White Guy Wins American Idol? Racism, Of Course

American Idol named their final winner on Thursday night, bringing an end to a singing competition that was once the hottest television show in the country. Recent years have not been kind to the talent show’s ratings; the original has been surpassed by knockoffs like NBC’s The Voice and America’s Got Talent. That heralded the end for Idol, but our country’s relentless “race-watchers” couldn’t resist sniping at the show for the outcome.

“Today, a white man won American Idol,” said one fool on Twitter. “Today, a black woman lost. American Idol, you’re so white!”

On the Washington Post’s website, Justin Wm. Moyer – under the guise of neutrally reporting the social media reaction to the show – fed into the controversy. “Less than two months after the curtain went down on #OscarsSoWhite – at least until 2017 – it seems that ‘American Idol’ may be too white as well,” he wrote. “Or, more specifically, too deferential to ‘generic’ white guys, often wielding guitars.”

Yes, white man Trent Harmon defeated black woman La’Porsha Renae, and that’s all it takes for today’s liberals to call America out for its racism.

“A white person won the first one, so of course a white person is gonna win the last season of American Idol #YeahISaidIt,” wrote another mental giant on social media. Yeah I said it? Has the bar for bravery really fallen so low?

Nothing takes less courage in 2016 than to accuse white Americans of racism. Forget courage – you don’t even need to have any logic behind your claims. If there is a situation where black people and white people are involved in something, you can be 99.99% sure that someone will cry racism.

Knowing there was little meat on these particular bones, Moyer bolstered his argument with a history of the show’s “racism.”

“In 2013, 10 former Idol contestants sued Fox,” he wrote, “saying they were victims of racial discrimination on the show. Citing a statistical study, the plaintiffs argued there was a ‘less than 1 in a billion chance’ their disqualifications weren’t race-based.”

The lawsuit was not successful, and you don’t have to be a genius to figure out why. Let’s say that the results on Thursday night were ‘race-based.’ Let’s assume that race has played a part in every season, even when a black person won. What then? American Idol is supposed to do what? Rig the voting so that blacks always defeat whites?

It sounds absurd, but guess what? These liberals who use all of these hashtags and rail against racism in every form they can find it – they would be just fine with that.

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  1. This is beyond stupid, but then what has one began to expect for such idiots. This is another case of someone with too much time on their hands once more trying to fan the racial fires that our esteemed leader has encouraged. cannot wait for 2017 and the departure of this fool. cannot cure stupidity!!!

    • Everett, you’re right with, “cannot cure stupidity,” but duct tape will muffle the noise.

      • So will a taut neck-tie?

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Hopefully a well trained sniper will eventually take care of that for us!

        • John H. Kohlenberg

          The black are pissed and can’t face reality that the white has greater abilities to out shine the blacks in everything. That is why they want affirmative action, because they know they can not compete with the whites in any category.

        • Just stick something large into their mouths, it is hard to talk with a full mouth & I have a suggestion as to what to shove in there

  2. The more people cave to the racial and religious baloney, the more they will get away with.

    • You are absolutely right. The only way it will stop is when the fools crying race discrimination every day for any reason are ignored and know that they will always lose. This is just an example of what happens when you have a total racist in the WH and all critical positions like AG. This president is the most divisive president than the total of all previous presidents. He is a disgrace to the country.

      • Was it Obama that tweeted the complaint?

      • Nobody could have said it any better.

      • The only way that it will stop is when we physically separate ourselves from the liberal dem bloodsuckers.

        • That is why I would have no problem dividing the country into two countries, one being a country that follows the Constitution and wants it as there primary source of laws and the other one run by the libs and no crossing the borders into the other new country.

          • I like that idea. Wonder how long the liberal side would last?

          • I’m guessing a year at most.

          • Until the welfare money runs out.

          • Hell the Clinton have 2 yrs worth of money…..lol

          • Only 2?

          • Half a billion doesn’t go as far as it used to……lol

          • With folks like soros it might be longer than expected. One thing for sure those who work would mostly leave.

          • Forget Soros. He only wants to overthrow our government. He has no interest in actually supporting the progressive rank and file. He expects working, tax paying, Americans to do the support.

          • That is partially right, He would help out for a while to try and show that socialism works.

          • Too bad that General George Patton wasn’t allowed his desire to keep on going and to wipe Stalin out ! He truly saw communism for what it is. Where are our Patton’s of today ? Do none of our military institutions teach the history of Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Hanibal of Carthage, the best military minds of antiquity, where are the West Point’s of yesteryear ? If I’m not mistaken, those were some of the primary studies of McArthur and Patton. You’ve got to know your history, something that scares the bejesus out of liberals.

          • Absolutely right, Patton was a huge fan of history. He studied it constantly. He is one of the best generals America has ever had. If he were allowed to really do his job, America would look much different now than it does.

          • TOO BAD that Truman didn’t let MacArthur go ahead and wipe our communist China when he had whipped the N. Koreans.

          • That’s what happens when civilians are in charge of wars. Patton wanted to take out russia after WW II but was stopped. Things would be a lot different today if Patton got his way.

          • Can’t argue with that.

          • Most likely, very little time at all. They wouldn’t have all the others to work, invest and provide for their want’s, feeling they’ve been so shortchanged. I’d love to see them go out and hunt for or grow their own food, employ others, invest in our nation and comprehend just how much good capitalism as done for this nation. It’s the very thing that made our country the greatest country on earth. After all, I think it was in the 40’s that the average income for Americans was over 15 times of that of citizens of other countries. Capitalism, you can’t beat it !

          • Very well said.

          • Not very long because they would have no way to continue living if they had nobody to use and abuse and provide them with money. A person with a PhD in some obscure social science has nothing of value to offer a hungry population.

          • A lot of great replies, all are hitting the bulls eye. I wonder why liberals can’t grasp this??

          • Seems to me, that is inevitable, apparent that we can no longer coexist with the liberal dem bloodsuckers.

          • Agree it is almost like coexisting with islam.

          • Which is like coexisting with cancer.

          • Yep. I am a cancer survivor so I know about that. You survive by complete 100% victory, anything less means you lose.

          • Excellent comparison, I hadn’t thought of that.
            They are the American Jihadists, aren’t they?
            They will accept/countenance any lie, any cheat any theft so long as it keeps their handouts coming,wont they?

          • Could not agree more.

          • It appears we’ll have to wait until we can build them a large enough fleet of space shuttles or intergalactic vessels to vacate them from the place they hate the most (America) and relocate them to the planet they dream of called Utopia (or my personal choice would be to the recently discovered second largest Black Hole ever found. They must all be xenophobic’s (look it up)

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            They already tried that once… It was called the Civil War. I don’t see it happening again as most people are simply too weak willed and soft.

            I mean the American Revolution was instigated by a small tea tax increase and the Civil War was waged over the grey area of what states rights were and were not opposed to federal government rights… The last decade the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, the ENTIRE Civil Rights movement, the Communications Act of 1934 (where it essentially states that the media cannot intentionally lie to sway public opinion in a manner that beneficial to them), the US Antitrust Law (banning corporate monopolies and corporatocratic government offices – both of which exist en mass today), the Dual Office-Holding Act (restricting government officials from holding two separate national offices that can influence one another, i.e. President and Speaker of House or Mayor and Commissioner; or hold a Federal or State office and Foreign/International office simultaneously i.e. President and Chairman of the UN International Security Council; OR federal/state office while a corporate chair holder i.e. President of US and CEO of General Mills…) and treating the act as a “high crime,” as well as many MANY more acts of treason and villainy.

            Yet we still do nothing… The one group that did stand up against the federal government (the Bundy’s and Finicum) had one of their leaders assassinated on video and no one does anything about it.

            We have surpassed “1984” and “Idiocracy,” we are now entering into “THX 1138.”

            Pretty soon it will be time for a real life purge… otherwise, we can kiss it all goodbye.

            See you in the Wastelands…

          • I totally agree. The one thing that would happen if we have a second Revolutionary War is the people will have to toughen up. I agree with you on the failure of our government. It is sad.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            …and grow a pair, quit whining and trying to be all PC… to hell with it all! Say what you mean and hurt their overly-sensitive fragile minded feelings. The US general populace needs a dose of friggin’ reality! NOT of the reality TV variety…

          • Right you are. The problem is most of America have not been in combat so they don’t get it. Combat changes a person. You are right, they do not understand the reality of the situation. Hopefully it won’t be to late before they do. Semper Fi marine.

          • Gunny, at some point, we will have to decide what our country is worth to us.
            then we have to decide what the liberal dem bloodsuckers are worth.
            For as i’m concerned, it’s lock and load time, let God sort em

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            My country is the home of my family and heart. I will lay down my life willingly for my fellow man and that is why I have done what I have done so far and continue to do what I do…

            I’ll just say that I agree since my actual opinion will likely get me banned.

            Also, I have nothing against the rational liberals that understand the idea and importance of debate and compromise, and accept that not everyone will agree with everyone else and sometimes deals must be made… That there is an acceptable middle point in all scenarios not JUST “this way or that.”

            I think it is time we determine who is intelligent enough to carry on and who is not. Sort of a forced moral evolution. I think it is more an education vs ignorance issue than a political party one. Politics is like race – it is just the argument they are selling us. Determining the “they” here is essential and then finding who “their” worshipers are is key. One of my absolute best, most intelligent friends is a far left liberal commie Jew but she is a smart and experienced woman. She is often fast to agree with most anything I say (not everything but most). It shows that it isn’t democrat/republican as the media would have us think, nor is it white/black, man/woman, Christian/Jew/Muslim/Atheist, or any of this crap. It is all this stereotypical nonsense we are being fed.

            This is about sensible, understanding, compassionate, intelligent, decent, moral, hardworking Americans experiencing righteous anger to stand for an unbiased moral cause for the better of ALL (not just my way) against a corrupt, ugly, racist, fascist, un-American, morally-skewed, selfish, group of cowards following the works of a shameless systemic evil.

            That is what I will fight for…

          • I got your six Gunny
            USMC 68-71
            Semper Fi

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Thank you for your service in Vietnam! Semper Fi!

          • Well said sir! Thank you for your patriotism it actually is that easy…become the resolution not adding to the problem.

          • north/south or east/west?

          • Either can word good, but probably n/s because most of the S is far more conservative than than the N so it would be logistically easier.

          • good point, makes sense

          • diagonal…lol

          • ya know, you may have a good point if it went from the upper west coast to the lower east coast?

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            Yes !! Where do I go to get there ? !!

          • We will have to wait and see how things break.

        • Racial segregation is the ONLY answer.

          • if we separate ourselves from the liberal dem bloodsuckers racial segregation would be gone shortly after that.
            The dems have used and continue to use race baiting as an election tool.
            Separate ourselves from the liberal dem bloodsuckers all of the liberal garbage would starve to death in about 5 years and the race problem would be gone.

      • As soon as anyone one cries racism, I ignore all of the facts and ridicule THEM as the racists.

        • They definitely lose all credibility.

        • The libs are the ones who always bring up race. so you are correct, they are the racists

          • I disagree. It’s usually the racists who cry “racism” That’s the fact Jack

          • Which 99.9% of the time are libs.

          • Yup. The “white privileged libs” that voted for Oblowhard twice in order to prove they are not racists. But then voting for someone because of their color is racism. I will never stop believing that liberals are mentally defective carbon life forms.

          • As much as I despise Margaret Sanger, she may have had a point when it comes to liberals.

          • Not “Liberals” Negroes. Just name the Darky. It’s easy.

          • I know that she hated Blacks and the disabled. And that disgusts me. But if she had stated she wanted to rid the gene pool of liberals, at this point, I’d support her.

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          • Speaking of Ms. Sanger….

          • maxx – great reply!

          • “my room mate Maria Is getting paid on the internet 98$/hr.”….i!373two days ago new Silver McLaren P2 bought after earning 18,512 Dollars,,,this was my previous month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, 17k Dollars Last month ..3-5 h/r of work a day ..with. extra open doors &. weekly. paychecks… it’s realy the simplest. work. I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. 87 Dollars, p/h.Learn. More right Herei!373➤➤➤➤➤ http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsSiteGetPaidHourly98$…. .❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦:❖❖:❦❦::::i!373…….

          • Or the vapid twits that rally around the cankled liar just because she is a woe-man!

          • That is what I just said

          • If one disagrees with Obama’s obstruction of Justice method of using the DOJ not to indict )Lois Leaner), or holding back court mandated documents to either destroy them, delay their release, black out sentence, or never release them using executive privilege (Fast and Furious), then your labeled a racist. Disagree with open borders your a bigot, disagree with climate change and be given the stigma of being called ignorant. The folks whom claim tolerance have none. The race card no longer has meaning since over used to defend dishonest behavior and secret deeds that are harmful to the innocent.

          • If a Trump is supported, the reason for that support is quite evident. He is the ONLY “NON-career politician” running for the presidency. Obama lied his way into office and has done everything he possibly could to destroy the United States of America. Running this country is like a BUSINESS, big business at that. Mr Trump has been “very successful” as a businessman and i believe him to be 100% honest and not doing a lot of double-talk like the other candidates. His latest addition of Paul J Manafort is an EXCELLENT choice. My family grew up in the same town with Mr. Manafort family, and they are just about the most honest and respected people you can get. I believe all that Mr Trump has said about helping America to “become great again”. TRUMP 2016

          • If nominated I will support either Trump or Cruz, if a broker convention nominates a crony to keep the Congress in easy money from PAC that want more outsourcing then, I might as well let the democrats finish what they started the total destruction of our nation. I like Trump, yet honestly wish he would rehearse his speeches from possible questions. Refer to illegal alien bad apples and not look like he us grouping, when we know he is not. He needs a man like Carson to advise him. He has to keep his cool, even if we all know the democrats are paying ignorant and illegals to bust his supporters and his balls by crashing rallies to start trouble on purpose. The Democratic Party has become about as evil as you can get, yet the establishment GOP stands right behind them. I appreciate your method of opposing my views in a civil and educated manner. This shows class and a willingness to argue like gentleman. Unfortunately, the liberals cannot carry an argument without throwing insults or stigma labeling. Conservatives get pissed and say things they do not really mean in defense, then the left says see I told you so. Respectfully

          • TRUMP just got a new man on board last week. Didn’t you read? He’s Paul J Manafort ( Jr. ) Very wealthy family from New Britain Ct where i grew up. My dad had lots of contact thru the years with Paul Manafort SENIOR Once they even saved my butt during a winter snowstorm when my wife and i were stranded and couldn’t get home with our 8 month old son. I called Manafort’s home, Mrs answered the phone, i told her my problem and within 30 minutes down the road come this GIGANTIC payloader. It proceeded to clear a way so that we could get home. This was around midnight. The Manafort family are straight-up kind of people. NO BULLSHIT from them and Paul J has had the type of education and experience that Trump needs. Things are already looking and sounding much better from the Trump CAMP Cruz is a “WILD MAN” and he lies like crazy, and doesn’t even bother to answer questions “thoroughly” when asked. TRUMP 2016 Here’s what is going to happen. If they still decide to screw-over Trump, many republicans won’t go to vote and “HILLARY will win” FYI Somebody has to tell Putin: Next time your jet buzzez our ship, we will shoot it down” Hillary Cruz and Obama won’t do a damn thing about that. I bet Trump would.

          • #1 I didn’t see what you said #2 I didn’t say what you said Please pay attention to “detail”.

        • Racism is normal, natural, and HEALTHY.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        The PMIC has been working since “day one” on dividing this country, and the racial issues are what fits his “agenda” to a tee! Oh, there’s going to be riots, I can assure you, and the PMIC will be leaning back in the big chair, laughing his halfbreed ass off!!

        • You are absolutely correct. This IMO is what he will use to declare Martial Law and remain in office.

          • Not going to happen. Barack Insane Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama has exactly 285 days left to impersonate as a U.S. President. He will be vacating the office for Mr. Donald J. Trump!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Not if martial law kicks in!! 🙁

          • The Islamic-Jihadist-in-Chief is too long in the tooth. He’s done irreparable damage to America, and it’s now time for George Soros and other NWO types to ramp-up their anti-American rampage in other forms. BHO’s assignment has been completed.

          • The Army pusblished a manual call Domestic Terrorism.
            The defending force need a 6 or 8 to 1 ration of troops to be successful in suppressing a domestic uprising.
            If the people of the domestic uprising represented only 1 million of the armed Americans of 100 million, a defending force would need 6 to 8 million troops.
            Currently, the combat arms of the USA are about 500, thousand, of those 64% are from red states.
            Even Obama is not that stupid.

          • Yea, so stupid we got commie care rammed up our keesters without even having had a chance to read it, and really stupid using his pen an phone to openly subvert the constitution with no opposition what so ever. – Why was he not impeached and arrested?

            So just what hat makes you think he wouldn’t be stupid and declare himself dictator for life?

            And just for the record, It’s one thing to go buy a weapon and talk yourself into thinking you are a bad ass. It’s quite another to actuality go into combat. Really think the security over liberty crowd will run into a fire fight with the Marine Corps and Army, who have sworn to and been fully trained to follow orders? Not.

            Bottom line, Our country is deep S&%t.

            God help us, Nobody else will.

          • I’m a former marine, I have a number of weapons, now.
            My last duty station was as a marksmanship instructor on the weapons range at Quantico, Va.
            I would point out to you, that if 1% of the armed conservatives were willing that is roughly 1 million people Your post show that you have no knowledge of insurgency.
            A numerically inferior force will not commit an armed direct attack.
            They would hack into the records of the military, get the names and addresses of the members of the military willing to fire on American civilians.
            Then all of the members of all of the families of the military, would have to be moved into military compounds, also.
            All prominent liberals would have to be under heavy military defense all of the time.
            All government buildings would have to be under heavy guard,
            Any traveling done by any member of the government would have to be under heavy guad
            Then all of the liberal civilian populace would have to be kept under heavy guard, the liberals think they would sit on the sidelines and watch, obviously not true, as the people responsible for this they would be attacked constantly.
            Income taxes collections would cease, shortly there is no money, the people in large liberal cities would be starving, in 2 months
            Obama will leave office, one way or another.

          • Being an ex-Marine and a marksmanship instructor in no way at all gives you the knowledge to spew out your ( personal ) interpretations. I believe the ONLY part you got right was “Obama will leave office one way or another” Brilliant comment. lol Thank you for your service. I did mine long ago.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            Many of our law enforcement and military personnel plan to uphold their oaths. There are certainly a large number of senseless ones that will follow orders blindly but then others that will turn against those that turn on America. Obama and his elitist buddies have already considered this and that is why he signed in HR 1388 with a 321-105 approval vote. In Obama’s own words: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

            This bill allowed the creation of the organization “GIVE,” aka the Obama Youth Brigade.

            These young men and women that started being recruited in 2009 at the ages of 13-17 are now 20-24 and training 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation brigadiers. They have been training these kids all over the world in locations like Trinidad/Tobago, Chad, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, and currently in Nicaragua, Laos, Thailand, and Tanzania. It is disguised as some kind of educational charity in exchange for free college tuition monies but instead of it being headed up by the Dept. of Ed., it is a DHS/FEMA project which is something of itself an unconstitutional semi-noncentralized paramilitary force in itself. Believe me, I currently work as a sub-contractor for an officially licensed DHS/FEMA/UN contractor. There is a lot of sketchiness in these organizations and a TON – a metric s**t-ton – of Constitutional and Civil Rights violations occurring within. My boss is also a former Marine and we go head to head with them a lot and have lost many contracts because of the level or aggressiveness requested that we do on private jobs. In some cases, with gangs and such, it is needed, but many times the neighborhoods are just poor and the crime, although high, is victimless and essentially non-violent.

            Anyway, I have seen these little buggers come through, dressed like military, chanting cadence like military, and aggressively denying access like military while illegally operating as an armed security force without the proper state and federal licensing to do such.

            These kids are programmed to do as they are told without the discipline, responsibility, rules, and knowledge taught to military personnel and law enforcement. They are aggressive, immature, undisciplined, and handed unrestrained authority to break skulls with batons if told to do so, and they will without question. We should be afraid and never trust these kids.

            Ironically, they are also forbidden to take part in any religious practices while in the Brigade.

            Look up the “Class of 231 Homeland Youth,” “Brown Shirt Army,” “Obama’s Blue Shirts,” “Obama Youth Brigade,” “ICE HSI SRT,” etc., coupled with the DHS/FEMA currently stockpiling over 2 billion rounds of ammunition (1.5-1.6 in 2013 as was reported in articles in Forbes and Fox, as well as Alex Jones and other locations but I will stick to places considered “credible,” to most). The government has it’s own private, standing, domestic army. It is placing these soldiers they have raised in positions throughout our national semi-privatized law enforcement infrastructure. They are equipped with tanks, bearcats, HMMWV “Humvees,” MRAPs, .50 cals, M33A1 grenade launchers, mil-surplus AR15’s and M16 assault rifles, body armor that would make the Terminator jealous, as well as drone aircraft and attack choppers.





            We have good cause to be afraid and question these things, especially with prison trains and undisclosed interment camps being found in remote wooded locations nationwide… We’d be foolish not to raise an eyebrow.





            A lot of this is old news but it draws a distinct line of how things are shaping up…

          • Obama is nothing but a two-faced Anti-American Muslim terrorist supporter. Why do you think he ordered that most of our military equipment be left behind in Iraq? Too expensive to move”? That was his excuse. He lied and back-stabbed more than one General ( saw that on tv a few nights ago ) by the retired General. Actually he said “Obama double-crossed me ” Obama told them to leave all that equipment behind, and he knew what he was doing. Leaving it for the enemy that was about to take over the country Don’t talk about this worthless scum, because that’s all he is.

          • OfcShane (MGySgt USMC)

            You won’t hear me argue in his favor…

          • I saw the “American President” movie on tv last night. While having a meeting with the president ( Michael Douglas ) someone had said “we should do something about the gun control, to which another party said ” Gun control laws would make us look like wimps. It’s crime control that’s the problem.”

          • The Oath Keepers will join us if there is just cause!!

          • You are making 2 huge assumption. First that he will be leaving office and that he won’t pull some stunt to stay in office and secondly that Trump will be taking the reigns. I doubt that either one will be happening.

          • Appreciate your point of view and skepticism, but I think both events are in our future.

          • I have seen how obama operates and I don’t trust trump to give me the time of day. I am one of those who will never support trump.

          • I’m sorry you feel that way, because I feel fairly certain that Mr. Trump will be the 45th President.

          • He will never beat the democrat. He is despised by to many people. I agree that his supporters very faithful but there are more that despise him than like him and when polls show that over 1/3 of the republicans will NOT vote for him if he gets the nomination he doesn’t have a chance. He is in double digits behind both the hildabeast and the socialist. That says volumes about how he is hated. The democrats said they will rally around whoever wins the nomination, the republicans said they will not. Trump does worse than either Cruz or Kasich. The only promising thing is that it is universally believed that if trump doesn’t get it on the first ballot he will not get it at all. I have seen absolutely nothing that he has done to tell me he is a conservative on the contrary I have seen tons of things he has done to tell me he is a flaming liberal. Talk is cheap, show me and he has shown me nothing.

          • If you have seen how Obama “really operates”, you know you would never make that comment. But, if it is true as you say, then you also are Anti-American, just like he is. Donald Trump 2016

          • I pray that fascist Obama leaves the white house, without pulling his useless BS on Americans. That scumbag should never of been elected to begin with. Trump for President.

          • I hope so to but what has obama done that has been legal in his 7.5 years as dictator.

          • Little or nothing. But, that must be okay. The boys over at the RNC have done nothing to stop him or slow him down.

          • It is not the job of the RNC it is congresses job to put the breaks on obama.

          • True, but it would be so refreshing to see the RNC at least voice some solid opposition to what obama does. But then, they’re too busy fighting the non-boys club candidates to be bothered with anything else.

          • It would be nice if they would stand up for the Constitution but the RNC and DNC really don’t have any differences. They are both anti Constitution so I wouldn’t expect them to have a backbone and support those ideals that make America great.

          • You are an asshole and Hillary will be President.When are you leaving?

          • What was that left wing commie sissy, that fascist terrorists loving scumbag Hillary will not be President.

          • Yes she will and you know that.Calling me names will not make you any better than the asshole you already are…Be Gone Now

          • He is leaving office, the only questions are the date .
            personally, I wouldn’t mind at all to see him attempt that

      • Well said!!

      • and he is using Donald trump for his Propoganda Trump is the Puppet Marco Rubio is the family man he is the face for America Personel Liberty is spreading false rumors about him

      • He is a disgrace to all of humanity. But he is the son of Satan, so it comes with the territory.

      • this raciest in the white house has destroyed fifty years of improvment..now where will it end.

        • Excellent question. I know it has to be a priority by the next administration. A big part of it will be the next administration putting programs out there that the emphasis is on restoration. They need to take burdens off of the businesses and give them incentives to go into poor areas like Detroit and others. It is necessary for all people to be able to get back to work. It is necessary to have programs that have whites, blacks and hispanics working together and accomplishing goals together. It is necessary to get the groups together to pray. The list goes on but this would be a start to building bridges.

      • You are right on the money,7papa7. He hasn’t done one thing to try to promote good will among blacks & whites, but rather fanned the flames of racial hatred. He blames the ills of black people on the whites. Then there is animosity between the haves & have nots. Of course it is the whites who hold the blacks back I think it is one of the rules from RULES FOR RADICALS. George Soros is behind it. He likes to stir up strife & cause as much chaos as possible.

    • I get the race part but why the religious baloney???That is actually raciest just to say…So your no different…I friends that are religious and those that aren’t…Were still friends that don’t condemn each other because we are aren’t…Amazing…

  3. Actually there should be an awards show giving every black racist in the country a trophy for “Best Drama” in ANY situation….

  4. Gregg the voice of reason

    When he won I said to my wife somebody will call it a racial thing.
    And they did !!!
    So sad that if a person of color doesn’t get their way that they will SCREAM Racism.
    Well they cheered when OJ ( murder) Simpson got off ,
    I rest my case.

  5. Free loaders, moochers are professional crooks seeking more freebies with their whining, crying, (much like a baby with a soiled diaper) ….beware of those so-called victims easily spotted because they are covered with their own colon mucus… AKA: PC LiberalRETARDS pushing for higher Welfare, and increased Affirmative Action & Diversity. Stupidity can’t be fixed – – pray it becomes PAINFUL!

  6. Yeah, right. Whites have all the privilege and blacks are just picked on because they’re only a 15 percent minority. Yeah, but they commit 50 percent of the crime! Ooops, that’s racism. You can’t speak facts when you’re dealing with feelings and micro-aggressions.

  7. What a bunch of nonsense. I have heard more about racism during the past seven years than I have heard since the 1960s and Obama and his administration are the reason behind it. I just pray to God, yes I said God, that on January 20, 2017 we can finally get someone installed as President who will not make it their objective to divide this country, as he has. Inauguration day 2017 can’t get here fast enough for me and the tens of millions of other citizens who are sick and tired of the havoc that Obama has wreaked upon our nation.

    • assfascist)

      • Francisco Machado

        Blame it on Obama? Who promised to cause electric rates to skyrocket? Who got snookered on that promise by raw petroleum production on private lands, so is trying to get a ten dollar a barrel tax? Blame it on That Obama? The Republicans have been trying to shed a little light on several issues concerning the probity of his administration, but that administration which was going to be so “transparent” doesn’t even turn over information to Congress unless they sue for it, and even then it gets delayed – sometimes for over a year. If we’re in the dark, it isn’t caused by the Republicans who have been trying to shed a light on the Obama administration for years.

        • Masturbation.

          • Go ahead, at least that way you leeches are doing no harm.

          • …..this is too.

          • i probably should defer to your expertise, as a liberal dem bloodsuckers, I’m sure that you are used to refusal by women and resign yourself to the sin of Onanism frequently.

          • Twice a day while my husband is at work , he’s a Southern Baptists minister, then after dinner we raise the spirits and have a séance while having steamy hot, sweaty man to man delicious passionate heart pounding sex. Shower, meditation, bed, anything else about my life you want to guess about hmmmm?

          • No, like every thing else about the life of a liberal dem bloodsucker, I have no interest, I thought that, I made it clear, i want only distance from you.

          • Poor, Poor libTURD’s thong is in a bunch??

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Get lost velcro head!

      • Not to worry, liberal dem bloodsucker, daily, there is less patience with you life forms
        Dec 2014 11.4 % of the people polled, thought that their state should secede from the union.
        Dec 2105, 23.9% of the people polled, thought that their state should secede from the union
        About 2 more years you parasites will be on your own and will be able to do it any way that you like, with no hindrance at all from us.
        You ticks still think, that, this is about politics.
        Prior the appearance of the inept lying outlaw in the rainbow house, you liberal dem bloodsuckers were just, cordially despised.
        That has evolved over the last 7.5 years, you are now hated with a depth, intensity and bitterness, that has no bottom.
        We anticipate separating ourselves from you, lean back and applaud as you starve to death in the streets.

        • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f599c5ec2154e9a9a21c1be504604c144a33f3eaabc741c9b1708c07fce09cbb.jpg I agree those states that don’t want to live by the constitution and share the space in a civil way with all of us should secede and find a happy place. STATES RIGHTS code for PERSONAL RIGHTS LOSS. Starving people in the streets is your idea of entertainment ? Interesting .

          • We have a happy place, where we live. Will simply close off our borders and station marksmen to prevent illegal crossings
            My you folks and reading comprehension, don’t do well, do you?
            The part about being hated, zoomed right by, didn’t it.
            Maybe, I am wrong, the rich and business will stay in your part and pay the 90% taxes
            Incidentally, you might want to look at a political map, leaving The Odd coast, you have to go to Mn and Il, before seeing blue, again, from there, you have to get to NY, all states losing business and population, yearly.

          • Would you mind posting your name and address, I would like send you a red Top Hat, simply on the condition that you wear it, when finally you life forms, are in the streets rioting and burning, because they can no longer fund your handouts.
            Watching riots is much more fun, when you know someone.
            Reply if you wish, you bore me, so I will not respond again.

          • You seem to be operating under the premise, that I am trying to convince you or change your mind.

            That’s is not the case, you are welcome to your opinions and stances, all I want from liberal dem bloodsuckers is distance.

          • I feel exactly the same , in reverse . Me and the loving people moving forward in the North United States and you and yours on the other side of the wall with the guns and the bowling shirts and inability to CoEXsIst in the South United States going back in time in your 4×4 time machines. Wait a minute pops we already tried this .

          • Interesting term.
            Loving people.
            I was reared in Rockford, Il, center of the state 12 miles south of the Wi, border.
            After a term in the Marine Corps, I moved to Chicago.
            Worked, and then started a business, it did well.
            One of the close in suburbs of Chicago is a largish city called Cicero
            I moved a business out of Chicago in 1999, , I returned to Chicago 3 weeks ago to finish the sale of the plant site, took 17 year sot sell it.
            One of the problems?
            It was close to Cicero a large polish suburb, where black citizens are not welcome, a truly loving community.
            Liberal dem bloodsuckers and truth do not coexist, well.
            the only really good thing about this, is that the conservative people have come to understand that, they can’t coexist with you.
            So as time goes on, we will be farther apart and eventually we will separate completely..
            History has watched for 2000 years, while you quasi socialists, socialists, and communists have set up governments in your attempt as to get a free lunch.
            History has watched for 2000 years as you took those governments down the tube.
            Still, every time a Hollande, a Chavez or a Clinton or Sanders or Obama come trolling down the lane, tootling on their flute you garbage run for the band wagon.
            While we become very angry with you every time, usually, we are content to separate ourselves from you and watch you starve
            i’m not sure, this time.
            There are numbers of very angry people out there, like I have never seen..
            possibly, this time they will solve the liberal dem bloodsuckers problem, once and for all.

          • Is that that fat pig Michelle Moore in the second picture??

      • How do you starve a libTURD? Hide his food stamps under his work boots!

      • How many libTURDS does it take?????? None, they’ll sit in the dark waiting for a gov’t. worker to do it for them!

    • Hope you’re right! One must consider though, the Disgraceful, racist, incompetent, fool currently occupying the Oval Office is prepared to declare martial law if, for example, BLM, the revived Weathermen, and other liberals join forces to rioting in Cleveland, OH, at the Republican National Convention, if The Donald is nominated. BLM and other racist groups have publicly declared rioting throughout the nation if, in fact he is nominated AND if he is elected POTUS.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Not going to happen Jim! Well before election, he and geo soros are going to cause the biggest riot in our history. Then the PMIC will enact martial law and government will be completely shut down! It is then that the PMIC will declare his sorry ass a dick taster, I mean, dictator! Even if you don’t believe it, just remember this old man said it. 🙂

      • I sure hope you are wrong, unfortunately you may be correct & that will be a sad day for freedom loving Americans. Although I think the military may have something to say about that. Hopefully

  8. Trent Harmon is a super talent and I voted 200 times for him over the season, not because he’s white but because he’s edible. However, LaPorshia was definitely the bigger better voice, here is my racism…there is only one white entertainer that can hold their own with the black musicians, Barbra Striesand, at least in legitimate forms of music; jazz, blues and pop. A few blacks in opera have been the outstanding voices in opera. LaPorshia was the best musician on Idol 15 but.. Trent is a “Sharp Dressed Man” ! This was an entertainer winning over a musician, Americans as a whole are not known for their musical intelligence or intelligence period. Remember a song called “American Pie”? Huge, went platinum, Don McClean recorded it “to prove the American public will buy garbage” he was obviously right. I mean how many of us have season tickets to the symphony or opera? With the Reich wing constantly defunding the arts and humanities the future looks grim for American culture. The plan to remove thinking and the creation of beauty takes away human expression and empathy…just another step toward their special brand of fascism .

    • So if we, as Americans, don’t fit into the European and your idea of musicality and culture we must be ignorant people that only want whites. Hogwash, in my opinion most blacks ruin songs with their personal interpretation of the words and music… have a black sing the National Anthem and observe how they kill it. They always have to add in their personal howl into the anthem and most of their other music is the same. Not to mention that god awful rap crap.

      • Well we agree on rap, its not a ligit form . Otherwise you just prove what I said. Personal interpretation is what art is about …and if it were left to musicians ‘the star spangled banner would not be the national anthem it is a horribly unsingable song. Musically ‘America the Beautiful ‘ would be their choice . Rosanne Barr is the only one to ever give Key’s song its appropriate styling .

    • There are no greater fascists than liberals. You are a shining example of that fact. All must march to your tune, your opinion is fact and all that matters in the grand scheme of things. Your Utopian world is a mirage created by those who seek to control you, including your Fuhrer, Obama. If you are such a fan of liberal Utopianism, I suggest you go to Europe, where they are now paying the price for such ignorance. Oh, never mind, Obama has brought it here.

      • Indeed, no question that we will not be able to coexist with them.
        very soon, we must physically separate ourselves from them, almost certainly it is the only way to prevent civil war.

      • Fascism – a government whose economy is based on going to war. Sorry you missed your history class the day they covered the far right wing coup ’63 Dallas.

        • Liberal; a weakness of the mind in which the individual, while acting under the guise of concern and care for humanity, the environment and the overall greater good, uses whatever means available to enforce their will and advance their lies on the masses. No dissent is allowed, and tyranny is assured.

          I actually didn’t miss a thing. Funny how those who were in power at the time of the assassination gained from the event and escalated the war in SE Asia. Had Kennedy lived, I believe there would be a great many things that would be different in a positive way today.

          • Liberal – the “Sermon on the Mount”, (you can find this in the Christian Bible if you have one, book of Matthew chapters 5-7), and also the “beatitudes”.

          • Rest assured, I’m quite aware of the biblical passage and actually do own Bibles as I follow the faith. You might want to review the passages for pertinence. As is common for your ilk, it is you who are passing judgment (Matthew C7, verse 1). Further, while some Liberals may intend to follow the words of Jesus as listed in the beatitudes, not all do, as is evidenced by your continuous attacks on all that does not agree with your viewpoint. I’m sure the same can be said of those of us who are Conservatives.

            I might point out, however, if you intend to point to the Bible as the source of your assertions and attitudes, I submit that you need to go back and study further. In addition, if you worship Obama, you obviously don’t understand the scriptures as well as you intimate. I’m not a biblical scholar, by any means, but our understanding of the scriptures is quite different.

          • I just love it when you guys ‘ilk’ me!!

    • Uninerested in the kind of bs that you liberal scum, purvey, either.

    • Trent was for sure the better singer. Hands down. Your wierd. You make no sense. Your not helping any one. You look like fools. Be careful kids if your white you are innocent but black people hate you .

  9. charles johnston

    The simple answer is that the winner got more votes than the loser, but that doesn’t fit the victim mentality at all, so it HAS to be racism. . . nope. It just demonstrates that there are lots of folks whose IQ and outlook does not rise above having opposable thumbs. Don’t watch the show, but did watch the finale and the winner has a great set of pipes.

  10. It’s called “WHITE PRIVILEGE”, watch for the new talent show to be broadcasted on WET, WHITE ENTERTAINMENT, watch the ads for the WHITE COLLEGE FUND backed by the NAAWP: NATIONAL ASSOCIATION for the ADVANCEMENT of WHITE PEOPLE. They will be sponsoring WHITE LIVES MATTER and WHITE POWER. Anti-White groups call us the N-WORD, they yell at us and call out: Hey NEANDERTHAL, still living in your cave mansion? WHITE SOUL food is: STEAK & BAKED POTATO with lots of butter and greens. So now you race watchers got a taste of your own medicine. You know, they can call me a NEANDERTHAL and I won’t pull a 9 out and pop a cap or yank a shank to carve that person up. I take it as a compliment like being called a CRACKER. Y’all be good now, hyah!

  11. Disgustingly, this is only microscopic of what these fascist, PC, demagogues pursue under the guise of pseudo anti-discrimination rhetoric.

    Every where, they assault even common sense legislation. For example, “They”, meaning Communist founded UCLU, pedophilia group Lamba Leagal, BLM, who do and say nothing about inner city Black on Black genocide or commit willful blindness to 1,400 Black babies (35%) of the 4,000 aborted daily.

    They encourage spitting and wiping their feet on the American flag; recently closed down a highway in Arizona, attempting to deprive others their 1st Amendment Rights while screaming they were “only exercising their freedom of expression.

    They want open borders; free everything; denegate Christians no matter their color or ethnicity as bigots, ignorant, racists; demand gender-free rest-rooms; to be addressed as mister one day and missus another day depending how THEY feel – otherwise they will feel offended.

    Leading the charge: The “progressive” Democratic Party fielding a scandal-ridden, proven liar and incompetent, who jeopardized national security with her open-sewer emails, who, in the eyes of “They” is imminently qualified to become POTUS simply because she IS a she.

    Republicans are no better. Handed both chambers in Washington to represent the majority of what Americans expected would be at least a counter-weight to the divisiveness permeating Congress. In a nutshell, the only thing Republicans have accomplished is sticking knives deeper into the backs of the electorate.

  12. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    The White man must have deserved to win twice over to get elected by these P—-Whipped Whites that fear being called racists and vote for Blacks to prevent being called racists !

    • Who in the hell votes based on skin color newsman?

      • More of us every day, we are tired of the liberal crap and BLM

        • …and we are tired of conservatives using Christianity to create fascism and hate, we are tired of the ignorance, tired of the Reich wing’s attempt to drag us back to 1940.

      • BLACKS! I think 93% of blacks voted for obummer.

        • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

          And have you seen Obumber do anything special for Blacks ? No ! Obama hates all Americans and America, He has shown it by doing as much as possible to hurt America and Americans by letting in as many illegal aliens as possible to take American’s jobs, Commit violent crimes, Eat up American’s taxes with welfare Queens and their and their neighbor’s children being kept in $100+ a night hotel rooms on an ongoing bases, Spreading contagious communicable diseases, etc. etc. etc.

          • That is a post of lies and you are wasting your love energy by not using it.

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            Point out one lie ?
            Also tell us anything Obama has done that was good and helped anyone except illegal aliens ??

        • …and 62% Caucasian. He even won kkk fascist Indiana.

      • I do, now, the inept lying outlaw in the rainbow house has turned me against all blacks.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        I think black is beautiful. I see a pile of it every time I wipe my ass!

    • I did not — Vote — for the ass-? in the White House either time . HE was not qualified !

    • O NO! I SEE White people.

  13. Where else can you go to find so much ignorance and fear and jealousy and ugliness than here? oh yeah 1940’s Germany .

  14. This is why we need to change the legal system so that the loser pays all fees including lawyer fees. Then lawsuits will be less attractive

  15. Has anyone noticed that when America embraces negro culture and ethnicity the country slides further down the chitter?

  16. Once again, the RACE HUSTLERS have come out to whine and complain, because they were not given their choice of ice cream. Here is a hint you mindless, slobbering idiots: NOT EVERYTHING IS BASED ON RACE, EXCEPT IN YOUR PEA SIZED BRAINS. Get over yourselves. Any one of the contestants will now have opportunities that they would not have had other wise. No one in the top ten leave this show as a loser. Stop looking for sh*t in the sugar. It isn’t there. All these young people were very talented. The bottom line, there could only be ONE at the end. Stop whining and sniveling. Grow up and put your pig boy panties on.

  17. I do not recall all the winners, but I can remember at least three that were black, Rupert, Fantasia and Jordan. There may have been more, but even if there was not, three in fifteen works out higher than proportionately to the racial demographic, which, statistically would mean that white people have been discriminated against! Yeah, I said it. One more point. More men have won than women, so glad liberal feminists haven’t brought that up.

    • Margaret MacGregor

      I know Jennifer Hudson didn’t win, but she certainly did VERY well. Also Mandisa.

    • Also, the gays didn’t scream discrimination when Adam Lambert, clearly the best entertainer with the best voice, lost to Chris…who? No one remembers Chris’ name and he’s had no real career. There couldn’t be a gay American Idol then or with Clay Aiken but there was no backlash. Aiken had a great career and Lambert continues to sell-out venues. I saw Lambert in Vegas and he was amazing!

      • Lambert truly should have won that year, to my ear, their was really no comparison. I truly beleive Clay Aikin was the better of the two singers as well, but, shh, can’t say that, might be racist!

  18. I boycott all back enetrtainers

  19. Here is what I don’t get. When the average nit wit from the “hood” sees the a white man succeed, that’s because he’s “the man”. When a black man applies himself he’s an ” uncle tom”. I remember as a kid back in the 50’s we all wore baseball caps. The bill of the cap was there to shade your eyes from the sun, not the back of your neck, or one ear, and nobody cares what brand of underwear you have on, so pull up your pants . We know you’re an asshole, so you don’t have to show us.

  20. Fact! Trent was the better singer.

  21. I remember when Houston held a summit for minority athletes and only Blacks were being represented. So I sarcastically asked..”Do yo mean to tell me they couldn’t find a single Hispanic or other minority athlete to be a presenter’? To which a Black colleague quickly responded “well there are no Hispanic athletes to speak of and why are you so concerned, you all didn’t complain when you were able to ride the bus with the Whites while we were in the back”. To which I said ” I don’t know where you were raised, but where I came from, Hispanics WALKED, they didn’t get to ride a bus and besides, this isn’t about past transgressions, this is about a forum for MINORITY athletes and I can see that your perception of sports doesn’t go beyond basketball and football, but boxing is a sport also and dominated by Hispanics as is the biggest sport in the world…soccer…did I mention long distance running?” sheeesh…some people can’t get over using the victim card.

  22. this is just so bobby seale black racism


    • My little granny always said
      “A fox smells it’s own hole”
      Or.. “judging others by their own bushel ”
      Theirs is a couple of pecks short so they figure everyone else is racist, but will never admit it is they who are the racist.
      Can’t fix stupid.

      • Miss, I’m not racist, ‘don’t think I can be ,( oh I suppose I could be but I’m not), as I am a 68 year old black man. But just because a talented young white man won, and an equally talented black woman lost that doesn’t equate to racism. Some one has to win and some one has to lose. Every one can’t be the winner all the time. I just wish before I die that people in this country would put an end to ” it’s me not you” or it racism mentality. And the colloquial saying is ” the dog smells it’s own doo first”. Please have a pleasant rest of your day

        • You are a sweetheart!!
          I am a 64 yr old white lady
          & a persons’ wrapping is not important. What is in that package is what matters.
          People should always do their best, but always somebody out there who does it better.
          That is life.
          I just want to hug you….

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      It is common practice. when a sore looser looses he always accuses the other party of cheating.

  24. so if someone but a black chanting ugah bugha said the monkey to the chimp to a drum winning, is racist

  25. As a white person I plead guilty-give us a break you festering fools on the left.

  26. that’s right dan …I don’t care who win’s what we got enough to worry about with illegal Mexican muslims and hillary clinton maybe winning the election and GOD forbid and not going to prison …people don’t need to take time to worry about a dumb tv show …and if you want to fight racism then get rid of the dem. there the ‘s that cause most of it

  27. Typical bawling from the zealot left wing radicals and their equally disingenuous race baiting crowd. Blaming a show that showcased two equally matched talents with bias when the public was responsible for the outcome is beneath contempt, Just how many white people did La’Porsha Renae beat to get to the finals? You could ask the same question of Trent Harmon. Evidently talent is secondary to the radical zealot progressives whose insidious rants are more annoying than insightful.

  28. This is ridiculous.
    Anyone who has ever watched American Idol knows that it has always been only a Talent Based contest TV show.
    They do not judge by looks/race.
    Just as an example.
    Susan Boil was no Miss America but she has an Undeniable Talent.

    When I was 3 years old in Sunday School class the teacher read to us the part of the Bible in the first book called Genesis when it sad that God created Adam and Eve and that from them ALL others came.

    This of course means that there is only one RACE and that is the HUMAN RACE.

    There is NO blackbrace and there is no white race…

    The only True Rasist is the Person who chooses to devide the HUMAN RACE by Color or Sex.

    The sooner People learn this lesson the sooner the HUMAN RACE will succeed in Life at Life.

  29. BLM
    Black Lies Multiply

  30. OK, I’ll admit to being racist because I don’t watch the show, and don’t care who wins. Can I ever be forgiven for my racial apathy?

    • Michael Dennewitz

      You sure can, but give me all the credit for being the biggest racist in the world. . LOL

      • It’s not up to you, unless you aren’t a white guy, and then you can’t be racist. I’ll put a call in to sharpton, obamao, and jackson, and wait patiently for their response of your not-caring.

  31. The NBA , professional football , Black miss America, black caucus Need I say more?

  32. Let them start their own Black Idol Show, all black, producers, judges, lighting, choreography, contestents, financial backers, audiences. Ban whites from watching or supporting it. That should make them happy, happy, happy, especially the financial backing and audiences.

  33. Black people, in general, are racists!

  34. So what I am supposed to be ashamed I was born white instead of something else? That will be the day that hell ,freezes over

    • Michael Dennewitz

      My great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. I’m one he’ll of a racist and damned proud of it!!

      • So what is the other half? Is that the half that makes you racist or is it the indian half since Indians do not care for whites. Now that the “tribes” are taking America back a quarter at a time or$1.50 if you play more than 1 line

    • The plan is coming together. Remember Global warming? In 20 years (1993-2013) earth was supposed to be an oven, instead of a 15 year stasis (now 18 year) Can’t freeze, gore said so.

  35. Only the real racist holler racism. The rest of is look at who is best and reward them accordingly. It’s pretty obvious to tell them apart. Political correctness is always incorrect. Satan loves each and everyone of those lost souls.

  36. I am fed up with liberals in general. If they don’t win they always cry racist .It gotten to covrr for their ignorance.Its really funny

  37. Maydell Harper Sims Bolding

    I suppose all the American public are racist then, because it was the vote of the American people who said Trent Harmon won. I would have been happy to see LaPorshia win. She has great talent, and whether or not you think she actually lost, she is going to pick up a contract from someone in the music industry who have seen and heard her perform. Someone as good as her will be given a contract. But I am tired of hearing racist every time a white person wins something.

  38. HBO…NEW…”Lady Day” …great don’t miss it!

  39. Remember the call to be color blind? How did we go from color blind to blacks see race in everything? Strangely no help from hollywood, msm or from the PC politicians they stoke the flames every chance they get.

  40. I think the lady lost because of her bad wigs.
    Was that racist????

  41. Liberals are sick puppies, it’s a mental disease, they are incapable of having normal reasoning. They are racist themselves and hate anyone who disagrees with them. Stop caving to the threats of those mentally sick cowards, stop them where they stand. No more racial crap they use to get what they demand.

    • Agreed. Anyone with one iota of common sense and reasoning ability saw this coming seven years ago when the current illegal alien occupant of the White House moved in. From that moment on, if you disagreed with anything he said or did, (especially if you were white or conservative), they threw out the race card, just like now they throw out the sexist card if you are against Hillary, or the gender card if you are against “open bathrooms”. While liberals love to use words like openness, tolerance, acceptance, diversity, inclusion, you better not deviate so much as one degree from the approved party line or you will be torn to shreds. Even the so-called first black president, Bill Clinton found that out.

  42. First of all, being called “White” is an honor, not an insult, you smarmy little twats!! Secondly, when the white contestants sing now days, they all SOUND BLACK!!! Thirdly, there are a million black female singers that sound like the black lady and only one that has the vocal attributes that Trent Harmon has! “Racist” no longer has meaning as it is the most over used word in the black bigot’s and liberal’s vocabulary!

  43. 11% of the population and they think everything should be for them.

  44. This girl lost the race when she made racial and political comments on the show. She is a statistic already – young black, single mother with an abusive and now absent father to her child – but equating her “struggle” with BLM and race relations sealed her fate. I was watching when she did it and told my husband she just lost all the average white Americans who appreciated her talent and would have voted for her. She didn’t have to take it there. This is a show discovering talent, not a political soapbox. If she won, she would have had a great platform to affect whatever social change she wanted to advocate for. Being called a “racist” just doesn’t have the same power it used to have and is rapidly causing more of a backlash on those people who use it to further their own causes.

  45. I have to say the black woman that came in second should have been placed about 110 as she was a terrible singer. I believe she was just a token to satisfy the BLM crowd. Obama has his own problems as he is now being blasted for not appointing a black judge for supreme court seat.

  46. Perhaps he was just a bit better

  47. Theoline Isaacson

    Get over it!!! No racism involved.

  48. Talent won over RACISM, Now that is a shocker for sure with all the Political correct crap we see daily in the
    Media, on TV, Print and ever other for of Political Trash and the Oval Office. Wonder when Mau Mau Kenya
    will come out and declare it a “rigged racist” event, have a slushie break and then get the vote chaged after
    he and other RACIST threaten the show and the voters?

  49. The fix HAD to be in. Everybody knows honkeys have no talent. And it’s obviously sexism too because it was a guy instead of the woman who won. All done in a back door deal against Blacks and Women! No question about it.

    Think that’s bad, though. Just wait ’till you see the back door deals and fixed voting in Cleveland in July. Like Jolson said,,,,,You aint seen ‘nothing yet!

    • Sounds like you are a big racist, people like you just keep this crap going and going.

      • Are you full of shit or what?

        Then maybe you are just a moron that can’t comprehend satire.

        #1 is curable by a laxative
        #2 is terminal.

        BTW You ashamed of using your real name?


  50. Who cares what some of the loony tan skins from the left have to save. They’ve overplayed the race card to the point that it’s no longer effective. People are just expecting it now and are largely ignoring it when they flap their lips. For the most part, you don’t hear those with real talent, regardless of race, spewing out this garbage – just those intent on dealing the race card from the bottom of the deck.

    • Maybe you should look beyond white v. black.

      Reality is white v. everyone else. Racism is the white modus operandi — always has been, seemingly, always will be.

      Alaska’s First Peope are the only ones in history to have gotten anywhere near a fair deal.

      • I never stated that the loony’s included all people of less than white skin – just a lot of them. I personally know many, many people of various shades of skin color and from many different cultures that have done quite well. They, without exception, have not used the race card crutch. These folks have achieved success at varying levels and lead good lives. Instead of constantly whining and doing the blame game, they went out and found jobs and stuck with them until they reached their goals. In short, they took control of their own destinies and have every reason to be proud of their accomplishments. And I am the first to acknowledge that skin color, especially black skin color, at times had a detrimental effect on their progress. They got past the racial stigma caused by their non-working brothers and sisters and achieved their individual levels of success. Not a one of them that I know has anything positive to say about Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or Obama.

  51. Cherie Lynn Davis

    The more I hear of people yelling racism at every turn, the more I am convinced that they are the ones carrying the flag to keep racism alive! I would have thought that they would realize their attempts to hang on to this issue has reached the level of ridiculous. Most everyone has figured out their motives and are sick and tired of their whining. Yes, there still may be some small-minded individuals who are racist. But……, that holds true for BOTH blacks and whites!! So let’s cut through the BS and tell it like it is!! People, both black and white or whatever color, who hold on to these principles will always be out there and there is little anyone can do about it. Those changes will have to manifest in the hearts of the folks who look to infuse racism into every aspect of our lives!

    • However, it is not simply white v. black.
      In reality, it is white v. everything else … look what has been done to America’s First People … still being done.

      • Cherie Lynn Davis

        American Indians were dealt a losing hand, there is no doubt about that. But….., they are not screaming racism at every turn and that is a tribute to their pride and their race. I do know what I am talking about here as my father was a rancher in Montana where I grew up and I watched what went on between them when he leased land from them to run his cattle. He always treated them fairly and with respect and they respected him in return. There was never any animosity present in Dad’s dealings with them. I can remember coming home sometimes (we never locked our doors then) and there would be an Indian sitting on our couch waiting to talk to Dad and sometimes they would need an advance on the lease. It was a way of life that benefited both them and us and it was then that I learned the importance of respecting all races. I find it difficult to understand people who encourage racism, for in the end it benefits no one!

        • The First People were the target of genocide, no different than that practiced in Germany during WW II. More than a few tribes were erased — totally, to the last child.

          They are still being cheated and stolen from. Ever treaty between a First People Nation and the United States has been broken. The only Natives to be given their due are those of Alaska. Then you see, Alaska was bought and paid for, not stolen by an armed thief. 😉

          Huge difference between the two peoples. Natives were here when white man arrived. Blacks were brought here in chains, then bought and sold like farm animals. While Indian schools were not very good, it was a crime to teach a black to read or write.

          No other race has been treated fairly. We put Asians in concentration camps and stole their assets during WW II.

          • Cherie Lynn Davis

            You are kind of speaking in generalities. I went to a Catholic grade school in Porcupine, South Dakota. (Our Lady of Lourdes) I do not know if it is still there but the Indian children who attended learned the same things I did. There was no separation of races or anything like that. My parents had to pay for me to attend but if the Indian children could not afford to pay, they went for free. We all ate lunch in the same dining room and there was no animosity. I went there from 4th grade through 8th. I know there were injustices done to the American Indians but I think that sometimes people used these instances to promote a political agenda just as we see today when certain segments of society try to whip up racial flames such we have seen in Baltimore and Ferguson, Mo. I would love to be able to erase injustices everywhere but it is all part of world history and a sad testament to the injustices laid on most people across the world. When you weigh what has happened here as opposed to horrific events in most other countries, we are head and shoulders above most of them

          • Injustice is still being done. Not having witnessed it personally does not equate to it not existing.

            What happened to America’s First People is no different than what happend in Germany and Vietnam. The Trail of Tears is on equal footing with the Bataan Death March. Over 1,200 miles — walking, most carrying all of their possessions on their backs. Many died of illness, especially children.

            More than 100,000 First Peoples were pushed out of their traditional lands, and the death toll from these forced removals reached far into the thousands.

          • Cherie Lynn Davis

            I never said injustice does not still exist. I said it is all part of history and that cannot be changed. Like I said in my last post, “I would love to be able to erase injustices everywhere but it is all part of world history and a sad testament to the injustices laid on most people by former, and in some cases, present dictators across the world.” Holding on to things we have no power to change will only create frustration. What we can do is try to change aggressive behavior wherever it raises its ugly head!

          • We have the power to change injustice here in the United States.
            “It is not my problem” mentality is the problem.

            As history has documented, aggression takes place when conditions become intolerable.

          • Cherie Lynn Davis

            Yes, we are fortunate to live in the U.S, where we can still speak out to change what is pertinent today. However, I do not see where hanging on to injustices that occurred 150 years ago can serve any purpose other than inciting racism. At some point, we are going to have to learn from it and move on, otherwise this same discussion will be going on 150 years from now!

          • The problem is what is happening now. In some parts of this country, it is still 150 years ago.

          • Cherie Lynn Davis

            And it has only served to drive us farther apart. I was not alive 150 years ago and neither were you and here we are trying to solve a problem that our ancestors created. Do you see the futility of it? I guess we should just smile a little and hope we find others who will have a civil conversation without cursing when you might not agree with them. Some of these people can be brutal.

          • I suspect you are a “Yankee” 😉

            My guess would be you have never witnessed an old woman ordered to give a young man her bus seat.

            My guess you have never heard an middle-aged or older man addressed as “boy”.

            White poor, uneducated fold are no different than the blacks your “cursing” remark refers to.

            The uneducated, impoverished, living in slums lead brutal lives. One is brutal or one is dead.

            Throughout history there are many “white” riots. Today those are called “strikes”.

          • Cherie Lynn Davis

            Well, actually I’m a transplanted “Yankee.” I live in the South now and have for many years.. However, if I had been Rosa Parks, I would have done exactly the same thing she did. You see, all of that came about because wealthy plantation owners wanted someone to work for them for free. But did you know that it was black Africans who kidnapped black people in Africa when they found out that they could make money in the slave trade? They were just as bad as the people who bought them as far as I’m concerned. And here we are again going back 150 years. Anyway, getting back to Rosa Parks. She had the guts to stand up for what she knew was right. The people who did things like that to her and others were bullies and needed to be taught a lesson. And yes I know about the strikes in the coal industry. I used to work for a Coal Association in Washington, D.C. And so, are you a southerner? You sure seem to know a lot about the South!

          • Born and raised in the Deep South. Married military man and never looked back. Well, except to visit family.

            My ancestors were among the first settlers at Montgomery, Alabama. Yes, they were slave owners.

            Rosa Parks is one of the women I greatly admire. She stands with other brave women such as Princess Sela and/or
            The Empress Wu.

          • Cherie Lynn Davis

            Okay. Thanks for an enjoying exchange. Got to go to bed now. (:-)

    • That’s the unfortunate part, it’s too easy to only find what you look for.

      • Cherie Lynn Davis

        I always try to look for the best but there are times you just have to look away because, in many instances, those who thrive in this realm have jumped into the abyss and there is no lifeline long enough to pull them out!

  52. Whenever they don’t win or they don’t get their way they start screaming racism. I have had enough of this crap.

  53. Well, I think that a Black Person should ALWAYS win “American IDLE” !!!

  54. With a black in the oval office I go with the train of thought that the only racial bias left in this country lays with the black community. As far as I know there is no such thing as race because we all belong to the one and only recognized one of Homo Sapiens.

  55. I think all liberal whites should kill themselves..Those privileged socialist bastards. How dare they not do so because they tell us that Whites are not worthy of anything…So, start killing yourselves, Please!

  56. Some people are just flat out stupid. And what’s worse is that they shout it out to the world via twitter. It’s way past time for the good Lord to eradicate humankind.

  57. Racist liberals can kiss my pasty white AZZ!!!

    • Chikdish foul language.
      Hopefully, you are not ywt old enough to vote.

      • And I’m supposed to accept chastisement from someone with such lousy spelling skills? You must BE one of those racist liberals since you’re so interested in defending them.

        • Maybe you should learn the difference between spelling and typing.

          Oh, and darling, spelling is rote memorization — something parrots and computers do very well.

          The extremely intellegent individuals could not spell: Benjamin Franklin, Alfred Mosher Butts, William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald,
          Ernest Hemingway, John Keats, John Irving, Jane Austen, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy Jr.

          Save your insults for someone you can impress with your ignorance.

          • If you’re gonna question my intelligence, then don’t call me darling, babe!. Plus, in typical liberal fashion, you still don’t explain why you choose to defend racist liberals. Apparently, you must be among their numbers. Please answer my question or sign off…I’m not interested in the typical liberal practice of dodging questions

          • What makes you think that you have the right to order anyone to do anything, darling?
            Your post says so much more about you than I ever could.

          • Well, babe, your post does the same for you. I asked you to defend the racist tendencies of liberals, and you have avoided that at all costs. This just assures me further that you are likely one yourself and, as a liberal, refuse to debate due to lack of facts to back up your position.

          • Insults only matter if someone respects your opinion.

          • And you STILL haven’t answered my question…and likely never will because you CAN’T!

          • What question are you atlking about?
            You have only insulted.

          • Over my first 3 posts, I asked you why you defend racist liberals, since you are apparently far more offended at my language than their racism. I’m still waiting…

  58. There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from the posts on this blog: Someone else is always responsible for the problems.

  59. Any second now, Obama is going to speak against White Privilege at the White House podium.

  60. Mathematical certainty

    One-digit-IQ-black-left-wing-liberal-racists have nothing else to offer. Pulling the race card keeps the black racists alive and well. Education, competence, intelligence, integrity, responsibility, ethics, civilized behavior, are characteristics that are not possible to achieve with black racists. Their hatred of everything “White” is the nourishment that keeps them alive. They have nothing to contribute to a civilized society, and they never will. Take “Whitey” out of the picture and the black racists will become as extinct as their knuckle-dragging Neanderthal ancestors. The “freebies” will no longer be available, simply because there will be no more “Whiteys” to pay the tab. Imagine what the US will look like with black racists in control….just do some research on the economical, and physical condition of all of the inner cities dominated by blacks, and left-wing-liberal-democrats. Detroit, e.g., once a great city with some of the most beautiful architectural structures in the country looks like Dresden after WWII. Check out areas dominated by blacks in Chicago, Oakland, Philadelphia, Baltimore, NY, and hundreds of others, throughout the US and you will gain some insight into what it would look like to live in pre-historic times.

    • Some people are happiest wearing the chains they forge for themselves, and they vote democrat to prove it to everyone but themselves

    • Excellent comments- your absolutely correct. They
      Only drag down this country- their number 1 in commiting crimes, taking/ selling drugs, & drawing welfare, the males abandon their children who eventually turn into criminals, they don’t pay child support. They promote rap music which is complete trash- only destroys morals. They have dominated the sporting industry and are way overpaid. The only way to deal with them is to give stiff sentences
      And quit giving into their demands. The bleeding heart liberals have created a lot of this mess because they are gutless and want their vote by burdening all Americans with higher taxes. America is not about free things it’s about free choices . No more welfare to drug addicts or those not willing to work.

  61. All of the African-Americans are always crying the race thing, well they can go back to Africa where their ancestors came from. Maybe after all these years their tribes will let them back into the tribe. Plus it just grinds me to hear them say African-Americans. I would thing it would be just Americans. The ancestors were shipped from Africa by the Dutch to the United States. The ancestors were trouble makers of the tribes so the tribe elders sold the trouble makers to the Dutch and here they came. My ancestors came from Checz Republic and am proud to be a American, as a matter of fact my ancestors wanted to only speak English and not their native language. Not like the wetbacks that come into the U.S.

  62. The best man one! No more info needed. The race thing is so overdone, it means nothing. I have watched every show but one, missed for illness, in the last 15 years. As far as
    I’m concerned Trent Harmon is the best they’ve ever had on the air. Hurray Trent, I’m in your corner.
    No, I’m not attracted to him, I am 79 yo. Just think he has a terrific voice.

  63. The left would have you think white guys got no talent.

    and, the only way a white can win is with racism….

    I have got to say that is where bigotry comes from….

  64. I guess the fact that both were signed by the same label after the show means anything…

  65. For 7+ years this created racism is the worst in the U.S. since the Civil War & bo with his cronies created it ..!

  66. Suzette Pulvirenti

    Now you want to pick on American Idol….well you know what…..damn you for even thinking about it. Of all the talented people – BLACK AND WHITE – who have won and all some can do it PICK…PICK….PICK. I sure don’t swear but DAMN you for even thinking it….get a life and get to work and quite blubbering about racism. What a bunch of idiots! Get your heads out of your butts and do something important.

  67. WTF….this just gets worse…it’ll end when people start using their Bullshit card….and see it for what it is…and the media stops it’s frenzy feeding of it…the greatest Chasm in human relations ,race class etc etc ..in human history..we better wake up…

  68. Ok, La Portia obviously was the winner, Trent can not sing but what do you expect. Is it racism? No just ignorance and people like tons of little white girls who vote for who they think is cute instead of someone with a voice. If the people who voted really paid attention to the voices on the show there would not have been a male contestant in the final group of five. None of those boys could sing. Trent looked like he was trying to immitate the Joker while attempting to sing and failing miserably. McKenzie looked like a cross between Joker and Harry Potter and couldn’t carry a tune or sing well enough to make anyone LISTENING want to hear it because he had that annoying out of tune Indy sound, the genre for talentless people. Dalton, come on, he sounded like a monkey screaming because it had a fence post stuck up it’s butt. The only male in the last 8 people who had any talent was Lee Jean, He was at least a tolerable voice with the ability to put on a show, not a very strong or trained voice but not bad. The other dudes if the judges were being honest had almost no talent at all. LaPortia, Sonika, and Tristen were the best of the people they kept and Avalon was better than all of the guys. Laprtia was the best voice this year that was kept period and bar none, but Sonika has an amazing voice and range. Tristen had more control and a very strong voice the guys all sounded like they were attempting to pull a gauntlet out of their behinds, none of them could make a dollar for their lousy voices if it were not for the fact that this new generation is either stoned, stupid, tasteless, or deaf when it comes to singing, Whom ever thinks them boys could sing needs to get their ears fixed, or get off the dope because there was nothing there. I have always been annoyed with some of the judges decissions but more so since the last three judges came on. Jimmy Ivene was clueless as far as talent to and when he was on the show he made it obvious he wanted the judges to pump up certain contestants, I am not a Nicki Minaj fan but at least she refused to play the stupid game of telling the audience who to like. People complained about Simon but at least he pulled no punches and spoke his opinion which was normally right. Not always, He did screw some calls up terribly but for the most part he was spot on. As far as the show goes the best voice and also the sexiest and most beautiful woman ever to be a contestant was Latoya London, No other person on the show ever had her versatility, strength, range, vocal abilities nor her physical attributes. She proved that she still has it on the finally by blowing away all the voies they brought on to say goodbye, but she isn’t even singing anymore as far as I know. Why? Because the music industry is still insiting they are loosing money because of music piracy but if they were being honest it is because they keep pushing mediocre to absolutely horrible untalented singers and shoving music in a can down our throats. In the 60’s, 70’s, and most of the 80’s, the music industry had variety, almost everyone had their own sound or was talented and could truly sing. Today if you can make it sound like the same old garbage sound like that of Destiny’s Child, moaning and screaming like the so called rock of today that all seems to sound like Rob Zombie, Metalica, or Megadeath whom have no talent, or Indty crap which sounds like someone took a balloon and is letting the air slip out while making it squeak and is like fingernails on a chalkboard. The same rhythm

  69. Last I checked, it is a nationwide vote by the viewers of the show. You can’t cite racism UNLESS the votes were tampered to favor him over her. Start publicly shaming these liberals for every single farce and hopefully this will stop.

  70. If the black does not always get the rewards they cry racism. This escalated after Obama got into office because as I hear it he started a grass roots movement by requesting Hollywood to promote more blacks in advertisements, movies and anything having to do with media. All I can say is every time an advertisement is seen on television it seems to have a black in it. To be only 14% of the population I wonder why they think they have to be promoted into everything and then be the winner in every contest. Just because of the liberal brainwashing telling them they can be anything they want to be sounds good it does not always work out that way. There are too many factors that have to be weighed into the scenario. The problem is that many have taken it as though if I am of this race or that race I should be rewarded. Sorry, it does not work that way.

  71. Well I guess the blacks can start their own version of the show. They’ve done it in other areas, including a dating service. I wonder what the response would be if a dating service was for whites only? Blacks can set up segregated groups but whites are labeled racist if they do such a thing. I sometimes wonder who the real racists are.

  72. I told my wife that if she did NOT win, the LIBERALS would yell Racism!! Well, that was NOT the reason many people did not vote for LaPorscha. I did not like her hair!! She had a beautiful voice and would be picked up by a record company quickly!! PLUS, she got a new FORD car and she made money being on the last show!! Trent did make such a drastic change in his final weeks. There was NO Racism from here, so do not come with that! But you watch her make millions of dollars in her recordings! A fan for ALL of these years and will miss it, like many others will, also.

  73. Why not blame the race baiter in chief.


    • An honest question…. Are you American? Your spelling of the word “COLOURS” reveals your Canadianism. I post this as a friendly post, and mean no disrespect what so ever.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      LOL! I see as a colonial, you do not harbour any resentment towards the British, as they seem to have coloured how you’ve spelt the Queen’s English. (Either that, or you’re from New England. We tend to do that on a regular basis.)

  75. People need to get over caring when people say that. I have. I am never going to try to reason with people who are playing us. I am done.

  76. Well – – I don’t know what all the fuss is about – there are recording companies standing on the sidelines waiting for the top (at least 3???) – so no one really loses anything. Cut the crapolla – it isn’t the skin – it is the talent.

  77. never wasted my time watching this show and it seems i was right in doing so. in fact i gave up watching T.V. a few years ago. i watch a couple of news programs but from what little i see when surfing the channels during the commercials i am not missing anything.

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  79. When I was in school, I really enjoyed history…it was one of my favorite subjects and because I liked it so much it was easy to get good grades in it. I never dreamed that I would actually be living in history. One thing that I have learned is that what was the REAL history, the history I learned in school, is no longer the history that is taught now. The history taught now, never really happened. And what I learned about how this country is supposed to function as a government doesn’t work now, like how I was taught that it was set up to function. The things that are going on now are just plain stupid. There are those who really believe that the Holocaust did not happen. And , now, right before our eyes, two things that don’t make sense to me are happening. First, thy are trying to destroy evidences that the Civil War didn’t happen but with the same breath, they want to “apologize for slavery . In the first place, IT HAPPENED! In the second place, ALL of the slaves are DEAD! How do you apologize to someone who is DEAD? And this business of giving money to the blacks today as some sort of compensation for the ills of the past, during the CIVIL WAR…that they are trying to erase from the history books, is just plain STUPID. Besides, you can’t have both. It you take away the CIVIL WAR, you take away any reason for any “compensation”. I am not against anybody’s race, or religion, but I AM against STUPIDITY! The things that are occurring in the political world and all of this stuff about race, inequality, higher wages….the whole thing proves that this country is full of STUPID people who are coming up with STUPID ideas that are believed by more STUPID people! I have a sneaking suspicion that “you can’t fix STUPID!” I have a couple of my own personal ideas as to what should be done, but I will keep them to myself. What the best solution is and how we can accomplish that solution is really beyond me. I surely hope and pray that there is a viable solution somewhere or we are all in deep doo -doo!

  80. you can thank obama for reigniting the racism flame, there have been times in American idols past that who won shouldn’t have but hey they say it was on the up and up and show no proof so how do you know for sure? but I doubt they won because of racism, if American Idol was rigged it was more to do with ratings than anything else

  81. How about they do it in the dark, and just judge the contestants on their singing ability alone, heck you could do it all on headsets from their own homes if you needed to. All these racists need to STFU and realize that the most talented individual can just as easily be white, yellow, red, green or blue, it does not always have to be GIVEN to a black person because of their skin color, That in itself is racist as you can get.

  82. It doesn’t matter if someone wins American Idol on their own merits, or gets a job because they’re the most qualified…to some it’s always going to be about race. Basically those are the folks who are the real racists, because they believe that people should ‘win’, be selected for a job, or be elected to public office, based solely on their skin color.

  83. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    He must have been three+ times better than her ? Any less and they obviously would have let their now 49 years old Affirmative Action training cut in and given the win to this double minority !! ?

  84. Instead of being the resolution to all the racism going on in this country these idiots add to the problem. What has happened? Remember “give credit where credit is due”? I as well as everybody else are so sick of the BS PC crap!

  85. It’s gotten to the place where if the Blacks don’t get their expected outcome and get their politically correct result they cry racism. They have been crying so long for equality but they don’t want equality, they want preferential treatment and they’re getting so used to getting their black butts kissed that when they don’t, they cry racism. Example: (the academy awards) They can have , “United negro college fund”, “The Essence Awards”, “Black girls rock”, and a host of other black organizations but they want it ALL! WAke up white people and quit giving away your power. Be Proud of who and what we are and stand for and accomplish! The Blacks sure are.


  87. America was a great Nation when America was White and Christian. I am weary of all these Orcs, and all the mayhem they create. PURGE the Darklings. If it’s not WHITE it’s not RIGHT.

  88. Singing just isn’t that important, but some of them think so. Need to reassess what is important. Sports, singing, acting, OR character? being good parents? citizens?

  89. Sounds “all white” (“all right”) to me! But, seriously, folks, if you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. Okay, its cancelled. Whatever. I never watched it anyway.

  90. It’s whose music will sell! Maybe the blacks don’y “buy” enough to support the jaundra they sing. America voters had a choice and they chose him. I’m so sick of this crapola I could just hurl. For pekes sake the whole world isn’t biased against the blacks. GET OVER IT! And just so you know I don’t support Will Smith any longer and I did like his movies until he made that assinine move boycotting the Oscars!

  91. Obama just said that God is racist, for making clouds and snow, WHITE!

  92. When i got out of the military in 1967 with all my training in the fire dept I could not fined a job as a fireman because i was white. I was told that they had to meet their quota of 50/50 Black and white. If that is the case why now is it that over 80% of the Federal work force is black? And if black lives mater so much why is over 80% of the crimes on black are from black and they keep making it look like it is the white mans fault.

  93. Did it ever occur to “these black racists” that maybe the ‘white man’ has more talent than the ‘black woman’? They play the race card at any and all occasions no matter what the occasion is.

  94. everything that liberals and blacks don’t agree with is racism. they play the race card so much everyone is immune to it. Crying and whining all they are good for

  95. FASCIST TODD YOUNG for Indiana US SENATE ’16….I’m bought and owned by the Chamber of Commerce billionaires club !

  96. Ken Dometriosis .

    You know, THIS bull is why I really, REALLY hate negroes! Every damn one of them and I know if they were exterminated from the face of this Earth, it would immediately become a better, safer, cleaner and more pleasant place to live!

  97. FASCIST TODD YOUNG for Indiana US SENATE ’16….I’m bought and owned by the Chamber of Commerce billionaires club !

  98. Hello, The United States, plus other countries do NOT NEED THE “Obama Theatrics of sniping at every little
    thing.Watch an American Track and Field, and believe me that the Blacks have the best running muscle structure and competitive edge. Basket ball, baseball, football, marathons, tennis, look around, and improve your manners and disposition of good thoughts……..America has places of interaction for all of the human race. Don’t let the White House affect your good humor and personality. All of the US Discord has been programmed or paid for by OBAMA

  99. It’s very easy to yell “racist”…no proof needed and every dimwit believes it!

  100. nigggggggers are the group of racist is in the usa

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  102. Of course. They should have known it should have gone to the subject of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” Then there was N****r Jim from “Tom Sawyer” or “Huckleberry Finn.”

  103. I thought the amount of votes a candidate gets from the public determines the winner am I wrong?

  104. There’s a whole continent where the Whites don’t Run/Win Everything. Go Home to Mother Africa! See if anyone cares about your “RACIS” Complaints there!

  105. Egor von Johnson

    I am sick and tired of dem black niggers. BB, FB almost 80% black with grade 3 IQ`s. Rappers are the worst, killin cops etc. We need a Hitler redux b4 the second coming of Christ. I pray for this at bedside nightly.

  106. So U R saying what others R afraid 2 say; racism is not okay unless my group benefits

    So wake up middle class America; guess which group this is?

    Put an end to your tax $$$ helping those who do not want to help themselves but can be seen on television late at night disturbing the peace booze in hand

  107. Sparkitus_Maximus

    Most people who watch these shows are to young to know what happened in South Africa.

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