Whiteness History Month Coming to Portland College

For years, people have sarcastically asked why America doesn’t have a “White History Month,” a question that invariably draws out an answer so oft-repeated that you know it without seeing it again. But whether or not that’s a useful or appropriate suggestion, it appears that Portland Community College in Oregon is going to make it happen. The college has designated April as “Whiteness History Month,” and students are excited about the chance to finally explore in detail the many contributions white Americans have made to this great nation of ours.

Yeah, as you might have guessed, that’s not what it’s about.

No, the PCC initiative is a project meant to break down “the master narrative of race and racism through an exploration of the social construction of whiteness.” In other words, the college didn’t feel that students were being properly brainwashed enough through their usual courses. They felt the need to dedicate an entire month to making white people feel guilty for existing. Apparently, PCC wants to make sure they don’t finish out the year without some of those ridiculous protests that got so much attention elsewhere in the country. Maybe national controversies attract donations.

Whiteness, the college’s WHM website says, is only partially related to skin color. In fact, it is about “an ideology based on beliefs, values, behaviors, habits, and attitudes, which result in the unequal distribution of power and privilege based on skin color.” According to PCC, this ideology not only grants Americans with white skin material benefits, but those benefits “are accrued at the expense of people of color.”

Question 1: What parent would send their child to a school like this?

Question 2: Is this the kind of educational claptrap we’ll be funding when Obama/Bernie/Hillary makes community college free and universal?

Question 3: What does this kind of social engineering look like in twenty years?

The third question is the important one, because this is a freight train out of control. These stories seem ridiculous right now. But this kind of thought is already seeping into the mainstream. In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen the presidential candidates address the concept of white privilege – and it wasn’t to make fun of it. They are taking these concepts seriously, and there doesn’t appear to be any rush to oppose the illegitimate sociology known as “critical race theory.”

So what happens? You get an entire generation of young people who will grow up hearing about “whiteness” and “privilege” and “systemic racism” from the time they are in kindergarten all the way until they themselves are in college. They won’t be able to step outside that paradigm and see it for the lie that it is. It will merely be accepted that when you are born white in this country, you get special advantages.

When that message is fully instilled and accepted, the future is obvious. Laws will be enacted and enforced that make affirmative action seem like a conservative dream. White people will be forced down a peg to make up for all of those murky, hidden benefits. Minorities will not just be given a helping hand; they will be intentionally pushed to the top of the food chain in order to correct all of that invisible oppression. Revenge will be theirs, and guilty whites will gladly let them have it.


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  1. If the students would rise up and walk out in offense of this bullshit, then the school will back down. Hit them in the bank account.

    • Force the idiot(s) to back down without making a sound or throwing a rock. Back in the 1930’s a new Principal at our Public School made the long sleeve shirt & tie mandatory for boys to attend classes. A few of us got together and on the First Day we all wore Pajama Tops, and hid the knot of the tie below the belly button……when stopped & examined by the ROTC guarding every entrance we were allowed into class because we met the new Long Sleeve & Tie rule. The Principal never showed her stupidity again while I attended. We must keeping hammering away at LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER, on banners, flags, magazine & newspaper ads, on business cards, from the pulpit, on every piece of mail we send and a greeting when meeting anyone new!

      • Great story! You are exactly right! I preach it in my community and live it every day! I make sure to call them out and expose them for the cowards they are.

      • This has exactly nothing to do with liberalism or conservativism, Doofus! This is just plain silliness!

        • He gave an example of using logic in a manner that fights against their ignorance you illiterate retard.

        • It is not silliness. It is ANTI-WHITE RACISM! It should be treated as such and the school administration should be deluged with letters of opposition to this course of “study”. The Administration should be treated to charges of Hate-Speech, discrimination, and frivolous use of Federal funds. As I stated earlier, this is anything but silliness. IT IS DANGEROUS.

      • Jarhead,
        Most of the time I like your style. This is one of them. However, your comment about liberalism being a mental disorder would have more value if we really knew what constitutes a mental disorder. We are sadly lacking in mental health due to the fact that we still do not know fully know how the brain operates nor do we know a whole lot about the chemical and electrical affects on the brain. Currently psychiatrists and psychologists rely on behaviors which are products of brain functions but even neurologists do not fully understand the complexity of the human brain and cannot do constructive surgery or really make use of existing drugs to treat patients.

        • mr2bears@hotmail.com

          Do you hear that? Crickets

        • Mental disorders are whatever the psychologist and psychiatrist deem it to be in accordance to what is politically correct at the moment. Not too many years ago homosexuals, and Transgender were deemed mental disorders. Now these are exceptable, along with micro and macro aggression, people that feel they should have been born blind and dump Drano in their eyes, they shouldn’t have a left hand and try to cut it off as normal. When you believe the government is Santa and will give you everything you will ever need and everything they say is the unabridged truth, no matter what the facts show, you have a mental disorder.

          • ivdad,
            Correct. I have spent considerable time conversing with a psychiatrist and a neurosurgeon on the knowledge of the brain and it is a long sway from solved.
            Meanwhile we make use of “political correctness” which is horse pucky. If I could underline that statement I would. No one has the real answers to brain function or even disfunction.

  2. Why pay for an education when in reality you are not getting one? Teaching hatred and changing history to fit the agenda of a political party is not teaching nor is the crap being taught to our children from grade school up. What needs to be done is every real American should demand our taxes back that are paid for schools and send our children to any college except the ones in our own nation or just pull all our college students out of school for a semester or more until these jerks start educating our children instead of brain washing them. Enough people do this and it wont take long before our schools and politicians learn we are sick of their BS.

    • That’s exactly what happened to the junior high school my grandson attended way back when (he’s now almost 30). It started out as a government public school. Some years later I had reason to drive by it and, lo and behold, it had turned into a charter school. Even the name was changed. Apparently, enough parents were fed up with the trash teaching that had been going on (as my daughter did when she realized what was happening to her son) that the state had to close the school.

      As has happened quite often in my town, when a large building or campus becomes ’empty’, it turns into a charter school practically overnight. There was another building just up the street from me that started out as call center back when people needed info. The building is huge. When call centers became obsolete, it stood vacant for quite a few years. Finally it was purchased by an educational group and it became an outstanding charter school. So, you see… your suggestion is quite legitimate and has been acted on quite often in areas where parents are truly interested in the education of their children. I only wish it became a national pushback against the garbage that’s being forced down the throats of our youngsters by government schools. Also, another nice thing about charter schools is that they are tuition free. They must adhere to strict guidelines. My grandson attended a charter school from 8th grade to high school graduation; from there he entered junior college; from there he attended two of our three universities and now holds a BS in Chemistry and is holding down a good job.

      This could be the story for all the children in this country if only parents would take an intense interest is their children. Believe me, the time passes very quickly. I can remember when I used to pick up my young, now 11 yo, grandson from 1st grade. It seems like only last week. He’s now in 6th grade and will be in junior high next year. I realize it takes effort to make sure the homework is done, to help with it as much as one can, to attend Parent/Teacher meetings, to go to concerts, sporting events, chaperone parties, etc. But all of a sudden you wake up and find little babies running around in the livingroom. Where in the world did they come from? They came from that little guy you raised “yesterday”. And even then, it doesn’t stop.

      Three examples: 1. One day my youngest son, who was in Junior College at the time, came home from work, ate dinner, and was lounging at the dinner table. I did what I had been doing for nearly 20 years…I reminded him to do his homework. He patiently informed me that I didn’t need to remind him to do his homework anymore, that he enjoyed doing homework. At one point in his career, he worked in Germany and had to learn the language as he went along. Now he’s a retired Aerospace Engineer carving out a new career which includes…wait for it…loads of homework. He’s almost 58. 2. At the age of 32, his older brother came to me and announced he’d decided to become a doctor. He stopped working and dedicated himself totally to his studies. He earned his way through the university with top grades which qualified him for all kinds of grants and loans. That went on for years and years. He’s now almost 60 and has only recently become Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. 3. My daughter, who will be 62 this year, became a dental assistant, and has put in 20+ years in that profession. In her spare time she is now studying French, to add to the fluent Spanish that she speaks as part of her job.

      Why did this happen? Because I was willing to make sure, as young children, they understood the value of a good education; that they finished their homework every night; and that they were at their desks every day. If they needed help, I provided it. If they needed encouragement, I provided it. They were allowed to watch TV only on Saturday mornings and then it was out the door to play outside. Thank God there were no cellphones, iPads, Kindles, etc. to fill their minds with worthless trivia. There were rules about bedtimes and table manners and general deportment and when they were required to be home.

      So, once again, I say to any parent who reads this, Please, for the love of God and your children, get them out of the public schools. Find a local charter school that offers a curriculum that suits you and your child, and enroll them poste haste!!!!

      • 1Clara2, Congratulations to You for all Your care in making these United States the best home any where on the earth; especially, with Your family and the citizens around You. You and Your family have been truly blessed. An important message from Your experience proves to everyone that life has challenges and with attention, love and care those challenges can be met and overcome. Your message to the public is that there is no reward greater than that one works and sacrifices for. Free government help is a help to nothingness. It is a waste of life and true happiness can not be found in it.

  3. I am white, and the only “special advantages” I received were when I worked hard and gave back to my community.

    • Be careful of that racist speech gingergal or the IRS, FBI, DHS, EPA, BLM will be a calling on ya soon!

      • Right, didn’t you hear AG Lynch and Eric Holder on how wonderful the Black Lives Matter movement is? They completely ignored the looting and destroying of cities, tons, properties by those lawless mobs, as well as the killing of more police officers in 2014 and 2015 than ever before. This administration is lawlessness on steroids.

        • This just goes to prove that these people, Holder and Lynch,(two among MANY) are so STUPID, they can’t even find a legitimate cause to back! This is such a FAKE, LAWLESS, IGNORANT, STUPID, movement! You would think these people would TRY to find a HONEST, LAWFUL, SMART, PRODUCTIVE, movement to back!! It only PROVES what kind of moral judgement these high government officials have!!

        • What do they all have in common?

    • I am white and my “privilege” is to pay more & more taxes so idiots like obama, reid, pelosi, and all the other left wing p.c. idiots out there can get more & more welfare and tell me how I ought to be ashamed of my self for being white!!

      • I hear you, Edchero – I live near the ocean, and one now has to have a permit (read $$$), to fish off the beach! Just another way for politicians to get our hard earned $$$! Oh, just to be fair – one day a year, they declare a “permit free” fishing day – how generous.

    • davesnrakleberger

      I am almost totally white, except for my anus which is brown!

  4. Has anyone read the recent stories about black students who want to be segregated from whites? How do you say NAACP, black lives matter, etc. etc. etc. the real racist groups. And liberal morons are upset about white accomplishments being celebrated? Go live in another country if true justice upset you idiots!

    • peter, didn’t they fight for integration? Isn’t that what Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King stood for? Are these people complete and total idiots? Gosh, I guess they are – look at whom they voted into the WH two terms.

      • Now they are pushing hard for segregation, even demanding black only safe spaces. That is a complete misnomer. Ask yourself, have you ever seen ANY place that was all blacks that was safe? I say if they want segregation, let them have it, one time shot, no going back. Then we can see who ends up like Haiti and who lives in decent safe places. It would be less than a month before they were whining to be taken care of.

      • Rosa Parks was a naacp plant. Her job was to keep getting on buses, refuse to give up her seat until she was arrested. The begining of the hands up, don’t shoot mentality.

    • Blacks just cannot accept the real truth about their “culcha” of violence, dependency and racism. They must project their self hatred onto white people. Just look at two things. First IQ, in multiple studies replicated over and over, blacks have a much lower mean IQ, sub-saharan Africa it right around 70, they have not evolved as far as other races have. Second is violence. What do every single one of the most violent cities have in common? A population of over 80% black. Look at gun deaths in the USA. Obama was shedding crocodile tears to try and elicit sympathy for yet another illegal attempt at disarming us. 30K gun deaths annually he said. Conveniently left out is the fact that 21K were suicides. 8500 were black on black killings. That leaves 500 as other for Obama to blame whitey for. It never adds up with leftards.

  5. As an Adjunct Professor I learned quickly the greatest power you have as a part timer is putting butts in the seats of your classroom and making the University you work for LOTS OF MONEY. These days the reverse is also true, if there are not enough students in a class, IT GETS CANCELLED. I even gave pointers to my students on how much POWER THEY HAVE if they choose to use it when POOR PROFESSORS ARE given a class, complain and threaten to drop the class!!!!!!!! It costs the University big bucks. THE SAME APPLIES HERE, SIGN UP FOR THE CLASS THEN DROP IT THE DAY BEFORE IT COSTS YOU MONEY, then it costs the University money and the Prof needs to find another class to satisfy their teaching requirement for the year.

  6. The reality is that differences exist and always have. The consideration should be why differences are causal. Individuals overlook, for whatever personal reasons, some difference factors in forming relationships with people who are different from them. Politicians are, increasingly, adopting the notion that if government is the master, all the people, as servants in the master-servant relationship, will be content because their needs will be met by government, the master. If this were a completely satisfactory arrangement, we would not be debating the issue. The economic institution of slavery was a cost-saving measure with respect to labor. People only look to government because they do not have work or sufficient gain from work to afford to live. Just as the confederacy was formed as a government entity to represent and attempt to preserve an economic and social system built largely by the institution of slavery, government, today, is less and less viable because of the debt which perpetuates the cost of compensating non-working people with entitlement benefits. Injustice and inequality are the complaint. Difference, per se, means “unequal.” People are unequal because of abilities, innate or acquired.
    The education system determines, with a fair degree of accuracy, the differences in abilities of individuals and attempts to direct people into areas where their interests and abilities can attain a degree of success which yields personal satisfaction. The notion that a person’s skin color has anything to do with mental or intellectual ability is fallacious. Discrimination will always exist in the education system because it is the process by which differences are determined, based on the correct concept that, with respect to the learning of information, some people have better study habits or better memory abilities than others and, with greater consistency, they get more answers to questions correct than incorrect. Let’s face it, it can not be accomplished any other way. Declaring all students equal for purposes of equal reward is not only dishonest, but imposes an equality on all of which many would be incapable of fulfilling the responsibilities.
    Reward is the basic goal of anything. What is the reward of “equality?” Justice?

    • IQ level has much to do with success in life-black, white, yellow, or brown. How that IQ translates into education and good or bad behavior determines who will succeed in the work world, and who will be in poverty or prison. Why do so many young blacks aspire to professional sports or entertainment? They want out of the ghetto and into a better way of life. Too bad ghetto habits often accompany them into their upgraded life; behavior is the ultimate determiner.

  7. When you can no longer walk the streets or voice your views as a white person in this nation then all these fools will realize they caused their own destruction. Colleges are nothing more then indoctrination centers for the stupid.

  8. Now I can understand how all those who have immensely profitted from being White Priveleged can treat other races as they do (obamao, jarrett, holder-lynch, jackson, sharpton, et al.)

  9. Terrible idea, but that’s what the left is all about…Racial division. After all, why better yourself when you can tear down a whole group in order to make your shortcomings someone else’s fault, thus gaining preferential treatment in the end?

    White privilege . . . SHITE . . . . discrimination YES

    Here is my response to those who attempt to castigate and coerce even more concessions to minorities in addition to set asides, affirmative action and upward mobility subsidized housing etc etc etc to name a few of the programs in an attempt to assist the “have nots” to become the “haves” but we are getting little help from the “have nots”

    “White Privilege” . . . . . [HORSE . . .PUCKY]

    ,‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is learning to get up in the morning prepared to work

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is living in a 2 room paper tar shack with my 4 siblings and parents

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is saying nighttime prayers in unison with siblings nightly

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is living without A/C until I was 43

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is acknowledging that God is the supreme being and he rules.

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is working on a farm carrying water to field hands at age 7.

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is selling newspapers on the corner every evening after school

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is picking raspberries in the heat of Missouri summers

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is helping neighbors without expecting pay.

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is being a soda jerk at 15

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is being a beach refreshment attendant at 16 instead of playing on the beach.

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is mowing lawns in the summer and shoveling snow in the winter

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is being a florists cleanup/janitor at 17

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is going to school and learning everything possible.

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is graduating from high school abet with earned “Cs” but still graduating.

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is joining the AF

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is attending church regularly and thanking God for his guidance.

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is tolerating affirmative action minorities promoted over abilities.

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is holding a full time job managing a theater while going to trade school after the AF

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is traveling and accepting apprenticeships in 7 states to learn the trade after trade school. Eventually becoming a journeyman and a foreman. like my brothers.
    We succeeded because of the work ethic learned from our parents.

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is giving up the trade due to scab strike breakers at a liberal newspaper.

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ going back to school and earning a BS in Biology while supporting a family. The only assistance received was $800 per year on the GI bill. No tuition aid or book aid.

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is at 49 years old finding I could not get work in my chosen field due to affirmative action appointments of minorities after 5 years in college

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is not becoming a baby daddy (or baby mommy) until I was married with a job.

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is accepting menial work in a poultry plant and to work my way up again to supervisory positions. Way below my education and experience qualifications

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is doing without vacations during the first 30+ years of my working life.

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is saving money to invest instead of spending on vacations and new cars and big houses. narcotics and partying.

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ applying ones self and making new opportunities from adversity

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ being willing to travel to grasp opportunities even if it meant separation from family for a short periods.

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is dedication, reliability and dependability, making myself nearly indispensable to an employer

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is the ambition to succeeded on my own. And YES, I DID do IT

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is not feeling sorry for the adverse treatment I have had to endure due to government actions and affirmative actions.

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ Is thanking God for giving me the opportunity to succeed

    ‘What you call ‘ WHITE PRIVILEGE’ is just me being better than you.’ because of the things I have done and learned, mostly attitude toward working..

    there is no instant success, like the man said success is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration..


    Lestref posting below made some pertinent comments which I am incorporating into this posting
    So yeah. I’m way tired of being told just because I wake up each day, a white person (which, sorry, we can’t help what color we’re born), that my life, is inherently better.

    Society doesn’t cater to ME and walk on egg shells around ME because I’m white.

    Society doesn’t feel they have to be careful what they say around ME,

    Society doesn’t fear of offending ME for being called racist or mean, because I’m white.

    Society didn’t give ME a college scholarship

    Society didn’t teach ME how to milk the system

    Society didn’t give ME a an affirmative action position in a job just because I’m white.

    Society does not provide me with upward mobility opportunities to promote me far beyond my capabilities (Peter principle)

    Society never felt bad for ME as a poor kid growing up with nothing, just because of the color of my skin.

    Society never provided me with free summer camps that my parents could not send me to.

    All these privileges of society belong, predominantly, to black people. I wish I had had it as good as the black people of today have it.

    But, hey, what do I know about all that? I’m a so called “privileged” white person.

    Give me a major break.

    • And that the TEN COMMANDMENTS are NOT suggestions!

    • EXTREMELY well put, Tea Party Patriot!!

    • AND, the whites can thank the “democrat politicians” for ALL the entitlements for the useless ni99ers~

    • I’m sure almost ALL of what you said has never, will never, & won’t ever be admitted by the whiners. But I hope you can accept that your stance is shared by most of us, and that it is indeed, our privilege to EARN what we have, as you have! Having PRIDE isn’t bad, maybe that is what the socialists are trying to steal from us.

      • .
        They are trying to rob us of Pride and the sense of accomplishment. Remember when BHO-ZO declared and the press trumpeted as a great proclamation that “You didn’t build that” It was a way of trying to tear down individual accomplishments and push us into submission to the omnipotent Big Brother government.

  11. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    Why should the students walk out, White Americans deserve recognition as much as anyone else ! What I want to know is why has the last 49 years of racial employment discrimination against White Americans under affirmative Action Not been considered Racist Discrimination under the guarantees in the U,S. Constitution of fair and equal treatment of all Americans ? Things are going to change under President Trump, This political Correctness and discrimination against White Americans is coming to a Stop and reparations will be coming soon ! This is what happens when you push Racial discrimination too far for too long, You turn people who want fair and equal treatment for All Americans, To fight back using the same discrimination that has been used against them and our 70% will have no problem over powering your 12% !!

  12. Stupid college, can’t even get the colors right ! Not white but caucasian and the majority of those that are stirring up all the trouble are brown, not black !

  13. The white privilage..consists of having to pay for all the shitbirds who are riding the free for me gravy train and then hiving to read this kind of crap everywhere about how wrong we are…..F-all of them.

  14. I am a 70-year-old white person. I realize, because of my looks, because of how I dress and present myself, I get certain benefits of the doubt in stores, in banks and with law enforcement. Driving a Dodge Caravan also puts you, visually, in the non-threatening category of nearly 100% of people’s minds. I understand this. I don’t purposely try to dress the part or act the part, but I know I get certain perks because of it. Yes, there is a positive reaction to who I am from the majority of people I encounter. I live and work in the upscale community of Sarasota, Florida. I am poor, yet I fit in, visually, with the very upscale winter season crowd. I had a boarding school education in Boca Raton and am college educated as a scientist. All of these things help, from border crossings into Canada with an over sized load of a racing sailboat without any permits, to speeding tickets, to how customers react to me taking care of them in my store. In the mind of most of the world, I look like your favorite grandfather in the mindset of so many. I am aware of the benefits of that.

    A good friend of mine was a retired United States Marine Corps Officer. He drove a perfectly restored BMW 3 liter coupe. He had impeccable manners. He was well educated and had a wonderfully cheerful attitude. He sang opera, yet he was treated differently. I saw that. When we went to an event where there were security guards checking people, I would always breeze through. He was almost always walking close by, usually conservatively dressed like me, and yet he would get stopped, asked for his ID, maybe have to answer some questions. I saw the difference in how we were approached every day, yet in almost every way, he was a better man than I.

    It happens. It is real. I saw it every day. He was always nice when he was treated differently than me and never put up a fuss. He was generous and kind-hearted to a fault, yet he was treated differently. He is the perfect example that there are still, very real prejudices in this country. In my mind, though, he was the better U.S. Citizen, the better person. He died too young at age 62. He had a lot more to give.

    • The same scrutiny happens when you are white in a non white enviornment….usually without the etiquette. Why white people are expected to defer to nonwhites, based solely on skin color, is beyond comprehension.

    • And you never mentioned what the difference was between you and this person that brought this on. Was he Italian? Or had only one leg? Please don’t use a cute play on words.. There is a lot more to this than one person being so wonderful and we should have all likes and dislikes based on one person. I am a low key person who try’s to blend in with any situation and am a veteran, college educated 84 years old . i was born and raised in an industrial area where we had a complete mixture of cultures and nationality’s with about10 % black. My parents taught me manners and never be UN kind to ANY one and try and get a good education. We were very poor, like everyone else but there were no food stamps or unemployment checks to help us.. We had three stars in our house windows during WW2– #1 Killed in Action,,,#2Missing in Action ,,and #3 Prisoner of War,, and i was in Korea.== We did not stop traffic on the streets or go into eateries and get into peoples face’s while they were eating or burning or looting. . You told your story now i will tell you mine . When i was going to grade school before WW2 even though the blacks lived side by side in the mixed area, We were. jumped on and picked on constantly by usually a group of blacks,,,,never one on one- My oldest sister was a registered nurse in Chicago and was going out to her car after her shift at the hospital and was attacked by a black man who pistol whipped her and robbed her, and she died very young 3 months later from the beating. There were approximately 30 people who were within 50 feet of her who had to have heard her screaming but did Nothing to help and when questioned by the police they would not cooperate with information as to identifying the attacker.. 90% of them were black

      • Sorry about the omission. It kind of takes away the whole point of my post. He was black. That’s what I get for trying to write and watch what is going on with the stock market at the same time. I have edited the original post. Thanks for pointing out my dumb mistake.

      • When i was growing up in the peoples republic of calif. Always groups of blacks ganging up on whites. This (black) group of people have been disfunctional since WWII. They are parasites on society. Of course not all blacks are, bur inner city welfare leaches ARE problematic!

    • Well, I can only offer you the hope that you too can be disregarded for being white someday. You’ll probably find, as your USMC friend did, that it isn’t pleasant being white in a black neighborhood either.

  15. Students should refuse to participate with any of this BS! I would be looking to transfer, but it is Oregon!

  16. It comes down to raising your kids the RIGHT way! I taught my boys that you are citizens of the United States of America. You aren’t Irish/American, Spanish/American, etc. etc. you are AMERICANS and the only ignorant, bigotry, racist people are the ones that segregate from being proud citizens of the US of A. I taught them to treat others the way you want to be treated and stand strong on your beliefs and morals. Respect your elders, do well in school and work hard for what you want. Don’t be afraid to have a voice and never be afraid to hold true to who you are as a citizen and God fearing men. You are liable for your words and actions and no one else is to blame for your life. Your life is what you make of it and it doesn’t come free. Be proud of our country, all its history and all who made this country what it is. No colors stand stronger than the RED WHITE AND BLUE! Time to take back America and give her the respect and dignity she deserves. Whiners…don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya! Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country! God Bless America!

  17. As a WASP, this is just too embarrassing to even comprehend! WHITENESS HISTORY MONTH???? Oy veh, too too much!

  18. Key words ?? Social engineering!! That is what Khrushchev told us would happen then the commies WIN WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT!!! Now please remind me exactly where’s the success of MARXISM in any of the 45 countries that has tried this crap??

  19. Is the college going to give any praise to the plantation owners that brought the brown , slave ancesters here ? If it wasn’t for them there would be a lot less browns here, they would still be in Africa !

    • No they would be dead,before there was a market for slaves the invading tribes was killing all the teenage and adult males.Only the women and children was spared death,as they were used for slaves and assimilated into the tribes.

  20. Being 99% Caucasian & 50% Negro allows an insight to be proudly a Christian in spite of a dysfunctional society. ~mikewondoctrine~

  21. I have always heard that “Ignorance is Bliss”, guess they were right…

  22. I maintain a list of schools, that i consult before i schedule an interview with a prospective candidate
    If the tendered resume has one of those schools on the resume, I circle file it..
    i wish that I could say that that college was just added to the list, but, it was already on the DO NOT HIRE list

  23. So does this mean whites should start doing their fair share of looting, rioting, burning, breeding with everything with legs, rape anything with legs, drop out of school because its too hard, robbing banks, gas stations, old people and cripples, act like the world owes them something, stop paying rent and still stay for 9 more months, join gangs and terrorize neighborhoods, not know who father is, blame everyone else for all the evils, shoot anyone and police for anything, act uncivilized, dont work or try to work, get handouts so dont need to work, and the list goes on an on an on. Is that what needs to happen?

    • Yes, act now and recieve my, ‘How to be’s actin’ like a black folks’ kit.why waste valuable time learning skills you abhor?? Just follow my simple instructions and you to can learn to live like a professional victim. Includes; how to wear your pants midthigh for yore next job interview..channel your inner black female..gain 100 lbs in two days, learn to shout loudly fo everything,,Ax a question, while others are talking.!!

      • It is much easier for civilized people to act out in uncivilized ways (even though most would not under normal circumstances) than it is for the uncivilized to even try to become civilized.
        So it would appear that since we cant raise some people up we must lower the privileged (everyone else) to the same level so everyone will be equal. Such a Liberal idea they wish to promote.

      • Do you know where the term for wearing your pants below you ass came from? Saggin they call it, Reverse it. Their ignorance never ceases to amaze me.

  24. Both Oregon and Washington states were taken over by the former socialist residents from California. They ruined their own home state decades ago and with the enormously over inflated values of housing and the population density they decided to move. So north is where they headed. But because of the “capital gains” tax burden involved with selling an extremely valuable piece of property and purchasing a less valuable property in Oregon and Washington, the Californians ended up totally devastating the economies of both states. They didn’t want to pay huge capital gains taxes so they foolishly made offers for cheaper property at the amounts they received for their California property. A huge windfall for existing residents of Oregon and Washington but devastating for the future real estate economy. So now real estate in all three west coast states have been put out of reach of most residents. Californians did the same thing to Colorado. Once liberals moved into Oregon, Washington and Colorado so did all the liberal government B.S. that follows these parasites wherever they go.

    • Idaho is still OK and conservative, except in parts of the Panhandle. Montana is mostly conservative, also.

      • OldPatriot32, Just an update. The mayor of Boise is calling for more “refugee” aliens in Idaho, particularly in Boise. He thinks the onslaught of middle eastern aliens is marvelous. The billionaire who founded the yogurt corporation is using those aliens and requesting more low-scale workers from the middle east to contribute to his billions of dollars income.

      • That’s a shame. I love Idaho. Visited there in the mid 1990’s for work and got up to the Coeur D’ Alene area. All the natural scenery I got to see was incredible but Coeur D’ Alene was really special. When I was there the foothills around Boise were already pretty brown but north of Boise was really great.

    • maxx, You present a good review. However, as one of those California residents who moved up north let me tell you the people I met were died in the wool liberals and it didn’t begin when the Californians arrived, it started decades before in the educational systems and politics. So, while your take on the situation is certainly true in many cases, it was not the fault of the moving entities.

  25. What a garbage dump! Any college or university which sets out to humiliate anyone should be closed down and its windows and doors shuttered!

    • WVF, Thank You for the Voice of Reason! It is absolutely insane that American citizens are letting the political correctness junk/garbage close their minds and mouths in standing up for their rights. You are positively correct in that these propaganda mills referred to as institutions of learning should be “closed down and their windows and doors shuttered! “

      • Years ago, I was involved in the higher education “system.” I know what this fraudulent “educational” system is really all about. In 2005, I even wrote a book about it called ACADEMIC SHARECROPPERS . . . . I was considered weird because I was a conservative by professors and students alike. Close them! Close them all!

        • WVF, Congratulations on Your scholarly endeavors. What a shame the country has not had more educators of Your standing. I worked in the College of Education of a major west coast university from 1979 to 1994 and was witness to the political correctness seeping into the culture of the college. I was not aware of what it meant. Just knew it did not make sense. Since retirement have researched more political science to become aware of what has happened to this nation which had such glorious potential.

          • Thank you, speedeesam, for your kind comments. It’s good to know that there are people as yourself out there who know what sham a our “indoctrination” system is really all about. What has been happening to the U.S. for the past 50 plus years is exactly what the Communist Manifesto outlined. BTW, I highly recommend taking some online courses from Hillsdale College. They are free! I have taken several of them. I think you would enjoy them as much as I. God bless and keep the faith!

          • WVF, Yes, You are so correct in that Hillsdale College is the finest institution in this nation and what a pity there are not more of its calibre. I have intended to do just as You recommended but keep putting it off.
            You see, I am beginning to go blank. I know what the situation is, how we got there, have been inundated with the thoughts of others defining the problems to the Nth degree, but no one is coming up with a workable solution and evidently, up until now, there have not been enough strong Conservative groups to go to war and save this nation.
            My only excuse is that being a disabled, senior citizen with just enough to survive the cost of living, no transportation, and facing an 89th birthday, I just don’t have the energy to get out there again and work for the good of the nation.
            Forgive the personal ranting, just had to run it by You.
            Keep up Your good work. We need You!
            God Bless You and Yours. Yes, we will keep the faith!

          • speedeesam, thank the good Lord, I am still able to get out and about and do what I can for our country. Since you are near 89, I’m sure over your lifetime you’ve done a lot for America. Though I’m not a kid anymore, I want the America I grew up in returned to me. I’m in my 70’s, but I still have a great memory about what America used to be. I don’t know who you’re supporting in the GOP race, but I’m all in for Donald Trump. A lot of people are saying he’s not conservative enough. Anymore, I’m not sure what that means. We have so many RINOs throughout government, it’s hard to tell a conservative from a liberal. Don’t worry about the fight, I will do enough for both of us. My wife said to tell you she will be praying for you. She does seem to have a hotline to God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I/we want to make America great again!

          • WVF, {woops!…hit the wrong key}
            Thank You and Your wife for Your lovely thoughts.
            I will vote for The Donald, praying he means what he says and that he will be an honorable patriot and do what is right for the nation. The opposition is pulling out the stops to ruin him but that is to be expected. No matter what “they” come up with nothing could be worse than the enemy of all citizens on the right. Thank You for Your work and time to rescue the greatness of a country which has been attacked with treason.
            Tell Your bride that we need direct connection to the good Lord more now than ever. I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ is in the process of finding enough good American souls who are worth saving from the onslaught of evil we are facing.

          • speedeesam, God is the only real answer, but he could use Mr. Trump as his vessel of reason. Unlike, it seems, most Americans I use inductive and deductive logic in a rational approach. For example, if Donald Trump is able to accomplish only half of what he says, that is a gain of incalculable degree. What we have now is an American hating Islamic-Muslim-in-Chief who is working every waking hour to destroy this great country. If Trump comes through on just half of his promises, that could put us light years ahead in political terms. When Trump could be preventing further damage to our country by fulfilling only half of his promises, that would take up the time that a BHO type of person would have destroying it. I will support Mr. Trump, because there is not another candidate out there who is able to accomplish what this man could. It’s all in God’s hands–not the evil George Soros or GOP Establishment elites!

          • WVF, Yes, We are on the same page. We truly are aware now it is, indeed, in God’s hands with our attention to being grateful for our blessings and striving to become Christians acceptable in the Lord Jesus Christ’s recognition.

  26. PatriotGal-unfortunately that was then and this is now. People become more dependent when the governments gives the working class monies away to those who leech.

  27. What’s next, “Kristallnacht for whites?” Unlike Jews in Nazi Germany, which also had racial superiority policies, we white guys (and gals) in the USA have a LOT of guns and ammo. Bring it on – you won’t like the result!

  28. Again! Liberalism “splits” races and causes unrest. You can blame this fanaticism on “obama The Destroyer” and his side kick Soros…both bent on removing the White Class from controlling America. Both of them will do anything to make that happen.

    The sad thing is that so many High School students no longer are being taught U.S. History, so they go to college not knowing how our great country was created — by “The Whites” with back breaking physical labor and a drive to escape religious persecution in England. Come on now!!!!!

    Thanks to obama’s Common Core, the WORST FORM OF TEACHING EVER, producing students with little to no knowledge about the “real” world OR HOW OUR GREAT COUNTRY WAS BUILT – with the sweat and ingenuity of the White Race!

    The White Race at that time came from all over Europe in the form of Settlers. Without the W.R.’s ability to envision a new and wonderful America, none of us would be here today and America would remain an unknown wilderness.

    So know that without the American White Class Exceptionalism — there would be No America! So instead of ragging on Whites about God knows what, HOW ABOUT A LITTLE APPRECIATION FOR THE GOOD WE DID AND CONTINUE TO DO TODAY?!

    Liberals, put that in your crack pipes and smoke it! Get some “Mental” help Libs. Your “mental clarity” is failing.

    • LOL-I couldn’t have said it any better, bulls-eye! We are dealing with a generation of liberal idiots training more liberal idiots.
      Trump in 2016, or the US is doomed!

    • Outside of obamao being Soro’s Charlie McCarthy Dummy (not a sidekick), I think you’ve got it right.

  29. Obama’s new name: The “ExLax King” always shoveling more crap for American’s to throw back in his face! Can we make a T Shirt for this? What do you think?

  30. Ya right racism doesnt exist whitey’s been so fair to everyone after he destroyed and took the land from the Indians and enslaved the Africans and built his fortunes on there backs then when they gained there so called “freedom” he put his Jim Crowe laws in effect to keep them down Hell its only been since the 60’s that the playing field has been somewhat level for people of color and I could keep going on and on about how brutal whitey has been so I’m glad to see this college have the balls to tell whiteys brutal and unfair past its the facts people but I know you people live in your world of make believe and lies your kind is coming to an end though I talk to the younger generation all the time and they hate your type I get so sick of having to kick some rednecks ass for using the N-word in the bar I go to but you can’t fix stupid and I’ll never back down

    • As long as you are able to realize that by ‘whitey,’ you are actually describing democrats (jim crow laws, enslaving by economic disenfranchisement, brutal & unfair etc.) but I think your programming hasn’t ever shown you the (newly-formed) Republican Party elected Lincoln, in opposition to the slavery-over-everything Democratic Party. Too bad, your masters (demos) prefer you believe the Sh-tuff they are serving you, and it sounds like you are caught – hook, line, and sinker.

      • that was the Demacratic party of the 1800’s this is the 2000’s and things have changed the Republican party of today has an agenda of destoying the middle class starting with Ronald Reagan and his deficit spending on a huge military budget and a tax break for the rich causing the middle class higher taxes on through to all Republican presidents giving the rich tax breaks and so forth I’ve never understood why anybody not rich would vote for people that want to destroy social security not allow health care for all and go around wanting to start wars with everybody

    • As a successful Native American, I pity you for being such a bitter LOSER, but your comment reveals the tribalism people revert to.
      A free society requires effort.

  31. Too many people in this once great Nation seem to have too much time on their hands and too little common sense. BTW where can I get some of this “White Privilege”?

  32. Yes, we have an issue in our Country between Whites and Blacks. Since obama has been in office that issue has grown immensely. He is dividing the races even further, that’s his agenda Americans, both Black and White! He wants us at each other’s necks, because while we are fighting, he is “destroying” even more of our values.

    There has always been issues with Blacks causing violent acts, Whites have done some themselves, but if you check the stats on violence in general, you will see the majority of violence happening inside Black low income housing. What do you expect? School drop outs, living in a drug environment, many families with no father figure, little to no jobs…black kids are learning quickly that life isn’t giving them a fair hand. Unless they remove themselves from that nasty environment, they too will become a statistic.

    Whites have issues too, mass shootings (most were registered Democrats), White Collar crimes, divorce rate is skyrocketing, etc. But, Whites seem to survive better and try to go on and make better choices. Not so Blacks, except those that have managed to escape the system and get educated. These are wonderful Black people to know and keep as friends that you can learn from and they can learn from you.

    Until Politics stops using Blacks as pawns in their evil schemes to destroy all that is precious and Patriotic to Americans, many blacks will remain as slaves to their existence. Blacks must pick themselves up and find a new direction for their lives and children and get out of those Government prisons they call home. They may need honest, trustworthy Whites to help them do that, but they definitely DO NOT need any more Liberal ideas to divide them even farther from the White existence. Whites aren’t ignoring the Black plight; however, this sitting president and his corrupt administration IS CONTRIBUTING TO THE HUGE ABYSS THAT HAS OPENED BETWEEN OUR RACES AND HE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED…NOW!

    Kindness is a virtue and all humans need to be treated with kindness…until they either respond in kind or walk the other way. What have you contributed to kindness today?

  33. I am White and American and PROUD of it!…Found out early on in Life, the harder I work, the luckier I get!

    • It isn’t luck it was earned. I have gotten raises from my employers because I work hard, I am not late, I am respectful and I am honest. These are values that we need to instill back into the youth. You reap what you sow. The jobs where I received raises after a short time working were physical labor jobs and I out performed the young men (yes they were stronger) but I out performed them in work ethic as well as doing my duties faster and better than them. I am a white 1st generation female American and very proud of it!!!!

  34. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    First I am NOT white I am pink! Second, most coloured people are brown! (very few are black)
    Second, ALL LIVES MATTER!!
    i don’t give a rotten rat’s ass what the color of anyones skin is. Its how that person behaves that matters

    • disqus_CeZmTpgh9W, An aside. I am a Scot Irish American whose ancestors arrived in North and South Carolina in the 1800s.
      My precious friend, who was a Japanese war bride, described to me her reaction when she first saw American soldiers after the surrender of Japan.
      The Japanese civilians had been admonished to stay inside and not be visible when the Americans arrived. Well, that just inspired her to make sure she didn’t miss a thing. The Americans came into her town in the middle of the night and she was hiding outside watching. She was amazed at what she saw. She exclaimed, ” They are not white! They are pink!!!! “

  35. PSYOP operation to make you ACCEPT the Nerogro sodomite for the TURD term in the coming SHTF.

  36. All races have done, or are doing horrific things, but the white race is the only one that is ashamed of what their ancestors have done. No other race.

  37. Can we stop all this BS? Black history month? Let’s have Irish month, Italian month, German month, etc. There are so many nationalities that built this country! They came poor, enslaved. Time to unite. And while we are at it “stop all this white privilege crap!” Since LBJ and unbelievable amount of money has been spent benefiting minorities. They have gone nowhere and lots of whites paid for it and were discriminated against. Let’s get over it and stop the division!

    • You know the liberal solution for every problem – throw a shovel full of money at it. When that fails, get a bigger shovel. LBJ and the democrats since then are a classic example of this.

  38. This is to be expected in Portland, overrun with California libturds since the days of hippiedom & free love for all!

  39. When I was an undergraduate student in college so many decades ago, a group of leftists and black radical activists protested the voting of the students for the homecoming court. Their reasoning was that we needed to have more black homecoming court members elected and wanted to “gerrymander” the voting to provide that outcome.

    These leftists and black activists wanted to have two homecoming courts, one white and one black. They even held a vote only among black students to accomplish this. Some of the sane-minded students, all remaining anonymous, stole the false ballots preventing this racist action and by the time the matter was adjudicated in favor of common sense and tradition, the false ballots “mysteriously disappeared.”

  40. From the world communist convention in Moscow in 1928, with Stalin in attendance, this what they determined. The communists had been studying the race question for a long time and decided that they would use their control of our press, to keep the race issue continually before the public. They would vilify white people at every opportunity, attack their history, educational institutions, forms of government and especially their religious beliefs. Through this means they would establish a Black Soviet State in the southeast region of this country. Mlk was used to do this very thing, he was extremely racist and bisexual and perverted. He incited violence and hatred toward whites everywhere he went. He was heavily involved with the gay and lesbian alliance and NAMBLA. Through this means these sex perverts have now been given minority status, which means they can use political force to establish their agenda. King was also involved in orgies , and was a card carrying communist. Everything about him was a lie. The final phase calls for blacks to rise up and start killing whites, and taking over their land and houses. They are very close to this right now. Ferguson and Baltimore attest to this. Obama is pushing for state,sponsored genocide against white people. This is exactly what blacks did to white people in Egypt 3500 years ago. The Egyptians were brothers of the Ethiopians, and they enslaved and killed many white people. White slave labor was used to build the treasure cities of Pithom and Ramses, and the pyramids.The blacks then passed genocide laws to destroy all white male children, the white women were kept alive to be used as sex slaves by the black men and women, in the bisexual orgies that composes Baal Worship. Cannibalism was part of this religion as well . Cannibalism is a composite of two Coptic words Kanna-Baal it means Priest of Baal. Canaanites inhabited Sodom,Gomorrah,Admah,Zeboim and Zoar. They were the brothers of the Ethiopians and the Egyptians. They tried to gang rape Angels , now that valley is known as ” the Sea of the Dead” . Jesus installed Obama in office because this nation has forsaken Him and chosen Lucifer therefore He gave them exactly the type of leader they wanted. At the same time, specifically in March of 2009, the Angels that destroyed Sodom,Gomorrah Admah,Zeboim and Zoar were sent down to this nation from the beginning of Obama’s homosexual communist dictatorship, and they are here for only one reason and that is to execute a death sentence from which all hope for appeal has been forever withdrawn. One last thing. Because of MLK and his horrible wickedness, in leading so many of these “civil rights ” devotees to destruction, Jesus swore by Himself ” Atlanta shall fall just like Jericho”. It is the black supremacist capital of this Black Soviet State. This country is going to lose WW3, by the finger of Jesus, war is coming to this country it will hit the southeast region first, and millions are going to die. Divine Retribution shall be poured out upon this nation , for all of this Obama shall be held responsible. His administration is nothing but a gang of wicked thugs, this is not my opinion at all everything I have here stated was shown to me directly by Jesus.

    • Thank you jadamfor all. It always makes me think that maybe there is some hope for America after all when someone refuses to fall for the p.c.b.s. that “DR” mlk espoused. He was most assuredly a communist, whore mongering, rabble-rousing piece of crap. Every time I hear that stupid song, “Abraham, Martin & John” I want to scream “Hell, yes, I can tell you where all 3 of them (and also Bobby at the end) have undoubtedly gone. Straight to Hell!”

      • Thank you for your support, Jesus slew mlk for His horrible wickedness, I’ve known the vicious hatred of communist civil rights for years and their plan to exterminate white christians , in 2008 I was praying very earnestly for divine help , that He might see and know and help His people, this went on for about an hour and a half , I kept thinking about Atlanta and how racist and evil it is because of black communist civil rights, I could have been thinking about any one of hundreds of other cities just as wicked , but I was focused on Atlanta as I was praying and pleading for help…..and all of a sudden Jesus said to me in a still small voice, yet very distinctly …” Atlanta shall fall just like Jericho “‘ and I stood there just shocked at what had just transpired, and then six months later I had the dream of the Angels that destroyed Sodom,Gomorrah,Admah,Zeboim and Zoar and the tall commanding Angel in the dream who was talking to me told me this war that was coming upon this nation was the vengeance of Jesus because of the wickedness of mlk and this demonic civil rights….This vengeance will hit the southeast region specifically because of the blacks and their demonic Baal that had polluted this nation exactly like the Canaanites had done anciently in the promised land , they had filled the land with murder sexual perversions and the black supremacy that Baal Worship is based….Jesus’s hatred of Baal Worship is horrible far beyond anything I can ever convey…if you look at Jehu who was anointed king over Israel to destroy Ahab’s 70 sons and slay all the worshippers of Baal in Samaria….even though Jehu walked in all the ways of Jereboam the son of Nebat…. Because he slew all the wicked priests devotees of Baal , Jesus told him his sons would sit upon the throne to the fourth generation…This is a small glimpse of the terrible hatred of the living God for how satanic the Black supremacist Baal Worship actually is Blacks ruled the earth after the flood they are the children of Ham , whose sons were Ethiopia, also called Cush, Canaan , Egypt also called Mizraim, and Put . The Philistines were the grand children of the Egyptians. Nimrod the son of Ethiopia built Babylon and the Tower, he established Baal Worship in the earth….. The Egyptians took this wickedness to horrible lengths .. state sponsored genocide of white people..Israelites to destroy them from the face of the earth…White people are the children of Shem, Jesus has used them more than any other people to establish Jesus’s word , law and government in the earth through the gospel….This civil rights war is taking over Europe as well , any where white people live their entire culture is being dissolved by people who are taught to hate and kill them, whom the super rich who control the UN are employing to enslave and destroy them…..The Zionist Jews hate white Christians and have more respect for Muslims than Christians, their hatred of Christianity is born of hell, Lucifer fully controls them, this divine destruction is coming very rapidly upon this nation…The 144,000 are the small remnant found faithful from all these corrupt Christian churches, once they are sealed this planet is done for and Lucifer knows, he can’t kill them and he can’t stop them they will be greater than Moses and stronger than Samson read Joel 2….all the prophecies of the Old and New Testaments center around their formation , Lucifer will fight tooth gang and nail to try to prevent this truth from being preached,…..I have had numerous attempts made upon my life for teaching this…I have spent 15 days in a hospital with a fractured skull, from which the doctors did not believe I would survive , because of attempted murder from modern day Scribes and Pharisees ….and this is but the tip of the iceberg….Ezekiel 9 is a graphic illustration of the sealing in Revelation 7 , the marking and the sealing are one and the same, literal slaughter will follow, the men having slaughter weapons are Angels they come from the higher gate which lieth toward the north God’s television the sides of the north….a higher gate implies a lower gate, Jacob called Bethel which means house of God , i.e… the church , “the gate of heaven ” it was regarding his dream of the ladder …Jesus is the Ladder the Angels descending were coming from the higher gate….Jesus doesn’t call Angels His mighty ones for nothing, their zeal and wrath far exceed anything humans can ever imagine ….all of this evil is concentrated in Obama and Jesus has laid the responsibility for this at Obama’s feet…for he has provoked Jesus unto fury, and now it’s too late nothing that Obama can do will avert the destruction….he is a homosexual and his wife is a transsexual…..Jesus is setting this whole scenario in order to display His power just like Pharaoh of old in Egypt ….This exodus coming is literal it’s all over the prophecies this last one will utterly eclipse the power Jesus displayed in Egypt anciently….Jesus is who Moses met with in Sinai…few Christians seem to know this most important fact… all the apostles knew this Paul testified in many places this truth …. sorry for the length of this letter but it is extremely important for Christians to know these truths , few will ever accept them ….take care

  41. The Paranoid “conservative”,i.e. Neo-fascist.Racist Crap one expects from this site

  42. I would like to see US history published via movies to educate younger generations who are abundantly benefiting from the blood shed by white Americans.

  43. Q. What does this kind of social engineering look like in twenty years?
    A. Tribal Warfare

    Buy More Λmmo, while you still can. Doing so is *still* the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Doing so is *still* the only remaining path to Liberty.

    Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. Be the Resistance. This won’t end pretty, Λmerica.





  45. Consider: there are an average of 30,000 murders per year; of these 21,000 are committed by black males 18-30 years of age. About 90% or some 19,000 victims are other blacks.

  46. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

    Thomas Jefferson

  47. Good thing not everyone stays in college, but drops out to work because obviously the college environment is hostile to Caucasians. It’s better to accept the things you cannot change (whiteness) and change the things you can ( make your life better and don’t waste time with nonsense). Also, because humans are tribal by nature, this will bring segregation back with a vengeance, to the detriment of everyone.

  48. I am so ashamed of myself for being white, being responsible for slavery, killing all of those Indians, stealing that land from Me-He-Co, working hard all of my life to see it go to shiftless slobs, obeying the law, paying taxes and generally DOING THE RIGHT THING!

  49. The white race and any other race should be allowed to have their time in history of America. If not for blacks to have their black history, and call others races racist if they want their rights acknowledged is doing a grave injustice to other races. NOT TO DO EVIL TO WHITE RACE. THERE ARE MANY WHITES , that did explore and even fought for what they believed in , in civil war. ALL RACES HAVE THEIR EVIL TOO IN HISTORY FROM THOSE COUNTRIES THEY CAME FROM, some brought their evils to AMERICA. and still today refuse to see the truth. whites , Europeans also had their time in history being slaves to muslim countries. SOME HEATHEN COUNTRIES AS the bible calls them. as he still does at the end as in the beginning, there will be. STILL to say whites are racist wanting to have white history like blacks do, with mlk day, even some Mexican and indian people might balk because they had more fighting in wars than blacks did during war time, if truth be known. if it had not been the Navaho Indians in world war , with their language unknown to anyone, that war might have gone a different direction. to force on other races , values that other races say no to, offends their right to differ. ways, especially in moral values. as has been done. evil stand with evil, as they have always done, to twist truth, even in history.

  50. Thomas Lee Mullins

    I think it is a waste of money and parents should send their children elsewhere.

  51. Parents should jerk their kids out of this ridiculous school. When no more students attend, with their money, the school might just rethink their idiotic game plan!

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