Whites Can’t Even Win Awards Without Accusations of Racism

Adele won Album of the Year at the Grammys last Sunday, and the social justice warriors of the world are outraged at the racist travesty of it all. Adele’s great crime? Defeating Beyonce.

This particular controversy isn’t just limited to the Tumblr’s and Jezebels of the world. Even CNN felt it necessary to run a Very Special article asking the Very Important Question: “Is Racism why Adele beat Beyonce at the Grammys?”

Of course, we are to assume, even before opening the article, that the answer is: “Probably.”

After all, how could a plain white girl ever come out ahead of the beautiful, flawless, Black Goddess and Hero of All Americans, Beyonce? It has to be rigged. The world has decided that Beyonce is the greatest performer who has ever lived, and she should therefore win everything, always, with no exceptions. Can you believe that the Grammy voters would violate this agreed-upon pact? It can only be explained by racism.

From CNN:

Certainly for her diehard fan base known as the Beyhive — and for many music critics — Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” was a creative masterpiece.

But with its racial themes and imagery, some are questioning if the project was “just too black” for Grammy voters.

Kevin Powell, author of the memoir “The Education of Kevin Powell” and a forthcoming biography on rapper Tupac Shakur, thinks so.

He told CNN “Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ made a lot of people uncomfortable, because it is so political, so spiritual, so unapologetically black, and so brutally honest about love, self-love, trust, betrayal.”

“We are still a nation that does not want to deal so directly with truth,” said Powell, who has written about music and race for various publications, including Vibe magazine. “Adele’s album is strong, but it is just songs about love. It is safe and uncontroversial; it breaks no new ground. And neither do Grammy voters, generally speaking, when it comes to picking winners of this particular award.”

Yes, it is known. The Grammys haven’t been cutting edge since…well, it’s entirely possible that they have NEVER been cutting edge, actually. So what? Why does everything have to cater to the politically “edgy?”

The hype over black artists and their award show success has gotten to the point where we’ll soon see Oscars and Grammys and Golden Globes go to minorities just so these organizations can avoid the backlash. Perhaps they’ll even introduce unwritten quotas. Affirmative action goes Hollywood.

Back in the real world, it won’t really matter one way or the other. But won’t those artists feel a little silly winning awards they know they didn’t earn?

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  1. I am getting so sick of this Anti-White Nonsense!
    Beyonce didn’t win! Big deal! Lemonade wasn’t that great….it has nothing to do with being too black either!
    Adele Won and she deserved to win! Adele is gorgeous also! Very Naturally Gorgeous too!
    Why is it okay to be Nasty Haters towards White people when YOU don’t get your way!?

    Not only that….black people have their own awards shows….plus they’re in the “Everyones” awards shows too…….and they Still complain and blame White people when they Do Not Win something!
    Now if Black people do win….we will all wonder if they Only Won because they are Black!!! (This goes for ALL Awards Shows….Oscars anyone!)

    I am done with ALL this Anti-white BS! It’s Racist!! I will Not put up with it Any More! These Racists make up so much BS about White people that stick up for themselves too! They’re teaching our white children and white college students (and others) to hate themselves (white) and worse also!

    I am Not White or Black….and I am Sick of this!! You don’t even want to know the Nasty Racist things they have said to me because I stick up for people! Disgusting!

    • InternetCensorsREvil

      Blacks are the most racist people of all ethnic groups.

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      • Well those that are kept down on the plantation. Won’t let themselves be freed.

      • What -Whites Can’t Even Win Awards Without Accusations of Racism? You must be a racist and a left-over from KKK groups to think that. Take it from Trump: “We all bleed the same blood.” But there are people like you think their blood is better than ours.

        • InternetCensorsREvil

          Not sure who or what your comment is targeting.

        • WAH ! WHA ! WHA ! Read your comments before and YOU are a RACIST.

        • InternetCensorsREvil

          You should really be careful about pointing the finger of blame. when you do so, there are three fingers pointing back to yourself.

          The fact of the matter is, whether they want to admit it or not, the DNC and liberals in general are FAR more racist than any other demographic.

          There are certainly racists within the ranks of conservatives, but they get fewer and fewer with each passing generation because we don’t tolerate it.

          It was democrats who started the KKK. It was democrats who fought tooth and nail against civil rights. It is democrats who keep bringing up the race card whenever it suits their political agenda. It is Democrats who work so hard at making people forget that they are the origins of racist behavior in this country. – Those plantation owners who owned slaves… They were democrats.

          You know, when you attempt to fling mud, you have to remember a couple things, you can’t fling mud without getting dirty yourself; and, if you are going to attempt to pull the blinders over the eyes of others in the pursuit of your mud flinging, do be sure that the person(s) you are targeting don’t know more about US History than you apparently do.

          • Don’t forget we are all deplorables too!

          • The DNC and liberals use the “racist card” in exactly the same way Adolf Hitler used the “Jewish card” in Germany prior to WWII. He needed a scapegoat to take control of the masses and they were his target. But he made sure he disarmed the Geman puplic “to protect the children” in the same way the democrats are trying all the time. Once disarmed the German public, with the exception of a few” were completely demoralized and impotent.

          • What did you say – Racists in in conservatives, but they get fewer and fewer with each passing generation because we don’t tolerate it? Not in the state I live. There is a cone-of silence in certain state depts that hate to work with Black males. I believe I told you these are the Dept of Corrections; Dept of Natural Resources and Office of Insurance. I went for interview at Dept of Correction and one month later the Secretary and his legal team sued me for passing Dept of Corrections exam jobs. They alleged that Blacks are not qualified and cannot pass those exams. This is when their lawyer was holding documents stating that I was qualified. Thank God the state judge threw the case and warned the lawyers. Just imagine being sued for passing state exams. And the lawyer was daughter of former Republican governor of the state. We are not in court. I will keep you posted.

          • Nice story you weave.

          • I am not Trump. This is true event. As I said, I will keep you posted. I will try to write a book of the result of this case. Please also read what I have written before.

          • Thank the Lord you are not Trump. He does not lie but it appears that you do. You don’t need to keep me posted about anything as I am not that interested in your life.

          • InternetCensorsREvil

            If what you relate is true, this should, and would, be covered in every news outlet.

            Can you link one?

          • No state nor federal agency can discriminate against anyone applying for a job. That is the law. His story does not hold water.

          • InternetCensorsREvil

            I was giving him the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to back up what seemed like a HUGE stretch.

        • And you are the usual liberal TROLL you have been all along.

      • Not really … I’ve long known them to run neck-and neck with Hispanics, namely Mexicans.

        • InternetCensorsREvil

          I don’t know… I suppose Hispanics might have some of the same angst as black people do; however, the black people’s history does include slavery, which is not an excuse for their behavior today but it is a monkey on the back Hispanics don’t have.

          I have found that Hispanics tend to be more of a ‘lets work hard to overcome’ rather than ‘we can’t overcome because whitey won’t let us’ kind of people.

          Mind you, I may have some bias here as I have actually lived in Mexico for 2 years, was married to a Mexican national and have two 1/2 Mexican kids.

          • That’s fine but I know them also and IMHO Mexicans and a lot of other Central Americans are just as racist as blacks and the KKK. Mind you when I speak of Mexicans I’m speaking of the nationals and not necessarily Mexican-Americans. Mexicans and CA(s) have as many racist terms in their language as anyone else, including blacks. I do agree however that blacks are every bit as guilty as whites (and others) of slavery perpetration and their attitudes and behaviors of the racist blacks have gotten totally out of hand within the last 50-60 years.

          • InternetCensorsREvil

            Sure, racist vocabulary does exist in the Spanish language. It was rare, living in Colima, MX to hear such things in reference to my obvious nationality; however, it is far more common to hear those racial slurs near the border where friction between the two ethnic groups exist.

            With black people, it doesn’t matter what city you look at, racism is rampant and out of control. There ARE exceptions to that rule and as someone else mentioned, in this thread I believe, those who manage to claw their way out of the inner cities are far less likely to hold that attitude.

          • I’m sorry I disagree. Racism is as rampant amongst Mexicans and CA(s) and to the same extent as any other racist and/or racist group IMHO. My opinion on that matter stands.

          • That used to be the case but not so much anymore.

          • InternetCensorsREvil

            I suppose that might be. I was just thinking about it and we left Mexico when my daughter, who was born there, was about 6 months old. She is now 22.

          • The large liberally controlled urban centers are the breeding grounds for the democrat party. As more and more people “see the light” about liberals and socialists, society will begin to evolve and demand and influence political change. People that love freedom have learned that socialism eventually ends when it’s promises are not obtained by the ordinary people. Sadly it is only after much pain and damage to a country. America is oh so close to that. Thank God Obama and Clinton were taken out of the picture just in time. To prevent any further damage however, they should be punished for what they did in the recent past.

          • Basil Fotherington-Thomas

            La Raza is the Mexican KKK

          • La Raza AND the Democrat party.

          • Same can be said for LULAC and MALDEF too.

          • Yes, and one was sitting on the Supreme Court………He was the one that was trying to hang President Trump……….And our POTUS kept stating that the Judge was lying, and the media or any of the others never listened which is typical of LOUSY REPORTING.

          • Mexicans have learned from the blacks and so find it easier to “get stuff”. However, I have worked with and hired legal Mexican immigrants and they are outstanding people. Very honest, very hard working and very uninterested in the BS being sold by the liberal democommies. All of the ones I know voted for Trump because they are just as concerned with jobs and the economy as natural born Americans because they have joined American society instead of trying to abuse it. Believe it or not they favor the Wall.

          • When Katrina hit New Orleans and the clean-up began, I had occasion to talk to a lady from New Orleans. Her husband was a general contractor and when he tried to hire people to help[ put roofs on homes and do repairs, the blacks did not want to work. The Mexicans are the ones who worked hard to repair homes and clean up the mess.

          • Yep, we know all about the LAZY blacks……..However, when the Mexicans come here on a green card to look for work, somehow, after the work is finished…….they forget to go back to Mexico……..

          • Mexicans came here poor, as they were told by relatives already here, that our government would give them $$$ and they could collect welfare……get free medical care, and the kids could go to school……..

          • HURRAH………the Mexicans and MOOSLUMS are going back to their own country……It will be a National Gala Dancing In The Streets HAPPY DAY…….

          • Basil Fotherington-Thomas

            Slavery still exists in Africa – but you don’t see American blacks getting upset about that..
            That’s because they don’t really care about slavery that much, they don’t even care about slavery of black people. What they care about is using slavery as an issue to guilt White Americans into giving them stuff.
            North African muslims (who are supposedly White according to the census bureau), don’t give a phuc what American blacks think of them – they sure as shi t aren’t going to give them anything.
            I’m not responsible for what other White people did to black people hundreds of years ago. No black person in the US today was ever a slave, no White person in the US has ever OWNED a slave.
            So why am I responsible to take care of black people that have nothing to do with me for something that was done by White people who have nothing to do with me, to other black people who have nothing to do with me?

          • Whites were not the only race to own slaves in America. There were many black slave owners.

          • Mr. Manfredgensenden

            The FIRST American to have an ‘indentured servant’ was a Black man.

          • Yep, if anyone cares to read History…….The First Black land owners were owners of black slaves……

          • American blacks only care about slavery to the point they are lobbying to get paid “reparations”; i.e., easy free money. Pathetic people.

          • And it’s the white liberals that use them as useful idiots that have taught them to be “victims”. Every time you turn around there is another victim class of some sort.

          • Amen good post. You are exactly correct no blacks in the USA today doing all the protesting were slaves nor whites being accused of slave ownership were owners of slaves today. Least not forget who sold the slaves from Africa were there own BLACKS sold to Whites in the US. They never bring that fact up.

          • Of course not. It doesn’t fit the liberal (white or black) narrative which is 90% lies. Especially when it comes to which political party created and used Ku Klux Klan. It was the enforcement arm of the democrat party in the south. No connection to the republican party whatsoever. But blacks are never told the truth about that.

          • Maxx exactly they should also check out the founder of Planned Parenthood Margret Sangar & what her goal was. .

          • Do not think they were educated enough to know anything……They just believed what the DEM’s (who were the KKK leaders) told them……

          • Excellent post. Very historically correct. When the Portuguese were the primary slave traders supplying the ships they even used Jesuit priests in their enterprise. Yup, Catholic clergy were enablers. The people capturing the Africans were black Africans themselves, only from more powerful tribes. They sold their own countryman into slavery. Even the dealers in America were just as likely blacks than whites. Black dealers had more inventory due to their connections.

          • This organization, Black Lives Matter” is a misnomer. If black lives really mattered to the blacks, they wouldn’t do what they are doing – rioting, burning, beating up people, looting, etc. They need to prove that “black lives matter”. Doesn’t seem like their lives matter to them. Only they can make their lives matter – we can’t do it for them.

          • obama probelu has quight a few of then working in the fields in kenya for free ,for his half white family ,reckon?

          • His father’s side that lived in Kenya were all black………..Mommy was white and I just found out that her great grandmother was black (looked up her bio)………Imagine that…..which means………BO is more black than white………

          • Mr. Manfredgensenden

            Basil – because Liberal elites TELL them they are OWED it so they will keep VOTING for Liberal elites. Elementary.

          • AMEN TO THAT………

          • Dude, slavery is deeply embedded into all of human history. The entire Roman Empire ran on slavery there were more slaves than Roman Citizens. Mostly white slaves. Black on Black slavery was the most cruel of all. Won’t even go into Egyptian history.
            To suggest that slavery in the new world was the only one and the most cruel is the height of ignorance. I can’t believe the white people who bought into this farce and allow themselves to be degraded this way. I am white and never bought into this nonsense and never tolerated it from any black person whenever the issue arose.
            I tell them to read a book, give them the title and than invite them to get back to me after they read it.

          • History is History………If the blacks want a life here in the USA……NOW……Then they better start cleaning up their act, and teaching their kids the LAWS……They are raising gang bangers, killers, dope addicts, and uneducated kids because they are not forced to stay in school……They have no aim in life, and they get their highs from drugs & killing/raping…….

            I am not going to like anyone that thinks we owe blacks anything for what happened 200+ years ago………..

          • White people fought and died to get rid of Slavery. When will blacks who were never slaves stop crying and take advantage of the Free life they have and thank those who died for it? Blacks and Whites.

          • Because the politician never will let it die. They need votes.

          • Because they want it handed to them.

          • Beautifully put! Truly never thought of it that way. This is a point that no one ever brings up but SHOULD be shouted from the roof tops!

          • You know, why is it that Blacks that come from other country’s are very successful here.opposed to Blacks born here ?

          • Because the black culture here, fostered by liberal politicians, has them convinced they cannot make it in a racist society. Those who were not born here are often free of this mental block.

          • NO education…….In Detroit, Chicago, etc., the schools graduate students that cannot not write their names, do not understand math, and still think there are 48 States……Of course Obama thought there was 57……..

          • Because the Blacks from this country are spoiled. They are treated like expensive china.

          • They probably used to be treated well, but in the last 10 years they have only destroyed what MLK worked so hard for………..

          • And they speak much better English

          • Obama has not helped the racist situation. He set racism back before 1964 when Johnson and the Republicans put the Civil Rights Act through and the Democrats formed the modern KKK.

          • Because it is easier to get stuff for free vs’s working for it.

          • Excellent question. Proof that liberal American society has more to do with success or the lack of it than the race / nationality of the individual. When you are taught that you are a victim and the blame is due to a lie how can you succeed?

          • They were enslaved by black people – not white people. They were kidnapped by their own race, held as slaves and shipped out.

          • That is History……….Ships owned by foreign countries and put ashore in the USA.

          • Never saw any blacks burning or not respecting our USA FLAG……..But the disrespectful hispanics are doing it besides raping, killing, looting…………..They are the scum of the USA………..

        • Mexicans do not call themselves Hispanic. They use the term for people from Spain.

        • Yep, and the mooslums are EVIL, KILLERS, & racists………and even the blacks do not want to live next to them……..

      • Not true. You will find racism in every race, in about equal quantity.

      • David Arthur Anderson

        And it’s not limited to white people.

    • A lot of people like Beyonce’s songs because of her videos. She is willing to, basically, prostitute herself with skimpy and/or see through clothing and dance in extremely provocative ways. That sells as much as the actual music.

    • I find this so stupid simply because it’s about money…sales…appeal to the greatest number of available purchasers of the music/cds/etc. That having been said, there are far more blacks that listen to a good size chunk of white or Caucasian rock/pop/jazz then the blacks even comprehend themselves… a fact of music when it comes to black music vs white is this…2 facts:in one summed up statement.
      Blacks have rythem but whites got tremendous flexibility and variation in music writing.
      Oh and in closing let’s not forget a comparison that has been on the background factline for some time now…the black acts of the fifties and sixties had to follow one rule if they wanted to sell records and be accepted by all who loved music. The had to sing “whitified”…music had to appeal to the ears of whites which meant alot of love and rythem and doo-wop style music that anyone could remember the tune and sing with it and dance to it. If they went jungle fever they were doomed.
      Here’s a comparison. Same time frame. James Brown vs The Temptations. One universally accepted due to “adhering to the rule” and the other letting their “blackness” come through in their music.

      • For the most part I don’t like plantation music. Just sayin

      • “… blacks have rhythm but …”

        What about the marvelously inventive and ingenious Scott Joplin, one of our greatest piano composers? He’s among my favorite American masters, along with Aaron Copland and George Gershwin.

    • After 200+ yrs of white oppression and slavery, can’t say that I blame them! Whites have no concept of what it means to be on the receiving end of racism.

      • and what praytell is your point libbie? don’t bother as you don’t have one-today’s black people also have NO concept of what it means to be on the receiving end of racism-and for argument’s sake, even if they did, what on earth good will it do to have random white people (such as yourself) apologizing and pandering to all black people? to give them more “insight”? as to what exactly? “white oppression” is a new made- for- tv PC expression that is as useless and ridiculous as ‘white privilege’. Get a clue nitwit

      • LOL…same old rhetoric…You do realize that slavery in the U.S. was only for 89 years? 1776 – 1865. Prior to 1776, we were a colony of Great Britain so go tell them your problems.

        • Just for the record, it was WHITE people in the UK who ended slavery there too. Yet blacks curry favor with Muslims and fellow blacks, who did,and continue , in their homelands, sell them into slavery!

      • What world do you live in. The past muslime liar in chief brought racism to a head and it is all against the whites. The blacks sold their own into slavery and the white republicans freed them. Not ONE democrat voted to free them. But yet white republicans are racist for freeing.
        Go figure this illogical reasoning

        • Most people have no clue as to the history of blacks and slavery. We didn’t bring the black man into slavery. they were already slaves in africa. and yes, the republicans freed them from their shackles. and the democrats did not like that….so we had a civil war. a lot of blacks in the USA are very racist, and have their own set of rules, music, speech, etc. they seem to hate america, especially the whites. there were so many races that were enslaved in the world but the blacks think that they were the only ones

          • Considering all the various financial aid programs the blacks have thrown at them wouldn’t it be simpler and less costly just to pay their way back to their homeland? And if we keep letting all these Mexicans in and steeping them with government aid the same will happen. It used to be that any immigrant had to get their citizenship in a timely manner or leave. Now we reward them for NOT doing that!??? Soros is doing a great job and he’s doing this all over the world. At least here in the US civil war isn’t too far fetched! SOROS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!!

        • muslim… not muslime, and you clearly are not up on your history, but I cannot blame you this time because your education system is beyond poor, most people in your own country don’t even know where mount rushmore is for christs sake, they still teach that the US saved europe in WWII despite it actually being the Russians that won the war as a whole for Europe, you stick to living with your head in the clouds eh love.

      • Many whites have been victims of racism in many forms.

        • Give me a break! Whites in America have not experienced the racism that blacks have, much less the Indians who were slaughtered and had their land stolen from them or Mexicans who face racism today.

          • OK, were racist because we win awards, earn a living, pay taxes, do good things, don’t turn our communities into trash dumps and killing fields, etc.

            No, we haven’t experienced the racism that blacks have, which was terrible. I was clubbed to my knees in Macon, Georgia in 1963 because I was actively supporting blacks. And you?

            Indians were and remain their own worst enemies. Read some factual history, not fictional tear jerkers and you’d know better. BTW, I’m part Indian. Indians have their own nations and generate tons of money from casinos and then buy all the heroin they can get their hands on, from Mexicans and Indians.

            Read my book to learn how I feel great sympathy for the downtrodden Mexicans who are more victimized by their own people than we could ever do. The problems with Illegals was caused by Democrats in 1965, and then perpetuated in 1986, by Democrats again. Besides bitch and complain about white people, what have you done for them?

      • Proven fact, blacks started slavery in America, blacks were the sellers of slaves in Africa. Slavery has been abolished in America for 152 years, still quite prevalent in Africa and the Middle East. What pissed me off is being blamed for for starting something that was just The utilization of accepted BLACK, practices.

        • Didn’t have to buy them, didn’t have to chain them and ship them half way around the world against their will, to provide labor for the “oh so benevolent” slave owners. But hey, as Kiss and many others think, “they’re only pets.”

          • Black majority countries are still slave holding, white countries are not.

          • True, and thats wrong and terrible but how does that mitigate how blacks were treated and still being treated here. Things have gotten better in the past 30/40 yrs or so, as the old timers have died away. The racism today is just not as overt, but it still exists.

      • Oh boo hooo.

        Hey James why don’t you give them everything you have along with everybody that feels the way you do. Most of them if left over in Africa would be fighting each other and slaving out the losers.

      • That was THEN, this is NOW, GET OVER IT ~~~~~~~~~

      • bullsh*t!! What do you call this, you moron? Racism against a very good WHITE singer!

      • And where in your broad brush conclusion do you recognize that there would have been NO slavery had the black kings in Africa NOT sold their people into slavery????

      • There’s those blacks who have become quite accomplished in their fields. Many people have been humbled or came from humble beginnings, one pope had to milk cows in Rome by orders of the Emporer. Aristocrats included. One can play the poor me card ? or excel because of the experience.


      • Hahahahahaha! Wait you are joking right? Every race has been in slavery. The firsr American slave owner was black. Black tribes sold their fellow neighbor’s to ship merchant’s. Whites went to war, partially, to free blacks. Whites have given blacks more opportunities than any other race to better themselves. This is not a charity, go to school, get a job, raise a family, and stop with the pity party. It’s called being an adult.

      • The “race card” was buried deep in the wallets and purses until 8 years ago. It was not even spoke of much…then came Obama and all the race-baiters now it’s back up in the top notches of wallets and purses.

      • And you are a pin-head. Stop displaying your one-digit-IQ.

    • Beyoncé is not a very good entrained, she is limited in her abilities and appeals to a limited audience
      and without all the smoke and other enhancements she would not last very long.

    • I agree, BooBooBaby! There are a lot of people out here who, if they don’t really see anything wrong, will try desperately to find something—–even if they have to make it up. There are gorgeous and very talented ladies of all colors and races. It is simply a matter of personal choice. Beauty is beauty, so lets just enjoy it without criticism!

    • I agree with you 110%! I work as a deputy in an urban city among mostly liberal blacks, including inmates (men). It is truly disgusting what blacks call talent. If race bashing, the F word and mistreating women were not depicted in their videos, I don’t know how they’d make a dime. This behavior you’re speaking of is LEARNED behavior. And Beyoncé is guilty.

    • It’s has gotten so bad I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING of theirs.

    • Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, Grammys, and whatever else. These people are really full of themselves to have so much self grandizement.

    • You and most of America may be sick of this but blacks are not. It’s to the point now EVERYTHING is racist !

    • After I saw Yvette Falaka (queen of the Berkley attack)calling everyone facist, it blew me away how there are actually people out there with the mental capacity of a knat. And she teaches middle school children. I can’t believe the schools aren’t dumping her RIGHT NOW! If my children were young I would definitely be home schooling!

    • blacks think its all thers but its going to bee a big change ,they try to act so big when in a crowd and protesting ,hiding and trashing every thing they can,thats must bee who they really are?

    • we need to start keeping these blacks in there own shows ,but they will still pretend its the whites faught because they lost to another of there own kind.

    • Are you a blue alien?

  2. There is honest debate and there is the race card! The first takes knowledge, understanding and tact and the second takes only gut reaction. You can only do battle with the intellectual tools at your disposal. This reaction speaks for itself.

  3. Yet another reason to boycott all award programs; it denies some radical racist another opportunity to rant and rave! Buzz off, snowflakes!

  4. Adele was the one with the real talent, that’s why she won. Plus she didn’t even have to be dressed in a goddy costume with her belly showing, to win her grammy’s.

  5. It would seem to me if blacks are such a great race in all enterprises they would be leading the world and we would be looking at them in aw. Seems though they have achieved most of it by playing the race card and nothing else. Now if they would produce an award program for racism, rioting and criminal activity they would win hands down.

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      They already have that, the BET awards.

      • It seems that is enough for them and isn’t that racist?

        • Agreed glenn398 BET is racist as all black colleges, all black Miss Universe/America, etc etc. You are either an American or you are not. Get over yourselves if you think your color of skin justifies your ignorance. Adele is hands down one of the best singers of all time so get use to it Beyonce. Your bouncing around like a maniac doesn’t impress the majority of us yet a great voice and awesome personality seems to be hands down what we Americans and the world are attracted to.

        • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

          It would be if there were an all white awards show, college, beauty pageant. I think the majority of blacks truly are racist. Not all , but definitely the majority. I go by what I see and hear every day, real evidence. Obama intentionally worked diligently to divide the US citizens, and racism claims were his most effective tool.

          • All can say is Obama did one hell of a job doing that.

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            Unfortunately for all of us he did.

          • He is the only president that entered into local problems and made comments even before the evidence was looked at. Immediately the police officer was the bad guy.

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            Obama has a lot of blue blood on his hands he and his racist tranny Micheal both were openly racist and hostile towards whites and police. I sincerely hope President Trump can build a treason case against thy lying Muslim plant. He belongs in Gitmo, just until treason penalties can be properly implemented.

          • To bad that idiot couldn’t catch a stray bullet.

          • It would be nice if every time a black wins they mention that they are an african american, that that part be blocked out. What if the whites come out and say I am a white caucasan and we are better than the others and thank you for the award

          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

            The white winners would be expected to bow down and give thanks that their white privilege gave them the opportunity to win. Not their talent and hard work, just their white privilege.

    • Obo proved that he could not run the country except into racism. He should be in jail and not collecting a pension.

      • Will agree with you on that one but we all know in time they will change history and he will be picked as one of the greatest presidents of all time.

  6. Blame De-Segregation. Nowadays – Blacks have their own Culture – The (C)Rap Music, Pants with no Belt always falling down, When they talk to each other I can’t understand a single word they are saying. Their priorities are completely different . Why do you think an educated black person wants to leave the Inner City and move to the Suburb’s? To get away from all that BS. I never watch these awards show because they are more about politics, fashion, baby bumps and FEUDS. At least the Oscars limits this BS. Not enough blacks getting nominated? Tell Tyler Perry and Spike Lee to STOP making Anti-White movies and maybe they will get more recognition. Denzel and Miss Berry I like. Oprah, Whoopi and Queen Leadfoot STAY on the small screen.

  7. Blacks are blatantly racist, more than any other group. Barbaric violence is their specialty.

  8. “But won’t those artists feel a little silly winning awards they know they didn’t earn?”

    Actually, I think you fully described the Rap Music “genre” and its progenitors.

  9. This is from the Liberal Playbook, Racism 101. Use the race card every chance you get, tell Americans they are racist every chance you get!! Americans are sick of it!!! We put up with the WORST President ever for 8 years just to prove we are not racist. Trump won because of the Liberal Media and their criminal liar ways!! These Liberal FOOLS don’t get it, Americans have had enough of this nonsense!!

    • InternetCensorsREvil

      This from the party that brought us the KKK, fought against Civil Rights, segregation, etc.

    • It’s all from the far alt left BLM and their playing old socialist and union thug Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals, copied from Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Check both of them out on the internet. It will amaze you.

  10. As far as I am concerned, Adele won because she CAN sing. I don’t know what that noise is that they call “Beyonce”. Even Carlos Santana agrees with me on this point.

  11. every day Blacks seem to go out of their way to make more and more people hate them by their actions. it’s seems like they can not live without this hatred.

  12. all Blacks who don’t like it here in America should be “Awarded” a boat ticket to any port they like in Africa.

  13. It takes advertisers, viewers, attendees, etc for these shows to survive. I don’t watch them, attend them, and if I know who advertises, I don’t support them. Maybe if the whites would totally drop out, they would financially disappear.


  15. Like Carlos Santana said, Beyonce is not a singer. Adele can sing, sing, sing. Someone finally decided to give the award to an actual singer. That should be the news. However, racists cannot leave it that way.

    • This is worse than Kanye West rushing the stage and trying to take the award away from Taylor Swift so he could GIVE it to Beyonce!!! THEN, when she won the following year, he rushed the stage again!!

      I won’t watch award shows anymore. I don’t need to see a bunch of Hollywood prima donnas act like gods (small g) in their own right just because they are “entertainers.”

      Enough is enough.

  16. By rights, Beyonce should have gotten a , “Participation Award “. Bet that would have really pissed her off. Whatever happened to the good ole days, whenever you received an award, you actually,WON IT!

  17. We need to get out there and thank that african ahole once again for causing the sudden reversal of improving race relations…I have the concern that this will be in the streets once again before it settles down..♦

  18. Aint that some SHIT, being called a RACIST, by a RACIST, HA HA HA !!!! just because one did not kneel an kiss some MO FO ASS.

  19. Why would anyone (other than millennials) even care…it’s a music award!

    • I don’t give a rat’s fanny about anything Hollywood but I DO CARE that CNN is using this as another wedge to create division. They are a SOROS pawn! Because of this one man we could see another civil war. He’s doing this all over the world! Thank God his puppet Hillary didn’t win this election!

  20. This crap is getting out of hand. We need to address this and put an end to this idiocy by the left.

  21. Whites are racist when they win and blacks whip out the race card when they don’t.

  22. Maybe they ought to hand out plastic ‘participation’ trophies for themselves. Or keep a golden star chart like we did in grade school or at day care. I don’t give a flip, as I never watch these ultra liberal worthless crap shows.

  23. Beyonce did not win! Adele is better! Lemonade was nothing but rage against cops,, her husband, etc. Who wants to listen to that crap and i love music by black artist. Bottom line, both are talented individuals, it’s just that Adele was better with her music this year. Better luck for next year Beyonce. Quit with the white privilege crap, we do not live in each other shoes.

  24. They devote their whole lives to keeping racism alive.

  25. IT’S CNN! What more has to be said?

  26. Tired of this racist bull. Suck it up bitches.

  27. Here we go again,as usual, the LOOSERS start crying the blues. I personally do not listen to or watch either one so I have no ax to GRIND but I suspect maybe Adele’s product was better in the eyes of those that judge this nonsense!!!YA THINK!!!!!!YOU MORONS!!!

  28. What a pile of crap.
    Sick of this racist bull$h!t!
    The racists are the very ones claiming racism.
    Dumba$$ maggots

  29. Hot news flash: Beyoncé is NOT the be all and end all; certainly no hero! She’s just another hack pushing her hate filled agenda, calling it entertainment. Nothing heroic about hiding mediocre talent behind melanin level! Marian Anderson, Leontyne Price, Kathleen Battle, Ethel Waters, Beah Richards, and many many more black women could/can SING with beautiful voices and real talent. They deserve accolades, not the likes of Beyoncé! That female issobusymako g “poor me” statements with the merestshred of actual musical “talent” it’s pathetic! Awards USED to mean recognition of talent or ability, once upon a time. Now, it seems, the whiny entitled are demanding “participation trophies” for their no-talet hacks based on melanin levels only! How pathetically sad that will be for the future of “entertainment”.

  30. The left is like a rabid animal they will bit themselves in the ass continuously just because. They are insane
    with ignorance and do not know why just that they hate each other and every thing around them mainly because
    they were not taught right from wrong or that they have to obey society rules rather what they want to do just
    because they want to. They need to learn the basic rules of civilized rule before they can ever advance in this
    world. So sad that their parents did not teach them discipline and the fact of life, there are those who strive
    and work hard to achieve and other just wine and lose all thru life. No one will give them a dammed thing
    once they leave home and life is not what the socialist educators told them but it is a harsh reality that they
    are discovering now that they are venturing of their parent basements. Welcome to the Sunlight Snowflake,
    and reality.

  31. Beyonce expects to win the Grammy when you are displaying your pregnancy to the world like a cow. Face the fact Lady, you are going to seed. Adele has 7 seven of youth in her voice. There is young talent out there that sing better than Beyonce ever could. Bianca Ryann is one of them. Accept the fact, YOU ARE OLD!

  32. the awards are for entertainkment not social justice. Having a fat arsed black woman screaming black panthers vomit at me is not entertainment. She could take a lesson from ella fitzgerald, kili smith etc

  33. She doesn’t even sing,she’s been caught lipsyncing numerous times,even at the first black presidents inauguration

  34. Who cares?

  35. Thanks Obama

  36. Gee whiz! “Whites” are 3% of earth’s population and our numbers are diminishing. What’s to be done when all whites become extinct? Who are the intolerant racists going to bash next?

  37. I’m a person of color and I think Beyonce is a racist, cop-hating, walking-talking, filthy-mouthed human being.

    An icon to the Black and Brown community, she is not. She is a predator, in the same vein as conk-headed Sharpton, another racist, vile, mountain of human excrement.

    She talks “the Black talk”, yet has done significantly nothing for improving the lives of her Black and Brown fans…only fanned the flames of divisiveness.

    She will chase a dollar at the drop of a hat, giving “Command Performances”, travel to unashamedly “entertain” some of the worst African despots who murder, torture and imprison their own people.

  38. We even have white people claiming they are now black even though their genetics are white so they will not be called racists. We even have whites calling for the killing of all white people because the whites are ALL racists. This is one of the most stupid things ever contrived.

  39. RACISM?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    IT ISN’T RACISM AGAINST BLACKS, BUT THE OPPOSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    IF THAT ISN’T RACISM, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    THAT IS RACISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Congratulations to Adele! She deserved that award. When Beyonce came out on that stage perform, my jaw dropped. What the heck was she trying to do? I’m still puzzled over her performance. And the audience gave her a standing ovation, like she did something great, it was like they were worshipping her. Beyonce is a has been.

    • It was an out break of bed bugs. Someone had them and lice in their hair. Then they all stood up with the clap. Anyway that’s what I heard from an unnamed source that goes by DEEPTHROAT.

  41. Oh! Who said that , the black Muslim gay failure GITMO bound, OBAMA? I apologize for him too. He’s all for keeping blacks down on the plantation so he can be the ruling class. Obama has no class. Failed as a community organizer, too. Couldn’t even get bath towels right at the bathhouse. Could’ve figure out color coding. This WORLD is the last time I apologize for the lame Obamas.
    Over it now move on.

  42. The problem is that so many dumb white people have tripped over themselves because if they tried to claim their rights like the blacks do they where called RACISTS ,if you take a look at the influential blacks they are the ones that are RACISTS, They are nothing more than hypocrites.

  43. As for the immigrants taking the day off and protesting to show that they are needed, what if the whites closed down there stores for a week and they had no work. Maybe then they would realize that they are not needed and should go home. Maybe doing this protest the owners will realize that they are not needed and let them go.

  44. I don’t like Beyonce’ or Adele but I am sick and tired of the racists calling me racist just because I am white and just happen to achieve something every now and then. Shows how ignorant and insecure these people are, of which but the way exist in all colors.

  45. I do not feel someone should win because they are Black I do not listen to or watch Beyonce since her BLACK POWER super bowl performance. I want entertainment not political advice

  46. You’re telling me someone actually watched this show? Who Knew?

  47. This is so much crap. This is why I don’t watch their shows anymore, it’s no longer about entertainment! I don’t listen to their music, I don’t watch their movies, I don’t watch the awards shows, none of that! I am sick of Hollywood and the music industry that think it’s/they have a right to tell ME who, how, and what I should talk to about and what. I say Bullshit! I will speak and believe as I choose, I will choose who I support and who my friends are and what I believe. These people are no better than I am and they can kiss my American ass if they think differently!

  48. No I don’t think those artists will feel silly at all accepting awards they didn’t win. After all, they are entitled.

  49. In all of my 70 odd years I have never seen such whining for the blacks. It’s always the race card because that the only excuse they can justify. Again with the skin color, just like the last president. No matter the qualifications, just the skin color. Are these people so stupid as to believe that this is all that makes a person. I guess so.

  50. Young blacks have been sold a bill of goods by those with political agendas that are benefitted by blacks feeling like they are continually victimized. They think somehow whites walk into school and have a secret room where something is attached to white kids heads and it inserts an education. News flash, it takes work and time away from friends and playing to get a good education. Some people who are born with higher intelligence get that done more easily, but even Teddy Kennedy (who got into Harvard by his father’s influence) was kicked out of Harvard for being either too lazy or too dumb to pass a Spanish test, therefore hired someone to take it for him. If a black kid got into Harvard on the affirmative action path, would he be kicked out for cheating? Or would he even have to bother to cheat….just get an inflated grade? Isn’t it sad that every accomplishment of a black person is tainted with that suspicion?

  51. Why are White Americans even giving this whole Black “Me More Important than you Crackers” credence? The total percentage of Blacks in our American population is less than 20% and they act like they own our World. They do NOT.

    HEY WHITE AMERICANS, there are a lot more Whites (actually the Latino race has a much larger percentage of our American population than the Blacks – before the illegal influx – now it’s even higher) and other races than the Blacks. So why are they causing all the noise?

    FYI: Beyonce’s “Lemonade” took 15 different people to compose – it wasn’t just Beyonce’s work, but 14 other individuals plus some rappers. On the other hand, Adele and one other person wrote/composed ALL Adele’s songs. NOW WHO IS THE REAL TALENT HERE?? Definitely NOT Beyonce!

    Beyonce wears suggestive clothing and flaunts her sexualism like it’s her marketing tool. No doubt she is seductive, but her world is coming to a crashing halt for a year or more when she delivers her twins she is carrying and all that sexy look turns into baby carrying flab. No time to work out or gym hop! Two babies demanding feeding time, changing, etc. Nothing like “Motherhood” to derail one’s singing carrier!

    Perhaps THAT is the real reason all that stink is coming from Beyonce’s supporters? It was her last chance to win a grammy before Motherhood takes over her life! Besides, after the twins are born, everyone will be wondering who’s “mothering” the twins if Beyonce goes on tour or does a concert…what kind of mother would leave her tiny babies to go on concert? Or would she even want to do that?

    Maybe her “Mothering instinct” is stronger and she’ll want to play Mummy? Nah. However, interesting that once they become a mother, relatively few female singers can get it back together to pursue a dynamic music career. There are a few, including Adele who legitimately won Most Popular Album a few days ago, but most can’t combine the music career with good mothering skills…something has to give!

  52. Maybe on all the awards shows, including the BET awards show, they should have in every category a white winner, a black winner, ect. ect. ect. until every race gets an award in every category so no one can be mad anymore……….oh wait that’s stupid never mind.

  53. Whites need to grow a set and start telling everyone that we are proud to be white. Whites have done a bunch for this world, while blacks were still running around the jungles of Africa with a bone in their nose and no knowledge of America. Now they have the Congressional Black Caucus, Black Entertainment TV, Miss Black America, NAACP, and black colleges and college funds. None of that is prejudice, but if we marched for White Pride, prejudice, White Congressional Caucus, prejudice, White Entertainment TV, prejudice, Miss White America, prejudice, NAAWP, prejudice, prejudice, prejudice.

    This may seem like a racist rant, but, think about it. If we were all truly equal, and neither blacks nor whites had special treatment anywhere, we would all be better off. Neither race could point out special treatment for the other. There would be a lot less animosity towards the other if no one had special treatments for anything. Everyone works on the same level for jobs, schools, pay. Then when someone feels slighted, we can all laugh at their wrong minded views.

  54. This nonsense has gone beyond ridiculous. If black people want to win these awards, put something out there everyone enjoys. I listen to music for entertainment, not political crap. Get over yourselves, you’re hurting yourselves with this over kill of complaining, as soon as that starts I tune you out. Do ya feel me?

    • One of the best comments here! I feel ya! Betcha millions of others do too! But most of us are white, and there’s the rub. So sad!

  55. Yes indeed, the racist, anti-American COP HATER didn’t win “her” award. Awwwwww…she needs to go to her safe space. CONGRATULATIONS ADELE…you talented WHITE GIRL!

  56. These celeb fools have helped to bring this about just look at how adele herself acted. They make all this anti white BS possible.

  57. When Blacks do crime or drugs or murder or just stupid racist stuff, the pusillanimous PC crowd says that it was just “so political, so spiritual, so unapologetically black…”

    When whites call them on it, the whites are called the racists.

  58. I have been subject to that Jim Crow law known as affirmative action for decades. Maybe racism is the reason that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are minority leaders in the house and senate. Racism is seldom about hate, and the most dangerous form is about paranoia so these people had better back off.

  59. I am so over this bullshit. It’s gotten so bad why even brother to watch these shows when every little bitch who’s bkack cries about nit winning. This is no different then when Taylor Swift beat her out and that pos Kenya or how ever you spell his name jumped up and started his shot about how “beounce” should gave won. I think she’s about cutting edge as a dull knife. It’s nit because she’s bkack but because it bets are jyst more talented and for once the music got it right. Adel is so much more of a role model then this stick my ass out half naked. Showing your ass does n oi t make you a singer.

  60. This is why I don’t watch any of the crappy award shows anymore.This example is ridiculous.Could it be that the people like love songs better than a political album full of BS.Why is everything about Race these days?Just because Adele beat Beyoncé now the Grammys is Racist.I am so sick of all this.What is wrong with these people?Maybe Beyoncé should check her attitude.America is not all THUGS and Drug Dealers.It is obvious that she is anti-American and a Cop hater and god knows what else.Put out some music that a wider audience will enjoy and maybe you can beat the white girl.

  61. Adele won that Grammy fair and square! She is a far bigger talent than Beyoncé and she earned it pretty much on her own — with only the help of one other person, not a barrage of people.

    FYI: Beyoncé’s hit “Lemonade” was written/composed by Beyoncé PLUS 14 OTHER PEOPLE INCLUDING A COUPLE OF RAPPERS. Remember: 15 people composed Lemonade, NOT just Beyoncé!
    On the other hand, Adele, plus one other person, writes/composes everyone of her songs, mostly done by Adele. There is no comparison of talent. Adele wins out over all!

    My guess is that this was Beyoncé ‘s last opportunity to get a Grammy since she is pregnant with twins. Once her twins are born, she will be too busy playing Mummy to be out recording songs…if she is a good Mother. She will be out of the limelight for a year trying to shed that baby carrying flab with little to no time for the gym or workouts. Her biggest work out will be lifting those diapers and changing little one’s behinds. Nursing helps everything go back into place, but she may not be willing to use her glamour jugs for something so banal as nursing her babies. Hopefully, I am wrong. And hopefully no Nanny will be doing all of Mummy’s jobs.

    This Grammy was supposed to be Beyoncé’s crowning glory (at least in her Beehive and Beyoncé’s minds), but Beyoncé didn’t quite have it over Adele who rightfully “owned” that Grammy. It was so sad to see Adele cater to Beyoncé’s Beehive adoration when Adele was truly the winner of Talent. I’m not sure where those emotions came from, (fear or true adoration) but in everyone who truly knows talent’s eyes, Adele was the winner! Congrats to Adele! Enjoy your win! It was yours and won fair and square. You owe no one any apologies Great Lady!

    • Whites do NOT owe Blacks anything. Blacks need to stop screaming “Racist” every time a Black is outwitted/outsung by a White. When it truly comes down to ability, the BEST man (or woman) always wins — NO MATTER WHAT COLOR THE SKIN IS! We need to get back to judging people on their abilities, not the color of their skin. Black used to be Beautiful, but now it is just becoming boring!





    ETC. ETC. ETC.







  63. Gregg the voice of reason

    ENOUGH is ENOUGH… There are no slaves Time to step up and we ALL are Americans

  64. This is why we have decided to boycott watching any of the Hollywood awards shows. It is turned into a political show-down instead of a slap on the back “way to go” congratulatory show. Sick of it all! Personally, I am so turned off by Hollywood that I don’t care if I ever go to the movies, buy a CD or buy a DVD again. Hooray for your awards – enjoy your millions—hope it lasts, lest many others follow us.

  65. I am starting to be concerned about the fate of black people in this country.
    I worked in an industry, that was heavily, black
    I partied with them, danced with them, ate with them.
    I went to their homes, they came to my homes, I went to their clubs, took them to my clubs.
    Today, after being retired for 14 years, the majority of my friends are black.
    I hope that they will continue to do what many of them, are doing, laugh when they speak the name of Al Sharpton or the other race baiters.
    Most of them went to work and worked ever day they were supposed to be there and gave their employers a good day’s work.
    They are now, being tarred with the same brush of the scrubs responsible for the crap that is going on.
    Were I them, I would be shooting the liberal c-suckers.

  66. Motown, Disco, The Beach boys, Temptations, Smokey Robinson Rock and Roll…good times love songs , love found and lost, broken hearts , love making people whole…Romance..having a good time …dance music….WTF…exhausted with all the political overtones in every aspect of life ..especially entertainment…do your job..entertain…opinions will vary…

  67. This just goes to show you the willingness to be uncivil, mean, nasty over “NOTHING”. The Black people who are making all these wild, crazy comments (not all Black people) about killing Whites really need to be counseled because White people are about fed up with these threats and sooner or later the *%$# will hit the fan.
    Blacks biting the hand that feeds them will gain them nothing, in fact it will cause things to be taken away from them. Black people need to shut down the radical/racist part of their society before bad things actually start to happen. White people aren’t running around screaming about killing Black people so how about putting clamps on the mouths of the RACIST Black people who are doing all they can to initiate a race war, BEFORE IT ACTUALLY HAPPENS.

  68. There are basically three kinds of people in AMERICA.White or black,no difference.There are both white and black niggers,both do nothing but crime,color makes no difference.Then you have African americans and whites,the same that work the system,and then there are black and white AMERICANS that contribute to the best interests of AMERICA,barry and family was in the low end of the middle bunch.People that NEED help deserve help,but,there is a very big difference between need and want.There are an awful lot of organisms out there that are screwing the taxpayer,and it’s time to end this.B.L.M.is one of these.

  69. Slavery has been over in this country for over 150 years. Once slavery was over every person was responsible for their own actions, their success or failure. No one alive today has owned slaves and since the days of LBJ we have spent over a trillion dollars on hand outs and various social programs which were supposed to level the playing field for everyone. Really it was a Democrat plot to build a voter base among African American by hooking them on government giveaways. So, all of this racism is involved in who won an Oscar, a Grammy or what ever award is null and void. You want to win an entertainment award get out there work your tail off and give it your best. Stop riding on past laurels.

  70. Beyonce can win an award for lipsyncing

  71. I guess that Beyonce hasn’t won’t enough Grammy’s to put on her shelf yet, so anyone else especially if that singer happens to be white, Beyonce and her devoted tribal asses go ballistic.

  72. Beyonce way over rated in my view – all silicon. But regardless, Adele won, get over it. Such sore losers same
    as most of the left.

  73. Robert Willard Sr.

    But won’t those artists feel a little silly winning awards they know they didn’t earn? . . . wonder how Obummer felt about his “P” prize?

  74. There has been anti-white in this country for years…..afirmitive action. It is about time this series of attacks was rolled back! If it comes to violence…..inter cities have been a noose around the USA neck for years……
    Why? They plain just cost too much, are incredibly unproductive, and eventually this kind of disparity yields massive debt, and then they are cheated? No ….it is the inter cities which have plundered…and think they can kill our country to support their drug, crime, and welfare habits!

  75. The Communist takeover of “TRANSFORMED & TRANS-GENDERED” AMERIKA is a success, now what are we going to do about It? Armr===================? – – – -, we will be needing them – guaranteed!

  76. The leftists and their agenda are quickly becoming irrelevant. Beyonce’s music has gone down hill. Just because some consider her to be “Queen B”, I think she has become a hasbeen. I don’t remember hearing much about Beyonce’s latest album, so no apologizes are necessary. Adele won. Move on.

  77. Blah,blah,blah. I got over my White guilt long ago and I do not care if they call me a “racist” since the term no longer has any significance. BTW, Beyonce was never that great anyway.

  78. Oddly, I have said for years that Beounce isn’t selling music, she is selling sex. Carlos Santana just said she is not a “good singer”. There are a whole host of female entertainers doing the same thing. Beounce , Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera would perform totally nude if they could. Madonna would too if she wasn’t an old hag. And maybe, just maybe Beonce’s attitude and normal public demeanor are what non teeny boppers don’t like about her.

  79. If Beyoncé wants to make an album directed to the black people then she and her followers should expect that the rest of the world will go about its business and vote for an album that all people can enjoy and not be smacked in the face by it! She is more than welcome to sing about her important interests but should not expect everyone to feel the same. We all have our favorites and we all enjoy music and when they compete it is on an open field and not or should not be one with racial overtones. So why do some of her supporters try to ram her music down our throats! It is not their call! I’m still not comfortable with Black this or that if the same people who push that agenda are the ones who claim racism if others do the same! I’m not saying you should not be proud of your heritage or culture but don’t expect others to kiss your rear because you do! Obviously, the voters for Adele outnumbered those for Beyoncé! Live with it like we do when Beyonce does win!

  80. In what way is this whiny rant contacted remotely to Patriotism?

  81. Beyonce can’t sing! And I wouldn’t even buy any of her songs! More trash claiming something by race alone they didn’t earn.

  82. lets separate. its obvious we don’t get along or have much in common- so the left says. And, no matter how hard whites try to be good it just isn’t good enough. so maybe segregation would be the best course of action. do you think the left would allow that? But then again what would they complain about if segregation actually happened?

  83. I understand Beyonce being distraught because she’s used to having silly people who think such nonsense as flaunting a nearly naked body while “singing” is sensational. I personally don’t think she has much talent. Yes, she’s pretty but that’s only skin deep! Adele is PRETTY TO THE BONE and doesn’t have to lower herself to such tactics to mask a lack of talent. She IS talented! Don’t know anyone who doesn’t love “Hello”! The REAL story here is that CNN is AGAIN at the center of the controversy. These faux news Soros backed instigators need to be stopped! They are purposely dividing this country.

  84. Does anyone really give a damn?

  85. Enough of the Racist nonsense it’s high time to put
    Whites back in the mainstream of America where they belong. The blacks have bullied and lied there way into all aspects of America at a highly unfair proportion — they have almost taken over all aspects of sports, now the entertainment world,
    The music industry, the government and our military etc etc. for way to long we have tolerated their demands to a fault. No more–Blacks stats.
    Facts & Statistics All Americans (Black & White) Should Realize & Appreciate
    Some Black Americans (Who constitute 13% of the U.S. population) such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are constantly demonizing all White Americans and piously, viciously and self-righteously complaining about racism and unfair treatment on the part of White Americans (Who constitute 63% of the U.S. population) in the U.S. Here are the pertinent facts and statistics:

    1) There is no predominately Black country in the world where Black Citizens can get the extent of fair treatment and opportunities that are available in the predominately White Christian U.S.
    2) There is no predominately Black country in the world where White Christian citizens can get the extent of fair treatment and opportunities that are available to Black Citizens in the predominately White Christian U.S.
    3) Blacks throughout the world predominately immigrate to predominately White Christian countries, and primarily to the U.S., with good reason.
    4) Untold trillions have been spent in the U.S. since the ‘60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African community into the mainstream.
    5) In the 2008 Presidential race, 43% of Whites voted for the Black candidate and only 4% of Blacks voted for the White Candidate. In the 2012 Presidential race, 39% of Whites voted for the Black Candidate and only 6% of Blacks voted for the White Candidate. (These two facts suggest strong political racism of some individuals not voting for the judged best candidate and/or the best which matched personal political positions with respect to the welfare of the U.S. as a whole!)
    6) The most prominent causes of poverty, crime and dropping out of high school are single-parent households of which Blacks, with 73% single-parent households, have the highest rate by far. (In 1940 and prior to the War on Poverty which developed a reward system which provided more money for more children and the most money for single parent households, the percent of single parent households for Blacks was only 13%.) Have ill-advised liberal progressive Party policies such as the War on Poverty completely devastated the Black community with vote-bribing entitlements?
    7) The murder rate of Blacks on Whites in the U.S. was 216% of the murder rate of Whites on Blacks according to the FBI 2013 statistics and the Department of Justice statistics report that, although they constituted only 13% of the population, Blacks committed 52% of all of the homicides in the U.S. between 1980 and 2008.
    8) The per capita murder rate of Blacks on Blacks in the U.S. was approximately 1200% of the murder rate of Whites on Blacks according to the FBI 2013 statistics.
    9) The U.S. Black per capita robbery rate is approximately 400% of that of Whites.
    10) The U.S. Black per capita burglary rate is approximately 1,087 % of that of Whites.
    11) The U.S. Black per capita vehicle theft rate is approximately 1,066% of that of Whites.
    12) Black-on-White rapes are 100 times more common than the reverse and while White criminals choose Black victims 3 percent of the time, Black criminals choose White victims 45 percent of the time.
    13) The above crime rates explain the greater incarceration rates and mutual shootings between Blacks and law enforcement officers.
    14) Based upon facts, the “Black Lives Matter” movement should be primarily looking in the mirror and talking to themselves and arrested for racist, hateful, divisive, property looting and damaging behaviors in addition to riot-inducing distortions of the truth! There are many good and fair-minded Black citizens who are disappointed and concerned about such facts as these and are trying to do something about such through appreciative and loving church, community and education efforts. Outstanding Black Americans such as Herman Cain, Ben Carson and Colonel Alan West who speak out in support of economic systems that reward personal responsibility, productive behavior and just reward systems are quite often crucified by their liberal and progressive Black brothers. The good, objective, fair-minded and loving combination of Blacks and Whites have more in common than all Blacks as a total group or all Whites as a total group.
    White Christians fought to end Black slavery in the U.S. while Black-on-Black slavery continues in Africa today (Forced labor in Sub-Saharan Africa alone is estimated at 660,000)—both facts which many U.S. Blacks seem to ignore! Which race should presently be complaining about racism based upon OBJECTIVE FACTS & STATISTICS!

  86. Mr. Manfredgensenden

    ‘Grammys’ are awarded for ‘talent’, not the biggest a$$. Maybe they need a ‘Black Grammy’ show, like all the OTHER racist ‘Blacks Only’ things.

  87. Of course it’s racism the entertainment business is nothing but racism!!!!

  88. Yes, it’s getting real bad! An award to a white person would have to be presented by a black person…..but no, that won’t work either….the black presenter would probably be called an “Uncle Tom” by other blacks. Do you think an Eskimo would be a wiser choice?

  89. So…songs need to be about politics?

  90. They are soon going to riot at the hospitals every time a white baby is born.

  91. Have just figured out that the Blacks holler racism, because they are ashamed of being black, and just want to be white………..Wonder if they have tried bleach…….

    Blacks have more of a problem with black color than the whites do………

    That is why, when the yankees sent the “free” blacks into battle, the Southern boys just told their military, “don’t fire till you see the whites of their eyes”………

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