What Hillary Would Change About Her 2016 Campaign

Hillary Clinton sat down for an on-stage conversation at her alma mater, Wellesley College, this weekend, telling college president Paula Johnson that she was still having a hard time coming to terms with her November loss to Donald Trump.

Asked by a sophomore what she would change about the campaign, Clinton said simply, “I’d win,” according to a report from the UK’s Daily Mail.

The press was barred from the event, but the Daily Mail reported that a few details of the conversation had leaked to social media. Among them, Clinton’s response to a question about how campaigns differ for women who want to go into politics.

“You know you’re going to be subject to unfair and beside-the-point criticism,” Clinton said.

Right…just like every man who has ever run for any office at the national level? Come on. Not even Hillary could possibly believe that every criticism levied against Trump was fair and on point. Let’s compare the volume of mockery over Trump’s physical appearance to that aimed at Hillary. We’re not whining about it, but let’s just face the facts.

As for the criticism pointed at her, very little of it had anything to do with her gender. Unless she thinks that women should be allowed to do whatever they want with classified material and anyone who says otherwise is a raging sexist. And though that seems like a strange way to think, we remember feminist pieces from the campaign that came extremely close to making that very argument. Ohh, if this was a man, no one would utter a peep. Please. Hillary Clinton could be under investigation for 1st degree murder, and they would drag this defense out of the bag.

As for her reflections on the campaign, we don’t know if “I’d win” is all she said, or if that was just a joke she made before going into detail. We suspect, though, that she has yet to accept any blame for losing to Trump. And comments that have been made by her top campaign advisers bear that out. We’ve heard them cast blame on everyone from Bernie Sanders to Barack Obama, but we haven’t heard them admit too many mistakes. They still believe their rightful victory was stolen from them by the Russians and the FBI.

In any event, Hillary’s random excursions into the spotlight serve to remind us of the fate we narrowly escaped with that monumental moment back in November. When the going gets tough, it’s worth remembering how much worse it could have been.

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  1. Might I suggest more heartfelt speeches to mainstream America and no heftily paid speeches to Wall Street. She needed to recognize that the country is occupied by a plethora hardworking people who are not donors and say it directly to those people. She needed to speak to them and clearly articulate how she understood their plight. – She Did Not – EPIC FAIL! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a60ec3d4d422587f1f2bb63a02f80ab7135add4e611961d4ba6285e460bbc04b.jpg

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  2. SouthernPatriot

    What Hillary needed to change about her 2016 campaign? Not run.

    • Precisely! But someone else equally appalling, disgusting, and reprehensible would have been nominated in any event.

    • Dang you Beat me To it!!!… Yes her Choice to Run with all the Baggage she had to Carry along with her sense of ENTITLEMENT she Felt she has were just put in play at the WRONG time in History after * years if a CRETIN running the WH

    • I was all in favor of ” Hillary For Prison” and I just wish it was many more , Obama Valerie Jarrott , George Soros !! Chuck Schumer , and many more socialists and a few Rino’s

  3. She may not call us “deplorables” next time.Or she could back Bernie, an avowed “”” socialist”””.

    • It might have taken that comment to get some people off their a$$ to get involved and vote. Any Demorat that is running for office should say more negative words about the opposition.

    • “Deplorables”, love being an “irredemable” Deplorable, and have 2 tee shirts to prove it.

  4. Hillary should not change a thing. Trump won big and that is the way it should have been. Once a liar, always a liar. She put our country at risk and she is now and in the future a has-been!

  5. Some suggestions! First, Don’t Run! Second, Learn to not be so bad at Lying! Third, Put a bag over your head and Last, Apologize to your Boss and Owner, George Soros for being such a bad loser!


  6. The only contest she would win was who is the bigger liar, her or Obama? That
    is still up for grabs. Perhaps who is more crazy, I think she would win hands
    down. He is more despicable? that is debatable. One thing for sure is I do
    believer she has the longer trail of bodies left behind than any one else currently
    in the political scene.

  7. Can we be honest? There’s nothing Hillary could have changed except to say, “Today I’ve decided to run for President of the United States. But first, I must confess that I have been telling bald faced lies to the people for the past 30 years. And these lies have enabled my dopey husband and me to become filthy rich by bilking hard working taxpayers out of their money and depositing such money in off shore bank accounts. Will you forgive me?” Game over!

  8. curmudgeon VN Veteran


  9. hopefully, the democrats will keep their cranial rectal impaction about why they lost until at least after the 2029 election

  10. When you feel down and out, lift up your head and shout: “President Hillary Rodham Clinton…NOT!!”

    • Lol lol lol Now, that is something that will put a smile on your face for sure. I should have thought of that when I had the flu and felt so bad, Ed! Dummy me!!

  11. SORE LOSERS never give up, do they? She was so sure of winning that she asked Trump to congradulate her while the votes were still being counted.

  12. Francisco Machado

    The Democrats got everything right since Obama was elected. They haven’t made any mistakes, everything has worked like a well-oiled precision lathe. There have been no mistakes and Obamacare has been a proven success. Obviously, they lost the election because the stupid voters didn’t see how well off they are now after eight Obama years, how great the Democrats have been for the country and how close we are to universal global peace and prosperity, how much better off we’ll be with the U.N. running our country for us – and no one (except criminals) having guns. I sure hope the Democrats stay convinced of this for the foreseeable future.

  13. Hillary just put too much trust in the DNC & didn’t campaign in all the right places! She was too ill & it was caught on video. She just assumed she would win because she was told by the MSM in their one-sided reporting…besides she is a loser & won’t admit it!

    • Nothing she could have done would have changed the outcome. People have finally gotten disgusted with what all politicians/establishment have done to our country and what they have done for themselves. I hope this passion does not die because it is not over. Fight on America!

  14. Her remarks above indicate she was trying to appeal to stupid women, ones with no self confidence, ones that lie often, ones that break the law, ones that only care about themselves because that is the type of person she is.

  15. Hillary needs to tell the dam truth and stop playing the dam victim that is old and stale.

  16. What would Hillary have done to win? Maybe have more people who opposed her killed? Have Trump assassinated? What?

    She’s still an arrogant, corrupt to the bone crone, that few people like and even less trust.

  17. How about these maggots talking about why they have a huge roster of dead people and why the hell are they not on death row ?

  18. davesnrakleberger

    why does anyone give a damn about what she thinks or says? She is evil and needs to be swinging from a federal gallows.

  19. Hillary thought she had done all that could be done to get her in the WH.She lied throughout her campaign,she cheated in all the primaries,she exploited those she could find who were willing to lie about Pres.Trump.She also made sure that illegals voted and the dead too. Everything that was crooked she did and Soros was behind her helping in all things.

  20. HRC represents the status of the 21st Century Democratic Party which has basically been infested, infected and diseased by Marxist revolutionary ideology. This Party has created a core of parasitic globalist elitists, who want to establish a world order that would be totalitarian in practice; and totally dominated by a Ruling Class of which HRC and the other parasites would be members.

  21. Hillary gave it her best shot… I sleep good at night.

  22. How about change the most detrimental thing to Hillary’s campaign. That would be Hillary. She has no ideas other than those in the communist manifesto and “Rules for Radicals”. She is basically thought of being dishonest. The biggest reason though is she is completely un-likeable.

  23. What would hilLIARy change about her 2016 campaign? Because hilLIARy had no ideas, I believe she’d intensify her name-calling and mudslinging against Americans who did not agree with her?

    Considering that the demonicRAT party HAS NOT LEARNED since the 2016 elections and HAS BECOME EVEN MORE RADICAL, if hilLIARy could change anything about the 2016 campaign, she’d have shown even more disdain for normal, honest, hardworking, patriotic, law-abiding Americans by more intensely calling them racists, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, anti-semitic, intolerant, and deplorable as if more such name-calling would have helped her win.

  24. How many dead people are linked to these roaches who belong on death row ?

  25. Hillary was probably the worrst candidate the Democrats could have offered up to the American citizens. Her many and appalling criminal and disturbingly uncaring acts certainly disqualified her for all and any public office. I only hope our citizens recall all these things in the event she considers any further ventures into public office.

  26. hillary has to go to jail she is so not AMERICAN

  27. Next time George Soros will have to spend more of his Dirty Money , but he might send her to the Gas Chamber as he did in WW 2 !

  28. The only thing Hillary needs to change is her.

  29. Dear(erk; I just threw up a little in my mouth) Hillary:

    You just keep thinking that.

    Love(errkk, I just threw up a little more), America

  30. For the Good of Family, God and Country HILLARY DON’t Change a THING!!!

    THANK YOU!!!

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