What Went Wrong? Former Campaign Official Explains Why Trump Lost

In an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale laid out what he believes went wrong with the 2020 election and what the president could have done differently to prevail over Joe Biden. Parscale, who was removed from the campaign in September after some personal issues overwhelmed his ability to run the show, told host Martha MacCallum that if Trump had stuck with the plan developed by himself and Jared Kushner, things would have gone differently on Election Day.

“I always had a lot of confidence in our plan. And I think the president and Jared had a lot of confidence in the plan. And it was unfortunate that we diverged from the plan right as we came down the stretch,” said Parscale. “But they paused the plan, eventually went back to it. But we had a plan. I had a lot of time to plan. And in ’16, people don’t like to admit it, but I was a semi-quasi-campaign manager. Never got to say that publicly before, because I couldn’t. Jared was the real campaign manager. I was the one doing the day-to-day. And we won. And it really didn’t make sense to me why, in ’20, they had to change away from that.”

We assume that Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon might question Parscale’s claim that he ran the whole shebang in 2016, but hey, he’s not the first person in American political history to give himself more credit than he deserves. He was definitely running things in 2020, and now he has to make it sound as if – once upon a time – he was in charge of a winning campaign. Even though, quite frankly, an organ-grinder’s monkey could have been in charge of Trump’s 2016 MAGA campaign and he would still have won. The movement was unstoppable.

In any event…

“My plan tried to make this a choice election, not a referendum,” Parscale continued. “And I think that was one of the biggest disputes within the campaign. I knew that, if it was a choice, with the president with COVID, and the economy, the president with his policies vs. Biden — I tested 140-plus policies against Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump. Trump bested him in 139 with the American people. They knew the president’s policies are what they wanted. The issue was how to keep this as a choice election, Joe Biden’s America and going back, that he somehow could do this better, which I don’t think he can, or Donald Trump, who had made America better and his policies, and make sure it didn’t end up a referendum on him.

“But they paused,” he said. “They didn’t know my plan. They didn’t know to execute it or not. And they started to diverge away from it. And they started to test it. Should we use data like this? Should we buy TV like this? Should we run this? Should we do this? Should we even work with the RNC? Which I think were crucial mistakes, and I could name crucial mistakes. I just, I don’t understand why, because the president should have won by a lot more.”

Well…we don’t know about all that. Did Trump run a perfect campaign? Probably not. But we have a feeling that the moment the Democrats got together and turned this into a mail-in affair, his presidency was toast. Who even KNOWS who all voted in this election. Let’s do it again, in person, with voter ID laws in place, and see if the result comes back the same way.

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