When Liberalism Threatens National Security

The Associated Press is reporting that America’s special forces are growing increasingly concerned about the prospect of letting women join their ranks. Not because they have something against women, but because they fear that the military will lower entry standards just to please liberal feminists. And though the military has insisted that they would never do such a thing, there are signs that these superior warriors are right to be concerned.

According to the AP, officials in Special Operations Command have been discussing the details of recent surveys given to special forces regarding the possibility of letting women join their ranks. In these surveys, they found a common theme: the men of these elite units were very concerned that the military brass would soon cave to political pressures and erode training standards.

In the article, force management director Dan Bland laments that there were “reservations or misperceptions in the force in terms of why we’re doing this.” In other words, the surveyed men hit the nail on the head. The military is going to do whatever they have to do to make sure they don’t get accused of that terrible 21st century crime: being politically incorrect.

Sad to say, but you can’t avoid being politically incorrect if you’re going to have a frank discussion about women in the military, especially if we’re talking about the special forces. On this issue, if none other, we must be absolutely honest with ourselves. And if we’re going to be honest, then we’re going to have to admit a very simple truth: physically speaking, women can’t hang with the men.

This is the kind of thing politicians can’t say, of course. You can’t say something like that, even when it’s nothing more or less than…THE FACTS. That’s why we have a little thing called “standards” to begin with. If you want to permit women to join the SEALs, go right ahead. But don’t for a moment consider lowering the standards. If they can do it, great. If they can’t, great.

Let’s say Ebola were to wipe out 99 percent of the population this year. In that horrible scenario, culture, society, and all the comforts of modern life would be gone. And in that doomsday scenario, assuming the disease spares men and women in equal number, which gender is going to rule the roost as civilization works to rebuild itself? Is it a coin toss? Of course not. To be blunt, women are only as “equal” as men permit them to be. That sounds awful – sexist, chauvinist, and every other -ist you can come up with – but it’s the plain truth of the matter. Women’s liberation, feminism, workplace equality…these concepts are born out of male benevolence and nothing more.

This is important because war brings man back to his primitive state. There is nothing progressive about shooting an enemy. There is nothing forward-thinking about charging a hideout with machine guns blazing. When you’re face to face with someone who wants to kill you, nothing could matter less than rape culture and wage inequality.

We’re ready for a female president, female CEOs, female pilots, female everything. Women are every bit as capable as men in matters of intelligence. And that’s great. But when it comes to national defense, we have to face reality. And all the protest signs and slutwalks and burned bras in the world won’t help you get through Hell Week.

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