WH Press Secretary Can’t Confirm Whether Biden Worked This Week

During a gaggle aboard Air Force One on Thursday, White House Principal Deputy Press Security Karine Jean-Pierre offered an awkward answer to a question about President Biden’s search for a Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Breyer.

A reporter asked whether Biden had interviewed any potential SCOTUS nominees, to which Jean-Pierre wouldn’t give an answer. “So, has he just not been working for four days, or what’s going on?” the reporter interjected.

“I just don’t have anything to share or to confirm or not confirm on this,” Jean-Pierre answered. Huh? She can’t confirm whether President Biden worked this week? Listen for yourself:

“This is something, again, he’s reviewing materials,” Jean-Pierre added before the reporter chimed in again to ask “Don’t the American people deserve to know what the president is doing?”

It’s a good question, especially during the current administration in which Biden has often been outside of D.C., even when international and domestic crises are raging. From horrible jobs reports to the fall of Afghanistan to Taliban terrorists, Biden is more likely to be at the beach in Delaware or hid away at Camp David than in the situation room or meeting with his cabinet. 

As for Jean-Pierre’s answer, it’s just another imprecise and poor answer that only raises more questions about what is going on and who’s running the show at the White House. As Townhall pointed out earlier in the week after Jean-Pierre filled in for a full White House briefing, she’s a bit of a know-nothing when it comes to answering questions about the Biden administration.

Original Article: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/spencerbrown/2022/02/18/white-house-spox-cant-confirm-if-biden-worked-this-week-n2603490

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