White (Criminal) Privilege Exposed by Waco?

According to the Washington Post’s Janell Ross and quite a few Twitter users, the media coverage of the biker shootout in Waco, Texas is the perfect example of how white criminals are treated differently than their black counterparts. According to Ross, white criminals are judged as individuals while black criminals are seen as examples of deep, cultural problems that need to be addressed.

“Consider the headlines, cable news show line-ups and editorials that would have followed if the weekend shootout happened at a Waco hip-hop show or club,” Ross wrote. She followed that up by highlighting tweets sarcastically bemoaning the plight of “white on white crime” and other jokes that might be apt if the media was anything like what Ross and liberal Twitter users seem to think it is.

They must be watching alternative-universe news channels if they see media commentators criticizing black culture in the wake of black crime. Certainly, any such criticism has been hard to find after the publicized incidents in Ferguson and Baltimore; Fox News may run such pieces, but Ross seems to suggest that this kind of coverage saturates the liberal media after these events.

There’s also a gap in logic that they seem unwilling to acknowledge. Gang crime activity in cities like Detroit, Los Angeles, and Chicago has become so commonplace that it rarely makes the news at all, much less inspiring the kind of racist think pieces Ross imagines are all over the place. Whether this absence of coverage is just another indictment of “white privilege” or not is up for liberals to decide, but it’s not as though the nightly news leads off with stories about the latest battle between the Crips and Bloods.

“White Americans – whether members of biker gangs, declared criminal organizations or not– enjoy the constant luxury of being viewed as precisely what they are: individuals capable of all manner of accomplishment and bad behavior at any given moment in time,” concluded Ross, finishing up her story with a worldview that she gave exactly zero evidence of.

Ever since the death of Michael Brown, the news media has bent over backwards to blame white America – as a whole, not as individuals – for the plight of those living in the slums. Racist cops, racist judges, and racist juries have kept black Americans somewhere between slavery and prison for the last hundred years, they say, and the seams are finally starting to burst. They’ll pay lip service to the “good cops” every now and again to make things fair, but the narrative couldn’t be clearer. And now these liberals want to claim that whites have it made when it comes to their media coverage? There must be a gas leak somewhere.

Putting the final cherry on top of this liberal sundae? The bikers arrested after the Waco shootout were in no way racially homogenous. Mixed in to the mugshots were plenty of bikers both black and Hispanic, proving once again that liberals don’t need the slightest shred of proof before they go off on one of their tangents. It would almost be funny if it weren’t having such a damning effect on the country.

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