White House Again Blames GOP For Sanctuary Cities

President Obama knows he has a problem when it comes to Kate Steinle’s murder. For the last year, he has been the most visible advocate for amnesty in the country. While Obama has always been careful to explain that he wants to focus his deportation efforts on violent illegals, there’s no question that he has become the face of lenient border security.

For that reason, it’s no surprise to watch his administration cast blame at Republicans at every opportunity. Press Secretary Josh Earnest was at it again this week, dismissing questions of what Obama should do about sanctuary cities like San Francisco.

“The irony that I have noted in this situation is that many of these pieces of legislation were written and are supported by Republicans who oppose comprehensive immigration reform,” Earnest said. “And you heard me say on countless occasions over the fall that blocking comprehensive immigration reform would perpetuate a system that is the closest thing we have to amnesty.”

Huh? No one doubts that both parties have failed to secure the border, but what does that have to do with cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities? If there are “limited law enforcement resources,” as Earnest claims, then maybe the focus should be on strengthening those resources. Either way, the situation that led to Steinle’s death was not created by a lack of resources. It was created by a city that has decided that it is exempt from federal law.

Furthermore, it was created by an administration that has sent every signal possible to would-be illegals that America is a welcoming home for them. Obama has done more than usurp the law; he has rolled out the red carpet for illegals of all stripes and sizes in a cynical effort to change the voting demographics in this country. Do Republicans share the blame? Sure. Those who failed to oppose Obama’s executive amnesty absolutely do. That doesn’t seem to be what Earnest is saying, however.

In fact, Earnest finds it amusing that any lawmaker might attempt to strip sanctuary cities of their funding. “We don’t take those legislative proposals particularly seriously,” he said when asked.

Perhaps Earnest can tell Kate Steinle’s parents why the White House thinks it’s a joke to punish sanctuary cities for flaunting the law. Do you think he would have the stones to do that? To look right in their eyes and shrug? The safe guess is that he would sooner look for a new job than subject himself to that kind of rage.

Earnest, alas, is just a spokesman. The man at the heart of all this is Obama, and he is going to leave us with a real mess when he finally rides off into the sunset. These aren’t theoretical problems that only concern political nerds and Beltway gadflies. These are real issues that endanger American citizens from coast to coast. And if we replace Obama with another politician from his side of the ideological pool (regardless of party affiliation), things are only going to get worse.

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