Which Companies Are Faith Friendly?

With the Christmas season fast approaching, many Americans of faith will be wondering where their dollars would be well spent. If you’re among them, then wonder no more. A group called Faith Driven Consumers has released their Faith Equality Index, which is a fancy way of saying: a report on which companies care about Christians and which ones don’t.

Check out their website for the full list, but the top companies include Chick-fil-a, Hobby Lobby, and Interstate Batteries. Companies at the bottom of the index include Unilever, Bank of America, and DirecTV.

“Every choice matters when it comes to biblical stewardship,” the group explains.

It’s an interesting concept, and it is probably a worthwhile thing to put together. Many of this country’s largest corporations act as mega-contributors to liberal causes and the Democratic Party. Every time you buy one of their products or shop in one of their stores, you’re supporting the very values you despise.

Voting is not nearly as important these days as where you spend your money. You remember the religious freedom controversy from earlier in the year, right? Arkansas and Illinois were not forced to backtrack because of the LGBT protesters who gathered outside. They were forced off their position by corporations who plainly told them: Do this, and you’ll be sorry. Whether that’s the way we want this country to be or not, that’s the way it is. And if you really want to make a difference, changing your shopping habits is a wonderful place to start.

But let’s get real here for a minute.

It’s not just about which companies are at the top of some faith index report. It’s not. Think about some of the cultural crap you’re supporting. Are you watching programs that reinforce messages you don’t believe in? Are you going to see movies that celebrate and encourage sin? Are you buying products that turn your kids into mindless zombies who are bored with reality because it’s too slow and dull when compared to video games? How are they supposed to avoid the easy path in life if they never develop the skill to resist pleasure?

If it was easy to have a wholesome society with strong traditional values, that’s exactly the society we would have. It takes sacrifice. There’s nothing “traditional” about wasting your life on social media.

But enough. Small steps, right? So fine. Choose one of the faith index companies and spend your money a little more carefully. That’s a good start. But for your sake and the sake of this nation, start thinking about what kinds of destructiveness you’re supporting (and even enjoying) without even realizing it. The devil comes in many forms, and few of them are immediately obvious. A great many Americans are fully within his clutches even as they rage against the decline of society.

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