existence you wouldn’t know except from hearing it on your stolen cable

          • Lol, squishy little man, not bad , for the result of an incestuous one night stand between a liberal dem bloodsucker and a giant river leech.
            Sorry, to rain on your parade, squishy little ersatz life form, 3 hours a day on MSNBC whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on seome one else to pay for them is not , really, considered work, by intelligent people.
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            One of your grandsons must have written this for you.
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            Please kill yourself, if done expeditiously, you can effect it, before your children find out that they are related to you, why hang that burden on them, for life.?

          • what would you know of intelligent beings and higher life forms- your IQ would have to improve 50 points for you to qualify as cole slaw.
            I never yet seen you discuss a topic of conversation of any of the “INTELLIGENT” things people speak of. you only pop up with your kindergarten comments and think your 3rd grade potty mouth makes you cute –sorry only BORING AND ADOLESCENT and you have joined the ignore list

          • For some reason, after I have told you differently at least 100 times, you still don’t understand, I am here for the sole purpose of making sure that when you liberal lying garbage get on line and start your lies I call you a liar.
            I hate you garbage, with a depth and intensity , that has no bottom.
            All I really want from you scum, is distance.
            I an working with group to force partition, we understand that we can no longer coexist with you parasites, all we want from you, is distance, soon we will get the movement going, then you liberal scum can sit in your half do anything you like, and we wont care.
            Be sure and vote for partition, when it comes up.
            Oops, never mind if we got rid of you, you would have no one to pay for your handouts, you have to have us.

          • You are vulgar and not worth listening to

          • What? A Democrat really work? No way. Why work when the Feds give free stuff?

      • The Feds are screwing the nation

    • Homeschooling is the answer. If enough parents pull their kids out in protest and educate them at home they’re free of the leviathan of federal education.
      Home schooled kids have a better education and perform higher on SAT test than public school children.

      • Agreed, if only 10% of the people pulled their children out of this brainwashing mill the system would collapse.

        • Do you know why most people do not home school?
          Time, effort, and money. There are online education platforms delivering great education. I have had nieces and nephews, and a couple grandchildren who have home schooled but the parents have to be invested in the education and take an active role.

          • Here is one of those great programs…


          • there is your reason why home schooling will not work.. most parents think of school as free babysitting and have no interest what-so-ever in their kids education as long as they do not have to be involved. if the kid fails its not their fault it must be the governments fault.

          • We did well before the Feds got involved liberal dem scum, since then it has been all down hill.

          • you are a prime example of why some kids should ” NOT” be home schooled. to stupid to think to ignorant to try

          • your post leaves me with two impressions liberal scum
            1. is that your answer to why we were doing better before the Fed got involved?
            2. Always good to have an opinion from experts, certainly you liberal ersatz life forms are experts on stupidity and ignorance.
            C’mon feces brain think of your children kill yourself

          • my kids are grown and finished college – have yours gone straight to mattress back or are they still dancing on the pole with your spouse. while you sit at home with weenie in hand

          • Nah, I don’t believe that, more likely they killed themselves as soon as they found out that they were related to you.
            Tell me, were you this stupid, before you joined the Democratic Parasitical Party, or did you join them because you were this stupid?

            Did you really need the 2 bucks a week so bad that you decide to let the world know, tht you were desperate?

          • There is also the fact that not all parents can afford to homeschool. It takes both mother and father working full time to keep it all together. My daughter and her husband are very involved with the school and the community they live in. If I was qualified I would do it myself since I am their primary care giver. Private school is also out of reach.

          • If the government school system collapses, the home schoolers will need the apathetic majority to do the jobs that illegal immigrants won’t do.

          • Most parents have to work. They can’t home school because they are working to support illegal aliens and also to fund the congressmen who spend money to take their girlfriends on trips to foreign countries and stay at expensive hotels and dine at the finest restaurants.

          • Well sure, how else would we pay for the handouts for the liberal garbage


    • I might be wrong but the BRAINWASHING of the Majority of the UNEDUCATED VOTING PUBLIC Began at Least 30 years ago via UNIONIZING OF TEACHERS and Allowing teachers unworthy TENURES RUN BY SOCIALIST ANARCHIST TROLLS… and look at the mess have got now…

      • I don’t think you are wrong. Socialists have taken over our Schools, Unions, Businesses (google), both political parties, courts, and the MEDIA. All was predicted in the book “The Naked Communist” written in 1958. Socialists have been working on this since the 1930s.

        15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.
        16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.
        17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
        20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.
        21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.
        27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”
        36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.
        37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

  2. Not only Republicans, but all true patriotic Americans should be DEATHLY afraid when the government intrudes on ANY issue best left to the states.

    • seems yet another con who does not know how the schools work.
      TOO much right wing Propaganda perhaps?

      90% of YOUR school budget comes from state and local taxes.
      YOU elect your school board.
      THE STATE sets the school days, the text books, the hours of education.
      pretty much everything, but you whine about federal indoctrination.

      so tell me ill informed con

      what IS IT YOU think the feds are doing?

      • Troll, you have been Grubered again.

        CC was written by socialists most of which had no classroom experience.
        The States have been blackmailed by the Feds withholding funds unless signed.

        The Feds are attempting to control the curriculum by controlling the testing.

        You are a liar.

      • Another repeat post…still not truth.

      • 29 times liberal dem bloodsucker

      • Dear koolaid drinking lib, You can answer your own question by telling ME what it is that the Department of Education does.

  3. America’s children are not being educated. They are being indoctrinated by the over-the-hill 60s hippies and those who have been indoctrinated by them. The answer to education lies in the Christian school method (note I say method, not curriculum). As for the curriculum, we simply need to throw out all the lies taught and bring back truth. Bringing God back into the schools would be a great help, but we know that is not going to happen.

  4. The reason they are afraid is that they know the new teaching state is coming and no home schooler or religious school will meet the levels achieved by the.public system !!! No longer will it be A,B,C,D or F it is master it or fail !!! No more siding a kid ahead because he plays a sport or his family has money !!! Plus if they don’t master everything they can not go on to college no matter if they are a outstanding at sports !!! The new system has been proven to take kids in the bottom 10% and raise them to the top 10% because each kid is headed on their own work and not a test which they were taught to memorize abaabcdabbc !!! They actually do real work !!!

    • They sure have put a job on you. How does this square with “equal opportunity”
      Does this mean that AAs will no longer get special treatment? The bottom 10%

      to the top 10%. That means the dumbest become the smartest and the smartest are moved 10 points back. There seems to be a lot of logic in that. If

      common core teaches our young ones to be as smart as you, heaven help us all. Is critical thinking included in common core?

      • well we know cons are easily brainwashed.

        • Not conservatives on public forums whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them, liberal garbage

          • in Ca, we RAISED TAXES to balance our budget.
            (so much for your knowledge base)

            something a handful of cons states should look into before they implode.

          • Nope we won’;t Ca will be bankrupt within 5 years.
            here is a promise, there will be no money to bail you out.
            I look forward to you garbage starving in the streets

      • This guy is a fag, he is trying to help Hilary out he has no children

        • moron.
          I am a Bernie guy and have a child who is a lawyer who defends illegals from the government.

          • Now why doesn’t that surprise me a quasi commie, with out merit, worth, value,m morals honor or integrity.
            Going to be fun dealing with you.

    • No…Your beloved Common Core actually raises the lower 10 percentile to 20-30% and Lowers the upper 10 percentile to 50-60% , effectively dumbing down the normally high achievers to the approx level of the non-achievers. Pass/Fail without some type of “untaught” TEST proves nothing and certainly is no indication of MASTERY of any subject.
      We PASS..we are all educationally equal.
      We FAIL…we are all educationally equal.
      No tests/exams…then Pass/Fail is subjective…like social promotion
      On average the whole USA population will be educationally poorer..Like wealth redistribution.
      Thanks, buy no thanks.

      • CC has barely been in effect for 3 years.

        Ca, the heart of LIBERALISM is only in it’s second year of implementation.
        Arizona, the state THAT CREATED IT, has only been doing it for 4 years.

        AND not all grades are even involved.

        So where did you get these stats?

        where is the link?

        I have a feeling that you pulled them out of your butt like most cons do.

        • Perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension skills liberal dem bloodsucker, there have been roughly 124 studies done on it already

          • BUT, the silly con couldn’t link to ONE of them

          • And h isn’t going to liberal dem bloodsucker, you are lying, if I gave you the link, you would ignore it and continue to lie.

        • I am not here to help you…so do your own CC homework.

          Go try to sell your Obama pig in a poke to someone else.

          • no, you’re not hear to defend you crap.
            cons are ignorant, makes them cowards in a debate.

            very ignorant voters are bad for the country

          • Silly little Unnatural Thing, .you are the only one with the CRAP shove.
            Now ill pecker checker…how do you equate ignorant with coward…if true then you must be a yellow belly WIMP…Weak Insignificant Malingering Pussy….but I already knew that..no surprise.

            i agree that ignorant voters are bad for the country….they gave US Obama.

          • would you like to debate the economy?
            and what an excellent job Obama has done, saving America from the conservatives?

            I doubt it.
            cons make up excuses to hide their low knowledge base.
            lots of hot air (and in your case, gibberish)

          • What economy?? Oh..you mean the one where the productive 49% supports the gimme gimme 51% ??
            Thanks, Obama…for all the nothing.

    • Lying liberal scum, the home schoolers and religious schools do better than the public schools year in and year out and the students don’t get robbed and raped like 32 % of the kids in Public schools do

  5. Education should be controlled by the parents that live in that school district. The state can draw up a plan/outline which is than implemented by the school district with the parents input. GET Washington D.C. out of our schools. DO NOT except any money from D.C. They will try to take over.

  6. The reason is that there is no difference between the Progressives aka: Democrats, and the Republicans. The Progressives are up-front and loud about how much they despise The Constitution and the Freedoms putforth by that document. The Republicans, far too many of them, also believe that complete government control of everything is a “Must” if they, the elected Elites, are able to hold on to their power, wealth and “Control” of the peoples, whom they see as radicals and “patriots”, against all that “They” hold sacred. The Dept. of Education is un-Constitutional, not even mentioned in the sacred document of this nation’s existence. State’s Rights are being sweep under the SCOTUS building, and our elected Elites are just giddy with their successes against “Us, the People”. if we are to survive we must demand “Term Limits” for All elected positions, down to the local dog-catcher!

    • Didn’t we get the Dept. of Education from Jimmy Carter? It sure need to be eliminated. The government should not be in charge of education. The states and local school boards along with the parents know what is best for our children.

      • another ill informed con.

        90% of YOUR school budget comes from state and local taxes.
        YOU elect your school board.
        THE STATE sets the school days, the text books, the hours of education.
        pretty much everything, bu you whine about federal indoctrination.

        so tell me ill informed con

        what IS IT YOU think the feds are doing?

      • TexasGirl, there is a book out there that you should read. It is “Crimes of the Educators”, hasn’t been out for long. Well written and researched. I got it last week, and I can only handle about one chapter at a time. It is available at Amazon and Kindle. Read it and things will become very clear as to why our nation is being destroyed from within. It just breaks my heart to read the things in this book about what was once the best free basic education available in the world!

    • ” The Progressives are up-front and loud about how much they despise The Constitution and the Freedoms”

      so posting some examples of that should be no problem!
      (of course since you are lying, you will make up some lame excuse for dodging)

      • Ah here we go again with the post proof, the eternal ;liberal dem bloodsucker game.
        It has been posted over and over and over again garbage,
        is your memmory that bad oor are you just stupid?

        • Well ger,
          THAT would be because you idiots post things and never back them up.
          you think one of you candidates can get up in a debate, make up poo and then not answer as to where they get IT?

          NOPE. not how it works in the real world.

          • We are not playing the silly games with you liberal scum any more. We are just here to make sure that you understand that no one believe anything you garbage say and that we have you to the bitter end and really only want physical separation from you.
            This is no longer about politics liberal leech,.

          • you know what Ger,
            for every 10 of you MORONS there is one on the edge, sane person.
            that is who I am talking to.
            I have constructive dialogue with many.
            some even believe the NY times and the o=government statistics, just like normal people.

            and i am here to bust you morons on every lie until Bernie is president and you all commit mass suicide and the country is saved.

  7. ABOLISH the Department of Education … Constitution directs US …

    Amendment X
    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

  8. Recall and Referendum amendments to the constitution are the only means to have a Democratic Republic in any sense other than name for America at this point. We would see the ruling class willing to war on its own people in the not too distant future to prevent this from happening.. so better now than later.

  9. Its about thinking not testing!

    I am an Adjunct Prof, who teachs Business and Math classes. Most of my peers teach to tests NOT to real world results. I happen to have 35 years of management experience and normally use case studies and real life problems to solve. At first the students do not like it, but then they realize they have been duped until they arrived in my class and LOVE IT, since they now are learning to think logically using facts, which is something they can use every day.

    • We need a lot more like you who want students to be prepared to compete in the REAL world. So much teaching has only become misleading indoctrination it sickens me. We as a country are experiencing a true you reap what you sow nation, while other countries are overtaking us competitively and financially, and laughing all the way to the bank. .

      • Except he is citing the principle of Common Core.

        you just don’t know that.

        see you like common core.

        “while other countries are overtaking us competitively and financially”

        well that is because you cons want to spend LESS all the time on education.
        take some responsibility for what is going on.

        • So you think throwing more money at a problem will solve it? We don’t necessarily want to spend less, we just want to get positive results from what is spent. That is what you libs can never wrap your minds around. Commie Core is a purely liberal creation, own it and the disastrous results it is having on the lives and subsequent futures of today’s youths.

          • “Commie Core is a purely liberal creation”

            stop proving your an ignorant meat sack.
            CC was created by the governors of Arizona and Idaho along with some teacher groups.


            I await your link to prove otherwise.

          • it is there my I knew it was only a matter of time before the name calling began. Always the same, when confronted with the truth and reality, call names and verbally attack. Your schtick is tiresome.

          • when you post ignorant crap, it’s not an insult to call you ignorant.

            it also doesn’t change the facts, which it turns out, you are ignorant OF.

            ignorance is tiresome.

          • You are a typical leftist idiot. You did not even take the time to look at what I sent you, you just say it is right wing propaganda. Look further and get a real reality check. You are the ignorant one there liberal meat sack. Still not one shred of evidence to back up anything you posted. Won’t be any coming because there is no viable evidence to back up any thing at all you said. Last I checked Bill Gates was not governor of either of these states. If you would like to offer me some real proof of your position, I would like to see it. Otherwise, you are just trolling and trying to tick people off. So go back to your bong and find someone else to irritate.

          • I looked at it, silly.
            my links are all over this page.

            you didn’t bother to explain how THAT was relevant to the article. IT DIDN’T prove it’s a federally mandated program.

            IT DIDN’T prove it’s a take over of the education system

            IT DID prove that the right wing is trying to use it as a wedge issue.

            cons think a link to some page with a good title means something.



            money DOES matter

          • Keep your fing liberal scum sites to your self liar.
            Not everyone forgets everything they read.
            Lead our kids alone garbage you are headed for a place that you won’t like. We put up with a lot of crap from you liberal parasites that is the place that is likely to ruin your worlld low life.
            There are lot of people that think the only way to resolve the problems we have with you scum is partition the USA,

          • Links, links and more links…..See pecker checker go….cut and paste…copy and paste…to links that reflect his ultra liberal viewsthat bear no resemblance to reality.

          • Alwys good to get input on any subject from an expert, certainly you are an expert on lying and ignorance

          • As is arrogance..pecker head….oh your phrase “meat sack” applies to you.

          • Sorry liberal dem bloodsucker, first we were not going to play your catch me if you can bs.
            TheFeds funded it and have pushed it since that time And we will tear the walls down around you garbage if you keep trying.
            We have been very patient with you scum, not much left

          • Not playing liberal dem scum

          • is that why you have posted to me 50 times?

          • I will call you aliar every time you post a lie liberal scum

          • sounds good. I am on Dailycaller a lot and Downtrend and Unfiltered patriot.
            get busy.

          • “So you think throwing more money at a problem will solve it?”

            It’s a well documented FACT that smaller class sizes make for better education.
            more money will help that.

          • Still a fing lying dem bloodsucker.
            I averaged 62 in a class sizes iand no teachers aides and graduated with a 97 average liberal garbage.
            Big difference?
            No teachers unions and teachers that couldn’t teach got dumped

          • someone “so smart” should have posted a link to shut me down by now.
            trouble is, It’s not a lie and the silly con is out of gas.

          • Yes liberal dem bloodsuckers it is till a lie and and I am still not going to play your game.

          • yet here you are.

        • The $ spent on education each year per student increases, while the return on investment…scholastic achievement…decreases.

        • Lying liberal dem bloodsucking parasite

      • It’s not about me.

  10. America’s children are not being educated. They are being indoctrinated by the socialists left over from the sixties and by those already indoctrinated by them. Now the RINOs have jumped on the bandwagon (just another batch of socialists).

    • another con with no clue of how the education system works.

      90% of YOUR school budget comes from state and local taxes.
      YOU elect your school board.
      THE STATE sets the school days, the text books, the hours of education.
      pretty much everything, bu you whine about federal indoctrination.

      so tell me ill informed con

      what IS IT YOU think the feds are doing?

      • Hey scrub, you have now posted that word for word 16 times.
        Thje Fed is doing the very same thing thay have always tried to do, get deeper in control.
        And you scrubs have a problem, there is less patience with it, daily

        • hey moron,
          there are hundreds of you ignorant fools who seem to NOT know WHO funds and controls your educational process.

          and I will post it another hundred when necessary to educate the ignorant.

        • “And you scrubs have a problem”

          NO YOU Have a Problem.

  11. There is nothing in the Constitution about the Federal Government running education, unless you try and stretch to the breaking point, the clause of proving for the general welfare. If anything the DOE like so many others, for example the NOT SO Affordable health care Act, and the Same gender Marriage rulings Destroy the 10th Amendment, that puts powers in the hands of the States not specified to the Federal government. When will people wake up and realize that what the government grants it can take away. Second what the gives away must first be taken from someone else to do so. I hope we have not reached a point where just to many Americans are not willing to run their own life.

    • “There is nothing in the Constitution about the Federal Government running education”

      ya I think this will cover it
      promote the general Welfare,

      “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more
      perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility,
      provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare,
      and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,
      do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States
      of America.”

      • We have warned you parasites and warned you parasites, leave us alone scrub, conservatives by their nature are very patient people, but, when they start they clean the whole mess out, once and for all.
        Now, get on over to MSNBC, your shift of begging and whining for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them, starts in 10 minutes and they will dock you three days of food stamps if youb are late.

        • bummer for you.
          stop lying and I might go away.

          you cons are unpatriotic Americans.

          we PATRIOTIC Americans need to step up and stop the tide of Crazy.
          look at how far over the crazy edge you are.

          you are completely ignorant of how education is funded, who controls it, and how to get one (education) based on your responses.

          your an intolerant, clueless old fart.

          PS I am a white male retired in Ca on a UNION pension.

          • Ca and on a union pension, now what doesn’t thta surprise me, I think just for laughs I will pay for your name and address and post it.
            Hope your school teacher wife gets fire as soon as they start testing her.

          • you can’t even post a link. let alone someones address.

          • Sure I could, if I wanted to play yours silly lttle dem bloodsucking game, I don’t, I will, as soon as you post a reference site not funded by George Soros.

  12. Looking back education was very good as it was interesting and fun,then time passed and education began taking on not so good not so much fun and kids were losing interest. This was from 1941 thru 1968,this was due to teachers unionsTeachers coming out of college with union ideas and their ways that were taught to them,until now when most kids think of school as a boarding place with teachers that know nomore than they do. I’m 80 so I lived thru the good days had kids and went thru the next phase as unions stepped in then phase two with grand kids that know nothing about our history state as well as American history. Liberals with the help of stupid liberals and Republicans have turned a great learning experiance into what it is today. CC has killed our interest as well as our learning. Shame on us for letting this happen on our watch.

    • “CC has killed our interest as well as our learning”

      CC has been in effect for only 2-3 years, so…..
      and in most states is still only some of the grades, so….

      HOW that has shaped America would be part of your HALLUCINATION perhaps.
      Teachers unions started in the 40’s by the way.

      • Well little man listen up,my mother was a one room teacher long before eather of us were around,istarted school in 1940 there was no unions then and twelve years later still none so your liberal hand book was wrong as was your post. No need to post back as I now see you don’t know shit from sic em

  13. OMG, America doesn’t need Obama involved in doing anything in our School systems. The Federal Department of Education should be closed down. Let the States take care of the Education.. Back in the 50’s when I went to school, we had recess, we would play flag r touch football, dodge ball r anything we wanted to and never had the Government telling us what we could do at school. Today, none of these sports are allowed. Seems like to many mommy boys growing up today and they could get hurt and sue the school? Each morning in the first class, we would say the “Pledge of Allegiance”. The Constitution was enforced. The older days were the best!


      so I know you have Obama derangement syndrome, but his NAME is NOT in the above article.

      try to get a grip on reality, ok?
      you make the cons look ill informed and dim.

      90% of YOUR school budget comes from state and local taxes.
      YOU elect your school board.
      THE STATE sets the school days, the text books, the hours of education.
      pretty much everything, bu you whine about federal indoctrination.

      so tell me ill informed parent

      what IS IT YOU think the feds are doing?

      • Michelle’s dietary resolutions- comply or face funding cuts.
        Stressing math and science at the cost of history, reading, and other beneficial subjects-common core- comply or face funding cuts.
        Limits on physical activity-Dept of ED regulation.
        Required standardized testing-Dept of ED under Common Core-just as with No Child Left Behind encourages teaching of the test.
        Just a few government requirements.

        • so lets look at the regulations.
          where was that link Brenda?

          surely you don’t expect the liberal to believe THOSE flapping gums.

          • Reality check; Look up the Regulations issued under the Common Core enactment in the Congressional Records.
            Having had a child in school under both No Child Left Behind and Common Core, I know that the only “teaching” done was on test material.
            And no, The Very Last Person I expect to believe is a liberal. Even when faced with the facts they deny, engage in name calling, and insults..

          • but you couldn’t provide the link YOU want ME to find.

            tell me how long have your kids been on CC?

            CC is REPLACING NCLB, the GW Bush debacle.

          • CC…God forbid.

            NCLB a debacle…but much better than CC.

          • You are the liberal scum lying you prove it a-hole.


            (a) Short Title.–This section may be cited as the “Local
            Control of Education Act”.

            (b) General ESEA Prohibition.–
            (1) In general.–Section 9527 of the Elementary and
            Secondary Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 7907) is amended by adding at the end the following:

            “(e) Prohibition of Federal Government Mandating Common Standards, Programs of Instruction, Curricula, Assessments, or Academic Standards.

            An officer or employee of the Federal
            Government shall not directly or indirectly, through grants,
            contracts, or other cooperative agreements under this Act
            (including waivers under section 9401)–


            so tell me again Brenda, how the FED is FORCING standards on states.

            I await those links of rebuttal.

          • Another similar post..not truth either.

          • Don’t have to liberal dem bloodsucker, just like the rest of the law, the inept lying outlaw in the white house ignores .
            July is national, “get the mud out of the Gene pool, Month liberal scum, please kill yourself.

          • Nah ersatz life form, you are not even a good employee of the liberal scum,

        • “Required standardized testing-Dept of ED under Common Core-just as with No Child Left Behind encourages teaching of the test.”

          well that is a lie. so..

        • that is a paid troll, who thinks he knows everything, flag him and downcheck him.

          • THAT’S RIGHT.
            Anyone who post facts contrary to the Right Wing talking points, HAS TO BE a paid blogger.

            linda is afraid of facts is seems.

            here I thought cons embrace truth.

            That must be a Right Wing Talking point as well.

          • The truth hurts sometimes…huh.

          • page 118 of the Liberal dem bloodsucking talking points you going to start pasting that too, a-hole?

          • Me too.. I just did and will go back and do the same on all his posts.

          • Close the 43 page booklet that Duncan published liberal dem scum bag, then talk.

      • Troll, you have been Grubered again.

        CC was written by socialists most of which had no classroom experience.
        The States have been blackmailed by the Feds withholding funds unless signed.

        The Feds are attempting to control the curriculum by controlling the testing.

      • Another exact post…still not truth.

      • That is 28 times you have posted that liberal dem bloodsucker and 28 times you have lied.
        Go on over to MSNBC for your afternoon shift of whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them.
        Hurry, if you are late they will dock you three days food stamps.

      • Another identical post….this garbage should have been reported as spam long ago. Pe_ _er Checker is getting dumber with each post

      • 30 times liberal dem scum bag

      • 35 times liberal scum liar

        • I appreciate that your keeping track of the number of morons posting on this thread.

          • Nah just one moronic liberal dem bloodsucker posting 35 times.
            I’ll say this for you, you keep right on doing it, when everyone is laughing at you.

  14. MidnightDStroyer

    Those RINO’s must be under the influence of heavy bribery or blackmail of some sort…Why else would they avoid overhauling the system that already amounts to nothing more than a massive liberalized indoctrination center? You’d think that Republicans would LOVE to do that.

    Maybe they would otherwise have to admit that the Constitution supports absolutely NO federal-level influence on the education system at all. They don’t want to be forced to pull their own hands out of the Peoples’ pie.

    • I think someone is sadly ignorant of reality.

      90% of YOUR school budget comes from state and local taxes.
      YOU elect your school board.
      THE STATE sets the school days, the text books, the hours of education.
      pretty much everything, bu you whine about federal indoctrination.

      so tell me ill informed parent

      what IS IT YOU think the feds are doing?

  15. Why do people not realize that everything starts with personal accountability. Parents need to get involved in their child’s education. They also must see to it that the child does the required work. Common core is making something complicated that should be simple. You don’t have to cover a sheet of paper to add 20+20=40. There is time for theory and different approach to problems after the basics are learned. I understand that the standards should be the same in all systems by college age. But big Government is not the answer and always makes things worse.

    • Part of the tactic is to remove personal responsibility and replace it with government aid, assistance and direction. Get the picture? The libs have this so firmly established it’s like a run away train, Who is going to stop it? The prize is complete power and authority over the brain washed society. And you thought only the Germans were good at brainwashing and propaganda.

      • “Part of the tactic is to remove personal responsibility and replace it with government aid, assistance and direction”

        STOP LYING.

        CC is exactly the opposite.
        I teaches critical thinking and problem solving the exact opposite to the vomit you just posted.

        ” And you thought only the Germans were good at brainwashing and propaganda.”

        actually the Right Wing Propaganda has made them look like amateurs.

        you cons are completely brainwashed drones.

        • You are in jibber jabber mode. Tell me about equal opportunity, How will that work? Lying? I think not.

          • I am in STOP LYING and MAKING UP SHIT mode.

            what about equal opportunity?
            since we are discussing education……

          • What about equal opportunity? you are too stupid for me to continue a dialogue with you. Don’t bother replying.

          • Sorry liberal dem bloodsucker liberal garbage have no qualifications to talk int he mode, you are just like the Musluim Jihadiist you will tyell any lie or accept any cheat or theft so long as it advances your ideology

          • if that was supposed to make you look in any way intelligent, YOU FAILED.

          • Would you give me a couple of years to think about that, there must be something I have less concern about than the opinion of a liberal dem bloodsucker, on any subject.

          • for someone who doesn’t care, you seem to be posting to me a great deal.

            still waiting to debate education.
            but the con is chicken

          • Sorry liberal dem bloodsucker, you cna’;t befate a lie, all of your posts are lies

          • not like I ever expected a con to debate a liberal.
            cons are too dumb.

          • lol, liberal dem scum, always good to get an opinion form an expert on a subject and certainly you liberal parasites are authorities on dumb.
            Give your wife and kids a break, kill yourself, it has to be demoralizing for them to have to live in the home with you.

          • the intellect of the right, on display.

            good job.

          • Don’t be envious my friend, quit the democratic party, get a job, in couple of years, you too, can be a decent human bei.

          • been retired for a couple years, dim one.

          • Apparently your brain retired before that

        • You are a fing liberal dem bloodsucking liar.
          Soon, we will force partition of the USA, and completely separate ourselves from you ersatz life forms.

          We will sit on our side of the border with it guarded by armed marksmen and shoot anything crossing the border, don’t come our way when you are starving

          • “Soon, we will force partition of the USA, and completely separate ourselves from you ersatz life forms.”
            so much for your IQ.

          • Lol, wait for it liberal scum, I want to see what you are going to do about it.
            Going to get your school teacher wife and move to california, Mexico would probably be better

        • Troll, you have been Grubered again.

          CC was written by socialists most of which had no classroom experience.
          The States have been blackmailed by the Feds withholding funds unless signed.

          The Feds are attempting to control the curriculum by controlling the testing.

          Try to think… moron

        • You are a low life liberal dem bloodsucking liar

      • No I certainly don’t, America’s media is quite proficient at propaganda. That was my point, personal responsibility begins with the person. We have a brain if we choose to use it, education ,again you have to take advantage of it. Big government, reduce it. But we are not sheep to be led by the nose into a decision and then blame it on someone else. If people are willing to turn their minds and bodies over to an entity to make their decisions, how do you plan to wake those people up ? What you are really fight is an ideology, thoughts and attitudes.

  16. Passing the buck will not improve our schools===MORE money will not improve our schools== Parents are a big part of why our children don’t care that much about education. I have picture of me in 8th grade in March 1942 and i counted 34 students in the picture and we got a very good education where our high school graduation was approximately 93%. The teachers say they need more money to teach better???????. They have it 10 times better than we did and getting 1/10 lower in results. Terrible

    • due to No Child Left Behind, teacher spend their days preparing for the test that must pass.

      almost every teacher in America hates the program, which is why the STATES and Teachers came up with Common Core.

      No child left behind was of course a GW Bush Legacy.
      My wife is a teacher.

      • I have two daughters who are teachers and my one brother was a principle at a high school and my brother says the teachers are part of the problem===They have become baby sitters and mostly teach right from the book. We must have a grading way of knowing progress and the children should NOT be afraid of taking a test if they were paying attention in class and the teacher was teaching

        • so tell me, do they love No Child Left Behind?

          call them and ask them.
          Then you will no that I am NOT LYING.

          ask the teachers if the administrators are also not the problem.
          (with out the administrator present.)

      • Okay we have now, you wife is a lousy teacher and is afraid she’ll be dumped , finally after 61 posts it comes out

  17. Most republicans are progressives in conservative disguise! Including, mcconnell, boehner, and their republican cronies! They continue to give this POS in the W.H. the freedom to destroy America!

    • other than the TPP, name one thing Obama wanted, they passed.

      JUST ONE

      • Why would one anyone want to pass anything Obma wants to do, his every move leads to the destruction of the USA

        • well your con buddy just said they WERE OBAMA PUPPETS.

          It can’ be both, dim human.

          • Sure it can Boehner and McConnell are working on the Chamber of Commerce money, Soon we will be rid of the inept lying out law in the white house and Boehner and McConnell.

      • If you don’t know, and have to ask; you should take a reality check! How about the budgets? They passed his budget several times, which financed the affordable care act! Just to name one! Oops, that happened more than once! asshole!

  18. close the Dept of education and get the feds out of our business.

    • Good solution, when and where do we start?

    • 90% of YOUR school budget comes from state and local taxes.
      YOU elect your school board.
      THE STATE sets the school days, the text books, the hours of education.
      pretty much everything, bu you whine about federal indoctrination.

      so tell me ill informed parent

      what IS IT YOU think the feds are doing?

      • Trying to change the way we want it done, forcing liberal indoctrination.
        So tell me liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, why not mind your own business they should have zero control
        Before the Feds got involved education was a s good as could be.
        Since the fed became involved, it has gone steadily down hill, get out and stay out.
        I know I know you liberal fing garbage think that you are the intelligensia and that every one should happily follow your lead.
        Leave us alone garbage not much patince left

    • ” and get the feds out of our business”
      unless of course it’s to ban gay marriage or stop a women’s right to choose.
      In those cases I EMBRACE BIG GOVERNMENT.

  19. They aren’t afraid of an education overhaul. They’re afraid of a left wing education overhaul. Here again the libs have managed to use the language against the right and the right is too stupid to realize what is going on, and they are too chicken shit to state the truth. If you’r3 against something there must be a reason, state you reason, don’t let the opposition paint you in a corner which is what they are doing.

    • “and the right is too stupid to realize what is going on”

      that is only the tip of the iceberg and probably the only thing of truth I have ever seen you post.

      the right has no idea what is going on across the board. politics, economy, education, foreign policy.

      if you’d get of right wing propaganda you might see the picture your missing.

      • We don’t have to state our reason, the Federal Governnent is sticking it’s nose in where it has no business or the states for that matter, we have local school boards.
        the problem that we have is the liberal fing garbage like the big government and want them to run everything.
        There really only one way to deal with them.
        Force partition, Physically separate ourselves from them.
        It is also the only way to prevent civil war.

        • “There really only one way to deal with them.
          Force partition, Physically separate ourselves from them.
          It is also the only way to prevent civil war.”

          since you wacky are in the minority, we could put you in camps and re-educate you.

          we will use these blogs as evidence of your sanity.

  20. The RINO party is no different than the democrats They are all liberal and support the illegal dept of indoctrination probably in order to receive contributions from the teachers’ union. Hopefully when Donald Trump becomes our president he will eliminate the illegal dept of indoctrination and return the entire responsibility for Education to the local level where it did a far superior job of teaching students.

    • silly con.
      90% of YOUR school budget comes from state and local taxes.
      YOU elect your school board.
      THE STATE sets the school days, the text books, the hours of education.
      pretty much everything, bu you whine about federal indoctrination.

      so tell me ill informed parent

      what IS IT YOU think the feds are doing?

      • How many time are you going to post that crap lying liberal dem bloodsucker?
        I have seen the list tht came from the Federal government you are following it, word for word.
        You are not going to take out kids there liberal scum, we have been very patient with you.

        • “I have seen the list tht came from the Federal government you are following it, word for word.”

          Laugh out loud funny.

          if that is what you think, you are indeed in need of a 3 day eval at the local loony bin.

  21. Anyone who supports Commie Core should be removed from the legislature. Period!

  22. Separation of School and State PERIOD. Has the history of Mao, Stalin and Hitler failed to teach and warn us of surrendering our children to Caesar?

  23. Why do you think more parents than ever are home schooling their children? Anyone who is concerned about the issue can see the schools are nothing but indoctrination centers. Some children, that have parents that actually care about what kind of people they become, turn out just fine. I have had conversations with some younger people and the brainwashing has been completely effective. Their belief that the “State” is responsible for their lives is disheartening. The takeover of the educational system is one of the most important platforms of the communist manifesto. If you are looking to Republicans, with few exceptions, to pull us back from the brink, think again. They are bought and paid for just like the Democrats. I fear that the only option left to some of the people is to abolish the current government. I say some of the people, because there are many citizens that wholeheartedly endorse the idea of state control. The USA has become the USSA.

    • “Why do you think more parents than ever are home schooling their children”

      because they are religious NUTS and don’t want their children to learn about evil EVOLUTION and SCIENCE.

      • Yeah, they are nuts. They actually want their children to be functionally literate. If you think all parents home schooling their kids are religious zealots, you are ill informed. I’ve seen the ignorant, brainwashed victims the public schools are cranking out. They are perfect little sheep for the government to manipulate and control. Your condescending responses to people posting their opinions and beliefs has gotten a little old. I’m sure I’m not the only person that feels the same way. I wish I could see the look on your face when this house-of-cards comes crashing down. How long will you wait for your liberal heroes to make it all better? If you feel you must educate the ignorant, telling them they’re stupid in your pompous, know-it-all way isn’t effective.

      • No liberal -a-hole,
        1 Their grades are better.
        2 Their children do not get robbed raped and assaulted in Home schooling.
        3 The are not faced with the liberal dem bloodsucking indoctrination.
        4 Fewer employees on government payrolls.

  24. The Federal Government has no business in the field of education. This should be a state and local concern. There is, despite government’s excuse ” no one size fits all is the answer. Just as one size fits all in clothing because of a persons body measurement, neither does it fit trying to fashion education. Get the government out of our schools, get the unions out of our schools, and actually educate our children.

    • Oh God, another con without a clue. A bit too much Right Wing Propaganda in your life perhaps?

      silly con.
      90% of YOUR school budget comes from state and local taxes.
      YOU elect your school board.
      THE STATE sets the school days, the text books, the hours of education.
      pretty much everything, but you whine about federal indoctrination.

      so tell me ill informed parent

      what IS IT YOU think the feds are doing?

      • Your answer was exactly the same, word for word, when I said that you are reading from a prepared answer leave us alone liberal garbage you are headed for a place that you will not enjoy.
        get your exceptionally long noses out of our business and we are tired of telling you liberal scum.

        • see, it’s called copy and paste.
          saves time when I am flooded my comments from morons.
          if you guys were not so ignorant, I wouldn’t need to.

          • Doesn’t make you look any less stupid when half of your post are the same thing
            C’mon,. pretend you can think try for something original.
            Well have to go, taking the grankids over to the Pacific side.
            In the meantime folks, start thinging about it.
            We can no longer coexist with the liberal scum.
            We must physically separate ourselves from them, even if it means partitioning the USA.
            It is likely the only way to prevent civil war

        • “you are reading from a prepared answer”
          liberals can actually post info originally written BY THEM.

          we don’t need help from talking points like you ignorant types do.

      • 34 times lying liberal dem bloodsucker

  25. Real conservatives should be afraid of this liberal dominated Congress and our socialist musloid Emperor dictating our children’s education, especially in the areas of the New history, the New Civics, and the beauty of that Rob, Rape, and Murder Cult known as Islam.

    • “Real conservatives should be afraid of this liberal dominated Congress”

      people should be afraid of humans that think the congress is liberal dominated for they must be clinically insane.

      • Not at all liberal dem bloodsucker, we understand that we can no longer coexist with you, soon we force partiton and you liberal pigs can do it any way you like.

        It will be interesting to see how you do, when the people and businesses and rich that you were counting on to pay for your handouts simply aren’t there.

        • “soon we force partiton and you liberal pigs can do it any way you like.”

          how low functioning does one have to be to consider this a possibility?

          • My friend if you don;t see this coming you are indeed an exceptionally stupid low life liberal scum.
            It is difficult for me to believe that even people as stupid as you garbage think that, what you are doing will be allowed to continue.

  26. Time to get rid of 87 senators that voted to retain control of a very sadly managed education system to dumb down our children under common core so the uppercases , whose children and grandchildren go the private non government schools, will have a significant scholastic advantage in advance education.

  27. kris littlefield

    The Socialists that have taken over our education have spent years teaching our kids what a horrible place America is and how horrible our founders were and how terrible our history is. We should be teaching our kids how great America is. We are not perfect, far from it, but we should be encouraging our kids to be grateful that we live in this country and educate them so that they can help come up with solutions to our problems in the future instead of teaching them that the Federal Government is the answer to everything. The Federal Government isn’t the answer to anything. I’ll be more than willing to help run any politician out of town that supports Common Core. How did we let these people get by with indoctrinating our children for the last 50 + years? I’m just as guilty as anyone. The signs were there when my girls were in school but I was so busy being a single parent and trying to keep a roof over our heads that I just assumed it was one school and so I simply changed schools. I should have paid more attention.

    • how socialist can we be if you can die in the streets?
      how socialist can we be if you can starve to death?
      how socialist can we be if you can sleep in the streets?

      do you know what that word means Kris?

      • Not socialist only because we refuse to pay for it liberal dem bloodsucker, we would like to see you scum starve int the streets or die without healthcare, if you don’t want to paty afoe irr
        Or you and the people like you that are willing to watch out children go down the tube to attract dem voters.

        • so you just proved my point.
          WE are NOT socialist, even though you low info humans keep post JUST THAT.

          why is that Gerald?
          Cause you’re all dim and post before engaging the brain?

          • No, because we refuse to support you liberal garbage.
            Get a job, pay or starve, right now we are having hard time deciding which we prefer.

          • No, because we have to keep stopping your socialistic programs to save the USA economy.
            Give your soul to God, If Trump or Cruz is elected scum, there will be no dem handout programs in 90 days.

          • Oh really, and WHAT socialist program did you stop?

            the ACA which forces people to buy insurance from PRIVATE FOR PROFIT insurance companies?
            THAT kind of socialist programs?
            Huh Jer?

      • kris littlefield

        Your post makes no sense. Perhaps you should look up the meaning of Socialism.

    • “instead of teaching them that the Federal Government is the answer to everything”

      where do you get this crap?

      care to prove any of it?

      • kris littlefield

        I guess I’m just smart. Check it out for yourself. You want proof? Talk to the kids.

        • cons are always full of hot air.
          I ‘m not surprised you bail.

          • kris littlefield

            I’ve stated my opinion. I have nothing to add. You don’t agree with me? Fine. You want to argue? Argue with somebody else.

          • Lying on the internet is NOT Patriotic.

            not defending you lies, is disingenuous.
            I am not here to argue, I am here to make you stop LYING.

    • Common Core is a STATE created program. NOT a Federally created program.
      created by left wing governors of Arizona and Idaho.
      (the left wing part was sarcasm for the intellectually challenged)

      stop posting stupid shit on the internet.

      • You are a fing liberal lying dem bloodsucker, The sec of ed has pushed this with bulldozer since it cam out, kill your self lying scum

        • gee was that an invisible link you posted to prove your vomit?
          you silly cons like to pretend you have a clue.
          so prove it.

          you won’t of course.

          • Not playing liberal garbage I used to play with you liberal scum, but you simply ignore the site and continue to lie.

          • is that because you link to an OPINION piece in a right wing blog and call it proof?

            kind of like claiming the bible is the WORD of god, because the bible says so.

          • Okay, there it is , the liberal answer when you post a site to them.
            Kill yourself scumbag, you really are a pos.
            if you weren’t such a lazy piece of garbage, you would get a job, then your incompetent wife, could quit worrying bout her teaching job, because she is so incompetent.

      • kris littlefield

        Common core was created by Achieve and the NGA with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others. The Federal Government is bribing the States to implement it. You really should do your homework. It’s people like you that believe everything you hear that make it possible for fiascos like this one to not only manifest themselves but to grow roots. Our education system was fine until John Dewey and Bill Ayers and other Progressives started using our schools to indoctrinate our kids instead of educating them. You are living proof.

      • kris littlefield

        Why so hostile? Did I strike a nerve?

      • kris littlefield

        The NGA with the help of the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation created common core. Don’t kid yourself that the Federal Government doesn’t have their hand in this. They bribe the States to use common core. You can’t be that naïve.

      • Liar

    • “The Socialists that have taken over our education have spent years
      teaching our kids what a horrible place America is and how horrible our
      founders were and how terrible our history is”

      Opinions usually start with , in MY OPINION.

      YOU on the other hand are in effect attempting to state this like FACT.

      something you disingenuous humans do.
      a bunch of lying traitors who should be dealt with.

      I feel bad for your kids, living in such a hate filled home.

      • kris littlefield

        The last time I looked our 1st amendment was still alive and well. Just because what I believe doesn’t make you happy does not make me a liar or a traitor. I have certainly struck a nerve. I don’t know why my experience would make anyone so angry. Usually when people have a difference of opinion they will discuss that difference. All you’ve done is make nasty remarks and called me names. I guess if I wanted to show proof of what I posted I would just tell people to look at you. You’re a perfect example of the hate filled rhetoric being expounded in this country today. You have no argument and no respect for others opinions so you resort to intimidation and name calling. I feel sorry for you.

  28. The Republican party needs to go the way of the Whigs. They no longer serve their voting base, they left their principles a long time ago.

    • True, However, the democratic Parasitical Party has never serving their voters, just buy their votes with handouts

  29. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Reality check, It is quite apparent that you believe your ONLY function on this board is to INSULT everyone else.
    You have succeeded .in your endeavour.

  30. Return our EDUC. back to the states. ENOUGH of Gov. dictating to our kids. Let alone common core. It is being used to disfunction our kids alone. We don’t need them to be brainwashed from the idiots in our GOV. That way we American will then know where our money is going. This GOV. has a way of losing our money to the enemy. We are going to put an end to alot of this crap.

    • It’s mind boggling that yo cons think education is not state controlled.

      90% of YOUR school budget comes from state and local taxes.
      YOU elect your school board.
      THE STATE sets the school days, the text books, the hours of education.
      pretty much everything, but you whine about federal indoctrination.

      so tell me ill informed parent

      what IS IT YOU think the feds are doing?

      • 34 times lying liberal dem bloodsucking scum.
        maybe I will call the Ca mental health institute, it’s obvious you need some help.

  31. Common Core is there to undermine the family values and brainwash our children!
    Get the Government out of our Education immediately…

  32. Let them know they can SHOVE Common Core. The Department of Education can be run by a hand full of good people, not the thousands upon thousands they employee to do it. SCREW the Dept. of ED. Abolish it. WE don’t need it. Just another draw on the people.

  33. The GOP is afraid of offending ANYONE. That salt has lost it’s savor, and is useless.

  34. Education is not one of the things enumerated to the federal government in our constitution, so the 10th amendment should apply— it is for the states to decide. IT would pay us to be VERY careful about “overhauling” anything, with this administration in charge, especially the education of our children. Judging by past experience, the only thing we can really trust them to do is to lie.

    • states already do.
      where did you get this crap from?

      90% of YOUR school budget comes from state and local taxes.
      YOU elect your school board. YOU VOTED FOR THEM.

      THE STATE sets the school days, the text books, the hours of education.
      pretty much everything, but you whine about federal indoctrination.

      so tell me ill informed parent

      what IS IT YOU think the feds are doing?

  35. It’s time to quit dancing around federal mandated education standards. Ever since the advent of liberalized educational politics, the America we have known since the mid 1960s, has taken a dive into the gutter. Education is a state function ….. period. We can’t afford the federal $$$s give away any more. Cut federal spending . Cut the federal bureaucracy. Cut welfare spending. We need to cut our massive out-of-control debt. We need a balanced budget amendment. Repeal the liberal mandates that put a choke hold on Freedoms.

    • perhaps we shouldn’t have bases in over a hundred countries and spend more than the next 23 countries COMBINED on defense.

      • Hey liberal scum, we have a point of agreement.
        Pull all of our out troops out bring them home, tell Russia and China, okay boys there they are do what ever you want to to the nanny states in Europe.

    • BY the way

      90% of YOUR school budget comes from state and local taxes.
      YOU elect your school board.
      THE STATE sets the school days, the text books, the hours of education.
      pretty much everything, but you whine about federal indoctrination.

      so tell me ill informed parent

      what IS IT YOU think the feds are doing?

  36. Get rid of Common Core.

  37. Republicans are afraid of their own shadows!

    • Like I said, when Ca goes bankrupt you can believe that we will do anything necessary to make sure that the feds don’ bail you outt.
      happy starving

      • Ca has a balanced budget fool.
        we raised taxes like responsible liberals.
        unlike Indiana and Louisiana which are going to implode soon.
        they are practicing “trickle down” and paying for it dearly.

        • Liar, you are 62 billion behind on the pension system and trying to spend 80 billion on “fast train, 5 years, no more, you will be bankrupt, we will station border guards to shoot any liberal truing to get put of Ca, when the rioting starts

          • I said we had a balanced budget , moron.
            not that we had no debt

            god you cons a friigin stupid humans.

          • if you had a balanced budget , stupid little squishy life form, you wouldn’t be in debt.
            5 years you liberal scum will be in the streets rioting and burning

  38. Too many of the present GOP Establishment types are in bed with democ-RATS in more ways than one. Boehner and McConnell are as worthless as tits on a boar hog. They spend most of their time attacking conservative Americans. They are what we called in the day BLUE HAIRED Republicans. They are too busy with their COCKtails with their buddies in the democ-RAT party to ever lead America in a prosperous, positive, exceptional manner. If they were serious about America, Common Core would be thrown in the trash can of History and Education turned over to the STATE and local communities to run. Right now all our children are learning is STALINIST BULL SHIT

  39. It is obvious that many if not all commenters have never served on a local school board. Board members are under a number of rules beginning with Federal Department of Education to states and in some cases directly to the board members. Then there is the control by state departments of education, teachers unions and so called education specialists who all use their authorities to keep a job. Many states control the taxes raised for schools because they allocate funds to the various school districts with the largest ones getting preferred funding and the very small districts heavily assisted to stay in operation with the intent that all students would have an equal education opportunity. Common Core is a disaster at best. That is why all of my granddaughters are attending schools that are not subject to Common Core. Common Core is the socialistmarxist attempt to make everyone fit into the socialist doctrines. It destroys incentive and the human personality to become everything one has the desire, work ethic and intelligence to attain.

  40. Alexander and his ilk would make Shrillary look Conservative…

  41. If you are really a republican , you have to support Ted Cruz for president. He is the only one that still is a conservative republican and not the sold out repocrats that are shaming and lowering the standards to socialist leftards standards. So sad the only guy that could really straighten this nation dont have the economic support that Bush or Trump have. We need to go back to homeschooling. WIth the internet available , most children can learn twice as fast in a more confortable enviroment than the social disgrace the left is teaching at schools.

  42. Republicraps are spineless idiots.

    • Then why is it always the liberal dem bloodsuckers always on public forums whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them?

  43. william g munson

    Can you say that no child left behind in a foot race? I think not that is about what they are saying to the people when I went to school some kids fail the first grade and others did other grades later on and some did not graduate wait because of this and now they want to hold the smart ones back because of the ones that don,t want to learn or can not at the same rate as others please wake up stupid people that are in charge of these things PERIOD

  44. If very many more millions of people realize that the only party looking out for us is the teaparty, it is probably not too late to turn things around. If not, it soon will be too late. Our grandchildren should hate us.

  45. WHY? Because the GOP are dems in disguise.

    • Your right to a degree. Progressivism is communism in disguise whether democrat or so called republicans. There are many progressive republicans like McCain and Graham, possibly Boehner and McConnell. There are, in any case, more then most may think. I cannot figure out if our problems mostly stem form apathy or naivete. Do we not care as a nation any more or are we to naive to see what is going on. Why do we seem to think those in government are patriots even when they seem to prove they’re not? Why are lies acceptable in government? Who among us thinks this government is not corrupt?

      Just why should we think they only infiltrated the democratic party that would be stupid and if there is anything they are not it is stupid when it comes to overthrowing nations just ask soros


  47. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Reality check, you have just validated my post! ROTFLMAO

  48. WHY are they afraid…..INDEED why are they also afraid of IMMIGRATION LAW ENFORCEMENT, Facing racism by Obama, Sharpton and Jackasson , wasteful Spending, DOJ totally out of control in enforcing laws on the books while Choosing which to enforce, Destruction of the miliatry, Lettin a Bovine Dropping like Kerry make IMPORTANT “deals”, and FORGETTING THEIR ELECTION PLEGGES TO DEFUND>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>and probably allow a SHILLERY SOW or an INDEPENDENT BLOW HARD to STEAL THE ELECTION…..

  49. ONE of the problems is inadequate or poor skilled teachers. And most bad teacher are hard to get rid of, tenure. Another is parents lack of involvement. My mother didn’t finish school, but most of the teacher knew her. And if I received a “D” she visit the teacher to find out why. We had ample amount of homework to do. Had to know the capitol of every state, multiplication table, the chemical symbols, conversion tables (inches to ft, centimeters to inches, etc). We had TO KNOW THE US President, Vice Pres, the Governor and the mayor. We had to write essays and reports. We had to stand in front of the class and recite, parts of Literature, such as Shakespeare, John Milton and the Brownings. The man on the street, asked people, how many stars on the flag, and what the 13 strips represented, only the foreigners answered the question correctly, OR how many military branches there are, many failed. The PC & the IPOD is making children stupid. Teachers performance should be judge on what the student have learned and pass a test. Sport programs need to be secondary.

  50. And the Republican organizations dare to wonder why once cheerful donors are refusing to fund them any more!

  51. I agree that education belongs in the hands of educators. This article is so very true, however, what can be done about it. I am not sure the republican party will enjoy the success they gained during the last elections in 2016. That puts the liberals in charge, what will happen to our education system then? It will cease to exist. It will be nothing more than brainwashing by the liberal party.

  52. It appears we may have a Republican who is not afraid coming at us like a freight train.

  53. If the past 161 years of political tyranny by the current 2 major political parties is not enough to convince the majority of Americans (Conservative still poll at 42%) then what in God’s name is it going to take for America to stop buying their BS and strip their power by destroying their power base by taking political power from them!

    Time to end the 2 party political reign of terror….IT IS PAST TOO LATE: http://home.conservativepartyusa.org/

  54. The Republicans are afraid of EVERYTHING and in PARTICULAR Obama.

  55. We need to replace ALL the old Political white house sewer rats with younger senators and congressmen! The old corrupt career politicians and we have another old hag running that I believe had a stroke! Replace old Mitch and Boehner , and hopefully that black muslim isis leader in the white house doesn’t make it back from his native land! We have the most intelligent people running to president , remove starting with the oldest and replace with the new , and have the most needed thing in America , Term Limits starting this election!!!

    • Really? That to me seems more destructive because, the younger generations seem to lean towards the hard Left. This article and many others point out how Left leaning and Liberal the majority of colleges & universities are in the USA. Replace the current Senate & Congress with fresh minds…., I guarantee the majority if not all of the fresh minds will be Progressive/Liberal/Democrats. I agree many Senators & Congressmen/women are bought or corrupt however, your suggestion I believe would expedite the complete destruction of the Constitution & Bill of rights. If that happens, unfortunately we’d all have to say…., good bye America.

  56. TeaParty Patriot

    I can’t speak for the Rinos but the reason I do not want the feds involved with education is that conservatives will be totally locked out of the curriculum from elementary school all the way up thru the extremely liberal college professors. Survey after survey conducted by liberals for the main part state that college professors vote and profess liberal/socialist doctrines. These are the people who are teaching our elementary school teachers and indoctrinating them with socialist leanings, They in turn teach these leaning to the young minds full of mush.
    Get a balanced college/university faculty and you will find that conservatives are not so reluctant to accept new teaching METHODS not new socialis,.

  57. ConservativeSenior

    Why have the Republicans willingly given up their spines, brains and b*lls to this muslim terrorist in the WH? We do not have a representative government. We have a dictator with 535 butt kissers. Not including SCOTUS and JCOS.

  58. The federal government has no business getting involved in education.

  59. The American public hears only the views of the big government,big business controlled, RINO establishment part of the republican party. The voice of the many conservative republicans is almost never heard. We, conservatives, believe that the education of our children should NOT be a matter of federal involvement —that the “one size fits all policy” of the FEA does not work the same in White Bluff, tn. as it does in New York City,N.Y. —- and that the FEA is just one more group of unelected, unacountable, bureaucrats that we do not need.

  60. Thaddeus Eugene Hughes

    Unfortunately the people that want to run our educational system haven’t the foggiest notion of what the problem really is. I taught physics and advanced mathematics at the high school and university level. My students performed superbly. They aced every test that was thrown at them. One of the things that I learned is that we have a plethora of bright youngsters ready, willing and able to learn if they are properly led.

  61. They are scared of that fascists Obama they are cowards, I will never vote Republican again, that fascists still sits in the white house destroying our country instead of being impeached.

  62. I will vote for Trump not some Marxist Democrat like that scum Hillary, or some moron Republican like Bush, Trump is the only one who will do for Americans instead of illegals and terrorists like that clown Obama does for over Americans.

  63. Soros and the like run the Democrat party, they want one world government and complete control over all, and Obama wants to be king of America, that Marxist clown shouldn’t be sitting in our white house at all.

    • So let me get this straight, the Jewish Hungarian guy, has paid to install his puppet, the Marxist Muslim from Kenya in the White House, in his bid to create a one world government and make himself king of America.

      Why would a Jew put put a Muslim in the White House? Sounds a little silly even for conservative.

      That is a small fact of taking over America still leaves 195 countries not part of the one world government you fear.

      Who tells you the shit? And why you believe it?
      Soros is a puny billionaire compared to some of the others in this country.

      Each of the Waltons is worth more than Soros. Same with Koch brothers. Bill Gates is worth four times as much.

      They use silly cons think the Jewish Hungarian is taking over America.

      On the floor laugh out loud, silly

  64. The Republicans are afraid of everything !

  65. WHY???????????? Mc Connel is BALLS FREE ..

  66. The Repubs don’t know which end is up. If somebody like Trump can beat you at your own game, without trying too hard, than they need a new occupation. Have you seen Trump’s poll numbers? unblvable

  67. the unions have the school system tied up. Education has been the Number 1 Political con game for the DemoRat party for years. as long as they throw Billions,yes Billions at the system it shuts up parents that are more interested in having a baby sitter than getting their child educated. Another use of Billions of tax payers dollars, goes directly to the NAACP, use to go to jesse jackson, but the NAACP got wind of jackson’s scam. clinton turned over Billions to the NAACP and they are all very rich and their children well educated, homes, cars. So how many Black Americans got their share of those millions jackson got each year, or their share of the Billions that the NAACP go. each year. one day jackson was going thru speech,his con game to collect his millions as usual but a few days later the NAACP decided to take that over and jackson quickly shut his mouth, he does’t call our for Black Education nay more like he did. because the NAACP took that over.

  68. Go to Youtube.com and check out: CHARLOTTE ISERBYT : OR buy her book: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America!… on or at, Amazon. She worked in the Dept of Education and saw it BLENDED WITH COMMUNISTIC ” EDUCATIONAL” MORES. THEY have been Communising! Our School System! since not too long, after the “SPOILED ROTTEN BRAT” John HINKLEY, (from a powerful family!) then Tried to ASSINATE Our President, whom “THEY” Never!… Wanted ANYWAY; because Reagen, WON, the Pres. Electin on the promise, of gettting RID of the Dept. of Education!! – which we NEVER had before, JIMMY Carter. became Pres. We Can THANK… the DEAR and “wonderful” COMMIE, GORBOCHOV and the Damn Fool Commie-LEFT!! for this ATTROCITY!!! The LEFTY-COMMIE’S just “Love TO CALL THEIR Dear!… Friend Gorbby,” who, like the Commie-LEFT! wants America, taken over by the COMMUNIST’S!! Back in the 1960’S…. Kruschev, told ONE of the Best President’s in the USA, ever….JFK !! — “we will take America over with 26 lead soldiers,” without a shot, being fired. Then 3-6 months after the ASSINATION and Carnage on that Terrible Day; Pres. Reagen, (another Best President) Made The…. “DEAL”…. with dear Gorbby, about Our Schools!! One of the many ways to Communise our Schools… IS POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!! B.F. Skinner, psychologist teaches, Teachers(?)… to PSYCHOLOGICALLY CONTROL America’s CHILDREN. FUNNY… I THOUGHT KIDS WENT to SCHOOL to BE EDUCATED! NOT INDOCTRINATED!! “THE Lefty Commies, the LIBERALS, in BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES!!… NEVER Wanted Pres. Reagen, ELECTED! at all…IF.. you Remember!! Experimental “TERROR”… of the Children, started in the Largest Cities, such as NY, LA, Chgo. ALWAYS with the Most Monority students., which might EXPLAIN WHY… (AS A GROUP) The Experimented upon, and Un-educated minority studens largely, end up in prison, in LARGER NUMBERS!?… I saw the cruelty (of teachers,) as a school bus driver…. Go to youtube, or research this …..

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