When Liberalism Threatens National Security

The Associated Press is reporting that America’s special forces are growing increasingly concerned about the prospect of letting women join their ranks. Not because they have something against women, but because they fear that the military will lower entry standards just to please liberal feminists. And though the military has insisted that they would never do such a thing, there are signs that these superior warriors are right to be concerned.

According to the AP, officials in Special Operations Command have been discussing the details of recent surveys given to special forces regarding the possibility of letting women join their ranks. In these surveys, they found a common theme: the men of these elite units were very concerned that the military brass would soon cave to political pressures and erode training standards.

In the article, force management director Dan Bland laments that there were “reservations or misperceptions in the force in terms of why we’re doing this.” In other words, the surveyed men hit the nail on the head. The military is going to do whatever they have to do to make sure they don’t get accused of that terrible 21st century crime: being politically incorrect.

Sad to say, but you can’t avoid being politically incorrect if you’re going to have a frank discussion about women in the military, especially if we’re talking about the special forces. On this issue, if none other, we must be absolutely honest with ourselves. And if we’re going to be honest, then we’re going to have to admit a very simple truth: physically speaking, women can’t hang with the men.

This is the kind of thing politicians can’t say, of course. You can’t say something like that, even when it’s nothing more or less than…THE FACTS. That’s why we have a little thing called “standards” to begin with. If you want to permit women to join the SEALs, go right ahead. But don’t for a moment consider lowering the standards. If they can do it, great. If they can’t, great.

Let’s say Ebola were to wipe out 99 percent of the population this year. In that horrible scenario, culture, society, and all the comforts of modern life would be gone. And in that doomsday scenario, assuming the disease spares men and women in equal number, which gender is going to rule the roost as civilization works to rebuild itself? Is it a coin toss? Of course not. To be blunt, women are only as “equal” as men permit them to be. That sounds awful – sexist, chauvinist, and every other -ist you can come up with – but it’s the plain truth of the matter. Women’s liberation, feminism, workplace equality…these concepts are born out of male benevolence and nothing more.

This is important because war brings man back to his primitive state. There is nothing progressive about shooting an enemy. There is nothing forward-thinking about charging a hideout with machine guns blazing. When you’re face to face with someone who wants to kill you, nothing could matter less than rape culture and wage inequality.

We’re ready for a female president, female CEOs, female pilots, female everything. Women are every bit as capable as men in matters of intelligence. And that’s great. But when it comes to national defense, we have to face reality. And all the protest signs and slutwalks and burned bras in the world won’t help you get through Hell Week.

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  1. America is a great Nation. Our Military will rebound from 0bama’s blight.

    • Your never going to have to worry about it. come Fall when Jade Helm begins there is going to be one shot heard round the World. This will start the American Revolution. You cannot mix military with civilians and not have a fight. Its like to soldiers walking into a biker bar and saying were taking over the pool table, Are the bikers going to say, OK, I think not.


      • You are right on the mark. No matter what we do until obama declares martial law won’t make a bit of difference. But like you say, it will be the shot heard round the world and there will be no doubt that this will be our WWIII.. I have heard from so many Americans all around the country say they are ready, willing and able and ARMED.

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  3. The title of this article is TREASON defined! Use the damn word!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Little edgy there? No coffee yet this morning? Huh, huh?

      • Oh excuse me for being passionate about our country being destroyed! Should i be ashamed i am white to please you? Another sociopathic malignant personality disorder communist liberal troll roams the internet.

        • Michael Lee Pemberton

          BuddyBoy53, you should read the series of comments by Michael Dennewitz before lashing out at him with epithets. It appears that you are committing fratricide.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Thank you Michael, but it appears that sometimes there’s no room for humor in another’s diet. I meant it only as a joke. Don’t know where he got the “apologize for being white” stuff at. Oh well…..GOD BLESS AMERICA, LAND THAT I LOVE. STAND BESIDE HER, AND GUIDE HER………

          • Michael Lee Pemberton

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  4. Its a fact that women in general are weaker than men in the physical sense. Not ALL women, but in general. Women are better at things that require critical thinking. As a woman myself, I see men as being the protectors, the warriors, the ones we count on in battle because of their superior strength. I don’t see a physical role for women in Special Forces unless they can outperform all the men. I see more of a logistical role because women rely on instincts more than men do. Our men should not be put in danger just because someone decides the quota of women in Special Forces has not been met.

    • Special forces is more brain-power than brute force.

      • That’s why I can see women playing a logistical role. The men go in and get the job done.

        • Logistics wins wars.

          • But you have to have the men on the ground to do the work. Look what our air strikes are doing. Nothing. If our intention us to win the war against ISIS, we need to put our troops on the ground and get the job done so our boys can come home. I’m not a war monger and I sure as hell am not a democrat, but if we’re going to do something, we need to do it right the first time.

          • To win the war we should have done nothing. Now the war will be long and completely asymmetrical. That means 20-40 years of low intensity terrorist activity. By doing nothing the middle East would be dealing with this themselves if they want to stay in power. The US would not waste money or material or people for nothing. The administration and congress are not very good at this.

          • No they aren’t very good at it but since we are over there, just get in and get out. Get the job done, wipe our feet, then let the Arabs take care of their own damn problems.

          • Since when has congress or the administration resisted the nation building idea? With ISIS/ISIL it will be a very long struggle. Counter insurgency takes time.

          • We should never have gotten involved to begin with but since we are is it best to either pull out and leave it up to the neighboring countries or send our ground troops in to help those that are truly fighting and get the job done?

          • Since it truly is a “family fight” it is best to stay out and let the “family” deal with it. It would be good not to send in ground troops as we are interlopers. We can cheer from the stands and have refreshments.

          • That’s the problem. The “family” is nothing but a bunch of wimps that wants everyone else to do their dirty work. They couldn’t fight a bunch of toddlers running around with straws as weapons.

          • Another reason not to be involved. Cheering from the stands is better.

          • I would love to see that happen. But the problem is we send our military in with their damned hands tied. To many bullshit rules. Our men and women are killed and maimed because some azzhole wants to fight a so called clean war. We should be in it to win it period! Keep the damn media home and tell all Americans if you don’t leave the area immediately then you stay at your own risk. Our military could win this war in less than a week if they were turned loose without these f’d up restrictions on them.

        • It has been my experience that women can be as competent and capable in engagements as men are. We aren’t moving mountains, we’re making the mountains move on their own.

          • Stephen E Birmingham

            Joshua, I’m guessing that you are either an woman using a mans name or just a Feminist. On the battle field and 125lb woman (normally) can not left and help a 225LB man if he needs help, period. These rules CANNOT be changed, just to make the FEMINIST Groups happy. We are talking about saving lives and winning wars, not completing a set of tests

          • I am a 220lb man who spent more time in Afghanistan than most. I would like to point out the fundamental flaw in your argument however: I never said that any standard should be changed. What I said was that, no woman going out for a direct-combat role is going to want to get through with normalized standards.

            I’m guessing that you were never in the military, definitely not the infantry. Had you been in an infantry unit, you would understand that me being 6′ 220 puts me on the large side. You would also understand that very few infantrymen can actually dead lift 225lbs of anything, much less a limp body, unassisted. Had you been in the military you would know that a proper casualty carry requires two people. So, you were saying?

          • Stephen E Birmingham

            Joshua, you are correct, I was never in the Military, nerve damage in my left should kept me out. I do however have 2 brothers and a son that were in the Military. I also didn’t say that the woman needed to dead left 225LB man. Lifting and pulling (didn’t mention the pulling part) 225lbs isn’t not an easy task. Sometimes, a proper carry isn’t available and only one person is there to help.
            If you feel comfortable with a woman, by your side, in combat, good for you. I just seriously doubt, that most woman, that are in, on the ground can do what is needed, physically. That is just mother nature at her finest. Yes there are a few that could, but most can’t. Thank you for serving our great country. We need to keep it that way and stop being PC.

          • You are right, the ability to lift is different in Males and females, there was proof but I forgot how it went, I know it has to do with a chair and the person standing with heels and back against the wall.

          • Proper lift and carry, Fireman’s lift, is difficult under the best
            conditions but the majority of people can do it with little

            training. Unfortunately, in combat nothing is ever easy nor
            simple. You are in a life and death struggle and must use
            what is available to you, with adrenalin pumping you would

            be shocked what troops will do for each other and what they

            can do. Today a fully loaded grunt is carrying over half
            their body weight in weapons, ammo and other gear to help
            them complete the mission. You mention multiple tours
            in Afghanistan which is well above sea level where oxygen

            is thin and that makes the job even harder.

            I know some women who could probably survive Budds and
            even Special Forces training but there are very few and far
            between. To place a woman in that enviroment against

            today’s enemy is to place an extra burden upon the troops
            who are fighting as they have no respect for any one least

            of all a woman who would be a tool used against us.They can fill a much more needed roll in logistics, communications, intelligence or other non combatant rolls to free up combat troops.

          • It’s interesting, but they said similar things with respect to homosexuals serving openly in the military. My point is this: if a woman can make it through selection with the current standards, she has demonstrated a physical and mental prowess not present in the majority of the population. If a woman demonstrates her ability to perform at the same level, what’s the issue?

            As for what a woman will endure at the hands of our current enemy: it doesn’t affect the landscape in the slightest. I would have died for any one of my guys, the conditions surrounding the need to do so would have been inconsequential. Running QRF ops, you often do a great many “stupid” things to pull others out of their current situation; but that’s the job, that’s what you trained for. The tabs, the unit insignia, the rank, and the bits between their legs aren’t so much as an afterthought.

          • Not all women can compete with men in a physical sense. Competent and capable don’t rely on brute strength. When a mission requires you to carry 50+ pounds, carry your weapon, and be able to move quickly, the men will outperform the women more often than not. If you’re captured, who is more likely to have the ability to fight off the captors? A woman will end up raped and killed by the enemy if she’s not rescued by the men in the group. I’m not saying all women are helpless damsels in distress. I’m saying that generally women cannot meet the physical demands that men can.

          • Then those women should not be in an infantry unit. It is a mistake however, to close the door entirely. While a woman may not be able to dead lift the casualty dummy and jog off with it(only three of us in a company of 254 could even lift it unassisted, by the way), a smaller frame comes with some inherent advantages.

          • Not enough to overcome the problems they present.

          • I never said they should not be allowed to do anything. All I said was that women in general are physically weaker than men. I believe women have better skills in areas that require thinking and reasoning. I don’t think women should be involved in an area of Special Forces or any other unit of the military that requires you to engage with the enemy unless they are able to meet the same demands that men can without lowering the standards that have been in place for years and years and years. When lives are on the line, we need our best on the front lines.

          • The Israel army has women in the front lines. One was captured and the enemy had her screaming. Several of her unit were killed trying to get to her because they could not sit and do nothing while she screamed.

          • I cannot remember the name of the female US service member that was captured in Iraq but it was a big story several years ago. I cannot imagine going through the hell these women went through. I know it’s mandatory for the men in Israel to serve in their military but is it the same for women?

          • Why we need to end the insanity……NUKE ‘EM NOW.. .. .. rid the world of these cowardly maggots ASAP.

          • You stated that point well. The notion of women on the battlefield engaged in combat has been tried and proven to be a failure.

          • Thank you, Mike. I cannot fathom why others are arguing against that point. It is a proven fact that women in general are physically weaker but you’d think I said the sky was purple polka dots!

          • That is another foolish thing to say.

      • Special Forces is a combination of Brains, Brawn and endurance and dedication to the mission at hand. While I do not doubt that there are women who have some of those qualities it is doubtful that
        they possess all of them. There is a reason for the difference in
        the sexes. Men are the Brute part of the equation and Women are
        the Beauty part. They work great together but no in the same
        enviroment. While I know some women who have more brawn
        than some men I know they do not have the brains but then I know
        some highly intelligent women who are not fit for outdoor events
        such as hunting, fishing or being away from the malls and beauty
        saloons. Those who attend BUDS have to be extremely fit, determined and intelligent the stress placed upon the operators
        is above average and to lower standards would place everyone
        in the program at great risk. I have not heard of any women
        trying for SEALS as of yet. If they are accepted they must be
        willing and able to compete with men on equal footing and not
        ask for “special” favors because of their gender. Same goes for
        other Special Force groups.

        • No one, regardless of sex, is going to want normalized standards. No women going out for SF is going to want to get through doing knee push-ups. My team conducted QRF operations, and I have witnessed women RTC: I would go into combat with most of them.

      • Never tried to do the job HAVE you? Could you carry a 120 lb. Pack on your back for five miles? Carry a 10 lb. Fire arm in you hands also? With the ammo that you would need for a Fire Fight, about 150 rounds? Doing that in Southern Arizona or any desert in 105 degree heat? To say nothing of winter at 32 degrees? that is a sample of what the men have to do. There are some wemen that maybe able to do that for a short time, how ever I do no believe that day in and day out that one could do it. Most MEN can not do it. I tried when I was younger, in VERY Good shape and Failed.

        • 2nd Brigade, 22nd infantry, attached to JSOC in Afghanistan. If you’ve never been in combat, and have never seen a woman during an engagement; please, don’t attempt to assert that you know anything as an obsolute.

          • First ,Thank you for your service to our country. I know of which I speak having completed the entrance test for Force Recon,do all that was ask of me, injuring my shoulder at 6mos. then going to a radar group to serve. Many women are capable to fight on the line when called to do it. Maybe they could even serve in a line goup. I understood that we were talking about SS groups. I do not think that women could do the physical work, or have the mindset that is needed for such a job.

          • I have found that underestimating the capabilities and capacities of an individual is generally a rather tragic mistake.

      • That is a foolish thing to say.

        • You speak from some extensive knowledge and first-hand experience on the subject, of course?

          • Of course, as do you. Just read a few books smart A. It is not complicated. Correct your ignorance.

          • I’ve read a great many books, watched GI Jane, and have even had the occasion to converse with a SEAL or two; none of these things make me feel competent enough to speak on what someone endures going through a selection process I’ve never been through. How many helicopters have you fast-roped out of? How many combat drops have you made? How many TnG dismounts have you performed? If the answer is none, do you believe you have any practical understanding of these things? Do your books make you competent enough to speak with any sort of credibility? Kant was a smart man, and I’ll concede that one can garner a level of understanding regarding a particular thing without experiencing it; however, words and reality are often vastly different things.

          • Also, the subject was not about the skills required to fight the war. It was about the conditions that actually caused the war. But, I deeply appreciate your response and the efforts of all those who bravely served in our military.

      • Really? Ask a S.E.A.L.

        • I don’t need to ask anyone. What BUDS class were you? Should I spare everyone the suspense? Neh, this should be entertaining.

          • Got yer panties in a bunch dumb ass? Never claimed to be J.O. first class. I just know of the training, and you wouldn’t qualify! Stick to your latrine duty private!

          • Oh, how cute. Another keyboard warrior. The problem with this application of ad hom is that, it only works on 5 year olds or those of a similar intellectual capacity. Folks like me tend to just shake our heads and count you as an example of how the American education system is failing. Care to take another Crack at it?

          • You are not worthy, that’s why you “washed out”

          • Yup, sure did. Funny thing about this particular insult though: at least I had the testicular-fortitude to even enlist.

            Why couldn’t you join? Hurt your wee little knee, back, or have some other “common” EPTS? So now you drag your crusty copy of Lone Survivor around with you, partake in some Hollywood hype, maybe catch a little Fox news; and you’re what, a military expert?

            The sensation you are experiencing now is a mixture of elevated blood pressure, and a spike in adrenaline. You are experiencing this because, like most people, your LSHD ass just got served a helping portion of reality, and it’s damn bitter. Take this as a lesson though in how to formulate an effective insult. If you’re going to be the best little keyboard commando you can be, you’ve got to put in the range time. Now, you can head back to your corner and think on it awhile, ok cupcake.

          • Blah, Blah! LMAO!!!!

    • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

      What do you mean by critical thinking ?>
      I just looked up a definition and it is so long that it realy does not define it ?


      • Your link states exactly what I’m saying: A well cultivated critical thinker:
        raises vital questions and problems, formulating them clearly and precisely;
        gathers and assesses relevant information, using abstract ideas to interpret it effectively comes to well-reasoned conclusions and solutions, testing them against relevant criteria and standards;
        thinks openmindedly within alternative systems of thought, recognizing and assessing, as need be, their assumptions, implications, and practical consequences; and
        communicates effectively with others in figuring out solutions to complex problems.
        Critical thinking is, in short, self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking. It presupposes assent to rigorous standards of excellence and mindful command of their use. It entails effective communication and problem solving abilities.

    • That sounds like cultural bias(which we all have). In certain aspects women historically have done very will in combat. The problem is in two areas physical conditioning & warrior/soldier mentality. The nature of war is changing from conventional to asymmetrical. Upper body strength is where women need to develop. However, today’s average student does not get that physical training early by 18 women will have to work much harder on physical upper body.
      Some people are naturally strong. With research we can find out more about how to develop physical Strength and retain it. Then the mental and emotional comes into play. In the US culture women are conditioned to be(appear) weaker. It is in the accepted and approved status. That is causing problems in society where women work and have ambitions.

      • There are still people there who think women belong to the kitchen as baby-factories only. These individuals fail to understand they had mothers who carried them in stomach for 9 months and took care of them till they could fly on their own. Women must be more tolerant than us men. Therefore women should have just as good brains as us men and should be given the same privilege and duties as us men. Of course in Wisconsin we have a governor who thinks women are 2nd class people. But I was surprised women voted for Walker last year.

        • Cultural teachings are very powerful. Those teachings have conditioned women for thousands of years. They won’t be cast off in a couple of decades. Many women believe in the definition given by society. Martin Luther,Confucius,belived in women as 2nd class. Women have a lot of resistance to overcome.

      • Very true but the differences in the levels of testosterone between men and women also affect our ability to build muscle. The anabolic effects of testosterone include growth of muscle mass and strength and increased bone density and strength. Men typically have levels 7-8 times greater than men. So its not just a cultural issue, its also how we are made.

        • Actually there is more to it. Research on females is still in it’s infancy. Infact the new information on DNA 2nd level will be most interesting. It is possible to create women with more muscle mass. The engineering is of course running into ethics barriers. As we as a culture, have ideas on how people should be. Now the fears of designer babies can come true(yes it is years away from production).

          • “Designer babies” is a closer reality than you think. You can pretty much “order” the characteristics of your child/ren now. It is something my daughter is researching now. As far as men and women are concerned, without science and technological advances, we are built differently, we think differently, and hormones play a role in both. Culture does have its place but I believe it is due to our physical and mental/emotional differences. This is just an opinion based on my own experiences and my own research over the years. I am welcome to new ideas though.

          • There will be a lot of research in the future and many people are not comfortable with the capabilities. Well in could be that we will be living that Curse of living in interesting times.

          • What happens in the future will definitely be interesting. There are so many advances in science and technology NOW that makes a lot of people uncomfortabe because of the implications they have regarding nature vs. science. When you start taking nature away and letting science and technology take its place, some are afraid of what it could lead to. Our future generations are going to see less nature and way more science/technology. That could be a benefit to mankind if its used in the right way.

    • You, as woman, should join Gov Walker team. Walker would love you to promote his agenda-“women have lower IQ than White males.” Last year I warned all Blacks and White women not to vote for Scott Walker. They did not listen to me. Now they are whining for their mistake. They did not know last year Walker secretly signed into law to allow companies to pay women less than man doing the same job. Walker wants sharia law and he is getting a lot votes from illiterate White males. Walker and his friends wanted Wisconsin out of the Union. This would have given military power for Walker to kick out all racial minorities and mouthy-white women from Wisconsin. But I wondered how he wants to be president of US when Wisconsin would be a foreign country. Now you morons want to vote for Walker. He won’t get a vote from me. Walker is lucky he won again last year. He would have been in the streets as homeless man like former governor Tommy Thompson.

      • No clue why you would think that I would vote for Scott Walker but that being said, it is true that women are physically weaker than men. Women are superior in other areas such as thinking and reasoning.

        • Come to Wisconsin -if you’re a lawyer or engineer your employer can pay you less than the mail next to you with same qualifications. Good luck

          • No thank you. I like the deeply red state I’m living in. No big Muslim populations in my state and we have a bill in our legislature to allow to carry concealed without a permit. If you hate Scott Walker and Wisconsin that bad, why don’t you move? You obviously read my post wrong. I never said women were 2nd class citizens. I said women in general are physically weaker. Its a proven fact. Unless your wife kicks your ass on a regular basis, I would think you would agree.

          • Wisconsin has liberal gun law -you can carry your gun
            anywhere. I do not know what those gun-slingers so with their guns. May be for show. I know three people about a mile away from my house were killed by their own guns. The guy went there to demand money. During the discussion he saw one of his debtors with a gun. So he grabbed his gun and shot three of his debtors. Their won gun killed the three. I am comfortable leaving guns to cops.

        • You have never been around any females, especially during menopause, menstruation, or pregnancy. Have seen a lot of stupid comments on these blogs……but you take the cake.

          • Considering the fact that I AM a woman with 2 daughters and a grandchild, I still stand by my comment. Just because some get emotional during hormonal changes does not mean that overall women are nothing but the helpless blond bimbo type you prefer. Get out of the bars jarhead and maybe you’ll find women who are smarter than the felt on the pool table.

          • But when it occurs during a fire-fight some of our troops will die NEEDLESSLY. Thanks for the suggestion of where to find smart blond bimbos. I have 3 daughters, 25 grand-children hence I am an expert on female hormonal changes and you are only a tunnel vision tyro.

          • Your first sentence does not even have anything to do with my original comment. I stated that GENERALLY, women are better at things that require thinking and reasoning. That has nothing to do with what happens during a fire-fight. I don’t believe that the majority of women could do the job that men do in combat that requires strength and endurance. I believe that women are better than men in the tasks that require brain over brawn. Why is it that you disagree so strongly? I apologize for my earlier comment. I should not have made a personal attack against you.

    • Women are better at critical thinking? Is that why women vote predominantly democrat?

  5. Michael Dennewitz

    Personally, I think the military should be totally replaced with QUEERS ! That way, there wouldn’t be too much of a fight if they were ordered to martial law. ROFLMFAO

  6. Charles Cunninham

    Changing the workplace “standard” for any job creates a safety issue both for the worker and their co-workers. When there is a weight lifting standard you can’t make it lower for one class just so they can get the job. A standard is there for a reason. My son just took a physical test that required a given number of sit-ups in a minute along with other physical tests. He got all the other physical tests with no problems. He was 1.5 seconds over on the sit-ups. He didn’t pass. They could have cut him a break and let him slide but that 1.5 seconds slow could have gotten someone hurt or killed. So standard performance are there for a reason. If you can do it you qualify if not you don’t no exceptions.

  7. John Adams was right: “Statesmen, my dear Sir, may plan and speculate for liberty, but it is religion and morality alone, which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand. The only foundation of a free Constitution is pure virtue, and if this cannot be inspired into our People in a greater Measure than they have it now, they may change their rulers and the forms of government, but they will not obtain a lasting liberty.”
    John Adams

  8. Leftist insanity; in the military and in war, women should be held to the same physical ability and strength standards as men. Better than 90% of women lack a man’s strength and endurance. Why would anyone want to put fighters in harm’s way? People should organize, and demand the govt. stop this utterly nonsensical proposal.
    Is there anyone in this govt. with an IQ above 78? It appears not.

  9. IN a combat situation.. As a commander…. If I were to have a woman on my team… if something were to happen to her.. I usually would lose 2 men.. as they jumped to help her.. Second nature to the man.. but also other masculine instincts kick in.. I would not want a woman on my combat team.. at least in the field.

  10. Two groups that do not belong in the military’s special forces are women and “flaming gays.” Women are meant to be nurturers-primarily! “laming gays” are those homosexuals that feel everyone needs to know and share in their proclivity to engage in abnormal behavior. The cohesive, camaradie and dedication required for a strong military is destroyed by forcing the disturbing closeness of those adverse to the relationships that is found abhorrent. The emotional strain, physical stress members of the special forces have as a normal aspect of their daily lives should not be a part of a woman’s life. Men, as protectors are emotionally structured to kill! I don’t really want to see women become killers-as mothers whose children are in eminent danger can become a killer in protection of their young-at the time, a necessity! In restoring America to its greatness, let’s hope more women will return to the traditional role of nurturing mother. Keep the faith and the conversation going.

  11. Israel has had women in the IDF for decades. They recently opened up all positions to females. Why don’t we find out how their system works. Women serve 2 years each & men serve 3 years. Due to the area & the size of the country it’s essential that both women & men serve in the military. We need to kick the PC police out and do something logical. Women
    are better at some tasks & men have bigger muscle mass that women will never develop. Give everyone extensive tests & give them the options on what they excel at. It has to be for the good of the country, not what someones ego wants.

  12. Obama has taken us down to a weak lean that gets sand kicked in his face and all the world leaders are laughing at us but we will get up and brush our self’s off and start kicking ass again but only if we can keep that sea hag Hillery out but you have to admit she has a bigger penis BHO does

  13. 99% of women cannot even fix a flat tire. Women are much like Negroes in that they don’t build or invent anything and rely on white men to survive.

    Yet they want to put them in Special Forces where they could bring the ENTIRE squad down and DOOM a mission.

    Lieberalism is also what got an unqualified negro as president and they even had to do it illegally, of course, to get it to work, which it did not.

  14. The liberal nanny stators have already lowered the standards to be in the military to accommodate the gentler sex The Women Rights NAG’s, Those standards are 1/3 lower than the standards a male is required to achieve and maintain, over 1/2 lower than what was required of males back in the 60tys when I enlisted.

  15. We have been lowering standards for forty years, why stop now?

  16. Ken Dometriosis .

    This article is a load of bollocks, undoubtably written by a feminist jew under the guise of ‘admin’. The last sentence is what put the last nail in the coffin for me. It’s obvious the so-called author hasn’t had the nuts to serve our country yet can adamantly say that women are ready for combat blah blah blah. BULLSH*T!
    Women are physically and mentally incapable of serving in combat situations and we already had a first female negro President when Bildo Clinton was in office so this pathetic author can pucker up and kiss my buttocks!
    Again, this article is so stupid it reeks of jew.

  17. How about when Libertarianism threatens our security by becoming isolationist?

  18. Equality is a liberal myth. The human race prospered because winners win and losers lose – nature is brutal. It’s just another diversion pitting the people against each other so the agenda continues unnoticed.
    If standards are lowered (military version of common core), the effect is inevitable. But rest assured, your government knows what’s best and has your best interests at heart – go back to sleep.

  19. YES, Obama saying he’s a Muslim and more videos at end of video about the lying black POTUS.

    TRULY a scourge on society Barry Soetoro aka Barack Husein Obama, the black plague in USA.

    Ghostwriter communique’

    parallel time 11:57

    Input Info The black POTUS is a charlatan

    char·la·tan ˈSHärlədən ˈSHärlətn noun charlatan plural noun charlatans

    A person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud.

    quack sham fraud fake impostor hoaxer cheat deceiver double-dealer swindler fraudster mountebank phony shark con man con artist scam artist flimflammer bunco artist snake oil salesman confidence man/woman mountebank: a flamboyant deceiver; one who attracts customers with tricks or jokes. http://wordnetweb.princeton.ed

    ENJOY THE VIDEO………Obama saying he’s a Muslim and more videos at end of video about the lying black POTUS.TRULY a scourge on society Barry Soetoro aka Barack Husein Obama, the black plague in USA.


    The Evidence via CNN cable News

    1. Obama’s admits he’s a Muslim.

    2. Obama’s Muslim’s roots.

    3. Obama’s Muslim Faith.

    4. Obama quotes from Koran.

    5. Obama’s praises and glorifies Islam

    6. Obama defends Islam.

    7. Obama declares America to be a Muslim Nation.

    8. America no longer a Christian Nation.

    9. Obama bows before a Muslim King.

    10 Obama in tradional Muslim Dress.

    11 Obama sides with Islam.

    12 Obama visits Mosque.

    13. Obama says “I am one of them”.

  20. So let the liberals keep thinking their delusional thoughts, it only hastens the demise of the liberal agenda and brings more of their base – the ones who are finally seeing the truth behind their rhetoric to the ranks of Conservatives voters. People are waking up to the fact that liberal “solutions” do more harm than good to our nation, our people and our economy so their solutions are based on lies, fabrications and their Gruber mentality that the American electorate is stupid, makes poor choices and only they can lead us to the promised land. A promised land where the US becomes a 3rd rate 3rd world 2 bit country of misery, no hope, no change and divided.

    February 17, 2008, reprint – Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

    As a clinical and forensic psychiatrist, Lyle Rossiter has treated over 1,500 patients and examined over 2,700 civil and criminal cases. Turning his hand to political psychopathology, the author of The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness, has diagnosed an alarming percentage of the population as suffering from the grotesque form of mental derangement known by some as moonbattery

    The Liberal Mind is the first in-depth examination of the major political madness of our time: The radical left’s efforts to regulate the people from cradle to grave. To rescue us from our troubled lives, the liberal agenda recommends denial of personal responsibility, encourages self-pity and other-pity, fosters government dependency, promotes sexual indulgence, rationalizes violence, excuses financial obligation, justifies theft, ignores rudeness, prescribes complaining and blaming, denigrates marriage and the family, legalizes all abortion, defies religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions. Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. Given its irrational goals, coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda’s madness. Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of the foundations on which ordered liberty depends. Only an irrational man would want the state to run his life for him rather than create secure conditions in which he can run his own life. Only an irrational agenda would deliberately undermine the citizen’s growth to competence by having the state adopt him. Only irrational thinking would trade individual liberty for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency. Only a madman would look at a community of free people cooperating by choice and see a society of victims exploited by villains. [From The Liberal Mind; The Psychological Causes of Political Madness by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., MD]

  21. How can it not endanger National security? Since liberals are Democrats, and Democrats are pagan money power worshipers. Shalom!

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