What We Expect From Trump’s First Year

President Trump made a lot of promises on the campaign trail, and the realities of Washington politics will make it impossible for him to keep them all. That said, there are a few things that voters deserve to see happen by January of next year. If Trump wants to put this country on a path to “Great”ness, these are the areas he should concentrate on.


Trump signed an executive order on his first day in office, directing all federal agencies to use discretion when enforcing the Affordable Care Act. By itself, the order does nothing, but it could be the first step towards easing the financial burden of the individual mandate for millions of Americans.

The ultimate goal, of course, is to repeal the law entirely and replace it with a free-market alternative that encourages competition and reduces federal influence. Cross-state insurance markets, high-risk pools, and Medicaid block grants are just a few ways to make this happen. It won’t be easy, but our economy literally depends on Republicans getting it done.

The Border

The wall might be physical and impenetrable, paid for by Mexico, and stand for a thousand years. It might be virtual and patchwork, and paid for by our taxes. The form of the wall may be uncertain, but the goal is not. As long as Trump can stop the flood of illegal immigrants currently pouring into the country, we don’t care how he does it. The important thing is that it gets done and it gets done quickly.

Islamic Terrorism

If there was no such thing as ISIS, would Trump have been elected? There’s no way to know, but it’s a safe bet that anyone who believes that Islamic terrorism poses a clear and present danger to the United States voted Republican in the 2016 election. Trump stood in front of 400 CIA employees on Saturday and vowed to “eradicate” Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth. We hope to see significant progress on this front over the coming months.


In this area, we are fully confident in Trump’s ability to bring the economy roaring back to life. If he and a Republican Congress can’t get our job market rolling again, it simply can’t be done. And, of course, we know that it can. A booming economy solves a lot of political problems all by itself, and it will do more than anything else to secure Trump a second term in office. Bring back the jobs, and you can get away with a lot of nonsense.

If America has made progress on these four agenda items by next January, we won’t have any reason to complain. If not…we are going to have some serious questions for this administration to answer.

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  1. Super assessment! If he achieves the points you list, I certainly couldn’t complain.

  2. The question that comes to my mind is, ‘ What Political Party does Donald Trump actually be in favor of?’
    Certainly he does not ascribe to the Communist/Liberal/Socialist party that is currently called the ‘Democratic Party’.
    It is my belief that he has sympathies with what the Democratic party used to stand for, to a large extent his sympathies lie with that party.

    • Trump is the moderate that so many have hoped for for so many years! Now they can back the man, or shut up their big mouths! I’m conservative, but electing a populist might not be so bad, I think. At least he ran under the right flag! He should be around for eight years if all goes well. I hope then it will not return to business as usual.

      • I agree. See my comment above. Regardless if populist or republican, He is not a Democrat, that is for sure. And I am thankful.

        • Be cautious Wynona! Never trust politicians – NEVER! Trump has shown both sides of his coin over the years, and he could easily play both sides against the middle, when negotiating a deal. Regardless, he is still the best alternative we could have chosen.

          • I watched an interesting YouTube last night / series of Trump interviews over last 3 or so decades showing interest in US national problems. All segments agreed with his present stance.

      • After 8 yrs of Trump we can have * yrs of Pence.

      • Hey! I just now searched “populist” in Wikipedia! Trump to a “T”! They should use his picture

        • Wikipedia, is a Populist information, center.
          There is a Lot of True in it’s information, a lot that is not True.
          The Information on it may also be changed by Idiots, to soot their desires.
          The information on it SHOULD be checked on other information outlets.

          • Correct. I noticed that immediately. There can be a lot of good information, but it is clearly skewed on anything controversial.

    • In our opinion, Trump believes deeply in the Citizens of the United States. He is closely related to the Conservitive Republicans, yet he has sympathy what WAS the democratic party. I too use to be a democrat, but after Carter that changed. Someone, something changed and stole the democratic party. It now is in my belief Anti American, against our Constitution and the 1st, 2nd amendments. It does not take a Einstein to see this. Therefore, Trump is one of us, the conservitive, republican leader.
      If the Democrat party is ever to survive and come back, they will have to take back American principals, get rid of all the corruption within, and take their party back from the hands of the lacks of Soros, and other orginizations that wants to change America into a socialistic, communistic, Islamic,
      Government dominated country.

      Otherwise, they will be a thing in the past.

      • I also was a democrat until Obama got in, And it wasn’t raciest he didn’t know what he was doing even when he left he still didn’t know anything except to divide our country. That he did real well. Trump is the best thing that could have happened to our country.

        • It is people such as yourself that did thw dividing. You are still talking part in that now — your post evidences that fact.

        • Sure it is …
          The DOJ has sued Trump for discrimination — 180 times.

          New Jersey fined him for laundering Mob money through his casino.

          New York fined him for laundering money through his fake, illegal charity.

          New York find him for running an illegal “school.”

          New York decided Trump University was a fraud.

          • Get Real! It is virtually impossible for an enterprise as big as Trump’s not to inadvertantly contravene some laws. (For which it is usually held legally accountable.,You are an exceptional person if you have never paid a fine.) For the sake of your argument: Best ignore “money-laundering”, since the Clintons have perfected it to New Frontiers.
            But in terms of sheer illegality (both Civil AND Criminal), none even approach Government. “Accountability” is simply unthinkable – and “Mitigation” is extremely rare. (More than Mouse Milk – but less than Yak Fat.)

          • The larger the business, the more attorneys they employ.

            Discrimination is intentional, not accidental.

            Suggest you begin your educator with United States v. Fred C.Trump … Docket / Court 73-1529 ( E.D.N.Y. )

            The DOJ has brough over 180 such cases against Trump. He has bewn named in over 4,000 suits, including 100 just this past year.

          • I suggest you begin your education merely by embracing the fact that not everyone comes to the same hare-brained conclusions that you do from the same collections of facts. Apparently you spend a great deal of your time reading – and little-to-none in thought.

      • Scratch “Islamic” – and I’m with you 100%.

      • jean-marie Ignatowic

        Demoscraps are out, never they will come back, with this new Government, America has Open Eyes ! Corruptions, like Clinton<s foundation, Haitians Hate Hillary, they need and never received, Clintons kept $$$ for themselves ! Bastards Criminals ! And they are demoscraps !

      • Trump believes in America??

        Is that why he has paid no income tax in 18 years?

        Is that why he did business in Cuba during the embargo?

        Is that why he does a huge amount of business in Russia?

        Is that why he employs illegal immigrants?

        Is that why he launders money for Iran?

        Is that why he launders money for the mob?

      • Beutifully expressed- and so true! But there is a haunting question in there – may explain it. A simple matter of “competition” as relative to politics – as it is to department store retail chains.
        Elective office has become irresistibly lucrative. In no other endeavor is it possible to become so wealthy – so quickly – with so little talent, genuine intelligence, work, or personal investment.
        But if one “party” doesen’t have an “opening” – and the other one does – “what’s a girl to do?” Once ensconced in the sinecure of party-supported office, it boils down to what that party can offer the public for its votes.
        If one party is sustained by one vision of a traditional socio-economic model – then you are obliged (for the sake of your personal fortune) to push for something opposite. It makes no difference to you – what the consequences of your opportunistically-chosen system is: Because with sufficient wealth – it can not affect you (and yours) personally.
        You simply can not “lose” – whether your party is “majority” or “minority”. All you have to do is play to your “constituents” (“Fans”) – by either supporting, or opposing. Nancy Pelosi may personally love everything about Trump and his philosophy. But her script in the play is in opposition – and her fortune dictates that she speaks it convincingly. There has been no moral committment to party ideology among “Democrats” for a century or more.(which is why so many complain that: “It isn’t what it used to be” (and it’s NOT!)
        Since the Republicans cater to Capitalism (often to extremes – but always within Constitutional constraints). Democrats are locked into Socio-Communism – whether they emotionally or morally identify with it – or not. ( Hey! They have to offer a competing product – even even if it is a shoddy one.). (Sorry, folks – I am just as baffled by Sheila Jackson Lee and Maxine Waters – as everbody else is.)

      • Have you seen, Heard the people, that want to lead, Govern, the Democrat party.
        If any of them are elected to do so.
        The Democrat Part will be a Thing of the Past.

    • The real issue is not what Party a political candidate aligns with but whether he/she aligns with the principles contained in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution and will not settle for anything else. On my part, enough said

    • Trump is AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT which is highly unprecedented, so don’t categorize him because you like being a democrat and he is not. He is for America and we the people and I know that is hard to understand and get used to, but try it, you’ll like it.

    • Maybe so, but before the Democratic party was hijacked by the liberal globalists it wasn’t so bad!

    • WTF Difference does it make – WHAT “party” Trump identifies with? Both parties are equally responsible for this incredible mess. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have been for sale to the highest bidder. (Tack unpalatable bills onto “Must Pass” legislation.) “Deals”! (Go along with rotten crap – in order to enact anything good.) So far – Trump seems to be doing what needs to be done – often opposed by BOTH parties. He seems more “Independent” – to me.

      • I agree. Both parties are not for the people. Maybe we need to get rid oF the parties. Loved his speech! It was geared to both Obama and Bush!

    • Maybe you should pay better attention.
      Putin is Trump’s idol.
      Then, the DOJ has sued Trump 180 times for housing and employment discrimination.

      He also employs illegal immigrants. Then tries to cheat they out of wages.

    • I understand that for about 2 years Trump was a Democrat.
      I read that in a Bio, written by a Third party[Person].
      He I believe, now and has been from 1988 been a Republican, as there has been numerous interviews with promenade Talk show hosts, that have stated that. One being Larry King.On Video.

      I believe that you are Very incorrect in your beliefs.

  3. What you morons apparently fail to realize is that Trump doesn’t give a shit about any of you. He’s a narcissistic child whose only interest is himself. He’s a liar, a cheat and a thief. I know that probably plays well with many of you because you’re exactly the same. But for those of you who are a little less stupid, I suspect you’ll wake up and smell the coffee long before the end of his term, but way too late to do anything about it.

    • And what was the alternative, you know-it-all schmuck? An entitled evil bitch of a woman; an unindicted felon who didn’t give a shit about any of us, and proved it every time she made a self serving international deal, at our expense, that only benefitted her bogus charity foundation? Yes it was bogus! Since she lost her power, the donations have dried up faster than pee on desert sand! Let’s not forget her hacked, private email server that put us all in jeopardy – even you!
      Yes, there is definitely a moron here, and it is you!

    • “He’s a narcissistic child whose only interest is himself. He’s a liar, a cheat and a thief.” Hey perfect description of Oblowma. UR head must be way far up ur keister.

    • Eric you are a brainless idiot.Stop spewing your demorats lying propaganda as no one will believe your trash posts except your self.

    • I agree with you–and I’ve also noticed he’s the kind of person who could hold your hand and lie right in your face–but I don’t like/appreciate profanity. I hope you have a nice rest of your day.

    • You seem to fulfill the definition of moron. A government dependent one. Or a troll for hire. No one is really as stupid as you. You’re working for someone. Rude insolent attempting to belittle people all that you have learned from the CLINTON CRIME FAMILY. Your narratives are primary level and your opinions obviously off a script.

  4. We need everyone to tell the sand-bagging senators to get on with the confirmations and quit delaying it, All they are doing is preventing our new government from operating. Wile crime and unlawful things are happening we need the new Attorney General to be confirmed…and now quit the political BS going on.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      And then some of the senators need “weeding out!” ?

    • The Democrats love unlawful things. They just came off of eight years of lawlessness.

    • The longer they can keep the Fourth Reich from taking control, the better. You just think you want the new AG. You will have buyers remorse.

      • Is that Fraud, Frost, or Delusion?

        • His history is long and ugly, He was denied a judgeship based on racism

          • I know that YOUR history of posts is too long and so ugly !!

          • Strange — Everybody who knows him, has worked with him, (even in the other party, and some black constituents) say that he is not racist. far from it – in fact.

          • Is that so?
            Strange, he was denied a judgeship based on documented racism.
            He is also my cousin. You should hear the filth that comes out of his mouth when there is only family around.

          • Your cousin – how convenient. All we men talk filthy where appropriate. It Is nice to hear that he is normal at least in that respect. You just lost credibility with me. Suck it up – Buttercup. You have a government that you didn’t personally get to pick. Live with it!

          • Filthy talk is never appropriate. It would seem your parents failed to teach you ethics and proper behavior.

          • ALL parent’s “fail”- regardless how they try. (It’s called:.”The Generation Gap”. Excuse me – but have you reared a son? (Or a daughter – for that matter!) If not – then you have your pointless, sanctimonious, delusions. If so – then you would be destroyed to know him/her outside your oppressive, narcisstic, presence. (Otherwise – they are the same disfunctional misfit – that you are. Possibly that guy that gives me a blow-job at the “bookstore” every Sunday afternoon.) Lady! Wake Up! The world doesn’t revolve around YOU !

          • I have four children. Two are Officers currently stationed in Afghanistan.

            They were raised to know the difference between right and wrong.

          • That has absolutely NOTHING to do with how they relate to their social realty among peers. I have known some genuinely scary people (but not for long!) – that wouldn’t even say “damn” or “shit”. Frankly – I don’t believe you.

          • Frankly, my selfworth does not depend upon your opinion.

          • I don’t believe that – either. The only reason anybody would pretend to be such an ass-hole as you do – would be to see what people think about it. You are a complete fraud.

          • You are now blocked.

          • That is supposed to excuse the sewage that flow from your mouth?

      • If you are equating Trump to Hitler you are deranged? I have no idea where you came up with that thought. Trump said take ‘power out of Washington and give it back to the people where it belongs.’ That is so far away from a Reich environment as midnight is to noon. What are you thinking. He is trying to return control of this country to the people and take it out of the hands of the politicians. WE are the government. We should be actively involved in the direction the country is going.

        I would love to see every american wealthy, living in million dollar homes, having 7 figure annual incomes and be in excellent health. But that is a dream. It CAN’T happen. Life is difficult, some are going to be poor, some will live under bridges and some will be in poor health. Those are the ugly facts of life. Some of their misfortune is due to their own doing. They eat too much of the wrong foods, they refuse to work, they take drugs, smoke or they mar their bodies where they can’t get a decent job. But regardless Government can’t FIX the pains of life. It is up to each one of us to do our part. The government should not be our nanny from cradle to grave.

        • “Make Germany great again” is right out of the history books. He blamed Jews, Socialists and Communists for Germany’s problems.

          Make America great again … Mexicans, illegal immigrants, Muslims ….

          Like you, he blames the disabled for their own illnesses and conditions: “…nanny deom cradle to grave”… let’s turn our cities into Calcutta. Lets put them on the street to beg ..

          • And who do you blame? Trump? He hasn’t been president for a full week.

            I think you are deranged. You have a way of spinning words and hearing/reading what you want into what others say. I think it is impossibly to have an intelligent discussion with you.

          • Thank you.

            Your input is always welcome

            It says so much about you.

    • Absolutely Jan, especially the 2 ring leaders of the “swamp”, Schumer and Pelosi. Get your asses in gear.

  5. Ironically, Trump said a year or two ago (David Leterman show), that “Federal government does NOT create jobs; businesess do…That was then, when Obama was president, but now that he is the president, how should we, the people, look at his past statement?

    • he will encourage private business to create jobs by scaling back so many job/business killing regulations imposed by power hungry llibs.

    • Is Ruben pretending not to understand or is he actually blind?

    • That’s exactly what he’s going to do, get the government out of the way so businesses can create jobs. Lowering corporate taxes and getting rid of thousands of unnecessary regulations that we don’t need. The mans a genius we need to let him do the job We The People elected him for.

    • Makes perfect sense to me. Government influences the business climate. If it is good – people start businesses or work for them. Government made the foreign trade deals that sent our factories and industries elsewhere. Our steel, lumber, textile, and electronics industries were gutted.

  6. I feel Trump will get most of these things done.

  7. It will not be an easy task, fixing the desolation Pres. OHOMO has left him. Wouldn’t it be humorous if Trump, day after day, blamed Bath House Barry for the destruction of American values, the economy and our lowered standing across the globe?

    • Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

      Tedious, boring, repetitive …

      • The insults come from frustration. You made a statement that the DOJ had CHARGED Trump with 180 times. Well those facts are not complete. I’m not sure where you got the number but regardless, the truth is, the incidents occurred before D. Trump started working for Trump Management. Hillary’s comments were very carefully worded so they were not an out and out lie, they were just misleading. Read up on the incident for your self. Don’t accept what anyone says as the whole truth because everyone puts their own spin on it. Regardless of their political affiliation.

        • Your statements are entirely false. Do the research, educate yourself. Here is one caseto start you off:

          Case Name United States v. Fred C. Trump, Donald Trump, and Trump Management, Inc.


          Docket / Court 73-1529 ( E.D.N.Y. )

          State/Territory New York

          Case Type(s) Fair Housing/Lending/Insurance

          Attorney Organization U.S. Dept. of Justice Civil Rights Division

      • Wait 6 months or a year and see how much the country has rebounded from the 8 bad years of Obama. Trump has done more already for the country than Obama did in 8 years. Open your eyes and mind and you will see the truth.

    • Nah! Surely nobody would believe THAT. Why–He said so Himself: He could have had a third term if he could have been allowed to run for one.

  8. It looks good.

  9. I would like to see the person who would even try to take on what Trump is doing. Ohomo has really screwed us and it will take a huge effort to undo. Give Trump your support and he will get ‘er done. yes, that includes you libtards as well. STOP your crying and help to bring our country back from the brink.

    • Obama brought it back from the brinks and now the Racist Lying Orange man and the rest of the republicans will take it right back to the brinks like they always do. Democrats get the country moving in the right direction and the Racist Republicans come inand mess up.

    • Why do you need to tell these lies?

      Why do you embarrass America this way?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

      • are you angry that your lying, criminal, deplorable, bitch killery did not get elected. that’s because the sane person got elected. go Trump !!

        • Maybe you should start acting like an adult? Name calling is for little children.

          Support Trump? DOJ has charged him with discrimination 180 times beginning in 1973.

          He currently is looking at Emoluments Clause
          violations, within days of taking office. Mr. Trump did not make a clean break with his business ownership interests as his predecessors for four decades have done.

          • Yeah? But what has he been convicted of?

          • You confuse civil and criminal. He has been repeatedly fined for civil infractions.
            Start your education with United States C. Fred Trump …, 1973, New York.

          • Whatever! Look, Lady. Why don’t you admit that your hatred of Trump is rabid and implacable? There is not a damn thing that he can ever do – or even MIGHT do – that you approve of. I would like to hear your opinion of a single genuine issue facing him – and what you specifically want him to do about it – consistent with the fact that being Republican he can not ethically take a Liberal position on it. He simply can not appoint a Liberal SCOTUS Justice – because he was specifically elected to appoint a Conservative one, for instance. It is totally asinine to expect Trump to defer to Hillary in his Presidential decisions. And yet – that seems to be what all you hysterical Harridans want him to do. There are hundreds of issues on which you people could offer constructive criticism that could be taken seriously.
            Meanwhile your unreasoning negativity, contrariness, and obstructionism isolates you into your little dark corner where you seem to be most content. Nobody NEEDS to know your opinions – because we can be certain that they will be butt-hurt crap – before you make a sound or write a word. Damn! Why would anybody spend a holiday with you, or invite you to a wedding or a birthday party – if you are such a bitter old sore-head about every little thing that doesn’t have your personal approval? Can anybody get thru to you – what asses you are making of yourselves? I’ll admit it: I can handle differences of opinion. They are normal. But you folks are beginning to creep me out. (Like zombies or vampires or something.)

          • Progressive Republican

            Wow. Impressively stupid.


          • I stand by what I say. This lady is obviously highly studied and I can not fault any of her facts. She has a great deal of value to bring into this converstion. But yet:.Her negative attitude toward Trump destroys her credibility in this forum. Sad.

          • Progressive Republican

            Pretty funny considering that it’s only those with a positive attitude toward Trump who’ve destroyed their credibility.

            At least in Reality.

            Although, to be fair, his removing America from the TPP is something I’ve endorsed for years. So, that’s one for him.

          • I disagree with just about everything Obama did, Obamacare being the worst, but there were a few good things in Obamacare. I think the problem is that these people refuse to fing a shred of anything good. They harp about the past. Trump hasn’t even been president a week. Just give him a chance. He has been hired as US President. Sit back and relax and let him do his job. If he screws up, then complain.

            By the way what is a ‘progressive republican?’

          • Progressive Republican

            You do realize that the PPACA was hocked up by the GOP, right? So of course it sucks, but sadly is better than the nothing it replaced.

            Given the facts that as soon as the Oath of Office was administered Trump had violated it, that he has stock in two companies that stand to profit from his KXL EO, that he has an outstanding loan in a $950 million deal that was cobbled together by Goldman Sachs and the state-owned Bank of China—an arrangement that violates the Constitution’s emolument clause, his mockery of a disabled reporter and the subsequent denial, his constant childishly petulant tweets, his appointing Jared Kushner (his son-in-law) to a top WH post in possible violation of the 1967 federal anti-nepotism statute, his packing his first press conference since July with paid employees, who applauded him and jeered at reporters, his cabinet selections, his continuing to deny Russian hacking and to use quotation marks around ‘Intelligence’ in his tweets, the FEC’s letter listing 247 pages of illegal contributions to his campaign, his having the lowest approval rating ever of an incoming President, as well as other assorted lies, already-broken promises, etc…

            One could say things can only get better.

            I’m not buyin’ it. Today’s GOP has shown that they are not only capable, but gleefully willing to make things far far worse in order to further the thirty-five year old plan of further enriching the already wealthy at America’s expense.

            If he screws up?

            He already has, so I’ll take your advice and complain. Thanks for the permission to do so.

            The GOP was founded by the more progressive members of the then-dying Whig Party in the mid-nineteenth century on the principles of fiscal and social responsibility, a stronger centralized federal government, abolition, and the thought that the government should protect minorities from the tyrannies of the majority. Pretty much everything those traitors that have taken over my party and threaten America currently stand against.

          • The only Reply to your Blather is;
            You FULL of Shit!

          • Progressive Republican

            This coming from a pile of shit.


          • Man, YOU are one VERY sick and delusional idiot aren’t you ?

          • Progressive Republican

            Only to the sick and delusional.

          • Congress makes the laws. You elect Congress. It is YOUR duty too insure Congress knows how to represent you.

            Take responsibility for what you did. Take responsibility for that which you failed to do.

          • I didn’t vote for any of those liberal flakes in washington. I voted for the conservative canidates. Obama wasn’t my choice. Those liberal progressive democrates that pass these idiotic laws and line their own pockets in the process were not my choice. That is why I voted for Trump. He wants to return the power and the responsibility to the people. I only have 1 vote. I take responsibility for myself. I don’t look to the government to take care of me or mine. My only comfort comes in that my vote cancells out one liberal progressive vote.

            But you still avoid the answer to my question. Who do you blame? Do you vote? Did you vote for Hillary? If you did I can accuse you of being brainwashed by a liar and the MSM. You believe everything the spin out.

            So if you can’t or won’t answer the questions then don’t bother to answer, because I will assume you have no idea who to blame except the president of a week.

          • Electoral College is a process, not a place. The founding fathers established it in the Constitution as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens.

            Suggest you refer to Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution.

            From there, go to the Twelfth Amendment. Fourteenth Amendment, Fifteenth Amendment, Twentieth Amendment, Twenty-Second Amendment, Twenty-Third Amendment, Twenty-Fourth Amendment , Twenty-Fifth Amendment and Twenty-Sixth Amendment.

            When you finish that bit of self-education, you can move on to the United States Code. Title Three “The President.”

          • Please stop responding. Your answers are non responsive. I haven’t mentioned the Electorial College. I’m am versed in the constitution. I don’t need your feeble excuses to avoid the question. You are not only deranged, you are stupid. If you don’t know what that means grab a dictionary and look it up!

          • Your liberal v. conservative rant says something entirely different than your claim about knowing how the Electoral College works.

          • I’m reasonably certain that if you’ll just hold your horses a few months that there will be a lot more things you’ll have to “give him one” for.
            Would you please define “Progressive Republican”? (Sounds like maybe a niche that I could fit into, myself. But it could equally be just a Republican that hates Trump’s personality so much – that they voted for Hillary. That is no more appealing to me – than Leprosy is )

          • Progressive Republican

            See my above response to Mike and Linda.

          • Got It! Nope – I guess I’ll stick with what I’ve got and be grateful, for the time being.

          • Trump worships the God Profit with greed.

            He has already violated the 1st, second and 14th Amendments.

            .The Supreme Court is going to be hard-pressed to keep up with the Wannabe Dictator.

          • Anyone who presents facts and truth about Trump is not welcome. Why am I not amazed?

          • Because you come to such exaggerated and hysterical conclusions. And it is impossible to reason with you.

          • Why do you lie?

          • Get off your lazy duff and do some research.
            Save your lies and insults for someone as ignorant and lazy as you are.

          • “Research”? Bah! Waste of time! Never reverses Reality. No amount of research alters the simple fact that Trump was elected POTUS 20 Nov. ’16, properly confirmed by the Electoral College and Congress and duly inaugurated a few weeks later. Regardless how much history, trivia, and consternation one brings into the most exhaustive study, the fact remains. I sincerely hope that your bitterness and frustration Sustains you in the months and years ahead. In the meantime: Would you please just BUTT OUT!

          • Three cases against Trump’s illegal orders are already before the Supreme Court.

            Trump has already repeatedly violated the Constitution. Two judges have blocked major parts of those orders.

            Several petitions, demanding impeachment, signed by millions of people have been filed with the House of Representatives.

          • Anybody can sue anybody for anything at any time. No doubt Trump will be deluged by thousands of these nuisance lawsuits by butt-hurt Liberals for as long as he is in office. That is why POTUS all have WH Counsel and a legal team – so that they do not distract him from his duties. So WHAT – if courts strike down parts of some EO’s? (That is their duty). Hell! They strike down entire Acts Of Congress when appropriate. I will only be impressed if Trump is ever actually found “Guilty” of a crime – in an authentic Court, or successfully Impeached by Congress. Until then – I certainly won’t waste every moment of my life hating him. (“Physician – Heal THYSELF”)

          • The United States v. Trump is not “anybody or anything”

            The ACLU v. Trunp is not “anybody or anything”

            Trump has violated the Constitution.

            Trump violated The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965

          • Progressive Republican

            Truth is essential for progress; thus conservatism stands explained.

          • I think I saw her on TV and YouTube, making sure the camera was rolling first, and then dropping to her knees crying then screaming, “NOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOO”. So pathetic and funny at the same time. I still chuckle thinking about it.
            Made a complete fool of herself. Sure changed my mind about Trump. We put the man in office and when he has had a chance to fail or succeed we will either renew his term or vote him out. What is it about democracy the Left doesn’t get (other than EVERYTHING)?

          • What are you talking about?? Have you lost your mind completely?

            Oh, and foolish one, the United States is not a democracy. It is a Constitutional Republic.

            Trump will probably be impeached. He is as dirty as Nixon was.

          • Our system is a Republican democracy. Maybe you should look up the word democracy. The Democrats only stole the word to look patriotic. Sort of what they do with most of the English language to make their ungodly thinking appear to be less than what it really is. And what is it they’ve been denying you ask? God.

          • Republic: “A political order in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them” American Heritage Dictionary.

            The U.S. is not a direct Democracy. Some lawmaking is done this way, on the state and local levels, but it’s only a tiny fraction of all lawmaking.

          • Oh, I missed that one, which monkey was she ?

          • About the second time I read some of her unreasoning spewing, I blocked her.

          • That is why you are here responding? Right??

          • I don’t know how to block. She is said to use multiple names to get around blocks -so I guess it wouldn’t do any good anyway. She might be an interesting person to chat with if she wasn’t so totally negative and obnoxious.

          • Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

            Tedious, boring, repetitive …

          • Mustafa, Click on he name, Then you will see a different page. On that page her name will appear in BIG Letters. By her name will bee three Dotes. Click on them. Then you will be able to Block her.

          • Thanks. I see how that works now. Some get pretty persistent and offensive. I just don’t want them to show up in my inbox at all.

          • He, She, It. Will not show up in your mail Box. Nor will you see any of he She, It’s posts in here , butt He, she, it’s first line.

          • A most fascinating person who is on fb a lot – just told me that nobody can be blocked – and that nothing (however offensive), Is ever banned.(I have very good reason to believe that.)

          • That person was correct to a point.
            No you can not Block a person comp;eatery. However you are able to Block them to the point that you ONLY see their First line of their Post.
            They Can NOT post to you, thereby making your life a bit easier.
            If enough people Band that person, they will after a time be Banned.

          • Yes, Linda, we are aware of your allergy to truth and facts,

          • Fact is not hatred.
            “You folks”???
            Can you not get it through your head that the Electoral Collage put a selfish, egotistical, bully in the White House?

          • Yes Ma’am. That is exactly what I wanted in the White House, and for a few days there I was worried that the Electoral College was going to betray its duty. The more I see of that selfish, egotistical, bully – the better I like him. Ahhhh! How Sweet It IS!

          • Suggest you go back to school, take two courses: Civics and American Government.

          • You are presumptiously offensive. I’m (a “young”) 80 years old. Those (and much more) were seriously taught in public school.
            At what age did you get the idea that anybody that disagreed with you: Was your intellectual inferior? (Heaven Forbid! – Have you ever served on a jury?)

          • What dows age have to do with going to school?

          • Age indicates that issues of character and patriotism, the intrinsic value of fellow citizens and the history that made us what we are – were taught. I am certain that they are no longer even alluded to during the past several decades. They were absent from the educational materials our daughter was exposed to in the late ’90’s and there is no evidence of it in the attitude of high school and college-age youngsters today.
            I also thought it might be helpful to inform you that I am “too old of a cat – to be fucked by the kittens”.

          • Your post is marked by hugely obvious contradictions.

            You lack the morals and ethics of the age to which you claim to date.

            Your easy use of sewer language say all that needs to be said concerning your upbringing.

          • WHY????? What does being a physician have to do with
            Answer: NOTHING !!!
            I was in Emergency Services, All we had to do was write a note and we were excused. I NEVER wrote that note went each and everytime I was called.
            Even served on the Grand Jury here that may be up to 6 months.
            So suck it up cupcake.

          • Doctors are automatically excused
            Apparently, the government thinks
            we are more useful at our jobs.

          • Senility explains much.

          • He has already violated the Constitution. He has been in office a week, and is facing two lawsuits.

          • Anybody can be sued for anything by anybody. Trump will be deluged by harrassment “Lawsuits” by butt-hurt Liberals thousands of times while he is in office. All POTUS have a WH Counsel and a legal team to deal with these – without distracting him from his elected duties. Until appropriate Courts find Trump “Guilty” of something – it is meaningless to me. (What kind of “American” ARE you – that believes “Guilty until proven Not Guilty”? “Physician – Heal Thyself”.)

          • The issue is Constitutional v. unConstitutional.

            There is not guilt involved.

            Please try to keep up. You are embarrassing yourself and America.

          • Right! Like I have the international reputation of the USA on MY shoulders. (How flattering! – Is that the way you envision yourself?) Just about every politician I can think of – past and present – has honored the Constitution more in its breach – than in its substance. It occurs to me: That some of us have come to accept Presidential and Congressional trespass on Constitutional leadership so much – that we can’t countenance an example that actually seems to do so. (Some of us actually cringe – at the notion of putting “America First”.)
            “Try to keep up”? With WHAT?, What do you think: That your degree of dogmatic negativism and contrariness – is a challenge that anybody should aspire to best you at? Wow! You must have a huge pair of cojones – to take on the MSM and the entire Liberal establishment – to get THAT trophy.

          • LEARN TO SPELL !

          • Spelling is rote memory. Parrots do it well.
            Are you a birdbrain?



          • The suit came out of violating the fair housing act. Many if the infractions happened before D.Trump ever worked for his father, F. Trump’s, company. It was a law suit brought by the federal government in1973 while the infractions occurred in 1972. The suit was settled and D. Trump completed the things agreed upon in the settlement.

            If sins of the father are to be borne by the son, then Obama should have never been elected. But your anger at what Trump’s father did 44 years ago is a little amazing. May the good lord help us all for mistakes of our youth. Trump has since shown his support for ethnic diversity. The race baiters are creating adversity where there is none.

          • Maybe you should pay closer attention to details. The case very clearly names Fred C. Trump, Donald Trump, and Trump Management, Inc.

          • AKL, it’s time you put your big girl panties on and run to your igloo before the boogey man comes to get you.

          • Well, that statement says a lot about your maturity level, not to mention your level of ignorance.

      • Progressive Republican

        Mmm… force of habit, mostly. Coupled with fear, ignorance… mostly ignorance.

      • I come to conclusion this person and her leftist peers are brain dead and accustomed to wishing to be members of a stupid crowd of a–KISSING IDIOTS. Never read history and don’t give a damn what made this country strong and good. And she does not know that socialism which takes away a person’s will to achieve by being self-reliant is the foundation of the strength legal immigrants used to achieve great discoveries and success here. They left racism and communism also known as socialism which make governments strong and people WEAK. Go to the library and start educating yourself and if you support Hillary, you have no morals whatsoever & are brain dead.

      • then… WHY DO YOU ALWAYS LIE ?

      • And why do you find it necessary to constantly blab your negative nonsense?
        If you feel as you do, curl up and shut up, you are not helping, and in case you haven’t noticed, you are in a HUGE minority….no one really cares what you think, got it ?

        • Truth is not nonsense.
          Your are correct, the so-called conservatives on this site do not care a whole not for facts or truth.

    • Please e-mail me in April how you like Trump.Now he is proposing to expand Obamacare with a government run-insurance that will cover all Americans regardless of their race and income status. That way all his ex-wives will be covered without out-pocket premium payment. We love Trump for expanding Obamacare.

    • I 100% agree with you !!
      He’s AKLREADY accomplished in 3 months what the PANSY in chief couldn’t OR wouldn’t do in 8 years.

  10. Muslims promoting Sharia Law deported should be a topic, to rid our nation of Islamic Muslims who will not and do not plan to assimilate to our constitutional laws

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Love to see America tearing down the temples the mooseslimes used!?

      • CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. U.S. Constitution, 1st Amendment

    • All muslims need to go!

      • If they ain’t gonna assimilate, and be upright Christian people, THEY GOTTA GO!

        • Islam has been part of America since before we became a Nation. Someone has done a very good job of brainwashing you.

          • We have had trouble with Islam since they captured, tortured and sold our Americans since we became a nation. Read some history.!

          • Morocco was the first country to recognize our nation..

            Morocco has been our ally for 225 years.

            Islam has been a part of America since before we became a nation. Here is a small histoey lesson for you — look up these men: Crispus Attucs, Yarrow Mamout, Estevanico, Norsereddin, “Hi Jolly”, Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori, Ayuba Suleiman Diallo, Omar Ibn Said, Bampett Muhammad, Yusuf Ben Ali, Peter Buckminster,

          • Exact you are!

          • Exactly. That’s why Thomas Jefferson banned Islam!

          • I want some of what you’re smoking. Islam has been trying to kill Christians for 2000 years and won’t stop until they get that goal. Man, you are one nuts broad.

          • Christian murder and terror:
            The Crusades, The Inquisition, The witch hunts, The Peasants War, French Wars of rebellion, Massacre at Vassy, The Thirty Years War, Pope Sixtus V, Irish Rebellion, Democide in the Americas, Democide in Africa, Democide in Australia, The papal bull Romanus Pontifex – 1455, Slavery in the Americas, Leopold II, King of the Belgians – butcher of the Congo Free State 1885-1908, The Holocaust, Catholic Nazi State in Croatia, Lebanon War, Sabta and Shatila Massacre, Serb Orthodox genocide, Protestant death squads in Ireland, The Rwandan genocide, Zimbabwe —
            Catholic protection of Mugabe, Lord’s Resistance Army, Central African Republic Catholic murdering of those who won’t convert …, Americans killing physicians and bombing medical clinics, American killing church congregations, America – the KKK murders (they are now international terrorists).

          • Ha, ha, ha, ha … Third-world countries do not have the technology. America tried a similar tactic in the past.
            The no-fly list proved to be a huge problem — simply because names arw not unique

          • Read it and weep, Folks! But the lady is absolutely correct about all of it. Only when she “interprets” it into her astonishing socio-political theories – it becomes a train wreck. You may never see such a classical example of a fine mind destroyed by Liberalism anywhere else – ever again.

          • Yes, right-wing, so-called conservatives are brainwashed to believe that education damages minds.

          • With all due respect, Ma’am -You are living proof that they are correct.

          • Kooky as she is: She is actually correct about that. (I looked it up.)

          • Right. As pirates that took the ships and enslaved the captives for ransom. That’s when Thomas Jefferson banned Islam.
            Read American History. Yes, the parts of TRUTH that were omitted. Omittance of the truth in American history is the brainwashing you’ve succomed to!

          • Maybe you should go back and do a review of American and World History. You have the Internet at your finger tips.

            The Ottoman Empire a/k/a Turkish Empire, did not include Morocco. The Ottoman corsairs, i.e., Barbary pirates, were Turkish

            In December 1777, Moroccan sultan Muhammad III included the United States of America in a list of countries to which Morocco’s ports were open The sultan provided security and safe passage for American ships,

          • You are the one Brainwashed ! Hil-Liar-y Supporter and Liberal all in one Muslims who will not assimilate belong in a country where their beliefs are the norm, if they are not willing to accept the US Constitution and Christianity, they belong somewhere else, period! Go tell your LIES somewhere else, because all you are is a troublemaker on these blogs with all your BS! I think you just enjoy conflict, just like Muslims !

          • I support the Constitution. It is a shame that you do not. Maybe, you should find someplace with laws you like better, and more there. Today would not be too soon.

            U.S. Constitution, 1st Amendment

            CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

          • Based on Christianity ! Not Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Satanism or any other form only Christian in America or go where your religion is practiced.

          • “The divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity. Nowhere in the Gospels do we find a precept for Creeds, Confessions, Oaths, Doctrines, and whole cartloads of other foolish trumpery that we find in Christianity.”
            John Adams

            . “In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own. It is error alone that needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.”
            Thomas Jefferson — in a letter to Horatio Spofford, 1814

            “God is an essence that we know nothing of. Until this awful blasphemy is got rid of, there will never be any liberal science in the world.”
            John Adams

            “God has appointed two kinds of government in the world, which are distinct in their nature, and ought never to be confounded together; one of which is called civil, the other ecclesiastical government.”
            Isaac Backus — An Appeal to the Public for Religious Liberty, 1773

          • “The Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.”
            ~1797 Treaty of Tripoli signed by Founding Father John Adams

          • You must be right down there next to Satan, with the garbage you spew! Anti Christ comes to mind when you speak!

          • The post you are responding to contains quotes, The statements are those of America’s Founding Fathers..

      • No. you need to go,
        Our Founders fought and died for religious freedom.
        Our first, and longest ally is a Muslim country — Morocco, 225 years.
        The first casualty in the American Revolution was Muslim — Crispus Attucks..

        • Thomas Jefferson banned Islam because it’s a toltarian GOVERNMENT.
          That very same year he enacted separation of church and state!
          Currently, European countries are beginning to not recognize Islam as an official religion.

          • The majority of Muslims came to America in chains and were sold like farm animals.
            Jefferson did not ban Islam. .
            Not all Muslims are terrorists. Not all terrorists are Muslim.
            The majority of Western terror is carried out by drug cartels.

          • Totally false

            Why do you need to tell this lie?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • https://youtu.be/guXBTgAxhIw

            Here’s another “lie” for you.
            I learned most of this in high school and the military. What a coincidence that both taught the same “lie”.

          • Right ON! Totally Unthinkable that our schools and military could even POSSIBLY propagandize or brainwash anybody. I have to give the military a pass – since its purpose is to motivate themselves to the business of killing – no questions asked. But I won’t let schools and universities off the hook so easily. Where do you think the Liberals and rioters get their BS -if not from our Liberal Education establishment?
            Just because on one issue they may have happened to seem to agree – room for scepticism as to facts and motivation exists. (In fact: It is intellectually mandatory.)

          • I was educated when in depth American history was taught. Today it’s a Broadway show diversion and abandonment of history for the most part.
            As far as the military, I served during the Cold war under oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States and its citizens.

          • Gee, I attended Catholic schools and served in the military — I was not taught lies. Your excuse does not fly.

            Muslims have never been banned from the U.S. In fact, we brought them here, against their will, in chains. We bought, sold and treated them like farm animals.

            Here is a short history lesson on Christian murder and violence:

            The Crusades, The Inquisition, The witch hunts, The Peasants War, French Wars of rebellion, Massacre at Vassy, The Thirty Years War, Pope Sixtus V, Irish Rebellion, Democide in the Americas, Democide in Africa, Democide in Australia, The papal bull Romanus Pontifex – 1455, Slavery in the Americas, Leopold II, King of the Belgians – butcher of the Congo Free State 1885-1908, The Holocaust, Catholic Nazi State in Croatia, Lebanon War, Sabta and Shatila Massacre, Serb Orthodox genocide, Protestant death squads in Ireland, The Rwandan genocide, Zimbabwe — Catholic protection of Mugabe, Lord’s Resistance Army, Central African Republic Catholic murdering of those who won’t convert …, Americans killing physicians and bombing medical clinics, American killing church congregations, America – the KKK murders (they are now international terrorists).

          • I read all of this, beginning with the Act of 1917 – to date. NO religion is mentioned – anyhere. Nor is any foreign nation.

          • Jefferson owned hundreds of slaves. Due to subsequent legislation he could not do so today. No nation can forever be held hostage to its past. Nor must it perpetuate its mistakes.

  11. Michael Dennewitz

    Perhaps it’s just me, but I’ll never understand people in general. To begin with, we HAD some faggot little Velcro head come into office WITHOUT the proper papers, makes a ton of promises that he NEVER kept. Oh, he did keep one. He said that there would be change, and boy wasn’t there? Change for the worse. He covered for criminals, brought aboard as many mooseslimes as he could, let our military go to hell, and wen around the world apologizing for this country being so mighty.
    I mean, he and the Benghazi bitch should BOTH be residing in Gitmo. But now we have a red blooded American in office. If all he did was go out on the white house lawn and take a leak, how could it be any worse than what Velcro head did? Good grief people, He did more good during the three months previous than Velcro head did in 8 years of office. WHY the hell is everyone kicking on President Trump so harshly, without even giving the guy a chance. If the man even made one small promise and kept it, that would be thousands of times better than the idiot we just got rid of, eh??

  12. Trump is already starting and completing some of what he promised to do. As in anything, some take a bit longer to overcome or change. Time now for the Republicans in the Senate do the 51 votes and move appointees on because obvious Schumer will block and try and delay as long as possible, BUT it will get done and the sooner democrats wake up to the fact they lost and are losing in Congress, the better.

  13. And…Justice against all the corrupt politicians!

  14. This looks good.

  15. You have assessed this very well. However, I can’t help but be amazed at the rhetoric about having serious questions for the administration in January if these things aren’t done! You are correct, but why the hell did we let Obama get away with all this stuff for so long, while he remained untouchable! Here’s a few more – and the administration doesn’t necessarily have to do it. The American people need to put down the remote and get involved – (which is why Trump got elected!) We need to shut off the pipeline of “protestors” being funded by George Soros. Line the rooftops with troops, pick up the rabble and send them off to the nearest jail! And if they aren’t even Americans, kick their asses back to wherever they came from!


  17. All of us have to remember that until Woodrow
    Wilson became president. This country
    ran on every kind of tax but income tax that Marx said would bring down any
    government. The 17th
    amendment that instated the income tax was a fraud from the beginning and has
    only gotten worse as it made government the master and the people the slaves
    just the opposite of what it was suppose to be. That Wilson was continued by Roosevelt, Kennedy, LBJ on a grand
    scale, and Carter who was to stupid to know what he was doing, Then we got the
    sexual predator in Clinton that did everything possible to destroy the moral
    fiber of this country, and then the know nothing Obama who was the most
    indoctrinated into communism from the time he was born through now and probably

    • Well-written – for the most part. But social progress has somehow allowed to have political consequences that is not an inevitable result. A great deal of social and civil progress was achieved here – long before our economy began to collapse. I can not see how more civil and human rights relate to the corruption that defined our government on 19 Nov. 2016.
      Nor can I believe that the Authors of our Constitution had a Biblical-driven Police State in mind – when they included the words: “a more perfect Union”.
      But back to Duane’s topic: The notion of an “Income Tax” should have signalled that government had become much bigger than it ever should have – and much more revenue was required to fund it (along with WW 1- in which the USA had no abiding legitimate or moral interest.)
      An aspect of our domestic history that seems to have been largely ignored – is how the US public suffered because of its opposition to both the imposition of the income tax, AND the totally arbitrary involvement in WW1.
      Infamously: Contrary to its catchy troll as: “The War To End All Wars” – it led (probably inevitably and possibly predictably) directly to WW2.
      But without revenue – neither would have been financially sustainable.
      Fast-Forward to today: Shazam! We have a credit card (from The Bank Of China), to “pay” for our foreign military adventures now! (Since the Social Security Trust Fund was sucked dry by the war on Vietnam.) (Which we lost – incidentally).
      17 Trillion $ is just a “number” – until one’s (Sales, Property, Income) taxes have to become unbearable – just to pay the interest on it. Just how BADLY does one have to hate some other ideology on the far side of the globe – to justify such a sacrifice of abundant life?

  18. I am loving this Trump train rolling down the track. Far to long since there was any positive movement out of D.C. jumping on boats for this ride.

  19. Two days on the job. So far, so good.

  20. Can you imagine the stench if the Republicans had done this to fraud Obama? Take names of the 70 Democrat Senators whom didn’t attend the inauguration. Vote against them next election, Drain the Swamps, patriotic Americans we stand United against tyranny. God Bless President Trump and his Administration.

  21. Repeal the ACA — deny affordable health care to 20,000 to 30,000 Americans — We are Christian nation, ha, ha, ha We already have people dying because they cannot affoed to buy health care. That number will double or triple. Health care costs will increase due to bad debt.

    Border Wall — Hello East Berlin. Walls keep people in, as well as out.

    Jobs — You will pay through the nose for those jobs, many of the necessities you count on will become twice as expensivee. Asians work for $1.00 or less. American can’t, won’t.

    Can’t anyone in America do math anymore?

    • At least 20,000 LOST their health care because of Obamacare and you think that getting rid of it’s bad? How many people lost full time jobs because of it?? My brother’s insurance went from $100 to $450 a month for a single person with a $7,000 deductible because he got put on full time and he only makes $10 an hour.

    • Just more Lies from a liberal

      • Is that how you fool your conscience?

        Is that the lies you tell yourself?

        Why don’t you tell everyone where people with silent killer illnesses can obtain free and/or diagnosis and treatment?

        Hospitals turn bad debts to collection agencies.

        Do you even look at the “made-in” tag before you buy?

        When Trump turns America into a police state, you may be one of those wanting out.

        • America IS a police state – and has been since Reagan. “Wanting out”. Unless you’ve got a few million in an offshore bank – there’s nowhere to GO.

    • Yeah! And the figures to pay for imported everything add up to what?
      17 Trillion in debt? “Walls keep people in”. Like there’s such a shortage of un-employed, under-employed people – that we gotta start rationing them.

  22. What I find of interest is the fact that with not even a full week in office, people begin to try and judge President Trumps´ actions and capabilities.

    But, if we consider that most of his cabinet nominations have not yet been confirmed due to a childish delay by Congressional Democrats whose agenda is more than obvious, President Trump has begun a process of daily moving forward with fulfilling his promises during the campaign and focusing on what is most important to Americans, the saving and creation of jobs and the environment so necessary for businesses to invest in expansion and job creation.

    As for these various points raised in the article, based on the results of these past two days, one should understand just how serious President Trump is on delivering and if we look back on his record in business, he delivers. So, we can expect that he will continue to deliver despite all the political games the opposition will surely be playing, most likely throughout this first term.

    But, success has a way of destroying opposition and silencing critics and I expect President Trump to be very successful, which in turn gives me great expectation that the Country will progress, these issues will all be addressed and put on paths to being resolved and that these leftist, obstructionists and anti-American demagogues will fade into irrelevance and have less voice in the America most of us want for ourselves and our children and grandchildren.

    Based on two days progress out of the 1,460 days President Trump has as his first term, I for one judge that he will accomplish his greatest promise to Americans– he will Make America Great Again!!!

    We should all be glad for every day that we can see that grand promise materializing and becoming the new reality all of us need.

  23. Progressive Republican

    Wow. That’s quite a load o’ [crap] ya got there.

    Sadly, it’s a lot easier and takes less time to write b.s. like that up there than to refute it, so I’ll just refute the first lie, ‘k?

    Cross-state insurance markets:

    Half-wits and liars like the cravenly unnamed liar -er- author ignore is that the PPACA has permitted sales across state lines since January 2016. This allows states to form healthcare choice compacts.

    There’re reasons this fact is easy to ignore. The two that come most quickly to mind is that the author is either an idiot or a liar; possibly both, being stupid enough to be a Trump sycophant.

    The one with the most weight, however, is that most states aren’t interested. Only three states have signed them into law since the PPACA kicked in. Yet conservatives want to force sales across state lines making it the rule; not the exception.

    So much for the idiot’s -er- author’s contention that makes it “a free-market alternative that encourages competition and reduces federal influence.

    So what if it collapses the market, right?

    What? You say that can’t happen in a free market?

    Talk about yer ‘special kind of stupid.

    Here’s how it could collapse a market: If State A says healthcare premiums should be the same for healthy people as sick people, then premiums are sure to be higher than in State B, where regulations aren’t as strict and prices are lower. This means that state B would attract young, healthy people who want the cheapest rate possible.

    Subsequently, State A‘s pool would become mostly sick people whose rates would skyrocket, (something the PPACA has held somewhat in check) which in turn would scare away more people, thus raising the costs even higher.

    “The end result is that we could reach a race to the bottom in terms of regulation, where insurance companies gravitate to the loosest regulations and it would be hard for states to impose any sort of consumer protections,” says Christine Eibner, a senior economist at the RAND Corporation which is anything but liberal.

    So much for ‘Cross-state insurance markets’.


    High-risk pools:

    It seems logical that health insurance would be very cheap if it weren’t for all those damned sorry sick people, right? Paul Ryan wants to run with that idea and create separate insurance plans for sick people known as state high-risk pools.

    High-risk pools do the opposite of what insurance is supposed to do.

    Insurance works because cost is spread across a really large group. In a state high-risk pool, however, risk is concentrated into a small group of sick people who have greater medical costs, which means their premiums become very high.

    This was a fairly large part of the PPACA’s problem: lots of sick people suddenly obtaining insurance they weren’t able to get before due to their being turned down for pre-existing conditions.

    That and all the red states that refused federal matching funds to help defray those costs which tended to result in those states’ much higher rate hikes.

    “It goes against what insurance is in the first place,” says Jean Hall, the director of the Institute for Health and Disability Policy Studies at the University of Kansas. Hall and her colleagues found that people with chronic illnesses in high-risk pools make healthcare decisions based on cost rather than necessity, which makes sense since high-risk pools imposed annual and lifetime coverage limits, policies that the PPACA eliminated.

    So much for high-risk pools.


    Medicaid block grants

    Another way to save money (for the federal government, not sick people) is to change Medicaid (government health insurance for people living near or below the federal poverty line) into block grants for states. The PPACA tried to expand Medicaid access; opening it to all people in need.

    However, the 2012 Supreme Court ruling that upheld the individual mandate gave states the option to do so.Thirty-one states as well as DC chose to expand. Nineteen did not.

    Tom Price (BLOTUS’s Health and Human Services Secretary nominee) and Paul Ryan both have their hearts set on converting Medicaid into block grants; individual pots of money that Ryan insists will be “tailored to meet each state’s needs.”

    What this means is that the federal government would no longer pick up what states can’t afford, the way it does with Medicaid. This will especially hurt deep red states like Mississippi and West Virginia.

    Frankly, as strongly as these idiots support Trump and the GOP in general, they deserve it.

    The Urban Institute analyzed a previous version of this plan and found that because of the budgetary limitations it poses, between 14.3 and 20.5 million of the poorest Americans would lose Medicaid coverage.

    This could go far in explaining why Ryan, Price, and the rest of the GOP refuse to guarantee that no one will lose their insurance.

    Why would anyone want to do this? This will give them the opportunity to limit who gets coverage, limit the benefits that people are eligible for in their coverage, and generally try and cut down on the numbers and coverage people get to save money for states. It has absolutely nothing to do with helping you and me.


    Yeah, this is long. Sorry about that. But like I said at the top, it takes more to refute bullshit than to spread it.

  24. The only thing that can slow things down for President Trump is Congress.

  25. It would be nice to get term limits enacted simply because they would prevent entrenched cronyism, and detrimental, government-establishment power-hogs and partisan-political gridlock from ruining the country by growing government and regulating the private sector right out of business. The country needs a more fundamental perspective on law which can not be the whim of one human being. Were it not for government, the mortgage securities crisis which caused the economic recession of 2008, would not have happened. “Diversity” can not mandate double standards in policy or law in order to compensate for the irreconcilable difference factor of a minority. Minorities can not have a different set of laws which pertain only to them. The issue, more often than not, is one of basic security and it is an undeniable truth that a commonality of language and religion-based, moral and ethical standards are absolutely essential to security. Consistently, we have seen policies from the liberal left which adversely affect our national well-being. Their world view seems to be a kind of united states of humanity whose only qualification is a breathing, human being. Breathing human beings have a long history of killing one another for reasons other than halitosis. It is those reasons which must be considered. If people consider obedience to the law too great a sacrifice to make, we consider the sacrifices which result from disobedience to the law too great to have to endure. The difference is worth maintaining by geographically-defined countries in which the commonality factors of the majority maintain “equal justice” within a society. People unite over their commonality factors. African-Americans know this to be true from their collective experiences in the United States. People discriminate, logically, on the basis of law. There can be no compromise for reasons of “diversity.” The education system must equip people with the necessary knowledge and skills (English language, for example) to be able to function unimpaired by some terrifying difference factor. We must recognize the validity of fundamental differences which are not merely “misunderstandings.” Our history and heritage have been proved valid. Fundamental differences over violations of law, morality and ethics are causes for which wars have been fought. Mere misunderstandings rarely rise to a level of justification for war.

  26. We, the people are the “way” for President Trump to get the things he stated done in DC only if “We” cause our elected Rep’s made so “afraid and concerned” about their future in the Congress. I have 3 members, 1 House member and 2 Senators and I have made all of the aware that they are being closely watched and that the first indication of not helping “Our President” I will “walk through Hell in a gasoline suit” to see them voted out of their position and have to come home a “get a real job”!

  27. President Donald J. Trump made numerous promises during his campaign for the
    highest office in the land. In the end he kicked butt and won with the backing of
    Americans across the board against all odds from the Democrat Socialist and
    members of his own party. The American Voters in record numbers turned out
    to vote for him and his message. At this point (5 days in) he has already done
    more than the last three Presidents to honor his promise to the Voters. This is
    sending shockwave throughout the political parties and the entrenched professional
    politicos of both parties. He is established new standards and cut through
    the paper work to make things work simple and direct. A breath of fresh air and
    only time will tell as to how it will turn out in the end. As a ret USAF NCO I
    stand with President Trump and after the past 8 years I can be proud of my
    country and the American Voters again.

  28. For those who choose to do so, there is a little down arrow beside AKLady. If you click on that, you are given the option to “block user”.. Should you so choose, it will shut up yet another liberal who whines.

    You choose. I did.

  29. I am praying for Trump, our Country and the future for my children, grand children and beyond. May God help Trump fix this nation.

  30. WHATCHU Talkin'boutWillis

    In order of the priorities discussed: ACA replacement will not go well. I suspect a partial replacement that will make insurance rates go up higher than they are now is the present course for Congress.

    The only measure Congress can take to try to lower insurance rates, is to Nationalize the regulation – sales of healthcare insurance vs. the state regulated markets that exist now. That doesn’t seem to be on a fast track, but since

    Congress could have changed any of this stuff for 6 years now, one has to wonder when they will actually do anything that they say, right HYPOCRITES?

    Mexican border issues is a who cares thing for anyone that isn’t in a border state. NON issue..

    ISIL will not be eradicated by Don Trump neo Fascism, executive order. When the boys & girls get ready to ship off to fight in Syria, then USA will have three failed countries to FAIL at putting the pieces back together.

    When does USA learn that Warring is not very helpful and tremendously expensive?

    Good Luck to the “GREAT DEALS’ Dubious Don Trump with his jobs B.S. routine. He knows the swindling & Con-man games quite well, we do know that much.

    Does that help in international business dealings?

  31. Day Three. He has started on all of those. Jobs, he started on BEFORE he was Swon in as President.

  32. Trump is mentally unstable, not unlike the knuckle draggers who voted for the sexual predator. He’s a disgrace to educated Americans. It’s so obvious that red states need to stop cutting education.

  33. Merida A McKnight

    Trump CAN do it!

  34. How will one ever know if Mr. Trump accomplishes any of these things if he is willing to lie about it and order others to do the same or be silent?

    A common characteristic of the very powerful and the very stupid is that instead of changing their views to fit the facts, they fabricate “alternative facts” to support their views.

    • Simple.
      All we have to do is watch how people like you and the Media, Scream ,Mown, and rend your hair, to say nothing of tearing your Clothes.

  35. My primary interests are the halt of illegals slipping in from Mexico (whether it’s increased border patrol or a wall, whatever) and the crackdown on Islamic terrorists. (I say we bomb their training camps whenever they’re discovered, and take the bodies to the middle of the ocean and dump them!) Also, the complete cessation of federal funding for abortions. I am against abortion, unless the pregnancy results in rape or incest, or endangers the life of the mother, and I don’t want MY tax dollars paying for them, so the girls who can’t keep their legs together would have to use contraceptives!

  36. OBAMA is now and always was a Muslim bastard, who is nothing more than a socialist used car salesman.

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