When America Suffers, Democrats Thrive

It is a fact of American life that goes unnoticed far too often. Simply put, the more America suffers, the better it is for Democrats. That their entire ideology is based around ensuring that there are always “victims of the system” shows the depravity around which the American left is forged.

You can see it play out in almost every area. When the economy is in the toilet, more people will look to the government for a handout. Guess which party supports that lifestyle?

When marriage has been destroyed as an institution, more people will throw out the old social traditions. Guess which party supports a “progressive” approach to societal norms?

A growing illegal immigrant population threatens our culture, our economy, and our safety. Guess which party supports amnesty?

Republicans can hardly claim to have clean hands in any of these instances, but Democrats can only exist as long as their base feels victimized by America. You don’t hear this kind of language from conservatives. True, we’re just as likely to complain as anyone, but we don’t go around blaming the government for our lot in life. We understand that life is what you make of it. Politicians in Washington can make it a little easier or a little harder, but they can’t change that basic fact.

The Undirected Current

Liberals don’t see it that way. They see life as a river, upon which you just float along, watching the scenes go by. Maybe you’ll get lucky and float into a fortune. Maybe you’ll be unlucky and float into poverty. It’s up to the government to make sure that more people have a chance of avoiding the treacherous tributaries. Maybe provide some better rafts. Perhaps spruce up the not-so-nice parts of the river by stealing from the great parts.

I feel sorry for people who think this way. Life must be truly dire if you believe that most of what happens to you is out of your control. When you believe that you were born without much chance. It’s no wonder that surveys show that conservatives are happier. When you know that your circumstances are (by and large) a result of your decisions, it’s hard to be glum. Even if things aren’t going your way, you know that you have the power to change them. Not by standing in the street with a poster, but by doing the work.

I don’t, however, feel sorry for the politicians and elitists who continually preach this liberal nonsense to the uninformed. We used to be a country where anything was possible. Now, if you’re black, Hispanic, female, gay, transgender, or Native American, you are taught that you can only get ahead by changing the system. And if by some miracle you do become a success, you should feel guilty for having achieved it. After all, you didn’t do anything. Your raft just happened to float down a lucky corridor.

It’s time we started promoting that long-lost value of the American Dream. The country where every opportunity exists, no matter the color of your skin or your gender. Is there unfairness? Do some people have a leg up? Yep. That’s life. To let those disadvantages stop you from making the most out of your short time on the planet, though? That’s a choice. And it’s a choice Democrats desperatey want you to make.


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  1. We need a real change in Washington and I don’t mean Obama’s “hope and change”. How has that worked out for you folks that voted for him twice?

  2. OBAMA- – – –



    NO DEMS!
    NO RINO’s !!

    and— in California –

    “If it’s BROWN..
    Flush Him Down !”

  3. I am a republican, and what I want to know is, why is nobody stepping up and stopping this rape of our society, our way of life is being threatened from within and all I hear is talk, talk, talk, No action!!!

    • because we have no leaders.

    • half of the country is satanic Marxism, what do you expect , no going back you made your bed sleep in it.

      • I’ll tell you one thing, I did everything I could to avoid where we are, but the last thing I’ll do is sleep when it is time to stand!!!!

    • All Republicans and the RNC just sit on their hands hoping they will lose. Or else, they would have had a new contract with America telling us of the solutions as to what is wrong with this country.

    • What some of us are doing is best not talked about on an open forum.

      • I never incriminate myself. I openly dare the federal government to violate any of my civil rights. I am a christian american citizen, and veteran of the army. Go for it!!!!

    • I don’t know whether this is true, but supposedly the GOP settled a law suit which they agreed that they wouldn’t get involved in the voting process. It’s too long to post on here but if this is true then they basically gave away our voting rights along with handing our country over to the Communists. In the meantime I’m going to research this. I hope there is someone on here that might shed some light on this. Thanks

      • At least Sen. Ted Cruz has the guts to step up and tell the people what he is willing to do, if they win the majority. If he keeps his word, unlike most politicians, he’s got my vote in 16!

  4. One statement you make is true. You state, “the Republicans hands are dirty too”. Where has the GOP been on border security? Where was the GOP on the bailouts of corporations that should have been allowed to bankrupt. Bankruptcy is how free enterprise is supposed to work. Geo. W. orchestrated much of the bail out. Why did billion dollar corporations get tax payer bail out assistance but families who paid that tax money lost they’re homes? I have been a Republican since Ronald Reagan. Pres. Reagan made mistakes but he did bring the country together and people were proud of America again. Pres. Reagan listened to the right people and he knew how to turn a desert dwelling dictator into a choir boy without, identifiable, troops on the ground. The Republicans we have seen of late don’t have that kind of backbone, although they are not as bad as Barry. Geo W. and Rumsfeld watched and allowed the military to literally drive through Iraq. The Iraqi military ran from them with the exception of a few dozen who wanted to die for religions sake I guess. That credit belongs to the Military. I see one candidate that I would vote for without holding my nose. Rand Paul seems to be the most Constitutionally thinking candidate I have heard. Like his Father he believes in smaller government and less government intrusion. However I think regulation is needed in business and investment. It is the only protection the small investor has. There are some changes I would like to see him make to his message but he is better than Billary, or Cruz or Perry or Romney for damn sure.

    • Jim, there is really great material on Ron Paul’s utube channel, Vision Liberty. One video in particular posted last week is John McManus’ speech to the John Birch Society entitled The United Nations – 65 Years too Many. Very educational especially explaining why our military is being gutted, but much more regarding history of UN and the US players. I encourage everyone to listen to this podcast. I understand so much more now. Also, there are about 16 pieces by Thomas E Woods, Jr called the politically incorrect guide to American history. Great works that I will use for my kids to undo the crap history they teach in public schools these days.

      • As early as 1932 the president of the American Communist party was calling for a national education system, why you ask? so they could take control of our youth somethin

        • Thank you for the info. I will definitely check it out. I’ve been hitting up the John Birch Society website. Weekly news videos on current events and speeches recorded at their conferences. One by Randy Hogdon of Oklahoma state legislature on how they got out of common core and how they led the charge on nullifying the 2005 citizen ID act. Also, Dr Duke Pesta has presented nationwide on the damage of common core and there are lots of his on YouTube. Tks

    • Free trade agreements and over regulation are killing America’s economy.

      • Crony Capitalism practiced by both parties have killed many small businesses in this country. People who have never owned a business have no idea how powerful some of these government agencies are and the many hoops they can make the owners jump through the IRS, EPA, and the FDA to name some, of course the type of business determines to what degree one has to deal with them. The above agencies can operate with Gestapo tactics when aroused and they can be aroused. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing something wrong, it might mean you’re taking away some of the business the giant deems is theirs, so the giant makes a phone call to one of his cronies to get the ball rolling, unless you have a lot of money to spend that ball can flatten you. I was successful in a business in spite of these three agencies. I have a friend that owned a coal mine and the things they put him through most people think could only be done in some third world country.

  5. the liberal Marxist communist enemy is the demon -crat party of America, with satan as their leader.( utube obama luke 10:18)

    • In the Book of Daniel we learn that the dark forces of Satan can take over man’s governments and the Apostle Paul confirms that we do war with those forces. When the Democrats booed God at their convention just confirmed to me that these forces are in Washington, District of Criminals. Just like Karl Marx and his ilk are vectors for Communism, his followers are also Vectors for homosexuality, anything God is for they are against anything God is against they are for. Isaiah prophesied correctly when he wrote of these people.

  6. neither party is to be trusted as far as i’m concerned…but i feel the republicans offer a better way of living than do the democrats…less taxes, leave capitalism to itself, encourage small business, lower corporate taxes…

    the dems represent oppression and degradation to it’s highest by attacking those who work hard to get ahead, play on false issues like the “war on women” racism, social justice etc…

    who, in their right mind, believes that a high school dropout should make the same as a college graduate? or that if you’re making a decent wage, you should also support an illegal immigrant and their family by way of health care and education?

  7. Death, misery, hunger, pain and victims are their standards to succeed. People begging and standing in line for hours to maybe get a piece of bread, that is what they think are accomplishments to look down and make fun of those they consider inferior.

  8. Democrats have become socialist. They want the federal government to control all with them in control. It won’t mater that the rest of the county is living in ghettos, they will be the elite and live their lives in comfort while they control the population as the slave labor that they have become.

    • Democrat havn’t become socialist or racist. They always were. Look at history, real history. Not the watered down leftist crap the leftist government school’s are presenting and you will find out a lot about why things are messed up.

      • There are some sayings that seem to it the liberal socialist democrats. All is fair in love and war. Anyone not agreeing with their propaganda is the enemy so it is war. They talk about rules of engagement which they have no restraints on their behavior yet talk about your lack of decorum. It is like the rules of engagement that they apply to our troops, which will only get them killed. Our enemy is evil and has no restraints to wait for them to do their evil before being able to respond is beyond stupid. The end justifies the means. There is no depth to the fraud and lies and even death of the people that try to stand in their way. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The more power they have the more corrupt they become. It seems insane the things that Obama and his minions have done, but they are not done. Just when you think that what Obama and his minions have gone too far they will prove you wrong and find even more insanity that will make you wonder how could they possibly be the warped.

    • This is why they have and are still trying to dumb down the nation. A nation of fools will allow their liberty to be stolen, these fools are allowing their country to be turned into the kind of country our fore fathers fled from. Obama is supposed to have a 42 percent approval rating, that is low but it’s hard for me to imagine; that that many people can still support some one who is desperately trying to destroy their country which will take away their freedom. Of course people like Obama and Clinton don’t call their preferred type of government Communism, they just infer it will be a Utopia where we will all live happily ever after. Their mentor Saul Alinsky was a Satanist who dedicated his book to Satan and said he would rather go to hell than heaven, I imagine God will grant him that preference. So what does this say about Obama and Hillary? A lot.

  9. Not this time, america’s problems are the result of the hard left turn or current administration has taken, illegals getting amnesty after election,the planes are still flying from ebola infected countries, obama is gonna let iran get nukes,the half ass war against I.S.I.S.not I.S.I.L. it’s I.S.I.S. all this by trying to bypass the legislature, you are setting us up for a nuclear attack obama, with a nuke supplied to the terrorist from either pakistan or iran or some other shithole 3rd world country, coming in thru our porous border with Mexico, you are a muslim traitor, and deserve to be treated as such.

  10. Well, I hope IF the Republicans win tomorrow, they CLOSE Down the Government and redo all those new Laws in the ERA, IRS, Obamacare and many others. Reduce them down to a Budget. MUST SAVE AMERICA NOW.

  11. Republicans won because America was fed up with Obama Not because they offered any solutions or hope for the future,

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