White Guy Wins American Idol? Racism, Of Course

American Idol named their final winner on Thursday night, bringing an end to a singing competition that was once the hottest television show in the country. Recent years have not been kind to the talent show’s ratings; the original has been surpassed by knockoffs like NBC’s The Voice and America’s Got Talent. That heralded the end for Idol, but our country’s relentless “race-watchers” couldn’t resist sniping at the show for the outcome.

“Today, a white man won American Idol,” said one fool on Twitter. “Today, a black woman lost. American Idol, you’re so white!”

On the Washington Post’s website, Justin Wm. Moyer – under the guise of neutrally reporting the social media reaction to the show – fed into the controversy. “Less than two months after the curtain went down on #OscarsSoWhite – at least until 2017 – it seems that ‘American Idol’ may be too white as well,” he wrote. “Or, more specifically, too deferential to ‘generic’ white guys, often wielding guitars.”

Yes, white man Trent Harmon defeated black woman La’Porsha Renae, and that’s all it takes for today’s liberals to call America out for its racism.

“A white person won the first one, so of course a white person is gonna win the last season of American Idol #YeahISaidIt,” wrote another mental giant on social media. Yeah I said it? Has the bar for bravery really fallen so low?

Nothing takes less courage in 2016 than to accuse white Americans of racism. Forget courage – you don’t even need to have any logic behind your claims. If there is a situation where black people and white people are involved in something, you can be 99.99% sure that someone will cry racism.

Knowing there was little meat on these particular bones, Moyer bolstered his argument with a history of the show’s “racism.”

“In 2013, 10 former Idol contestants sued Fox,” he wrote, “saying they were victims of racial discrimination on the show. Citing a statistical study, the plaintiffs argued there was a ‘less than 1 in a billion chance’ their disqualifications weren’t race-based.”

The lawsuit was not successful, and you don’t have to be a genius to figure out why. Let’s say that the results on Thursday night were ‘race-based.’ Let’s assume that race has played a part in every season, even when a black person won. What then? American Idol is supposed to do what? Rig the voting so that blacks always defeat whites?

It sounds absurd, but guess what? These liberals who use all of these hashtags and rail against racism in every form they can find it – they would be just fine with that.

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