Whoa: Did a Hollywood Liberal Just Admit to Being Wrong?

Judging by comments we’ve seen her make on social media in the past, we doubt we’d have much in common – politically – with Jenna Fischer, the former star of NBC’s The Office. She was firmly in the Hillary Clinton camp in the 2016 election and, while she’s less abrasive than many of her Hollywood sisters when it comes to her liberal views, she doesn’t leave a lot of doubt about those views.

But even so, we have to say we’re proud of the way she behaved this week when a partisan tweet of hers turned out to be wildly inaccurate. It’s not often that someone admits they were wrong, it’s ever rarer to see someone admit it on the internet, and it’s a rarity of Haley’s Comet proportions to see a liberal Hollywood celebrity actually take back something they said on Twitter. Did this actually happen? Were we dreaming? Nope, and it proves that when it comes to class and basic human decency, Fischer has quite a bit to teach her La La Land pals.

“I can’t stop thinking about how school teachers can no longer deduct the cost of their classroom supplies on their taxes…something they shouldn’t have to pay for with their own money in the first place. I mean, imagine if nurses had to go buy their own syringes. #ugh,” Fisher tweeted this weekend in reference to the newly-passed Republican tax bill. “It was capped at $250 which is woefully insufficient especially considering they shouldn’t have to go out of pocket at all. #iloveteachers.”

As far as mistakes to make, this wasn’t an egregious one; the first draft of the tax bill, before it went into reconciliation with the House, did include remove those classroom deductions. But that provision didn’t make it into the final bill, and plenty of conservatives on Twitter let her know that she was wrong.

Now, if Fischer were, say, Rosie O’Donnell, she would just write something clever like “Suck my dick,” and drink her mistakes away in the wine cellar of her mansion. But apparently good ol’ Pam from the Office has a little more class than that. She actually admitted that she mucked up.

“I made a mistake and I want to correct it,” she wrote. “After reading your feedback and doing additional research, I discovered that I tweeted something that was not accurate. I feel genuinely bad for getting my facts wrong and I’m sorry. I did not mean to spread misinformation. I was well-intentioned, but I was behind on my research.”

We’re impressed. It takes a big person to admit when they’re wrong, especially when they’re admitting it in front of millions of people on the internet. Good job, Jenna Fischer – you’re the kind of liberal that doesn’t make us want to stab ourselves in the eyes.


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