WHAT? Kindergarten Class Has Ceremony “Outing” Transgender Classmate

So for those of you who are parents in the Patriot News Daily audience, do you know what your kids are doing as they head back to school this month? Particularly those of you with kids who just started kindergarten, this is probably an exciting time for the child. PND readers probably have bright kids who already know a lot of what they’ll be taught in the first few weeks of school, but either way, you expect that kindergarten will teach your kids to be better readers, newly-initiated mathematicians, and how to get started on their way to being productive citizens and reliable friends.

Or, in case your kid happens to go to Rocklin Academy in California, they could be learning to discern whether or not they are boys or girls. Since, you know, they can decide that for themselves these days! Yes, it’s true. A kindergarten teacher at the charter school decided last week that not only would it be an excellent use of class time to discuss the phenomenon of transgender children, but that it would be wonderful to have such a child “reveal themselves” to the class in an impromptu ceremony!

To say the least, not all Rocklin parents are thrilled with this display of, ahem, social progress.

From CBS:

At Monday night’s board meeting, the teacher at the center of the controversy spoke out. With emotions high, she addressed a packed house.

“I’m so proud of my students, it was never my intent to harm any students but to help them through a difficult situation,” she said.

The teacher defended her decision to read two children’s books about transgenderism including one titled “I am Jazz.” She says the books were given to her by a transgender child going through a transition.

“The kindergartners came home very confused, about whether or not you can pick your gender, whether or not they really were a boy or a girl,” said England.

Parents say besides the books, the transgender student at some point during class also changed clothes and was revealed as her true gender.

And many parents say they feel betrayed and blindsided.

“I want her to hear from me as a parent what her gender identity means to her and our family, not from a book that may be controversial,” a parent said.

“My daughter came home crying and shaking so afraid she could turn into a boy,” another parent said.

We’re not going to turn this into an outlet to demonize the teacher, who may have honestly believed this was the best way to handle a difficult situation. She is, after all, only a product of her environment. And it is an environment in which the left is telling us – through every available outlet – that being transgender is a fully viable, scientifically-valid choice for children to make…at any age! For any reason! So while we don’t agree with the teacher’s decision here, it pales in comparison to the parents who are actually allowing their child to “change genders” and in comparison to this sick trend of abandoning reason in favor of outright absurd political correctness.

We’ll reserve judgement on when it is the right “time” for a boy to decide he’s actually a girl, but we’re quite confident in saying that it’s not the age of five.

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  2. I’m not reserving judgement, this is disgusting. A five year old wants to be a dinosaur, not a different sex. These sick people, the parents and that ‘teacher’ could care less about these children. All they care about is forcing their absurd delusional liberal nonsense on the next generation so they can corrupt them as early as possible. No matter how much damage they do or how confused those poor kids are. When is enough going to be enough? When are we as a nation going to stand up and put a stop to this bizarre, depraved nonsense?

    • What you’re seeing now is 50 years of systematic brainwashing of our young people. Socialism is determined to take over our country. Common core has suppressed creative thinking. Their perverse thinking has created a generation of people who think they can be something that they cannot. A boy cannot be a girl and a girl cannot be a boy. Period! Yes you can alter the body, but you cannot alter the DNA.
      Now we have sick mothers who think that their little five-year-old can decide whether he or she can be a she or he. This is frightening to me. I do not believe, that even though they are the parent, that they have a right to mess with their child’s body. I believe that a child should be 18 before you could even consider such a ridiculously stupid decision. In my mind transgendering a hild under 18, should be against every law in the land.

      • over react much?

        • OldHighlandGuyOne

          No, Lee did NOT over react.

          • Condemning an entire educational system for one “bad actor”? That isn’t an overreaction? Wake up man-

          • If this were an isolated case, it might be something we could all just blow off as a misguided teacher expressing her beliefs inappropriately.

            To learn more go to Charlotte Iserbyt’s website http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/ to get a flavor for how this decline in our educational system began, when and what we can do to return it to an educational system rather than an indoctrination system.

            This poor teacher is a victim in this situation as well. I feel certain she felt she was doing her young class a service. They wouldn’t have to learn this lesson later in life when it was harder to accept. I don’t agree with what she did, but possibly she needs reeducation.

          • Poor teacher, hell. She is using the children like laboratory rats testing her theories. Teachers have to be monitored closely until they settle down and get consistent. I say this as a retired teacher. Teachers fresh out of school are trained by teachers who have not been in a classroom for years and probably could not get out of the classroom fast enough. They are always liberal and unrealistic. BTW, teachers NEED summers to reflect on their year and recharge.

          • Gramma, I didn’t mean “poor teacher” the way you took it. I really meant that she has grown up in an educational system and societal system that are so devoid of a moral compass that perhaps she actually believes what she did was right.

            What we need to do is form a movement called “Grandma’s Against Common Core.” Perhaps Charlotte Iserbyt could be standard bearer. She served in the Education Department under Reagan until he merged our educational system with that of the Soviet Union. She is quite elderly now, but she is still trying to awaken outrage against what has happened to our educational system.

            All of these bad things happening in education are an outgrowth of the communist system being incorporated into our lives including don’t prepare the population for jobs that don’t exist. Well, if we keep going the way we are, nobody will be prepared for any job. Like you said, they will just be graduated lab rats without a home unless they move in with their parents.

          • There is an excellent book to read called The Education Invasion! GO GET IT and you will be heartsick! HOME SCHOOL YOUR KIDS!

          • Helen, I did home school my boys.

            I took my then 6-year old son out of 1st grade after 6 weeks. It became apparent his teacher was teaching him exactly opposite to what I was teaching him about right and wrong. I also have a younger son who was mentally challenged that the experts told us to institutionalize and walk away because he would never be potty trained, never talk… Today, he is a healthy 36-year-old man, married, owns his own home and drives himself to work every day at the local plant that makes seats for airplanes.

            I’ll get the book, and thanks for the information.

          • Sharon Jeanguenat

            No, YOU wake up! This isn’t the first time this has happened. Out west there was a big to do over a boy, who was 10, being allowed to join the Brownies, which is part of the Girl Scouts, so Lee didn’t over react. Our entire school system is rotten to the core. That’s why so many parents are home schooling these days.

          • I would home school too! The quality of teachers is poor today! So many are screwed up and are NOT qualified to teach!

          • That’s right on the Jay Leno Show he would go to the streets and talk to regular, ordinary people and often that would be a teacher, and the teachers that taught history didn’t even know the correct answer to the questions he would ask them about history. NO BS, true story.

          • Helen- I wasn’t a terrific student in my day, but I think the quality of teaching was better, and the core curriculum in many ways was more difficult. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that there are many teachers who don’t know their subject, can’t teach, and those that can are teaching subjects that are watered down, or made irrelevant to just about everyone. If I had kids, I would home school them.

          • This is part of the NWO and Globalists agenda. Dumb down the population so they can be more easily controlled.

          • Its worked…there are many who believe the time to turn it around is done..prepare for whats next.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Children are the end product of what parents and schools teach/convince them of. The teacher has been snorting far too much of that shit! Probably, her parents snorted the shit too and that’s why she turned into such a puke!

          • Nope i know a teacher in the district …he said its the state. Period..the also accept refugees ..that have supposedly been vetted with the name FNU. Formal Name Unknown.

          • How do you vet someone without their name?

          • I think that is the point. They are not to be vetted. Hence name unknown.

          • I know a guy who knows someone else that told him you were not too bright…so it must be true.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            You seem to suffer from same!! You know a guy who knows you!! ROFLMDAO!! Take a hike fool!!!!

          • GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS! Started a LONG time ago and you can see its effects when you look around…they ARE the zombie valueless moral ity barren apocalypse.

          • The educational system now is a disaster. From kindergarten through college, nothing but PC bullsh&t. Because of this system, we are now overrun with leftist nutcases. Go back to teaching real history, math, and sciences. Americans are being educated, actually indoctrinated by a bunch of Marxist a$$holes.

          • I agree, we need to go back to teachin’ the 3-R: Readin’, ‘Ritin’ and ‘Rithmetic. I’ll translate for the new age: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

            But most of all start teaching our kids to love this country. I know we’ve made mistakes but through those mistakes we’ve grown. As anybody with a brain knows that you learn from your mistakes not to do the same thing. Like a child that is told don’t touch the hot stove because he’ll get burned but he’ll do it just to prove you wrong, he’ll only do it once.

            “LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!”

            Retired from the military in ’92 as an E-6 after 27+ yrs of Honorable service. Proud to have served and would do it again. My oath will never expire!

          • Thank you for your service John!
            God bless you!

          • John. Tank you so much for serving our Great country in the armed forces and in law enforcement!! !! I appreciate all those who risk it all to keep us safe&free here at home, I also must thank the loved ones of those who serve, they’re sacrafice is also very great.

          • John, John, John….27+ years and just an E-6? Whose cheerios did you piss in? I don’t think you are being truthful here. The Up or Out program would have caught you. I made E-6 within 7 years. Can’t imagine 20 years at that grade. Can you expound a little on your career?

          • You don’t make rank very fast if you can’t keep you mouth shut. I looked on it that I didn’t get the responsibility from the military of those kids that I was in charge of, I got it from their Mom, Dad, or wife. I promised to bring those kids home but I couldn’t promise that they wouldn’t get hurt; We were Recon. Our job is to find the enemy so that those following behind don’t walk into an ambush. So If some idiotic officer gave me an order that would get one of us killed I usually, with respect, tried to inform the said officer that his order was going to get someone killed. I actually told a 2-star General that he was a bloomin’ idiot and keep my stripes. The said General didn’t even know what a Scout was because he admitted to me that his whole career had been a paper pusher.

            After I explained to him what a Scout was he later came up and asked if he could go out into the field and learn what we did. It was a National Guard summer camp.

            Oh, when I made E-5 in ’79 they went clear back to ’68 to check when I made E-4, I was in ‘Nam. I also had a break in service. I got out of the regulars in ’70 and in ’74 I joined the Army National Guard as a Red-Eye Gunner. It’s damn hard to make rank in the Guard so few people get out. I also left the Guard for a while and tried to get a Commission through ROTC. I didn’t work so I rejoined ’78 and became a Scout.

          • Thank you for your service – AND – for loving America!!! You said the things I left out. I can remember when Latin was required, since it is one of the Mother languages. They stopped it the year before I went into high school. They stopped too many things over the years, and made collage the end all be all of everything, so they could brainwash the kids a little longer. It breaks my heart. I hope America can be saved.
            Most of the protesters are being paid to do so, and some don’t even know what the real issues are. They are scrappy misfits who want something for nothing, a product of liberal indoctrination.

          • Thank you Lee, well said, and I’d also like to join you in paying thanks and appreciation to John. I received my degrees in engineering and music in the 70’s and actually went to University to learn. After all I had no mommy and daddy to pay my way, so I intended to get the most out of what I paid for. I and my peers disagreed with the profs. and teachers from time to time, but for the most part they were quality educators who were there to teach. When did it become the job of teachers in higher education to force their liberal agenda and socialist views on the young adults in their sphere of influence? More and more the campus is becoming a liberal playground where the future leaders of our world will only continue their history of entitlement and their warped idea of what the first amendment really means. We need to take the reigns and attempt to bring this perversion under control. Of course, the older generation seems to command less respect every day no matter how much knowledge we are able to pass on. It’s a shame!

          • Lee, the High School I attended in the 60s required at least 4 semesters of a foreign language, I chose German. However I never finished because I quite December of 1963 and joined the US Army. However every time I was home on leave my Grandmother and I would drive everybody nuts speaking German. Also spent some time in Germany before heading off to ‘Nam in ’68.

          • John, I too was required to learn a foreign language. Unfortunately I chose Spanish, because it was easy. I wasn’t a great student, but for some reason I did very well with Spanish. I did well with English too. Because I didn’t use the Spanish, at all, for years, I don’t have a lot of it still in my head. But I do believe that Latin and Greek should be studied, not that you have to learn the language completely, but to show the root words that form our language today.
            I am appalled, when I listen to the commentators on radio and television, and politicians as well, with the extremely poor grammar they spit out of their mouths. For me it is like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard. This is not to say that I am perfect, because I am not, but I do know correct grammar from incorrect grammar, when I hear it. What I mean here, is that commentators should be using proper grammar, because people tend to copy what they hear. My biggest pet peeve is when a commentator says “more importantly”, or “most importantly”.

          • Lee,
            It is quite coincidental, but I just concluded a discussion with a friend regarding the unbelievable decline in the general command of the English language among Americans today. I believe that, unfortunately, it is most prevalent among the younger generations who have grown to value economy in communication and not quality. The advent of digital communication via e-mail, social networking and associated means has apparently fostered a large societal group favoring the most abbreviated language forms at their disposal. When I was younger there was a short-lived fascination with phonetic spelling, which has had an apparent re-birth along with heavy use of abbreviations, acronyms, pop phrases and a whole new generation of slang. This of course makes text communication faster and easier, but apparently at the expense of eloquence and correctness of the written word as well as weakness with the spoken word. I’ve traveled the world for the DOD and NASA and speak 4 languages, but nothing is more important to me than my own utility with English. My grandmother and I also spoke German to each other since she was born in Bonn and it was like code speaking among English-only relatives and friends. It was fun. I am in total agreement with you in that I cringe when I hear these commentators and public figures murder our language on TV and in public speaking, when they should be the ones setting a good example. The worst example of the subject at hand is the lack of ability of the general public to spell, use simple correct grammar and punctuation and form sentences when posting on sites where communication with others is key. I’m not perfect either, by a long shot, but I believe that, in a way, it is a matter of respect for oneself and for others to be as eloquent as possible. I’m sure I’ll be loved for this post, but it’s the truth.
            Take care, Bill

          • Spot on. But until we get rid of common core, and socialist leaning teachers, we are doomed to have ignorant young people. And I don’t know how you feel about cell phones in school, but I’ll tell you, if I were running a school, no child would have one in his or her pocket, backpack or notebook. We somehow managed to grow up without being in constant contact with our mommies. I really feel sorry for these kids, because they’re not learning any social skills, not to mention learning how to be independent. And by schools allowing cell phones in class, they are exacerbating the problem. Our schools are letting our children down, in the worst way.

          • Lee –
            Well said, and if I may, I believe that cell phones are a deterrent to the learning process as well as a distraction for the student. Case in point: A young person raised in a home where every family member lives with a smartphone attached to them as if it were an extremity, they cannot live without the phones, and indoctrinate the child along those lines. How long does it take for a reasonably intelligent youngster to realize what a shortcut this device is to the process of having the answers to classroom questions at their fingertips. A smartphone makes this information available to the student in every subject in a heartbeat through all school levels.
            Many schools ban phones on school property, and of my six grandchildren, five of their schools have done just that. I remember when the first four-function calculators were introduced. I was a senior in high school and it only took a short time for the school system in Baltimore to ban the use of these in classrooms. It did really defeat the purpose of math education when one had an aid like this readily available. It was far different in college though, where the use of a scientific calculator was a necessity. Cell phones were banned in New York City public schools until just recently when students were once again allowed to have them on their persons during school hours. I can see where certain students with specific needs should be allowed to carry a phone, especially in case of emergency, but the unrestricted use of phones in school is not an aid but a form of educational interference to the student as well as a source of distraction to the teacher.
            The young mind needs to be stimulated and fed by QUALITY educators – but that issue is another topic for discussion!

          • Thank you for your service. I too love America and I greatly appreciate your helping to keep us free and safe!

          • What is liberal math?

          • Actual math without liberal examples attached.

          • Knowledge Transfer

            2+2 = any number you want whenever you want any specific number. It might be 4. Then again it might be 79.

          • Did you read that some where or did you just make that up?

          • Knowledge Transfer

            It’s called God given powers of cogent and credible discernment vs. diabolical disorientation driven by the dictatorship of modernist relativism which is fertilized by lame and lazy thinking and situational chaos.

          • Yay.yay…that’s what I was just gonna say.

          • Knowledge Transfer

            Sure you were!!!

          • It’s called Common Core!

          • Hillary- 60 million votes.
            Trump- 83 million votes
            Hillary wins!!!

          • Erase Common Core!!!

          • It is time to go in to the schools, eradicate the leftist swine, and teach. Not indoctrinate, teach. Left wing loon teachers will be marched out to the playground and shot. College professors who lie to their students, shot. Don’t lie. It is, after all, one of the Commandments. One can go to Hades for doing it.

          • You are correct but its much much worse.

          • Prove it!

          • If you are paying attention, this not just one “bad actor”. There have been a string of “bad actors” recognized and discussed over several years for different types of stupidity.

          • Examples?

          • It’s an educational system gone insane with more than one “bad actor”. Teachers seducing young boys? Teachers encouraging 1st graders to perform homosexual acts with other kids? You left wing loons are sick and trust me, you will be purged from society.

          • yes .you have described the Catholic church’s educational system …

          • Your Pope, not mine.

          • Read my post above dickweed. If it was something your kind opposed it would be “systemic” and a herd of antifa would be throwing piss and beating up the elderly and women. Piss off participation trophy boy!

          • I don’t Know chicken breath . How do you?

        • No Lee did not over react. The stupidity of these “new age” people is astounding.

          • I wonder if MOM and the teacher took Ritalin or other drugs when young? I just read a report that says those drugs affect the brains and that’s why many young millennial are so weird and screwed up! MJ does almost the same type thing.

          • It purell overdose

          • You should know. You swallow.

          • And a report on the testosterone in men … males anyway… now 50% of what it was several years ago.

          • This is what I have heard and read. I do think it is somewhat true. Maybe chemicals in our food. I don’t know, but one thing I do know is that there are more whiny, narcissistic men in our culture today than we have ever had.

          • MJ as in marijauna?
            U need to quit with your MJ untruths…do some research b4 spreading bullshit

        • you must be one of the degenerate trannies, huh?

        • I despise adults who think children are some kind of experimental animal. Talk to the trans people who have done it for 20-30 years. Many are brave enough to say don’t recommend it. They always run into the fact that they are always swimming upstream against their own hormones. In the end it is not worth it. But these social “scientists” who are disappointed in God, try to do his work as THEY see it. They have no right to mess with the lives of these kids.

        • under react always.

        • Knowledge Transfer

          Stop pampering perversion and pacifying perverts. Stop making evil easy!

        • Rich,,,, What do you look like in the stirrups !!

        • Murder would not be an over reaction to this perverse act.

        • Umm..a 5 year old should be playing with dolls or trucks not transitioning to an opposite sex. They dont even know what being a girl or boy means yet!! And another thing …i cant even get a knee replaced because they say im too young ..but a 5 yr old can become another sex..yea ok that makes perfect sense…IN NOWHERE EVER!

      • Preach it Lee, Preach it!

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      • I totally agree, and any parent who gives their kids harmful hormones to start a sex change on kids should go to prison. If a person 18 or older and can pay their own bills want to do something like this, let them. But for GODS SAKE PROTECT OUR CHILDREN

    • Natalie, perhaps ,you are afraid of something within yourself….

      • I hardly think Lee is afraid. I think maybe you are the one that is afraid of something within yourself.

        • Natalie has so many defenders…such a snowflake,,,,,

          • Another point you have wrong. Where are your defenders, my man.

          • My defenders wouldn’t bother with this comment section…only I care about your sorry soul ….

          • Wow that is original.

          • There will be not one practicing/believing LGBT in Heaven…and only a fool would believe otherwise! One Nation under GOD…no compromise!

          • Oh LOL, now your going to go religous on us. Son I have I been studying the bible my whole life through, and your arguments are invalid.

          • What arguments? The

          • Or maybe they’re being paid a pittance to troll on another conservative site. Your ‘defenders’ are just as pathetic as you are. And a liberal saying you care about someone’s soul when you usually smugly dismiss religion, at least certain religions is laughable. Your so transparent Rich, not very good at this trolling thing are you?

          • I am not a paid troll-If you perceive me as a troll, I can’t change that and don’t think it important that I do-If it matters,I am a Lutheran-I have no “defenders” on this comment section

          • Perhaps you shouldn’t?

          • He has none period.

          • thats funny, a snowflake calling someone a snowflake. You liberals just can’t be original can you.

          • I noticed that too. They’ve lost the ability to have an original thought, and can’t even come up with an original insult. They have to borrow ours, so sad.

          • They think they are using reverse psycology,(?) all they are showing is their ignorance. Such a waste of brains.

          • I find it hilarious when they try stuff like that. They’re so transparent. It’s like a kid trying to convince his parents that Froot loops are a healthy dinner choice. You almost feel sorry for them. Then you remember how much damage they’ve obliviously done to our nation in their endless quest to deny reality and eradicate common sense.

          • I am not a “they”.

          • Actually they’re just defending my common sense outrage, the real kind, not the fake liberal kind, at a grave injustice being done to an innocent child by the adults in her life who are supposed to put her first, not their own need for attention and approval. Not surprised you can’t understand that, you’re a liberal, so you’d be right there damaging her for your own selfish aims with them. And your pathetic, transparent tactic of calling others what you are yourself just makes you look silly.

          • Actually Richie on behalf of conservatives everywhere I’d like to thank you for trolling our sites. You see if it weren’t for you most of us would just make our comments and call it a day. But because you attempt to argue using your silly liberal ‘logic’ we feel compelled to correct your absurdities. Therefore sharpening our own skills and refining our real, actual arguments so that when we meet one of your kind in person we are better prepared to make them stutter, stammer, spit out their own smug, nonsense liberal talking points then accuse us of one of your fallback isms and phobias before they are forced to concede to reality.
            So really you’re doing us a favor, thanks.

          • You failed again!

        • Or what he is?

      • Are you a doctor specializing in mental health? Are you attempting analyze Natalie?

      • Suspect you are probably a member of the LGBT community or you have more than a few screws loose?

      • You, sir, are a fool. Nothing more to be said.

      • FUCK YOU

        • very intelligent response

          • But forcing a five year old to dress in the wrong clothes and parrot liberal nonsense while falsely convincing her she can ‘choose’ her gender so her parents can bask in the fawning approval of other idiot liberals and the gay mafia, always ready to attack at the slightest sign of resistance their increasing insanity, with no concern whatsoever for the child’s feelings is intelligent? Can you really say that and mean it? Somewhere inside you must reside the reasonable person you were before modern liberalism infected you. Try to find that reasonable person, and ask him what he thinks.

      • OldHighlandGuyOne

        You are still real good at hurling crap but nothing of substance. Perhaps if you give us links to PROOF that it is OK to mess with the mind of a child, or are you one of those that likes the mess with children.

      • Rich perhaps you should go color or take a nap and let the grownup’s talk in peace. You never contribute anything of substance, you are a typical smug, useless liberal.

        • When you provide factual proof of your opinions perhaps we can have a productive discussion-so far you have provided none-

          • This particular issue provides it’s own proof, boy, girl, period. And having a productive discussion with a liberal is as likely as having one with a spoiled, angry four year old. Productive discussion isn’t what you want anyway, you want to disrupt real productive discussion with ridiculous nonsense.

          • This is why i blocked him long ago!!!!!!

          • Boy, girls have periods.

          • Sharon Jeanguenat

            Read the Bible! It says plainly that God created MAN & WOMAN, not 2 men, or 2 women. And, there’s also a place that says women are NOT to put on the clothes of a man, & men are NOT to put on the clothes of a woman. And, a 5 y.o. is not mentally able to decide what gender they are. And, YOU need to provide proof that it’s ok. Take your liberal garbage somewhere else!

          • You are attributing statements to me which I never stated

    • I SO agree with you. As a great-grandmother, all I can think about all of this is that I’m so glad that I don’t have kids in school anymore and that this wasn’t going on when mine were in school, because I probably would have been arrested for telling that teacher what I REALLY thought of all of this nonsense. Then I think oh crap, my grandchildren have kids in school and they ARE dealing with this. Actually one set have pulled theirs out of school and are currently homeschooling, and you would not believe the grief they received from “former” friends for doing so. They also have other friends who have pulled their kids out to start homeschooling before this school year started. They have gotten hate mail for doing this. One from the school they used to send their kids to. They are currently talking to an attorney, so I can’t comment any further on that one. It’s so disgusting to me that all of this has to happen. It has caused a real hardship for my granddaughter because she had to quit working in order to be the one to stay home and school the kids, but she says it’s worth it, not to raise kids that don’t even know what sex they are. Amazing what this world has come to. I don’t have a lot of years left to deal with this, and now I’m glad.

    • Well said Natalie! Can’t help but think of the film “Mr. Right” where Anna Kendrick (as Martha), at about this age, envisions herself as a T-Rex when interviewed with her classmates. Love the film and your commentary as well!

      • Thank you William. I find it incredibly hard to fathom the selfishness of ‘parents’ who would do this to an innocent child just to score brownie points with other liberals and ostentatiously show how ‘tolerant’ they are. And a person who calls herself a ‘teacher’ reading ridiculous propaganda to children far to young to have any grasp of it’s meaning in order to fraudulently convince them of something that just isn’t true. No matter how hard they try to force it to be true, just to push her absurd agenda on them while they’re young, impressionable and easily manipulated.
        Of course she didn’t bother with permission first, she knew full well she never would have gotten it from most of them. The sick, perverse irresponsibility here is mind boggling.

        • Natalie,
          I’ve been following your commentary and find that you are intelligent, very well spoken, exceptionally literate and concise in your contributions. Our thinking is parallel and I almost find you to be a kindred spirit. I commend your ability to respond to liberal ignorance with class, composure and maturity. It is so often the case that for lack of an intelligent response or comment, a contributor will attack with childish insults and inane rhetoric. I applaud you for being a beacon of conservative intelligence and literal excellence in a sea of uninformed apathy. Keep it up My Friend, you are appreciated! Bill R.

          • I agree for the most part with William regarding Natalie. I just wish she provided documentation to back up her points.

          • Thank you Rich for your input – you give valuable commentary. Where would we be without opposing points of view. Not here, that’s for sure!

          • Interesting response –

            Thank you,I think…..

          • Hey Rich,
            Sorry if I was somewhat ambiguous, I was truly complimenting you. I simply meant that without both sides of a discussion present, there was no point in our being here.
            Take care My Friend. Bill

          • Sounds like a clever kiss off…..think about it…

        • Did your parents have any children that lived?

    • We have a winner!

    • Hopefully soon my friend, very soon

    • A 5-6 year old changes every 5 seconds what they want to be! That’s normal at their age, and it’s as often apt to be something absurd like a dinosaur as it is to be something heroic like a fire fighter or cop, or as magical as a fairy princess. To them, “gender” and “sex” are essentially meaningless abstract terms to which they don’t actually relate.

    • I’m ready, let’s roll.

    • Well Trump does want to abolish the Dept. of Education. Problem is he needs congress to actually do that. If he got a bill to abolish it he would sign it in a flash. So let’s work hard and choose wisely those we want in congress to get er done.

    • I am thoroughly disgusted with this PC stuff. We are harming the future generation, for heavens sake! Since when does a child at the age of five or six even THINK about the possibility of being a different sex. And, please do not insult my intelligence by trying to tell me that they do. Parents, please STAND UP for your child’s right to BE a child!!!

    • Natalie- Agreed. When you have the sick and perverted teaching our youth, this is what happens. We have had a bunch of real sickos in positions of power for a while now, and this is the end result. Crazy. There just is no common sense anymore.

    • You nailed it !!! We’ve got these Socialist/Liberal/Sick Democrats attempting to sway, corrupt young minds in all levels of our educational system and if it isn’t stopped, purged from Kindergarten thru to the Universities our Country as we know it will cease to exist in less than 5 years at the rate it’s happening.

  3. That teacher, and i use that word loosely, should be committed to a mental institution.

    • She should be shot or hung !

      • yay …that’s a sane response…

        • Rich, you have never written anything constructive on this site or any other i have seen you on. You ask all of us to verify our positions from outside sources, but you feel no need to verify any of your responses.

          So, why do you feel it is okay for a kindergarten teacher to facilitate a transgender child’s transition in her class?

          Why do you feel parents of the other children in this class should not be outraged about the pain and suffering this caused their children?

          When do you feel our educational system has overstepped its bounds in teaching things as being “good” which most of us parents feel they are “bad?”

          • Linda, well stated! Don’t bother with the goof.Useless TROLL…block it! Lefties cannot be reasoned with as they do not comprehend truth, facts, decency…they’ve been soaking in the extra-strength kool-aid much too long.

          • Doxie, I am sure you are totally correct. My concern is that if we just tell him to buzz off, are we truly any better than he is? I don’t expect him to respond with anything because he doesn’t appear to have any thoughtful comment or position to add to the discussion. He is only here to anger us, and I don’t want to fall into his trap.

            All of the conservatives or non-liberals or whatever tag you want to put on them that I have come into contact with, are very reasonable people who want to have enlightening discussions of today’s issues. The liberals, however, have always come out yelling and screaming to hide the fact they have no facts to back up their “feelings.”

          • All of the conservatives or non-liberals or whatever tag you want to put on them that I have come into contact with, are very reasonable people who want to have enlightening discussions of today’s issues

            My experiences have been the complete oppose-especially with most of the people in this comment section-Every attempt to get any kind of factual backup has been met with “go find it yourself”

          • Rich, I have personally tried to send you links, but you don’t accept anything that doesn’t come from the New York Times or the Washington Post or some other MSM outlet. In case you haven’t noticed, those are not conservative viewpoint outlets, and they will never put out any information that confirms what anyone on this site says. We have a stalemate of acceptable resources. I don’t accept yours and you don’t accept mine.

            The least you could do is contribute a liberal viewpoint to our discussion that we could comment on. Just calling everyone stupid confirms our position about the liberal, progressive mindset. You have no plan except to keep destroying everything we hold dear until none of us has even food on the table.

          • What a load of crap. I’ve said that to you myself after you ignored plain fact in favor of smug, absurd fiction. You’re a troll Richie, either paid a pittance to disrupt conservative conversation by those who want to control the narrative like they control you, or doing it on your own because you’re misguided enough to actually believe those same people.

          • Soros $$$$$$$

          • Michael Dennewitz

            He (IT) does what soros pays him to do. I blocked him (IT) months ago. 😁

          • I can not respond to any of your questions since I never said any of the things these questions accuse me of-you just made these things up-sad

          • Rich, the questions I asked you were at the heart of the article we are commenting on. Your unwillingness and inability to offer an answer to those questions means you either didn’t read the article or you have no position from which to defend your abusive remarks.

          • What questions? I missed seeing them. Please state them,

            Thank yoi

          • So, why do you feel it is okay for a kindergarten teacher to facilitate a transgender child’s transition in her class?

            Why do you feel parents of the other children in this class should not be outraged about the pain and suffering this caused their children?

            When do you feel our educational system has overstepped its bounds in teaching things as being “good” which most of us parents feel they are “bad?”

    • At the very least lose her job & never teach (?) again.

  4. Unless the concept of purpose with respect to life is consistently taught, people, especially children, are left to wonder at the varieties of human experience which are just that. Is it really abusive to teach people that in order to avoid being the object or target of prejudice and discrimination, normal, purposeful behaviors are, more than likely, going to avoid all the controversy, difference factors and prejudice and discrimination which abnormal behaviors will naturally cause? It is a choice. No one is denied freedom of choice to be the person s/he was born to be. Cause-and-effect logic have to prevail in order for people to enjoy a purposeful life. Again, it is a choice.

  5. Not only should this teacher lose her position, she should be jailed for child abuse. Lucky for her my child is not in her class.

  6. Yep, pubic ejikashun, luciferian dimmercrap “progress”.

  7. This is and has been the “business” of the Federal Dept. of Education since 1976 and has nothing to do with education. It is all about being Progressive, Liberal and Stupid, so they will always vote the way the so-called Democrat Party wants them to vote! It is all about about being a “good little comrade”, nothing more and nothing less! There are only two sexes, Male and Female and at birth the proof is visible. Nothing can change that but, with the “correct education”, one can be confused and begin to believe that I am not what I am, I am what I am “told” I am!

    • The Dept of Education should be shut down, like many other useless Dept’s in the District of Creeps, & returned to the states. Money saved & hopefully a better education.

  8. This teacher, and the ENTIRE SCHOOL BOARD should be relieved of their duties for supporting this IDIOT TEACHER and her agenda to teach transgenderism in her kindergarten class!!!! Kids have a hard enough time in school these days without the unnecessary added burden of teachers telling them that they can be either boys or girls, the choice being theirs to decide WHICH SEX they actually are, regardless of their assigned at birth biological sex!!!! This kind of BS teaching in our schools MUST BE STOPPED!!!!

  9. This so called teacher needs to be fired so she can transform herself into a out of work idiot

  10. I have pretty much, heard it all, or so I thought! Leave it to a California school to allow this to happen! Parents should yank their children OUT of this school IMMEDIATELY! Why all this confusion about what sex the child is? The human race (which I thought was OK), now makes me sick! I am glad that I am elderly and will not live to see it go directly to hell altogether!! At any rate, the teacher should at the very least, be fired! Help the child through a difficult time? BULLS**T!!!

    • The only solution for these parents is homeschooling and that simply isn’t a viable solution for most people. Even the private schools are having to adopt Common Core standards in order to keep their accreditation. At least the parents took their outrage to a higher level in the system and got some press over this ridiculous incident. Otherwise, we would never have known it happened.

  11. California is becoming a DISGUSTING and outright EVIL Democrat ruined stateObama and his crime syndicate DNC are a pervert Chicago Bath house type of sleezy LGBTS

  12. I believe it is long past TIME to hold the so-called “teachers” responsible for flagrant child abuse. Fire these FREAKS IMMEDIATELY, arrest, and jail them.THEN attempt to find a suitable person to actually TEACH the children, not indoctrinate them into their own perverse “lifestyle”

    • But Pappy, you are assuming there are still people in the education system who believe as we do. If you read any of Charlotte Izerbeet’s (sp?) work, you will quickly discover the whole system has been taken over by the liberal left, and they did it right under our noses. Who do you appeal to for a reasonable solution when all the avenues for appeal at manned by those who agree with this teacher and whose hands are tied by the standards of Common Core.

      We have to petition President Trump to abolish the entire Department of Education and have all the functions it has usurped returned to the local independent school districts before anything constructive comes of this.

      As for California even that might not guarantee an outcome we could be proud of. Too many Californians have bought into this idea that the government will provide all thought, food, shelter and moral conviction.

      • I have tend to agree with you.. “teachers” that will actually “teach” and not “indoctrinate” are non-existent. The education “unions” (like oscumbag’s seiu) are dictating WHAT can be taught in order to make sure that when children leave the school system, they are good little OBEDIENT, BRAINWASHED communists that will be easily “controlled”.

  13. Not surprising this happened in the Land of Fruits, Nuts, & Flakes. You could not pay me to live there.


  15. Michael Dennewitz

    You know, this has nothing to do with the topic of discussion, but: I’m a Vietnam vet and I get clear sick every time I have to go to the Orlando VA clinic to have my blood checked! There in front of me are fellow veterans, some looking as tho they’re actually going to die tomorrow- – and NOW THERE ARE ALL KINDS OF MUSLIM DOCTORS AND NURSES WORKING THERE! It occurs to me that these poor suckers are going to die much sooner than expected.. W H Y ??

    • DUE TO their Islamist beliefs, Muslims CANNOT BE TRUSTED!

    • We can only hope President Trump will help relieve your suffering by reforming the VA. It won’t help overnight, but maybe he can start the ball rolling in the right direction.

      It appears Obama did not want any of you to live—much less be well cared for. I hope you know that is not the will of the people for you to suffer. We should all petition our Congressmen to do more for veterans. The nationality of the doctors and nurses may have to do with the acceptance policies of our medical schools over the past few decades. These immigrants are getting preferential admission over white, heterosexual males. Because foreigners are less acceptable as medical advisers to those of us in the private sector, the only jobs they can get are with the government.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Well Linda, the destruction of this once great country has been in the making for centuries. With soros funding everything, I’m afraid that it’s gotten a bigger foothold than any of us have ever expected. The damage is so profound that it will take eons to fix, and Mr Trump, I’m afraid, does not have long enough to fix that. There are far too many snitches and muslims still working (holding office) within our once great government. At my age, I’m naturally yearning for the best, but always expecting the worst. I’m only glad that I’m 73, I won’t have to endure much longer, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY! 😣🙁☹😢

        • That’s just it, Michael, most of us who have any memory of how great this country can be are President Trump’s age or older. Sadly, even if the younger generations were reading forums like this, they wouldn’t be able to express themselves in a coherent logical way because they have never been taught how to organize their thoughts. This country will go whatever way it is destined to go, but I do fear for the welfare of my children and grandchildren. This article succinctly expresses just how far we have fallen.

  16. that teacher, or teachers, must not be allowed to be with children, THEY ARE PREDATORS. If I had a child and went to that school, those teachers will be killed. YOU DO NOT CORRUPT THE MIND OF ANY CHILD.

  17. Teacher-should-be-fired-andnever-to-allow-to-teach-again-period-!

  18. When/Where immorality prevails…society fails…always! California is governed by Queer Logic!

  19. No one truly cares if an individual can’t decide whether panties or a jock strap. That’s their business but not anyone else’s. Fire the teacher.

  20. Of course, California – children hardly know about the difference in male and female at age 5, never mind getting into such details as this mess. What kind of parents have a five year old that they already say is transgender, These parents are sick, and now the teacher has joined their way of thinking, Every other student and their parents should hold a protest in revolt of this decision. I believe these parents for whatever reason, have invaded their child’s mind, and implanted these abnormal thoughts on an innocent child who would never know what the differences are, certainly not at that age. the two parents are no doubt mentally and sexually warped. . Take this child away, into protective custody immediately. believe this disgusting suggestion. As far as the teacher, He or she should be dismissed, and this terrible information written permanently on her record. She has a few screws loose and is a danger to the children.

  21. These libtards go to far! Now they are indoctrinating our most tender population with their sick agenda. This teacher should be at the very least chastized by her school board and then horsewhipped.Twisted thinking!

  22. This is truly an abomination and has NO PLACE in school it is indoctrination and it is NOT a necessity in education. This needs to be stopped and the parents of children across this country, who take time to care, need to begin the huge migration out of Public Schools and into Parochial or Private schools or Home Schooling. If unable to Home School there are old retired teachers who I feel sure if a group of parents got together, they could hire to Home School the children and I feel sure a local church would be more than glad to allow them to use their conference rooms or auditoriums.

    If you have fear of Parochial schools well I say this unto you, would rather my child be indoctrinated with the Bible and Biblical morals than Muslim Qur’an and others.

    Can you imagine if this continues, what the next generations will be? We already see the Snowflakes they created.

  23. To try and get a CHILD to decide between being a male and or a female is stupidity at it’s crowning glory.

  24. This is why a child of inbreeding should not be permitted to an educator of children, they don’t have the mental capacity to determine right from wrong she should be terminated forthwith.

  25. Stephen Griffith

    This Another very good reason to homeschool or to enroll kids in a Christian School. The Public School System is broken!

  26. Sharon Jeanguenat

    A child of 5 has no idea of what their gender even means, much less wants to change it. In cases where the child is this young, the PARENTS are the ones that actually are pushing it. Even 10 or 11 years olds have now idea of what it means. If I were a parent, MY child would be changing schools, AND, I would brazenly tell the school why I was moving them. That teacher will be lucky if some angry parent doesn’t meet her in the playground, & whomp the tar out of her. This case is EXACTLY why God is getting ready to judge America.

  27. They have got to be kidding. A boy is a boy and a girl is a girl. How hard is that for people to comprehend?

  28. This is the definition of insanity.
    The last thing on a kindergartner’s mind should be this crap.

  29. Each of us has either X chromosomes or a combination of X and Y Chromosomes. We can’t wish a change in our Chromosomes to change so that we can claim to be of the other gender.

    A child who WANTS this change is undergoing a psychological disorder. A parent or teacher who proposes a child make such a change is abusing the child.

  30. AAAAAAAANNNNNND YOU’RE FIRED!!! What a loser, stupid teacher. Being a kid can be tough enough and confusing enough without a f’d up teacher deciding to make it even more difficult. Can we just let kids b kids for a while and not involve them in our grown up messes? Jeez. Enough already. http://www.TotallyRight.us

  31. Those on the Left are really just Sick Bastards, and common core is just an introduction to Kommunist Core 101.

  32. mistyl@windstream.net

    The Damage they are doing to our Children. When You are born God made You Male or Female and this teacher had no right to read such books to these Children. What happened to reading Mother Goose. Something has got to be done. A Five Year old child does not under stand this bazaar Behavior. This teacher should be fired. And the school system needs a good reprimand by Parents. You know in in Canada now they have a Third Sex they call it X .You were born Male or Female there are no in betweens. America We have to start taking back our Schools Children should never be subjected to this kind of Junk. And Junk is what it is.

  33. This just rapes kids minds. And that would make ANY adult doing so a Ped______ . Yeah, fill in the blank. Intelligence in real short supply. Especially the intelligence needed to arrest abusers of kids…because that crap is classic abuse. Odd: K-Love’s headquarters are in Rocklin CA. Christian ministry practically next door to this mess. God’s faithful must act, it will make judgment on America less severe.

  34. This is outrageous. How does a 5 year old even know what he or she is? Mom and dad are propagandizing and making a wacko of this child. The teacher should be drawn and quartered! The teacher is depraved and unfit to teach!

  35. It is time to run that teacher’s ass out of the school, out of the city, and out of her house! There is no room for that kind of BS in grade school!

  36. If i were the parents i would pull the kid out of this school. The teacher has an approved lesson plan and for 5 year olds i’m pretty certain it does not approach transsexual issues. this teacher should have known bringing up this issue at that age was like holding a dance contest in a mine field. She purposely did this with utter disregard for the kids and parents and believed she could skate out of this with some BS. She needs to be fired and have her teaching certificate removed.

  37. This has got to STOP IMMEDIATELY!!! This is EXACTLY “just one of the many” Reason(s) that Parents are fleeing from the “Educational System” and taking “OUR” Money/Dollars with us into Home Schooling, etc.. Not only is the Word of God and the Faith & Clear Intentions of our Founding Fathers, being spat upon, but History being re-written, but now Evil, Gender Confusion & Chaos being Celebrated & Demanded by Satan & the “Far Left, Media Left, Hollywood Left” and the LGBTQ Community. God Help Us Fix & End This!!!

  38. FIRE THIS TEACHER and remove the principal who allowed this to happen int he classroom! They are propagandizing our children!

  39. Sorry, but speaking as a retired teacher, Ms. CONFUSED/IDIOT should be removed as a teacher. If she is that adle brained, she has no business teaching any age children!

    The principal should have played a huge role in this transgression.
    #1. Teacher should have cleared what she was going to do with the Principal first!
    #2. Since teacher took on sole responsibility for playing Doctor and allowing a child to completely disrobe and show his true sex, that teacher should be removed from teaching for 2 weeks, at which time it would be decided if she will remain at the academy or be fired and blackballed because of poor judgement.
    #3. Notes of apology should have been sent out imnediately to the parents of the children watching this horror show.
    #4. Parents should remove their children from this charter school immediately and possibly charge this teacher/academy with inappropriate behavior for a Kindergarten Class – file a suit.

    Those children who observed another child talking about being the opposite sex – and then showing them he was really a boy — gave many children nightmares for weeks! Not only are they too young to understand this boy’s emotional behaviors but they are frightened that something horrible like that could happen to them. Many will have to go to therapy and many will question their own sexual journey for years.

    All in all, this teacher was waaaaaaaaaaay out of line showing poor judgement for a very young and impressionable group of kids. She should be reprimanded and possibly lose her job for destroying young minds — because she didn’t research her actions before doing them.

    Being from the teaching field, no decent, knowledgeable teacher would ever do that to any group of students — no matter what age, but especially to very young immature children.

    Perhaps losing her job would make her realize she just isn’t teacher material!

  40. Why are Liberal’s brains crosswired to even think of bizarre things such as transgenderism? Most of the known cases are little boys born to women WHO WANTED LITTLE GIRLS! HELLO!

    Why as a society are we alliwing deviant behaviors like this to exist or to glorify these behaviors as normal? THEY ARE NOT NORMAL BEHAVIORS! And most of these poir kittle biys have been convinced by their sick twisted mothers that they really want to be little girls. How sick and twisted is that? Hopefully one day when that same luttle biy realuzes what his mom did to him, he will reward her with a hard kuck OUT OF HIS LIFE FOREVER!!

    This is so twisted that only a Progressive Liberal would ever think of something so damaging to children, families and our country!

  41. Why would the teacher think starting kindergarten is a difficult situation? Maybe, she thinks having to decide a gender at this time is difficult for the little ones. If she does, then she needs to fired, or at least reassigned. This is simply outrageous, and should be treated as such.

  42. And you thought CA was already sick –
    It only gets worse day by day!

  43. Fukking bunch of morons!
    The only “good” democrat is a dead democrat. Period.


  45. This teacher would have been thrown out on her butt by the teachers in my school. She should loose her teaching certificate and go through mandatory psychological evaluation and counseling before she works anywhere in the US. What an idiot.

  46. There’s no “difficult situation” at all there; what she did is OVERT SEXUAL CHILD ABUSE of an entire class of children! NO child that young has any concept of sexual or “gender” identity. We ALL experience feelings, throughout our lives, that would usually be ascribed to “male” or “female” because it’s our nature; it DOES NOT mean any of us is in the “wrong body”! NO child, under the age of 18 YEARS, should be exposed to the material presented in that classroom, because they aren’t sufficiently mature to process it in an healthy manner. That woman doesn’t belong in a classroom at all, let alone teaching anything.

  47. What a sick bunch of hooey, if this is true the teacher? should be looking immediately for a new job, like cleaning toilets !

  48. This is truly a sickness and a complete failure in parenting to boot! A child that young is in need of their parents guidance to their gender identification. That means helping a young boy grow into a fine young man, and a little girl grow into a woman. It is not helping them to toss them out on the side of life’s roadway and tell them to figure it out on their own. And it sure does not help to point the child in the wrong direction at that age and expect them to “find” their way to adulthood in their proper gender!

  49. This sick perverted individual needs to be fired for moral indecency, of course this being Kalifornia she will probably get teacher of the year. I cannot wait for Kalifornia to leave the union. Hopefully all the libertards will move there.

  50. By what right does a teacher, a principal, a doctor, a nurse or even a preacher have to tell someone else’s child what they are, should be or could be. This is totally over stepping their authority. If a teacher pulled what this one did on my child at the age of 5 their ears would be bleeding from me screaming in them. This is going entirely too far. Leftist Liberals, SHUT THE HELL UP.

  51. Albert Labranche

    Indiana Teacher Demands Parents Tell Kids to Stop Talking About God in Class

    Of course, some will think they should be talking of weather they are boys or girls.
    Where is common sense today ? Is this why some troops are dying… to protect this nonsense ?

  52. Albert Labranche

    Parents Frightened: Kindergartners ‘Crying, Shaking’ over Transgender Book Teacher Read

  53. Albert Labranche

    I think it’s time to start kicking asses.
    UPDATE: School Disciplines Student For ‘Misgendering’ Boy

    “This was an innocent mistake”
    Earlier this week, we reported that a kindergarten teacher at Rocklin Academy Schools — a Sacramento-area charter school — held a “transition ceremony” to celebrate what she believed was the “transgenderism” of a five-year-old boy in her class who fancies himself a girl; she did it without obtaining consent from, or even notifying, parents.

    According to LifeSiteNews, the very same charter school recently sent one of their students — a first grader, for crying out loud — to the principal’s office for “misgendering” the transgender boy.

    “The first grade student at Rocklin Academy Gateway inadvertently called the trans “girl” by his boy’s name on the playground earlier this week,” reports LifeSiteNews.

  54. At the outset I’d say they should fire this idiot for taking it upon herself to put those children through something like that. Personally, I would rather pound the snot out of some jerk that would assume that authority in the first place as she was not a controlling part of the curriculum nor did she ask permission to deviate from the norm.What is it about the west coast of our country that brings out the absurdity like this. Are they all deviates? Perhaps they are, it seems all the television series are coming out with some kind of freaky situation! Whatever happened to programming for normal humans?

  55. Sorry kiddies . I can`t call you boys or girls, I can`t make you use the genetically correct bathroom,there is no right or wrong. To-day and every day, you (is it ok to call you people?) ( or should I call you ‘beings’ ?) OK all you beings, you`re in charge. play all day? OK please remember bullying hurts other beings. There is no right or wrong,so whatever. Everything is relative anyway. Right ? There may be an honest desire to teach, by some. Otherwise, the ‘teaching ‘profession is dead. To enter it now is akin to endorsing child abuse. Parents who say, ” I trust my kids teacher” are either ignorant or just plain stupid. Public Schools should be shut down. Honestly, I know Home schooled adults who have a great education,good jobs. Mothers and Fathers, what`s more important? The mental health of your child? Or that frig full of beer and the new big screen TV ?

  56. In another article on this, the child in question went out of the room and came back dressed as the opposite gender of what he or she was, that is what really upset the children.

    What the hell is wrong with these teachers, they are either doing stupid stuff like this or having sex with the children???????????

  57. Michael Dennewitz

    What was drumned into their heads 50 years ago is now being drummed into today’s children’s heads. How long are WE going to put up with it?? 😣☹😢

  58. End this problem once and for all. Don’t let teachers today mess with your child’s mind. HOMESCHOOL, good books and classes are available, christian based.

  59. California is in the toilet.you have elected reps Who are loons and the teachers are insane the parents are stepford who either don’t care,are brain dead, or sadly upset that their children were not born the gender they wanted and want the loons in schools to change or brainwash their children.Poor kids.

  60. When will this evil stop? Only when we step in and stop it.

  61. If my kid was in a class with a LITTLE HOMO i would pull them right out because that would be setting a bad example in front of my kid.

  62. All of this focus on transgender is ridiculous. They are a minority of minorities. Yes they deserve the same rights as the rest of us but they are not so special that the rest of us become unimportant. We are the majority and our educational system should focus on the our education not the sexual orientation of our citizens. My sexual orientation and religious believes are mine and not subject to review by some teacher or educator at any age. The only time it is of any business to our schools is if we are harrassed outside the classroom during the time we are in school. California has gone crazy with PC and as an ex-resident of the state I would never want to live there again. In fact my local bank was merged with a California bank and because I do not want my money going to Ca I am closing that account.

  63. MORE than disgusting, this is sick. Teachers should not ever do anything like this. Leave our children alone and let them be children.
    They are not to be taught this crap at school. This is getting so our of control, now some parents and teacher think it’s cool to try to change the sex of their children. They must stop. GOD SAVE THE CHILDREN and teach adults to act in the best interests of the children.

  64. This is nothing but good news. The freaks are coming out younger and younger.

  65. I currently live in Texas ..when i saw this on the news i almost choked. This is my hometown! Parents afraid to speak out against this usurping of rights by the school is state law! A classmate of mine who is still there teaching history to highschoolers said when he had a teachera meeting to go over the upcoming school year they were told if they didnt follow the states rules on keeping parents in the dark they would be fired on the spot. This along with another scandalous story about the highschools dress code letter banning gang affliated clothing, drug glamourizing clothes and THE AMERICAN FLAG! WHAT?! NOT IN MY TOWN! How the hell did we let this virus spread?

  66. This is what 60 billion a year (half of which goes to the challenges of teaching illegal immigrants kids) gets you these days. Common core or as i call it ” to the core” because when the system is done with them..the shit is to the core! They come out like entitled, remorseless.. blaming ..irresponsible..deprived..unrealistic ..little assholes. They dont have a clue what matters and what doesnt. They cant handle disappointment..they want instant gratification..work hard pppffttt..whats that? They are completely unprepared for the world and care little of the preciousness of others..this country ..hell they dont respect themselves.

  67. Sounds to me like the parents of the child are behind this Using this child to make a statement If that is true then it is a class of child abuse and needs to be looked into but it want because we wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings

  68. Rubber hoses to all the childrens’ parents to beat a lesson into that teacher and any school administrator that supports her disgusting action. When I was a sophomore in high school a form was issued for parental permission to take sex education classes, taught to classes separated by sex.

  69. A huge part of the job of parenting is protecting our children. These parent’s are doing exactly the opposite by setting their own child up for ridicule and confusion for perhaps a lifetime. It is well known that children cannot make all the right decisions until they are approaching 19 or older because their brains are not fully functional yet.
    By trying to meet their child’s new identity needs they are doing more harm than good. They are also thrusting every other child around them into areas no child should have to go. They need to seek professional help and work through the situation without exposing every other child to their angst. Now, all the parent’s are furious, all the kids confused and the one child that was supposed to be eased into his/her new sexual identity, is forever at the center of the controversy.

  70. BS-BS & More BS. The whole Political Correctness agenda is ABSOLUTE BS brought to all of us by the DEVEL and his worms. I will never be convinced of their conclusion of reality or the multitude of LIES that come out of their mouths.

  71. That should be “DEVIL”

  72. Hang the Teacher!!

  73. This is more than absurd. When I was in kindergarten, I didn’t know anything about sex. I knew I was a boy, and that girls were different. I didn’t know about sex at all, and I don’t think kids at that age need to. I don’t understand the obsession with gender. one is either a boy or a girl. There are some effeminate boys, as well as some quite masculine acting girls. This does not make them any less boys or girls. I really think people who are confused as to what they are gender wise are sick. They have mental problems, which a % of people in this country value and think is normal- it isn’t. When are we going to rediscover common sense?

  74. These teachers need to be arrested and prosecuted for this behavior.

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