Whoa: Did a Hollywood Liberal Just Admit to Being Wrong?

Judging by comments we’ve seen her make on social media in the past, we doubt we’d have much in common – politically – with Jenna Fischer, the former star of NBC’s The Office. She was firmly in the Hillary Clinton camp in the 2016 election and, while she’s less abrasive than many of her Hollywood sisters when it comes to her liberal views, she doesn’t leave a lot of doubt about those views.

But even so, we have to say we’re proud of the way she behaved this week when a partisan tweet of hers turned out to be wildly inaccurate. It’s not often that someone admits they were wrong, it’s ever rarer to see someone admit it on the internet, and it’s a rarity of Haley’s Comet proportions to see a liberal Hollywood celebrity actually take back something they said on Twitter. Did this actually happen? Were we dreaming? Nope, and it proves that when it comes to class and basic human decency, Fischer has quite a bit to teach her La La Land pals.

“I can’t stop thinking about how school teachers can no longer deduct the cost of their classroom supplies on their taxes…something they shouldn’t have to pay for with their own money in the first place. I mean, imagine if nurses had to go buy their own syringes. #ugh,” Fisher tweeted this weekend in reference to the newly-passed Republican tax bill. “It was capped at $250 which is woefully insufficient especially considering they shouldn’t have to go out of pocket at all. #iloveteachers.”

As far as mistakes to make, this wasn’t an egregious one; the first draft of the tax bill, before it went into reconciliation with the House, did include remove those classroom deductions. But that provision didn’t make it into the final bill, and plenty of conservatives on Twitter let her know that she was wrong.

Now, if Fischer were, say, Rosie O’Donnell, she would just write something clever like “Suck my dick,” and drink her mistakes away in the wine cellar of her mansion. But apparently good ol’ Pam from the Office has a little more class than that. She actually admitted that she mucked up.

“I made a mistake and I want to correct it,” she wrote. “After reading your feedback and doing additional research, I discovered that I tweeted something that was not accurate. I feel genuinely bad for getting my facts wrong and I’m sorry. I did not mean to spread misinformation. I was well-intentioned, but I was behind on my research.”

We’re impressed. It takes a big person to admit when they’re wrong, especially when they’re admitting it in front of millions of people on the internet. Good job, Jenna Fischer – you’re the kind of liberal that doesn’t make us want to stab ourselves in the eyes.


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  1. Now Imagine the MSM doing the same thing…. Admitting they were wrong about Trump lies, Russian Collusion, Hillary being innocent…..

    Naw, just went way too far.

    Kudos to Jenna Fischer for saving some integrity.

    • Imagine Trump doing the sam e thing?

      • Won’t happen. Trump does not lie.

        • He’s the liar-in-chief.

          • Name one. And try not to lie when you do it. I know it’s difficult, but try.

          • You’re actually going to quote the New York Times? What a laugh. That rag is FAKE NEWS in print!

          • You know that everthing Trump call ‘fake news’ he quotes as soon as the say something he likes.

          • Show us proof !!!

          • And you know this because of what?

          • Could be because it IS. Chew on that..

          • LOL! New York Crimes (NYC) err New York Times (NYT) err New York Slimes (NYS).


          • Oh good, the NY Times, where Bahgdad Bob teaches journalism 101. Fine example. Idiot.

          • Another leftist rag.

          • Even when they say bad thing about Clinton?

          • According to them she rarely lied. Ridiculous. She lies about ever thing. She gets others to lie for her. Two words for you, Ben Gazi.

          • Have you even seen her file on politifact?

          • I looked at it right before I replied to you.

          • Then you’ll seen all the ‘falses’ they gave her?

          • Yes, and the truths ( or whatever they are called) far out weigh the false. And that is just….well…false!

          • Maybe what you’ve been told about her is ‘false’?

          • Now go look in a mirror and say FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because that would be you.

          • You don’t know what I have been told. See, this is how you people start “fake news”. You really need to stop.

          • I’ve heard everything from emails to running child sex ring, I think I know what you’ve been told?

          • Have you now? Well then you must have been told you are part of a child sex ring. We have photos and the whole nine yards. Give it up, candy ass, you’re dead meat.

          • Moron🖕.

          • He likes to throw most of that stuff out there so you clowns will go jump off a building.

            Obeyme’s lies have cost the average middle class taxpayer thousands of dollars….just my healthcare premiums in the last 4 years

            On average per year before obeymecare: $5,396

            On average now: $11,078

            My deductible went from $500 to $2500

            That clown and you idiots cost us big…socialists are leeches and leeches are parasites. Parasites suck off the working host. How’s it feel to be a parasite?

          • Or Trump is a idiot who doesn’t know what he saying.

          • He seems to be making you out to be the idiot.

          • How do I look like a idiot?

          • Anyone who gets Bitch Slapped as many times a day as you do has to be the town idiot.

          • You the one how can’t form a coherent argument.

          • Tell us do you even read the shit that you are saying here.

          • And you can’t write a coherent sentence Willie boy

          • Go look in the Mira and the first person you it the idiot! Here’s your sign!!

          • Look in the mirror IDIOT.

          • And you are talking out your ASS because your mouth knows better!!

          • You keep thinking that cupcake and the fool you be.

          • Of course you mean “an” idiot. and Trump’s the idiot???

          • Yes.

          • You tell’em Higgins is nothing more then a useful IDIOT for the communist democraps.

          • Look to the money-grubbing insurance industry here.

          • So tell me Richard….when my health insurance premiums never went up more than 1.3% on average in 34 years. Why when obeyme pushed through a socialist pos ACA did my insurance DOUBLE the first year and then go up an additional 50% in the last two?

          • NYTimes is no longer news but fake news it be.

          • Maybe Will belongs In Gitmo along with the Klinton criminals ?

          • He’s just another sick lefty who won’t admit that the LIAR -in-chief was, in reality, OBUMmuh! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6efb20b0c576bcc97a13fc332f7dbd019cda8ad24a4e89786f1d3ce37bf95620.jpg

          • And lying muslim POS as well.

          • If he were a white Christian would you have the same opinion?

          • Hey asshole I’m not talking to you so STFU MORON.

          • He is white.

          • Sorry, you haven’t a clue. Barry is 50% white Anglo, 3/8% Arabic and only 1/8th African. That 1/8th wouldn’t even get him American Indian money.

          • hummingbird1250@aol.com

            Yes! Color and religious affiliation do not matter. A liar is a liar!

          • Or a mental hospital, perhaps?

          • I was reading today that Bill Clinton has aids and not long to live.

          • And where did you pick up that bit of information? Please cite your source. Thank you.

          • What’s wrong to lazy to look it up yourself.

          • hummingbird1250@aol.com

            Saw that, too! It didn’t surprise me so I didn’t read the article.

          • Did you see him on TV the boy looks very sick and even looks like death walking.

          • Would prefer if ALL were “pushing daisies”..

          • You’ve been watching way to much of the msm. Where the heck is your intellect, fella.

          • Actually, I’ve been watching all different media sources.

          • Why don’t you go out and see the way our poor old country is coming back to life? Look around, see businesses expanding and hiring more people; the stores are selling more because the people are not reluctant to spend more money~~ now that Barry is not telling us how horrible we all are. Look at the illegal immigrant rate~~ they are no longer rushing over the border in floods since the border patrol is allowed to do its job. Ask your neighbors how much less their taxes will be or how much bonus they got from their jobs. Just do some legwork~~ don’t depend on the msm to inform you, get the info directly.

          • Businesses were doing great before Trump. And undocumented immigration was going down for years.

          • Bwahaha, here’s a screen shot of the market where it stands today. Look where it was two years ago.

          • I have that app too.
            If you zoom in the more recent days you’ll see the Dow did have a good week last week.

          • Dow is in record territory that hasn’t been seen since the 50’s…lol, good week!!
            Great year…..MAGA!!

          • The Dow closed at a week low last week.

          • You still don’t get it, but here it is from one of your favorite news sources.

          • I thought the media never said anything good about Trump🤨?

          • The DOW did go down last week, but the final average on Friday was not a week low for the year . It was within 100 points of a record high.

          • I get it DOW has done pretty good this year. Some people say Trump isn’t responsible.
            Also, despite have a good day today, still hasn’t hit that record, maybe it’s starting to slow a bit.

          • new record yesterday!

          • Then may don’t reply to my comment before that day?

          • I could not resist. The new comment fit yours so well.

          • My point was it was talking a long time to hit that record. If the DOW did slow down at all it would have broken that record a week Sooners.

          • The DOW hit another record high on Friday and closed at 25,295. The truth is that under Trump, the DOW closed at the end of each Month starting January 2017 and showed an increase every single month for rest of year over where it started at beginning of month.

          • The Dow increased under Obama to, and not even that bad.

          • The DOW sunk to around 6000 early in Obama’s first year and I agree it did improve to around 17000 or so when he left office. Never did it rise as fast as the last year. I don’t know what you meant by not that bad.

          • I already said Obama’s had a bad first year, the other seven were great.

          • His last year was below a 2%GDP for the year. Not one single year under Obama even comes close to this last year. I do admit the economy was ok under him

          • The DOW closed at a loss today.
            Also, the dollar has gotten weaker the past year.

          • I do not expect the DOW to rise every day. i look more at where it is at months end when compared to months start. Every month last year, the DOW closed higher at months end than it started at beginning of month. As for dollar in relation to foreign currency, this has been slowly happening for decades and will continue as long as we import more goods than we export.

          • Still sound like something Trump supporters should be worried about?

          • I am a Trump supporter and assure you that i am not the least bit concerned. I am concerned about the huge difference between imports and exports. When I was in the military, I was stationed in Germany and the dollar was worth more than 4 german marks. Today they are about equal in purchasing power.

          • I read recently that some people think that China’s economy could outpace the U.S.’s.

          • If no changes are made to our mutual trade, they likely will.

          • And Trump isn’t doing anything about that.

          • Trump has been very clear, that the problem of trade deficits must be addressed, especially with China, where the trade deficit is huge.

          • What has he done lately?

          • The tax cut was passed just a couple of weeks ago.

          • Yes, sloghtly lower taxes for workers today, massive debt later.

          • It was known up front that there would likely be an increase in deficit until the economy grew enough to provide enough tax to fund the tax plan. The estimate of the potential deficit increase is $150 billion per year.

          • Were dose that estimate come from?

          • That is the figure compiled by the CBO. I think the new tax from growth will offset most if not all of that

          • A weakening dollar should concern anti-Trump people as well. That did not start with Trump and unfortunately will not likely end with him.

          • Then should Trump be doing something?
            That’s a big critiq of him, the he’s all talk, but almost no solutions.

          • He is aware of our trade deficits That is why he is reviewing the NAFTA trade agreement and trade agreements with China and others. Were you concerned when the dollar was declining in vaue under your idol Obama?

          • What solution did we hear from your idol Obama? Is that a critique of him and a sign of someone with no solutions. Trade is not something that can be changed solely by the President.

          • The first year was terrible even with all of that borrowed money. the other seven were good, but only a couple were great. 2016 did reflect a growth in the DOW. The DOW increased about 13% during 2016 and we have seen double that in 2017 and so far in 2018.

          • This year has been great with every economic indicator showing strength. Job growth, GDP growth, DOW, S & P, Nasdaq, unemployment among all groups. Every single month for more than one year now shows a strong economy, not seen in decades if ever.

          • Hey boy here it is

            Dow rises 5,000 points in a year for the first time ever

            This is the biggest annual-points gain for the Dow in its history.

            A 140-point rally Monday sent it to an all-time high and pushed it to the 5,000-point milestone.

            “It’s getting a bit extended, but I think it has more room to run,” says MKM Partners’ Jonathan Krinsky.

            Fred Imbert | @foimbert Published 10:45 AM ET Mon, 18 Dec 2017 Updated 4:06 PM ET Mon, 18 Dec 2017 CNBC.com

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            show chapters

            Tax bill driving market momentum 1:10 PM ET Mon, 18 Dec 2017 | 02:49

            The Dow Jones industrial average just did something it has never done in its 121-year history.

            The 30-stock average is now up more than 5,000 points in a year, marking its biggest annual-points gain ever. This following a 140-point rally Monday which sent it to an all-time high.

            The Dow also notched a record close for the 70th time this year, which is another milestone. To put that into perspective, it means that about one of every four trading sessions this year has been a record close for the index.

            The Dow, along with the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq composite, has had a banner year, rising 25.5 percent. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq are up 20.2 percent and 29.9 percent, respectively.

            Dow’s biggest annual point movesYearAnnual point gain20175,088.2520133,472.5220162,337.5719992,315.6920032,112.2920061,745.6520091,651.6619971,459.9819961,331.1519951,282.68

            To be sure, most of the big point moves are in recent years for an obvious reason: The Dow is much bigger than it was decades ago. So investors should keep this point move in perspective.

            Jonathan Krinsky, chief market technician at MKM Partners, noted the spread between the Dow’s price and its 200-day moving average — a key technical indicator — was about 13 percent. “It’s getting a bit extended, but I think it has more room to run.”

            He said some of the indicators on the S&P 500 — which typically matches the Dow’s performance on a yearly basis — are reaching extreme “overbought” territory.

            “One indicator that has been talked about lately is weekly RSI, which has now exceeded 80 for the first time since 1995,” he said in a note. “While basic intuition might suggest this to be a bearish development, the stats tell a different story. Since 1928, this has happened on twelve other occurrences, and the SPX was higher every instance at some point either three, six, or twelve months later.”

            Wall Street is generally bullish on stocks heading into next year, but do not expect a repeat of this year. Strategists, on average, expect a 5 percent increase on the S&P 500.

          • Damn dude you really need to get your head out of your ASS idiot.

          • So, you DO inhale. Wonder what other mind altering “substances” you frequent?

          • You are crazy as all hell willy !

          • What I said it true.

          • You’re joking, right?! Businesses were hunkering down hoping to ride out the 8 years and praying fervently that HillRot would not be elected. Go out, ask small business owners about the 8 dark years. Don’t depend on the msm to give you information~~ it’s all lies.

          • Businesses were doing great the past eight years.

          • Business were ok, but what is happening now is great!

          • They weren’t doing great before Trump, why do you think Hussein O had a record low workforce?

          • Employment went up under Obama!

          • 75% of Obama’s jobs were part time. All Obama ever delivered was record poverty. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/21/part-time-job-creation_n_3788365.html

          • What, now you like Huffingtonpost? And the economy improved under Obama.

          • The economy under Obama was ok at the end, but under Trump is great!

          • It’s just growing faster, the regulations he cut don’t even have that much affect?

          • Growing much faster. Cutting federal regulations does help and it gets the federal government out of things it has no business with in the first place. Check out the DOW

          • Trump doesn’t even know what regulations he’s cutting.

          • some he does, but he does give his department directors guidelines for eliminating them. Obama initiated more than 20000 in his eight years and likely never saw most of those.

          • His regulation weren’t even that big, and a lot don’t even affect money.
            Also the government to trying to tighten regulation on marijuana, which is set to make a lot of states money.

          • I have mixed feelings about legalizing marijuana. there are federal laws making it illegal to buy or sell. It is not legal for any state to make a law that conflicts with federal laws. Some states have done that and the legality of that is in question.

          • Obama was the one who riled backed the regulations.
            Also Sessions himself is supposed be in favor of states rights.

          • The President no matter what party has a constitutional mandate to enforce all federal laws. We have had for many years federal laws prohibiting either the sale or purchase of Marijuana. what gives any president the right to choose not to enforce all federal laws.

          • It’s Sessions whose making this decision. Did you know his chief complaint of the KKK was that they smoked pot.
            The decision in enforce those regulations has been left to state AGs.

          • It is unconstitutional for any President or attorney general to choose just to ignore a federal law simply because they do not like it. We do have the DEA , which also enforces federal laws relating to Pot, Meth, cocaine and more. The attorney general before Sessions and Session are neglecting their legal responsibility when they fail to enforce any federal laws.

          • Enforcing that law would cost more then sessions, or Trump, or Republicans would get.

          • When you catch a coke dealer, you are not doing it for the money and this case is not different. My point was and is that the President has no legal or even moral right to selectively enforce or not enforce laws, he or she might not agree with.

          • I meant political cost.
            Sessions has lightened up on the marijuana industry.

          • I was not aware that we based enforcing laws on the cost of enforcing them. When DEA intercepts tons of cocaine. it cost far more to do that than potential fines. It also cost tens of thousands of dollars to put a person in prison, but we still do it.

          • I was referring to the political cost of the move against marijuana.

          • I do not know what actions DEA will take or not take. I do know we have federal laws that make it illegal to buy or sell pot. Those states that passed laws in contrast to existing federal law are still in the United States and DEA could legally act within those states. The sale in those states does violate federal laws.

          • Laws that are unpopular, and will not be strictly enforced.

          • Laws on books should be enforced. If law was an error, then repeal the law. In the meantime enforce the laws.

          • The law will probably be replied in time.

          • Nothing is impossible!

          • Obama had the responsibility to enforce all federal laws. He chose to ignore the federal law against the sale or purchase of pot. I guess you think it is ok for him to choose what laws will be enforced and which will be ignored.

          • He just ordered laws to not be endorced, it happens more often then you think.
            And it created more jobs then anything Trump has done so far, pour it is a multi-billion dollar industry.

          • If it does happen, it should not. The President and federal law enforcement are required to enforce every criminal law on the books. We have federal laws prohibiting either the sale or purchase of pot. The states that have legalized the sale are violating those federal laws and in turn are breaking the law.

          • Some times laws just aren’t taken off the books when they are supposed to be.

          • only Congress and the President can remove a federal law from the books. no state can legally pass a law that contrasts with existing federal law.

          • Sessions may disagree with you.

          • So you think the federal government should cherry pick which laws to enforce and which ones to ignore. I absolutely disagree and feel all federal laws should be enforced or repealed.

          • I’m just explaining the nuances of the debate, I think they should legalize marijuana at the federal level if it causes this much trouble.

          • The estimated cost of the top 100 obama regulation cost the economy $100 billion for every year that Obama was President. That is pretty expensive and takes money out of the economy.

          • That actually not that expensive when you consider the whole nation.

          • Since when is $100 billion not a lot of money. This was just the added cost of the Obama added regulations. Regulations already on the books also cost. This was added cost of operation for businesses and took money that could have gone for salaries, hiring new employees or in case of publicly held companies, reduced amount of paid dividends to stock holders.

          • When you think of how many companies there are paying for those regulations, and how much money they all make, 100 billion starts to look small.

          • I can think of a whole lot better ways to spend that $100 billion. Create new jobs, invest in new capital, pay raises, and stock dividends and of course more.

          • What if they don’t spend the money on any of that?

          • Some have already announced that they will. My list was pretty comprehensive so likely it will go into at least one of those areas, probably more than one.

          • More companies have already said they won’t.

          • This is a free country! I am happy and grateful to those who are doing the right thing and dozens are doing just that. You seem to want the tax cut to fail, but you are pissing into the wind.

          • I already showed you that that money isn’t going to the employees.

          • you showed nothing. a lot of it already is. dozens of companies are giving $1000 bonuses. One bank raised lowest wage from $10 per hour to $15. $1000 will not make anyone rich but it is money that person did not have before.

          • Not that much money.

          • Walmart just joined in on the employee bonuses and is granting eligible employees $1000 bonuses. Additionally, they are raising their lowest salary to $11 per hour from current $10. The idea seems to be catching on. 1 million employees at $1000 totals a cool billion going into our economy from just one company.

          • The push to raise minimum wages has been catching on for years.

          • Mandating minimum wages creates problems. Some low profit companies when the federal minimum wage is increased, have to lay off employees to pay the minimum. Wal mart and the banks and other businesses are raising wages as business allows and doing so on their own. Free market will increase wages without mandates.

          • That’s to much faith placed in cooperation.

          • A number of companies are not only granting bonuses, but also giving the lower paid employees nice raises. In some instances, those raises are as much as $5 per hour. Wal Mart only raised the lowest level by $1 per hour but any new hires will get that also. That is a 10% increase, which will cost Wal Mart a lot of money over the next several months. It starts now! those getting the raises are better off and when those new dollars are spent, our economy benefits as well.

          • Wages have been going up for years to.

          • maybe not , but everything we saw last year is continuing and that is great for our country. People and businesses like what they see and everyone is optimistic which is the key to growth.

          • I still say we’ve been having more and more bad days for the DOW since October, it took over a week to hit that milestone you kept talking about.

          • I see the positive side of this. A record high once more. Every month since Trump took office the DOW finished the month higher than it was when the month began. Nothing negative to see concerning this positive change.

          • It’s not really a change, the DOW is almost always growing.

          • The rate of growth is what counts. You can find no time under your idol where it grew anywhere near this fast.

          • What if it slows down though?

          • Wow, a whole week. Trump clearly needs to be replaced. That comment is so far below intelligent!

          • If this was under Obama, people like Hannity would be saying it was a omen, and all Obama’s fault.

          • Well this is not happening under Obama. Anyone trying to say that the economy now is not fantastic, no matter who is President would be laughed off their show. That would not happen. Hannity is not liberal but he is not stupid either.

          • I’m not saying the economy is bad, just that you would think deregulations caused it.

          • Eliminating restrictive regulations is only part of the cause of our current economy. Low unemployment not seen in 17 years, job growth, tax cuts GDP growth. These things and more all factor into optimism by businesses, which lead to even stronger economy.

          • Job growth went up under Obama.

          • Fastest growth ever. Something Trump is doing must be working. i would say it is a combination of all the things he has done.

          • Not the fastest growth ever.

          • The DOW is up more than 6000 points in one year. New record high. We have never seen that much of an increase ever in a single year. Add to that GDP growth, unemployment rate and number of jobs added and among blacks unemployment is at lowest rate ever.

          • I can’t find the source again, but I read somewhere that other time in history saw great economic growth to.

          • Educate me then on what year we saw stronger economic growth. I am 72 and can not think of any stronger period than the last 12 months.

          • I can’t find were I read there was better economic growth, but I did find this article. http://amp.slate.com/business/2018/01/donald-trump-has-not-made-the-economy-great-again.html

          • GDP is above 3% for three straight quarters. That is not a record. Now the DOW has never shown this kind of one year surge. 7000 points in one year compared to a change from the bottom early in 2009 and increasing over 8 years by about 10000 points.

          • Growth has been going this way for a few years.

          • That bucket will not hold water, will. We have never in the history of the country seen this kind of growth in one year. The DOW is up more than 7000 points. Unemployment is at a 17 year low and GDP is above a 3% growth rate. During the obama last year it had slowed to under 2%. 3 straight quarters now over 3%.

          • How long has the DOW been so important anyway?

          • The DOW is one of several markers on how our economy and stock markets are doing. The DOW crossed 25000 and then 26000 since January 1. GDP is also important since it measures spending.

          • And spending half a week struggling to maintain the last milestone doesn’t seem that promising.

          • Check back in about ten days. The DOW did go up very slightly on Friday and may now be affected by the government shutdown. That last milestone by the way was huge and reflects a larger gain in one year under Trump than Obama had in 8 years if you start where the DOW was when he took office and compare to where it was when he left office.

          • Bad days will drag down the growth from the good days over time?

          • The DOW does not go up every single day, but it has set records at the closing in each of the last three days. In fact the total three day growth is more than 500 points and now it is positioned to cross the 27000 mark soon. It is less than 400 points away, now.

          • There have been more than 100 records now since November 2016. that is one record for about every 3 days of trading since Trump took office. I am still waiting for you to list one single economic indicator that was stronger when Obama was in office.

          • Right now , we have an upward market. That could change, but that is not likely any time soon.

          • one year and still going strong and getting stronger.

          • Did you come up with an economic indicator yet? The economy right now is great and everyone , liberal, independent or conservative benefits from that. Most important of all the GDP grew around 4% in the fourth quarter. That number is super important, since it grew faster than inflation.

          • The DOW only measures the top 30 stocks. You need to look a t S &P and the GDP growth along with the DOW. NASDAQ ALSO is important.

          • It got worse under Obama. record poverty and record food stamp participation. The lowest workforce participation rate since the 70’s and record low home ownership.

          • Source?
            Obama say job growth, and less people on social programs.

          • Food stamp participation under Obama reached a historical high.

          • Again, source?

          • factcheck.org even other bush 11 million were added to food stamps, but under Obama, that total increased by 42%/

          • So Obama only saw a fraction of the amount of people on food stamps increase?

          • I fail to understand what was unclear about my post. For every 100 persons on food stamps when Obama took office, there were 143 on food stamps when he left office. The total number on food stamps has gone down under Trump.

          • Source?

          • i was not able to find the source i used, but i did check factcheck.org and though they did say the number dropped from the historical record reached under Obama, there were 35.6% more food stamp recipients as of October 2016, as compared to when Obama took office.

          • Is this the article you were talking about. https://www.factcheck.org/2016/10/obamas-numbers-october-2016-update/
            It dose say there was a increase of food stamps use under Obama, so I was probably something else I was think about, but 30+ percent is not as bad as people talk about.

          • When there are tens of millions on food stamps, 34% is huge and not a good sign. It is pretty darn bad under any viewpoint.

          • Literally almost everything else in that report was great.
            It looks like more people got jobs then were put on food stemps?

          • More than 20 million more were added to food stamp rolls. How many jobs did we add during the Obama years. far fewer than 20 million.

          • Obama averaged 109,000 jobs a month, that’s 10,000,000+.
            The article I linked only had a percentile into, not a actual number.

          • Early in 2009, we were losing millions of jobs. I do admit that the economy under obama did recover and added jobs. Trump has only been in office for less than one year, but we saw 2,000,000 new jobs during 2017.

          • It is worth noting AT&T is laying people off, and Wallmart is closing a bunch of stores, I know jobs are still being made, but at least some of it is being cancelled out.

          • No wal mart stores are being closed, but I do acknowledge that around 63 Sams Clubs are likely to be closed. Wal mart is large enough to absorb most if not all of those that might be laid off.

          • It’s still part of Walmart. And learned just last night that Walmart has the most employees on food stamps.

          • Actually the change was 12 million, but that compares jobs at the end of his term to the number when we stopped losing a million jobs per month for how many months. so the real figure from when he took office compared to when he left office is closer to 7 million jobs added.

          • He did inherent a recession.

          • Depending on what point you begin. If you start at beginning of Obama’s first term and subtract from the number added you get about 7 million new jobs. If you start at the end of huge million per month jobs lost you get about 12 million. We added more than 20 million to food bank rolls during the Obama years.

          • If the job growth is misleading, what’s different with food stamps numbers?

          • As for job growth, my point is that under Trump and Obama, you need to look at the number of new workers entering the workforce and compare to the new jobs. Under Trump it was a wash with the new workers barely being covered. Under Obama new workers were more than the new jobs. As for food stamp adding more participants, we saw 34 % more when he left than were getting food stamps when he took office. Our population did not increase that much in 8 years. We are talking more than 20 million more on food stamps during his term.


          • So Trump a lot of people out of work to?

          • you are aware that a 34% increase means than now there are 134 on foodstamps compared to every 100 that were on prior to Obama

          • There were lest people on other welfare programs.

          • Food stamp program is huge and does not require children to qualify. I think regular welfare for families stayed pretty stable with no huge increase or decrease. Extended medicaid saw increases.

          • People fall on hard times.

          • I thought you were saying how much better things got under Obama. I was just pointing out that some of those on unemployment were forced to welfare rolls when the unemployment went out. I also wanted to show that there were many problems remaining when Obama left office. the number of people on food stamps has dropped since Trump took office.

          • There always going to be people on those programs.
            I’m just saying why the food stamps numbers may not be a good point for Obama, almost everything else improved.
            I got the numbers with food stamps mixed up for a bit, sorry about that.

          • Adding 34% more to food stamp participants is definitely not a bragging point for Obama. during his last year in office, GDP was at a slow 1.5% I do admit that during his eight years, the economy did turn around somewhat. As much as i detest Clinton, things were pretty good when he was President and in virtually ever key area, the economy and deficit spending were better than Bush or Obama.

          • On one hand you say there are fewer people on food stamps and when that does not fly, your fall back is people fall on hard times. I thought the economy under Obama was great.

          • The economy was, is and will remain up the clacker for decades. Congratulations America you stuffed up yourselves and the planet.
            Repealing Glass-Steagall Act – not the most sensible thing ever!

          • I got some facts I hadn’t checked in a while, sorry.

          • Food stamp participation since Trump took office has dropped. No one can point to even one economic indicator that is not great now that we have a businessman in office.

          • With the way jobs were being eliminated early on, the only way was up.

          • I read today that December was the 83 (or so) straight month of job growth, Trump has only been in office for 11 months, who get credit for the rest?

          • Businesses were doing ok under Obama. We have not seen such a great economy that was started under Trump in a very long time. Every single economic indicator is great. The DOW reached a new record high on January 5, closing at 25,295. That is a 6000 point gain since Trump took office. We did see a gain of about 10,000 under Obama, but that was over an 8 year period. Consumers are spending money again.

          • Consumers have been spending money for years, as someone who recently worked in a department store, but still before Trump took office, I can say spending was just fine before Trump.
            Obama didn’t make people scared to spend money, I don’t people keep acting like Obama’s economy has stagnated misery.

          • Consumer optimism is very high especially with the economy so strong. I think that optimism let to a huge surge in Christmas spending, well above any year of Obama. In fact $33 billion more was spend than in 2016

          • What has Trump done was supposed to ‘increase consumer optimism’?

          • Name one single economic indicator that was better when Obama was President. Unemployment has reached a 17 year low. Black unemployment has also dropped as well. GDP is above 3%. The Dow and Standard and Poors are way up with Dow near its recent record high. Jobs are being added monthly. The tax cut passed and is getting favorable reactions from businesses and individuals. This is great and is an improvement over the Obama years.

          • Stop acting like the Economy was slow under Obama, GDP was going up, and unemployment was going down!

          • GDP in 2016 was under 2% for the year. Unemployment was good, but under Trump unemployment is at a 17 year low. That goes back to Bill Clinton. The Dow reached another record high on Friday. Obama did ok, but those numbers under Trump are great.

          • It still sounds like Trump just happened to be President when then was doing good.
            And the Dollar is still getting weaker.

          • Let me try to understand you. The Improvement that occurred when Obama was President was due to his actions, but the improvement under Trump is just happening. there are several things different now. the tax bill passed. Immigration laws are being enforced like never before and Trump has set aside numerous Obama issued regulations and Consumer Confidence is at a very high level, not seen when Obama was President. As for the dollar, it was weaker at end of Clinton Presidency than it was when he took office. It was weaker at end of Bush term than it was when he took office and it also was weaker at end of Obama term than it was when he took office. It will likely be weaker at end of Trump’s term than when he took office. The reason has to do with the drastic difference between exports and imports. I do acknowledge that things not connected to any President’s actions affect the economy. That applied to the Obama years as well and will to the person who follows Trump.

          • The only Economy was doing good before the tax plain, hasn’t changed that much.
            De-Regulations and tax cuts seem more like optics for Republicans.
            I still don’t see how Trump affects ‘consume confidence’?
            And should Trump being doing something about the dollar.

          • Did you ask the same of Obama. the dollar will slide as long as imports exceed exports.that nut will be hard to crack and will require congressional action.

          • Honestly, I wasn’t that into politics before 2016, but yes, I would ask the same of Obama.
            Still don’t see much action from Trump on trade deficits, I’ve actually heard that Trump is softening on NAFTA.

          • The economy under Obama was ok, but since Trump took office is doing great, with the most recent DOW record happening on Wednesday when DOW closed above 26000.

          • And spent the rest of the week struggling to stay above 26,000.

          • you sound like you hope the DOW goes south. I seem to recall similar statements from you when Dow was below 24000. I do expect the government shutdown to impact the economy, so until that is straightened out, we very well may see the DOW drop several hundred points. I guess you will jump up and down when that happens.

          • I’m not saying I want the DOW to go down, just that the growth has been getting less consistent over the past couple of months.

          • The Dow has been higher at the end of each of the last 12 months than it was at the beginning of the month. That is the best way to check and is pretty darn consistent on the positive side. Over the last 20 days , it has crossed two major thresholds 25000 and 26000.

          • End spent the last two weeks struggling to stay above 26,000.

          • Your words do say that you do not see it as a positive thing. If you look at only the DOW, you do not get the whole picture. GDP, NASDAQ, UNEMPLOYMENT, S & P, JOB GROWTH AND OTHERS ALSO COME INTO PLAY.

          • Aren’t all those thing interconnected anyway?

          • Some like job growth and unemployment will have an impact on the strength of the other indicators, but S&P, DOW, and NASDAQ MEASURE DIFFERENT STOCKS. DOW ONLY MEASURES THE TOP 30.

          • The DOW has gone up more than 2000 points in the last two months. At some point, it will likely slow, but is really strong right now and not inconsistent at all.

          • This week hasn’t been that good?

          • Did the dow drop for the week. the answer is a clear yes, but a more important question is did the dow rise during January and the answer is yes , it rose by a lot. It did cross both the 25000 mark and the 26000 mark during January. Pretty impressive in my opinion as is the 1200 point rise over those 31 days.

          • Just curious, did you check the DOW today. It set another record high and closed at 26,214.57. That is record # 96 since Trump took office. The NASDAQ and S & P also set new record highs today.

          • It opened under 26,000, and was all over the graph for half the day.

          • No matter how you choose to slice it, we saw another record high. Headed towards 27000 Still some distance to cover, but as I said, I am an optimist.

          • Is this in any way related to the economy? Wall St Crash? Currently the best investment is the share market – it’s artificial. Reality will see a correction. The debt is heading for $21 trillion, imports continue to outgrow exports. Still stuffed!

          • And today it is back under 26,000.

          • The tax plan had been underway for several months, and much of the growth could very well be that they expected it to pass and that it would be a big plus for businesses. The DOW has risen more than 1000 points since the tax cut only about two weeks ago. That is a pretty impressive change.

          • Go growth would have just stopped with the tax plain failed?

          • The tax plan has been successful. growth may slow a tad now with the government shutdown. A lot depends on how workers react to the shutdown.

          • I was asking would all the growth you say was because they ‘expected’ the plain to pass have stopped if the tax plain hadn’t passed?

          • There is a strong probability that if the tax cuts had not been approved, growth would have slowed. How much is anyones guess.

          • They were growing for years, and would continued with or without the tax cuts.

          • probably, but the tax cuts just added to the momentum which was already good.

          • No it would not have stopped, but the failure of the tax plan if that had happened, would probably have slowed the rate of growth. The bonuses would not have happened and many of the raises given would have been postponed.

          • And I doubt that. A lot of those bonuses were agreed upon before the tax plan.

          • That is not true. Even if it was, the bonuses still stimulate the economy by giving taxpayers more money to spend. The CEO’s say different and I think I will go with what they say, not your opinion.

          • Why should I believe the CEOs?

          • The tally is 300 companies that are giving bonuses. The money will be spent and the economy gains due to more spending.

          • I do not know about one single bonus that was scheduled prior to the tax cut approval. Even if it were true, the net result is the same, we now will see more money spent to grow our economy. At last count, around 100 major corporations had announced new spending , bonuses and or pay raises for employees. Starbucks is spending $250 million to benefit employees.

          • Name the companies that made decision prior to approval of tax cuts.

          • Some economist do say that the first 8 months of any Presidency can be tied to the preceding President. During the 8 years Obama was President 11.6 million jobs were added. That calculates out to about 1.5 million per year. 2 million were created during the first 11 months of the Trump presidency so it could be said results were similar. Trump did a little better than the Obama average, though some years under Obama were better and some were not.

          • Job growth is somewhat under cut by layoffs from AT&T and store closing from Wallmart?

          • Enlighten me on what sounds like Trump just happens to be President when all of these good things are happening with our economy. We are now nearing the second year of his Presidency and all the signs are excellent for another good, maybe great year. Enjoy life Will. Your negativity should not hold you back. Be objective and open up that closed mind, just enough to let the truth filter in.

          • Sign were great before he was elected. The number of months with job growth is longer then Trump’s been in office.

          • some signs were very good. The Dow had corrected back to the 17000 point level. Unemployment was at a full employment level at 4.7% Obama saw around 12 million jobs added over his eight years. That is about 1.5 million per year. Broken down into a monthly average, that is about 125,000 jobs added for each month he was in office.

          • I just don’t like people acting like the Economy was on the brink of collapse before Trump.

          • i don’t like people ignoring the fact that the economy under Trump is much better than under Obama.

          • And don’t like people of Ignoring the economic progress under Obama.
            Also, the DOW struggled to stay above 26,000 today, and closed at a loss.

          • The DOW did drop but remained above 26000. The drop was to be expected. No reasonable person expects the DOW to rise every single day. A much better indicator is to compare the final DOW for the month and compare to where it began. The Dow has gone up every single month for the last 12 months. I still await your information on one single economic indicator that was better under Obama.

          • The DOW was going up before Trump. Those bad days add up.

          • The DOW is not a one day at a time indicator. The best way to compare how good it is is to compare the DOW closing at the end of each month to where it was when the month began. during the middle there will be ups and downs.

          • Bad days can turn into bad weeks, then bad months.

          • And the reverse of that is that good days can turn into good weeks and those weeks into good months and then into a great year. This kind of sounds like our economy and the DOW over the last twelve months.

          • And the DOW just had “its worst day in two years”.
            I’ve been looking at my stocks app, this week in a huge dent in the DOW growth.

          • There have been very few so called bad days for the dow for about one year now. We saw a steady rise month by month and a huge surge over the last couple of months. Most of those bad days could be attributed to profit taking.

          • Look at this week?

          • The DOW has to be looked at as a long term indicator. 13 straight months not weeks or days of closing at months end higher than the month started. This month so far is up. The drop on monday and Tuesday was large, but it still closed higher for the month. I do admit it is down from the record high.

          • The DOW held its own today and closed slightly up and is still above that 26000 mark. If there is a budget shutdown, we will see the DOW go down next week and probably by several hundred points.

          • So you acknowledge that Trump could negatively affect the economy?

          • Every president can do things that will negatively affect the economy. The thousands of new regulations under Obama did that and Trump could do the same thing.

          • The regulations under Obama were not that big, companies still grew, and a lot of regulation that Trump got rid of did a lot of good.

          • Some were huge, but the sheer numbers of regulations put into place under Obama cost our economy billions of dollars that could have been, perhaps diverted into more jobs or higher wages, or maybe higher dividends for stockholder. tens of thousands of new regulations were issued during his eight years.

          • I never got that logic?
            Jobs are made for profit, so the any jobs would bring in money, they the company wouldn’t be ‘spending’ money on jobs?

          • It is really simple. Every dollar spent by companies to implement federal regulations is a dollar that can not be used for investment, raises or bonuses for employee or dividends for stockholders. Even the most minor regulations cost money to implement.

          • There were for crying out loud 20000 new regulations put in place by Obama. Some of those cost big bucks tg implement. Trump rolled back some that had more negatives than positives.

          • He could impose a lot of costly federal regulations on business which would divert money from growth or normal operations into compliance with the federal regulations. Obama did this and it kept the economy down from where it could have been.

          • Regulations have gotten a bad rap.

          • Most regulations likely have more good points than bad. I totally support a thorough review of all federal regulations to insure the the reason for making the regulation exceed the harm done by making it. In some cases, federal regulations do more harm than good and should be repealed, which the President has full authority to do.

          • Most of the loss was reactions by stockholders to the probability that the Fed will likely raise interest rates and thereby make it more expensive to borrow money. The loss was large and the week ended with the largest loss in about two years.

          • I credit Obama with a solid economy. We leaked jobs for months after Obama took office at nearly 1 million jobs lost each month. Looking at date objectively becomes hard. From that low point, we did add about 12 million jobs but at the same time the number of working age adults rose by about 14 million, so we did not even keep pace with the number of new working age adults. The unemployment figures do not include those who stopped looking for jobs. I personally think that is a far more objective measure under any President including Trump. What% of working age Americans are really working.

          • 2009 was Obama’s worse years for job, no one denies that.
            You recently hear that Trump immigration policy could lead to a diminished work force in a eventually.

          • a logical approach would be a system where we limit immigration to the normal increase in citizen population. The system can always be modified to allow employers to import trained employees from other country to fill jobs that do not have qualified persons already here.

          • And I’m saying Trump idea would keep even skilled workers.

          • not real sure what you mean by this.

          • I mean that Trump doesn’t really care about merit based immigration.

          • That is exactly what he has been pushing for The diversity lottery is not merit based and chain migration allows relatives of those here to follow without any regard to merit.

          • Schumer has pushed for more merit based immigration for longer then Trump.

          • Skilled jobs can for the most part be filled by people already here, but in those instances where they can not, special work Visas can be authorized.

          • You know, a lot of big names in Silicon Vally are immigrants?

          • With the exception of native Americans, every one is a descendant of or they are an immigrant themselves.. Legal immigration is fine.

          • Sorry, misunderstood what you were trying to say.
            Even Republican say you need ‘low skill immigrants’.

          • Not likely to happen, but the fix would be quick if it did.

          • We were losing about a million jobs per month, prior to the bottom early in Obama term. We added to that bottom number about 12 million jobs which is really only about 7 million over where he started. that is less than one million per year.

          • Job growth started under Obama.

          • We just saw the DOW hit another record high today. It closed at 26,115. Apple is also bringing back money that was offshore. It took a long time from the day the DOW crossed 25000 until it closed above 26000. wow eight trading days for a 1000 point surge.

          • And the DOW spend the rest of the week struggling to stay above 26,000.

          • Someone could put steak and lobster in front of you and instead of enjoying that great meal and thanking him or her, You would say, this is ok but what about dinner tomorrow. A strong economy is good for all americans, whether they are liberal or conservative or somewhere in between.

          • If I was spending all my money on that dinner, yes I would.

          • I was only making the point that when we are given something that we did not have before, most are appreciative and i doubt anyone will refuse the extra dollars given to them by the tax cut. They will then decide what to do with it and I expect most will spend it , which will help our economy.

          • Unemployment under Obama did decline, but under Trump we are seeing a 17 year low. The GDP growth under Obama actually slowed from 2015 to 2016. Real GDP in 2016 was less than 2%, hardly a sign of a great economy. the second and third quarters of 2017 saw GDP above 3%. Every other economic indicator was strong last year

          • Even Trump acknowledges Obama Heritage a bad economy, how good do you think Trump would be doing in a recession?

          • I am still waiting for you to list one single economic indicator that was better under Obama when compared to Trump. GDP was less than 2% during 2016. I do credit Obama with 8 quarters of his term with GDP above 3% . I think one may have been around 4 or 5 % of those 8.

          • I’m just saying Obama has a over all good economy, especially consider he inherited a recession.

          • Obama also had trillions of dollars to inject into the economy to bail out failing businesses like GM and Chrysler and of course Bear Sterns. The recessions did start during the last year of Bush term and he went to Congress for borrowed money to slow the recession. Obama did a repeat during 2009.

          • Whatever Obama did, it worked.

          • I do concede that the economy did improve under Obama. Withe the infusion of two trillion dollars between Bush and Obama, something had to happen. you need to look at things now, and you can find no economic indicator that was stronger before Trump took office.

          • The DOW was going up before Trump, so was the GDP, and jobs.

          • Two quarters during 2015 had GDP above 3% and it fell to below 2% for the year in 2016. I hardly call that going up.

          • I call it good for a recovery.

          • it is not bad, but you used the words going up and dropping from 3% in 2015 to less than 2% GDP in 2016 hardly qualifies as going up.

          • I still wait for you to name one single economic indicator that was stronger under Obama than it is now. You can not do that because there are none.

          • These week sore hasn’t seemed to good?

          • I had the flu for most of the week, but I am well now. I expect the stock markets to grow during the next 27 days and close higher on February 28th than it opened on february 1st

          • The DOW dipped badly today and is beginning to be of concern. Maybe it has peaked for a while and we will now see days when it rises and days when it falls. I am hopeful and optimistic that this is just temporary correction and that by months end we will again see strong stock prices.

          • i fail to see how business will not do better after the tax cuts. The corporate rate was reduced from 35% to 21%. That alone opens up a lot of growth opportunity.

          • What’s good for cooperations is not always good for other.

          • And what will happen to those thousands of people who will lose their health insurance because of the budget?

          • Your a fucking idiot . Why don’t you buy someone health insurance? I’m sure those dudes you’re meeting in bus station bathrooms need some.and you know I’m right about everything.

          • You’ve been misinformed. Find out the facts, don’t depend on the msm to feed you information. It’s all lies.

          • The only ones that will lose their healthcare are the young people who didn’t want it in the first place.

          • hummingbird1250@aol.com

            More liberal lies! They won’t be penalized if they don’t have health insurance, the way Obummer penalized them.

          • The tax cut bill is the thing that eliminated the individual mandate. Most who will wind up without insurance will do that of their own free will. There no longer is a penalty for not purchasing Obamacare.

          • Dude you only watch CNN fool.

          • Liberals like will higgins have no ideal what intellect is.

          • The DOW crossed 26000 briefly today before dropping back to 25,792 at closing. that was the fastest 1000 point gain ever. It took only seven trading days.

          • Will, you are so delusional. We all know that Obama was the liar-in-chief. Trump speaks from the heart and says it like it is. Please stop spreading your disinformation.

          • You call him a liar so can I assume you think Democrats don’t lie? Let’s see; I didn’t have sex with that woman. Or, your premiums will go down and you can keep your doctor; if you are going to cast stones you better make sure the people you support live up to the standard your demanding of others otherwise your hypocrite and a liar yourself.

          • First off, unkeepabile promises are not the same as lie.
            Secondly, what logic that just becomes Some Democrats have lied at some point Trump gets a blank check for lying. http://www.politifact.com/personalities/donald-trump/statements/byruling/pants-fire/

          • Prove the unkeepable promises, but remember we KNOW the left is as obstructing as anything can be. If he does not follow up on promises, we can safely blame the LEFTOIDS. How about prove some of the lies of Obama….bet they bothered you not at all, huh? hmmmmmmm?

          • Republicans control the whole government!
            Some parts of healthcare are just out of Obamacare control. But if you want to blame obstruction for poor government, blame the Republican for the problems with Obamacare.

          • Republicans are elected to be the majority, but the left is so jealous and filled with hatreds and totally obstructive that the elected officials cannot do their jobs. You are either certifiably ignorant, or lying like every other leftist.

          • How are Republicans be ‘obstructed’?

          • As I said, either ignorant or lying. You cannot possibly be AS DUMB AS YOU SEEM TO BE………ERGO, MERELY A LIAR.

          • If Republican wanted to do something, they have the votes.

          • You are even dumber than you originally sounded. You don’t show any signs of understanding EITHER PARTY. Your party does not WANT you to understand. Many republicans do not understand THEIR party either. In my view NEITHER party is worth an ounce of spit, but one versus the other, the republican party is superior to the democrat party.

            I belong to NEITHER. I am ashamed of both. What saves the republican party is that it has a few electeds who refuse to follow the lead sheep and do the stupid things. This is called integrity. This sometimes makes the pubby party lose, but integrity has survived, thanks to the free thinkers. The democrat party has none who will refuse to follow the lead sheep…..they march in lock step…..it is the only way it can win. The democrat party contains NO INTEGRITY, only liars and cheats.

            Both “parties” should be kicked out of government as they have made a horrid mess of it, and as long as the long timers, both dem and rep, our nation is going nowhere but DOWN. Our government is NOT our friend, it is not even soundly AMERICAN. It works for itself, using OUR money.

          • Actually, Democrats have more thought diversity then Republicans.
            And Trump is very Republican.

          • Obamacare was written by Democrats and approved on a partisan vote. How can you blame Republicans for a law written by Democrats and approved by Democrats. That one will not fly

          • The law was altered a lot before it was signed.

          • There are two houses with different bills. those difference had to be changed to something that both houses could agree to. In addition, the bill had to be structured in a reconciliation manner so as to get around a filibuster in the Senate. That was a tight rope walk.

          • I was referring to the illegible additions made to the bill in pencil.

          • some minor changes had to be made to make sure that a senate filibuster was avoided.

          • They were unreadable.

          • Unkeepsble promises? What promise was Bill making when he said I did not have sex with that woman? Obama knew that the plan would not allow people to keep their Doctor and the architect of the ACA admitted that. The problem is simple Willyour not honest or objective your a liberal and you see nothing wrong with anybody who agrees with your ideology, and that is a problem with liberals I. General. You malign people while those you support do the same or worse, it Bout your politics. Thankfully I am neither a Democrat or Republican but I am thankful that we finally have a president that isn’t either, he goes after both sides and that is what he must do to drain the corruption in the swamp we call politics.

          • Trump claims about his policies are worse then Obama’s
            Obama was just trying to be optimistic about topics he wasn’t an expert in, at least he tried to follow through.
            Trump just says thing to get a crowd to cheer, but dose almost nothing to follow through.

          • Will, you are showing your political bias. State the example about Trump you are referring to, I gave you what both Clinton and Obama stated and you have yet reference what Trump said that he outright lied about. Your watching way to much CNN and MSNBC. Start listening to non political reports like the Wall Street Journal, they try to be non political and give facts, Fox and CNN, and most major media sources are biased and you are swallowing it hook line and sinker. Now tell me specifically the lie Trump has told.

          • just to list a few of his campaign promises that he has honored. 1. tax cut 2. eliminate federal regulations. 3. issue ban 4. enforce immigration laws. 5. Bring employment back. 6. increase GDP

          • The tax cut’s not that great. Regulations weren’t holding the economy back. His ban was blocked. Immigration laws were already being enforced. Employment was already going up, so was the GDP.

            Surely you jest…….I’m polite…..didn’t call you a liar.

          • Care to prove ANY of what you read at the link you provided? Nah, of course not. The left is not into proving – merely make accusations without a shred of proof….it is called hate speech.

          • It’s already been proven.

          • You’re the dense dumb democrat lib in chief.

          • And you are A Dick Weed!! 🔫🇺🇸🇨🇱🤠

          • Hillary and Obama beats Trump every time with their lies.

          • Hay boy you best look in the mirror and say that.

          • Mr. Higgins. Do just a LITTLE BIT of intelligent reading and research and I challenge you to show that Trump lies more than Hillary Clinton. Or Nancy Pelosi. Or Jerry Brown, etc.

          • You KNOW your boy obola was lying when his lips were moving. And hitlery/crazy burnedie DEFINITELY “inhale, still and spout 100% BS…

          • And Your the Pussy-in-chief.

          • Barker wtf…been
            wondering if u were still alive!

          • He’s kept all his promises. Notice the economy and his stance on illegal immigration? http://www.businessinsider.com/jeff-sessions-orders-doj-interview-fbi-agents-uranium-one-clinton-2017-12

          • The economy is not because of him, and deportation are down under him.

          • It is because of Trump and his economic plans. Housing is also going up as well as consumer confidence. Next move should be defunding sanctuary cities.

          • Do you even know any of Trump economic plans beyond ‘mah regulation bad’?
            And Trump has already tried to defund sanctuary cities, it didn’t work.

          • Future grants can very easily be contingent upon cooperation with federal law enforcement . Or eliminate grants altogether to those cities.

          • Even California still lets immigration deport actual criminals.

          • Trump has removed 740 regulations which has stimulated the economy, and I bet the next GDP will be over 4%.

            Sanctuary cities are breaking federal law, and those anti-American liberal judges will lose in the SCOTUS.

          • The economy was already getting better.

            And session already failed on the sanctuary city issues. ICE, can still deport actual criminal, and sanctuary cities have less crime.

          • Yeah, it was Trump who said, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”, or ” If you like your hospital, you can keep your hospital”, or “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance”. Oh, wait, that was the REAL Liar-in-Chief, Barry Obammy.

          • You all go crazy over on unkeepable promise from eight years ago, Trump pushes falsehoods every week.

          • Here’s a challenge for ya, well actually two, 1- name a politicians who doesn’t lie…2- compare Obammy’s number of lies against the number of Trump’s. I found 4 pages of Obammy’s and only one page of Trump and those lies were just the first year of the Obammy destruct America administration.

          • Oh please, Bernie is a far left communist who’s hypocrisy is hilarious. His wife is up for fraud, he somehow managed to make a million bucks last year, his donors all deep pocket wall streeters and lobbyists. Mr. Income Equality thinks that’s all fine for everyone but him. He owns three homes has accrued a net worth of over $2 million on a senators wage. I might also add that Bern and Jayne never had a paycheck until Bern was 40. He lived off welfare up to then. Be sure of the idol you bow to before you bow to them.

          • Can you give me a source on any of that?

          • All those scorces are bias.

          • Daily Kos is a bit to main stream liberal.
            I’m not say Sanders is perfect, just that he’s good.

          • Believe what you choose. I know Bernie is a communist. He and Jane honeymooned in the USSR, NOT the now Russia. For more of Bernie’s political ideology…

          • I know what Sander believes, he’s still the most liked politician in the country.

          • That and a quarter can buy ya a phone call. Quite frankly, I don’y understand how anyone in our country could care for any communist with a desire to be a leader of this great nation. Are all those who think the Bern is it ever looked at what a communist form of governance does to the people, economy and basic freedoms?

          • Sanders is all about freedom, people and economic growth.

          • You realize that is contradictory to Bernie’s ideology. Communism and socialism restrict private ownership of property, confiscates income to give to those who don’t work as hard or at all. Communism tells you what you will do and when. Communism has killed over 100 million people. Take a look at Venezuela if you want to see the successes of socialism/communism. What they have going there is standard fair for the sick ideology.
            How do you think you can get economic growth when you restrict the wheels of business and confiscate citizens money to pay those who don’t work? You could take over dollar from the rich and still not have enough to make a dimes difference.

          • Sanders just advocated for universal healthcare, and higher education.
            And just to clarify, Venezuela’s economy is free market enterprise. Their economic trouble come from a over dependence on oil.

          • Universal Healthcare is Bernie speak for socialized medicine. If I am suffering a heart condition, I don’t need to wait 3 month to get an appointment. If you want something to cost more and become a shambles, let government run it.

            I tried to explain what and how of Venezuela, but this article from the Foundation for Economic Education explains it much better.

          • Sander just said America should have what ever other developed country has in healthcare.

            And the FEE is clearly the kind of think tanks that cares more demonizing ever critic of capitalism as ‘socialist’. If they really cared about getting the facts about Venezuela straight, they would be calling it’s most privately owned economy ‘socialist’.

          • What goes on in Venezuela is the last thing i am concerned about. If i am not clear enough with that. I do not care

          • I was replying to you there.

          • We are a free market capitalist economy which is profit motivated. We once more saw great news with the economy with new record closing today,

          • Profit motivation has it’s limits. What, do you think we live in a Ayn Rand novel?

          • any business has the end objective of making a profit. That is basis of capitalism. Profit is limited only by growth in sales.

          • I meant there only so much good profit motivation can do.

          • To make a profit is the goal of every business large or small. nearly every business decision after the business is started, is done to increase the level of profit. It is not everything but it does affect nearly every part of the business.

          • You can just think about businesses all the.

          • Oh, I see. Anything that doesn’t serve the narrative you’ve been taught to believe is somehow biased and a bunch of hacks. What do you call it when a government owns all natural resources and controls all the means of distribution? What is it when a government leader takes total control, orders military to kill the citizens, jail citizens with flimsy charges because the have a differing opinion. You seem to believe socialism is some great utopia. It isn’t! It has failed everywhere it has been tried. Socialism destroys whole countries, economies and especially the people.

            By the way, FEE is a Libertarian organization with a bunch of the BEST economists in it’s group. I personally lean heavily toward the libertarian viewpoint. Free societies are the only way to true happiness and prosperity (not counting one religious conviction).

          • What do you call a mostly privately owned economy.
            Also, China is one of the ten most socialist countries in the world, and they have the second largest GDP.

          • Mostly privately owned economy is a FREE MARKET economy.

            Chine is known for fudging their numbers and outright lying. Much of their growth is based upon stolen technology as well. Even with that, China’s GDP in dollars is 7 trillion smaller then the USA (11.T versus 18 T) China is also in flux. Twenty years ago, they were still very much communist. Today they have moved to a more Free Market system allowing a split ownership, government and private. Private citizens still don’t have control of land or business entirely, but it is moving that direction.

          • Then Venezuela is a free market.

            China definitely look and acts like it’s as rich as they claim. They have interestes all over the world, and are the largest supporters of Africa, as well as having the second largest army. And they are still, and will be for a while socialist.

          • You seems to have your definitions confused. The government of Venezuela owns nearly all the major businesses in the country. Over 510 major companies, from coffee and bicycles to aerospace components. All the oil is state owned as is all the commercial sized farms. THAT is Communism, NOT free market.

            China, can be said to no longer be communist, true. They have, in many ways moved closer to Free Market then socialism, true enough. They still lack a good amount of right we enjoy however.

          • Venezuela is not socialist. https://youtu.be/k_JhRVlIR-c
            China is socialist. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socialist_market_economy
            Isn’t it weird that rightest call every poor nation socialist, but call a rich, advanced nation, controlled by a COMMUNIST party not socialists?

          • Haha, did you listen to the clip prior to posting it? Maybe I should quiz you on WHO is the dictator of Venezuela today? Hugo Chavez or Nicholas Maduro?

            Does a free democracy have a dictator who shuts down the whole ruling body? Does a democracy take all private industries and property? Is Fidel Castro just a misunderstood democratically elected leader?

            Try this any see the truth.

          • Yes, I did see the clip. Chavez and Maduro are clearly different kinds of leaders. Chavez is still loved, even after he died. And Maduro’s opposition are exactly libertarians.
            I’ve also seen that Vox clip, they clearly say it’s oil prices.
            Also, just because a countries has a free market economy doesn’t mean it’s people are free.

          • Haha, you are so misinformed as to what a Free Market is. Government DOES NOT own all or most all means of production in a Free Market. That is the very antithesis of a communist rule. Maduro has only made things worse by using authoritarian tactics to quash all opposition.

            The reason their oil production has dropped is because Chavez booted out all the oil companies that knew how to maintain the equipment and Maduro is a moron. The based their entire economy on oil profits, but when production dropped by 50% they could no longer pay for all the social programs they started. Then there was also the waste fraud and abuse at the top of the food chain.

            Here’s a good read for you that should open your eyes to the truth.

          • It was about the value of the oil, not the way the industry was run.

          • No, it was because they were totally reliant upon the profits from the oil and they are such morons, they couldn’t maintain the oil rigs. In 1998, Venezuela was producing 3.2 million barrels a day. After Chavez came to power a year later, he started nationalizing all the oil and booting out the rig operators. In ten years, production had fallen 25% to 2.4 million barrels a day. The US was the only purchaser paying in cash at full market value. All the other purchasers of Venezuelan oil were working on a “Barter” system. Today, their daily production is closer to 1.8 million barrels. The US no longer needs their oil and the other nations who once relied upon it won’t take it because the money goes right into the elites pockets and too many of their existing rigs are pumping the sour crude instead of the sweet crude which is much easier to refine.

          • It was about the price of the oil!

          • If I have produce 100 widgets that I sell for $10 a piece, I’ll get $1,000. If I suddenly go to producing only 50 widgets and I sell them for $10. How much have I lost in sales? I’ve lost 50% or $500. Now, if I was paying a manufacturer $1 per widget to manufacture my widgets, my profits were less ($900 and $450). However, if I start making my own widgets, I get all the profit.
            In 1998, when Chavez rose to el Presidente he promptly exerted more control over the oil reserves and the pumping of that oil. By 2002, the workers went on strike calling for elections. Chavez capitulated and won a reelection. After that he fired over 18,000 skilled workers, over 40% and replaced them with pro-Chavez unskilled workers at lower wages. In 2002 the price of sweet crude was $36. Yes the price rose some years, but it also fell. The biggest problem they have aside from the falling production #’s is that they barter away most all their oil and refined gas, mostly to Cuba in exchange for doctors, medicine and teachers (that accounts for 40% of their production in 2002). It is now 2018 and their production is down 50%. I haven’t figured an average, but I bet $60 is close or a little over factored over the 20 years since Venezuela became a communist state. The greed and corruption at the top is why they are in trouble now.

          • You can’t call a country with a mostly free market economy communist.

          • A country where the government owns and controls the vast majority of all business is NOT Free Market. Plus, your hero Nikolas Maduro got his political education in Cuba and NOT in university. Niko’s papa was a leftist politico. Venezuela’s government has very close ties to Cuba (last I knew Cuba is communist)

          • I was just saying Maduro was not as bad as Chavez.
            And Cuba’s problem are more connected to the embargo the their economy.
            And can you give a source on how much of Venezuela’s economy is government owned?

          • Maduro is actually worse. He has no education so all that is happening to Venezuela is out of control. Chavez at least understood economics and how to deal with problems. Chavez was still a socialist and wanna-be dictator, same as Maduro, just that Maduro has no idea how to control anything. I mean, Maduro was a Bus Driver for God’s Sake.


          • I got the names mixed up.
            I meant Maduro is worse.
            And if a Bus Driver became President, it would be considered a inspiring story.

          • It could be IF that bus driver had an inclining of how to run a country. Maduro has no education other then the community organizing he learned in Cuba. No economics knowledge, no leadership skills, no idea of how a democratic government works. That is why he has become a dictator in the fashion of his mentor Fidel Castro.

          • You know, Trump doesn’t have any prior experience in government either?

          • Not as an elected official, no. He has bought a lot of politicians, had to deal with the regulations, government agencies, insane taxing policies and directly with the political process. He also has an extensive history dealing with foreign dignitaries, politicians and their government rules. He is as or more qualified then any of the clown in congress today.

          • No one knows how much Trump pays in taxes.

          • It has always been our job to pay as little as we can in taxes. Whether a private citizen or a business mogul. The big businesses have an advantage, they can afford the tax lawyers and accountants to ferret out the loopholes and save all the profit they can.

          • You know, it used to be patriotic to pay taxes. “Taxes to break the Axis”. https://wwiigroup6.weebly.com/uploads/1/6/8/0/16807698/3222262_orig.jpg?338
            And a lot of people want those tax loop holes closed.

          • I defy you read all 74,000+ pages and tell me how to do my taxes. Even when the moron in Washington DC revise the taxes, they only add more pages. I remember the day I, with three businesses could do my own taxes. I had to quit that in 1990. There was no way in hell I could keep up. If you are forced to hire a team of lawyers and accountants to do you taxes, they damned well better save you enough to pay what they cost.

          • Hope you got fiduciary accountants.
            By the way, Trump got rid of the rule about fiduciary accountants.

          • It wasn’t Fiduciary accountants, it was a rule in the Department of Labor called the Fiduciary Rule for investment brokers. That rule was put into place as Obama was headed out the door and would have taken decisions out of the hands of investors and hamstrung brokers with more regulation. It would also have killed off certain investment vehicles.

          • Can you explain more?

          • OK, the fiduciary isn’t perfect, I still don’t think Trump knows what he’s doing with it.

          • A BS in Economics and a lifetime in finance and real estate? He understands more about what is entailed with fiduciary responsibilities then most.

          • There have been questions to weather or not he actually earned his degree?

          • Oh I am sure. I bet he had Russian dressing on a salad too. Do your own research and stop listening to the Group Think!

          • I have done my own research.
            That how I know Trump’s claims about his approval rating among black people doubling is Breitbart trash.

          • We have not seen a republican in many years get a favorable rating among blacks. trump does have a low approval rating among blacks.

          • I was just correcting a bit of misinformation.

          • Yes, the polls were so right during the election campaign. Guess that’s why Hitlery is(n’t) president

          • Polls are not always right, doesn’t mean they’re never right.

          • There’s a bowl of candy, 50% of which are highly poisonous, how many pieces do you want? Also, I never trust a poll that won’t post the questions, demographics of respondents and the number of people polled.

          • That was a lousy metaphor for refugees.
            And it’s more like 1/10.

          • If you prefer that number. How many pieces do you want?

          • You can have the one poisonis one.

          • No, it is you saying you want all to to come in, the good and the bad with no vetting or promises of allegiance to their new home.

          • Immigrants take the pledge, there’s nothing wrong with that. I wa just making fun of the metaphor you used.

          • IF they are here legally. I might also mention, the oath of allegiance once required immigrants to learn English. My Great Grandfather and his brothers did that as they knew their odds of succeeding in this country would be easier if the spoke the language.

          • Immigrants do work to learn English, but shouting ‘learn the language’ does not help.

          • You article says that immigrants who have been here longer speaker better English?
            Would you support language classes for immigrants?

          • Any LEGAL immigrant to our country should learn the language that would best serve them to advance in this ENGLISH speaking nation. Illegal immigrants historically refuse to adopt our language or culture. Over 25% of those who qualify for DACA cannot speak our language and that number goes way higher for those who are illegal and do not qualify for DACA or DAPA (which both were ruled unconstitutional by the 5th circuit court of appeals in 2016 BEFORE Trump.

            As an aside, when my great grand parents came here, they weren’t offered classes to speak English, they knew they had to learn to succeed. If you want to succeed in any country, you have to speak the language.

          • He earned it. There also were questions about the Obama performance in college and law school. He has refused to release his transcripts. I personally do not care about either. Bill Gates also never graduated from college, but guess who the richest man in the world is.

          • It’s just a rumor I never heard a clear answer to.

          • What does it matter? There is no law saying he must divulge his tax information. Plus, it is our job as citizens and business owners to pay as little as possible. Big business has an advantage in that they can afford the tax lawyers and accountants to find every loophole. If our elected officials would scrap the entire 74,608 pages of code. Did you know that in 2006 there was 16,845 pages to our tax code?

          • People are saying it should be a law, they also want those tax loopholes closed.

          • How long have we heard about simplification of taxes? The more they talk about it, the bigger the code grows. I am fully in the Flat Tax camp.

            People say I should be King of the World, hasn’t happened.

          • How would flat tax fix loopholes?

          • Very simple. You make $100,000 you pay X%. No loopholes, not write offs, no special deals lobbyists had set up. You make a wage, you pay a set percentage.

          • That just changes the amount you pay, not the loopholes.

          • I was actually referring to tax haveans.

          • Other countries have done Flat Tax conversions and found revenues increased. When you simplify your tax policy, there is less reason to go to the trouble of finding a tax haven to hide your money from high taxes. Unless of course, you are laundering money.

          • Other countries also have universal healthcare, can’t we get that first?

          • We spend more than 3 trillion dollars in this country on health care. Where do you propose that we get those dollars from when the discretionary budget only totals 1.5 trillion.

          • The same way other countries do.

          • Other countries do not spend $2.5 trillion on entitlement programs.

          • The Scandinavia countries have more entitlement programs.

          • I think that the cost of our entitlements are far higher. I am referring to Welfare, medicaid, food stamps and other entitlements. Either we pay those costs now or we pay more for them later through borrowed funds and interest on those borrowed funds.

          • Denmark is famous for its welfare.

          • i would not put that into a positive category. Citizens on welfare means citizens dependent on the government for their survival. I would use the word infamous over the word famous.

          • Denmark has low unemployment, and the people are happy, they’re doing something right.

          • out unemployment is pretty low as well.. I guess some decisions are working.

          • We have 4.1% unemployment, added 200000 new jobs in JANUARY and our citizens are pretty darn happy and are confident in our economy..

          • Please educate me on what programs they have that we don’t other than a different health care payment system. I think we need a thorough review of our entitlements to bring expenditures in line with revenue.

          • The healthcare system is the bigger entitlement.

          • We spend more than $3 trillion each year just for health care. If no one paid, where would that huge amount of money come from if it was government provided. What would happen to the employees of the health insurance companies.

          • Oh sure, let’s destroy a once great healthcare system to be just like everyone else. Let’s all wait months and months to get that heart valve replaced, or start Chemo. Yeah, that sounds like the perfect socialist utopia.

          • When was the U.S. healthcare system ever ‘great’?

          • It was much better prior to getting gutted by Obamacare. In 2001 I paid $185 a month, had eye care, dental, chiropractor and pharmacy. I also paid $250 deductible. I never had to wait for a doc, could go to any doc at anytime and there was no limit on annual expenditures. How’s your mandatory healthcare today? $5000+ deductible, a lot of doctors won’t take those who have Obamacare because it takes 60 to 90 days to get paid.

            What was your question again?

          • Healthcare has gotten better with Obamacare, it should be improved, not gutted.

          • So costs raising 41% (for a male after subsidy) is an improvement? The average deductibles in the $5000 range is a plus? If that is better in your book, so be it. I personally believe having more insurance companies competing for my business makes for much lower costs, then allow only one or two to have total control over a market.

          • And I think treating healthcare like a public service is the best. Cost will only get so low. And the cheapest options will end be the worst, yet most used by the working class.

          • That never happens in a monopolistic system.

          • No industry service if the companies don’t make money, so prices can’t go to low.

          • Is there something wrong with profit? If it weren’t for profit, you wouldn’t be typing on a computer right now. Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter wouldn’t exist. The hospitals would still be using leeches and blood letting to cure diseases.

          • Progress is not profit motived, but the entities you put your faith in are, that means if stagnation is ever profitable, guess what?

          • You are daft! The only motivator for progress IS profit. Whether dollars or power, PROFIT! Without some reward, there is NO progress.

          • Providing funding for national health insurance is very costly. Health care spending exceeds $3 Trillion dollars annually. That is about 1/3 of the GDP. Most public services are provided at the state or local level like Fire or Police. They fund those with various local taxes like property tax and fines. Government only has so much available money to spend. There has to be a point where the taxpayers say no more no more.

          • Other countries do?

          • Premiums rose and deductibles are through the roof in some states. It is not constitutional to force a person to buy a product that they do not want.

          • Health is a basic need, not a product.

          • When any American needs healthcare, they can get it whether they are insured or not or whether they can afford to pay for it. We can even get help paying for drugs that might be prescribed.

          • I do not favor the flat tax, but the logic behind it is that a consumption tax would tax everyone at the same rate when they purchase goods. Low income up to certain levels would get rebates to offset the sales tax paid. there would be no loopholes, except that used goods would not be taxed only new items.

          • I know the logic, but how does that fix at haveans?

          • The flat tax would replace the income tax and since there would be no income tax, there would be no loopholes. At this time we still have the income tax and likely will for the remainder of my life.

          • Rich people would still hide money to avoid paying taxes.

          • The year Maddow released showed his tax in the millions.

          • That was one year.

          • Trump has a top notch tax attorney and due to that would be very careful in his tax reporting. That one year is a strong indication of what you would see in other years.

          • Why doesn’t Trump just release his tax returns then?

          • I do not care to see them and even if public, the information would not be nearly what you seem to think it would. that is up to Trump and there is no legal requirement that he do so. Obama would not release his application to college nor his college transcripts, but he also had no legal requirement to do so.

          • The United States is free market and we enjoy rights and freedoms not seen anywhere else on earth.

          • I’m just saying, free market, and personal freedom are separate things.

          • Sanders did the same during his campaign. Just out of curiosity, have you ever set down and estimated what the cost of free college is and the cost of universal healthcare?

          • Have you ever thought we pay to much on the military, and that why we can’t afford this stuff.

          • That avoids my question. How much does just those two things cost and where does money come from. The primary purpose of our federal government is national defense. all of the social programs followed that.

          • What if the military is over funded? When is to much money to one thing?

          • he honestly is a socialist. if everyone gets everything free, where does the money come from?

          • Sanders did not campaign on free stuff.

          • One of his big deals was free college for everyone. That was big part of his campaign, but he never said where the money would come from.

          • The same place public schools get money.

          • Many public colleges already receive money from state they are in. Just one more freebie that gets passed on to taxpayers.

          • Sanders’s argument is that a lot of other counties have the same thing.

          • he does admit to being a socialist, so I guess he is at least honest about that.

          • All the B.S. conservatives think are big deal to openly believe, being a open socialist takes actual bravery. And Sanders is old enough to remember when being a open socialism was actually dangerous.

          • his promise was made in the form of a guarantee that those health plans and doctors would not be touched. He knew this was a lie when he said it.

          • Obama wasn’t a expert on healthcare, he probably didn’t know everything that was doable.

          • hummingbird1250@aol.com

            You’re obviously as misinformed as Jenna Fischer was. When will you apologize?

          • I’ll apologize when Trump stops lying 🤥.

      • I’m sure he would do it if it was warranted, but we’ll wait for that day to arrive, hmm? Nothing to date commands that type of attention now, does it?

      • Why? Do you think that would justify the Lefts actions?

        • I think it may make him look more sane.

          • We used to be innocent until proven guilty… But now with the Lefts unacceptable double standards, Conservatives are guilty, regardless of proof, and Liberals are innocent regardless of facts….

            This is the same type of bigotry that created the Jim Crow laws, and allowed the rise of Hitler and so many other tyrants…

          • With holding proof is not a sign of innocence.

          • I would said EXACTLY the same thing about 0bama and Hillary…

            Here is the thing, I GAVE Hillary and 0bama the benefit of doubt… During that time, the LEFT denied all lies (Just like the right is doing now) which gave Hillary and 0bama more time to lie and even do more harm to the Country.

            The very same people that are not giving Trump the benefit of doubt still defend Hillary and 0bama to this day…

            Why? They apply a double standard that makes them hypocrites…

            Don’t continue to be a hypocrite. If Trump is guilty of your suspicions, and he has been colluding with Russia to overtake America, I will be on your side.

            But until you prove something beyond a shadow of doubt, you owe him the benefit of doubt.

          • What have Obama and lied about that as bad as Trump?

          • 0bama lied about Healthcare and Benghazi. Who knows what else he lied about.

          • we could start with “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan, period. The truth came out later when many insured lost one or both .

          • That was a unkeepable promise. Sometimes doctors just leave insurance companies.

      • That’s because he’s not guilty of anything.

      • Liberals like you never get there facts straight you are right up there with fat ass Rosie O’Donnell and her like.

  2. Wow, a liberal with enough integrity to admit she was wrong. Now if only all the other liberals still foaming at the mouth in misguided hate would stop swallowing every bit of nonsense their fellow hate filled liberals determined to spread poisonous lies keep spewing and actually seek the truth for themselves maybe we’ll all be a little happier, healthier and less hate filled this new year. Of course that would entail them turning their backs on their beloved ‘mainstream’ media and its owner, the Democratic party. But hey, stranger things have happened.

  3. To Clarify, MSM, AKA; Main Stream Media, never sets the record straight on the Front Page or the Beginning of a Broadcast. … . They do however, solicit News Tips from any source, no matter what it may bring in the way of misinformation. … . To look back; there have been numerous Fake News Items, in an attempt to demean
    POTUS. … .
    Jenna, Good For You, for your Apology, it was in good standing and good order . … .

  4. I don’t matter she is still a BITCH!!!

    • YES, You don’t matter! Check content before you send message!

      • FUCK YOU!!! I do matter because I AM WHITE!!!

      • I know what it ts but it don’t matter to me. At least i am speaking the truth.

        • You don’t get it – We White males are NOT part of the Liberal Democratic constituency – They care more for the Black & Hispanic vote than the working White Guys like us. Why are they pushing DACA?? More Democratic voters!! AND more Democratic voters vote for more handouts that you & I have to pay for!!

  5. If only Trump would do this?

  6. Quick!!
    Someone buy this woman a News Network!!

  7. She will now be hated in Hollywood.

  8. Classy Lady

  9. Way to go Jen. Happy New Year to you!

  10. The lady has a lot of class. It’s a good thing to admit when one facts are not correct. I wish we saw more of that with our blundering White House.

    • not to mention fox News

    • “Blundering White House”??? How about blundering media and Hollywood.

      • I suppose “fair and unbiased” Fox News would be better as they are well known for their truth-telling skills. Hollywood does not have to answer to the public. It just makes movies. No big deal. And what do you mean by blundering media. Is the MSM always wrong and is Fox always right?

  11. Who is McMillian and why does he seldom write about anything important-

    Does anyone know who he is?

  12. Scary. I had learned, through this medium, that liberal-socialism-arrogant-pride-filled-stupidity was universal among them; that they were universally incapable of common sense. Now, one has proved a bridge.
    No such thing as always or never least we suffer one innocent with many guilty?

  13. Jenna Fischer admitting making an error pretty much proves she’s not as liberal as she may have been hoodwinked into believing. We only know what we think we know based on what someone else who only knows what they think they know… told us. Welcome back to reality Jenna Fischer. Your stance of honor above the liberal snarly beast monsters is well noted.

  14. Three points for her team!! Need more common sense folks perhaps on both sides to Make America Great Again.

  15. If we conservatives are going to be honest while the libs are not, we MUST be totally honest. I voted for Mr. Trump but I also knew he was worlds ahead of Hillary. I wouldn’t vote for her for dog catcher. BUT….Trump does tell lies. Many times it’s exaggeration, sometimes he has the wrong info or it’s changed but he also tells likes. Not usually big bad lies but a lie is a lie. And Jenna, thank you for being a good person. Being a Conservative or a Liberal should not effect our character.

    • Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong Jerry. “Being a Conservative or a Liberal” DEFINITELY affects our character. OMG! I can’t believe you even said that. Yikes!!!

  16. Jenna Fischer–there are a few good people in every crowd, group, or organization. Jenna Fischer is one of those standouts. Congratulations Jenna for being a decent human being in the Hollywood swamp.

  17. Very big of her to admit her mistake but sadly, the majority of the liberals base their opinions on the same type of misinformation. MAGA !!!

  18. I have a lot of respect for Jenna Fischer. That tweet could not have been easy to write/send.

  19. “The Emperor has no clothes” WHOOPS!

  20. Raquel Salientes

    Thank you, Jenna Fischer, for upholding the principles that older Democrats used to admire about their party. I left the Democrats long ago when the leftists started to infiltrate and poison the party’s principles.

  21. I am jubilant to read that leftist Professor!! Will not be returning to work this year!
    I have been aware there are blinded vfanatics who will push and bend , all or as many they can cram into brain wash YOUNG MINDS TOWARDS PROGRAMING THEM TO SEE THE WORLD AS THE FANATIC DOS! And



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