When It Comes to Terror, Liberals Love Victim Blaming

If there’s one thing you can always count on liberals to do, it’s blame America for whatever’s wrong with the world. This policy extends to world hunger, poverty, climate change, racism, and everything else, but it is especially evident when it comes to Islamic terrorism. Not too many liberals are willing to come right out and say, “we deserved it” when there’s an attack, but you can certainly find that message when you read between the lines.

It’s not even purely an American disease. Liberals in Canada are apparently infected with the same idiotic worldview. Following Canada’s brush with Islamic terrorism last week, they came out of the woodwork. Not to condemn the attackers, of course, but to condemn their own country. Consider Glenn Greenwald, who said that Canada was guilty of “fear-mongering” in the wake of the first attack, which saw a fundamentalist run two soldiers over with his car. He went on to say that “Canada has spent the last 13 years proclaiming itself a nation at war,” and had no right to express surprise that their enemies would attack them at home.

It’s amazing the justifications you see. Liberals will go to extraordinary lengths to slam Israel’s attacks on the Palestinians, even when they are in clear retaliation. Has even a single non-Jewish liberal of note condemned the Palestinians? Even once? If it’s happened, I must have missed it.

After the Boston Marathon bombings, a professor from Georgetown was on MSNBC to discuss the tragedy. Rachel Maddow asked him about some radical Islamic videos found on the older brother’s YouTube page. This was before the clearly Islamic nature of the attack had been fully fleshed out. The professor, instead of saying something reasonable like, “Yeah, it looks like the same story, yet again,”  said that it was important to note that “there are an equal number of rap videos.”

If there are 99 reasons to suspect that radical Islam is at the heart of a terrorist attack, count on liberals to instead point to the one thing that suggests otherwise. They simply refuse to believe that maybe – just maybe – there’s something unique about this religion that drives a minority of its followers into deadly violence. That’s impossible, they say. Look at all the peace-loving Muslims. Look at all the violent Christians. They rely on these false equivocations and strawmen to support their arguments even in the face of reason.

It’s getting tiresome.

America isn’t to blame for Islamic terrorism. Point blank. Period. End of discussion. To find out why, all we have to do is take a page out of the liberal playbook: Victim blaming is wrong. They trot this out anytime someone dares to suggest that women should be more careful about getting into precarious sexual situations, insisting that only men can prevent rape. Well fine. The same goes for your favorite religion. If only rapists can prevent rape, then only Islam can stop Islamic terror.


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  1. Victims are their favorite meal, the feed on them.

  2. Oust the fraudulent Muslim traitor and take back every executive order ever given. Then and only then, can you crybabies have something to whine about!!!!

    • You are correct, and the liberals are NOW sending threatening and bullying letters to ppl who have not voted yet.

      The letter states that:

      “While your vote is secret, your voting record is NOT (i.e., whether or not you voted).”

      It goes on to intimate that if these ppl do not vote, then they are responsible for what will happen.

      I know many, many people who never vote. If you do NOT vote, you lose your right to complain. And it is NOT a matter of what I was told today:

      “If I wanted to change the way things are, I would be a politician.”


    • We Patriots are working on it. Arrest the ineligible fraud and his minions. That will set the left’s hair on fire. Join us!

  3. Liberals love to blame victims, but they also love to BE victims (or at least CLAIM to be victims) in order to further their causes. The Eagles’ song “GET OVER IT!” comes to mind…

  4. Unlike Christian teachings, Muslims have the Quran that teach to lie, cheat and steal if necessary to promote Islam. Keep in mind a Muslim is a Muslim and they all live by the Quran. Some kill while the rest smile. Don’t be duped by their sweet talk.

  5. Ah! For the Day of Judgement, when the Books are opened and these liberals finally see that it is because of THEIR SINS that the whole world is punished! And as they cower before The Almighty; whom most of them deny, perhaps then they will acknowledge HIS Might and Right!

    • Each is punished for his own sins, and each has enough blame. Only those who have accepted God’s free gift of redemption/salvation, and have thus already been judged won’t face that.


    NO DEMS!

    NO RINO’s !!

    and…NO Pantsuits !!!

  7. Nobody will ever be able to convince me that Muslims are peaceful. I will stick my hands in pig grease before shaking hands with one then see their reaction AFTER the fact. Don’t touch me you scum of the earth.

  8. sign the petition, i will, when it calls for the deportation of all illegals, tell them if they don’t leave, were gonna nuke the border, walk thru that, then illegal hunting season, 365 days a year, what part of illegal don’t you understand.

  9. exactly!!!!. most love to forget we were attacked many, many, times loooooong BEFORE bush even got elected, yet they act as if it was something new-due to his policies!!!! liberal insanity!

  10. There are 1.5 billion muslims in the world. 20% are radicals. That’s 300 million that are determined to kill all infidels.The “moderate” muslims are awfully quiet! They need to clean their own house first!!

    • There are no moderates, they just perform a different job. They take over the convenience stores, alcohol and tobacco shops and they love owning filling stations and they biggie is they have taken over the medical across this country and bleed medicare dry. Occasionally some get caught sending money to terrorists via charities overseas. Look in your local phonebook and see how many English names you find under medical. Gee I think I just committed profiling.

  11. The world has seen 1400 years of Islamic attacks. It wasn’t too long ago, that the Armenians (Christians) were massacred by Islamists. What’s going on now is just a continuation, albeit at a higher level with the establishment of the Caliphate. The answer? There is only one – the end of Islam.

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