What Aladdin Tells Us About the Polls

The liberal media had a good laugh this week after a polling firm found that 30% of Republican voters were in favor of bombing the fictional city of Agrabah. Agrabah, they pointed out with unrestrained delight, was the setting for Disney’s 1992 film, Aladdin. So unless Republicans think Jafar is a threat to national security, they chuckled, they are just itching to launch missiles at Arabs of any kind.

Few of them bothered to mention that 19% of Democrats also supported the bombings.

And even fewer of these reporters will take note of a new response poll from WPA Research. This survey shows that 44% of registered Democrats (and 66% of Democrats under the age of 34) support taking in refugees from the mythical city of Agrabah. Republicans may be a little itchy on the military trigger, but Democrats are willing to let anyone in this country as long as they come from somewhere vaguely Middle Eastern.

The real lessons of these polls, though, aren’t really partisan in nature. Nor are they a commentary on the ignorance of the American public. Rather, these polls show something about polls themselves, and they might also say something about us.

It is human nature to want to appear more informed and confident than you really are. This is an inextricable side of our instinct, especially in the United States. No one wants to admit that they haven’t got a clue. That’s why your barber knows exactly what we should do about terrorism. The true national pastime isn’t baseball; it’s trading opinions on anything and everything.

So when someone calls up to ask if you support bombing Agrabah, you don’t want to say, “I have no idea what that is.” So you offer an opinion. And most reasonable Americans, not suspecting a ruse, would figure that it has something to do with the Islamic State. If you’re a Republican who figures it’s a city where ISIS is holed up, the natural response is to support the bombings. If you’re a Democrat who figures it has something to do with Syrians, the natural response is to support bringing in the refugees.

Even if polling firms went out of their way to ensure fairness, we would have reason to question each and every poll released to the press. As it happens, these firms are seldom concerned about leaving their biases aside. They carefully craft their questions – not to get the truest answers, but to get the answers they want.

When it comes to presidential politics, the sheer number of pollsters going after the same information encourages them to stay unbiased. No one wants to be the last polling firm predicting a Jeb Bush victory.

But when it comes to questions that aren’t often asked (whether to bomb Agrabah, for instance), these firms are free to fudge the science a bit. Why would they? For any number of reasons. But it’s enough to know that they do, and that we should be very careful about polls that seem to engineer political opinion rather than discover it.

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  1. Just simply amazing! Talk about ‘uninformed’ voters! I wonder how many votes were cast by people, because they liked the color of a mans necktie? Or, the style of shoe a woman was wearing? Just sayin’………

    • must have that first black president–then look at 7 years of screw ups

      • Don’t forget Carter, LBJ, Clinton and then check out the local politicos
        who turned out to also be of questionable character, ethics and

      • They are not ! screw ups ! He is evil and knows exactly what damage he is doing. This is no accident. They have targeted the USA because their dream is using our country for the head of their caliphate. Our military and all. Remember they are evil not stupid. God bring our foolish people back into your truth and guidance. Amen

        • I agree Not stupid at all.
          Green energy investmest mandated by our government ! Where do you think they are putting their money?
          Any good scientist will tell you that every 40 to 50 years the earth is in a different orbit & axis with the sun is why the global weather is different these past few years. The same thing happened in the late 60to 70″s. The government scientist are controlled so they have to give data to support government agenda’s.
          Refugee’s and immigration is another. The long term goal of the Democratic party is to get all these people to vote for Democrats to ensure future power and control for the party.The only way to do this is to give them handouts and sanctuaries and make then dependent on Democrats.
          Your right, there smart like a fox.

          • “Any good scientist will tell you that every 40 to 50 years the earth is
            in a different orbit & axis with the sun is why the global weather
            is different these past few years.”

            STOP LYING

            you could link to ALL those scientists that say that.

            Were they at the Paris conference?

          • They were not all there, and saw the whole presentation on national geographic. They show the whole thing on national TV. Showed how the earth rotation in relation with orbiting around the Sun. It was pretty interesting. The truth is there mucho bucks to be made off this green energy, just ask Al Gore, he’s made millions and so will Obama.

    • freedomoutpost ken

      The Republicans need to smarten up and use the democrat polling tactics.

    • when are you silly humans going to realize that people in the real world DON’T LIKE wacky CONSERVATIVES.
      so why vote for them?

      all the cons do is give tax breaks to big business and make the middle class pay for it.
      Oh lets not forget starting wars that destabilize half the planet.

    • You are so right !! Oh I liked how he sounded, or he’s handsome, or I voted yes because he was black,or she’s a woman. Jesus, when are people gonna look at results, like we don’t have the kind of jobs left here that will sustain a good living, or our national debt.

      • are you not a trump supporter because you like the way he sounds?

        He certainly hasn’t put forward anything concrete.
        not like cons need facts.

    • Lol. You’re on to something, Jeffrey. When my Sister would go to the Horse track, she would always bet on the cutest Jockey. Ironically, she usually won more money than the rest of us. It’s a strange life.

  2. One should never take polls too seriously for they can be manipulated in so many ways . First by polling people you know will answer questions in a certain way you can make a poll say what you want it to say . Politically , polls can be a way of misleading people to vote a certain way or not to vote because it would be a wast of time.

  3. When the morality of affordability is no longer a criterion determining what a person or country can not do, the cost of the use of men and weapons of war, for purposes of “survival,” are absolutely priceless. So, we waste them.

  4. Come on, even the presidential polls are nothing but a bunch of “poll shit.”

    • Just wanted to say you have a great Moniker. If you live up to it you must be quite a character.

      Have a happy left-overs day.

    • “Poll Shit”? LOL. But, let’s not write that Hillary cunt off. The same fcking morons that elected Obama will vote for her too. Very frightening.

      • what is frightening is you morons trying to elect the same FOOLS that let the global economy implode for the sake of PROFITS.

        • “morons trying to elect the same” sounds like you, reality checks are not your strong suit buddy!

          • lets examine reality for the Tool of the Right Wing Propaganda.

            Before Obama, we were losing 700,000 jobs per month
            After Obama, gaining 200,000 jobs per month

            Before Obama, GDP negative for a year
            After Obama, GDP became positive and now the best in the G-20

            Before Obama, DOW 6500
            After Obama, DOW 17,000

          • The reality of these things are we have 66% fewer investors in the market. The 33 a 1/3 that are left are highly leveraged and when the margin calls come you will see another dive worse then before. The money that’s in there is because the Fed kept printing money like no tomorrow. China has already been add to the money basket in IMF and Russia and Briton are doing more and more business in Chinese currency. These figures you stated look good on paper but believe me it not reality at all. Keep your cash close to your vest and stay liquid.
            Of the basket of stock that are in the market, 80% are crap stock and investors are instructed to only have 20% good.
            Banks have not changed the way they do business and control this country through underhanded financial practices. They know that they are to big to fail and the government will bail them out with our tax dollars like last time.

          • “Banks have not changed the way they do business and control this country ”

            which is why you need to be a Bernie Sanders voter.

            admittedly things could be a lot better but if you are not being disingenuous, you will be quick to admit that the GOP and most of the Dems are bought and paid for by Big Money.

          • Bernie is a socialist, and long term we know through other governments that it does not work to well. Even Bernie knows he can’t give away the farm like says he will. We would go under for sure in this country. He does not promote financial responcibility only more spending and you and both know you can’t spend like that without some out ragious tax hike’s. Truthfully I know Americans want good jobs, a financial responcible government, and they want to be safe. I can only see one candidate who will do this and that is Trump. The rest are in someone else’s back pocket. Trump will have your financial back and he will keep us safe here where we need to be.

          • “and long term we know through other governments that it does not work to well.”

            not well informed I see.
            Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Canada, France, Finland, etc would have something to say about that.

            not only do they rate as the happiest countries but also the BEST countries to DO BUSINESS. (Forbes)

            so so much for “Democratic socialism doesn’t work” is CRAP.

            NO COUNTRY practices pure socialism.

            AND I have more news for the low info con.

            Social Security is Democratic Socialism.

            Medicare is Democratic Socialism.
            Medicaid is Democratic Socialism
            Post Office is Democratic Socialism.
            (and in the Constitution)
            The US highway system is Democratic Socialism (and in the Constitution)
            our electric grid is Democratic Socialism
            Public Utilities are Democratic Socialism

            you get the point yet?

          • Funny, last I knew Medicare , Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps all took cuts and wage freezes on SSI the last three years and are all losing money and yeah so is the post office, all government run. If broken up to private businesses they for sure would be more competitive. Highway funds to from taxes are robbed too. Obamacare is another one that’s losing money and yes the government will subsidize that with yours and my taxes too. The folks who run the grid are unionized many years and bargin for there money and soon when the liberals get there green energy, electricity will take big jump in price and its already going up 15% in Michigan because Obama shut down clean coal off with millions thousands losing there jobs now..
            I have worked internationally for ten years in all these countries. Mostly Germany is our European headquarters and we are thinking shutting it down because the taxes are killing us there.Very high end labor force and low profitability. We moved from England too and set up in the Cech Republic. Very easy to deal with there and they love Americans. All the other countries we looked into especially Finland and Norway are very poor to do business in,they were not even close to being an option. We were in Canada to and we a currently shutting it down too. All my friends there say there taxes are around 75 to 80% and the free medical is not free because there taxed for it and thequality of medical care is terrible.. One engineer from our Candian plant has immigrated to the USA this past year in our company. He loves it here.
            I know in my company, we are moving most everything to Mexico and will take two more years to get it all done. Yes one reason is wages, but the biggest driver is corporate tax in Mexico is half of what it is in the USA, and most countries hate the USA and don’t want to do business with Americans because these countries are dictatorships, communist, or Monarchies and most will not give access to their markets. Mexico has trades treaties with at least 20 other markets that we don’t have access to so for us , we are moving the corporate head quarters tp Mexico. Its a shame we don’t have better trade negociators and better foreign policy and tax structures would help.
            Hey pal, really now I’m not arguing with you , just letting know a few things that you may not know. You have some good points. We all the same things, maybe a different road to get there. Have a good day.

          • ” Even Bernie knows he can’t give away the farm like says he will”

            Bernie’s “plans” are PAID FOR, not that I expect a con to be aware of facts.

          • what an idiot. BO said his plans were paid for, he and bernie are liars.

          • ” Even Bernie knows he can’t give away the farm like says he will”

            So link me to one of his “plans”

            “It will BE HUGE” is not a plan to fix things.
            are you aware he is going to TAX all imports 35%?
            and he supports UNIVERSAL HEALHTCARE? you know, socialism.

          • “Bernie Sanders”? You are just another Lazy ass fcking moron democrat. Get off the POT and find a JOB.

          • Well tool of the right wing Propaganda, I have had a job since I was 16 AND am now retired with a real nice pension.

            STOP with the stupid talking points and LYING on the intent on behalf of the Oligarchy taking over America.

          • Yeah, a “pension” from the Government. You are too fcking stupid to have worked for yourself. If your money actually came from WORKING, you would have a different political view. One that doesn’t involve stealing ( tax) money from the Private sector to give away to lazy ass fcks that don’t work.

          • Nearly 100 million American workers are out of a job as a result of Obamas policies. Obamas 7 year GDP is Negative. The DOW is up because of the Trillions of dollars from 4 QE’s pumped into Wall Street. You ignorant fcking moron.

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    • This is communist valadiation process as they have a montra that says tell a lie long enough people come to believe it so the Marxist left polls mind condition with the thing that Hitlary. Beat any republican is conditioning the people for the result they will give you and that is the fixed election they pla to give to install their next stooge , to finish off America . No politician (before elected)gets on TV and spews the hate she has for patriots, Christians, gun manufactures and it goes on. No one tips his hand unless they are told they are in! This will be to install her so they can crow that the people have spoken and want guns confiscated! The WWO fixed Obumboz last election and many infraction in favor of Obumbo were reported and not a peep from the so called Republicians, so get prepared their going to pull it it off, but if we let tHt result stand we will deserve everything we get.prepare for History to repeat the 30s and 1940s!

  5. No, let’s the whole lot in… and give them Americans benefits! Sure…. yes I’m the Devil.

  6. These polls are such a farce – I was called some years ago, and I would not answer until they rephrased
    the question so the answer would come out by me not the polling – finally they hung up on me!!!

  7. What I have learned about Aladdin: That name “Aladdin” means “servant of Allah [=satan the devil, named Azazel]” and the “genies” in the “magic lamp” are demons who will tempt everyone that they can to follow them into Gei-Hinnom (the Lake of Fire) rather than accept the gift of life from the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus), who is zealous to give everlasting life to everyone with.a willing and sincere heart to serve Him. He gave us, at our Father’s direction, our physical life, and stands ready to give us eternal life. Our choice, and He has no pleasure that any should die, but He will not force life on anyone. His choice is to give those who are willing everlasting peace on earth.
    As for me and my house, as Joshua the son of Nun said in the book he wrote, we will serve Yahuwah our Elohim. In the Name of the Messiah Yahushua, omein.

    • Awemien; awemien; May YaH’s Will be done!!!
      It is nice to hear the voice of one who is truly informed! Our adversary walks about as a ravenous lion looking for whom he may devour; and in America, he has found a buffet!

      • Praise Yahuwah, for He is the source of all knowledge, understanding and wisdom, and lets us see enough so that we can be saved by His favor and a little more so that we can add rewards to our salvation, in the Name of our Messiah Yahushua, omein!
        P.S. I have seen your posts here and there and also highly appreciate them. Todah (thank you).


  9. So what? A few weeks ago this video made the circuit. Talk about uninformed!!


    • They would not, if they actually knew what it is and how it would effect THEM!
      I am amazed that people, especially women, who have lived under sharia, support it.

      • What pisses me off is that these people will vote for Hitlery ONLY because it claims to be a woman. Don’t know what she plans on doing other than free everything for everyone. These morons kn ow nothing about economics so they ACTUALLY BELIEVE that they’ll get everything free. THIS IS WHY WE MUST SHOW UP AND VOTE!!!! The morons will vote for the biggest moron of all and sink this country in doing so.

        • I have read that almost all of the “Obama refugees” are receiving mega welfare benefits, housing, money, food stamps, medical, on & on & on.
          Your right, if the couch potatoes do not get off their couch and vote, America is lost for sure and if they vote democrat they are voting for socialism, and we know how that system succeeds..

          • You are correct on that. Here we have VETERANS without whom you and I might not have the freedom to be typing these words, homeless and in desperate need of support, starving families and, families existing below the national poverty level and yet they want to bring in more? And, those savage animals are provided for BETTER than our own citizens!! It makes no sense and I for one am looking forward to the election. We will ONLY have the one chance to get it right, get it wrong and there will be nothing left of this once great country worth salvaging.

          • Three Thoughts:
            1. Deliberately overload the economic system making it collapse so a socialist or Islamic government can be formed. &
            2. Bring an invasion army in as refugees to simply overthrow the nation by force. &
            3. There may be no elections as Obama has placed patriotic Americans in the military AND government positions with islamic or useful idiots as his added army.

          • I certainly wish that wasn’t true, but I believe those points as well. What the left has planned is evil and hateful. It is hard to understand how they think they won’t get their heads chopped off too. I suppose if we looked at the leftist web sites we could find out what their plan is. Maybe they have seats in the underground bunkers promised to them ? What ever the case, you can be sure it’s evil. Dear Father God, forgive us, bring us back under Your wings of truth and guidance. Amen / Shalom

          • All true. Fortunately many of us still have many weapons. If there is a revolution then so be it. I can’t believe Hitlery can garner ANY supporters after what the current administration has done to this country. Have you seen this one:


  10. The answer to almost any question depends on how the question is worded and who you ask.
    So, do your own homework, don’t copy that of others, you will get a failing grade almost every time.

  11. I can ask everyone,16 members, in my family whom they’ll vote for and all but one…me.. will say Hillary. Why? because she is a women, something different.. new.., hates big money, (even though she is big money), give her a try. The same way they voted for the current president.. black , new , different, talks hope and change, give him a try. You can see how that’s worked out. But that seems to be how they choose. Not on knowledge, honesty, truthfulness , integrity …all of which are in short supply on both sides. Voting for a president is like judging a talent show, may the best contestant win

    • REALLY, and I do mean Really, believe you have discovered Donald Trump’s secret. It may be more correct to say Trump has learned how a vast majority of voters think and make decisions.

      I was struck by your post in recalling those supporting him who would otherwise be against him. He has sown up the blue collar worker, a large number of Hispanics, large Black Organizations, not to mention, a huge number of hard working people in general. These are the Main Street people. Trump is a Main Street candidate. Trumps type of business relies on Main Street so it is a good marriage.

      Hope I have given proper support to your post.

      I am looking forward to a left-overs-lunch. like a day after Xmas present.

      Enjoy, and a happy and prosperous New Year.

      • You know, its weird that you say this ! I have a very big family. The Ames family immigrated to New York, and then to Shelby Michigan half way up on the western side by Lake Michigan. My great grand father fought in the civil war, and then homesteaded in Michigan. He had 13 children and they had children and on and on. So now we number in the thousands in 35 states nation wide.
        A college professor from our family in California wrote researched the Ames family and published a book. So this year I called all thirty five states five families in each state. I would say 60 % are white collar income of 6 figures or more, and 40% are between 50 to 90K. The result of polling for either Hillary or Trump was 90 percent of below 90K and mostly blue collar was for Trump. The white collar above 6 figures was 70 % for Trump. The feeling was from the polling that they don’t really trust Hillary, and they also said that Trump supports the will of the people and is not afraid to say it.
        I would also like to add that both my wife and I support Trump and my wife is Hispanic.

        • Not bad and I am sure for sound reasons. We have mixed heritage too and the same candidate. Common sense wins. Trump feels what he says. Big, big family demographics compared to most.

        • What at first appears weird is that of all the posters you nailed it. Finding you have your own polling populations provides the answer.

          If you polished up your narrative a bit would make a great article. These blogs do need a little help.

          • Yes your right, but this was very telling to me with this result. The problem is the way our system is they don’t have put Trump on the ticket even if carries the will of the people.

          • Afraid I have succumbed to the Peters Principle. Social issues at some point escape me. I can make simple observations, beyond that have to consider me suspect.

            My world is business and finance. Almost as dull as an accountant. It is from this perspective I support Trump.

            Your original post still verberates within my mind.

          • Friend, in politics it’s all about perception or perspective. If the South had won, then John Wilkes Booth would be a National Hero. All of history is written by the “winners”.

          • I read a lot of History. I keep in mind the “Winners perspective”. Makes the reading more interesting.

          • With that thought, if all those commenters, commenting on articles such as this one, were to be categorized by the way their thoughts are articulated and worded.. there would be a plausible and very accurate cross section of U.S. voters. These thoughts , ideas and opinions are a good insight to what the rest of the country is thinking. All are still in the undecided thought flux, waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak, which is ideally what ALL these polls are projecting. These blogs do need some tweaking but are still very well presented, for the most part, as most are spur of the moment expressions to the article(s).

          • I like your thinking. However, who is there to write the algorithms. A million minds, a million different thought processes. Not saying it cannot be done but way beyond my abilities to even comment on.

            I cannot but think of the ACA program. Effects 1/6 of the economy being put together by a few people. I would challenge them to come up with everything required to manufacture a simple strike off match. Can’t be done – not on a human scale.

            The DNC & RNC has already established very broad based categories. From a financial perspective I break it down between Wall Street & Main Street. Glibly put; Crony Capitalist versus the average American Citizen.

        • Thanks, Rex ! You are right on. Private polling is the way to go. Thanks to the Net, I enjoy a network of over 400 souls in five states. Among these are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and others. Here are my results. 21% for any Democrat candidate. 67% for any Republican. 53% For Trump. 16% for Hillary. 5% for other Dems. 17% for Cruz. 9% for other Republicans. Are these figures accurate? Who knows? But, I trust my poll more than others.

          • Well I think from the thirty five States that my family is in, its as honest a poll as you can get. But I come from a solid family background where honesty, integrity and hard work, and serving in the military is a valued thing. I feel for thoughs folks who don’t have a father figure, or no history of work ethics or education to rely on. Even around the college campuses in the U.S.A. I see allot of kids that have this sense of entitlement and are brain washed allot by their college intructors. Don’t know where this world is headed. I will be glad if we can get Trump the nomination.

  12. Here’s the problem: “BulShite.” People VOTED for the demon currently in office too and those were ALL Demorat Progressives and stupid ignorant puke Republicans. This election is a joke and those that preceded it as well. We have all heard the Phrase “Gone to the Dogs” well America has become the “Dog returning to her vomit”, because there are more Anti American’s than there are Patriots

    • Yes 300 or so Electoral Voters chose the loser we have now–Nobody You or I know actually put obama in the white house

      • Actually I know two. FYI: I do not speak to them any longer. In fact as of 08 I knew of a few by way of the internet, who have since apologized.

    • For sure we problems. The government is now at 16% of the workforce and that means if their spouse vote the way they will, it represents 32% for Democrats. All they need is all the welfare votes which could represent another 18% and a few minorities and that worthless Hillary is in for sure. This is why they want big government and will vote for it. Its their jobs, but sadly most government workers are not much better then welfare workers because they produce nothing add to the GDP. Basically they suck off the system like welfare. My hope is allot of Democratic voters who are working and not doing so well will cross over and vote for Trump.

      • You have insight and wisdom. That is exactly why the Government has grown exponentially since Obama. Absolutely, Who bites the hand that feeds them and just got a 1.6% raise, when seniors got the finger, without the glove.
        Amen to your understanding Rex! Spread the word and pray. The only One Able to help us, allowed us to get what we asked for, and got because of our tolerance and complacent attitudes about allowing Sin In The Camp.

  13. Like the occupier of the oval office most American are totally uninformed about who
    what, when and where the enemy is located. The names are foreign to us and
    unless you were assigned over there in the military or worked there as a civilian
    you have little idea of the names of place overseas other than the major cities
    and tourist points of interest. In college you discover that you can make up names
    and descriptions of places to sway peoples opinions and ideas with ease. Pollsters
    do it all the time and then sit back and laugh at the results. It is common practice
    for politicians to blow smoke to get elected some for personal gain and profit, just
    look at Congress and the White House. Having worked in the military and dealing
    with many foreign locations I know some of them but found it better to check the
    location via an Atlas or even on the Computer before making a statement about
    a place I am not familiar with.

  14. RE: “polling firms . . . . carefully craft their questions – not to get the truest answers, but to get the answers they want.”

    Using this method of stacking the deck they can get any consensus of opinion they want. depending who is paying for the poll. This result then is used to influence the gullible like college students and minorities.

  15. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    I’m going to say this if you want a change from what we got now you sure as hell better not put thewitch Hillary as your next president.

    • Well for sure your right about that. But to change game you have to change the way its played and Trump is the only hope for that.

  16. Where were all the polls when Obummer was running for the presidency? Most people had never even heard about him except around the Illinois area.

  17. “How To Lie With Statistics”…a College Course worth your trouble.

  18. Whats the big deal? We have a sitting democrat president who campaigned in 57 states.
    The missing 7 states must where the Illegal Mexicans live.
    By the way there are 57 Islamic states in the Middle East.

    • Is that true ? 57 ? the evil liar and chief gets his speech amiss without his scripted messages from the writers of satan. Seek yea first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness and all these other things will be added unto you. God of the universe is the answer. Amen allha is not the Holy One.

  19. Vote #TRUMP 2016.

  20. To hell with Polls, As far as I am concerned, ANYONE EXCEPT A DEMONRAT for ANY office! They have done ENOUGH damage to U.S. And we do not need anymore!

  21. I notice when they take polls down at welfare office from people waiting for assistance 99% of idiots like Obama & Hillary .. So what good are polls ??

  22. For practical purposes, assume every poll is guilty until proven innocent. Polls are only 1 of a 100 steps of almost every political communications plan.

  23. Very true, these polls are set up to give the intended answer. It is manipulation, pure and simple. Don’t believe the polls, they do lie and deceive and will get the desired answers even from the opposite type of supporter!

  24. I taught statistics at a 2 year college – night school to business men. For Scientific work the pre-conditions may take up half the study.

    For topics like politics the conditions cross all boundries. Impossible to separate them out, and even if done so would make the results irrelevant.

    I suggest the Drudge Report as a fairly accurate Poll. Has a vast number of respondents. Cuts across most any boundary you can think off. Most important – the readers are likely voters (a supposition). A follow up Poll only asking if one intends to vote would cement the value of the first Poll (should be a day or two later).

    What is being looked for is something called a “Standard Deviation”. Caution; Because a political mood can swing widely in a very short time it is still a “Crap-Shoot”.

    Example: In Texas, now Senator Cruz was 40 points down one month before the election. He won by a wide margin. His opponent got labeled a “Dirty down dog democrat” and it stuck. p.s. The ‘dog’ was a sitting Republican Senator. Does not pay to make the Tea Party angry with any politician – they do know how to play dirty.

  25. Just watch one episode of Jessie Watters and you come away quite certain of the complete ignorance of the average American. Questions such as “where was the Vietnam War fought, who is the VP, how many states are there in the USA, show me on a map which state we are presently in, do you support repeal of the first amendment, on and on. Many of those questioned are attending so called institutes of higher learning so there you go. America has declined to the point where a majority of those living within our borders are just plain stupid and election results prove that point. How else could be see people as unsuitable as the Clinton’s, GW Bush and Obama being elected to anything much less the Presidency.

    • PBHayes; you are absolutely correct, but the mis-education of America began several decades ago. Even when I was in HS, we were being taught an American history which was watered down. I hated history in school! It was not until my dad turned me onto the writings of Allan W. Eckert; and his series of the settling of America, that I gained an appreciation for American history. Since then I have broadened my readings to the development of many nations.
      Even the teachings that Columbus discovered the Americas is an absolute farce. The mounds found all over The east and lesser so in the west, have provided proof which the ‘elite’ “scholars” deny!

  26. The Republicans have caved to the Liberals. We need to elect true Conservatives into the Republican Party. Read the Conservative Review. Listen to Mark Levin he tells it like it is.

  27. Polls are commissioned, and paid for by ‘someone’–If the results are not what is ‘wanted’ then the poll is simply Not Released…….

  28. Maybe instead of bombing the Muslims ,Maybe our Military can bomb Liberal Communist Democrats in this country .

  29. They probably fabricated the poll Democrats are really grasping for straws at this point. If its a real poll lets see the list of names of who took the poll and where was the poll held.

  30. freedomoutpost ken

    The problem always has been how the media manipulates the questions to receive the answers they want. Like good Alinskyites the media always follows his tactics.

  31. Actually, I’m in favor of bombing Disneyland. Bombing fictional Agrabah might be good practice for later bombing the real thing. Bombing Leftists would be even better; and far more satisfying.

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