White (Criminal) Privilege Exposed by Waco?

According to the Washington Post’s Janell Ross and quite a few Twitter users, the media coverage of the biker shootout in Waco, Texas is the perfect example of how white criminals are treated differently than their black counterparts. According to Ross, white criminals are judged as individuals while black criminals are seen as examples of deep, cultural problems that need to be addressed.

“Consider the headlines, cable news show line-ups and editorials that would have followed if the weekend shootout happened at a Waco hip-hop show or club,” Ross wrote. She followed that up by highlighting tweets sarcastically bemoaning the plight of “white on white crime” and other jokes that might be apt if the media was anything like what Ross and liberal Twitter users seem to think it is.

They must be watching alternative-universe news channels if they see media commentators criticizing black culture in the wake of black crime. Certainly, any such criticism has been hard to find after the publicized incidents in Ferguson and Baltimore; Fox News may run such pieces, but Ross seems to suggest that this kind of coverage saturates the liberal media after these events.

There’s also a gap in logic that they seem unwilling to acknowledge. Gang crime activity in cities like Detroit, Los Angeles, and Chicago has become so commonplace that it rarely makes the news at all, much less inspiring the kind of racist think pieces Ross imagines are all over the place. Whether this absence of coverage is just another indictment of “white privilege” or not is up for liberals to decide, but it’s not as though the nightly news leads off with stories about the latest battle between the Crips and Bloods.

“White Americans – whether members of biker gangs, declared criminal organizations or not– enjoy the constant luxury of being viewed as precisely what they are: individuals capable of all manner of accomplishment and bad behavior at any given moment in time,” concluded Ross, finishing up her story with a worldview that she gave exactly zero evidence of.

Ever since the death of Michael Brown, the news media has bent over backwards to blame white America – as a whole, not as individuals – for the plight of those living in the slums. Racist cops, racist judges, and racist juries have kept black Americans somewhere between slavery and prison for the last hundred years, they say, and the seams are finally starting to burst. They’ll pay lip service to the “good cops” every now and again to make things fair, but the narrative couldn’t be clearer. And now these liberals want to claim that whites have it made when it comes to their media coverage? There must be a gas leak somewhere.

Putting the final cherry on top of this liberal sundae? The bikers arrested after the Waco shootout were in no way racially homogenous. Mixed in to the mugshots were plenty of bikers both black and Hispanic, proving once again that liberals don’t need the slightest shred of proof before they go off on one of their tangents. It would almost be funny if it weren’t having such a damning effect on the country.

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    Liberalism is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, and signifying nothing.

  2. Pamela Sue Therrien

    9000 young black men killed in one year Black on Black murder……….9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @pamel…: Make a good post, but nowhere near accurate. In 2013 there were 2413 blacks murdered, 2245 by blacks. Re: FBI 2013 Crime in US.

      • Good for you Ken29. True stats are much better than exaggerations and your source is good. It still shows who is killing who.

  3. michael32853hutson@yahoo.com

    the last paragraph makes the same point i was going to make

  4. Where are all the riots about arresting those poor bikers?

    • Roy Clingenpeel

      The same place the riots are for the carnage that black on black multiple assaults are causing in towns with a black administrations. Chicago and Baltimore are prime examples that are silenced as racial attacks..

      • Michael Dennewitz

        But if one gang had been 100% white and the other gang 100% black, you can bet your ass there would have been riots! When is America going to get up off this racial shit and focus on what the little bastard in the WH is bringing upon us???

    • Shall we see if george soros will give us a paycheck for looting and protesting? Check out the mayor of Baltimore who is so incensed because her murder rate went up instead of down after she had the police stand down during the riots as “it was only property”. Unfortunately, it wasn’t hers!

      • Anyone have he number and race of those killed or murdered during and aftr the riots??

        • Don’t have the number, but the mayor was complaining that her murder score is 100 so far this year compared to 71 last year at the same time. Seeing as Baltimore is predominately black, I am guessing the dead are of that descent. What a shame. All those lives lost and for what?

          • It sure would be some great entertainment if we could see a street fight between the Bikers and the Negro street gangs. Sadly the blacks would be at a disadvantage (as usual) because of their lack of intelligence. We would surely see how much black life matters as they run around yelling “what they do” or “What I did”

  5. Pure unadulterated horse biscuits.

  6. 609 days left!

  7. As usual, biased media. What a big joke our news media has become. Good thing no one believes a word printed these days.

  8. you make your own choices – you decide whether you want to do what’s right or what’s wrong.
    I’m getting tired of all the whining and moaning and hate spilled out of people’s mouths!
    stop waiting for the government to solve all your problems and take care of yourself and your family!

  9. Ross get your @#*^ together. Most of the gang members are black and hispanic. You must be a black racist to print such an ignorant article.

  10. That deep cultural problem that needs to be addressed is, LIBERALISM…..

  11. treat them differently, because they are white?
    Do you suppose the treatment may have been different, because no on was looting burning or rioting and not attacking cops?
    Also they were in Tx, start that garbage in Texas, the citizenry is likely to cap you butt.

  12. Douglas, you are the man ! Couldn’t have said it better. Look at the bail imposed on the bikers,
    do any of the rioters in Maryland or MO have bail that high ? The mix of bikers mug shots seemed
    to be white, black, latino & asian so I hardley think it’s all white crime being covered up by the lame
    stream. I think these gangs fight among themselves quite often and it doesn’t make the news.
    They have also had shoot outs in AZ.

  13. Milton W. Lowe

    I just can’t get into the “Fear Mongering” videos too redundant & time consuming & they usually want your $$$

  14. This is a no story that people are trying to make into one

  15. After reading this FBI report. I’d say Janell Ross, is either banging a gang member or blowing smoke out of her ass….

    “Some 33,000 violent street gangs, motorcycle gangs, and prison gangs with about 1.4 million members are criminally active in the U.S. today. Many are sophisticated and well organized; all use violence to control neighborhoods and boost their illegal money-making activities, which include robbery, drug and gun trafficking, fraud, extortion, and prostitution rings. According to the 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment report, gangs are responsible for an average of 48 percent of violent crime in most jurisdictions, and up to 90 percent in others. We’re redoubling our efforts to disrupt and dismantle gangs through intelligence-driven investigations and new initiatives and partnerships.”

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Once the TIC starts his shit, maybe ALL the biker gangs should pool their efforts and take the little bastard out!!

  16. I have a distinct feeling that it will be quite a while before the actual truth comes out if ever. Think about this, Janet Reno and Waco. That incident is still being covered up!

  17. This article nails it. If these bikers were
    Blacks, they would have been shot with Military equipment. But instead the bikers were babied and slowly
    asked to lay down their weapons. People
    complained Ferguson and Baltimore rioters who damaged businesses- which can be
    replaced. But these bikers killed people-you
    cannot replace an individual killed. Now who is violent-the rioters who were
    treated like shit or these bikers who killed people; but treated like
    babies. You tell me.

    • This, key words coming next, mixed races of thugs was treated no differently than the looters and thieves in Ferguson and Baltimore. Actually that’s not exactly correct as the cops killed nine of them in the shoot out, there were none killed by police in Ferguson or Baltimore.

    • I must have missed it, how many businesses were looted in Waco?
      Didn’t see any cop cars burning either.
      Golly, just thought about it ……… the rampage was done during daylight hours ……… hmmm, maybe “white” gang bangers don’t see as well at night.
      Your whining shows your cultural difference.

      • I do not care about property being looted. These can be replaced by insurance or by government subsidies. You cannot replace humans.

        • There are countless ‘humans’ throughout all of human habitation of earth, that are better for society as a collective, by Not being replaced.

        • As noted by Blgengeezer what makes you think some of those humans are worth keeping, and I would add, more valuable than property?
          After all if every life matters then abortion would be outlawed since the fetus is only considered “not life” as a convenience. Well we can look at thugs the same way.
          Best advice ………… don’t thug.

          • Did you really say – whether I think some of those humans are worth keeping, and you would add, more valuable than property? So you would kill a Black man for fun? I have heard quite a few of your kind state so. I was in a meeting behind a state lawyer who happened to be White said similar puke. In a discussion, apparently he did not know I was behind him when he said: “We can hurt a Black male and nothing can happen
            to us Whites.” He has been fired; now he blames me for being in the room. That is why we have laws in this country. People like you would go round killing Blacks for fun. You’re late Blacks have guns too these days. So calm down and respect human life.

          • As noted many don’t consider black lives worth much. Why else would Planned Parenthood, founded by a woman that thought blacks need to be eliminated, exterminated, place so many of their death factories close or in areas where blacks live?

            So be outraged and claim you and others can also have guns and project violence for which I have to ask, what’s new?

            Best get back to the hood, deal some drugs, shoot a few rivals to keep your turf safe and profitable. Don’t blame me for the culture since I’d love to see it changed. I’d love to see racial strife stop, but with the POTUS we have nothing less than more violence is projected and by him desired.

          • I am sorry for you; for you’re late with such verbiage. You should have been lived before 50s to dream of what you said. Now this Country is country of law. Blacks, like you, have all the rights to exist and prosper. Of course before the 50s only your kind would prosper. I am not a counselor to advise you how to live and think of your life. But I can assure you, you will live with Blacks around you. That is tough.

          • I live in an area that has blacks, they live mostly in squalor since they’ve abandoned freedom for free things. But that’s fine they’ll soon realize the import of latinos is to replace them.

  18. Do you actually think that black people truly believe this Bull Crap? I know and associate regularly with black people who certainly do not express these sentiments. I tend to believe that this sort of mongering is just another “community organizer” trying to incite discord among the citizenry. This kind of talk has been used by the race agitators for many years, starting before the 1960’s and continuing through today, and what have they accomplished? It seems to me that all that they have accomplished is to cause the “Poor Black Folks” to riot, loot, and tear down or burn their own neighborhoods. I ask you, how is that helpful to our society? Does it seem to you that there might be a different agenda? Like maybe create enough strife and division among the people that some politician can declare himself dictator in order to bring peace to the country? Wouldn’t be the first time this has taken place in the world. Just a thought.

    • It builds a coalition of “anti-white oppressed minorities” that vote reliably for the Liberal political party.

  19. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Pmbalele, Apparently you need glasses. since you couldn’t see the “black” bikers.
    Shot with “military equipment” ? like what? Rockets, tanks, machine guns????
    Obviously you missed the black folks who stopped the rioters in Fergeson from looting that store for “free stuff!

  20. Interesting that the racial makeup of these biker gangs was actually mixed (white/black/Hispanic). All the news I’ve heard up until this said they were all “white biker gangs.” This reminds me of the “racist” attack of those 6 horrible cops in Baltimore against the poor black “youth.” Until you find out that of the six cops, three of them were black, and one of the black officers was female. Hmm, sounds racist to me…

    • So there were whites, white hispanics, and white blacks that got their privilege.
      Sounds about right to me.

  21. And the GOP is a disease as demonstrated by them killing the bill against Campaign Finance Reform and its anti-democratic SCOTUS which ruled corporations are people. As long as the GOP can buy elections, this nation is seiously in jeopardy of witnessing a violent revolution, compliments of the diseased GOP and their followers who believe that Fox News is “fair and balanced”. If any of the right-wing woke-up and looked around, they would discover it was them which are the antithesis of our Democratic Republic.

    • Right after we buy the next election we are going to outlaw progressives and make you live with the Muslim goat herders so the goat get more time not to be sexually molested. Enjoy.

      • Why are so-called Conservatives much more afraid than Progressives. (Don’t call me a Liberal. I’m not. I am a Centrist Progressive. I got my Liberal Card taken away from me because of my stance on immigration.)

        • Define afraid. I often think people see informed and willing to stop a program as being fearful, it’s not, it’s being prepared. Now some could say most things never happen, which is true. But did they not happen because they never would have or because those willing to try the “change” saw there was too much resistance?

          On days when I know there is no risk I turn off the airbags and don’t use the seatbelt ……..

    • I’d be quick to agree that establishment Republicans of the GOP are half of what’s wrong in this nation, but would point out that the other half of what’s wrong are establishment Democrats. And the candidates for both these parties are chosen by the NWO groups, not by the People, so those groups win no matter who becomes elected, as these parties are just two faces of the same coin. Therefore, the NWO agenda continues unabated. And think about it – it isn’t just Fox News that is not fair and balanced. All of mainstream media is unfair and unbalanced, and deceiving the People by failing to report the truth and facts that really matter. By the way, we live in a Republic, not a Democratic Republic. Those nations which currently, or previously called themselves “Democratic Republics,” for the purpose of lulling their people into believing their governments were their benefactors have been mainly Marxist-Lennonist, communist, or socialist states. I know that our current “government” certainly appears to be headed strongly in that direction, but is that really where you want to go?

      • I up-voted your comment because it speaks of reality. I am a Communications/Journalism Major because of the demise of the Fourth Estate. The American people need truth and facts, not opinion and fear tactics. Everyone has an opinion, however, when facts and data are presented with substantiation, the general population is in a much better place to vote with critical thinking and logic rather than partisan loyalty which has hurt the GOP beyond any words that are in my vocabulary.

        I also agree that establishment Democrats are no better. I rally against the GOP because of their leadership, not the rank and file membership. Real Conservatives seem to have disappeared or are remaining silent. In order for Congress to function properly, we need to outlaw Lobbyists, overturn Citizens United, and boot all of the idiots that are turning this nation into a squabble about issues that do nothing to further the American Dream. The debate between real Conservatives and Democrats results in balanced legislation, and we can’t forget to demand that ALEC be disbanded as a threat to our Democracy; the Congressmen who take these pre-written Bills and present them to the general Legislature should be booted out of office every time we catch them selling their votes.

        Thank you for the excellent comment.

        • You’re most welcome, and I fully agree with your response. Unfortunately, nothing will change the current status quo of government and government related operations until our judicial system can be wrested away from the American Bar Association and restored to the Common Law system of People’s Grand Juries and People’s petite juries which the Constitution intended. Only then can the People lawfully hold those in federal and State government offices, as well as bureaucrats and law enforcement officers, responsible for abiding by the oaths of office they swore to uphold. Those who refuse to abide would be quickly removed and replaced by those who will. Anyone interested in being a part of making this happen should go to http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org/

          and become an active participant. This is our last and best hope for saving our nation through lawful, orderly, and non-violent means. All 50 states are on board with this movement, and are putting all federal and State judicial members, legislators, and law enforcement officials on notice that failure to abide by their oaths will have consequences.

  22. Why f#$k up a perfectly good lie with truth huh Ross?

  23. Liberals have a nasty habit of trying to label and classify groups so they can marginalize them. Unfortunately their groups are the ones who are the most tribalistic in nature and the least indidualistic in action. A few examples:

    NOW will never defend a Conservative woman who is being picked on and marginalized sexually by leftwing sources…read the pictures and nastiness directed at Sarah palin that was down right sexual harassment by select members of the press and political left.

    Black voters who plainly think Obama is doing a bad job and is not serving their best interests and who disagree with his policies, and who have clearly been thrown under the bus in favor of Hispanics yet continue to support him to the tune of close to 95% simply because he is Black.

    The wealthierof the anti gun crowd who have body guards who carry weapons that most citizens are not allowed to own without special permits.

    The ACLU who only defends liberal causes but has never found a conservative right worth defending in the last 40 years.

    Unions who supported the ACA but now want exemptions from it due to cost…..and the list goes on and on…

    These are the true BIGOTS and HATERS who want to deprive us of our rights because of their ingrown beliefs that controlling others is the correct thing to do because their elite view is the only view. They believe in the collective not the individual only when it comes to them.

    If you want to be treated as an individual you must first act like one…Janell Ross has taken the collective approach and must therefore be treatewd like one of the liberal collective and not an individual…nothing new here.

  24. liberalism is an std….socially transmitted disease…that destroys your brain cells…

  25. I keep saying to my friends and family, when Conservatives paint a group like the Crips, Bloods or any variety of Black and Hispanic or even Asian Gangs as being mad dogs or savage animals, the left claims I am Painting ALL Blacks, including those who are on the right, All Hispanics and Asians. But they put all whites in the same bucket and paint the broadest of strokes. I wish I could go back in time to show my relatives the thanks they get for assisting Blacks during the underground railroad days. How their compassion was repaid, by Racist and Hate by the lowest of the low.

  26. William Dinwiddie

    well you noticed the bikers did not try to burn anything down white privilege my ass.

  27. What piss’s me off is they won’t even admit that Africans sold other Africans to Europeans, thereby starting slavery, and the fact that a black man was the FIRST American to own slaves and they don’t really want equality, but to be our better.
    NAACP=niggers are always causing problems!!!!

    • You’re not going to see those kinds of facts brought out. They lend balance and understanding to the equation, and are true!

  28. Didn’t the Biker Gangs turn on each other ? – did they egregiously attack the public ? They did not attack the public according to the various accounts. They were fighting amongst each other as gangs of criminals and other social dross do over the slightest presumed insult – real or imagined. Pride cometh before a brawl. Nothing white racist about it at all, it sounds like a kind of integrated melee after all.

    • what is a criminal people seem to love that word how many crimes must you commit which of the trillions of laws do you have to break maybe you are a criminal where i live everyone who goes to church without a weapon (for indians) is breaking a law there are thousands more so many laws are passed every day it is impossible to know them plus feds will put you in jail for breaking laws from other countries

  29. What do you expect from any liberals , truth you have to be kidding. You will never get any real facts from any socialist / communist democrat ever . Truth is something they hide under lies . The never use any real facts . For surely they manufacture all the so called facts about any gun related stories.All the so called studies done that say guns are the cause of crimes are only told by known gun grabbers . You will never get any truth from any of these so called studies , they have a agenda to push that has no grounds to stand on other than the lies the socialist / communist democrats tell them . They are like sheep doing everything they are told blindly

  30. So it was OK for the blacks and Hispanics to shoot at police, but not the whites? Yeah, that makes a whole bunch of sense…NOT! Are the libtards so afraid of the truth they will tell any lie? And, amazingly, there are folk out there who believe this stinking pile of horse sh–! Stupidity kills, but NOT nearly enough!!!

  31. Ever notice-It always happens in Waco……………………..

  32. “Alert”: Washington Compost Troll Alert, Period!

  33. According to the Washington Post’s Janell Ross and quite a few Twitter users, the media coverage of the biker shootout in Waco, Texas is the perfect example of how white criminals are treated differently than their black counterparts. ect, ect, ect…
    These people are not stupid or ignorant. They are fools. They are screaming for the sake of being seen. Fabricating situations that are not there. It is shameful, and it is shameful for their bosses to encourage them. I for one am turning my back on these morons every time I see this trash from now on. Pour this crap on someone who enjoys it.

  34. Last time I looked, there was rather ample evidence of BOTH Black Trash, as well as White Trash.

  35. One biker was WHITE, shot in the face by police because he was TRYING to ride away from the gunfire. He was not involved, just there to eat, and unarmed. I knew him. Waco deserves to look like Ferguson over this. Also, if Waco police are not going to allow bikers in Waco because of this incident, why don’t Garland Police follow suit and not allow Muslims in Garland?

  36. Gee, then why didn’t they fire upon the rioters in Ferguson and Baltimore? Why are blacks given a pass while whites aren’t?

  37. Liberalism is the poster child for you cannot fix stupid. This article about the Waco incident proves the point. I am amazed the media will bother posting this garbage. Every criminal element in this country that is white even in the slightest by this definition represents white criminal privilege. What a bunch of crap!

  38. Mindy Robinson

    Libs are mentally ill, how the heck is it they take everything, everything, and make it about racism? Libs are dangerous and I mean this, they need to be locked up.

  39. Did not the “white” criminals face arrest? Did the “white” criminals” engage in riots, looting, and burning? Did the :white” criminals encourage others to join together to “protest”? No, what happened in Waco and Ferguson and Boston are all different episodes. In both Ferguson and Boston the media jumped on the “black” abuse before they even knew the facts. In both Ferguson and Boston the black community used the word protest as an excuse to riot, loot, and burn, damaging their own community in an outcry of tribal rage. And once again the media is attempting to make this racial, despite the “biker gang” was made up of white, black, and hispanic members.

  40. Angie Rainwater


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