Which Former President’s Popularity is Sinking Like a Stone?

According to a new University of Virginia Center for Politics poll, Hillary Clinton’s disastrous campaign for president might have taken a toll on her husband’s legacy. The poll found that in the wake of the 2016 election, fewer Americans than ever would want to see Bill Clinton back in the White House.

The poll asked respondents which former president they’d like to see back in control of the federal government. When asked in 2012, 21% of people said they’d enjoy having Slick Willie sitting in the Oval Office once again. But when asked last week, only 6% said the same.

Poll director Larry Sabato said the 2016 campaign undoubtedly played a huge role in Clinton’s cratering popularity numbers.

“In 2012, Hillary Clinton had strong favorability nationally while she was secretary of state,” said Sabato. “Once she re-entered the political fray and was the target of negative attacks for two years, her numbers eroded significantly, and that erosion appears to apply to her husband as well.”

As for which presidents the public would like to see back in the White House? FDR, Abe Lincoln, Obama, and JFK all performed better than Clinton, but there’s only one man at the top of the list. 23% of Americans say they would love to have Ronald Reagan take back the presidency – a clear sign that the Gipper’s adoration has only grown in the years since he pushed the U.S. to some of its most soaring heights.

The poll split along partisan lines, naturally, which may also explain to some degree why Reagan performed so well and Clinton so poorly. Democrats – strangely enough – largely chose Obama when asked which former president they would want back in the White House. That left Clinton out in the cold. On the Republican side, it was no contest: 50% chose Reagan. Which is not surprising, given W.’s shaky reputation and his father’s relatively quiet presidency. Neither of them were ever a match for Reagan’s uplifting rhetorical style, his charisma, or his masterful take on the U.S. economy.

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  1. vincent deredita

    I don’t like Bill Clinton, but it should of been THAT NIGGER!!!

  2. Obama has got to be close!

  3. Sorry but Obama takes the award for the President REAL Americans would not want to see back in the White House.

    • curmudgeon VN Veteran

      Neither one and I would also throw Peanut Carter into the mix!

      • Lying .. WHAT HE DO BEST ….almost as BAD as his Attempt to GOVERN!!!

        The POOR IDIOT!

        • Well he is great at lying but he also excelled at taking vacations and wasting the taxpayers money!

          • Spoeaking of PI$$ING MONEY AWAY
            1) The Stimulus…. what happened to the 1 Trillion Dollars “shovel ready jobs as Bridges are falling down>>>>
            2) Odumbocare… Trillions and 1/2 Trillionn he took from Medicare Train wreck about to Derail ib Flames …but in his SICK mind ” accomplishments” as the MSM Presstitutes still call them

          • Robert Kahlcke

            Cash for clunkers

          • TURTLE TUNNELS!

          • It was tossed down the government sewer. It was “invested” in nonsense like Solyndra, Cash for Clunkers the Chevy Volt and other such idiocy.

          • and many of ODUMBO “DONORS” came out RICHER for those DISASTERS…..GM Stock sold for a 36 Billions dollar LOSS for Taxpayers Bail out .. Solyndra Netted 400 Mill to the Solyndra Obama “Donors”… FISKER =BOMBED! and tne list goes on…But Joe BLOWME BIDEN was Put in Charge…SO

          • And the question that never gets answered is this: Why are they not in jail? I would be.

          • NOT if you were a (D) Anarchy party member with Holder/Lynch in the DOJ… A Pansy as POTUS.. and Reid/Piglosi leading Congress

          • The other way you could avoid jail is to lie on your 4473 form when you try to buy a firearm and say you have no criminal record or have never been charged with a misdemeanor. Two hundred sixty six thousand lied in 2015.. Six were prosecuted and three were convicted. Imagine how long you would last as a local prosecutor with that success rate-2 out of 266,000. So you can lie and get away with it in Holder and Obama’s world.

          • Brenda Sinclair

            why? fbi comey covered up for obama and hillarys crimes, corruptions many murders, a s did clapper and brennan all pedophiles

          • the CEO of GM warned other companies about letting the government take over their businesses. It was a disaster.

          • Don`t forget the Labor Unions he propped up.

          • Craig Vandertie

            Chevy Volt, a $50,000 car that is worth no more than $25,000, a Tesla is not worth more than 40-45 thousand dollars, my point, if you could afford a IC/EM hybrid you did not need government assistance another case of charity for the more well to do.

            They never were clear on the stipulations, some have told me that anyone was eligible for up to $8,000 to put towards a vehicle even if you had none of your own.

          • Craig Vandertie

            You forgot the bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as well.

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          • Obama finally admitted he had been lying about that for about two years. There was no such thing as “shovel ready jobs”

          • yES there wre MANY JOBS ready to get done!! Bridges.. Hiways.. POT holes.. Airports.. RR lines…bUT he chose instead to WASTE money on projects that ‘PAID HIM OFF”

          • He lied about a lot of shit starting with the first run for office and STILL libtards and demorats elected the lying thieving asshole for a second term. ..then wanted ANOTHER LYING thieving BITCH for that office. …HOW DO YOU LIKE US NOW !!!

          • It was given to himself, Hillary and the islasmists, such as iran.

          • SPOT ON !!

          • Sharrell Burcham

            I happened to be in Germany when the money was being given out. I got acquainted with the body guard of the President of the Bank of Germany. He asked “why are you people sending all this money over here? There was millions and millions of dollars going thru the Bank of America to the Bank of Germany and to the Bank of France”. Why did our stimulus money go over there? It was supposed to put people back to work here. Is that where obama got his money from or did it go to fund his muzzlim army?

          • Craig Vandertie

            True “Moonie Muslimes” would hate him for being married to someone born a man but had their plumbing turned inside out they would quickly execute him, but you are right he did and they were thrilled to take the money from the infidels.

          • Sharrell Burcham

            What happened to all the guns and ammo that obama purchased for the Dept. of Education, the Bureau of Land Management, the Dept. of Energy, etc.?

          • Craig Vandertie

            Did not FEMA receive firearms and ammo as well?

          • Scott Campbell

            That was something I could never understand . Why did unarmed government agencies need ammunition? Were they going to throw it at people? That was just the orangutan’s scheme to try to steal guns away from Americans.

          • Be ready. .
            Lock and load. …
            ” there’s a fight coming, coming soon” paraphrase from ike clanton of the movie TOMBSTONE

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          • Laurasimmons…Do you “SWALLOW” or Wipe your Mouth???

          • headonstraight

            Good grief! Obama was a piker compared to the multimillions demanded by Trump, what with his three residences and almost weekly flights from the White House to Mar-a-Lago or some other golf destination. At the rate he is spending on all this, he will outspend Obama’s totals in the first year or two, assuming the lying varmint lasts that long.

          • Your head may be on straight but nobody can tell since it is so far up your butt.

          • Craig Vandertie

            The part about head up his ass is what I told him right before I blocked his completely delusional self.

          • IT needs Help .. But Odumbocare is DERAILING!
            That “OTHER” success story of O’Bumbles

          • He is spending his own money, doofus.

          • Not so. And you are truly delusional if you really believe that he pays for all that with his own money.His airplane transportation and Secret Service protection and a host of related security costs are paid for by the taxpayers. The Secret Service detail and related security costs for his New York residence also are paid for by the taxpayers, and the related security efforts by New York police have cost that city plenty, none of which has been reimbursed by Trump.

          • Craig Vandertie

            Now remember what the Looney Libtard was whining about, accusing Mr. Trump of costing the U.S. taxpayer $2 million every time he goes on a golfing trip, the man needs to get off the Lamestream media kool-aid and psychedelic drugs.

          • Unlike Liberals, Trump spends his own money. Obama made W Bush a piker.

          • Not so. You are delusional if you believe he pays for all that with his own money. All his airplane transportation and Secret Service protection are paid for by the taxpayers. The Secret Service detail and related security costs for his New York residence also are paid for by the taxpayers, and the related security efforts by New York police have cost that city plenty, none of which has been reimbursed by Trump.

          • Of course the tax payer pays for presidential services and protection. He will receive the same services as every other POTUS. Probably much less than Obama with his huge, costly vacations. Also, Trump takes no salary.

          • Scott Campbell

            The protection of the president is REQUIRED by law you MORON. He is NOT responsible to pay for his own security. The jigabo oscumma still has protection paid for by the government

          • The staff that Mudchelle had working for her was far more than any other 1st. Lady, I guess it took a lot to make her look good and teach her what she was supposed to do.

            The 1st lady now has very few staff (that means more money for this administration).

          • Go Get a GPS to help you Locate your HEAD so FAR Up Your BUTT… you CRETIN!

          • He only lied every time he opened his mouth.

          • Craig Vandertie

            Lied about his citizenship, lied about his eligibility for college funding, and even lied about ever receiving a college degree.

          • His ol” lady was right there with him taking her elaborate vacations with the whole family back to the cave on the taxpayers nickel. That’s when she decided she might like America.

        • What he did was on purpose as POTUS, he hated America and was with the Globalist!

        • NO all he wanted was America’s bank book !

        • I see NOTHING to consider that black BASTARD a “POOR” IDIOT…….IDIOT, yes……POOR……NO WAY!!!

      • or . . . . . . obamba been hidin, unfortunately, in the USA !

        willy will have a run for his money when Comey’s memos uncover the bread crumbs that lead to obamba, “the witch” and her Coven, koskinen and other Dems, including your favorite RINO’s.

      • Oh that is soooo funny. I must pass this on.



    • I couldn’t agree more. In fact, the last White House occupant doesn’t even deserve to be called President!

    • AMEN!!!……but Slick Willie is running in second place!

    • I’ll drink to that!

    • The only way I would like to see Obama back in the White House is hanging from the balcony

    • Scott Campbell

      Unfortunately , there are STILL some mentally ill people who think the orangutan was almost okay as president. I personally think he should be tried for treason, and then executed by hanging.

    • Brenda Sinclair

      i agree the last president in world would be obama a gay with a gay trannie male firist lady about the ugliest man pretending to be a woman ever seen, the apes are prettier https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/41568ad046f7b3fad7aa303488019df644bcd5343aa0691744d03d87ec82ee82.jpg

    • obama will go down as the worst president in American History!

  4. As Killary’s campaign really attacked Mr. Trump, as a sexist, womanizer, etc., people recalled one of the worst womanizers ever in the WH = Bill. And, Bill lied about it, while in the WH. So, if anyone really wanted to believe she was telling the truth about her attacks… she would’ve handled Bill’s problem, much differently.

    It is too soon to actually put Obama on that list. With the constant, fake attacks on Mr. Trump and his leadership, few are remembering that most of this is due to Obama’s rule, as many of these problems take years of focus to create. These are things like the growth/increase of ISIS, the anger/hate/violence of BLM and Muslim groups. And everyone is focusing on what is being done with ACA? When in fact: The MAJORITY NEVER FAVORED this total overhaul, this huge entitlement of Obama’s (actually Killarycare, when Bill was POTUS, and he knew better than to propose it) that has been HITTING citizens since it was passed, as the loss of insurance plans that happened to many millions, the increase immediately by millions who had insurance, the MESS with the website, that was embarrassing to have paid so much for old poorly written programs; PEOPLE are tired of these promises from politicians (Obama) that he knew were blatant LIES.

    It’s also not “newsworthy” that the crime/violence in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Dearborn,MI that is being overtaken by Sharia Law, and CA that will have to increase taxes again and again, to cover all the entitlement spending it wants to do = which will cause the continued exodus from CA.

    I really thought Bill would’ve been able to hold onto more “popularity”, as his leadership was fairly “middle of the road”. Although – scandal of “black hawk down” was on his watch and his bad leadership. As well as “Benghazi and the coverup” was Killary’s and Obama’s. Part of the reason that Killary lost, people knew they couldn’t HANDLE a 3rd term of Obama’s ideology, which is what it would’ve been. Once those people who, just fell in love with Obama, his voice and charm; grow up or get informed, Obama will be at the bottom.

      • I also read an article from Angry Patriot, and the article was posted by two other sites: Obama paid a visit to Merkel, filling her with the HIS propaganda, just before Pres. Trump’s visit. The more we learn about Obama and he will not be stopping his destructive agenda; his entire 8 years will be attacked. And it should be.

        • This is obnoxious ! Why are their not laws against this? Black gay Muslims should never ever go before our president Donald Trump. Obama back to the monkey farm and no banana. Where’s the investigation? No more swinging from monkey trees Obamas.

          • There ARE laws against this..you and I would have been shot or strung up for treason long ago…..shows how far the commie/marxists have dumbed down and infested this country..including the judiciary

          • Spot on!!!!

        • He is slick and sneaky. He followed President trump in order to bad mouth him and cause problems. He needs to be shut up and forbidden to interfere in government business.

          • I believe he will always be a hater of this great nation, majority white Christian, just like any other focused Muslim, and not having to keep up his appearance; I put nothing passed him. He and Sharpton have been working together for a long time, also. Also, the shooter in the bar in Florida, has a dad “who thinks he’s a Pres. of Afghanistan and visited the WH many times.

    • Barbedwire, No, Obama needs to be at the top of the list because his aim was to destroy this co9untry and fill it with muslims and refugees and illegals. He hated us and this country. He supported terrorists and the only country he cared about in the middle east was Iran.

      • I agree with you. Especially, since we are now learning more about Obama’s life, and he’s not done with his destructive agenda. I was just responding to the “why” of Bill’s unpopularity. He was still pretty popular after leaving office, always more charming than Killary could ever be; but her campaign put his “antics” back in front.

    • ZenaBlackstone1

      I agree with you to a certain degree but I do not think it’s too soon to put Obama on the top of the list. As a 65 year old white woman I really have no prejudice against people of color. As long as they show me respect I show them respect. Obama clearly respected no one in his presidency. Thank God Hillary lost, for she would have been a continuation of his 3rd term and the United States would have no chance of pulling back from the precipice he has brought us to.

      • I agree with you, in that I don’t think IT’S TOO SOON TO PUT OBAMA on top of the list. But, he still has his “groupies” who follow him, and followed him, and IT WAS NOT JUSTIFIED IN ANY WAY. His terms were SECRETIVE, as well as much of his background, and visitors to the WH, as well as groups he SUPPORTED.

  5. The clintons so called legacy is deceitful crime aginst U.S. Patriotic Citizens … ! The #1 deceitful X potUS is bo with his abuse of power E.O.’s to support his wannabe dictatorship that failed but left him with a #1 title for high treason ! The U.S. Patriots voiced their opinion that bo was the worst U.S. Presidents that duped U.S. citizens !

    • Thank God they were EO’s because they can be changed without Congress voting! There are a lot of them that Trump would never have been able to change. The only problem is that when Trump leaves, his EO’s can be reversed. Let’s make sure he wins again unless he does something “really” bad.

  6. OMG…UNREAL…!!! who in their right mind would want to see O back in office…do people need to have the mile long list of where and what neg. effect he has had on our country ,and the majority of the people

  7. Obama belongs in prison , as does Bill ackinton as does his LOVELY wife. Now I have to take a shower.

    • I don’t know where you got the word lovely mixed in with talking about bill clintions wife. You must be pretty blind.

      • I hadn’t showered yet, but I had just washed out my mouth and couldn’t do a thing with it. Tongue in cheek, the thought made me gag so I just had to share it. Thanks for catching my error, most who catch a Hillary error end up dead by suicide or washing up on shore or just a botched robbery.

  8. No more of the clinton dynasty, PLEASE!! They all THREE just need to go away. Chelsea, and Hilly need to get back to the home and care for their kids and hubbies! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e09cde84828326c422cfb1c989cf2592ff3c5809292d5021ea736d653a52f4d9.jpg

  9. I agree with all three. None of them are fit to be in the White House again and neither do we need Hilary in there. She would destroy this country.

  10. I wish That Obama would SINK as fast as his POPULARITY and go into OBLIVION ASAP…say to IRAN….NOKO… Kenya.. Venezuela…..Libya anywhere but in the USA!

  11. President Reagan was the real deal, someone who truly cared abt America. He was corrupted by politics, but a genuinely good man. No one thought an Hollywood actor could make a good President – but he did!

    President Trump is also not from a political background. However, our Society and World arena is in a much different place than when President Reagan was in office.

    We now gave sub cultures of sexually confused individuals created by the radical left and we have a militant Islam trying to take over countries and the world by chopping off heads abd blowing up Concerts and areas of mass humanity. Our World has changed in ways that have allowed EVIL TO WIN INSTEAD OF GOOD TO PREVAIL! P T. may be struggling to get a foothold, but he is grabbing hold to change our American world that the clueless radically thinling left has tried to destroy. President Trump may not be President Reagan, but he is determined to get the job done!


  12. Once the Trump Russian special investigator finishes his investigation, he must be assigned to reopen one of the numerous criminal scandals Obama’s DOJ was able to obstruct, and accept destroyed evidence as not done on purpose. Maybe the Clinton email scandal, and the carefully buried Clinton foundation pay to play scheme netting hundreds of millions for the slush fund. Lynch conspiracy to cover it up, and Obama’s ties to the scandal? Obama cannot fix the out come now. However, congress does not want the truth with Obama. Till the day he passes from natural causes we will be forced to watch our corrupt government protect his sneaky lying fanny. We do not have the courage to expose Obama, but we have a lying media and liberals who want to destroy him before he gets a chance to make a human error.

  13. No one in their right mind would ever want Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama back in the White House! He’s a Muslim anti-American! Slick and Slimy Billy-Boy is just a sex maniac!

  14. The Clinton Foundation should be investigated for Pay for Play under Hillary’s term as Secretary of State as it relates to Uranium One and HER dealings with Russia, to say the least.
    Bubba is a loser. Bet the Clinton pair can’t $100K combined per speech any more!

  15. Hillary and Bill both are in bad health and many doctors doubt they will live to the year 2020. Obama hated America and along with Hillary wanted to do away with Borders and was a globalist like her.

  16. ENOUGH – No more clintons – obamas – sanders – waters – cummings – schumers – durbins or others – it’s time to take back america from the left and elites…..

  17. Wind can not fulfill any of the cardinal any utility engineer knows who is worth their electrons.

    1.The source must provide large amounts of electrons (it must be dense)
    2.The power must be reliable and predictable.
    3.The electrons must be dispatchable (high or low amount must be generated on demand)
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    Wind gets an “F” grade for sure.

  18. Obama and Bill are horrible people. Obama is a homosexual married to a transvestite, and Bill has sex with children. We are talking about the theater of absurd. Yet, they ride on the taxpayers dollar for the rest of their days???? That is really insane.

  19. I come here to see where the crazies hangout and get their BS. Not disappointed!!

  20. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    the obunga monkey was a plant and is a disgrace and will go down in history as the worst so called elected person or pretend fake this country has ever seen –worst traitor than benedict arnold

  21. THANK YOU, LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. why would you say lots of people like a liar like Obama??? I did not want him when he was there and I certainly do not want him or anyone like him again.

  23. headonstraight

    The Reaganite sector obviously has bought into a lot of mythology. The master of communications bamboozled the easily influenced element of the American electorate, which consists of at least half the voters in this politically ignorant nation.

  24. Polls do not wisely base their stats on those who are real Americans. But I am. In agreement Obama was easily the poorest President in my memory based on what I think is right and what is wrong! Joe Biden would have been a way better choice. HRC should NEVER have been on the ballot.

    Question is who is going to run for President in 2020. I would rate Andrew Cuomo as the single most dangerous candidate, hated by labor parties, hated by the working class, hated by….it seems al out all and very much the Authoritarian Governor out to destroy NYS. Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Dwight David Eisenhower, there were some very good ones, even JFK. But Obama? Loser!
    Problem is he sabotaged the USA. He could have had a smoother transistion! Instead he clearly acted like he had total disdain for rural values. He should have been a Peacemaker, instead he was a Troublemaker!

  25. gideonrockwell

    Clinton and Obama are both the two worst Presidents in history. They are both low life self-serving thugs that never should have been allowed in politics. Of course down here in Texas we have an old adage ”The only thing as bad as a Politician is a child molester”, and sometimes their one and the same.

  26. I am guessing they “polled” demoncraps again…would NEVER want the unAmerican commie/marxist muslim back in our House!..He is a traitor

  27. our former resident muslim in the oval office is on a down hill slide…I am surprised he is not in kenya running for dog catcher….

  28. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving AHOLE!! Slick Willy should have been jailed for lying to the Senant during his impeachment hearing.

  29. Craig Vandertie

    Starting with Osama, the Killary, and the her hubby “Slick Willie” should all be charged with and found guilty of treason sentenced to death and executed as fast as possible.

  30. Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  31. Patricia McGehee

    America is under attack from within and we have some Republicans that should change their Party affiliation to Democrat or, better yet, PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT aka as Socialist/Marxist. They certainly aren’t Republicans. They won’t stand together to support Pres. Trump which means, to me, they don’t give a **** what the American people want. Our Government no longer serves the people, it serves itself. The only thing that can change that is term limits, term limits, term limits. We can no longer depend upon many States to get rid of the Idiots holding office for decades and getting rich off our backs. As long as the Gov. fill the hands held out for goodies NO ONE WILL BE VOTED OUT and America GOES DOWN!

    • I think that the Conservative voter tries to get them out of office but they are out numbered by the Communist voters/illegals.

      It has been reported that we in Virginia have 7,000+ illegals and at least over half voted in last election. The majority of these live in Northern Virginia near Washington, DC and are protected by the Liberals. Now that it has been exposed, I hope they are cleaning it up. Last year the voter rolls were purged and verified in my district, which is southeast (50 mi) of DC.

  32. It’s hard to comprehend how anyone sane would want Obama back in the White House. But then we still have
    some of Hillary’s Hoodlums trying to stir up foment. Also disgusting: Ellen Degenerate had Michelle Obama
    on her show and I see The View had (get out your barf bag) Chelsea Clinton on. The TV media continues its
    tasteless programming…

  33. obama made clinton seem comparatively conservative.

  34. headonstraight

    the fast-moving Trump/Russia scandal is revealing new and incriminating information every day, linking key Trump campaign personnel and various White House staff with Russian government officials and shady Russian oligarchs. It is no wonder, then, that the chronically critical right wing sector is avoiding discussion of this Trumpite quagmire and instead focusing its bile on presidents of the past, dredging up old, stale lies about such things as an alleged string of Clinton-instigated murders of opponents and even that old, disproven “birther” mythology. I recall how Nixon supporters pooh-pooed the scandal that beset that sleazy weasel, holding out almost to the end that charges against him were dubious or fabricated. Looks as if history is repeating itself with RUSSIAGATE!

  35. John Tyler. He was for States Rights.

  36. We dodged a bullet on November 8, 2016.

  37. Connie Valdez-Gallas

    Oh Pleese…Obama put America on a down slope.

  38. POOR LITTLE MISSTER SLICK WILLIE !! “Victim” of the”Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy”!!!!

  39. This was our president as a muslim.

  40. #1. Obamination; #2. Clinton crooks.

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