White House Issues Sanctions to Force Ceasefire

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

(PatriotNewsDaily.com) – On Thursday, the White House announced sanctions against the Sudanese forces after the Sudanese forces failed to abide by the ceasefire. The ongoing fighting in the country has resulted in both economic penalties and visa restrictions being issued.

In his statement, Sullivan, a National Security advisor, condemned the continuous fighting at a time of a supposed cease-fire agreement which was meant to allow for humanitarian assistance to be provided in the country. As he pointed out, the fighting has led to the concerns about the Sudanese people growing further during this time of conflict. Sullivan further announced the sanctions placed on the country by the United States and stated that a newly updated business advisory on Sudan was also issued.

The visa restrictions in particular are going to affect both officials in the RSF as well as many of the leading figures of the former regime of Omar al-Bashir. Senior administration officials pointed out that these forces have been responsible for not allowing Sudan’s democratic transition of power.

The Department of Treasury also issued sanctions against four companies, including a large national enterprise that is directly involved in weapon and vehicle production. One of the other sanctioned companies is under the control of an (RSF) Rapid Support Forces commander and has many subsidiaries. A company producing vehicles for the RSF has also been sanctioned.

Officials responded to questions about Sudan possibly reaching other countries for supplies and arms, by stating that they were working with Saudi Arabia to bring an end to the conflict in Sudan.

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