When is the Washington Post Going to Start Counting Warren’s Lies?

The Washington Post has had a field day “counting” President Donald Trump’s lies since taking office and then garnering headlines and publicity every time they roll out another big article that supposedly enumerates them. We’re pretty sure by last count Trump had told something like a billion lies since assuming the presidency. Maybe a trillion, we’re not sure.

In any case, a drilldown on these articles inevitably reveals that the Post is nitpicking beyond all reason to get the numbers higher. In many cases, they’re pinching him on matters of subjective opinion. In others, they are purposely taking him out of context. In many, they’re taking his jokes as serious. It’s a huge mishmash of nonsense that nonetheless seems to entertain those suffering from TDS, which accounts for a significant chunk of WaPo’s readership.

But since the Washington Post is so intensely concerned about keeping our politicians honest, maybe it’s time for them to start counting up the lies that Sen. Elizabeth Warren has told since jumping into the race for the White House. They may not be able to come up with a number comparable to the number of stars in the sky, but the lies they do count will actually be substantial, significant, and worthy of strict voter attention.

Warren has built her entire campaign on a platform of deception, and it’s well past time that mainstream observers take notice.

Warren’s biggest lie, of course, is the one she perpetrated for most of her adult life: That she’s a Native American. She used this lie to benefit her academic pursuits, bolster her career prospects, and gain attention for her political aspirations. When called out on this obviously-fictitious bloodline, she doubled down, taking a DNA test to “prove” that she was a member of the Tribe. That DNA test succeeded in irritating actual Native Americans and proving to the rest of us that Warren has about as much Indian blood as any other American citizen, if not a little less than the average person.

But Warren’s lies don’t end with her ancestral claims. She also lied to the voters of Massachusetts last year when she promised to serve out a full term in the Senate if reelected to office. Only a few weeks after securing the election, she launched her presidential run. Perhaps she intends to forfeit the presidency if she wins in November, but you know, somehow we doubt it.

The lies are unending: She’s lied about sending her kids to public school, she’s lied about her father working as a janitor, she’s lied about getting fired from her job for catching pregnant, and she’s lied about her plans to pay for Medicare-for-All.

If Democrats and their cheerleaders in the media want to retain any semblance of integrity at all, they need to call out these lies when they emanate from “their” people. Before you start counting Trump’s lies, start counting your own.

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